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3. Alignment and Adjustments

3-1 Test Mode

How to Approach Test Mode
You can approach the Test Mode by pressing the on/off switch of indoor unit for 5 seconds.

on/off switch

Test Mode Operation Option
After installing the air conditioner, check whether each subordinate is normally operated or not by operating the Test Mode. When an error occurs, display the Error Mode. Operation Mode : Cool mode. Operate the cool mode by operating the compressor by force without the compressor ON/OFF according to the set temperature/indoor temperature. (Do not follow the antifreeze control) Up-down louver : Up-down swing mode Indoor Fan : High
Because the Test Mode operate the cool mode by force not related to the set temperature / indoor temperature, check whether each subordinate is operated normally or not after completing installation and must turn off the power of the air conditioner.

Samsung Electronics

3-2 Indoor Display Error and Check Method
LAMP Description OPERATION TIMER TURBO Main Checking Point
Indoor unit room temperature sensor error (open or short) Indoor unit heat exchanger temperature sensor error (open or short) Indoor fan motor malfunction
EEPROM error Option error (option wasnt set up or option data error) Outdoor unit error Lamp on,

Option Setting

Option Setting Remote Control on/off Outdoor Unit Power Reset Lamp off, Lamp blink
3-3 Outdoor LED Error Display and Check Method
LED Display Yellow Green Red
Power off/ VDD NG IPM Over Current(O.C)


Abnormal Serial communication
Compressor Starting error Normal Operation Compressor Lock error DC-Link voltage under/over error Outdoor temperature sensor error Discharge over temperature Discharge temperature sensor error Current sensor error Compressor limit error Coil temperature sensor error 1min. Time out Communication Fan error OTP error Compressor rotation error Operation condition secession(Dual only) DC-Link voltage sensor error I_Trip error / PFC Over current GAS Leak error AC Line Zero Cross Signal out Power ON reset(1sec) Capacity miss match Test Operation at Cooling Mode Test Operation at Heating Mode LED ON, LED OFF, LED BLINK
3-4 Setting Option Setup Method

ex) Option No. :

Step 1 : Enter the Option Setup mode. 1st Take out the batteries of remote control. 2nd Press the temperature the battery again. button simultaneously and insert
3rd Make sure the remocon display shown as
Step 2 : Enter the Option Setup mode and select your option according to the following procedure.
The default value is Otherwise, push the repeatedly.

. button to. or

Every time you push the button, the display panel reads

Push the

button to set the display panel to

. repeatedly.

Push the 10
Every time you push the button, the display panel reads Setting is not required if you must a value which has a default.

Alignment and Adjustments
Press button, then the default value is.
Setting is not required if you must a value which has a default.
Step 3 : Upon completion of the selection, check you made right selections. Press the Mode Selection key, to set the display part to and check the display part.

The display part shows

. to set the display part to. and check the display part.
Press the Mode Selection key,
Step 4 : Pressing the ON/OFF button ( ) When pressing the operation ON/OFF key with the direction of remote control for unit, the sound Ding or Diriring is heard and the OPERATION ICON( ) lamp of the display is flickering at the same time, then the input of option is completed. (If the diriring sound isnt heard, try again pressing the ON/OFF button.) Step 5 : Unit operation test-run First, Remove the battery from the remote control. Second, Re-insert the battery into the remote control. Third, Press ON/OFF key with the direction of remote control for set.
Error Mode 1st 2nd If all lamps of indoor unit are flickering, Plug out, plug in power plug again and press ON/OFF key to retry. If the unit is not working properly or all lamps are continuously flickering after setting the option code, see if the correct option code is set up for its model.
Alignment Instructions and Installation Operating and Adjustments






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