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Peter Lebel 2:28pm on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 
Good value for money, quick and quiet in operation, it works for me! None really Cheap had to be replaced twice
jimrey 4:14pm on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
What a shame - I have over a dozen Samsung drives in service and 2/3 of these failed. The runaround from Samsung is the most disappointing aspect.
Xword 12:59pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
Great piece of kit Works out of the box. Given our PC a new lease of life. Not more to say really! Great drive for PS3 Does what it says on the tin. Swapped HD in my PS3, I now have 465GB instead of 37GB. Very nice.
mssever 1:06pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Model:HD161HJ Quiet hard drive, Considerably fast, stable (no crash recorded) SATA power connecter a bit fragile
meridatrT 6:54am on Sunday, July 18th, 2010 
Excellent drive. One con. Excellent drive. One con--have to click on icon to eject drive before you can remove it.
Qo-naq 7:06pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
very quite in use good read&seek performance staight forward installation none found Installed on PC running XP Pro as additional storage editing and playback of video and picture files. Easy to install and does the job well. None
bwross 3:57pm on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
i wish Newegg sold 16MB cache drives in IDE still (at time of purchase. Works quite well in the Toshiba Satellite S135 none Fast ; Lots of storage space None Inexpensive it ran fast, quiet, and cool inside a freenas server for about 6 months then a few clicking noises and that was it.
whizzy 8:17am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
Crashed 4 times during the one year warranty. Fast (before it crashes) Prone to failure....S.M.A.R.T. errors each time
marygrindol 11:16am on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
Insufficient Packaging/Protection During Delivery - But Good Product I bought this drive last week and it arrived yesterday. The product is fine. Samsung F3 HD103SJ Hard Drive Excellent performance at a good price. Very quiet drive, and much speedier than the original. 9:02pm on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 
Excellent drive! Have been using this as a backup drive for about 2 months. Fast.

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Select Find to display Contact List entries that contain the entered numbers. (See Finding a Phone Number on page 34.) Hard Pause: allows you to enter a hard pause. To continue dialing, you must press a key. (See Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers With Pauses on page 34.) 2sec Pause: allows you to enter a 2 second pause that will automatically begin dialing without any additional keys being pressed. (See Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers With Pauses on page 34.)

Answering Calls

To answer an incoming call:
1. Make sure your phone is on. (If your phone is off,
incoming calls go to voicemail.)

2. Press

to answer an incoming call. (Depending on your phones settings, you may also answer incoming calls by opening the flip or by pressing any number key. See Call Answer Mode on page 62 for more information.)
Your Sprint PCS Phone notifies you of incoming calls in the following ways: The phone rings and vibrates. The phone just vibrates. The indicator light flashes.
The backlight illuminates. The screen displays an incoming call message.
If the incoming call is from a number stored in your Contacts, the entrys name is displayed on the inside LCD screen, and the number is displayed on the outside LCD screen. If Call Answer is set to Talk Key, the following options are also displayed. To select an option, press the corresponding softkey button. Answer to answer the incoming call. Ignore to send the call to your voicemail box.
Answering a Roam Call With Call Guard Enabled
Call Guard is an option that helps you manage your roaming charges when making or receiving calls while outside the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network. Please see Section 2D, Controlling Your Roaming Experience for more information about roaming. To answer a call when you are roaming and Call Guard is enabled:
Select Answer to answer the call and press to confirm the roaming rate. (See Call Guard on page 81 for additional information.)
When your phone is off, incoming calls go directly to voicemail.

Ending a Call

If you make a mistake, press character. Press and hold To enter text using T9:
1. From the text entry screen (for example, a new event in
scheduler), press and select T9 (English). once, twice, once.)
2. Use your keypad to enter the new event. (For example,
to enter Meeting, press once, once, once, and
Entering Characters by Tapping the Keypad
To enter characters by tapping the keypad:
1. Select the Alpha mode. (See Selecting a Character

Input Mode on page 39.)

