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garudo 12:56pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
Great design; very good black level performance; plenty of features; really vibrant colours. Definitely recommend www.thefreescene.
bird_the_nerd 1:30pm on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 
I purchased this Tv as an upgrade to my original one, The 32" screen has a crystal clear picture.
arxytas 6:13pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
Upgrade to Sky etc. The Samsung LE37A558 has loudspeakers so the sound is brilliant. Have come across, this LCD Samsung some how lacks some vital features. But as things may be.
Lara47i 1:03pm on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 
I did not buy this from bought it from somewhere else. This TV is truly mind blowing, it comes with the stand and power lead.
pierdeux 4:17pm on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 
Took delivery of this TV at the start of month (May 2009) and was the easiest TV that i have ever set up. Samsung LE37A558 P3 - 37' Widescreen 1080P Full HD LCD TV - With Freeview In our house we have clearly not heard of the credit crunch having bought a...
perbackman 4:29am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
Amazing This is quality - picture is stunning, loads of connectivity and speakers are fine for everyday use
purpleaquarian 10:20am on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
Awesome TV Looks great, Sound is a bit tinny however I have a sound bar that resolves this. Bluray disks look great on this screen. Would recommend!...

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Video magnifiers
EasyViewer Silver Quartz HD

User Manual

This manual decribes the following versions of the KOBA Vision video magnifiers: EasyViewer 3.1.6 Silver 3.1.6 Quartz HD 3.1. (HD) In combination with screen: Samsung LE32A558. Slight differences are possible if other verions or screens are used. The latest versions of the manual can be downloaded from the KOBA Vision website: Release date: Monday, 16 March 2009


KOBA Vision De Oude Hoeven Leopoldsburg Belgium Tel +80 Fax +81
Index....2 Introduction....4 Video magnifier parts.... 4 Video magnifier EasyViewer, Silver, Quartz HD... 4 Screen..... 4 Adapter..... 5 HDMI-HDMI or HDMI-DVI connector... 5 What would you need?.... 5 Aerial cable..... 5 HDMIDVI, HDMI-HDMI, VGA-VGA connector (computer connection).. 5 Audio cable (computer connection)... 5 Safety and maintenance instructions...6 Safety instructions.... 6 Maintenance instructions.... 7 First-time use...8 Connecting cables.... 8 Set screen..... 8 Checking whether the device works.... 8 Controls....9 Switching on/off..... 9 Brief manual..... 10 Slide table..... 12 Control panel..... 12 Zoom in/zoom out..... 12 Autofocus (Quartz HD).... 12 Negative reading.... 12 Photo mode.... 12 Positive reading.... 13 Factory settings.... 13 Help (voice buttons, helpt texts)... 13 Contrast..... 13 Brightness.... 13 Background suppression.... 13 Colour..... 13 Readhelp..... 13 Lighting.... 14 Usage tips..... 15 Reading..... 15 Watch photos.... 15 2
Crafting.... 15 Writing..... 15 Readhelp..... 15 Factory settings.... 15 Video magnifier - computer... 15 Switching between video magnifier and computer... 15 Troubleshooting....16 Warranty....17 Express warranty.... 17 Warranty provisions.... 17 Service fulfillment..... 17 Data chart....18 EasyViewer..... 18 Silver..... 19 Quartz HD..... 20




Thank you very much for buying this video magnifier. We have gone to great lengths to create a qualitative and user-friendly device and we hopeyout will be able to use it for years to come.

Video magnifier parts

You will need the following parts to be able to use the video magnifier:
Video magnifier EasyViewer, Silver, Quartz HD


To be able to use the video magnifier, you need a screen with the following specifications: HDMI input, DVI Suspension VESA 75/75, VESA 100/100, VESA 200/100, VESA 200/200 Main switch and remote receiver at the side
Always ask KOBA Vision or your dealer whether your screen specifications are sufficient.


The screen is to be a ssembled and disassembled by authorized persons exclusively. Non-compliance can cause severe damage.


To feed the device, yo u need to conn ect th e adapt er. On ly use th e v ideo magnifier in combination with adapter: AC Adapter FranMar FRA024-S09.
HDMI-HDMI or HDMI-DVI connector
You n eed a HDMI-HDMI of HMD I D VI connector t o connect the video magn ifier t o the screen. Depending on th e in put on t he screen, you will choose an HDMI-HDMI or HDMI-DVI.

What would you need?

