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otawa 7:58am on Monday, November 1st, 2010 
Good. This is a good netbook. Important to me was battery life which seems to be approx. 5-6 hours on mine. It is a stylish and neat "bit of kit". A handy-little-fast-working-bundle-of-goodness First things first I bought this Net-book back in April of this year (2010).
Viad22deos 10:28pm on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
This machine is so good! So fast and excellent for using Internet/iTunes. Also plays films better than my dual core vista PC!!!
noosh 9:16am on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
Windows Xp is the way to go for Netbooks. Should get 2 gigs of ram and see if it makes a difference in performance. Newegg ROCKS!!! Upgraded to 2gb memory chip with no problems! Great little device! Loaded Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix with ease!
habib_seif 12:30am on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
This product meets all basic computing needs,and then some.. Adequate Storage, Comfortable Keyboard, Compact, Fast, Good Battery Life. This is a great sized mini with all the power of a full sized laptop.
emlafave 10:30am on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
I decided on a netbook as the best solution to my travel problem: a multifunction laptop storage tool and a capable, lightweight eReader compromise.
GaryFx 5:57am on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
Excellent netbook Just bought one of these for my son for 6th form as his laptop died recently and thought this would be more portable but still give ...
CSSystems 3:07am on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 
I have this cute little netbook on a vodafone contract and I love it. The only problem I have ever had with it.
berniegardner 8:24am on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
After doing much research on netbooks, I purchased the Samsung NC-10 from Costco online, set it up, and have been very pleased so far. I will amend. Returned my beloved Aspire One to Amazon for several of the well documented problems it is know for.

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Schematic Diagram

7.Schematic Diagram
7-1 Overall Block Diagram... 7-2. 7-2 FRONT.... 7-3. 7-3 MAIN-1.... 7-4. 7-4 MAIN-2.... 7-5. 7-5 CD.... 7-6 7-6 SMPS (MAX-A54U).... 7-7 7-7 SMPS (MAX-A55U).... 7-8

Samsung Electronics

This Document can not be used without Samsungs authorization.
7-1 Overall Block Diagram
Main System MICOM control Function IC (R2S15904), Tuner pack, CD deck. It gets all information from R2S15904. They have a communication among the with HOST SLAVE interface. And Main System MICOM gets the information from Users remote control. So whenever it gets the information, it displays it on the VFD.

Tuner Pack



The CD Deck transfer the audio data to R2S15904. AUX Jack and Tuner pack are each connected to R2S15904. Data from AUX and tuner transfer to R2S15904. Then, after processing, the data will send the date to AMP IC.

Tuner_L Tuner_R

CD (MP3/WMA) Deck


Function IC

R2S15904 R_CH





Power SMPS



7-3 MAIN-1


7-4 MAIN-2

7-5 CD

7-6 SMPS (MAX-A54U)

