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aries08 1:13am on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
Door! After two "brand new" Samsung Washing Machines proved unreliable within a week obviously we will not be getting another! ...

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4/15/02 03:02 PM

Page 1

Washing Machine Owners Instructions

B1113J B913J

Page 2

Table of Contents

Safety Precautions--------------------------------------------------------------- 1 lnstalling the Washing Machine ------------------------------------------4
Unpacking the washing machine ----------------------------------------------------4 Overview of the washing machine --------------------------------------------------4 Selecting a location -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Adjusting the leveling feet ------------------------------------------------------------5 Removing the transit bolts -----------------------------------------------------------5 Connecting the water supply hose -------------------------------------------------5 Positioning the drain hose ------------------------------------------------------------6
Washing a Load of Laundry -------------------------------------------------7
Overview of the control panel ------------------------------------------------------ 7 Washing for the first time -------------------------------------------------------------9 Putting detergent in the washing machine ----------------------------------------9 Washing clothes using Fuzzy Logic ----------------------------------------------10 Selecting options ----------------------------------------------------------------------11 Washing clothes manually ----------------------------------------------------------12 Using delay start --------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Washing tips and hints --------------------------------------------------------------13
Maintaining the Washing Machine ----------------------------------14
Draining the washing machine in an emergency ------------------------------14 Repairing a frozen washing machine --------------------------------------------14 Cleaning the exterior ----------------------------------------------------------------14 Cleaning the detergent drawer and recess ----------------------------------- 14 Cleaning the debris filter ------------------------------------------------------------ 15 Cleaning the water hose mesh filter ----------------------------------------------15
Troubleshooting ------------------------------------------------------------------16
Problems and solutions -------------------------------------------------------------16 Understanding error messages ----------------------------------------------------16
Programme chart ---------------------------------------------------------------17 Appendix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------18
Wash/Rinse temperature ------------------------------------------------------------18 Fabric care chart --------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 Electrical warnings ------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 Protecting the environment -------------------------------------------------------- 19 Specification --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 Warranty information ---------------------------------------------------------------- 20

Safety Precautions

Congratulations on your purchase of the new washing machine. These Owners Instructions contain valuable information on the installation, use, and care of this appliance. Please take the time to read these instructions so that you can take full advantage of the washing machines features and enjoy this appliance for many years to come.

Before using the appliance
Packing materials can be dangerous to children; keep all packing material (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) well out of the reach of children. The appliance is designed for home use only. Make sure that water and electrical connections are made by qualified technicians, observing the manufacturers instructions (see, Installation Instructions, page 4) and local safety regulations. All packing and transit brackets must be removed before the appliance is used. Serious damage may occur if they are not removed. See Removing the transit bolts on page 5. Perform the first wash cycle without any laundry (See page 9).


Always observe Safety Precautions when using your washer. See Important Safety Instructions on the next page. Never try to repair the washer on your own dangerous voltage is inside. If the washer needs to be repaired, call an authorized service center near you.
number *Please record the serial the spacefrom the back of your washer and the date of purchase in provided below. We recommend that you keep your purchase receipt with this manual for easy warranty service. Model Number Serial Number Date Purchased Dealer _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

Save These Instructions

SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 1
Important Safety Instructions


To reduce the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, property damage or injury to persons when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the following
1. Read all safety instructions before using the appliance. 2. As with any equipment using electricity and having moving parts, there are potential hazards. To use this appliance safely, the operator should become familiar with the instructions for operation of the appliance and always exercise care when using it. 3. Do not install or store this appliance where it will be exposed to bad weather. 4. Install and level the washing machine on a floor that can support the weight. 5. This appliance must be properly grounded. Never plug the appliance cord into a receptacle which is not grounded adequately and in accordance with local and national codes. See installation instructions for grounding this appliance. 6. To avoid the possibility of fire or explosion: a. Do not wash or dry items that have been previously cleaned in, washed in, soaked in or spotted with gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents or other flammable or explosive substances as they give off vapors that could ignite or explode. Hand wash and line dry any items containing these substances. Any material on which you have used a cleaning solvent, or which is saturated with flammable liquids or solids, should not be placed in the clothes washer until all traces of these liquids or solids and their fumes have been removed. These items include acetone, denatured alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, some liquid household cleaners, some spot removers, turpentine, waxes and wax removers. b. Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, or other flammable or explosive substances to the wash water. These substances give off vapors that could ignite or explode. c. Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot water system that has not been used for 2 weeks or more.