Aerial cable
If you also wish to use the screen as a T V, you will need an aerial cable that plugs i nto the cable distribution network. Not all screens have an aerial terminal.
HDMIDVI, HDMI-HDMI, VGA-VGA connector (computer connection)
To use the screen as a computer screen, you will need an HDMI-DVI, HDMI-HDMI or VGA VGA connector. This connector will help you connect your computer to the screen. Depending on t he screen t ype, you w ill n eed an HDM I-DVI, HDM I-HDMI of VGA- VGA connector. Always look at the screen specifications.
Audio cable (computer connection)
If you use the screen as computer screen, yo u need an a udio cable to pass the so und from your computer to the speakers of the screen.
Cables are to be plugg ed in by au thorized persons exclusively. compliance can cause severe damage. Non-




Safety and maintenance instructions

Safety instructions

Consult the user manual of the screen for specific safety instructions that comes with the screen. Save this manual carefully. It contains all necessary information about your device. Keep the device in a dry, well-vented and clean spot. Do not place the device in direct sunlight or next to a source of heat. Never use this device in ambient temperatures higher than 35C. This device is designed as aid to magnify documents. Any change of purpose voids the CE-mark. It i s compul sory to el ectrically grou nd t he de vice. T he ma nufacturer c annot be held responsible for any injuries to humans or animals or for any damage to objects caused by non-compliance with this safety instruction. Never attempt to repai r the de vice by yo urself. It is dan gerous to remove prot ective covers which are there to prevent electric shock. Yo u m ust conta ct KOBA Vision or your dealer in case of defects. To avoid electrocution, do contact with liquids. not place the de vice in a spo t where it can come into
Your product is de signed and ma nufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be rec ycled and reu sed. Do not dispose of your ol d pro duct i n yo ur general household waste bi n. Dispose of t he complete pr oduct (including i ts cables, plug s a nd a ccessories) in the designated collection facilities.
You must be extremely cautious when moving the video magnifier. The video magnifier must not be picked up by the screen, the type panel, the light shades or the slide table.

Maintenance instructions

The de vice can be clea ned with a damp cloth. Never use chemicals for they ca n damage the finish and/or other parts. Occasionally clean the glass plate of the scanner using a damp cloth. After a certain amoun t of t ime, th e slide rail s n eed t o be lu bricated w ith oil or adequately fluid grease. The adapter must o nly be replaced by the sam e type (A C Adapter FranMar FRA024S09) after switching off the device and removing the adapter from the grid. Treat your device with care and you will enjoy it for years to come.

F I R S T - T I M E Made in Belgium Input: 9V DC , 2.22A (Max) Max. Power: 20W Standby Power: 0.06W

First-time use

You need to go through the following steps to use the video magnifier for the first time: Connect cables Set screen Check wether the device works

Connecting cables

HDMI OUT: Input for H DMI co nnector to
the video magnifier screen.


POWER IN: Plug for the adapter.


Only use with AC Adapter FranMar FRA024-S09

Set screen

Set the screen before taking the device into use. To be able to make maximum use of the video magnifier, set the following display controls:
Contrast: maximum Brightness: 40% Colour: 30% Sharpness: 40%
Checking whether the device works
Please check whether the device works after installing and setting. Switch on th e screen and the video magnifier. (See next chapter Switching on/off)


After having successfully connected and tested the video magnifier, we will now go into the controls and the operation of the video magnifier.

Switching on/off

Switching on 1. Press the button to switch on the screen. (1) 2. Press the button at the left side of the interface to switch on the video magnifier. (2)
Switching off (reverse order) 1. Switch off the video magnifier with the button at the left side of the interface. (2) 2. Press the button to switch off the screen. (1)

Brief manual

ON/OFF switch Right: zoom in Left: zoom out Push: autofocus (only Quartz HD) 3 Negativ reading (black background - white letters) Font colours: push once more 4 Photo mode 5 Positive reading (white background - black letters) Font colours: push once more 3/4/5 Switch between black-white, white-black, colour, black-green, black yellow (only EasyViewer) 6 Factory settings 7 Help 8 More contrast 9 Less contrast 10 More brightness (photo mode) More background (negative and positive reading) 11 Less brightness (photo mode) Less background (negative and positive reading) 12 More colour (only in photo mode) 13 Less coulour (only in photo mode) 14 Readhelp (line or blends) 15 More lighting 16 Less lighting 1 2

Slide table

The slide table is made of high-grade materials and can display a whole A3 size sheet. 2 brakes stop the slide enabled and disabled. table from moving horizontally and v ertically. T he brak es can be

Control panel

This part deals with the control panel for the video magnifier. The illustrations can be found in the middle of this manual.
Zoom in: Turn central turning knob 2 to the right. Zoom out: Turn central turning knob 2 to the left.

Zoom in/zoom out

Autofocus is activated by pressing central turning knob 2. The red aut ofocus LED w ill light up. Au tofocus i s best acti vated w hen readi ng thi ck books and w hen crafting. Th e camera automatically adapts to height variations, keeping the image focused. Autofocus is automatically activated when zooming in or out for a few seconds. In this way, autofocus is not used continuously, limiting wear and tear to the camera.

