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Samsung SRV-960Samsung, SVR-3200-1TB, 32CH, 1TB, MPEG4, 480fps@ D1, 960fps@2CIF, 960f
The SVR-3200 provides 32 channels of high resolution real-time video recording capability at half D1 (704 x 240) resolution. The SVR-3200 allows the user to customize the recording setting to achieve real-time full D1 (704 x 480) resolution on selected channels. The SVR-3200 also comes with network monitoring software which allows the user to have remote access and control of the DVR over the network. The SVR-3200 is the perfect choice for medium to large businesses.

Part Numbers: SVR-3200-1TB, SVR32001TB
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xenn 11:39pm on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
I am using computer from past 8 years or so. I had CRT monitor and I was happy with that. I always like to have a zen-like peace and quiet for my house and thats why I wanted a chic and modern style in everything.
Emm 4:52pm on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
Next-generation Windows operating system may be the introduction of touch-controlled manner, then the display will become the main control device. Me that is .. .. Just got this and set it up today. All I can say is "wow! what a great monitor!" It is very bright which makes videos and games exciting.
jbrahms 1:28am on Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 
this monitor is a great monitor because of the contrast 20000:1 so it will very clear when watching movie. However. I bought the 24inch version of this monitor and it is fantastic.
andreja 5:55pm on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
My original monitor has been great for movies and gaming with no issues at all. I intend to purchase a second one for my other desk top unit. worth bying....  great sharpness,ideal for gaming, high resolution no wall hanging facility, very wide stand, should be more slim After about 1.5 years of using the monitor, i...  Had both VGA and DVI inputs. Looks ok Stopped working after 1.5 years
Celecoxibbuy 5:32am on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
amazing tv great t.v for the money i mainly use it for my ps3 using the h.d cable n the picture is crystal clear and no problems ... Samsung 22" Monitor and TV This does what it says on the box. After a few weeks testing,it it passes muster fine.
pabangel 1:42pm on Friday, May 7th, 2010 
I have not had any major issues and despite the problems with the sound I still recommend this monitor - it is that good, especially for the price. Picked this up during a Newegg e-blast for $200 with free shipping. This monitor is beautiful.
noPaul 12:54am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
The set works quite well as the monitor I bought it for and looks better than my other monitor. this company is good. The picture is good. The sound is good. The remote quit fully functioning shortly after I got it.

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Quick Guide To Using SVR-960
Prior to using the product
This is a quick guide covering some of the more frequently used features only. For more accurate and detailed information about the product, please refer to the Users Manual.
DVD Auto Sequence Search Power Monitor(SPOT) ESC RIGHT/FWD


Select Channel Multi Screen Menu Save UP/PAUSE USB PTZ Select Function COPY LEFT/REW DOWN/STOP ENTER/PLAY

Product Features

1. Live Monitoring
Multi Screen With each pressing of the Multi Screen button, the screen splits into 4, 9, 10 or 16 screens respectively.

Search button

3. Search/Playback Recordings

4. Playback Buttons

PAUSE: Pause playback REW: ewind playback & Rewind speed (X1/2, X1, X2, X4, X8, X16, X32, X64) R PLAY: Start playback FWD: oward playback & Foward speed (X1/2, X1, X2, X4, X8, X16, X32, X64) F STOP: Stop playback

Select Search Mode

Time search: Enter Date/Time
5. Hot Function(Hot Key) Menu
Press the Function button ( Function icons.

unction Key on Live F

Single Screen Press a channel button to see the respective channel only on the screen.
) or right-click the mouse to use Hot
Event search: Enter Date/Time & Select Event Calendar search: Select Date/Time
Press the REC button to start or stop recording. REC lamp located on the top of the REC button will display recording status.
(Caution: he REC button function interacts t with the Scheduled Recording settings.)
Thumbnail search: Enter Channel/ Date/Time 1. Press the Search button 2. Select either the Time, canlender, Event or thumbnail search 3. Enter Date/Time or select an calender/date/time 4. Select the Search Button

2. Recording

unction Key on Play F

Recording Function
SAMSUNG DVR provides several different recording methods. You can easily select and set any recording method that is most suitable for your environment or needs.

[Program Setup]

Complete program setup before recording setup.

Key Button

3. Event Recording Setup
STEP 1 : Event check settings


Record Setup Program
ou can specify resolution (R), frame rate (F), and quality (Q) for each Y channel for normal operation and when events occur.

Event Setup Event

Always Timezone : For specified time only. Off : Not using event record.
1. Manual Recording Setup
You can set record to start when a user presses the [REC] button on the front.

STEP 2 : Event settings

Time for event recording
et the general event (MD/Sensor/Text/Audio) for event recording. For more information, please refer to the S user manual.

Record Setup Record

Event Setup Normal Event
1. Record Mode : Set manual & event recording. 2. Program : Set a Program.
2. Schedule Recording Setup
Scheduled recording lets you choose the date and time to record.
STEP 1 : Record mode settings
MD : Set the event recording channel. Sensitivity : Set sensitivity levels from Lowest/1~10/Highest. Area : Set user defined parameters. vent recording, manual recording and scheduled recording can be used at the same E time. Only Event Record is needed : Program > General > Channel > Frame Rate > 0fps.