HYDROGEN GAS IS EXPLOSIVE. If the hot water system has not been used for such a period, before using a washing machine or combination washer-dryer, turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow from each for several minutes. This will release any accumulated hydrogen gas. As the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame during this time. 7. Do not reach into the appliance if the tub is moving. 8. Do not allow children to play on or in the appliance. Close supervision of children is necessary when the appliance is used near children. 9. Do not tamper with controls. 10.Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any servicing unless specifically recommended in published user- repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out. 11.Unplug power supply cord before attempting to service your washing machine. 12.Store laundry aids and other material in a cool, dry place where children cannot reach them. 13.Do not wash or dry items that are soiled with vegetable or cooking oil. These items may contain some oil after laundering. Due to the remaining oil, the fabric may smoke or catch fire by itself. 14. Do not use chlorine bleach and ammonia or acids (such as vinegar or rust remover) in the same wash. Hazardous fumes can form. 15. Do not wash fiberglass materials. Small particles can stick to fabrics washed in subsequent loads and cause skin irritation. 16.Before the appliance is removed from service or discarded, remove the door to the washing compartment. 17.Do not sit on top of the clothes washer. 18.Do not use heat to dry articles containing foam rubber or similarly textured rubber-like materials. 19.Do not use fabric softeners or products to eliminate static unless recommended by the manufacturer of the fabric softener.
2 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 3

This appliance must be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electrical current. This appliance is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.


Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a risk of electric shock. Consult a qualified electrician or service technician if you do not understand the grounding instructions or if you are not sure if the appliance is properly grounded.

Use of Extension Cords

A short power-supply cord is provided to reduce the risks resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. Longer cord sets or extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use. If a long cord or extension cord is used, 1. The marked electrical rating of the cord set or extension cord should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance. 2. The extension cord must be a grounding-type 3-wire cord and it must be plugged into a 3-slot outlet. 3.The longer cord should be arranged so that it will not be pulled on by children or tripped over unintentionally.


Do not cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord under any circumstances. PREFERRED METHOD OF GROUNDING
Plug the three-prong power cord into a properly grounded outlet of standard 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Your washer should be the only appliance on this circuit.
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 3

Page 4

Installing the Washing Machine
Unpack your washing machine and inspect it for transit damage. Also make sure that you have received all of the items shown below. If the washing machine was damaged during transport or you do not have all of the items, contact your Samsung dealer immediately.
Maximum hot water supply temperature 60 degrees.


Control panel

Detergent drawer Door

Debris filter
Base cover Adjustable feet

Emergency drain tube

Wrench Drain Hose Cold Water supply hose (Blue) Hose guide
Plug Hot Water supply hose(Red) Bolt hole covers
4 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 5

Before you install the washing machine, select a location with the following characteristics: A hard, level surface (if the surface is uneven, see "Adjusting the leveling feet," below) Away from direct sunlight. Adequate ventilation Room temperature that will not fall below 0 C Away from sources of heat such as coal or gas Make sure that the washing machine does not stand on its power cord. Ventilation openings must not be obstructed by carpeting when the washing machine is installed on a carpeted floor.
If the floor is uneven, adjust the feet (do not insert pieces of wood or any other objects under the feet): 1. Loosen the leg bolt by turning it with your hand until it is at the desired height. 2. Tighten the locking nut by turning it with the supplied wrench.
Place the washer on a sturdy, flat surface. If the washer is placed on an uneven or weak surface, noise or vibration occurs. (Only a l degree angle is allowed.)
Before using the washing machine, you must remove the five transit bolts from the back of the unit. To remove the bolts: 1. Loosen all bolts with the supplied wrench before removing them. 2. Take each bolt head and plastic together, pull it through the wide part of the hole. Repeat for each bolt. 3. Fill the holes with the supplied plastic covers. 4. Keep the transit bolts for future use.