2. Press the corresponding keys repeatedly until the
desired letter appears (for example, to enter the word Bill, press times, press twice, three times, three
to advance the cursor or wait for it to
advance automatically, then press again). (If you make a mistake, press single character. Press and hold
three times to erase a to erase all text.)
By default, the first letter of an entry is capitalized and the following letters are lowercase. After a character is entered, the cursor automatically advances to the next space after two seconds or when you enter a character on a different key. Characters scroll in the following order:. ,@ 1 ?! * # / ABC2 DEF3 GHI4 JKL5 MNO6 PQRS7 TUV8 WXYZSpace Shift
Entering Numbers, Symbols, Emoticons, Preset Messages and Recent Messages

To enter numbers:

Select the Number mode and press the appropriate key. (See Selecting a Character Input Mode on page 39.) Select the Symbols mode. (See Selecting a Character Input Mode on page 39.) To enter a symbol, press the appropriate key indicated on the display. Select the Emoticons mode and press the appropriate key. You may scroll through more options by pressing the navigation key up or down. (See Selecting a Character Input Mode on page 39.)

To enter symbols:

To enter emoticons:
To enter preset messages:
3. Select the Preset Msg mode. (See Selecting a Character
4. Scroll to the desired pre-programmed message and

press Note:.

Preset messages make composing text messages even easier by allowing you to enter common messages, such as Meet me at, Lets get lunch, or a customized preset message of your own. (For more information on Preset messages, please see Managing Preset Messages on page 58.)
To enter recent messages:
1. Select the Recent Msg mode. (See Selecting a Character
2. Scroll to the desired message and press

Sec tion 2B

Controlling Your Phones Settings

Your Phones Settings

Sound Settings Display Settings Location Settings Messaging Settings Airplane Mode TTY Use With Sprint PCS Service Phone Setup Options

5. Press the navigation key up or down to select TTY
Disable, TTY Full, TTY+Hearing or TTY+Voice and press Note:.
In TTY Mode, your phone will display the TTY access icon. If TTY mode is enabled, the audio quality of non-TTY devices connected to the headset jack may be impaired.


911 Emergency Calling Sprint recommends that TTY users make emergency calls by other means, including Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), analog cellular, and land line communications. Wireless TTY calls to 911 may be corrupted when received by public safety answering points (PSAPs) rendering some communications unintelligible. The problem encountered appears related to TTY equipment or software used by PSAPs. This matter has been brought to the attention of the FCC, and the wireless industry and PSAP community are currently working to resolve this.

Phone Setup Options

Launch Pad
Your phone offers you the option of assigning a shortcut key to a favorite or often-used function. Pressing one of the navigation keys in standby mode will launch your personally designated shortcut. To assign your shortcut key:

3. Select Launch Pad (

4. Select the Up, Down, Right or Left key, and press 5. Using the navigation key or your keypad, select the
desired shortcut you would like to assign and press.

Call Answer Mode

You can determine how to answer incoming calls on your phone, whether you want to be required to press press any number key, or simply open the flip. To set call answer mode: , to
1. Press Menu ( 2. Select Settings ( 3. Select Others ( 4. Select Call Setup (

5. Select Call Answer (

6. To select an option, highlight it and press
. Any Key to allow an incoming call to be answered by pressing any key. Talk Key requires to be pressed to answer all incoming calls. Flip Open allows you to answer incoming calls by opening the flip.

Auto Answer Mode

You may set your phone to automatically pick up incoming calls when connected to an optional hands-free car kit. To set Auto Answer mode:

5. Select Auto Answer (

No to disable Auto Answer. Yes to answer calls automatically when the phone is connected to a hands-free car kit or a headset (sold separately). Remember, your phone will answer calls in Auto Answer mode even if you are not present.

1. Press Menu ( 2. Select Tools ( 3. Select Planner (

4. Select Countdown (

If there are no existing countdowns, the New Countdown screen is automatically displayed.

). ). )

6. Enter a name using the keypad and select Next ( 7. Enter the Time and Date values and select Done (
to save. (Press To view a countdown: to toggle between AM or PM.)
5. Highlight the desired countdown and press
When viewing an existing countdown, press the navigation key left or right to cycle between countdown entries.

Missed Events

Missed events is a simple way of viewing all missed calls, missed tasks, scheduler events, etc. A list is displayed onscreen that allows you to scroll through all the events using the navigation key. To view missed events:
From the standby by screen, press the navigation key up to view the Missed Events screen.
If you customize the Launch pad settings (see Launch Pad on page 62) you will be unable to view the missed events by pressing the navigation key up.

