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Samsung LN40C530f1FSamsung LN40C530F1F Service manual

Non-HD - Samsung

Brand: Samsung
Part Number: LN40C530F1F

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yy Specifications... 39 yy Dimensions.. 40 yy Index... 41

yy Picture Menu... 15

yy Sound Menu.. 17

yy Setup Menu... 18

yy Support Menu.. 22


Check the Symbol!
This function can be used by pressing the P.SIZE TOOLS P.MODE on the remote control. button
Note : Important information
Step by step guide : Informs you how to access the menu.


BN68-02540A_Eng.indb S.MODE 3


2010-08-31 4:20:24

List of Features

yy Excellent Digital Interface & Networking: With a built-in HD digital tuner, nonsubscription HD broadcasts can be viewed without a cable box / STB (Set-Top-Box) satellite receiver. yy Media Play: Allows you to play music files, pictures, and movies saved on a USB device. (P. 24) yy Self Diagnosis: You can check picture and sound operation. (P. 22)


Please make sure the following items are included with your LCD TV. If any items are missing, contact your dealer. The items' colors and shapes may vary depending on the models.
yy Remote Control (BN59-00996A) & Batteries (AAA x 2) yy Owners Instructions yy Warranty Card / Safety Guide / Quick Setup Guide yy Cleaning Cloth (BN63-01798B) yy Power Cord

(46 inch TV)

yy Blanking Bracket (BN63-06339A) (LN32C530: BN63-06389A)
yy Holder-Ring (4ea) (BN61-04529A)
Installing the LCD TV Stand
C omponents When installing the stand, use the provided components and parts.


8EA (M4 X L12) (32 inch model only: 4EA)
(32 inch model only) yy Stand (1 EA) 1
(32 inch model only) yy Cover Neck
(M4 X L14) (32 inch model only: 3EA)

yy Guide Stand (1 EA) 2

yy Screws

Top View

(32 inch model only)

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 4

2010-08-31 4:20:26

01 Getting Started

s s s s

Bottom View

Make sure to distinguish between the front and back of the Stand and Guide Stand when assembling them. Make sure that at least two persons lift and move the LCD TV. Stand the product up and fasten the screws. If you fasten the screws with the LCD TV placed down, it may lean to one
Viewing the Control Panel
The product color and shape may vary depending on the model.

Remote control sensor

Power Indicator


P (Power) Remote control sensor SOURCEE MENU y z Power Indicator Standby mode
Turns the TV on or off. Aim the remote control towards this spot on the TV. Toggles between all the available input sources. In the on-screen menu, use this button as you would use the ENTERE button on the remote control. Displays an on-screen menu, the OSD (on screen display), of your TVs features. Adjusts the volume. In the OSD, use the y buttons as you would use the and buttons on the remote control. Changes the channels. In the OSD, use the z buttons as you would use the and buttons on the remote control. Blinks and turns off when the power is on and lights up in standby mode.



LN40C540 / LN46C540

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 10

2010-08-31 4:20:35
Display Modes (D-Sub and HDMI/DVI Input) Optimal resolution is 1920 x 1080@60Hz.
Mode IBM MAC Resolution 640 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1080p Horizontal Frequency (KHz) 31.469 31.469 35.000 49.726 68.681 35.910 53.783 56.456 75.231 31.469 37.861 37.500 37.879 48.077 46.875 48.363 56.476 60.023 67.500 63.981 79.976 49.702 62.795 60.000 45.000 47.712 55.935 70.635 65.290 52.500 74.620 67.500 Vertical Frequency (Hz) 70.086 70.087 66.667 74.551 75.062 59.950 59.959 74.777 74.857 59.940 72.809 75.000 60.317 72.188 75.000 60.004 70.069 75.029 75.000 60.020 75.025 59.810 74.934 60.000 60.000 60.015 59.887 74.984 59.954 70.000 70.000 60.000 Pixel Clock Frequency (MHz) 25.175 28.322 30.240 57.284 100.000 32.750 81.750 95.750 130.000 25.175 31.500 31.500 40.000 50.000 49.500 65.000 75.000 78.750 108.000 108.000 135.000 83.500 106.500 108.000 74.250 85.500 106.500 136.750 146.250 89.040 128.943 148.500 Sync Polarity (H / V) +/-/+ -/-/-/-/+ -/+ -/+ -/+ -/-/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ -/-/+/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/+ -/+ +/+ +/+ +/+ -/+ -/+ -/+ -/+ -/+/+


