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Troubleshooting... 92 Self Diagnosis Display... 92 Moisture Condensation... 92 Self Diagnosis Display in M.REC, M.PLAY mode.. 93

Problemas y soluciones

Problemas y soluciones...92 Pantalla de Autodiagnsticos..92 Condensacin de humedad..92 Pantalla de autodiagnsticos en las modalidades M.REC Y M.PLAY.93
Specifications... 95 INDEX... 96
Especificaciones tcnicas..95 NDICE ALFABTICO...96
Notes regarding the rotation of the LCD screen
Please rotate the LCD screen carefully as illustrated. Over rotation may cause damage to the inside of the hinge that connects the LCD screen to the Camcorder.
Notas referentes a la rotacin de la pantalla LCD
Gire la cuidadosamente la pantalla como se indica en la figura. Si se gira demasiado se puede estropear la bisagra interior que la une a la videocmara.

1. LCD screen closed.

1. Pantalla LCD cerrada.
2. Standard recording using the LCD screen.
2. Grabacin estndar empleando la pantalla LCD.
3. Recording when looking at the LCD screen from the top.
3. Grabacin mirando la LCD desde arriba.
4. Recording when looking at the LCD screen from the front.
4. Grabacin mirando la LCD desde el frente.
5. Recording with the LCD screen closed.
5. Grabacin con la LCD cerrada.
Notes regarding moisture condensation
1. A sudden rise in atmospheric temperature may cause condensation to form inside the camcorder.
Notas referentes a la condensacin de humedad
1. Una subida repentina de la temperatura puede producir condensacin en el interior de la videocmara.
for example: - When you move the camcorder from a cold location to a warm location (e.g. from outside to inside during winter.) - When you move the camcorder from a cool location to a hot location (e.g. from inside to outside during the summer.)
2. If the (DEW) protection feature is activated, leave the camcorder for at least two hours in a dry, warm room with the cassette compartment opened and the battery removed.

2. The lithium battery for the camcorder lasts about 1 month under normal operation from the time of installation. 3. When the lithium battery becomes weak or is dead, the date/time indicator will flash for about five seconds when you set the power switch to CAM mode. In this case, you are recommended that you should connect the camcorder to power to fully recharge the embedded lithium battery. If you see the same problem occur even on the fully recharged battery, youd better contact to a nearby customer service center as the battery has had it. 4. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
Warning: Keep the LITHIUM BATTERY(REMOCON) out of reach of children. Should a battery be swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.


Digital data transfer function with IEEE1394 By incorporating the IEEE 1394 (i.LINKTM : i.LINK is a serial data transfer protocol and interconnectivity system, used to transmit DV data) high speed data transport port, both moving and still images can be transferred to a PC, making it possible to produce or edit various images. (VP-D130/D190 is not able to record and receive digital data from another DV Device.) USB interface for digital image data transfer You can transfer still images and short video clips to a PC using the USB interface without an add-on card. PHOTO The PHOTO function lets you capture an object as a still along with sound, while in Camera mode. 480x Digital zoom Allows you to magnify an image up to 480 times its original size. Colour TFT LCD A high-resolution colour TFT LCD (with 200,000 pixels) gives you clean, sharp images as well as the ability to review your recordings immediately. Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) The EIS compensates for any handshake, reducing unstable images particularly at high magnification. Various digital effects The DSE (Digital Special Effects) allows you to give your films a special look by adding various special effects. Back Light Compensation (BLC) When you record a subject with the light source behind it or a subject with a light background, the BLC function compensates for the bright background. Program AE The Program AE enables you to alter the shutter speed and aperture to suit the type of scene/action to be filmed. Digital Still Camera function (VP-D190/D190i only) s Using SmartMediaCard, you can easily record and playback standard still images. s You can transfer standard still images on SmartMediaCard to PC using USB interface.