4. Copy (Back-up)

HDD content can be stored in other storage medium including DVD-R, CD-R and USB memory stick.
1. Press COPY button after inserting a storage device 2. Select Type (CD/DVD, RE4, AVI) 3. Select Channel 4. Enter From/To Time 5. Select Start Button


1. Record Mode : Set the Schedule & Event. 2. Schedule >> STEP 2: Schedule settings

ecommended media R

VD-R : itsubishi, TDK, imation, Sony (16X recommended) D M CD-R : itsubishi, TDK, imation, Sony (16X recommended) M USB memory stick : anDisk (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB recommended) S
ndex : Up to 50 different programs can be set. I ay : Set a recording date. D rogram : Select a recording program (A~T). P ime : Set a recording time. T elete : Delete an Index. D
* Caution : Using authentic and new media products is recommended. If DVD-R or CD-R is over a long period of time, errors may occur.
SAMSUNG TECHWIN CO., LTD. 145-3, Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 462-120, Korea TEL : +82-31-740-8151~8158 FAX: +82-31-740-8145




Real Time Recorder

Real/Time Lapse VCR Recording Speeds: 6/18/30/72/120/168/240/480/960Hrs Color 300/BW 350 TV Lines Resolution Three Audio Recording Modes Jog/Shuttle Dial Built-In Time/Date Generator Super Clear and Natural Picture Timer Program Recording (Ten) Repeat, One Shot, Series and Alarm recording Power Loss Memory Function Record Check Function (OSD) On Screen Display


The SRV-960A is a real time and time lapse videocassette recorder that can record color or monochrome video signals. Featuring multiple recording and playback methods, this VCR can be programmed to record in multiple modes, dates and times. The multiple recording densities allow a high video capture rate, more than what is found in a standard time lapse recorder. With up to 30 hour audio recording, alarm recording, power loss memory and record check, this recorder serves as the basis for recording and used in most small surveillance systems. Additional features include a built-in time/date generator, repeat recording, one shot recording and jog shuttle control. The SRV-960A delivers 300 lines of resolution in color and over 350 lines of resolution in monochrome recording.


GV-FR1819, VCR LOCK BOX This tamper proof, lightweight, all aluminium VCR box has a hinged front door and a removable rear panel for easy installation. The enclosure is key locked. This lock box can accommodate most popular VCR and multiplexer combination. The vented side panels mean that, in most cases a blower unit is not required. Body: All aluminum, gauge 12, alloy # 3105H14 Cover: Hinged, key locked / Finish: Black polyurethane coating / Weight: 11Ib (5kg) Dimensions: (HxWxD) 6.0 x 18.50 x 17.0 / 152 x 470 x 432mm


Sold by: Toll Free: (877) 389-0000
GVI dba SAMSUNG CCTV Phone: 972-245-7353 Fax: 972-245-7333 This product specification is also available in pdf format at
v.02.20.07 The information is subject to change without notice

Dimensions (unit : mm)

Front/Rear Panel

286 90.5

Picture Resolution Video Recording Method REC/PB Speeds Input Output Signal/Noise Audio Recording Mode Input Output Signal/Noise Tape Speed Tape Front Applicable Video Tapes Recording System System Modes Controls Jog/Shuttle Connector Rear Video Audio Alarm Series Tape End Trigger Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Power Source Power Consumption Physical Specifications Dimension (W x H x D) Weight Certifications UL, FCC, IC 300 Color/350 BW TV lines Rotation Head Azimuth Type 6H/18H/30H/72H/120H/168H/240H/ 480H/960H/000H 1 Channel, (1Vp-p unbalanced, 75 ohm) 1 Channel, (1Vp-p unbalanced, 75 ohm) Above 43db L6, L18, L30H 1 Channel, -8db 1 Channel, -8db Above 40db 11.12mm/sec (L6Hr Mode) Loading T-30, T-60, T-90, T-120, T-160 Manual/Program/Alarm/Series REC/ Repeat REC/1-Shot NTSC Playback/Rec/Stop/Eject Slow/Still/Fast Rewind & Forwarding Fwd/Rev Search 2 BNC Input/Outputs (Composite), 2 RCA Input/Outputs In/Out/Reset/Gnd In/Out/Gnd Out Out 41 ~ 104 F (5 ~ 40 C) Below 80% 120VAC, 60Hz 16W 16.93 x 3.56 x 12.26 (430 x 90.5 x 311.5mm) 9.48lbs./4.3Kg



PAC03U EF2201 DTH725 M-650V Octavia RS CDA-5755 BH-203 FA168C-CN 37HL57 Sava-D900 Basic Tester DVD-S510 SD-501 HP-137 FAV4071W PSS-580 WG311 PC3701 TNT Dvdr5350H Xe5V 4201 DS-D98 L54609 Maboul MHC-771 KDC-X791 KL-100 2000LE POD Plus Processor VC-7D FR995 T710PH Passat Unico Jims-525I ADC5305 HT-IS100 400PX NV-A1 Besdi 125 WD7500H1q-00 KX-TG5631S W43H2 Dctg1500B Porsche 944 Antenna 50PG3500 Escape 32PW8719 C3-01 Threat-hotkeys MZ-B50 Pesumasin CA-5AII XCA4500 CDX-480 CQ-DP383 FJ1200S Laserjet 8150 MCD502 CH-671F FP567S Samsung NV3 Review L204WT Er-180 GSA-H50L 300-series FX-350ES RP5012 UE-37C6530 100 LCD F12560QD Astra 3400 Galeo 1500 HS8040 Dvdr5570H-31 6400T KX-TCD820G Optio S40 Server 5 3 Vestax QFO 29PT9020 VXA-210 KR-5150 DCR-SR82E CRA-1656SP WF7602NAW CFD-980 Gainstation 1800-254 KDC-W7534U Twinsanity GV-HIA6 DC570 IC-T8E DEH-1980G P5GPL-x SE


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