xx For HDMI/DVI cable connection, you must use the HDMI IN 1(DVI) jack. xx The interlace mode is not supported. xx The set might operate abnormally if a non-standard video format is selected. xx Separate and Composite modes are supported. SOG(Sync On Green) is not supported.
EX-LINK Connector for service only.
Input Cables (Sold Separately)



Composite (AV)

Coaxial (RF)

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 11

2010-08-31 4:20:37

Connections P.MODE

Source List
Changing the Input source


Edit Name
OO MENUm Input Edit Name ENTERE
VCR / DVD / Cable STB / Satellite STB / PVR STB / AV Receiver / Game / Camcorder / PC / DVI PC / DVI Devices / TV / IPTV / Blu-ray / HD DVD / DMA: Name the device connected to the input jacks to make your input source selection easier.

Available only in HDMI mode (RGB signals).
Film Mode (Off / Auto1 / Auto2): Sets the TV to automatically sense and process film signals from all sources and adjusts the picture for optimum quality. and HDMI (480i / 1080i).

Sound Settings

Available in TV, AV, COMPONENT (480i / 1080i)
Virtual Surround (Off / On)
(standard sound mode only) This function provides a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound experience through a pair of speakers or headphones using HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 17

2010-08-31 4:20:40

Basic Features POWER

Dialog Clarity (Off / On) TOOLS
(standard sound mode only) Dialog Clarity emphasizes voice while maintaining the background sound level.


SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital Interface) is used to provide digital sound, reducing interference going to speakers and various digital devices such as an A/V Receiver/Home theater. Audio Format : During the reception of a digital TV broadcast, you can select the Digital Audio output (SPDIF) format from the options PCM or Dolby Digital.

Preferred Language

(digital channels only) Digital-TV broadcasts are capable of FAV.CH simultaneous transmission of many audio tracks (for example, simultaneous translations of the program into foreign TOOLS languages).
By connecting to 5.1ch speakers in a dolby


digital setup, maximize your interactive 3D sound xperience.
You can only select a language among
the ones being broadcasted.
Audio Delay: Correct audio-video sync problems, when P.SIZE watching TV or video, and when listening to digital audio output using an external device such as an AV receiver (0ms ~ 250ms).
Multi-Track Sound (MTS) S.MODE
(analog channels only) Mono: Choose for channels that are broadcastingFAV.CH or if you are in mono having difficulty receiving a stereo signal. Stereo: Choose for channels that are SLEEP broadcasting in stereo.


Sound Reset
MEDIA.P Reset all sound settings to the factory defaults.

Setup Menu

Setting the Time
SAP: Choose to listen to the Separate Audio Program, which is usually a foreign-language translation. you can listen to Mono, Stereo or SAP.
S.MODE CC Depending on the particular program being broadcast,
Auto Volume (Off / Normal / Night)

To equalize the volume level on each channel, set to Normal. Night: This mode provides an improved sound SLEEP experience compared to Normal mode, making almost no noise. It is useful at night.
MEDIA.P The current time will appear every time you press the
INFO button. Clock: Setting the clock is for using various timer features of the TV. the clock again.
If you disconnect the power cord, you have to set
Clock Mode: Set up the current time manually or automatically. Auto: Set the current time automatically using the time from the digital channel. The antenna must be connected in order to set the time automatically. Manual: Set the current time manually. Depending on the broadcast station and signal, the auto time set up may not be correct. In this case, set the time manually. Clock Set: Set the Month, Day, Year, Hour, Minute and am/pm. Available only when Clock Mode is set to Manual. directly by pressing the number buttons on the remote control.
Speaker Select (External Speaker / TV Speaker)
A sound echo may occur due to a difference in decoding speed between the main speaker and the audio receiver. In this case, set the TV to External Speaker.
When Speaker Select is set to External Speaker, the
volume and MUTE buttons will not operate and the sound settings will be limited. should use these settings.
When Speaker Select is set to External Speaker, you When Speaker Select is set to TV Speaker, you
should use these settings.
xx TV Speaker: Off, External Speaker: On xx TV Speaker: On, External Speaker: On
You can set the month, day, year, hour and minute
If there is no video signal, both speakers will be mute.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 18

