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SJCHAN2001 4:01am on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 
This TV is great for the consumer based on its price, functionality and ease of operations. although i havent received this product yet but i have seen it in many of the other stores i think it is an amazing television with only an inch depth...
zeropegleg 6:40am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
I purchased this TV in Jan 2010 and have been using it for the last several months. Amazing quality picture @ 100,000:1 contrast ratio.
tk ramone 7:33pm on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 
BEAUTIFUL What a beautiful tv. The look of it alone not even on is awesome. I love the red outer shell to it, it is a great addition to the tv. Good set, but not for OTA viewing Samsung HDTVs are highly rated for image quality. A great TV in a nice package with extra features I scoured the reviews before making this purchase, so I hope this helps contribute to your decision.
Vinay Sagiri 7:39pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
roltman 12:09am on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
When this samsung TV arrived our house, every member of my family where particularly amazed by its large size. Bought it in Feb 2010. Extremely satisfied. It is one of the best TVs out there for a decent price. Thanks.
ghusse 4:02am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
If you are as big of a sports enthusiastic as I am you would really want a truly high definition TV to watch the big games and the best one for that i...
Ebizdatacom 3:29am on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 
Samsung makes the best TV's. BuyDig makes it easy to buy. All the connections options I could ever need","Energy Efficient". This is a very high quality HD LCD TV. The picture is very sharp, particularily the HD channels. Setup was very easy.
creolophus 12:51am on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
This was the first HDTV we had. It is true, the picture will blow your mind! We bought it off of We paid $1,350 for it. I bought this tv about a yea ago. It was my first HD tv and I did my homework before buying. I knew I wanted a Sony or Samsung.

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0311wv18 SammyDVD


11:10 AM

Page 54

group t est

DVD/VCR home cinema system

Jack of all trades

Samsungs 300 DVD-CM350 is an all-in-one system that takes its job description seriously, but is it good enough to impress David Smith?
A nightmare of fiddly buttons
All-in-one home cinema systems are nothing new, but Samsungs latest offering is one of the few out there to offer a built-in VCR as well as the usual DVD/amp/speaker combination. The problem with taking so much on is that there is more to go wrong, but it also means that if the company gets it right you can get rid of a whole heap of boxes under the TV and replace it with just one.


Nothing unexpected here
Tastefully styled except for the barrage of logos
There would certainly be few complaints over doing that as far as design is concerned. Despite the fact that the DVD-CM350 contains a DVD deck, VCR, AM/FM tuner and full-on 5.1channel amplification, the central unit is well laid-out and attractive. The DVD disc tray and tapeloading bay occupy opposite sides of a gleaming fascia which is sprinkled with tasteful silver buttons. So far so good. To the rear is a healthy selection of socketry, including a pair of Scarts, stereo analogue audio inputs and outputs and composite video ins and outs. There are aerial sockets and AM/FM antennae
connections, plus colour-coded speaker sockets. For DVD use only, there is a further stereo analogue audio output, an optical digital out and an S-video out. The speakers are similarly impressive, being weighty and metallic as well as pleasantly compact. The satellites (SP-S350) weigh in at 0.72kg and feature a 3.5in woofer along with a 1in tweeter. This bodes well for sound reproduction and is certainly preferable to having a single full-range driver. The centre (SP-C350) is an elongated version of the satellites but has identical drivers. Frequency response for these five speakers is quoted rather ambitiously at 55Hz23kHz. Weve seen subwoofers that dont get much below 55Hz and wed be very surprised if these tiny speakers could rumble to this degree. The subwoofer (SP-W350) is a squat but likeable design, with an 8in driver doing the business and a frequency response quoted at a far more believable 30Hz-400Hz. It tips the scales at 5.9kg. All the speakers are magnetically shielded and come with colour-
coded cables to match the inputs on the main unit. Power output is quoted at five x 50W for the little guys and 100W for the sub, which again seems like wishful thinking.