R30N01 D30N01 F1T4 1A/400V C30N01 331K 1KV

T1 EER3541 470u

CA30N01 100uF 50V CSA30N01 103K 50V

154.75% 1/2 W 16

GBU406 800V/4A Vf=1V

CA1 120uF 450V

RS8 1K5% 1/4W
C5 103K 630V HER208 1000V/2A

R2 47K5% 2WS

RS9 1K5% 1/4W RS10 1K5% 1/4W 334K 275V CX2 102M 400V CY2

C2 102K 1KV RS11 NC

2200uF/10V CA4601
D4601 SR106 1A/400V R4601 jump 0.6 5mm

SR2A0 100V/2A

Q4601 KSP2222 ZD4601 1N5231B

DS1 1N4148W

BD2 1.2uH SPA07N60C3 CY4 M1 332M 400V C1 560pF/1KV

RS1 475%1/8W RS3 RS2

RS1202 1000uF /25V 4.7K5%1/8
CY1 102M 400V LF1 IC1 ICE2QS01

+12S 9

CA5601 470uF 25V

10K1%1/8W 2205%1/8W


IC5601 KIA7805 D5602

CS5601 104K 50V





WXSQ28-45 45mH

R3 0.22 5% 1WS


FR104 1A/400V

CX1 104K 275V R1


0.22 5% 1WS

DS4 1N4148W DS2 1N4148W R4 225% 1/4W RS5 DS3 1N4148W
100pF/50V 1.5M 1WS VAR1 GNR10D471K300V CS2 100pF/50V RS4 4.7K5%1/8

CANMP01 1000uF/35V


MMBT2222A 40V/600mA

221K 1KV

CAMP01 1000uF/35V

CAMP02 1000uF/35V


T 3.15A 250V


102J 50V


CA2 RS6 47uF/50V 4.7K5%1/8
RS12 1005%1/8W ZDS02 MMSZ5252 100mW 24V
221K 1KV DAMP02 SFAF804G 8A/200V

25uH LMP01

CON1 5096-02C
ZDS01 MMSZ5229 100mW 4.3V RS7 OC1B LTV817B
RSF3 1.2K1%1/8 RSF1 18K1%1/8 RSF8 1.5K1%1/4W RSF6 4705% 1/8 CSF1 RSF5 1K1%1/8 RSPS04 1.2K1%1/8 330J 50V RSF4 1.2K1%1/8 RSF10 1.5K5%1/8
3.3k5%1/8 QSPS01 MMBT2907A 60V/800mA
RSPS01 4.7K5%1/8 RSPS02 3.3k5%1/8 QSPS02 MMBT2222A 40V/600mA

0.1uF 50V


MMSZ5237 100mW 8.2V

RSPS03 1.2K1%1/8 CSPS01 NC

RSF2 RSF7 1.2K1%1/8 NC


CY3 CNP01 222M 400V

RSPC03 QSPC01A 4.7K5%1/8 FQP27P06

RSF9 10K1%1/8

LNMP01 25uH CANMP02 1000uF/35V


ZD30N01 1N4751 30V

+VDF +

RS4601 CS4601 103K 50V NC CA4602 100uF 50V

1000uF/25V CA1202

IC1201 KA278R12 CS1202 104K 50V

+12V +5.6V

CS1201 103K 50V


CSA5602 103K 50V QSPC01B STP40NF03L CSANMP01 103K 50V RSPC14 2.7k5%1/8 RSPC06 4.7K5%1/8 CSAMP01 103K 50V

DSPC01 1N4148W 150mA/75V



-AMP PC1 +12V PC1 +5.6V PS -VDF +VDF -28V 15


RSPC05 1.2K1%1/8 RSPC04 5.1K1%1/8

RMP01 10K5% 1WS

ZDSPC02 MMSZ5252 100mW 24V

7-7 SMPS (MAX-A55U)

D30N01 F1T4 1A/400V C30N01 331K 1KV ZD30N01 1N4751 30V

T1 EER3541 380u


CA1 220uF 450V

D4601 SR106 1A/400V CA4601 2200uF/10V R4601

jump 0.6 5mm 1000uF /25V

Q4601 KSP2222 ZD4601 1N5231

RS1202 4.7K5%1/8

12K 5% 1/8 2205%1/8W

R3 0.22 5% 1WS

0.22 5% 1WS

MMBT2222A 40V/1A


Blu-ray Home Theater System


1. Blu-ray all in one Home Theater Solution
imagine inspirational Blu-ray entertainment
Introducing HT-BD2 from Samsung, the worlds first Home Theater System with Blu-ray technology. One small step enables you to create the definitive home theater environment, enjoy spectacular Full HD 1080p images, and access 7.1 channels of superb HD surround sound. Samsungs superior style and innovative interface enhancements allow you to take that one step into entertainment perfection with confidence.
Wide Range Response Amp /Speaker Technology
Speaker Technology Development
- Broadband response Super Tweeter - Broadband tuning technology (Frequency Band 4khz ~ 50khz)
Amp Technology Development
- Broadband response passive Low Pass Filter part - Noise block and heat protection response design technology (Expansion of sound orientation / strength / field realized)
2. 7.1-CH Surround Experience
7.1-CH 1100W High Power Output 1. Higher Audio Sampling Frequency
New Audio formats Have a higher sampling frequency to generate closer to original audio sources.