FAV.CH DST (Off / On): Switches the DST (Daylight Saving Time) function on or off. This function is only available when the Clock Mode is set to Auto.
Time Zone: Select your time zone. This function is only available when the Clock Mode is set to Auto.

Using the Sleep Timer

Channel (when the Source is set to TV): Select the desired channel. Contents (when the Source is set to USB): Select a folder in the USB device containing music or photo files to be played when the TV is turned on automatically. If there is no music file on the USB device or the folder containing a music file is not selected, the Timer function does not operate correctly.

CC MEDIA.P When there is only one photo file in the USB, the
If a folder name is too long, the folder cannot be Each USB you use is assigned its own folder.
selected. Slide Show will not play.
OO MENUm Setup Time Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer t : Automatically shuts off the TV after a preset period of time. (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 minutes). Off.
When using more than one of the same type of USB, make sure the folders assigned to each USB have different names.
To cancel the Sleep Timer, select

Setting the On/Off Timer

Repeat: Select Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun or Manual to set at you convenience. If you select Manual, you can set up the day you want to activate the timer. The c mark indicates the day is selected.
OO MENUm Setup Time Timer 1
ENTERE Timer 1 / Timer 2 / Timer 3: Three different on / off timer settings can be made. You must set the clock first.
On Time Inactivate Off Time Inactivate Volume 10 Repeat Once
Auto Power Off (available only when the TV is turned

Locking Programs

on by the Timer): The TV will be automatically turned off after 3 hours of being left idle to prevent overheating.

Timer 1

Source TV

Sun Mon

OO MENUm Setup Security ENTERE

am am Channel 3

Fri Sat


The PIN input screen appears, Enter your 4 digit PIN number. V-Chip: The V-Chip feature automatically locks out programs that are deemed inappropriate for children. The user must enter a PIN (personal identification number) before any of the V-Chip restrictions are set up or changed.

Antenna Air

Tue Wed Thu
L Move U Adjust E Enter R Return
On Time / Off Time: Set the hour, minute, am/pm and activate / inactivate. (To activate the timer with the setting you have chosen, set to Activate.) Volume: Set the desired volume level. Source: Select TV or USB content to be played when the TV is turned on automatically. (USB can be selected only when a USB device is connected to the TV) Antenna (when the Source is set to TV): Select Air or Cable.
xx V-Chip is not available in HDMI, Component

or PC mode. 0-0-0-0.

xx The default PIN number of a new TV set is xx Allow all: Press to unlock all TV ratings. xx Block all: Press to lock all TV ratings.
V-Chip Lock (Off / On): You can block rated TV Programs.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 19

