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CityofSanMarcos WashSmartRebateProgram QualifyingProducts
Notes: Parenthesis()indicatethatthemodelisdiscontinuedbutavailable. Asterisks(*)indicatethatacodingvariablenumberorlettermaybeusedinplaceoftheasteriskstoindicateacolor orfeaturethatdoesnotaffectwasherefficiency. WaterFactor(WF)isameasureofgallonsusedpercubicfootofcapacity. WaterefficiencyinformationobtainedfromtheConsortiumforEnergyEfficiency(CEE)ResidentialClothesWasher Initiative
Tier 1 $50 Rebate (WF 9.5)
Brand/Model AskoW6221 AvantiW1092F EurotechEWF172 FrigidaireFWTB8200D FrigidaireGSTF1670D FrigidaireGSTR1670D FrigidaireGLEH1642D FrigidaireGLGH1642D FrigidaireLEH1642D FrigidaireLGH1642D FrigidaireLTF1670D Frigidaire(FWTB59RG) Frigidaire(FWTR645RH) FrigidaireCRTR9300A FrigidaireCRTF1240A FrigidaireFTF630A FrigidaireFTR630A Frigidaire(FWT645RH) Frigidaire(FWTR647GH) Brand/Model Frigidaire(GLTF1040A) FrigidaireGLTF1240A FrigidaireGLTF1670A FrigidaireGLTR1670A FrigidaireGSTF1670A FrigidaireGSTR1670A GeneralElectricWPGT9350C*** GeneralElectricWPXH214A** GeneralElectricWSXH208A GibsonGTF1040C GibsonGTR1040C Gibson(GTF1040A) Gibson(GTR1040A) ImperialLFW201E Kenmore2106* Kenmore2108* Kenmore2206* Kenmore2208* Kenmore2408* Brand/Model Kenmore4410* MaytagMAV7504 MaytagMAV7657 MaytagMAVT754 MaytagMAV9504 MaytagMAV9657 QuietlineWD9900 SamsungP1091 SamsungP1092 SamsungP801 SamsungP1001 SamsungP1003J SamsungP1005J SamsungB1013J SamsungB1113J ThorWD9900 WhirlpoolGVW9959K WhirlpoolGSW9900P*+ WhiteWestinghouse(WTR1240A)
Tier 2 $75 Rebate (WF 8.5)
Brand/Model AskoW6021 AskoW6441 AskoW6641 Fisher&PaykelGWL10 Fisher&PaykelGWL11 FrigidaireGSTF7200D FrigidaireGLTF530D FrigidaireLTF530D FrigidaireFWTBB30D FrigidaireGLTF2070D Kenmore4283* Kenmore4293* Brand/Model Kenmore4404* Kenmore4390* Kenmore4414* KitchenAidKHWS01P*+ LGElectronics(WM1811C*) MaytagMAH5500B** MaytagMAH55FLB** MaytagMAH6500A** MaytagMAH2400 MaytagMAH7500* MaytagMLE2000*** MaytagMLG2000*** Brand/Model MaytagFAV6800*** MaytagFAV9800*** MieleW1918 MieleW1926 MieleW1930 MieleW1966 MieleW1986 StaberHXW2304 StaberHXW2404 StaberHXW2504 WhirlpoolGHW9100L* WhirlpoolGHW9200L


Tier 3A $100 Rebate (WF 7.5)
Brand/Model AskoW6761 AskoW6661 BoschWFL206OUC BoschWFR246OUC DanbyDesignerDWM5500W1 EurotechEWF272EL FrigidaireFTF2140E GeneralElectricWPGT9360F*** Brand/Model Kenmore(42052) Kenmore(42142) Kenmore(42042) Kenmore(4304*) Kenmore(4305*) Kenmore(4314*) Kenmore4407* Brand/Model SimplicitySWM5500W1 SpeedQueenATS90*** SpeedQueenCTS90*** SpeedQueenCTS97*** SpeedQueenCTS99*** SplendideWD2000S SummitProfessionalSPW1102 WhirlpoolLHW0050P
Tier 3B $100 Rebate (WF 5.5)
Brand/Model AristonAW120 AristonAWD120 BoschWFMC6400UC BoschWFMC3200UC EquatorEZ1612VCEE Kenmore4292*20 Kenmore4492*30 Kenmore4493*20 Kenmore4493*30 Kenmore4282*20 Kenmore4405* Kenmore4415* Kenmore4482*30 Kenmore4483*20 Kenmore4483*30 Kenmore4508*40+ Kenmore4509*40+ Brand/Model Kenmore4598* Kenmore4599* Kenmore4586* Kenmore4587* Kenmore4596* Kenmore4597* LGElectronicsWM2032H* LGElectronicsWM2277H* LGElectronicsWM2077C* LGElectronicsWM1812C* LGElectronicsWM1814C* LGElectronics(WM2411H*) LGElectronics(WM3611H*) LGElectronics(WM2011H*) LGElectronicsWM1832C* LGElectronicsW0532H* LGElectronicsWM0532H* Brand/Model LGElectronicsWM2432H* LGElectronicsWM3677H* MaytagMAH9700 MieleW1113 MieleW1119 MieleW1203 MieleW1213 MieleW1215 SiemensWFXD8400UC SiemensWFXD5200UC SplendideWD2100 WhirlpoolGHW9250M* WhirlpoolGHW9160P* WhirlpoolGHW9460P* WhirlpoolGHW9400P* WhirlpoolGHW9150P* WhirlpoolGHW9300P*+