9. Internal MIC 6. Photo button
7. Zoom lever 5. Easy.Q button
8. Card Eject Switch (VP-D190/D190i only)
1. SPEAKER 2. Video Light Holder 3. Dual Zoom (See page 43) 4. Custom.Q button (See page 58) 5. Easy.Q button (See page 57) 6. Photo button (See page 64) 7. Zoom lever (See page 43) 8. Card Eject Switch (See page 78) (VP-D190/D190i only) 9. Internal MIC 10. START/STOP button
1. ALTAVOZ 2. Montura para la luz del vdeo 3. Zoom dual (ver pg. 43) 4. Botn Q de personalizacin (ver pg. 58) 5. Botn Q de funcionamiento sencillo (ver pg. 57) 6. Botn de fotografa (ver pg. 64) 7. Botn del zoom (ver pg. 43) 8. Botn de expulsin de la tarjeta (ver pg. 78) (slo VP-D190/D190i) 9. Micrfono incorporado 10. Botn START/STOP (inicio/parada)

Rear & Bottom View

Vistas posterior e inferior
13. RESET 1. LCD open 2. MENU button 3. MENU DIAL 4. Battery Release button 5. Charging indicator 8. TAPE Eject switch
1. LCD open 2. MENU button (See page 33) 3. MENU DIAL (MENU SELECT/VOLUME/ M.FOCUS) (See page 33) 4. Battery Release button (See page 89) 5. Charging indicator (See page 22) Functions Keys
VCR (REW) (PLAY/STILL) (FWD) (STOP) EDIT MF/AF (See page 59) EDIT + BLC (See page 60) CAM
11. Viewfinder 12. Power switch 6. FADE button
9. Functions Keys 7. DISPLAY button
6. FADE button (See page 61) 7. DISPLAY button 8. TAPE Eject switch 9. Functions Keys 10. SmartMediaCard Slot (VP-D190/D190i only) 11. Viewfinder (see page 30) 12. Power switch (see page 26) 13. RESET (see page 34)
M.PLAY (VP-D190/D190i only) REW S.SHOW FWD DELETE(See page 87)
10. SmartMediaCard Slot (VP-D190/D190i only)
7. Botn de VISUALIZACIN 8. Botn de expulsin de la CINTA 9. Botones de las funciones 10. Ranura para la SmartMediaCard (slo VP-D190/D190i) 11. Visor (ver pg. 30) 12. Interruptor (ver pg. 26) 13. Reposicin (RESET) (ver pg. 34)
1. LCD abierta 2. Botn MEN 3. DIAL MEN (SELECC. MEN/VOLUMEN/M.FOCO (ver pg. 33) 4. Botn de liberar la batera (ver pg. 89) 5. Indicador de carga (ver pg. 22) 6. Botn de fundido (FADE) (ver pg. 61) Botones de funciones
M.REPRODUCCIN (slo VP-D190/D190i) REW S.SHOW FWD DELETE (ver pg. 87)
MF/AF (ver pg. 59) EDIT + BLC (ver pg. 60)

Remote control

Mando a distancia
1. PHOTO 2. START/STOP 3. SELF TIMER 4. ZERO MEMORY 5. (FF) 6. (REW) 7. (PLAY) 8. X2 9. (SLOW)




16. DISPLAY 15. Zoom WIDE 14. Zoom TELE 13. A.DUB


12. 11.


Tiempo de grabacin continuada LCD ACTIVADA 1 hora aprox. 1h 30min aprox. 3h 10min aprox. EVF ACTIVADO 1h 30min aprox. 2 horas aprox. 4h 10min aprox.
Approx. SB-L70 1hr 30min SB-L110 Approx. 2hr

SB-L70 SB-L110 SB-L220

Approx. SB-L220 3hr 30min


s The battery pack should be recharged in an environment of s s
s La batera debe recargarse en un ambiente de entre 0C (32F)

s s s s

between 32F (0C) and 104F (40C). The battery pack should never be charged in a room temperature that is below 32F (0C). The life and capacity of the battery pack will be reduced if it is used in temperatures below 32F (0C) or left in temperatures above 104F (40C) for a long period, even when it is fully recharged. Do not put the battery pack near any heat source (fire or flames, for example). Do not disassemble, process, pressure, or heat the Battery Pack. Do not allow the + and - terminals of the battery pack to be shortcircuited. It may cause leakage, heat generation, induce fire and overheating.

y 40C (104F).

s La batera nunca debe cargarse cuando la temperatura ambiente

es de menos de 0C (32F).