TV Parental Guidelines: You can block TV programs depending on their rating. This function allows you to control what your children are watching. TV-Y: Young children / TV-Y7: Children 7 and over / TV-G: General audience / TV-PG: Parental guidance / TV-14: Viewers 14 and over / TV-MA: Mature audience ALL: Lock all TV ratings. / FV: Fantasy violence / V: Violence / S: Sexual situation / L: Adult Language / D: Sexually Suggestive Dialog The V-Chip will automatically block certain categories dealing with more sensitive material. For example, if you block the TV-Y category, then TV-Y7 will automatically be blocked. Similarly, if you block the TV-G category, then all the categories in the young adult group will be blocked (TV-G, TV-PG, TV-14 and TV-MA). The sub-ratings (D, L, S, V) work similarly. So, if you block the L sub-rating in TV-PG, then the L sub-ratings in TV-14 and TV-MA will automatically be blocked. MPAA Rating: You can block movies depending on their MPAA rating. The Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA) has implemented a rating system that provides parents or guardians with advanced information on which films are appropriate for children. G: General audience (no restrictions). / PG: Parental guidance suggested. / PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned. / R: Restricted. Children under 17 should be accompanied by an adult. / NC-17: No children under age 17. / X: Adults only. / NR: Not rated. The V-Chip will automatically block any category that deals with more sensitive material. For example, if you block the PG-13 category, then R, NC-17 and X will automatically be blocked. Canadian English: You can block TV programs depending on their Anglophone Canadian ratings. C: Programming intended for children under age 8. / C8+: Programming generally considered acceptable for children 8 years and over to watch on their own. / G: General programming, suitable for all audiences. / PG: Parental Guidance. / 14+: Programming contains themes or content which may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14. / 18+: Adult programming. The V-Chip will automatically block any category that deals with more sensitive material. For example, if you block the G category, then PG, 14+ and 18+ will automatically be blocked. Canadian French: You can block TV programs depending on their French Canadian rating. G: General / 8 ans+: Programming generally considered acceptable for children 8 years and over to watch on their own. / 13 ans+: Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. / 16 ans+: Programming is not suitable for children under the age of 16. / 18 ans+: Programming restricted to adults. The V-Chip will automatically block any category that deals with more sensitive material. For example, if you block the 8 ans+ category, then 13 ans+, 16 ans+ and 18 ans+ will automatically be blocked also. Downloadable U.S. Rating: Parental restriction information can be used while watching DTV channels. NOTE

xx If information is not downloaded from the
broadcasting station, the Downloadable U.S. Rating menu is deactivated. downloaded while watching DTV channels. It may take several seconds.
xx Parental restriction information is automatically xx The Downloadable U.S. Rating menu
is available for use after information is downloaded from the broadcasting station. However, depending on the information from the broadcasting station, it may not be available for use. the broadcasting station. The default menu name and Downloadable U.S. Rating change depending on the downloaded information. language, the Downloadable U.S. Rating menu will appear in English only. categories that deal with more sensitive material.
xx Parental restriction levels differ depending on
xx Even if you set the on-screen display to another xx The rating will automatically block certain xx The rating titles (For example: Humor Level.etc)
and TV ratings (For example: DH, MH, H.etc) may differ depending on the broadcasting station.
Change PIN: The Change PIN screen will appear. Choose any 4 digits for your PIN and enter them. As soon as the 4 digits are entered, the Confirm New PIN screen appears. Re-enter the same 4 digits. When the Confirm screen disappears, your PIN has been memorized.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 20

2010-08-31 4:20:41
How to watch a restricted channel
INFO If the TV is tuned to a restricted channel, the V-Chip
will block it. The screen will go blank and the following message will appear: This channel is blocked by V-Chip. Please enter the PIN to unblock.
If you forget the PIN, press the remote-control
buttons in the following sequence, which resets the pin to 0-0-0-0 : POWER (off) MUTE 4 POWER (on)
Background Color: Options include Default, White, CHLIST Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. You can change the background color of the caption. The default is Black. Foreground Opacity: This adjusts the opacity of text. Options include Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid and Flashing. Background Opacity: This adjusts the opacity of the caption background. Options include Default, Transparent, Translucent, Solid and Flashing. Return to Default: This option sets each Size, Font Style, Foreground Color, Background Color, Foreground P.SIZE Opacity and Background Opacity to its default.


Menu Language
Set the menu language. 1. Select Menu Language and press the ENTERE button.
xx Digital Caption Options are available only when
Default and Service1 ~ Service6 can be selected in Caption Mode. being broadcasted. broadcaster.
xx The availability of captions depends on the program xx The Default setting follow the standards set by the xx The Foreground and Background cannot be set to

have the same color.

MTS 2. Choose desired language and press the ENTERE FAV.CH button.


(On-Screen Text Messages) Caption (Off / On): You can switch the S.MODE caption function on or off. If captions are not available, they will not be displayed on the screen.
Choose between English, Espaol and Franais.
xx You cannot set both the Foreground Opacity and
the Background Opacity to Transparent.