The water supply hose must be connected to the washing machine at one end and to the water faucet at the other. Do not stretch the water supply hose. If the hose is too short and you do not wish to move the water faucet, replace the hose with a longer, high pressure hose. To connect the water supply hose: 1. Take the L-shaped arm fitting for the cold water supply hose and connect to the cold water supply intake on the back of the machine. Tighten by hand.
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 5

Page 6

2. Connect the other end of the cold water supply hose to your sink's cold water faucet and tighten it by hand. If necessary, you can reposition the water supply hose at the washing machine end by loosening the fitting, rotating the hose, and retightening the fitting. Option: 1. Take the red L-shaped arm fitting for the hot water supply hose and connect to the red hot water supply intake on the back of the machine. Tighten by hand. 2. Connect the other end of the hot water supply hose to your sink's hot water faucet and tighten it by hand. 3. Use a Y-piece if you only want to use cold water.
The end of the drain hose may be positioned in three ways:

Over the edge of a sink

The drain hose must be placed at a height of between 60 and 90 cm. To keep the drain hose spout bent, use the supplied plastic hose guide. Secure the guide to the wall with a hook or to the faucet with a piece of string to prevent the drain hose from moving.
ln a sink drain pipe branch
The drain pipe branch must be above the sink siphon so that the end of the hose is at least 60 cm above the ground.

ln a drain pipe

Samsung recommends that you use a 65 cm high vertical pipe; it must be no shorter than 60 cm and no longer than 90 cm.
6 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 7

Washing a Load of Laundry

3. Turn on the water supply to the washing machine. 4. Press the Start/Pause button. This will remove any water from the manufacturers test run remaining in the machine.
1. Pull out the detergent drawer. 2. Add laundry detergent into compartment 3. Add softener into compartment. (if you desire).

(if you desire).

4. Add Liquid chlorine bleach into compartment
Do not fill the softener and Liquid bleach compartment above the MAX fill line.

To add liquid detergent:

1. Remove the divider from its slot and insert it into compartment.
2. Pour in the liquid detergent. Liquid detergents and Delay Start. (Please see "Delay Start" on page 12) With Delay Start use a dosage container for liquid detergents, e. g. ball, otherwise the liquid detergent will run slowly out of the soap dispenser and congeal. If a blockage and nasty smell occur, take the dosage container out of the drum at the end of the programme. With liquid detergents use the liquid insert in the soap dispenser. Or use dosage aids, e. g. dosage or bags which are provided with the detergent.
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 9

Page 10

Your new washing machine makes washing clothes easy, using Samsung's "Fuzzy Logic" automatic control system. When you select a wash program, the machine will set the correct temperature, washing time, and washing speed. To wash clothes using the Fuzzy Logic programs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Turn on your sink's water faucet. Press the (On/Off) button. Open the door. Load the articles one at a time loosely into the drum, without overfilling. Close the door. Add the detergent, softener, and chlorine bleach (if necessary) into the appropriate compartment. 7. Turn the Fuzzy Control dial to select the appropriate program for the type of clothes you are washing: Whitest Whites, Heavy Duty, Normal, Delicates, Wool, Express, Rinse+Spin, Spin, Drain
9. At this time, you can control the wash temperature, spin speed and delay time by pressing the appropriate option button. 10. Press the Start/Pause button on the Fuzzy Control dial and the wash cycle will begin. The time delay indicator will light up and the remaining time for the cycle will appear in the display.
10 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 11

When the cycle is finished: Ten minutes after the total cycle has finished, the power will turn off automatically. 1. Open the door. Note: The door will not open until 3 minutes after the machine stops or the power turns off. 2. Remove laundry.