Sec tion 2I

Using Your Phones Voice Services

Voice Services

New Features Using Voice-Activated Dialing Using Call <Name or #> Using Send Text <Name> Using Lookup <Name> Using Go To <App> Using Check <Item>
Your Sprint PCS Phones Voice Services let you place calls using your voice. This section includes easy-to-follow instructions on using voice-activated dialing.
Section 2I: Using Your Phones Voice Services

New Features

Your MM-A880s voice recognition feature lets you perform many of your phone's functions using just your voice. If you have used VoiceSignal voice recognition on previous Sprint PCS Phones, please review the following list of enhancements. Natural one-step commands - Instead of a series of commands, you can now issue single voice commands to accomplish a variety of complex tasks. For example: Call John Mobile: Dials the mobile number stored for the contact entry John. Call Maria Work: Dials the work number stored for the contact entry Maria. Call 555-555-5555: Dials the specified number. One-step voice access to text messaging - The Send Text command lets you use a single voice command to launch the phone's text messaging client and specify a recipient. For example: Send Text to John: Opens the text message client and addresses the message to the mobile number of the contact entry John. One-step access to applications and menus - You can access applications and common menus by saying Go To followed by the application or menu name. For example: Go To Calendar: Launches the Calendar application. Go To Downloads: Displays the Downloads menu. Section 2I: Using Your Phones Voice Services
Voice commands for checking phone status - With a single command, you can have the phone play back and display its phone number, the current signal strength, network coverage, battery level, or all of the above.

Calling Nicknames

Your Contact List incorporates a field called Nickname. When you add a nickname to a contact, you can say the contact's name or nickname when using the voice features. 144 Section 2I: Using Your Phones Voice Services
For example, if you have a contact, John Smith stored in your contact list, and you add, Dad to the nickname field, you can call that contact by saying, Call John Smith or by saying Call Dad.
If your contact list contains a name that you have difficulty using with the voice features (such as some unusual or foreign names), you can add a nickname for that contact that spells out the proper pronunciation of that name.
Calling Phone Numbers (Digit Dialing)
To voice dial a number that is not stored in your contact list:
Say Call followed immediately by a valid string of digits to be dialed, for example, say Call 5555."
Speak naturally and clearly and remember to speak one digit at a time- 1-800 should be pronounced One Eight Zero Zero.

Adapting Digit Dial

Digit Dialing is speaker independent, which means that no training or adaptation is required. Some users with heavy accents or unusual voice characteristics may find difficulty in achieving high accuracy with speaker independent Digit Dialing, so the Adapt Digits feature allows users to dramatically improve the digit accuracy through adaptation. Users who get acceptable digit recognition accuracy will find no additional benefit to performing the Adapt Digit adaptation. After you adapt Digit Dial, your phone will be customized to your voice. Other people will not be able to use Digit Dial on your phone unless they reset the phone to factory defaults. Note:
ONLY adapt Digit Dial if the system is frequently misrecognizing your speech. You can always restore the system to its original factory setting.
Adaptation involves recording several digit sequences to teach the system your voice. The adaptation process takes about 3 minutes. Tips for adapting Digit Dial: Adapt digits in a quiet place. Make sure you wait for the beep before starting to speak. Speak clearly, but say each digit sequence naturally. If you make a mistake while recording a sequence of digits, or if there is an unexpected noise that spoils the recording, you can say or select No when the prompt asks, Did the recording sound OK? You will then be prompted to re-record the sequence. To adapt Digit Dial to your voice:

3. Select Voice Service ( 4. Select Digit Dialing ( 5. Select Adapt Digits (
) and press to begin. (The phone displays the first digit sequence.) normal tone of voice. (The phone plays back your recording and asks you if the recording sounds OK.)
6. Wait for the beep, and then repeat the digits using a
7. If the recording sounds OK (no mistakes and no
background noises), say Yes.
8. If you need to re-record the digits to fix any problems,
say No. (The phone then prompts you to say the digits again.)
9. Wait for the beep, and then record the digits again.
(Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the recording.)
10. After confirming that the recording sounds OK, repeat
the recording process with the next set of digits. (After six sets of digits, the phone will ask you whether you want to do more adaptation. Answer Yes.)
11. Repeat steps 6-9 for another six sets of digits. (After the
sixth set of digits, you will be half-way through the session and the phone will ask More Adaptation?)
12. Select OK to continue for six more sets of digits, or press
for partial adaptation. When you are finished with a full session, you will reach a screen that reads, Adaptation Complete. Note:
It is recommended that you perform the complete adaptation of Digit Dial at least once to achieve the maximum benefit of this feature. If a partial adaptation is performed, you can always return later and resume the process from the half-way point.
Resetting Digit Dial Adaptation
3. Select Voice Service ( 4. Select Digit Dialing ( 5. Select Reset Digits (
6. Press the navigation key up or down to select Yes and

