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1. Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2. Hardware Installation ------------------------------------------------------ 3 3. Software Installation and Use ------------------------------------------- 4 Microsoft Windows Mobile OS ------------------------------------------- 4 Google Android OS ---------------------------------------------------------- 8 Nokia Symbian OS ---------------------------------------------------------- 11 Windows OS with IVT Stack --------------------------------------------- 12 Windows OS with Broadcom -------------------------------------------- 13 Linux OS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 4. Keyboard Compatibility List --------------------------------------------- 17 5. Product Overview ----------------------------------------------------------- 18 6. Technical Parameters ----------------------------------------------------- 19 7. Maintenance ------------------------------------------------------------------- 20

1. Introduction

Thanks for your purchasing the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard! This is a wonderful combo, Bluetooth Mini QWERTY Keyboard & Touch Pad & Presenter Combo, with USB bluetooth receiver (Optional). You can use it for emails, chat, and your favorite games. It is not only compatible with the Windows / Linux system computers, but also compatible with the Android handhelds, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Symbian S60 Operating systems. It supports the Sony Playstation3. Use it with your HTPC on your Sofa or browse the internet in the most comfortable fashion. Were confident youll enjoy using the Mini Bluetooth Keyboard and find it to be quite a useful solution. Package Contents The retail package contains: Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Bluetooth Adapter (Optional) USB Charging Cable CD Driver User Manual Features
The perfect companion for your device Ideal for typing emails, chat and playing games Pocket sized, sleek & slim design Built-in rechargeable more staying power lithium-ion battery Innovative design of the Navigation keys Built-in Laser Pointer have a real notebook Touchpad real QWERTY full-function mini keyboard Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0
Mobile System Requirements
The device must be equipped with a the Bluetooth module The mobile Operating System should be one of the following:
* Google Android System * Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer * Nokia Symbian S60 System
Computer System Requirements
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP or Vista Mac OS 10.2.8 or later

2Hardware Installation

Note: on the first use, the battery may be empty, so you should recharge it about 20min-30min.
1. Turn ON the power switch, the blue led will light for 2 seconds; 2. Click the Bluetooth Pair/Connect button, the blue led will be blinking intermittently; 3. Now the Mini Bluetooth keyboard is under pairing state and its waiting for connecting with your device. Recharge the battery Connect the mini Bluetooth keyboard to your computer by the USB charging cable (you can find the cable in the retail box), the Blue LED will turns on, and gets dimmer as the battery charge increases.
3. Software Installation And Use
Microsoft Windows Mobile OS Installation Connect your mobile device to your computer using the USB port. On your desktop: 1. Insert Drivers CD and open the CD from My computer. 2. Locate the Mobile folder and inside the (Bluetooth input driver) CAB file. 3. Open ActiveSync on your desktop and Click Explore 4. Copy the CAB file to your mobile device, you can do this by dragging and dropping the file from the desktop folder to My Documents folder on your device. On your Windows Mobile device: 1. Go to Start > Programs > File Explorer > My Documents 2. Run the file (tap on it) The Mini Bluetooth keyboard Driver will now install on your device.At the end of the installation,the setup will require a to reset. Configuration and Troubleshooting After the software is successfully installed on your device, you need to pair the Bluetooth mini Keyboard. 1. Make sure your Bluetooth mini keyboard is in the pairing state. 2. On your device, open Bluetooth Devices, and click Add new

3. After the keyboard is discovered, select it, and then tap on Next
4. When prompt for passkey, leave the passcode field blank and tap Next (if this fails, enter 0000 as a passcode and press Next)
a. At this step select the Input device service and tap Finish.
b. Go to the Software seetings Panel, and tap Connect.
Here are a few solutions for the error messages that might appear in the software:
This error is caused by a problem with the communication between the software components. You need to check if your Windows Mobile Device is compatible with the software, and to try to reinstall the software. "Bluetooth is turned off. To use the software, please enable your Bluetooth module!" Make sure you are using the software on a smart phone with Windows Mobile (5.0 or newer) and the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. Then enable Bluetooth before using the Software. "No active Input Device found. You need to pair a device, using the Bluetooth control panel." Make sure your Mini Bluetooth keyboard is correctly paired to your smart phone. If this error appears while your keyboard is paired, redo the pairing. Settings panel To open the settings panel, go to Start >Settings > System TAB, and tap the icon named "Bluetooth Input Driver".
"The software is not responding. You need to reinstall this software."
The Settings panel displays several pages, for better access to the software options: Keyboard Page This page offers two options: enable / disable the keyboard functionality and enable / disable keyboard sounds.
Status Page Here you can view the status and configure the driver to start when Windows Mobile starts (autostart) and you can enable / disable the Tray icon. The tray icon allows quick access to the Settings panel.
About The About page displays the software version and some other useful info.
Google Android OS Installation On your desktop: 1. Insert Drivers CD and open the CD from My computer 2. Open Android folder and copy the android.apk file into your Androids memory card On your Android device: 1. Open Market, and install the AppManager Software , or any other Android manager software:

