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gsingh 9:45pm on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 
Never seen an LCD that GOOD Perfect TV for Home theater or Gaming nope The Best LCD Out-There Gorgeous Images and sound Nothing
erpel 5:23pm on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 
i bought 2 of these systems for our pub to show live sport. fantastic image and overall quality.
cprimeau 10:33pm on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
the tv comes with great costomization options on the picture menu. well the price and quality beats all all none well, i caN SAY its CHEAP for this full hd, but its picture quality, i would say think twice... Good design only Lack of colors of picture quality.

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SAMSUNG LA40A550P1 40" Full HD Entertainment TV
With its elegantly stylish design the SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 5 offers an outstandingly rich Full HD TV experience. With phenomenal picture quality and superior features, sharper, clearer, more detailed images are delivered with incredible intensity on its clear panel screen, enabling you to enjoy quality and versatility that indulge all of your senses. 1080p Full HD - photo realistic details
Be amazed by the SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 5's inspirational 1920 x 1080 Full HD images. Richer, more realistic colours create an enhanced experience of entertainment. Moving images become more fluid and lifelike, and action scenes are more powerful and vibrant. Once you have experienced the range of emotions expressed by entertainment at the highest resolution, your world will never be the same again.
Clear Panel - high visibility, low reflection
The increased readability and reduced reflection of the Clear Panel allow you to view clean and clear images at all times. By reducing glare and enhancing contrast, the Clear Panel allows you to enjoy images that are displayed with comfort and clarity, ensuring that what you see is as clear as can be, and your entertainment is as pure as possible. Movie Plus - fluid motion for greater clarity
SAMSUNG Movie Plus eliminates motion judder by calculating the motion factor of an incoming video signal and interpolating the appropriate new frame. In simpler words, unlike conventional TVs, it does not repeat the same frame to create the image. Instead, it increases the number of frames by intelligently estimating the position of the moving object and creating additional frames based upon that estimate. Entertainment Modes - a TV made for entertainment
To provide you with the best entertainment possible, the SAMSUNG PDP TV has three different picture and sound modes optimised for Sports, Movies and Games with hot keys for instant remote control access, so you can be sure that the picture quality you are experiencing is optimised for what you are watching. Fast motion imaging, dynamic detail enhancement, and down-firing speakers all combine to deliver the most exciting entertainment experience you have ever had. Sports Sports mode places you right in the middle of the action.Whether its the gridiron, the playing field, the race track, surfing or a yacht race, the action comes to life in vivid colour and detail providing a superior spectator experience for all sports. And you can enjoy upcoming big sports events, like the Olympic games, right in your living room and feel like youre part of the action! Cinema Experience TV that feels just like a movie theatre. Cinema Mode guarantees the very best moving
image quality while the enhanced speakers deliver powerful cinematic sound. With the specially adjusted colour temperature, you can enjoy the warm feeling of the movies right in your own living room. Game Game mode enhances your gaming experience by providing you with smooth moving images, incredible sharpness of detail, and sound that is clear and powerful. When the Game mode is turned on, the contrast in dark areas is amplified, the bass sound is enriched, and the response time to game console movement is shortened, creating the best possible environment for fast moving video games. Enjoy the sense of total immersion in your game and all the excitement that you can handle. 3 HDMI - one cable for audio and video
The SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 4's 3HDMI (High DefinitionMultimedia Interface) inputs enable you to connect quickly and conveniently to a broader range of external devices. HDMI allows uncompressed streams of digital data to be transmitted via one cable, delivering a purer picture quality to be displayed for your appreciation and enjoyment. Appreciate the best that digital entertainment has to offer with SAMSUNG. Digital Natural Image engine+
Indulge your eyes with the clearest, most natural images imaginable. DNIe + produces an incredible depth of detail that captures your eyes and unlocks your senses. Its advanced Colour and Motion Optimisers and Contrast and Detail Enhancers combine to provide you with inspirational images and precise pictures. 30,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 5 provides powerful images that are vivid and realistic. By reducing the duty ratio, the black level can be minimised, allowing deeper black colours to be made. The internal dimming and brightening of the backlight generates more intense colour; dark colours become darker and light colours become lighter. Wide Colour Enhancer 2 - provides natural, realistic colours
Wide Colour Enhancer 2 expands the colour gamut into a third axis and creates a 3D diagram of luminance. This, in turn, creates a dynamic display of on-screen colour and reinforces traditionally weak colours such as green and blue, so that they appear vivid and deep. Red colours are also enhanced to provide strong colours across the spectrum and the perfect balance of RGB. WISELINK - music and photo on TV

The WISELINK connection allows you to share music and photos with those who are closest to you. By simply using the USB 2.0 interface you can delight your friends and family with the things that delight you.
Energy Star - the evolution of ecology The Energy Star certification means that the SAMSUNG PDP TV is dedicated to helping you do your part to protect the environment. The energy efficiency of the SAMSUNG PDP TV allows you to be secure in the knowledge that you are doingyour part to protect the delicate balance between technological advancement and conservational awareness.
1080 24P Real Movie - true to the original The SAMSUNG PDP TV 450 gives you the power to watch movies in their original 24-frames-persecond format-so you can see them the way they were intended to be seen. The latest in digital technology allows Blu-Ray Disc Players or Game Consoles to output content in its original forms of 24 fps. The SAMSUNG 450 PDP TV supports these 24 fps sources through the HDMI input, and is capable of showing scenes in the maximum resolution of 1080p.

remote controller

The highly-textured universal remote control is comfortable in the hand, and by grouping the buttons in an intuitive manner, the right button is easier to find, enabling exceptional ease of use. Swivel Stand - innovative swivel stand
The innovative swivel stand offers unparalleled positional flexibility for viewing. It allows you to mold the screen to suit your needs without lifting or repositioning the set. Full mobility is delivered with minimum fuss by simply swiveling the stand so that you can view the screen the way that suits you. Enjoy the convenience of the clearest, most visible TV screen at all times.


VIDEO Screen Size Resolution 40" 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio Viewing Angle Response Time DNIe AUDIO Sound Effect System Sound Output(RMS) Input & Output(Side) HDMI composite (AV) S-Video Headphone Input & Output(Back) HDMI composite (AV) S-Video PC input (D-sub) Component(Y/Pb/Pr) Feature Picture-in-Picture Dimension Set size (WXHXD) with stand Set size (WXHXD) without stand Package size (WXHXD) Weight Set weight with stand Set weight without stand Package weight Input & Output(Back) RF Input Component(Y/Pb/Pr) S-Video Headphone

30,000:1 178/178 (H/V) 5ms DNIe+
SRS TrusurroundXT 10W x 2

No 1 2

1 Tuner PIP
1,058.0 x 671.9 x 240.0mm 1,058.0 x 607.5 x 90.8mm 1,203.0 x 796.0 x 320.0mm

19.3kg 16.4kg 25.0kg

Composite(AV) HDMI PC input (D-sub) Video Monitor out, L/R RS232C (for Service only) Power consumption Operation power consumption Stand-By power consumption

1 1(Audio Only) 1

200W < 1W
Information displayed is accurate at time of launch. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.



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