s La vida til y la capacidad de la batera se vern reducidas si se
usa en ambientes con temperaturas inferiores a 0C (32F) o si se deja durante largos periodos expuesta a temperaturas superiores a los 40C (104F), incluso si est cargada por completo. No ponga la batera cerca de una fuente de calor (chimeneas, radiadores, etc.) No desmonte la batera ni la someta a manipulaciones, presiones ni al calor. No permita que se provoque un cortocircuito entre los polos + y de la batera. Podran producirse prdidas o recalentamiento, lo cual podra 23 ocasionar un incendio.
Battery level display The battery level display indicates the amount of power remaining in the battery pack. a. Fully charged b. 20~40% used c. 40~80% used d. 80~95% used e. Completely used (flickers) (The camcorder will turn off soon, change the battery as soon as possible)
Indicador de la carga de la batera El indicador de la carga de la batera muestra la cantidad de energa que queda en sta.

a b c d e

a. Completamente cargada b. 20% 40% de uso c. 40% 80% de uso d. 80% 95% de uso e. Completamente descargada (parpadea) (La videocmara se apagar muy pronto. Reemplace la batera lo antes posible.)
1 Please refer to the table on page 23 for approximate continuous recording times. 1 The recording time is affected by environmental temperature and conditions. The recording time becomes very short in a cold environment. The continuous recording times in the operating instructions are measured using a fully charged battery pack at 77F(25C). As the environmental temperature and conditions may differ when you actually use the camcorder, the remaining battery time may not be the same as the approximate continuous recording times given in these instructions.

When a cassette is loaded and the camcorder is left in the STBY mode for more than 5 minutes without being used, it will switch off automatically. To use it again, push the START/STOP button or set the Power switch to OFF and then back to CAM. This Auto Power off feature is designed to save battery power.
Si se pone un casete en la videocmara y sta se deja en la posicin STBY durante ms de cinco minutos sin usarla, se apagar automticamente. Para usarla de nuevo pulse el botn START/STOP o ajuste el interruptor en OFF y luego en CAM. Este dispositivo de apagado automtico est diseado para ahorrar energa de la batera. Bsqueda de edicin 1 Es posible ver una grabacin mediante la funcin EDIT +, en la modalidad STBY. En la posicin EDIT se puede ver la grabacin hacia atrs y en EDIT + se puede ver hacia delante, segn el botn que se pulse. 1 Si se pulsa rpidamente el botn EDIT en la modalidad STBY, la videocmara reproducir la grabacin hacia atrs durante tres segundos y volver a la posicin original automticamente. Nota
s En la modalidad de edicin es posible que la
Edit Search 1 You can view a recording using the EDIT +, -function in STBY mode. EDIT -- enables you to play the recording backwards and EDIT + enables you to play it forwards, for as long as you keep each button pressed down. 1 If you press the EDIT -- button quickly in STBY mode, your camcorder will play in reverse for 3 seconds and return to the original position automatically.


s Mosaic shaped distortion may appear on the
screen while in edit search mode.
imagen se distorsione y forme una especie de mosaico.
Hints for Stable Image Recording
While recording, it is very important to hold the camcorder correctly. Fix the LENS cap firmly by clipping it to the hand strap. (refer to the figure) Recording with the LCD monitor 1. Hold the camcorder firmly using the hand strap. 2. Place your right elbow against your side. 3. Place your left hand under or beside the LCD to support and adjust it. Do not touch the built-in microphone. 4. Choose a comfortable, stable position for the shots that you are taking. You can lean against a wall or on a table for greater stability. Do not forget to breathe gently. 5. Use the LCD frame as a guide to determine the horizontal plane. 6. Whenever possible, use a tripod. Recording with the Viewfinder 1. Hold the camcorder firmly using the hand strap. 2. Place your right elbow against your side. 3. Place your left hand under the camcorder to support it. Be sure not to touch the built-in microphone. 4. Choose a comfortable, stable position for the shots that you are taking. You can lean against a wall or on a table for greater stability. Do not forget to breathe gently. 5. To view an object through the viewfinder, pull it out until you hear the click sound. Excessive force may cause damages to the viewfinder. 6. Place your eye firmly against the viewfinder eyecup. 7. Use the viewfinder frame as a guide to determine the horizontal plane. 8. Whenever possible, use a tripod.