2. Open AppManager software and tap the MENU button 3. Tap Install from SD option 4. Run android.apk file The first time you install the Bluetooth Keyboard Driver on your Android device, youll see a prompt to activate the software:
If you press Cancel or if the Internet is not available, Activation will fail and you wont be able to use this software. So please make sure the Android is connected to the internet and press OK. You only need to do this once, after the installation. After the Bluetooth keyboard Driver is successfully installed you need to pair the Keyboard with the Android device. 1. Make sure your Bluetooth mini keyboard is in the pairing state. 2. Slide your Android devices menu arrow and open the menu.
3. Locate the Bluetooth Keyboard Driver icon and tap on it.
4. On your android device make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then tap Search and Connect. The software automatically finds the Mini Bluetooth keyboard and connects to it. When connection is done, you can find your Mini Bluetooth keyboards name at the bottom:
Congratulations! The Mini Bluetooth keyboard is now connected and you can test it by entering a text in the test zone as shown in the previous picture.
Other Functions Reconnect: If your device loses the connection with the keyboard (the message keyboard disconnected is displayed as in the picture below), you can reconnect by pressing the interface Reconnect button.
Hide Hides the Bluetooth Driver interface, but keeps the program alive, in the background, so you can continue using the keyboard Question mark (?) You will be found more details when you open the About Dialog on the software. Nokia Symbian OS Installation On your desktop: 1. Insert Drivers CD and open the CD from My computer 2. Open Nokia Wireless Keyboard Application folder and choose your device model or Operating system version, copy the.sis file into your devices memory card or you can connect your Nokia device to your computer USB port andcopy the file directly.
On your Symbian device: 1. Find the.sis file (on mobile device or memory card) and press "OK" button, follow the hints to finish the installation 2. Run the installed application and search the nearby Bluetooth Keyboard.
3. After paired and connected, you will have to set the keyboard layout. If layout is not set correctly, the keyboard might not function as expected. Desktop Windows OS with IVT Bluetooth stack Configuration 1. Make sure that the Bluetooth function is active on your PC. Double click the Bluetooth Icon, open the Management window, select Bluetooth Device discovery or click the Round Ball in the middle of the window.
2.Right click the Bluetooth Keyboard found and select Refresh Services.
3. Right click the Bluetooth Keyboard again and select Connect-Bluetooth Input Service. 4. On the popup dialog youll see a code. Input the code with your Bluetooth Keyboard and press enter or OK.

The system will auto install the HID drivers for the Bluetooth Keyboard. Desktop Windows OS with Broadcom Bluetooth stack Configuration 1. Make sure that the Bluetooth function is active on your PC. Double click the Bluetooth icon, then click View devices in range.
2. Click Search devices in range and wait until the Mini Bluetooth keyboard is discovered
3. Right clicking the detected keyboard brings a popup menu. Click Connect device.
4. Press YES to connect to the Human interface Device
5. Using the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, type the number displayed on the screen, then press enter.:Now the keyboard is connected, you can start using it with your applications.
Linux OS Configuration There are several Linux distributions available. This guide was designed for Ubuntu linux, but can be easily adapted for other versions. Your desktop computer must be equipped with a Bluetooth module (built in, or USB Dongle). 1. Make sure that the Bluetooth function is active on your PC. Click the Bluetooth icon and select Setup new device
2. A wizard window opens, read the text and press Forward
3. Wait until the keyboard is discovered, then select it and press Forward
4. Type the code display on the Mini Bluetooth keyboard, then press Enter.
If the code was correctly entered, a confirmation message is displayed. Now you can start using your bluetooth keyboard.
4Keyboard Compatibility List
Apple Mac and Sony Playstation3 system They are same as the Microsoft Windows OS. Google Android OS HTC Dream-G1 HTC Magic HTC Hero-G2 Samsung Galaxy i7500 HTC Hero
Also compatible with newer Google Android smartphone. Nokia Symbian S60 OS Nokia 3250 Nokia 5700 Nokia 6210N Nokia 6650F Nokia E60 Nokia E65 Nokia E71 Nokia N73 Nokia N79 Nokia N82 Nokia N93/N93i Samsung G810/G818 Samsung i550/i558 Samsung i8510 LG KT610 Microsoft Windows Mobile6.0 OS HTC P3470 HTC P4350 HTC C800 HTC D818C HTC P3600i HTC TyTN II HTC 818Pro HTC D600 HTC P3300 HTC M700 HTC P3350 HTC 838Pro HTC D810 HTC P3400 HTC P3000
Nokia 5320XM Nokia 6110N Nokia 6220C Nokia E50 Nokia E61/E61i/E62 Nokia E66 Nokia E90 Nokia N76 Nokia N80 Nokia N85 Nokia N95/N95 8GB Samsung i400/i408 Samsung i560/i568 Samsung L870/L878
Nokia 5500 Nokia 6120C Nokia 6290 Nokia E51 Nokia E63 Nokia E70 Nokia N71 Nokia N78 Nokia N81 Nokia N91 Nokia N96 Samsung i450/i458 Samsung i7110
HTC C500 HTC S740 HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch 3G HTC Touch Dual Samsung i710 Samsung i900 LenovoET600e Motorola Q8 ASUS P750 HP518
HTC C730 HTC S710 HTC Touch Cruise HTC Touch Viva HTC Touch Samsung i780 Samsung i908E LenovoET880 Motorola Q9 ASUS P526 LG KS20