2. Higher Audio Bit Rate

New Audio formats deliver more abundant data than legacy audio format, More vivid and clear audio experience is possible.
>> >> >> >> >>
1100W Power Output Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Playback HDMI-CES (Anynet+) USB Host Digital (Optical) in
Blu-ray Home Theater System_02


Blu-ray Home Theater System_03

Home Theater System

Sound so natural it will move you
This New Samsung home theater line represents the pinnacle of power and performance for integrated home theater systems. With 5.1-channel surround sound that can fill your living room with powerful output watts of crystal-clear audio thanks to our proprietary DNSe - Digital Natural Sound engine. During initial setup, DNSe analyzes room acoustics to calibrate the equalization, tone, and volume of each speaker for optimal surround sound performance. In addition to high-end 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding, DNSe offers a number of enhanced features. One of these is Audio Up-scaling- which allows Compressed MP3 files to sound like CD quality, and CD quality to sound as good as DVD-Audio quality using bit expansion and spectral reinforcement solutions technology. Also Smart Volume- normalizes volumes between various channels to a user specified level, thus eliminating the big volume differences between Sports, Drama and Commercial broadcasts, and the differences between quiet dialogue scenes and loud car chase action sequences. With the HT-X810 and HT-X715 you get the capability of Bluetooth technology- which allows you to enjoy your favorite music from any Bluetooth compatible device such as Mobile Phones, MP3 players, PDA and Notebook-PCs to your HiFi Samsung Home theater system. Bluetooth allows easy convenient listening via wireless signals, eliminating the need and confusion of messy wires that scatter and clutter up your room.

Design so Pure

For the past three years, Samsung home theater systems have dominated the competition with sophisticated design that makes a statement in any living room. The entire line is finished in a luxurious black lacquer that perfectly complements HDTVs from Samsung and other major makers, as well as your home. Endowed with powerful output watts of pristine digital sound that rivals more expensive component systems, and elegant styling thats a perfect match for todays Samsung HDTVs, the HT-X810, HT-X715, HT-XA100 will bring a stunning audio and visual experience to your living room and make listening to nature possible without disrupting it visually.


The New Samsung line of Home Theater Systems is a complete entertainment package for all of your sights, sounds and senses. To find out more about any of these Samsung Home Theater products, please visit :

Home Theater System_04

Home Theater System_05
1. Wall-mount Home Theater
1. Proposing simple and neat AV environment without wires
- All on the Wall (TV and Home Theater) with wireless sub woofer
3. Bluetooth Home Theater
1. Enjoy your music From a Bluetooth device through HiFi Home theater system. 2. Blutooth is an easier and more convenient way to listen to music without wires. 3. Mobile Phones, MP3, PDA, Note-PC that featuring Bluetooth are compatible.
Imagine nothing on the floor when you see TV
- Sound Bar Home theater is also well matching with TV Stand environment
- Wireless Sub Woofer completes simple and neat AV environment (5.8 GHz) - Width is matched to 40 TV
2. Virtual 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
- Pinpoint Localization Generates surround sound from virtual speakers at pinpoint accurate locations - HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) Industry leading audio analysis algorithm generating the highest fidelity - Crosstalk Cancellation Filter Eliminates crossover sound artifacts ensuring each channel is heard from its intended direction - Natural Reverberation Filter Generates realistic sound reverberation creating the feeling of being there - Proprietary technology by Samsung R&D
2. Advanced Audio Technology

1.Smart Volume

- Smart Volume normalizes volumes in various channels to user specified level (Optical-in from STB, Digital broad casting) - There could be big volume differences

>> >>

4. Why 5.8 GHz?
1. Free from Noise, Interference
- 5.8 GHz digital frequency can avoid the interference from various 2.4 GHz devices (Microwave oven, Bluetooth devices like MP3P, HHP, N-PC, Wireless Lan 802.11b /g, 2.4GHz cordless phone.)

2. Audio Up-scaling

- Expanding audio resolution with bit expansion and spectral reinforcement solution - There could could be big volume differences - Sound quality improving
2. Sound Quality is better
- 5.8 GHz High Frequency can deliver more data than 2.4 GHz
between Channels : Sports Drama Commercials between Scenes : Bombing / Crash
Compressed MP3 files to CD quality CD quality to DVD - Audio quality

3. No Cut off, No interruption
- 5.8GHz digital frequency can make it possible for seamless data transmission even when there are obstacles (people passing, walls, furniture, etc)

Home Theater System_06

Home Theater System_07


imagine a sound that can satisfy more than just one of your senses.
imagine a sound so real, it feels like you are there.