Using Choice Lists

If VoiceSignal is not confident it has recognized a name or number correctly, it might display a choice list and prompt you with Call? followed by the first choice on the list. To confirm the choice, say Yes or to hear the next choice, say No. You can also select the correct choice using your keypad. To cancel the command, say Cancel, or to say the name or number again, say Repeat.

select Send ( ).

7. Select the desired image or capture a new one and

Prints by Mail

The Prints by Mail option allows you to select an existing image or capture a new one to send to a retail store for printing. The prints are then mailed back to you after processing is completed. To send an image:
2. Select Picture & Video ( 3. Select Order Prints ( 4. Select Prints by Mail (

field and press. ). ).

Printing Pictures Using PictBridge
PictBridge is an industry standard established by CIPA that enables a range of digital photo solutions including direct photo printing from a digital camera to a printer without the need for a PC.

Printing From Your Phone

The built-in camera in your MM-A880 allows you to print images directly to a printer using the PictBridge technology. A USB cable must be connected between the two devices before any printing can occur. (Call the Sprint PCS Accessory SM Hotline at 1-866-466-3955 or visit Overnight shipping available.) To use PictBridge to print pictures from your phone:
2. Select Picture & Video ( 3. Select PictBridge Print (
4. Read the Connect Printer message and insert the USB
cable into the accessory interface connector at the bottom of the phone.
5. Insert the other end into the USB slot on the printer.
(Printer must support PictBridge.)
6. Highlight the desired image and select Next (
select multiple images, press next to each image selected.)

). (To

to place a check mark
7. Highlight Copies and press the navigation key left or
right to select the desired number of copies to print.
8. Press the navigation key down to select Type. Press the
navigation key left or right to select one of the following: Standard: prints the standard image. Index: prints the index information.
9. Press the navigation key down to select Paper Size. Press

the navigation key left or right to select one of the following sizes: 4x6 Default
10. Press the navigation key down to select Border. Press the
navigation key left or right to turn on or off.
11. Press the navigation key down to select Date Print. Press
the navigation key left or right to turn on or off.

12. Select Preview (

Print (
) to preview the image or select

) to print the image.

13. Select Yes to confirm printing and press

Recording Videos

In addition to taking pictures, you can also record, view, and send videos to your friends and family with your phones built-in video camera. To record a video:
) to access the main menu. ) to access the Picture &
2. Select Picture & Video ( 3. Select Camcorder (
) to activate video mode. (Additional video options are available through the video mode Options menu. See Video Mode Options on page 173 for more information.)

5. Press Record (

), , or the side camera button to begin recording. (Maximum video mail recording time is 15 seconds.) ) to stop recording. (The video will automatically be saved in the In Camcorder folder.) ) for more options: Send Msg to send the video. Play to play the recorded video. Upload to upload the video to an online album. Assign to assign the video as a movie ID, screen saver, or incoming call. Erase to delete the video or all videos saved in the phone. Camcorder to switch back to camcorder mode. Section 2J: Using the Built-in Camera and Camcorder
6. Press Done ( 7. Press Next (
Review Videos to review all videos saved in the phone.

Video Mode Options

When the phone is open and in camcorder mode, press Options (
) to display additional camera options:
Movie Light to activate the movie light. Self-Timer to activate the cameras timer. (See Setting the Self-Timer on page 160.) Color Tones to select a wide variety of color tones for the picture (Auto, Monochrome, Sepia, Green, Aqua, Antique, Cool, or Warm). (The default setting is Auto.) Controls. to select from the following options: Brightness Allows you to adjust the brightness using 10 different levels from -5 to +5. White Balance to adjust white balance based on changing conditions. Select from Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, or Manual. Settings. to select Quality or Auto-Erase. (See Selecting Video Settings on page 176 for details.) Review Videos to view your saved videos folder and to switch to the Camera mode. Camera Mode switches automatically to the camera.

