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Gobd 4:41am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
this is my honest unbiast opinion i have just upgraded to the omnia from an iphone and i will never look back.this is a fantstic phone in every way.
gtar99 10:57pm on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
It is a great phone good graphics and everything okay interface and no manual Few things if you dont mind: Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 (8GB) has full screen so I can see film on big Screen. Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 (8GB)
robot_kid 10:48pm on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
Its 8GB storage is wonderful to install as many apps as one could want. Some of the 3rd party apps are very good to make it more convenient to use.
carebear 11:29am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
One of latest feature of smart phone which is web surfing. Easy Web Surfing enough to close to Mouse Just got it for 2 days, it was a very good PDA phone, nice touch screen interface, 5 megapix camera with auto focus and flash.
sigdrifa 9:01pm on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 
This is a great phone, has many features, and in my opinion can be a great phone for anyone, and not just for the business world. This from my experience is a poor substitute for a Blackberry,frequently drops calls,complex layout takes some adapting to,downloading pictures.
jdl 10:25am on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
Omnia i900 review A very capable phone but difficulty in finding out in detail how it can be used to the maximum - or maybe thats my age! Not happy with mine First of all, the feature set on this phone is very good, but do not be deceived. The screen is slow to respond to touch.

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YUBZ Magnum Online Instruction manual - English
Do not lose this warranty as this will not be re-issued.
INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE YOU START USING YOUR YUBZ RETRO HANDSET, PLEASE READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY. YUBZ Retro Handset comes in a 2.5mm microphone plug and if your mobile phone comes with a 2.5mm microphone jack; simply plug-in the retro handset to the jack and you are ready to use the YUBZ Retro Handset. For some other mobile phones, you may find a special microphone jack and you will require a special adaptor to work with the YUBZ Retro Handset. ONE-TOUCH ANSWERING BUTTON This feature designed for accepting and disconnecting incoming calls. *This feature is incompatible with Apple IPhone, Motorola, Samsung and LG mobile phones. VOLUME CONTROL
Exclusions to Warranty: Damage to the Product resulting from acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use (not consumer or personal use), alteration, or unauthorized repair of the Product is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage due to: (i) improper installation, operation or maintenance; (ii) power surges, connection to incorrect or incompatible components or accessories; or, (iii) repairs attempted by anyone other than any authorized YUBZ Service Centre. Obtaining Warranty Service: To obtain warranty services, you must ship the Product to the service center freight prepaid, in its original packaging or in packaging providing an equal degree of protection. YUBZ is not responsible for the loss or damage to any Product that occurs during shipping.


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SGH-A117 SGH-A226 SGH-A517 A737 A777 A867 B2100 B7330 Omnia Pro D880 E218 E958 E958 F218 F330 F490 F700 G808 i458B i640v i8000H Omnia II J608 J708 L600 L768 M305 M600 M628 M8800H Pixon R300 R430 MyShot S3500C S730i T201g T409 T456 T659 T819 U650 Sway U808 Soul U940 Glyde MiCoach SGH-A127 A237 SGH-A523 Mysto SGH-A747 SLM SGH-A827 Access A877 B308 CC03 D988 E768 E1100H F200 F250 F338 F498 G600 i325 i608 i760 i900 J808 J758 L708 L878 M510 M610 P260 R200 R400 Metro PCS R500 Hue S3600H SGH-ZV60 T229 T429 T539 Beat T729 Blast T919 U706 Muse U900 FlipShot X828 SGH-A167 SGH-A513 Fin SGH-A736 Propee A767 A837Rugby A887 B7300 Omnia Lite Corby S3650C E1120 E848 E1310C F210 F258 F480T F500 G800 i450 i617 Blackjack II i788 Blackjack III i908 Omnia J700 L258 L760 M110 M520 M620 P520 Armani R210 Spex R410 Metro PCS R610 Cricket S5230C Star T109 T339 T439 T639 T739 Katalyst U470 Jake U708B U900 Soul X838
C902 J120i K530i K800i P990i W200i W580i W710i W880i W980 Z581i C905 J220i K550i K810i S500i W300i W595s W760a W890i Z520i Z610i D750i J230i K610i K850i T650i W350a W610i W760i W900i Z530i Z710i F305i K220i K750i M600i T700 W380i W660i W800i W910i Z550i Z770i G705 K310i K770i P1 V630 W380 W700i W810i W950i Z558i Satio J100i K510i K790i P1i V640i W550i W705 W850i W960i Z581i

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SERVICE CALL: 1-866-533-9829
YUBZ warrants to the original owner this product is free from defects in parts and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase, subject to the following terms and conditions: Labor and Parts: YUBZ will, free of charge, repair the unit or, at its option, replace a defective unit or component. YUBZ does not warrant the future availability of any particular colors and patterns of a standard YUBZ Product. Registration is not required for warranty coverage. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and conditions express or implied.
For YUBZ Service, please call 1.866.533.9829 or email
This feature lets you control the sound volume of your YUBZ TALK Retro Handset. It is compatible with all mobile phones.

If you live outside USA and would like to contact the YUBZ International Service, please email your name, mobile phone contact, email address and a brief message, and our YUBZ International Service agent will contact you shortly. Proof of Original Purchase: A sales receipt, invoice or other proof of purchase specifying the original date of purchase, must be presented within the 1 year warranty period to obtain warranty service. This warranty extends to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Either repair or replacement is your exclusive remedy under this warranty. In no event will YUBZ be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from possession, use or malfunction of the YUBZ Product. Any implied warranties applicable to this Product, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on this product are limited in duration and scope to the terms of this warranty.
RZAR Series: V3 V3c V3l V3m V3r V3t V3x V3xx V6 V3Maxx KAZR Series: MOTOKRZR K1m K1 K3


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CU515 CU575 CU720 KF750 (Secret) KG320 KE800 ChocolatePlatinum KM900 KP501 Shine KU580 KUVX8700 VX8800 9400
CU920 EnV KG800 KE850 Prada TE365 KS20 TE365 U970 300G xenon


LG ( Chocolate Series )


Art# Y1246 Job: YUBZ Talk Online Instruction Manual

Date: July 7, 2010 Rev 0



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