The Caption feature does not work
MEDIA.P Game Mode (Off / On): When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation or Xbox, you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by selecting the game menu.
xx Precautions and limitations for game mode
To disconnect the game console and connect another external device, set Game Mode to Off in the setup menu. If you display the TV menu in Game Mode, the screen shakes slightly.
in Component, HDMI or PC modes.
Caption Mode: You can select the desired caption mode.
SLEEP The availability of captions depends on the
program being broadcasted.
Default / CC1~CC4 / Text1~Text4: (analog channels only) The Analog Caption function operates in either analog TV channel mode or when a signal is supplied from an external device to the TV. (Depending on the broadcasting signal, the Analog Caption function may or may not work with digital channels.) Default / Service1~Service6 / CC1~CC4 / Text1~Text4: (digital channels only) The Digital Captions function works with digital channels. Service1~6 may not be available in digital caption mode depending on the broadcast. Digital Caption Options: (digital channels only) Size: Options include Default, Small, Standard and Large. The default is Standard. Font Style: Options include Default and Styles 0 to 7. The default is Style 0. Foreground Color: Options include Default, White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. You can change the color of the letter. The default is White.

The melody will be heard during the test even if
xx You may notice that the picture in the PIP window
Speaker Select is set to External Speaker or the sound is muted by pressing the MUTE button.
becomes slightly unnatural when you use the main screen to view a game or karaoke. used.
xx While V-Chip operation, the PIP function cannot be xx PIP Settings
Main picture Sub picture LC530 Component1, Component2, HDMI1/ TV DVI, HDMI2, HDMI3, PC LC540 Component1, Component2, HDMI1/ TV DVI, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, PC PIP (Off / On): Activate or deactivate the PIP function. Air/Cable (Air / Cable): Select either Air or Cable as the input source for the sub-screen. Channel: Select the channel for the sub-screen. Size ( / ): Select a size for the sub-picture.
Yes: If you can hear sound only from one speaker or not at all during the sound test, select Yes. There may be a problem with the TV. Contact Samsungs Call Center for assistance (1-800-SAMSUNG). No: If you can hear sound from the speakers, select No. There may be a problem with your external equipment. Please check your connections. If the problem persists, refer to the external devices user manual. Signal Information (digital channels only): An HD channels reception quality is either perfect or the channels are unavailable. Adjust your antenna to increase signal strength. Troubleshooting: If the TV seems to have a problem, refer to this description. the Samsung customer service center.
If none of these troubleshooting tips apply, contact

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 22

Software Upgrade
Software Upgrade can be performed by downloading the latest firmware from to a USB memory device. Current Version - the software already installed in the TV.

HD Connection Guide

Refer to this information when connecting external devices to the TV.
Software is represented as Year/Month/Day_Version.
Current Version 2010/01/18_000001

Contact Samsung

View this information when your TV does not work properly or when you want to upgrade the software. You can find information regarding our call centers and how to download products and software.
By USB Alternative Software
Installing the Latest Version By USB: Insert a USB drive TV Side Panel containing the firmware upgrade file, downloaded from, USB Drive into the TV. Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the USB drive until upgrades are complete. The TV will be turned off and on automatically after completing the firmware upgrade. When software is upgraded, video and audio settings you have made will return to their default settings. We advise you to write down your settings so that you can easily reset them after the upgrade. Alternative Software (Not available)

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 30

Anynet+ Menu The Anynet+ menu changes depending on the type and status of the Anynet+ devices connected to the TV. Anynet+ Menu View TV Device List (device_name) MENU (device_name) INFO Recording: (*recorder) Stop Recording: (*recorder) Receiver Description Changes Anynet+ mode to TV broadcast mode. Shows the Anynet+ device list. Shows the connected device menus. E.g. If a DVD recorder is connected, the disc menu of the DVD recorder will appear. Shows the play menu of the connected device. E.g. If a DVD recorder is connected, the play menu of the DVD recorder will appear. Starts recording immediately using the recorder. (This is only available for devices that support the recording function.) Stops recording. Sound is played through the receiver.
If more than one recording device is connected, they are displayed as (*recorder) and if only one recording device is connected, it will be represented as (*device_name).