The Speaker works in VCR mode only.
Control del sonido desde el altavoz
El altavoz slo funciona en la modalidad VCR.
s Cuando se usa la pantalla LCD para la
s When you use the LCD screen for playback, you
can hear the recorded sound from the built-in Speaker. - Follow the instructions below to decrease or mute speaker volume in the VCR mode. - Take the following steps to lower the volume or mute the sound while playing a tape on the VCR. 1. Set the power switch to VCR mode. 2. Press (PLAY/STILL) to play the tape. 3. When you hear sounds once the tape is in play, use the MENU DIAL to adjust the volume. s A volume level display will appear on the LCD. Levels may be adjusted from anywhere between 00 to 19 and you will not hear any sound when the volume is set on 00. s If you close the LCD while playing, you will not hear sound from the speaker.
reproduccin se puede or el sonido a travs del altavoz incorporado. - Para bajar el volumen o para eliminar el sonido del altavoz en la modalidad VCR, siga las instrucciones que aparecen a continuacin.
1. Ajuste el interruptor en la posicin VCR. 2. Pulse el botn (PLAY/STILL) para empezar la reproduccin de la cinta.


0:23:5 min

12:00 1.NOV.2001

3. Al or los sonidos una vez que la cinta est en marcha, ajuste el volumen mediante el DIAL MEN. s Aparece en la LCD el nivel de volumen. Se pueden ajustar niveles desde 00 hasta 19. Si el volumen est ajustado en 00 no se oir nada. s Si cierra la pantalla LCD durante la reproduccin no se oir ningn sonido por el altavoz.
Use of various Functionsa Notes regarding the rotation of the LCD screen

q Setting menu items


q CLOCK SET 1 CLOCK setup works in CAM, VCR, M.REC and M.PLAY modes. 1 The DATE/TIME is automatically recorded onto a tape. Before recording, please set the DATE/TIME. 1. Press the MENU button. s The menu list will appear. 2. Turn the MENU DIAL to highlight INITIAL and Push the MENU DIAL. 3. Use the MENU DIAL to select CLOCK SET from the submenu. 4. Push the MENU DIAL to enter SETTING mode. s A blinking item indicates the item to be changed. The year will blink first. 5. Using the MENU DIAL, change the year setting. 6. Push the MENU DIAL. s The month will blink. 7. Using the MENU DIAL, change the month setting.
q AJUSTE DEL RELOJ 1 El ajuste del reloj (CLOCK SET) funciona en las modalidades CAM, VCR, M.REC y M.PLAY. 1 La fecha y la hora (DATE/TIME) se graban de manera automtica en la cinta. Antes de grabar ajuste la fecha y la hora. 1. Pulse el botn MEN. s Aparece la lista del men. 2. Gire el DIAL MEN hasta resaltar INITIAL (inicial) y despus plselo. 3. Elija la opcin CLOCK SET en el submen por medio del DIAL MEN. 4. Pulse el DIAL MEN para elegir la opcin SETTING (ajustes). s Parpadear en la pantalla la opcin que se va a cambiar. Primero parpadea el ao. 5. Ajuste el ao por medio del DIAL MEN. 6. Pulse el DIAL MEN. s Parpadear el mes. 7. Ajuste el mes por medio del DIAL MEN. 8. Pulse el DIAL MEN s Parpadear el da. 9. Ajuste el da, las horas y los minutos siguiendo el mismo procedimiento.

00:00 01. JAN. 2001

8. Push the MENU DIAL. s The day will blink. 9. You can set the day, hour and minute following the same procedure for setting the year and month.


10. Push the MENU DIAL after setting the minutes. s The word COMPLETE! will on, and a few seconds later, the menu screen will automatically return to the sub menu. 11. To exit, press the MENU button.
10. Despus de ajustar los minutos, pulse el DIAL MEN. s Aparecer la palabra COMPLETE! (terminado) y unos segundos ms tarde la el men de la pantalla volver automticamente al submen.
11. Para salir, pulse el botn MEN.
q REMOCON 1 THE REMOCON function works in CAM, VCR, M.REC, M.PLAY modes. 1 The REMOCON option allows you to able or disable the remote control for operating the camcorder. 1. Press the MENU button. s The menu list will appear. 2. Turn the MENU DIAL to highlight INITIAL and Push the MENU DIAL. 3. Use the MENU DIAL to select REMOCON from the submenu. 4. Push the MENU DIAL to able or disable the remote control. The setting switches from ON/OFF each time you Push the MENU DIAL.