Autofocus (Quartz HD)

Negative reading
Press button 3 to activate negative mode. (Negative: black background and white letters)
EasyViewer: Buttons 3/4/5 are used for switching between: Black-White, Color, White-
Black, Black-Green, Black-Yellow.
Quartz HD and Silver: By pressing button 3 once more, font colours will change.
White Red Green Blue Cyan Yellow Magenta Blue/Yellow

Photo mode

Press button 4 to activate photo mode.

Positive reading

Press button 5 to activate positive mode. (Positive: White background and black letters)
Quartz HD and Silver: By pressing button 5 once more, background colours will change. White Red Green Blue Cyan Yellow Magenta Blue/Yellow -

Factory settings

Press button 6 to go to factory settings.
Help (voice buttons, helpt texts)
Press button 7 to switch between the various help functions. Help function off Help function speech only Help function text only Help function text and speech Help function off -


More contrast: Press button 8. Less contrast: Press button 9.


You can set the brightness in photo mode. You can set background suppression with negative or positive reading. More brightness: Press button 10. Less brightness: Press button 11.

Background suppression

You can set the background in positive or negative reading mode. Brightness can be adjusted in photo mode. More background: Press button 10. Less background: Press button 11.


You ca n set the col our i n photo m ode. T his but ton i s of no use when yo u are worki ng i n positive or negative reading mode. Less colour: Press button 12. Less colour: Press button 13.


The readhelp consists of a reading line and a reading bar. This readhelp is extremely useful to people suffering from tunnel vision. The horizontal reading line or reading bar helps to follow the text properly without skipping lines (vertical confusion).
Press turning knob 14 to activate the reading line. You can set the position (higher/lower) by turning. You can select the line colour by turning and pressing. Press turning knob 14 on ce more to acti vate the readi ng bar. Yo u can se t t he posi tion (higher/lower) by turning. You can adjust the width of the bar with pressing and turning. Press turning knob 14 once more to deactivate the readhelp.


The led lighting of the video magnifier can be adapted. More lighting: Press button 15. Less lighting: Press button 16.

Usage tips

Reading is best do ne in positive o r negati ve mode. These modes adapt the image for the visually impaired to a high-contrast image with improved background. Background and letters can be set at yo ur d iscretion. The bac kground ca n b e set by means o f background suppression. This will allow you to filter out the structure of a sheet. This unique KOBA Vision function al lows yo u at al l ti mes t o set a contra sty bac kground wi thout an noying pape r impurities. A newspaper can be read without annoying paper impurities. Factory settings will take you back to the original settings.

Watch photos

Photos are best watched in photo mode. This mode is a unprocessed image without contrast enhancement. Using the buttons contrast, brightness and colour, you can adjust the image so that the phot o becomes clearly v isible. F actory sett ings w ill t ake you back t o the origin al settings.


Crafting is best done with a small enlargement. It is better to select a dark background during this activity so that the camera is not hindered by large differences in contrast with whatever is darkened by the hands.


You can also write under your video magnifier. It is best to use a black pen and lined paper.
This readhelp is extremely useful for visually impaired people suffering from tunnel vision. The readhelp consists of a readin g line and a reading bar. This help allows a horizontal line or bar to appear. This will keep you from confusing lines in the text (vertical confusion). The reading line can be set to take on different colours. It is adviseable to select a line with a colour that is different from t he t ext. T he read help can only be act ivated in the negative and positive reading mode.
The factory settings button was especially provided to be able to return to the original settings at all times. This means that yo u can al ways return to the ori ginal setti ngs a fter ha ving adjusted contrast, background, colour, brightness, zoom, etc.
Video magnifier - computer
Switching between video magnifier and computer
The video magnifier screen can be used as a computer screen. There are two options: Connect yo ur computer to the scree n. You ca n use t he screen to switch to another input that will allow you to use your computer. If video magnifier and c omputer are both pl ugged into the HDMI input of the scree n, you can easily switch between them by keeping the big round central turning knob 2 pressed i n. Warn ing! T his opt ion is av ailable on ly if t he screen su pports CEC (Consumer Electronic Control).