Extra Rinse Your machine will run through an additional rinsing cycle. The washing duration will be prolonged accordingly.

Emptying pockets : Coins, safety pins and similar items can damage linen, the
washing machine drum, and the water tank.
Securing fasteners : Close zippers and fasten buttons or hooks; loose belts or ribbons

should be tied together.

Determining load capacity: Do not overload the washing machine or your laundry may not wash properly. Use the chart below to determine the load capacity for the type of laundry you are washing.
Fabric Type Coloured/cotton -average/lightly soiled -heavily soiled Permanent press Delicates Knit/Wool Load Capacity 5.5 kg 5.5 kg 2.5 kg 2.0 kg 1.5 kg
Detergent tips: The type of detergent you should use is based on the type of fabric (cotton, perm press, delicate items, knit/wool), colour, wash temperature, degree and type of soiling. Always use "low suds" laundry soap, which is designed for automatic washing machines.
Follow the detergent manufacturer's recommendations based upon the weight of the laundry, the degree of soiling, and the hardness of the water in your area. If you do not know how hard your water is, ask your water authority. Note: Keep detergents and additives in a safe, dry place out of the reach of children.
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 13

Page 14

Maintaining the Washing Machine
1. 2. Unplug the washing machine from the power supply. Remove the base cover by using a screw driver to pry it off.
Unscrew the emergency drain cap by turning left. Grip the cap on the end of the emergency drain tube and slowly pull it out about 20 cm.

4. 5. 6.

Allow all the water to flow into a bowl. Reinsert the drain tube and screw the cap back on. Replace the base cover.
If the temperature drops below freezing and your washing machine is frozen: 1. Unplug the washing machine. 2. Pour warm water on the source faucet to loosen the water supply hose. 3. Remove the water supply hose and soak it in warm water. 4. Pour warm water into the washing machine drum and let it sit for 10 minutes. 5. Reconnect the water supply hose to the water faucet and check if the water supply and drain operations are normal.


1. 2. 3. Wipe the washing machine surfaces, including the control panel, with a soft cloth and non-abrasive household detergents. Use a soft cloth to dry the surfaces. Do not pour water on the washing machine.
1. Press the release lever on the inside of the detergent drawer and pull it out. 2. Remove the cap from compartment and. 3. Remove the liquid detergent divider from compartment. 4. Wash all of the parts under running water. 5. Clean the drawer recess with an old toothbrush. 6. Reinsert the cap (Pushing it firmly into place) and replace the liquid detergent divider into the drawer. 7. Push the drawer back into place. 8. Run a rinse program without any laundry in the drum.

14 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 15

Clean the debris filter 2 or 3 times a year. 1. Remove the base cover from the front of the washing machine. 2. Unscrew emergency drain cap by turning left and drain off all the water. See "Draining the washing machine in an emergency" on page 14. 3. Unscrew the filter cap and take it out.
4. Wash any dirt or other material from the filter. Make sure the drain pump propeller behind the filter is not blocked. Replace the filter cap. 5. Replace the base cover.
You should clean the water hose mesh filter at least one time per year, or when you see the following error message on the display:
To do this: 1. Turn off the water source to the washing machine. 2. Unscrew the hose from the back of the washing machine. 3. With a pair of pliers, gently pull out the mesh filter from the end of the hose and rinse it under water until clean. Also clean the inside and outside of the threaded connector.
4. Push the filter back into place. 5. Screw the hose back onto the washing machine. 6. Turn on the faucet and make sure the connections are watertight.
SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 15

Page 16


Problems and solutions

The washing machine will not start
Make sure the door is firmly closed. Make sure the washing machine is plugged in. Make sure the water source faucet is turned on. Make sure to press the Start/Pause button. Make sure the water source faucet is turned on. Make sure the water source hose is not frozen. Make sure the water intake hose is not bent. Make sure the filter on the water intake hose is not clogged.
No water or insufficient water supply
Detergent remains in the detergent drawer after the wash program is complete
Make sure the washing machine is running with sufficient water pressure. Put the detergents in the inner parts of the detergent drawer(away from the outside edges). Make sure the washing machine is set on a level surface. If the surface is not level, adjust the washing machine feet to level the appliance (see page 5). Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed (see page 5). Make sure the washing machine is not touching any other object. Make sure the laundry load is balanced. Make sure the drain hose is not squashed or bent. Make sure the debris filter is cleaned (see page 15).