City of San Marcos Wash-Smart Rebate Program Qualifying Products
Notes: Parenthesis ( ) indicate that the model is discontinued but available. Asterisks (*) indicate that a coding variable number or letter may be used in place of the asterisks to indicate a color or feature that does not affect washer efficiency. Water Factor (WF) is a measure of gallons used per cubic foot of capacity. Water efficiency information obtained from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Residential Clothes Washer Initiative
Tier 1 - $50 Rebate (WF 9.5)
Brand/Model Amana NAV8805 Asko W6221 Avanti W1092F Eurotech EWF172 Frigidaire (FWTB8200D) Frigidaire (GSTF1670D) Frigidaire (GSTR1670D) Frigidaire GLEH1642D Frigidaire GLGH1642D Frigidaire (LEH1642D) Frigidaire (LGH1642D) Frigidaire (LTF1670D) Frigidaire (FTF630A) Frigidaire (FTR630A) Frigidaire (GLTF1240A) Frigidaire GLTF1670A Frigidaire GLTR1670A Brand/Model Frigidaire CTE140ES General Electric WPGT9350C*** General Electric WPXH214A** General Electric WPXH214F General Electric WSXH208A General Electric WSXH208F Gibson GTF1040C Gibson GTR1040C Imperial LFW201E Kenmore 2106* Kenmore 2108* Kenmore 4410* Maytag MAVT546 Maytag MAV5758 Maytag MAV5920 Maytag MAV551E Maytag (MAV7504) Brand/Model Maytag (MAV7657) Maytag (MAVT754) Maytag (MAV9504) Maytag (MAV9657) Quietline WD9900 Samsung P1091 Samsung P1092 Samsung P801 Samsung P1001 Samsung P1003J Samsung P1005J Samsung B1013J Samsung B1113J Speed Queen AWS53** Thor WD9900 Whirlpool GSW9900P*+
Tier 2 - $75 Rebate (WF 8.5)
Brand/Model Ariston AWD121NA Ariston AW122 Ariston AW125 Asko W6021 Asko W6441 Asko W6641 Equator EW 510 Equator EZ 1710 V Equator EZ 3710 CEE Fisher & Paykel GWL10 Fisher & Paykel GWL11 Fisher & Paykel GWL15 Fisher & Paykel IWL16 Frigidaire (GSTF7200D) Frigidaire GLTF530D Frigidaire LTF530D Frigidaire FTF530E Brand/Model Frigidaire (FWTBB30D) Frigidaire (GLTF2070D) Kenmore 2206*10+ Kenmore 2208*10+ Kenmore 2408*20+ Kenmore 2506*50+ Kenmore 2508*50+ Kenmore 4283* Kenmore 4293* Kenmore 4404* Kenmore 4414* KitchenAid KHWS01P*+ LG Electronics (WM1811C*) Maytag MAH2400 Maytag (MAH7500*) Maytag MLE2000*** Maytag MLG2000*** Brand/Model Maytag (FAV6800***) Maytag (FAV9800***) Miele W1918 Miele W1926 Miele W1930 Miele W1966 Miele W1986 Speed Queen ATS95*** Splendide WD2000SNA Splendide WD2050S Splendide WD2150 Staber HXW2304 Staber HXW2404 Staber HXW2504 Whirlpool GHW9100L* Whirlpool GHW9200L Whirlpool GVW9959K