1. From the In Camcorder folder (see In Camcorder
Folder on page 177), highlight a video you wish to copy to the Saved to Phone folder and select Options ( ). (You may select multiple videos by highlighting them and pressing to place a check mark next to them.) Tip:
If there is no selected video, the currently highlighted video will be selected.
) and press. (A copy of the picture will be saved to the Saved to Phone folder.)
Sending Sprint PCS Picture MailSM
Once youve taken a picture or a video, you can use the messaging capabilities of your Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phone to instantly share it with family and friends. You can send a picture or video mail to up to ten people at a time using their email addresses or their Sprint PCS Phone Numbers.
Sending Pictures or Videos From the In Camera Folder
To send pictures or videos from the In Camera or Camcorder folder:
) to access the main menu. ). ) or My Videos (. ).

and select Send Msg ( ).

5. Highlight the picture or video mail clip you wish to send 6. Select one of the following options and press
. Phone# to enter a mobile phone number directly. Email to enter an email address directly. Contacts to select recipients from your Contacts. Highlight a recipient and press. Other Services to select from a list of other popular services. Update List this updates the other services list.

7. Press Next (

) when you are finished adding recipients. (You may include up to ten recipients per message.) ). Enter your message using your ] to select from Preset.) (See
8. If you wish to include a text message, scroll to Message
and press Add ( keypad (or press Options [
Msg, Recent Msg, or Emoticons and press Entering Text on page 39.) Audio and press Record (
9. If you wish to include audio with the picture, scroll to
). To begin recording, press. (Maximum recording time is ten seconds.)
10. Confirm the recipients, message, voice memo, and
picture. To change a recipient, highlight the recipient, press the appropriate softkey, and follow the instructions to select or edit the recipient. To change the text message, scroll to Message and press the appropriate softkey. To change the voice memo, highlight the box next to Audio and press the appropriate softkey to display options:

11. Select Send (

) to send the picture.

When entering the specific channel number, channels 01 - 09 do not require you to enter a 0. For example, to access channel 07, just press the 7 key.
10. What does it mean when the video pauses and I see the
word loading at the bottom of the screen? 192 Section 2K: Using Your Phones Built-in Media Player
This happens when the media player is in the process of loading the data necessary to play the clip. It typically occurs when there is heavy traffic on the network.
11. How can I cancel service if I decide I don't want it?
To cancel your Multimedia Service, visit and sign on to My PCS with your account number and password. From this page you have the ability to cancel the service and/ or any Available Channels to which you subscribe.
12. If I place my stereo headphones on and insert them into
the phone's headset jack, can I flip the phone closed while I am playing an audio (or video) clip without interrupting the clip? Yes. When you insert your stereo headset into the phone's headset jack, the phone automatically goes into headset mode, allowing you to flip the phone closed and continue playing the clip (likewise, if your phone is in headset mode, a phone call will not become disconnected by flipping the phone closed).
13. Can I surf to a different channel while I am playing a
clip? Yes; while you are playing a clip, you can use the up and down navigation buttons to surf to a different channel. A small pop-up screen will appear that tells you which channel you are watching as well as other channels you have access to. Use the navigation buttons to scroll through the different channels. Once you find a channel that you want to watch, scroll to it and press (or simply wait approximately three seconds) and the channel will begin loading.

Section 3

Sprint PCS Service Features

Sec tion 3A

Sprint PCS Service Features: The Basics
Using Voicemail Using SMS Text Messaging Using Caller ID Responding to Call Waiting Making a Three-Way Call Using Call Forwarding
Now that youve mastered your phones fundamentals, its time to explore the calling features that enhance your Sprint PCS Service. This section outlines your basic Sprint PCS Service features.
Section 3A: Sprint PCS Service Features: The Basics

On your Sprint PCS Vision Phone. You can find your User name under the Phone Info option in your phone's Settings menu (Menu > Settings > Phone Info> Phone Number).
Launching a Sprint PCS Vision Connection
To launch a Sprint PCS Vision connection:
1. Press Menu ( 2. Select Web (
). (Your Sprint PCS Vision connection will launch and the Sprint PCS Vision home page will display.)
The Sprint PCS Vision Home Page
If Net Guard is enabled and displayed (see page 219), press OK (right softkey) to continue and launch the Web.
If you had a previous Sprint PCS Vision connection, the last page you visited will display when you launch your browser. When this occurs, you may not see the Connecting. message when you launch the session. Though the browser is open, you are not currently in an active data session - that is, no data is being sent or received. As soon as you navigate to
another page, the active session will launch and you will see the Connecting. message.