HT-X715 / TX715

>> >> >> >>
2.1 CH HTiB - Virtual 5.1 Ch Surround - 2 way 2 speaker >> 280W Power Output >> HDMI / w 1080P up-scale - Anynet+ (HDMI CEC) >> Wireless S / W (5.8GHz)
>> >> >>
800W Power Output Dual Layout BlueTooth USB Host w / video playback Wireless Ready Smart Volume Auto Sound Calibration
Special Audio DSP - Dolby Volume - MP3 Enhancement - Power Bass >> Bluetooth >> USB Host w / video playback >> DVD-Audio Playback

Vertical type

Horozontal type


>> >> >> >> >> >>
400W Power Output Dual Layout BlueTooth USB Host w / video playback DNSe 2.1 Smart Volume

Home Theater System_08


Home Theater System_09

imagine a sound so real,it feels like you are there.


1000W Power Output Bluetooth >> USB Host w / video playback >> HDMI / w 1080P up-scale - Anynet+ (HDMI CEC)

Wireless rear



5.1 CH HTiB >> 600W Power Output >> 2 way 2 speaker >> HDMI / w 1080P up-scale - Anynet+ (HDMI CEC)


800W Power Output USB Host w / video playback >> HDMI / w 1080P up-scale - Anynet+ (HDMI CEC)
USB Host w / video playback DVD-Audio Playback
HT-XA100 HT-TZ212 HT-TZ215

HT-A100 / A100W

2.1 CH HTiB 300W Power Output >> 2 way 2 speaker >> Virtual 5.1 Ch Surround >> HDMI / w 1080P up-scale - Anynet+ (HDMI CEC)


300W Power Output 5.1ch HTiB


Home Theater System_10


Home Theater System_11

Mini, Micro Component

Stylish Room Theater

Digital Audio

RTS-HE10 is room theater perfectly matching Stylish slim fit & LCD TV. High Glossy Black Exterior reveals the premium & stylish design. Also DNSe2.1, priority sound technology of samsung, creates virtual surround. high performance connection with DTV & AV devices 1080i up-scaling through HDMI connection. create your room with samsung Room Theater RTS-HE10

Fusion Audio System

Mass customization
Produce goods and services to meet individual customer's needs with near mass production efficiency. Flexible manufacturing systems to produce fusion style audio product by combining one main body with various type of speakers.
HDMI Out (1080i Up-scaling) USB Host, Portable Music In CD Ripping (1x) - DVD Only MP3 Enhancement (EQ)


DNSe 2.1 (Virtual Surround) USB Host (MP3 / Divx) >> Portable Audio In (Aux In) >> Progressive Scan Out >> HDMI Out (1080p Upscaling) - (HE10 only) >> Compatibility - DVD-Video, DivX, MP3, WMA, CD-R/RW >> Variation
>> >> - RTS-HE10 : HDMI Out (1080p upscaling), High Glossy Black, 40W/ch + 80W - RTS-E10 : Composite, Glossy Black, 40W/ch + 40W




>> >> >> >> >> >> >>

MAX-A60 Series

MAX-A66 / DA66
80 / 160GB Built in HDD 4.3 TFT LCD with Touch pad Bluetooth, USB host, iPod connection Hotsync with PC Smart easy UI (Emoture) CD Ripping (16 times speed) Variation
- RTS-A1000 : 80GB, 20W x 2 (without DVD Deck) - RTS-A1100 : 80GB, 20W x 2 - RTS-A1200 : 160GB, 20W x 2
HDMI Out (1080i Upscaling) USB Host, Portable Audio In CD Ripping (1x) - DVd Version Only Variation
- DA69 : DVD, 5.1ch, RMS 260W x 2 + 130W + 130W x 2 + 170W - DA67 : DVD, 3.1ch, RMS 260W x 2 + 130W + 170W - DA66 : DVD, 2.1ch, RMS 260W x 2 + 170W - A66 : CD, 2.1ch, RMS 260W x 2 + 170W - A65 : CD, 2 ch, RMS 260W x 2


Mini, Micro Component_12

Mini, Micro Component_13

MAX-A50 Series


3 Disc Changer CD Ripping (1x) - DVD version only Portable Audio In Variation
- DA55 : DVD, RMS 90W x 2, PMPO 2,000W, USB Host, CD Ripping - A55 : MP3-CD, RMS 90W x 2, PMPO 2,000W - A54 : MP3-CD, RMS 50W x 2, PMPO 1,100W - A55U : MP3-CD, RMS 90W x 2, PMPO 2,000W, USB Host - A54U: MP3-CD, RMS 50W x 2, PMPO 1,100W, USB Host