Page 1

Tier 3A - $100 Rebate (WF 7.5)
Brand/Model Asko W6461 Asko W6761 Asko W6661 Bosch (WFL206OUC) Bosch WFR246OUC Crosley CAH4205 Danby Designer DWM5500W-1 Eurotech EWF272EL Frigidaire FTF2140E Frigidaire LTF2140E Brand/Model Frigidaire FWFB9100E Frigidaire FTFB4000E General Electric WPGT9360E*** Kenmore (4407*) Kenmore 2706*60+ Kenmore 2707*60+ Kenmore 2708*60+ Kenmore 2709*60+ Maytag MAH5500B** Maytag MAH6500A** Brand/Model Maytag MAH55FLB** Simplicity SWM5500W-1 Speed Queen ATS90*** Speed Queen CTS90*** Speed Queen CTS97*** Speed Queen CTS99*** Splendide WD 2000S Summit Professional SPW-1102 Whirlpool LHW0050P
Tier 3B - $100 Rebate (WF 5.5)
Brand/Model Ariston AW 120 Ariston AWD 120 Bosch (WFMC6400UC) Bosch (WFMC3200UC) Bosch (WFMC2100UC) Bosch (WFMC4300UC) Bosch WFMC640 SUC Bosch WFMC1001UC Bosch WFMC2201UC Bosch WFMC3301UC Bosch WFMC4301UC Bosch WFMC6401UC Equator EZ1612VCEE Frigidaire FWFB9200E Frigidaire GLTF2940E Frigidaire LTF2940E Frigidaire ATF6000E Frigidaire ATFB6000E Frigidaire LTF6000E Frigidaire ATF7000E Frigidaire ATFB7000E Frigidaire LTF7000E GE WHDVH626F GE WBVH6240F GE WCVH6260F GE GBVH6260FWW GE GCVH6260FWW Kenmore 4292*20 Kenmore 4390*20+ Kenmore 4405* Kenmore 4408* Kenmore 4409* Kenmore 4415* Kenmore 4425* Brand/Model Kenmore 4492*30 Kenmore 4493*20 Kenmore 4493*30 Kenmore 4282*20 Kenmore 4482*30 Kenmore 4483*20 Kenmore 4483*30 Kenmore 4508*40+ Kenmore 4509*40+ Kenmore 4586* Kenmore 4587* Kenmore 4596* Kenmore 4597* Kenmore 4598* Kenmore 4599* Kenmore 4646*50+ Kenmore 4647*50+ Kenmore 4751*60+ Kenmore 4753*60+ Kenmore 4754*60+ KitchenAid KHWS02R*+ LG Electronics WM2032H* LG Electronics WM2177H* LG Electronics WM2277H* LG Electronics WM204*C** LG Electronics WM064*H* LG Electronics WM244*H* LG Electronics WM207*C* LG Electronics WM2677H* LG Electronics WM1812C* LG Electronics WM1814C* LG Electronics (WM2411H*) LG Electronics (WM3611H*) LG Electronics (WM2011H*) Page 2 Brand/Model LG Electronics WM1832C* LG Electronics W0532H* LG Electronics WM0532H* LG Electronics WM2432H* LG Electronics WM3431H* LG Electronics WM3677H* LG Electronic WM1815C* LG Electronics WM268#H** Maytag MAH6700 Maytag MAH8700 Maytag MAH9700 Miele W1113 Miele W1119 Miele W1203 Miele W1213 Miele W1215 Samsung WF326LAW Samsung WF326LAS Samsung WF306LAW Samsung WF306BHW Samsung WF316*** Siemens (WFXD8400UC) Siemens (WFXD5200UC) Siemens WFXD840AUC Seimens WFXD5201UC Splendide WD2100 Whirlpool GHW9250M* Whirlpool GHW9150P* Whirlpool GHW9460P* Whirlpool GHW9400P* Whirlpool GHW9160P* Whirlpool GHW9300P*+ Whirlpool WFW8300S*+



Sam 2 TX-21JT1PB 1200 FD Garmin 260 RDR-HXD1070 9200SE EW1265F Yamaha D85 PMA-2000IVR LV-B2461HL Rev 1 Pathfinder-2003 5 DCI Divx EDI CDR-7930 Speedtouch 608 EX-9000 PS42A410c1D LE37B554 Microline 521 R-24STM Review GT-C3510 Nuvi 760 5095MH CS-525 Suite GXL 53-0021 CQ-C1303 LBP 2900 F1056QD Motopebl Janome 525S Hyundai I20 19BII Omnibook 6100 NAD PP1 CP1H CPU KH 6515 LA1000TP M-729V Optical Nokia 3555 DVD-VR335 SPH-W2500 EL-1801P Tv410 Boston C13 Autopilot LA32R81BD SA-HT740 Uk L60840 Samreport-lite 2005 NS-DAC10 P300D 5200C SR-648evss All-IN-ONE VP6300 DCR-TRV265E EQ-550 MD 4302 Travelmate-6592 SR-S615DP PIN 570 XR-P470C FAX 2600 Laserjet 9050 Competition CHA-S634 FT-900 Z530I LC 48V Machine 42PFP5332-10 GTP-760 FAX-885MC Nikkor TC-14S4RP KD-32DX40U Graph25 LE37S8 KM010 PSR-B20 TXL37D28EW Keyboard Commander Ultra 8R F700P-fb790g-ul- 11 AK08 BF641FGB LT-32X70BU NN-A775S Dvbt 774 21PT1653-00 LG1000 Husqvarna 266 Navman 8120 Bolido 4565 Nikkor


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