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PT. Jones Lang LaSalle Jakarta Stock Exchange Tower I, 28th Floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53 Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
For Lease - Subject to Contract
Part of Level 27 Talavera Office Park Jl. Letjen TB Simatupang Kav. 22-26 Jakarta Selatan

Approximate Area

Area Base Rental Service Charge Value Added Tax (VAT) Terms of Payment Lease Expiry Security Deposit Parking Telephone Normal Office Hours Space Condition
: 688.15 sqm semigross. : US$ 19 per sqm per month (inclusive of fit out). : US$ 4.5 per sqm per month (Subject to review). AC and Lighting is separately metered, which shall be payable monthly in arrears directly to the Building Management. : The Rental and Service Charge are subject to the applicable VAT which is to be borne by the Sub-Lessee. : Gross Rent (Base Rent + Service Charge) shall be payable quarterly in advance. : 31st December 2013. : 3 (three) months Gross Rent payable prior to commencement of Lease. : 3 (three) unreserved parking spaces will be provided at Rp 2,500,000 per sticker per car per annum. : Telephone lines are available at deposit of Rp 3,000,000 per line. The connection shall be arranged directly with the Building Management. : Monday to Friday 07.00 18.00 (Except Public Holidays) Saturday 07.00 13.00 : The space is offered fully fitted (carpet, work station, furniture, etc intact as per Attachment 2). For more information please contact: R. Chandraningrum: Ph : +62 (21) 515-5665, Fax : +62 (21) 515-5666
2010 PT. Jones Lang LaSalle. All rights reserved. All information contained herein is from sources deemed reliable, however no representation or warranty is made to the accuracy thereof. The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Property Particulars

Attachment 1 The Interior

General Working Area 1

General Working Area 2

Meeting Room

Discussion Room


Break Out Room
Attachment 2 List of Items
NO ITEM Entrance door Entrance door Emergency door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Room's door Meeting room's glass board Meeting room's glass board + screen Meeting room's glass board + screen Meeting room's glass board + screen Glass partition - Projector Screen ( manual 96x96") Round Meeting Table Diameter 1000mm Pantry/ break out cabinet Pantry/ break out bar table Pantry/ break out bar table Pantry/ break out bar table Pantry/ break out bar table Conference table Conference table Conference table lockers lockers lockers lockers lockers lockers lockers Phone booth bench Phone booth bench Pantry/ Break out sofas Refrigerator - Toshiba : 1 (GR-C239) Dispensers - Excelent (Automatic) Television 32" - Samsung (LA32A330J1N) Copier Cabinet Copier Cabinet Copier Cabinet Copier Cabinet Phone Booth Bench Desk security Table Full height cabinet Fire extinguisher full height cabinet INVENTORY CODE entrance door L27-DO03-D-001 entrance door L27-DO03-D-002 emergency door L27-DO05-D-003 room's door L27-DO06-D-004 room's door L27-DO06-D-007 room's door L27-DO06-D-008 room's door L27-DO06-D-009 room's door L27-DO06-D-010 room's door L27-DO06-D-011 room's door L27-DO06-D-012 room's door L27-DO06-D-014 room's door L27-DO06-D-015 room's door L27-DO06-D-016 room's door L27-DO06-D-L27-DO08-D-L27-ID05-GB-L25-ID07-GB-L27-ID07-GB-L27-ID08A-GB-L27-ID09-PS-L27-FD04-RT-L27-FD05D-BC-L27-FD06B-BBT-L27-FD06B-BBT-L27-FD06B-BBT-L27-FD06B-BBT-L27-FD08B-CT-L27-FD08B-CT-L27-FD08B-CT-27002 L27-FD09H-L-27006 L27-FD09H-L-L27-FD09H-L-L27-FD14-BD-L27-FD14B-BD-L27-FD28-B-27012 L27-Dp-27010 L27-FD11E-CC-L27-FD11E-CC-L27-FD11G-CC-L27-FD11G-CC-L27-FD14B-PB-001 L27-ST-L27-FD33C-001 L27-FE-001


Model Name NP-R431H NP-R429H NP-P430H NP-P428H NP-R480L NP-R478L NP-R430 NP-R428 NP-R431 NP-R429 NP-P430 NP-P428 NP-R580 NP-R530 NP-R528 NP-R580H NP-R578H NP R780H NP-R780H NP-R778H NP-R780 NP-R730 NP-R728
Registration date 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07 2010-04-07
Expiration date 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 2010-06-14
China SEPA eco-label has been conducted by State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA), officially publishing the figure of Environmental Label on August, 1993. The figure is composed of sun, verdant hill and water in the center. It is circled with ten rings. Its central construction stands for the environment that human exists, and peripheral ten rings closely connected to each other express the public participate in environmental protection. At the same time, the ring and environment share a Chinese character in common, which implies that all the people unite together to protect our human environment. Environmental Label is a certification mark of products, which not only manifests products of high quality, but also meets the criterion of environment requirement in the process of manufacture, use and disposal. It takes environmental advantages in terms of low poison and resource saving.



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