1 The TV DISPLAY function works in CAM, VCR, M.REC, M.PLAY modes. 1 You can select the output path of the OSD (On Screen Display). s OFF: The OSD appears in the LCD screen only. s ON: The OSD appears in the LCD screen, EVF and TV. s Use the DISPLAY button located at the rear of the camcorder to turn ON/OFF all of the OSD displayed on the LCD/EVF/TV. 1. Set the camcorder to CAM, VCR, M.REC, M.PLAY mode. 2. Press the MENU button. s The menu list will appear. 3. Turn the MENU DIAL to highlight VIEWER and push the MENU DIAL. 4. Select the TV DISPLAY mode in list, push the MENU DIAL. s The DISPLAY mode switches between ON/OFF with each push. 5. To exit, press the MENU button.


1 La funcin MONITOR DE TV (TV DISPLAY) opera en las modalidades CAM, VCR, M.REC, y M.PLAY. 1 Se puede elegir la va de salida de la OSD (presentacin en pantalla). s OFF: La OSD slo aparece en la pantalla LCD. s ON: La OSD aparece en la pantalla LCD, en el EVF y en el monitor de TV. s Use el botn DISPLAY, que est en la parte posterior de la videocmara, para activar o desactivar la OSD que aparece en la LCD/EVF/TV.
1. Ajuste la videocmara en una de las siguientes modalidades: CAM, VCR, M.REC o M.PLAY. 2. Pulse el botn MEN. s Aparece la lista del men. 3. Gire el DIAL MEN hasta resaltar VIWER (visor) y despus plselo.
4. Seleccione la modalidad TV DISPLAY y pulse el DIAL MEN. s Al pulsar repetidas veces DISPLAY, la opcin cambiar alternativamente entre ON y OFF. 5. Para salir, pulse el botn MEN.

Using Quick Menu

1 Quick menu is available only in CAM mode. 1 Quick menu is used to adjust to camera environments that are easily changing subject to photographing circumstances, working by the MENU DIAL manipulation.


Uso del men rpido
1 El men rpido slo opera en la modalidad CAM. 1 Esta funcin se emplea para hacer los ajustes de la videocmara cuando las condiciones ambientales son cambiantes y por lo tanto cambian las condiciones para la fotografa. Se ajusta mediante el DIAL MEN.


Each time you select DATE/TIME and press the MENU DIAL, itll be displayed in the order of DATE - TIME - DATE/TIME OFF (See page 52). ) Each time you select REMOCON and press the MENU DIAL, the REMOCON is switched to either enabled ( ) or disabled ( ). ) Each time you select EIS and press the MENU DIAL, the EIS icon is displayed or set to OFF.

ESPAOL Modalidad de cmara digital de tomas fijas (solo modelos VP-D190/D190i)
Tarjeta SmartMediaCard 1 La tarjeta SmartMediaCard (SMC) guarda y gestiona imgenes fijas grabadas con la videocmara. Funciones con SM 1 Grabacin de imgenes fijas 1 Vista de imgenes fijas s Una a una s Proyeccin de diapositivas 1 Proteccin de imgenes contra el borrado accidental 1 Borrado de imgenes grabadas en la tarjeta 1 Marcado para la Impresin de imgenes fijas 1 Formateado de la tarjeta


Protection tab
s You can use most of the cameras functions when recording to
s Cuando se graba en una SMC se puede emplear la mayora de
a SMC. s appears on the screen while recording to card. s While recording or loading an image, do not eject or insert a SmartMediaCard. - Inserting or ejecting a SmartMediaCard while recording or loading an image can cause data damage. s If you want to save all images on the SmartMediaCard, affix the protection label to the protection tab on the SmartMediaCard.
las funciones de la videocmara.
s Cuando se graba en una tarjeta aparece en la pantalla la


