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Stuessy 11:41pm on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 
I bought this hoping for improved image quality on my Sony LCD HD TV. But in actuality. I bought this hoping for improved image quali...  looks cool poor image quality
jar 9:04pm on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
basically these are junk and even samsung kno...  very easy to navigate , in dvix mode shows full names of files .
butterfly 12:42am on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
samsung DVD-HD950 I have had this DVD player for almost a year. I have been very happy with its performance.
traxel 6:26am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
An excellent machine all round and an unbelivable price Purchased to go with my new 37 inch LCD HD ready TV ; HDMI connection, Excellent construction,...
Petrushka 8:01pm on Monday, July 19th, 2010 
An excellent machine all round and an unbelivable price Purchased to go with my new 37 inch LCD HD ready TV ; HDMI connection.
jdenisgiguere 12:10pm on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
Upconversion, DVD-Audio and SACD support at a reasonable price. Bad usablility and lack of some basic features.
draftsman 3:41am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
Very disappointed I usually have decent luck with buying equipment - not this time.
arj 9:51pm on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
Unmatched sound quality compared to ANY CD player at this price. Use with quality equipment.
jernejm 10:42am on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
clean look,easy to use and master,cool blue light bad,bad picture quality and distorted imaging. Great Price point! Great up-conversion! Great looking! Easy to use. Remote response is slow.
NickEliot 4:22am on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 
Terms). If you connect the Samsung to a standard def TV, the picture is very good and this is the only fair test. I was buying the product.

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12:48 pm

Page 52


SAMSUNG DVD-HD950 N 130 (approx) N 0303 N

Cutting-edge on a budget

Samsungs rich lineage of DVD players equipped with digital video outputs continues. Martin Pipe checks out the latest


Highs: HDMI picture quality, DiVX support, universal playback Lows: HD-JPEG unavailable with component, intimidating remote
been, but it was one of the first DVD players with a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) output. Feed this to a compatible display, and you eliminate at a stroke the conversion to and from analogue that can detract (albeit slightly) from the picture quality that DVD can potentially deliver. Today, youll find digital video outputs on some pretty inexpensive players. However, DVI is giving way to HDMI connectivity
he story begins a couple of years ago, with Samsungs DVD-HD935 inexpensive this might have
stuck on CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs can also be fed digitally to that new display. Pleasingly, this deck hasnt turned up its tray at advanced audio either. It supports high-resolution DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD multichannel discs, in addition to the CD, MP3 and WMA formats typically handled by players of this price. A 5.1 output is provided for these high-res audio formats and, although it will also deal with the Dolby Digital soundtracks of conventional DVDs, stony silence will be the result should you ask the HD950 to play a DTS disc through these outputs. It transpires that DTS is only catered for via the digital audio outputs which are available in both optical and digital form. When it comes to video, composite, S-video and RGB Scart connectors take
Picture Sound Features OVERALL

#### ### ##### ####12

their positions on the rear panel alongside a prog-scan capable component output and the HDMI terminal. The latter supports the HDCP protocol; there doesnt, alas, appear to be a convenient hack to turn this off for the benefit of those with non-HDCP compliant displays. Such a hack was available for the HD935. While the HD950's front panel is uncluttered, the same is certainly not true of the remote handset that manages to cram in just about every conceivable function, including a natty jog-shuttle dial for trick-frame playback, a video output-


basically the same, but with added digital audio capabilities and using a smaller connector. The DVD-HD950 reviewed here has one of these latestgeneration interfaces. But faced with its digitally-connected competitors the vast majority of which have also plumped for HDMI the brand has had to move up a gear. The HD950, a slim and lightweight unit with bright white LCD operation screen, may sport Excellent Average the upscaling prowess of its predecessor Poor (1080i, 720p or XGA/768p 1024 x 768 surely a flatpanel-friendlier WXGA 1366 x 768 would have been a more obvious choice?) but its packed with some other goodies too. Unusually, high-resolution playback of JPEG still images (HD-JPEG) is possible if youre using the HDMI connection in one of the HD modes. The primarily Zoranchipsetted HD950 also supports playback of simple-profile MPEG-4 video formats like DiVX and XviD, meaning that all