MAX-DA70 Series

MM-A20 Series


HDMI Out (1080i upscaling) BlueTooth USB Host, Portable Music In CD Ripping (1x) Variation
- DA79 : DVD, 5.1ch, RMS 135W x 5 + 180W - DA76 : DVD, 2.1ch, RMS 135W x 2 + 180W - DA75 : DVD, 2ch, RMS 135W x 2

CD Ripping (1x) - DVD Version Only USB Host Portable Music In Variante
- DA25 : DVD, 2ch, RMS 50W x 2 - A25 : CD, 2ch, RMS 50W x 2 - A24 : CD, 2ch, RMS 20W x 2


Mini, Micro Component_14

Mini, Micro Component_15

DVD Player


Now with advanced playability technology, the Samsung DVD player can play any DVD title. That means no worries and no hassles:


360mm (Width) Compact Size DivX / MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.


1. Rolling Actuator Technology 2. AFTER RF / DSP CHIP (Auto Adjustment)
360mm (Width) Compact Size 5.1ch Audio Out DivX / MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.


- The Samsung DVD player's Rolling Actuator Technology adjusts the lens angle to the curved disc surface so it can read disc information with perfect accuracy. - Samsung's Defect Disc Recovery Solution improves the DVD player's Auto Adjustment capability so it can deliver a clear picture? despite scratches and other defects on the disc.
USB Host Play with CD Ripping MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.

DVD-P280K DVD-P180

>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>
Karaoke (2mic) MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.

DVD Player_16

DVD Player_17

Blu-ray Player

USB Host Play with CD Ripping Karaoke (2mic) DivX / MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.


High Glossy Piano Black HDMI (1080p up-scaling) Anynet+ DivX / MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback 14bit Video DAC Progressive Scan Out Best Playability Solution Applied (S) VCD support is variable based on subsidiaries conditions.
Playback : BD-ROM, BD-RE, BD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW HDMI Version 1.3 Bitstream Audio support HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) Ethernet (Firmware Update) HD Format Audio decoding (Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby True HD / DTS-HD High Res Audio)

DVD-F1080 / F1080W

Stylish Design (Pebble Style) Touch Sensor Key 1080p Up-Scailing HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) NTSC / PAL Multi Progressive Scan MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback DivX Certified

DVD-F1080W DVD-F1080


DVD-FP580 / FP580W

Stylish Design (Pebble Style) Touch Sensor Key NTSC / PAL Multi Progressive Scan MP3 / WMA / JPEG Playback DivX Certified
HDMI Version 1.3 (HD Audio Bitstream Out, x.v.Color) >> Playback : BD-ROM, BD-RE, BD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, AVCHD >> HDMI-CEC (Anynet+)
HD Format Audio decoding Analog 2Ch Out Ethernet (Firmware Update) Design Matching with HDTV (59mm slim)

DVD Player_18

Blu-ray Player_19



System Bluetooth H700 Intex 87PO GT-E1390 Edition CDX-M40 NN-T543WF 59294 FOR PC 32PF3302 HD5672 Fostex XR-3 96ST-A PDP2548 BDP7500BL DV6932NC E5916 Logan MCV ICD-SX750D KB-155 Samsung N135 1600 IU XV-DV232T XD460U WF8502SFV Photo T60 NN-5050 ES300 IC-502A FP567S V2 HVR-Z1 BC278CLT KX-TCD700 Coupe Lantern 286A Dynax 40 Photosmart R707 Medallist 10 250-2000 RBL250 DD400 Tybox 100 WV-CW964 MFP-B VGN-TX850P G1140 SC Asus M2V Studio 5 SRF-M32 Bizhub 181 Nuvi 205W DVP-FX820 MZ-N520 ER-CH2 Construction SET LE26S86BD Holder Sorento FS-SD7R BMW 118D IC-765 Review Software-space-NVD-Z003-space-for-space-nve-n099P IC-V82 DE 4944 TC-301 LA37C530 DMC-FS25 YDP-160-140 DVP-K88P 6260VF CS5MX Takara GP30 SH-FX70 HF200 Astra OPC F1DL102P KX-T7441 MCD112-A0 IVA-D310 VP-D75 MS-1924W Quilt 50 4045PDE BD-HP21U For Ipod FDA-M1AM DMR-E30 TC300 37LB1DA IC-U16 IC-751A VR800 KX-TGA810FX Synkron 300W GTO1204D 775dual-880PRO B-405-B-205 FW790P Galeo 2000 Bissell 3750


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