s No saque ni introduzca una tarjeta SmartMediaCard mientras
graba o carga una imagen. -En este caso es posible que los datos resulten daados. s Si quiere guardar todas las imgenes de la tarjeta SmartMediaCard, ponga la etiqueta de proteccin en la cavidad de proteccin de la tarjeta.
Inserting and ejecting the SmartMediaCard
q Inserting the card 1. Turn the Power switch to OFF. 2. Insert the SmartMediaCard into the CARD slot located beneath the camcorder, in the direction of the arrow. q Ejecting the card 1. Turn the Power switch to OFF. 2. Slide down the Card Eject switch and pull out the card. Reference
s If you turn the power switch to M.PLAY, the last
Introduccin y expulsin de la tarjeta SmartMediaCard
q Introduccin de la tarjeta 1. Apague la videocmara. 2. Segn indica la flecha, inserte la tarjeta en la ranura CARD (TARJETA), que est en la parte inferior de la videocmara. q Expulsin de la tarjeta 1. Apague la videocmara. 2. Deslice hacia abajo el botn de expulsin de la tarjeta y tire de ella. Nota
s Si ajusta el interruptor en la posicin M.PLAY,
recorded image appears. - If there are no recorded images on the SmartMediaCard, NO STORED IMAGE! and will display on the screen. Do not turn the power off while recording, loading, erasing or formatting. Please turn the power off before you insert or eject the SmartMediaCard. You could lose data on the SmartMediaCard. Do not allow metal substances to come in contact with the terminals of the Card. Do not bend the Card. After pulling the card out from the camcorder, please keep the SmartMediaCard in a soft case to prevent static shock. The stored contents may be changed or lost as a result of misuse, static electricity, electric noise or repair. Save important images separately. Samsung is not responsible for data loss due to misuse. If the USB cable is connected to the camcorder, the (DELETE), (S.SHOW), (FWD), (REW) buttons are not available in M.PLAY mode.

Seleccin de la calidad de la imagen
1 Se puede elegir la calidad de la imagen fija que se va a grabar. Seleccin de la calidad de la imagen
1. Ajuste el interruptor de la videocmara en la modalidad M.REC o en la VCR. M.REC MODE 2. Pulse el botn MEN. INITIAL s Aparece la lista del men CAMERA A/V 3. Gire el DIAL MEN hasta resaltar MEMORY MEMORY QUALITY VIEWER PRINT MARK (memoria). PROTECT 4. Pulse el DIAL MEN para acceder al submen. DELETE FORMAT 5. Gire el DIAL MEN hasta resaltar QUALITY (calidad) en el submen. 6. Pulse el DIAL MEN M.REC MODE 7. Seleccione la calidad de la imagen MEMORY SET por medio del DIAL MEN. S.H.Q QUALITY s Pulse el DIAL MEN para 000 S.H.Q FINE H.Q confirmar la calidad de la HIGH S.Q STANDARD imagen s Si sale del submen sin pulsar el DIAL MEN, la modalidad de calidad no cambia. 8. Para salir, pulse el botn Men. q Nmero de imgenes de la tarjeta SmartMediaCard.
q Number of images on the SmartMediaCard.
8MB Built-in memory Approx.60 Approx.120 Approx.240
8MB de memoria Aprox. 60 Aprox. 120 Aprox. 240
The actual number that you can record varies depending on the image size.
El nmero real de imgenes que se pueden grabar vara segn su tamao.
Recording Still images to a SmartMediaCard in M.REC Mode.
1 You cannot record moving Pictures onto a SmartMediaCard. 1 Audio cannot be recorded onto the SmartMediaCard.
Grabacin de imgenes fijas en una tarjeta SmartMediaCard
1 En una tarjeta SmartMediaCard no se pueden grabar imgenes en movimiento. 1 En una tarjeta SmartMediaCard no se puede grabar sonido. Grabacin de imgenes en una tarjeta SmartMediaCard 1. Ajuste la videocmara en la modalidad M.REC. 2. Pulse ligeramente el botn PHOTO (hasta la mitad) y mantngalo as. s Si no quiere grabar suelte el botn.
Recording images to a SmartMediaCard. 1. Set the mode switch to M.REC. 2. Press the PHOTO button lightly (about halfway down) and hold it. s If you do not wish to record, release the pressure from the button. 3. Press the PHOTO button fully down. s The still image is recorded to the SmartmediaCard. s While the camcorder is recording the still image, appear on the screen.