Washing machine vibrates or is too noisy
The washing machine does not drain and/or spin
Understanding error messages

Error displayed Solution

Close the door. Make sure the source water faucet is turned on. Check the water pressure. Clean the debris filter. Make sure the drainage hose is installed correctly. Laundry load is unbalanced; loosen any tangled laundry. If only one item of clothing needs washing, such as a bathrobe or jeans, the final spin result might be unsatisfactory and an "E4" error message will be shown in the display window. Check the end of the drain hose is too low. (Make sure the holder of drain hose in the back is intact) Check the end of the drain hose is submerged in water. Before contacting After-Sales service: 1. Try to remedy the problem (See "Troubleshooting" on this page). 2. Restart the programme to see if the fault is repeated. 3. If the malfunction persists, call after-sales service and describe the problem.
16 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 17

Programme Chart


Max AND ADDITIVES Hot load Soft Deter- Chlorine Water (kg) -ener gent bleach V V V V V V V V V V V V yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V
Spin Speed(MAX)rpm B1113J B913J 900 900

Delay Extra start

Water duration (l) (minutes) Rinse V V V V V V V V V V V V 67 67


Whitest Whites 5.5 Heavy Duty Normal Delicates Wool Express Curtain heavy Towels Curtain light blankets Table linen Bedding


5.5 2.5 2.0 1.5 2.0 5.0 4.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 5.0
V Special option that can be selected. PROGRAM Whitest Whites Heavy Duty Normal Delicates Wool Express Curtain Heavy Towels Curtain Light Blankets Table linen Bedding Type of WASH Moderately or lightly soiled cottons, bed linen, table linen, underwear, towels, shirts, etc. Heavily soiled cottons, bed linen, table linen, underwear, towels, shirts, etc. Lightly or moderately soiled blouses, shirts, etc., which are made of polyester (diolen, trevira), polyamide (perlon, nylon) or other similar blends. Delicate curtains, dresses, skirts, shirts and blouses. Only machine washable woolens with pure new wool label. Lightly soiled cottons or linen blouses, shirts, dark coloured terry cloth, coloured linen articles, jeans, etc. Cotton or mixed cotton thick curtain, tow-face curtain(face, lining), lightly soiled furniture linen, sofa cover without filling etc. Pile weave cotton towels, bath towel, bath gown Synthetic, mixed cotton or cotton delicate and sheer curtain, glass curtain, net curtain etc. Cotton bedding with filling, pillow, blanket, sofa cover with light filling Cotton or mixed cotton table linen, heavily soiled furniture linens etc. Cotton bedding, bed linen, bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow cover etc.

SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 17

Page 18

1. Programme with prewash lasts approx. 15 minutes longer. 2. The programme duration data has been measured under the conditions specified in Standard IEC 456. 3. Consumption in individual homes may differ from the values given in the table due to variations in the pressure and temperature of the water supply, the load and the type of laundry.

Wash/Rinse Temperature

Wash/Rinse Temperature Load Type
Hot/Cold White and heavily soiled, color-fast items. Warm/Warm Some delicate and color-fast items. Warm/Cold Cold/Cold Moderately soiled, colored items; most EASY CARE/Permanent Press Items. Brightly colored, lightly soiled items; washable woolens.