A mind-boggling remote control doesnt make things any easier when it comes to getting this system up and running. It is festooned with buttons and has those dreaded function keys. This means that you can be furiously pressing a button for ages with no apparent effect, before you realise you are in DVD mode and not VCR mode. Lets assume youll get to grips with this and get straight into the options. Aside from the usual language, subtitle and screen ratio options, you can choose to have dynamic range control on or off (this makes it easier to listen to dialogue at low volumes). Speaker delay time can be adjusted, from 0-5ms for the centre and from 0-15ms for the surrounds. The black level of the onscreen image can be set for high or low, depending on your preference,

12:32 PM

Page 55


FEATURES Main unit: DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW (Video mode only)/DVD+R/DVD+RW/CD/CD-R/ CD-RW/MP3/VCD/VHS/quasi S-VHS playback; five x 50W power output to satellites; 100W to subwoofer; Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II, DTS decoding; NTSC output; black level adjust; dynamic range compression; AM/FM tuner; zoom; trick-play functions; onscreen menu; parental lock; remote control Satellites: 3.5in woofer; 1in tweeter, magnetically shielded Subwoofer: 8in driver, magnetically shielded SOCKETS Front: headphone minijack Rear: two Scarts (one RGB capable); S-video input; two composite video inputs; one composite video output; stereo analogue audio inputs; two stereo analogue audio outputs; optical digital audio input; AM/FM antennae; RF in/out DIMENSIONS Main unit: 430(w) x 95(h) x 366(d)mm Satellites: 110(w) x 100(h) x 129(d)mm Centre: 150(w) x 100(h) x 129(d)mm Subwoofer: 250(w) x 380(h) x 250(d)mm CONTACT 0168

while NTSC output can be either NTSC or PAL 60Hz. Finally, output for the DVD deck can be set to RGB, composite video or S-video. DVD playback functions include freeze frame and frame advance, as well as half-, quarterand one-eighth-speed slow motion. A zoom is available at 2x and 4x strength. Dolby Digital, Pro-Logic II and DTS decoding are onboard and there are Stereo, Natural, Jazz, Concert and Stadium sound effects. The VCR has a jog-shuttle dial and can deliver 3x, 5x and 9x picture search in both directions, as well as slow motion in two speeds. Frame advance is also available using the shuttle dial. Worthy of note is a truly lightning-fast rewind button, which flies along at 100x. Note also, that while this is a regular VHS deck it can play S-VHS tapes, albeit not with S-VHS quality.
hugely complex special effects. Trick-play functions work well, but its a shame the zoom only goes as high as 4x. Audio performance with DVDs is okay. The satellites and subwoofer mesh rather well and the soundstage is certainly coherent. However, it lacks the finest clarity and tends to muffle effects.
In fact, this is not a machine for building up a library. Keep it for non-essential timeshifting. VCR audio performance is also poor, with lots of intrusive background hiss. CD playback is blighted by the subwoofer, which cannot deal with tracks like Madonnas Substitute For Love.

What we think

WHATS GOOD Solid DVD performance WHATS BAD Awful VCR performance PICTURE (DVD) SOUND (DVD). PICTURE (VCR). SOUND (VCR). FEATURES. EASE OF USE. VALUE.77777.77777.77777.77777.77777.77777.77777


Samsung has failed in its attempt to provide a home entertainment system that does it all. The DVD player is good, verging on very good, while the sound system does an adequate job with movie soundtracks. But the poor performance of the VCR means you will be loathe to ditch the one you already have, while CD playback is also unimpressive. In short, this does not deliver everything it promises, but we still like the philosophy behind it. We can only hope that Samsungs next such system comes closer to fulfilling its potential
The DVD player is good, verging on the very good
The subwoofer is certainly a lot tamer than many weve tested but it doesnt add the solid slam that action movie soundtracks demand, being rather soft. Turning to the VCR a different story unfolds. Picture quality of recordings is poor, with horrible colours and crawling grain. In long-play mode it gets even worse and this mode should really be reserved for when you are running out of tape dont record anything in long-play which you intend to keep.


Dealing with the DVD section first of all, this is a good performer. Colours in the excellent Shrek are well handled and vibrant, while fine detail is apparent in the

Verdict 77777

A poor VCR section lets down an intriguing system



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