M.REC Mode


3. Pulse completamente el botn PHOTO. s La imagen fija se graba en la tarjeta SmartMediaCard. s Mientras se graba la imagen aparece en la pantalla la seal .
Recording an image from a cassette as a still image. 1 You can record still image from a cassette onto a SmartMediaCard. 1 If you want to recorded multiple still images from a cassette to a SmartMediaCard, use the COPY function. 1. Set the power switch to VCR mode. 2. Playback the cassette. 3. Press the PHOTO button lightly(about halfway down) and press it, when the image you want to record appears. s The tape is set to play back pause (STILL) mode. s If you want to change the captures image without recording, release the PHOTO button and select image again. 4. Press the PHOTO button fully down. s The still image is recorded to the SmartmediaCard. s While the camcorder is recording the still image, appear on the screen.

botn (DELETE) (borrar) en los botones de funciones. Al pulsar el botn (DELETE) aparecer la seal DELETE REALLY? (est seguro de que la quiere borrar?). Si lo pulsa de nuevo se borrar la imagen.
Formatting a SmartMediaCard
1 You can use the MEMORY FORMAT functions to completely delete all images and options on a SmartMediaCard, including protected images. 1 The format function restores the SmartMediaCard to its initial states. 1 The SmartMediaCard supplied with this camcorder has been formatted already. Attention 1 If you execute the MEMORY FORMAT function, all images will be erased completely and erased images cannot be recovered. 1. Set the mode switch to the M.PLAY mode. 2. Press the MENU button. 3. Turn the MENU DIAL to highlight MEMORY and Push the MENU DIAL. s The sub menu will appear. 4. Select FORMAT from the list and Push the MENU DIAL. 5. ALL FILES ARE DELETED! FORMAT REALLY? appears on the screen. 6. Using the MENU DIAL, select the item. s NO : To return to previous menu s YES : To start formatting. 7. Push the MENU DIAL. 8. To exit the menu, press the MENU button.
Formateado de una tarjeta SmartMediaCard
1 Para eliminar por completo las imgenes y las opciones de la tarjeta SmartMediaCard se pueden emplear las funciones MEMORY FORMAT (formato de memoria). 1 La funcin Formato restablece la SmartMediaCard a su estado original. 1 La tarjeta SmartMediaCard que se suministra junto con la videocmara ya est formateada. Atencin 1 Si ejecuta la funcin MEMORY FORMAT, todas las imgenes se borran y no se pueden recuperar. 1. Ajuste la videocmara en la modalidad M.PLAY. 2. Pulse el botn MEN. 3. Gire el DIAL MEN hasta resaltar MEMORY y despus plselo. s Aparecer el submen. 4. Seleccione en la lista la opcin FORMAT y pulse el DIAL MEN. 5. Aparecer en la pantalla la seal: ALL FILES ARE DELETED! FORMAT REALLY? (Todos los archivos estn borrados! Est seguro de que desea formatear?) 6. Seleccione la opcin por medio del DIAL MEN. s NO: Se regresa al men anterior. s YES (s): Comienza el formateado. 7. Pulse el DIAL MEN. 8. Para salir del men, pulse el botn MEN.
After finishing a recording
1 At the end of a recording you must remove the power source. 1 When recording with a Lithium Ion Battery Pack, leaving the pack on the camcorder can reduce the life span of the battery. Hence, it should be removed from the camcorder. After completing a recording session 1. Slide the TAPE EJECT switch in the direction of the arrow. s Opening the cassette door ejects the tape automatically. s Please wait while the tape is completely ejected. 2. After removing the tape, close the door and store the camcorder in a dust free environment. s Dust and other foreign materials can cause square-shaped noise or jerky images. 3. Set the power switch to the OFF mode.

1 Before contacting a service centre, perform the following simple checks. They may save you the time and expense of an unnecessary call. Self Diagnosis Display
Display Blinking slow 2MIN


1 Antes de ponerse en contacto con el centro de servicio haga las siguientes comprobaciones. Es posible que le ahorren el tiempo y el coste de una llamada innecesaria. Pantalla de Autodiagnsticos
Action Change to a charged one. Prepare a new one. Change to a new one. Insert a tape. If you want to record, release the protection. 1. Eject the tape. 2. Set to OFF. 3. Detach the battery. 4. Reattach the battery. * If unresolved contact your local service representative. see below. Lento 2MIN
Informs that. the battery pack is almost discharged. When the remaining time of the tape is. about 2 minutes the tape reached its end. there is no tape in camcorder. the tape is protected to record. the camcorder has some mechanical fault.