Below is a l ist of problems t hat may occur w ith y our v ideo magn ifier. C onsult th e l ist f irst before contacting KOBA Vision or your dealer.
Symptom No display on the screen Possible causes Power failure The screen is not switched on What to do Check wether the plug of the power cord has been properly plugged into the power point If the device still wont work, pull the plug out of the power point. Then wait 60 seconds before plugging it back into the power point. Turn the screen on again. Press the on button on the remote Slightly turn up the screen volume. Check wether the sound has not been disrupted. Point the remote control directly towards the sensor at the front of the screen. Unplug the headphone Check the HDMI plug. Press the on or 1 button on the remote

No sound

No sound or image while the red stand-by light at the front of the screen is burning The pc modes dont work
The screen volume is on zero The sound has been disrupted The headphone is plugged in The HDMI connector is loose Screen is on stand-by mode Wrong connectors Wrong source Wrong screen resolution HDMI connector is loose HDMI connector is loose The lights are off Autofocus is not activated
Stripes running through the image Bad colours Image is dark The image is blurred (Quartz HD)
Check wether the source has been selected correctly. Press the button to open the source list and select the correct source. Check whether you have set the computer to the correct screen resolution. Check the settings of the video card in the pc. Check the HDMI connector. Check the HDMI connector. Puss the reset-button Press the central turning knob to activate autofocus



Express warranty

Koba Vision bvba offers a two-year warranty on every KOBA VISION video magnifier, starting from the purchase date. The warranty covers materials and workmanship. Warranty services are provided by KOBA Vision bvba or a dealer acting for KOBA Vision bvba. When the vi deo magnifier cannot b e repaired correctly, KOBA Vision can decide o n its o wn inititiative t o replace t he readin g device by an other v ideo magn ifier f eaturing th e same specifications. All compon ents and prod ucts r eplaced within the warranty period becom e property of KOBA Vision bvba.

Warranty provisions

1. The warranty becomes invalid if the video magnifier: Was not used according to instructions or was misused, Was damaged as a result of a fall or blow, Was disassembled or tinkered with, Was repaired earlier by a non-official service partner.
2. Consequential loss is under no circumstances covered by the warranty. KOBA Vision bv ba w ill n either assume an y liabi lity w hatsoever n or accept any possibil ity of liability ex cept f or the warranty prov isions ex pressedly st ated abov e. This limit ation t o th e liability does n ot imply a breach of th e customers legal consumer rights or his or her rights vis--vis the seller.

Service fulfillment

Before claiming the warranty or service and before contacting KOBA Vision bvba or a dealer, you must write down product name, serial number, purchase date, invoice number and any error messages or particular problem aspects.


KOBA Vision EasyViewer HDMI OUT, POWER IN Input: 9V DC 2,22A (MAX) 50-60Hz Max. Power: 20W Standby Power: 0,06W


Data chart


Type: Inputs: Power supply:
Measurements (without screen)

X Width X Depth

270 x 415 x 580 mm 640 x 670 x 580 mm 107 mm 9 mm 23 screen 58 cm 5x 57x 26 screen 66 cm 6x 64x 32 screen 82 cm 7x 78x
Measurements (with 26screen):
Maximum viewing angle Minimum viewing angle Magnification:
Features: Wide-range slide table Led lighting Illuminated buttons Zoom in/zoom out Negative reading mode Photo mode Positive reading mode 5 colour combinations: black-white, whtie-black, colour, black-yellow, blackgreen Autofocus 18


Type: Inputs: Power supply: KOBA Vision Silver HDMI OUT, POWER IN Input: 9V DC 2,22A (MAX) 50-60Hz Max. Power: 20W Standby Power: 0,06W
Features: Wide-range slide table Led lighting Illuminated buttons Zoom in/zoom out Negative reading mode Photo mode Positive reading mode 16 color combinations: black-blue, black-cyan, black-green, black-magenta, black-red, black-white, black-yellow, blue-black, blue-yellow, cyan-black, greenblack, magenta-black, red-black, white-black, yellow-black, yellow-blue Autofocus Factory settings Help (spoken buttons, help texts) Adapt contrast, colour, background

Quartz HD

Type: Inputs: Power supply: KOBA Vision Quartz HD HDMI OUT, POWER IN Input: 9V DC 2,22A (MAX) 50-60Hz Max. Power: 20W Standby Power: 0,06W

Height X

Width X Depth
270 x 415 x 580 mm 640 x 670 x 580 mm 230 mm 9 mm 23 screen 58 cm 2x 57x 26 screen 66 cm 2,5x 64x 32 screen 82 cm 3x 70x
Features: Wide-range slide table Led lighting Illuminated buttons Zoom in/zoom out Negative reading mode Photo mode Positive reading mode 28 colour combinations: black-blue, black-cyan, black-green, black-magenta, black-red, black-white, black-yellow, blue-black, blue-yellow, cyan-black, greenblack, magenta-black, red-black, white-black, yellow-black, yellow-blue, blackorange, orange-black, black-grey, grey-black, blue-white, white-blue, red-white, white-red, orange-white, white-orange, green-white, white-green Autofocus Factory settings Help (spoken buttons, help texts) Adapt contrast, colour, background Reading line and blends HIGH DEFINTION Adjust led lighting



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