PLAYBACK Video jitter (3ns) Signal-to-noise ratio: Composite (-75.4dB) S-video (-75.3dB) Component (-74.5dB) Chroma AM/PM: AM (-73.9dB) PM (-64.6dB) Chroma crosstalk (-71.8dB) Freq response @5.8MHz: Composite (-1.2dB) S-video (0.9dB) Component Y (-1.9dB) Audio jitter (1056.3ps)
those compressed video files youve
ITEM SUPPORT DETAILS Video upscaling G Upscales to 720p/1080i/XGA Progressive Scan G Compatible 480p with 576p Multiregion Region 2 out of the box Composite video G 1 output (plus Scart) Phono stereo audio G Plus 5.1 output S-video G 1 output HDMI/DVI G 1 HDMI output Scart G 1 output, RGB-capable Component G 1 output, progressive/interlaced DV (i.Link) input Use 5.1 analogue output instead Digital Audio G Coaxial and optical Dimensions 430(w) x 49(h) x 250(d)mm Weight 2.3kg Also featuring Parental control, 16:9/4:3 support, 3D surround, EZ-View, 10-second instant-replay, 10-second skip, dynamic-range compression, 5.1 output (Dolby Digital/SACD/DVD-A), HD-JPEG support, 2/4/64/128x picture scan, slow motion, still, frame advance, jog/shuttle dial (remote), sharpness/brightness/saturation adjustments, NTSC/PAL 60 from NTSC software, picture zoom, programmed play, repeat, intro-scan, multibrand TV control


52 H O M E C I N E M A C H O I C E

Page 53

Gone is the obvious motion-judder and edge-emphasis of earlier digitally-outputting Samsung players
mode selection button and even the ability to switch between a SACDs highresolution and conventional CD layers. Predictably these controls are mostly tiny, closely-spaced and thus only really suitable for those with nimble digits. The HD950's onscreen functionality is a little on the basic side, but its sensibly organised into disc/title menu, function and player set-up categories. While the remote has a dedicated discmenu button, the same isnt true of DVD title menus, which have to be accessed via the Samsungs onscreen displays. This is annoying, especially when you consider the remotes sheer button count. Features include the unusual EZ-View, an aspect-ratio optimisation feature thats not dissimilar to the display modes offered by many widescreen TVs, the ability to turn off the distractingly-bright frontpanel display backlight, bookmarks and a picture zoom. In the setup menu, various initial parameters such as aspect ratio, PAL/NTSC selection, HDMI/HD-JPEG configuration, parental control, language and digital audio output usage are specified. A speaker setup menu configures the 5.1 audio output. With the aid of a noise sequencer, the levels of each channel can be adjusted. Bass-management is reduced to specifying the size of the speakers youre using (if small front speakers are used, the lower frequencies are redirected to the sub). For the benefit of those wanting to play legitimate DiVX content, the HD950 gives you a code to register on DiVXs website.

output certainly pays dividends (and not just with JPEG playback, which is simply breathtaking). Compared to the next best option analogue component telling textures like masonry, faces and hair are better defined. Video noise is also marginally less evident with darker scenes. The component output which can also be switched to take advantage of the HD950's scaling engine is also more than acceptable in terms of the visuals it can deliver. Using a series of special test-patterns, I judged the scaler to be of surprisingly good quality for what is, after all, a budget unit. Indeed, in some respects, fewer artefacts were generated than by the onboard scaler of my Hitachi PJ-TX100 projector an excellent budget LCD unit with 720p native resolution. On which subject, I cant help feeling that the HD950's 1080i mode is going to be largely ignored, given that no affordable displays have this resolution. Choose it, and all youll get is increased artefacting as the display downscales the players upscaled image to suit whatever native resolution is on offer. Some anomalies were experienced when playing back self-recorded DVDs. With these, trick playback functionality
didnt work as expected (the same was true of MPEG-4 files, which did at least exhibit good sync between pictures and sound more than can be said of some DiVX-compatible players). One disc recorded on a Panasonic DVD recorder in its lowest-quality EP mode yielded unwatchable results, the lower half of the screen being filled by garbage (irrespective of the display mode or output chosen). The HD950 delivers an acceptable audio performance for the price. An obvious improvement can be heard when switching from CD to SACD, but as far as the latter is concerned Ive certainly heard better from other (more expensive) universal players. CD playback is, in fact, fairly lacklustre (audio jitter was measured at an unremarkable 1056.3ps); but few audiophile CD players are capable of beating this player when its spinning a DVD-A or SACD platter.


The picture produced by the HD950 is acceptable, with pleasing colour rendition, fair resolution of detail and a wide contrast range. Gone is the obvious motion-judder and edgeemphasis of earlier digitally-outputting Samsung players. Indeed, that HDMI


The HD950 can be considered a versatile player that punches well above its weight. Its file compatibility and connectivity is outstanding for the price, which makes minor niggles irrelevant. Overall, a steal at the price

Samsung embraces HDMI and Scart on the HD950
Nimble digits are required to operate this cluttered remote.
.so the frontpanel transport controls may come in handy
Nearly all playback and file formats are catered for
H O M E C I N E M A C H O I C E 53



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