Setting Up Anynet+

OO MENUm Application Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) ENTERE
Setup Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) (Off / On): To use the Anynet+ Function, Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) must be set to On. When the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) function is disabled, all the Anynet+ related operations are deactivated. Auto Turn Off (No / Yes): Setting an Anynet+ Device to turn off automatically when the TV is turned off. If Auto Turn Off is set to Yes, running external devices will turn off at the same time as the TV powers off. However, a device may not turn off if recording is in progress.
May not be enabled depending on the device.
Switching between Anynet+ Devices
1. Anynet+ devices connected to the TV are listed.
If you cannot find a device you want, press the red button to refresh the list. Only when you set Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) to On in the Application menu, the Device List menu appears.
xx Switching to the selected device may take up to 2 minutes. You cannot cancel the operation during the switching


2. Select a device and press the ENTERE button. You can switch to the selected device.
xx If you have selected external input mode by pressing the SOURCE button, you cannot use the Anynet+ function.

These are general instructions. For exact instructions, see the User
manual supplied with the locking device.
The locking device has to be purchased separately. The location of the Kensington slot may be different depending on the TV model.
Installing the Wall Mount
Assembling the Blanking Bracket When installing the TV onto a wall, attach the Blanking Bracket as shown.


Blanking Bracket
Preparing before installing Wall-Mount (46 inch TV) To install a wall-mount from another manufacturer, use the Holder-Ring.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 33

2010-08-31 4:20:50
Installing the Wall Mount Kit The wall mount kit (sold separately) allows you to mount the TV on the wall. For detailed information on installing the wall mount, see the instructions provided with the wall mount items. Contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mount bracket. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you elect to install the TV on your own. Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA)
The wall mount kit is not supplied, but sold separately.
Install your wall mount on a solid wall perpendicular to the floor. When attaching to other building materials, please contact your nearest dealer. If installed on a ceiling or slanted wall, it may fall and result in severe personal injury.
xx Standard dimensions for wall mount kits are shown in the table below. xx When purchasing our wall mount kit, a detailed installation manual and all parts necessary for assembly are provided. xx Do not use screws that do not comply with the VESA standard screw specifications. xx Do not use screws that are longer than the standard dimension or do not comply with the VESA standard screw
specifications. Screws that are too long may cause damage to the inside of the TV set. depending on the wall mount specifications.
xx For wall mounts that do not comply with the VESA standard screw specifications, the length of the screws may differ xx Do not fasten the screws too strongly; this may damage the product or cause the product to fall, leading to personal
injury. Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents.
xx Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or
the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.
xx Do not mount the TV at more than a 15 degree tilt. xx Always use two people to mount the TV to a wall.
Product Family inches 19~22 23~29 30~40 46~55 57~65 70~80 80~ VESA Spec. (A * B) 75 X X X X X X X X 800 Standard Screw M4 M6 MQuantity


Do not install your Wall Mount Kit while your TV is turned on. It may result in personal injury due to electric shock.

