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carebear 11:34pm on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 
PORTA PRO, HAS THE Comfortable","Compact","Durable","Good Bass","Good Value","Great Sound","Lightweight","Stylish Ear Plugs I liked the ear budz very much the 3 size attachments are great for my son. The quality of sound is simply amazing.
arun 5:10pm on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
The headphones are value for your money. Only $30 for a pair of headphones that sounds better than a pair of Beats by dr. dre Studios. I love this headphones for its easy not styli...  Easy to use, very comfortable.
ungated 1:21am on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
These are outstanding quality for $30 headphones. Rich and full sound. However I have trouble wearing them for extended periods of time. Dude these sound so good, I prefer the sound ...  Sonic Sound Quality The look turn heads (Not in a good way).
vigliafg 3:17pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
I love the Koss headphones, i always have liked Koss even better than Sony or any other maker of headphones they make my music sound tremendous.
ssmbs 7:44pm on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
Great for the price I purchased these because I lost my Bose in-ear headphones and did not want to spend $100 on an expensive pair again. Impedance too high for portable use!! What drove me to buy these headphones is their comfort level and sound quality.
jape 8:14am on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 
These are probably the best headphones you can buy without spending a hundred dollars or more. The ear speakers fold up. I already had a pair of Sennheiser px-100 headphones.

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0505WHC24 SagemMDP1600


12:24 pm

Page 47
Group Test # Budget Projectors
The main control on the top of the projector
Rear connections include a D-Sub PC input

MDP 1600 800

t comes as no real surprise to find that Sagem is taking a quite sizable bite of the front projection apple. Especially when considering the quality of the DLP rear projection TV featured elsewhere on these pages. What is surprising, however, is the aggressiveness with which it has decided to sink its teeth. Sagems MDP 1600 costs just 800, which makes it comfortably the cheapest DLP projector weve ever seen. It also backs this up with some startlingly aggressive looks. A brash combination of metallic silver panels and a quirky, petite shape conjures up a distinctive look. Connections are woeful, however. Problem number one: theres no digital video input. Which means theres no prospect of it taking Skys high-definition
broadcasts or digital DVD pictures. Furthermore, the MDP 1600 doesnt even provide component video inputs, leaving the provided D-Sub PC input (plus necessary adaptors) as your only method of getting analogue high-definition, progressive scan or standard video signals into the projector. The specs are alarming, too. For starters, the native resolution is just 800 x 600 which also means this projector employs a standard 4:3 ratio chipset. So our widescreen Collateral DVD will only use a portion of the pixels available.
picture options can stop the darkness of LA night from being miraculously turned from black into some weird artificial shade of blue. And Tom Cruises pallid complexion makes him look like hes going to snuff it long before anyone gets round to shooting him.



Unhealthy glow

The glowing look to dark picture areas belies the 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and ensures that you never get any sense of Jamie Foxxs cab having any internal texture or detail. In fact, the only things you can see in dark scenes are unwanted flashing speckles of green. Also proven hugely optimistic by our Collateral run-through are the 1600s brightness claims; we found the image flat and undynamic. The MDP 1600 does get some things right. It manages adequate amounts of fine detail in scenes bright enough for those details to be visible. Second, it doesnt suffer much with DLPs rainbow effect or fizzing over motion. But thats about as positive as were going to get. The MDP 1600 may be the cheapest DLP projector around, but the sheer gulf between it and the second-cheapest, the Mitsubishi HC100, is worth considerably more than 100 I
As Cruise takes out a couple of thieves trying to steal his bag, the night sky behind him looks bizarrely blue, while the duos dead bodies blend into the colour of the tarmac

Fulsome figures

The 1600s quoted 2,000:1 contrast range sounds promising, but with brightness quoted at a startlingly high 1,600 ANSI Lumens, were concerned that the balance wont be right for film viewing. Getting a functional picture out of the MDP 1600 takes a couple of minutes, but you can delve deeper into menu-based features like white peaking adjustment if you want. Unfortunately, you can fiddle around with the picture until your thumbs are raw, but you still wont get a likable picture. Our first complaint concerns the MDP 1600s general colour tone. Basically, its horrible. None of the


Style Ease of use Features Picture Value Overall ###$$ ####$ ###$$ ##$$$ ###$$ ##$$$


DLP technology 800 x 600 native resolution 2,000:1 claimed contrast 1,600 ANSI Lumens claimed brightness ECO mode White peaking Gamma presets 30in-200in image sizes Composite video input PC audio input USB


Despite its affordability, its a classic case of nice price, shame about the picture performance


PC D-Sub (also for video use) S-video input

CONTACT INFO 01784 898158

WHC May 2005 47



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