Fabric care chart

Resistant material Delicate fabric Item may be washed at 95 C Item may be washed at 60 C Item may be washed at 40 C Item may be washed at 30 C Item may be hand washed Dry flat Dry clean only Can be hung to dry Can be bleached in cold water Dry on clothes hanger Do not bleach Tumble dry, normal heat Can be ironed at 200 C max Tumble dry, reduced heat Do not tumble dry Can be ironed at 100 C max Do not iron Can be dry cleaned using any solvent Dry clean with perchloride, lighter fuel, pure alcohol or R113 only Dry clean with aviation fuel, pure alcohol or R113 only Do not dry clean
Can be ironed at 150 C max
18 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 19

Electrical warnings
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, and other injuries, keep these safety precautions in mind: Operate the appliance only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home, consult your appliance dealer or local power company. Use only a grounded or polarized outlet. For your safety, this appliance is equipped with a polarized alternating current line plug having one blade wider than the other. This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. If the plug still doesn't fit, contact your electrician to replace your outlet. Protect the power cord. Power supply cords should be routed so that they are unlikely to be walked on or pinched by items placed on or against them. Pay particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the unit. Do not overload the wall outlet or extension cords. Overloading can result in fire or electric shock. (AC120V 15AMP.)

Protecting the environment
This appliance is manufactured from recyclable materials. If you decide to dispose of this appliance, please observe local waste disposal regulations. Cut off the power cord so that the appliance cannot be connected to a power source. Remove the door so that animals and small children cannot get trapped inside the appliance. Do not exceed the detergent quantities recommended in the detergent manufacturers' instructions. Use stain removal products and bleaches before the wash cycle only when strictly necessary. Save water and electricity by only washing full loads (the exact amount depends upon the program used).


SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 19
FRONT LOADING WASHER W598mm D550mm H844mm 50 kPa ~ 800 kPa 75 kg 5.5 kg (DRY LAUNDRY) 180W B913J 430W

Page 20

Warranty Information
Limited Warranty for Original Purchaser
This Samsung product is warranted by Samsung Electronics Canada, Inc. (hereafter referred to as SECA) against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for the following periods: Labor: 1 year (in-home) Parts: 1 year SECA further warrants that if this product fails to operate properly within the specified warranty period and the failure is due to improper workmanship or defective material, SECA will repair or replace the product at its option. All warranty repairs or part replacements must be performed by a SECA Authorized Service Center. (To find the nearest SECA Service Center, call 1-800-SAMSUNG or visit our web site at
Obligation to the Original Owner
The original dated sales receipt must be retained by the customer and is the only acceptable proof of purchase. It must be presented to a SECA Authorized Service Center at the time service is requested before warranty services are rendered. On all carry-in models, transportation to and from the Authorized Service Center is the responsibility of the customer.

Exclusions of the Warranty
This warranty does not cover damage due to accident, fire, flood, and/or other Acts of God, misuse, incorrect line voltage, improper installation, improper or unauthorized repairs, commercial use, or damage that occurs during shipping. Customer adjustments which are explained in this owners manual are not covered under the terms of this warranty. This warranty will automatically be voided for any unit found with a missing or altered serial number. This warranty is valid only on products purchased and used in the Canada.
Subject to the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the Original Limited Warranty supplied with Samsung Electronics (SAMSUNG) products, and the requirements, conditions, exclusions and limitations contained herein, SAMSUNG will additionally provide Warranty Repair Service in the United States on SAMSUNG products purchased in Canada, and in Canada on SAMSUNG products purchased in the United States, for the warranty period originally specified, and to the Original Purchaser only. The above described warranty repairs must be performed by a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center. Along with this Statement, the Original Limited Warranty Statement and a dated Bill of Sale as Proof of Purchase must be presented to the Service Center. Transportation to and from the Service Center is the responsibility of the purchaser. Conditions covered are limited only to manufacturing defects in material or workmanship, and only those encountered in normal use of the product. Excluded, but not limited to, are any original specified provisions for, in-home or on-site services, minimum or maximum repair times, exchanges or replacements, accessories, options, upgrades, or consumables. For the location of a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center, please call toll-free:
In the United States: 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) In Canada: 1-800-SAMSUNG
20 SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions

Page 21




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