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LevetS27 12:34am on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
Canon NB-4L High Power Plus Battery This was bought as a back-up battery for my Canon Ixus 130 Camera to carry with me, on trips away from home. Ex - Pro Nikon EN- EL5 Battery Charger Great product, Faster & more convenient than in-camera usb charging & great price Why pay more
giordanom 4:30pm on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 
Travel charger for Nikon P100 An essential accessory for a camera. Enables the charging of a spare battery whilst using the camera.

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Much has been said about Samsungs ability to use comprehensive design management as a conduit for product excellence. Although a leader in a wide array of electronic and heavy industry sectors, the Korean giant has largely remained an unknown entity in the world of digital cameras. The NV10 digital camera represents Samsungs rst meaningful effort to make an impact, and in effect, establish vital market share in the lucrative business. Being a late entrant in such a crowded market means the difculties for success are especially amplied. Samsungs designers responded by taking a unique approach that addressed key issues to satisfy user needs and desires. The NV10 holds a well-dened focus on quality that stresses durability and classic elegance. Inspired by the lasting quality and craftsmanship of old, analog cameras, the NV10 is fashioned primarily out of stainless steel and aluminum. The sleek design of the NV10 replicates the many styling cues large lenses, black metallic nish, clean lines associated with European cameras of old. Reecting the discerning needs of consumers, the camera nds differentiation through exceptional understandings of consumers. Highlighting the NV10 is its large xed lens and a wide array of features that afford professional-level control over the image capture process. A careful focus to migrate the conveniences of analog input systems has produced a truly unique user interface that is paradoxically convenient, easy to use, and digital. The distinctive digital interface is based on two columns of buttons, placed horizontally and vertically along the LCD display. The interface is managed by mapping 1:1 control over functions thus removing the complexities of navigating screen after screen of system prompts. Its intuitive interface offers an unmatched level of analog-like ease that sets the NV series apart from the competition. Since launching in March 2006, the NV series has combined to achieve impressive sales of 3.8 million units. Samsungs Perspective With our stated mission, To provide best products and services, the company is cultivating the worlds top businesses by strengthening its global competitiveness. We are leading in the realm of digital camera technologies as well as in the video information, advanced semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor components, aircraft engines, and defense equipment sectors. About Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is a global leader in a wide range of industries and sectors. Its Digital Appliance, Digital Media, LCD, Semiconductor, and Telecommunication Network are the ve major business units of the Company. With a workforce of about 128,000 people spanning 51 countries, the Companys annual sales volume exceeds US$50 billion. About Joo Bok Kim Joo Bok Kim has worked as a Samsung designer for almost 20 years. During this period, he has been responsible for numerous meaningful projects, some of which have garnered industry recognition from ISDA Awards, the iF Design Awards and others. About Seung Seup Yoo, Se Hyun Park and Tae Hwan Kim, Sung Kyun Bai Between them, the four members of the design team hold great distinction as product designers, having won numerous prestigious awards. Amongst them: Red Dot, iF Design, G-Mark, and other awards.
What Samsung is attempting to do is to establish some of the longevity of the old analog cameras They took the form and details of an analog camera and translated them into digital form to give the series a sense of the potential longevity, and a form that is easy to use, a pleasure to use and effective to use. John Heskett, Judge
Company Samsung Electronics Designers Joo Bok Kim Seung Seup Yoo Se Hyun Park Tae Hwan Kim Sung Kyun Bai
I lost faith in fashionable digital cameras that were made of fake silver spray-painted plastic. Thus, I came to the conclusion that a camera should not only perform, but also look like a proper camera. Incorporating the DNA from classic cameras with advanced technology and modern design aesthetics, I was able to achieve a stylish yet reliable design. We also added the innovative Smart Touch user interface technology which makes using the camera easier. Joo Bok Kim, Principal Designer, Samsung Techwin

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