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 36

Issues No Picture, No Video The TV will not turn on.
Make sure the AC power cord is securely plugged in to the wall outlet and the TV. Make sure the wall outlet is working. Try pressing the POWER button on the TV to make sure the problem is not the remote. If the TV turns on, refer to Remote control does not work below.
The TV turns off automatically.
Ensure the Sleep Timer is set to Off in the Setup menu. (P. 19) If your PC is connected to the TV, check your PC power settings. Make sure the AC power cord is plugged in securely to the wall outlet and the TV. When watching TV from an antenna or cable connection, the TV will turn off after 10 - 15 minutes if there is no signal.
There is no picture/video.
Check cable connections. (remove and reconnect all cables connected to the TV and external devices). Set your external devices (Cable/Sat Box, DVD, Blu-ray etc) video outputs to match the connections to the TV input. For example, if an external devices output is HDMI, it should be connected to an HDMI input on the TV. Make sure your connected devices are powered on. Be sure to select the TVs correct source by pressing the SOURCE button on the remote control. Reboot the connected device by reconnecting the devices power cable.
RF(Cable/Antenna) Connection The TV is not receiving all channels. Make sure the coaxial cable is connected securely. Please try Auto Program to add available channels to the channel list. go to MENU - Channel - Auto program then select Auto and make sure the correct Cable TV signal type is set in the menu. There are 3 options. (STD, HRC and IRC) (P. 13) Verify the Antenna is positioned correctly. No Caption on digital channels. The picture is distorted: macroblock, error, small block, dots, pixelization. PC Connection A Mode Not Supported message appears. PC is always shown on the source list, even if a PC is not connected. The video is OK but there is no audio. Others Purple/green rolling horizontal bars and buzzing noise from the TV speakers with Component cable connection. The picture will not display in full screen. Remove the left and right audio connections from the set-top-box. If the buzzing stops, this indicates that the set-top-box has a grounding issue. Replace the Component video cables with an HDMI connection. HD channels will have black bars on either side of the screen when displaying upscaled SD (4:3) contents. Black bars on the Top & Bottom will be shown on movies that have aspect ratios different from your TV. Adjust picture size option on your external device or TV to full screen. The remote control does not work. Replace the remote control batteries with correct polarity (+/). Clean the transmission window located on the top of the remote. Try pointing the remote directly at the TV from 5~6 feet away. Set your PCs output resolution so it matches the resolutions supported by the TV. This is normal; PC is always shown on the source list, regardless of whether a PC is connected. If you are using a HDMI connection, check the audio output setting on your PC. Check Caption Setup menu. Try changing Caption Mode Service 1 to CC1. (P. 21) Some channels may not have caption data. Compression of video contents may cause picture distortion. especially on fast moving pictures such as sports and action movies. A low signal can cause picture distortion. This is not a TV problem.

Front view / side view

3 LN40C540 / LN46C540

(Unit: inches) Model name LN32C530 LN37C530 LN40C530 LN40C540 LN46C530 LN46C540 1
30.8 35.5 38.2 38.2 43.4 43.4
27.6 32.4 35.0 35.0 40.2 40.2
15.5 18.3 19.7 19.7 22.6 22.6
17.7 22.8 22.8 22.8 24.4 24.4
19.6 22.1 23.6 23.3 26.6 26.3
21.5 24.2 25.7 25.7 28.9 28.9

3.0 3.0 3.1 3.1 3.1 3.1

8.7 9.5 9.5 9.5 10.2 10.2
Jack panel detail / rear view
LN32C530 / LN37C530 / LN40C530 / LN46C530 LN32C530 / LN37C530 / LN40C530 / LN46C530 LN40C540 / / LN46C540 LN40C540 LN46C540

9.3 12.4 13.2 16.1

2.0 3.2 2.7 3.7

3.8 3.3 4.0 4.0

20.9 24.6 27.6 31.8

7.9 7.9 7.9 15.7

NOTE: All drawings are not necessarily to scale. Some dimensions are subject to change without prior notice. Refer to the dimensions prior to performing installation of your TV. Not responsible for typographical or printed errors. 2010 Samsung Electronics America, Inc

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 40

2010-08-31 4:20:53
Anynet+ Audio out Auto Adjustment 15
HDMI Home theater 8, 30 9, 30
Sleep Timer Slide Show Software Upgrade Source List Speaker Select Standby mode 18 5
Blanking Bracket Balance 33 17

License 39

Media Play Melody Menu Language MP3 Play 21 27

Timer 19

Component 9
Video play Volume 25 5, 6, 19
Digital Audio out D-sub DVD home theater 9, 9

Optimal resolution 11

Wall Mount 33
Editing channels Energy Saving Equalizer 17
Photo view PIN number PIP Power Indicator 22 5
FAV.CH button Favorite Channel 6, 13 13

Remote Control RGB 6 16

BN68-02540A_Eng.indb 41


Expired date 2010-06-29 2010-06-29 2010-06-29 2010-07-28 2010-07-28 2010-07-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2010-09-28 2011-02-23 2011-02-23 2011-02-23 2011-03-31 2011-03-31 2011-03-31 2011-03-31 2011-03-31 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17