Net Guard

When you first connect to the Web, the Net Guard will appear to confirm that you want to connect. This feature helps you avoid accidental connections. You can disable the Net Guard in the future by selecting Always Auto-Connect when the Net Guard is displayed. To change your Net Guard settings:
3. Select Sprint PCS Vision ( 4. Select Net Guard (
). On to activate the Net Guard. Off to deactivate the Net Guard.
When enabled, the Net Guard appears only once per session. The Net Guard does not appear if the phone is merely reconnecting due to a time-out.
Sprint PCS Vision Connection Status and Indicators
Your phone's display lets you know the current status of your Sprint PCS Vision connection through indicators which appear at the top of the screen. The following symbols are used: Your Sprint PCS Vision connection is active (data is being transferred); the transmit/receive symbol will blink to indicate data transmission. Incoming voice calls go directly to voicemail; outgoing voice calls can be made, but the Sprint PCS Vision connection will terminate. Your Sprint PCS Vision connection is dormant (no data is being sent or received). Though not currently active, when dormant the phone can restart an active connection quickly; voice calls can be made and received. Your phone is not currently able to access Sprint PCS Vision service features. If no indicator appears, your phone does not have a current Sprint PCS Vision connection. To launch a connection, see Launching a Sprint PCS Vision Connection on page 218.

Navigating the Web

Purchase an optional hands-free accessory at your local Sprint Store, or call the Sprint PCS Accessory HotlineSM at 1-800-974-2221 or by dialing #222 on your Sprint PCS Phone.
Following Safety Guidelines
To operate your phone safely and efficiently, always follow any special regulations in a given area. Turn your phone off in areas where use is forbidden or when it may cause interference or danger.
Using Your Phone Near Other Electronic Devices
Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radiofrequency (RF) signals. However, RF signals from wireless phones may affect inadequately shielded electronic equipment. RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic operating systems and/or entertainment systems in motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or their representative to determine if these systems are adequately shielded from external RF signals. Also check with the manufacturer regarding any equipment that has been added to your vehicle. Consult the manufacturer of any personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids, to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF signals.
Always turn off the phone in health care facilities and request permission before using the phone near medical equipment.
Turning Off Your Phone Before Flying
Turn off your phone before boarding any aircraft. To prevent possible interference with aircraft systems, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require you to have permission from a crew member to use your phone while the plane is on the ground. To prevent any risk of interference, FCC regulations prohibit using your phone while the plane is in the air.
Turning Off Your Phone in Dangerous Areas
To avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your phone off when in a blasting area or in other areas with signs indicating twoway radios should be turned off. Construction crews often use remote-control RF devices to set off explosives. Turn your phone off when you're in any area that has a potentially explosive atmosphere. Although it's rare, your phone and accessories could generate sparks. Sparks can cause an explosion or fire, resulting in bodily injury or even death. These areas are often, but not always, clearly marked. They include: Fueling areas such as gas stations. Below deck on boats. Fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities. Areas where the air contains chemicals or particles such as grain, dust, or metal powders. Any other area where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicles engine.
Never transport or store flammable gas, liquid or explosives in the compartment of your vehicle that contains your phone or accessories.
Restricting Childrens Access to Your Phone
Your phone is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it as they could hurt themselves and others, damage the phone or make calls that increase your Sprint PCS Invoice.