Parpadeo Lento Lento No Lento Lento Lento

Indica que

La batera est casi descargada. Reemplcela por una cargada. El tiempo restante de grabacin es Prepare una cinta nueva. de unos 2 minutos. La cinta ha llegado al final. Cmbiela por una nueva. No hay cinta en la videocmara. La cinta est protegida contra la grabacin. La videocmara tiene alguna avera mecnica. Introduzca una cinta. Si desea grabar, suelte la proteccin. 1.Extraiga la cinta. 2.Ponga la videocmara en OFF. 3.Retire la batera. 4.Vuelva a colocar la batera. * Si no puede resolver el problema, pngase en contacto con el centro de servicio.

slow no slow slow slow


.D L C R

moisture condensation has formed in the camcorder.
Se ha condensado humedad en la Ver ms abajo. videocmara.
Moisture Condensation 1 If the camcorder is brought directly from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may condense inside the camcorder, on the surface of the tape, or on the lens. In this condition, the tape may stick to the head drum and be damaged or the unit may not operate correctly. To prevent possible damage under these circumstances, the camcorder is fitted with a moisture sensor. 1 If there is moisture inside the camcorder, (DEW) is displayed. If this happens, none of the functions except cassette ejection will work. Open the cassette compartment and remove the battery. Leave the camcorder for at least two hours in a dry warm room.

No hay imgenes grabadas Grabe imgenes nuevas. en la SMC o en la memoria. La tarjeta o la memoria estn Retire la etiqueta de protegidas contra la grabacin. proteccin. Cuando se trata de eliminar Cancele la proteccin de la imagen. una imagen protegida. La videocmara no reproduce las cintas. La videocmara no graba. La tarjeta o la memoria se tienen que formatear. Cuando se est borrando un archivo. Cuando se est formateando la memoria. Cuando se est copiando un archivo. Formatee la tarjeta o la memoria o inserte una tarjeta grabada. Formatee la tarjeta o la memoria o inserte una tarjeta nueva. Formatee la tarjeta o la memoria. Espere hasta el fin del borrado. Espere hasta que la memoria se acabe de formatear. Espere hasta que el archivo se acabe de copiar.
Lento Lento Lento Lento Lento
1 If these instructions do not allow you to solve the problem, contact your nearest authorized service centre.
1 Si las siguientes instrucciones no le permiten solucionar el problema, pngase en contacto con un centro de servicio autorizado.
Sntoma No es posible encender la videocmara El botn START/STOP no funciona mientras se graba. Explicacin/Solucin Compruebe la batera o el adaptador de corriente CA. Compruebe que el interruptor est ajustado en la posicin CAM. Se ha llegado al final del casete. Compruebe la pestaa de proteccin contra la grabacin del casete.
Symptom You cannot switch the camcorder on START/STOP button does not operate while recording The camcorder goes off automatically. The battery pack is quickly exhausted. When you see a blue screen during playback A vertical strip appears on the screen when recording a dark background. The image in the viewfinder is blurred. Auto focus does not work. Play, FF or REW button does not work. When you see the broken block image during the EDIT SEARCH.
Explanation/Solution Check the battery pack or the AC Power Adapter. Check the POWER switch is set to CAM. You have reached the end of the cassette. Check the record protection tab on the cassette. You have left the camcorder set to STBY for more than 5 minutes without using it. The battery pack is fully exhausted. The atmospheric temperature is too low. The battery pack has not been charged fully. The battery pack is completely dead, and cannot be recharged, Use another battery pack. The video heads may be dirty. Clean the head with a cleaning tape. The contrast between the subject and the background is too great for the camcorder to operate normally. Make the background bright to reduce the contrast or use the BLC function while you are recording brighter. The Viewfinder lens has not been adjusted. Adjust the viewfinder control lever until the indicators displayed on the viewfinder come into sharp focus. Check the M.FOCUS menu. Auto focus does not work in the Manual Focus mode. Check the POWER switch. Set the power switch to VCR. You have reached the beginning or end of the cassette. It is the characteristic of this camcorder and it is not a failure or defect.



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