No. 439 440

Product NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner Airconditioner
model name NT-R420 NT-R517 NT-R519 NT-N511 NT-N510 NT-X171 NT-X170 NT-X420 NT-N315 NT-P428 NT-P580 NT-R441 NT-R440 AIXC4H090B3(RIXBHF030B2) AIXC4H100B3(RIXBHF035B2) AIXC4H100B3(RIXBHF035H2) AIXC4H110B3(RIXBHF040B2) AIXC4H110B3(RIXBHF040H2) AIXC4H130B3(RIXBHF045H2) AIXC4H145B3(RIXBHF050H2) HP-N139S HP-N159S HP-N189S HP-Q309S HP-Q369S HP-Q409S [AF-SD231CCA] AF-SD231PCA WR-HA139UW SRT749XWSM SRS756ZS HC-S380D
Certified date 2009-06-26 2009-06-26 2009-06-26 2009-06-26 2009-07-27 2009-07-27 2009-08-28 2009-08-28 2010-02-26 2010-03-25 2010-03-25 2010-03-25 2010-04-27 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2009-05-18 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2010-03-29 2009-11-05 2009-01-19 2009-06-05 2009-06-05
Expired date 2011-06-25 2011-06-25 2011-06-25 2011-06-25 2011-07-26 2011-07-26 2011-08-27 2011-08-27 2012-02-25 2012-03-24 2012-03-24 2012-03-24 2012-04-26 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2011-05-17 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2012-03-28 2011-11-04 2011-01-18 2011-06-04 2011-06-04
441 Washing Machine 444 Refrigerator Refrigerator Refrigerator

No. 475 476

Product Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Air Cleaner Air Cleaner TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV
model name HC-S380G AC-T060P AC-T060L HC-J450SR HC-J450SW HC-M530W HC-M530R LN40A750 LN52A690A4F LN52A690 PN42A410C1D PN42A410C2D PN42A410 PN42A430C1D PN42A430C2D PN42A430 PN50A410C1D PN50A410C2D PN50A410 PN50A430C1D PN50A430C2D PN50A430C3G PN50A430 PN58A650T1F PN58A650 LN40A780R2F LN46A780R2F LN46A850S1F LN52A850S1F LN55A950D1F PN50A750T1F PN58A750T1F

Expired date 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-03-29 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2012-04-26 2010-07-07
Korea Eco-labeling Program is a voluntary certification program to choose ecoproducts from the products for the purpose of displaying the designated logo(EcoLabel) and the brief description in order to reduce the consumption of energy and resources, and to minimize generation of pollutants. It has been conducted from April 1992, certifying Eco Labels to qualified eco-products for the excellent quality, performance, as well as the enviromentally friendly products during the entire production process. It provides consumers with accurate information about eco-products, on the other hands, it encourages companies to develop and produce eco-products in line with the



TC-1000 A1200R 953900165 ALL-IN-ONE LN32C450 TXL37D28EW SGH-E340 CMD 126 465618X51 CDP-CE315 MDR-EX700SL AD100VTH ZWF-1200 Keyboard Samsung J853 XW5000 M3A78-CM Courage I915GMI AJM180 26PF9946 HD950 Flash DI-634M 30CDI GC PL42C450 LC1230 LE40A676a1W Escort RS AVR 510 5150 III MDM-X4 Dista F100 Sagem MYX6 RM-VL1000U Canon T70 8000I BP20N CT-W650R EWF1090 OF Duty Navara Companion PCV-230 UN46C7000WM VG910S LM720 SHX-V56-57CUC MP OPL Super Minimoys RX-D301sj-rx-d301 TX-32PX30F Photo R250 LS-L1260CL Xciting 500 1 0 Polaroid A544 UE-40C6620 Gloss 60 Sens W Calculator EWF10479W SS-CR490 RSH1dtsw 85820 Blender Dongle Review 20LS5R Aurora 22 MDR-XD100 Gpsmap 76 Advanced TH-42PZ80A KDL-20G2000 ZWF-3100 CDX-CA600X 1510XI FS2710 SA5285BT EH777501E Fidelis 5600 PL101 LN23R51BX Condens F24 P50542 KP-61PS1K Deskjet 3550 LT157 UE-40C8700XS Numark TTX Pictochat Bluetooth NN-GD556 SL-S230 FX-2170 PMA-2000R Lumina 1993 ES100U Lexibook E20


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