THE PARTIES UNDERSTAND THAT THE PURCHASER MAY USE THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PRODUCT. SAMSUNG MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS AND THERE ARE NO CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, AS TO THE QUALITY, CAPABILITIES, OPERATIONS, PERFORMANCE OR SUITABILITY OF ANY THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT, WHETHER SUCH THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT IS INCLUDED WITH THE PRODUCT DISTRIBUTED BY SAMSUNG OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING THE ABILITY TO INTEGRATE ANY SUCH SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT WITH THE PRODUCT. THE QUALITY, CAPABILITIES, OPERATIONS, PERFORMANCE AND SUITABILITY OF ANY SUCH THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT LIE SOLELY WITH THE PURCHASER AND THE DIRECT VENDOR, OWNER OR SUPPLIER OF SUCH THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE OR EQUIPMENT, AS THE CASE MAY BE. This Limited Warranty allocates risk of Product failure between Purchaser and SAMSUNG, and SAMSUNG's Product pricing reflects this allocation of risk and the limitations of liability contained in this Limited Warranty. The agents, employees, distributors, and dealers of SAMSUNG are not authorized to make modifications to this Limited Warranty, or make additional warranties binding on SAMSUNG. Accordingly, additional statements such as dealer advertising or presentation, whether oral or written, do not constitute warranties by SAMSUNG and should not be relied upon. Samsung Telecommunications America, L.P. 1301 E. Lookout Drive Richardson, Texas 75082 Phone: 1-800-SAMSUNG Phone: 1-888-987-HELP (4357)
Sprint Nextel. All rights reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part without prior written approval. Sprint, the "Going Forward" logo and other trademarks are trademarks of Sprint Nextel. No reproduction in whole or in part allowed without prior written approval. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. [011604]
Numerics 3-Way Calling 212 A Abbreviated Dialing 35 Airplane Mode 59 Alarm Clock 129 Answering Calls 29 Auto-Answer Mode 63 B Backlight 50 Battery 2326 Capacity 23 Charging 25 Installing 24 Bookmarks Accessing 234 Creating 233 Deleting 234 Browser Menu 231 C Calculator 136 Call Answer Mode 62 Call Forwarding 213 Call Guard 81 Call History 103109 Erasing 109 Making a Call 106 Prepending a Phone Number 108 Saving a Phone Number 107
Call Waiting 211 Caller ID 210 Camera and Camcorder 155179 Chat 225 Contacts 111122 Adding a Phone Number 117 Adding an Entry 112 Dialing From 36 Editing a Phone Number 118 Editing an Entry 120 Entry Options 116 Erasing 71 Finding Entries 114 Ringer Type 121 Countdown 137 D Dialing Font 53 Dialing Options 28 Display Language 64 Display Screen 16 Downloads Sprint PCS Vision 227 Downloads - Erasing 72 E Email 224 Entering Text 3942 ABC Mode 40 Emoticons 42 Numbers 42 PresetMessages 42 Recent Messages 42 Symbols 42 267



880 PRO 2800R HD322HJ TKY Presario 6600 Isis VIA YST-SW120 Express 7 DT50SM KC-C150U Silver Evo4 Arena ZRB934PW EF2280 MCD112B DVD-1940 Lrsc26923TT Induction HOB Speedstream 4100 CM100 MEX-BT2500 Urc-7010 Review MH040fxea2C MFC-665CW Singer 2591 CM-7G AWS888 VGN-AR88E Outlet CW25M064NR GPS 320 SC-L906 CDX-GT111 Fp-IN9 SLI FX-8000G CS-29Z45HSQ UF-S2 GR-399sqax ZW4104 Compactline 102 DVP9000S 4111XM C-300zoom CB-250 T833V Travelmate 7520 MZ-G755 DEH-P6750MP HTS3366 98 Cooler Disto D3 GDM-F500 T5570SF-tc3003 Gr101 Bold 9000 Multiplexer VN-900 GR-DVX44 42LG50D Pilot H360 Holder Rosetta AD VGN-CS11s P Torno Windows SC-EN36 Z300A ES-8016 DP231 NWZ-A728 20LC1RB Writer 3 LP2065 VPL-ES3 MA-41 1400W HT-S9305THX Avic-F9110BT P2 8GB ERB34321X CX1800 VSA-740 LHX-557 Dvdr880-001 Faxstar Mini FLS1003 SH-S202J System Xv-dv151 TLA-03223BM KL-750 HVT52 Quick-reference Card CQ-C1100U KVF 360 HBA23B150S RP-101 W2243S SL-PG200A Samsung G800 DSC-H9


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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