HTC S730 HTC Touch Diamond2 HTC Touch HD HTC Touch Pro Samsung i200 SamsungSGH-i617


5. Product overview
Basic functions 1. Primary Key bits: The function printed at each key is defaulted by pressing the button with one time. 2. Sub-keys: Press the SHIFT key while using these keys, including :!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),~,|,", {,},?,_,+
3. Deplicate keys: Press the FN key while using these keys,all these keys were printed in Blue for easy recognize. 4. Backlit controlkey As shown: is the key for control the backlight.
5. Touch Pad The touchpad can be used in a horizontal or vertical position to sweith between horizontal or vertical mode, hold the Fn key and hit the Alt key
6. Laser Pointer Make the device at the ON position, press the Laser Pointer button, the laser pointer will be turn when using,release the hand,the laser will light, release the the hand, then the laser pointer will be automatically shut down. so, if you want to continue to open the laser, you need press the laser button as long as you you need.

6. Technical parameters

Dimension: 151mmX59mmX12.5mm Weight: 100g Suitable temperature: -10 to +55 Battery Type: Built-in lithium-ion battery Operation range: up to 10 meters Operating Voltage: 3.3V Operating Current: <80mA Charge voltage: 4.2V - 5.05V Charge current: <300mA

7. Maintenance

Battery Caution
Do not try to disassemble the machine or replace rechargeable batteries without Battery charging time depends on the remaining battery capacity and battery /
permission, otherwise the resulting loss has nothing to do with the manufacturer.
charger type. The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but eventually wear out. When the battery operating time was significantly shorter than usual, its time to replace the battery, please contact your local dealer. A charged battery without use within a certain period will be self-discharge. Use the specified charger. When the charger not in use, please cut off the power, do not let the battery connected to a charger more than a week, over-charging will shorten battery life. Do not place the machine at the places too hot or too cold, such as: In the summer or winter, a closed car. This will reduce the capacity of the battery life. Try to keep the machine at room temperature. Use too hot or too cold battery, even if the battery is fully charged, it may be temporarily not working. Lithium-ion batteries are particularly subject to the impact of sub-zero temperatures. Careful maintenance This equipment is designed by excellent designers, please carefully care.The following recommendations can help you to comply with warranty, so the machine can be used for many years. When using this equipment: Put this device and all of parts & accessories at the place where children cant reached. Do not place this equipment at dusty place, or it's moving parts will be damaged. The touch pad is the most vulnerable part, should avoid strong impact by other objects or scratching. Do not put it at hot place, that will shorten the life of electronic devices Do not put it at too cold place, when the device temperature rise (to its normal operating temperature) there will be water vapor generated inside the device, which coulddamage the device's electronic circuit boards. Do not drop, knock or shake the device, violent action would undermine the internal circuit boards. Do not use rough chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong cleaning agents to clean it, gently scrub with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water to clean it. Do not paint the device, paint will stick to the activities parts of the device and to impede the normal operation. If this device, battery, charger or any accessories not working properly, take it to the nearest qualified service center, If necessary, the staff will help you arrange for its repair.



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