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1004wv02 Samsung WS-28MO64


12:11 PM

Page 54


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28in 16:9 TV 50Hz pictures One RGB Scart Flat tube S-video input

Samsung WS-28M064

FEATURES 28in 16:9 TV; 50Hz pictures; autotuning; graphic equaliser for sound; pic and sound presets; noise reduction; tilting; Melody, Pseudo stereo and virtual surround; child lock; teletext; dimensions: 447(h) x 495(d) x 780(w)mm; weight: 38kg SOCKETS Composite video input; S-video input; headphone jack; stereo audio input; 2 Scarts (1 RGB); RF input; stereo audio output CONTACT 0303 TEST DATA Colour: good minimal bleed, hard edges but traces of tizzing interference Convergence: excellent no serious bleed anywhere Geometry: good no major curvature issues to worry about Frequency Response: fair little detail to speak of beyond 4.8MHz For a full explanation of test data, see page 128

28in widescreen TV 400

The sets sound is middling in quality too. On the plus side it accepts its own limitations and keeps its maximum volume low enough to ensure theres no distortion or cabinet vibration. Dialogue retains clarity even during full-on sonic maelstroms too. But the depth of bass available is distinctly limited and theres no great width or precision to the soundstage. In some ways, its difficult to find too much fault with the WS-28M064. Theres nothing about it thats actually bad, which is a boon in itself on a 400 TV. However, at the same time theres nothing to really make it stand out either John Archer
Big buttons and a good layout
amsungs CRT TV strategy seems pretty simple these days: keep the feature count low and flog em off cheap. We recently saw a basic 32in digital TV from the Korean giant going for a puny 750. Now we have on our test benches the WS-28M064: a 28in analogue TV that can be yours for the princely sum of 400. At least the WS-28M064 manages to look like its worth more than 400, thanks to the modicum of style created by the minimalist sheerness of the screen surround. Its only when you get up close and personal that you realise how plasticky the finish feels. When it comes to connections, the WS-28M064 offers two Scarts (one RGB), stereo audio output and input, a composite video input, an S-video input and a headphone jack. We might have wished for more, such as a third Scart, but frankly, to expect anything more of a 400 TV simply wouldnt be fair. Not surprisingly, the WS-28M064 isnt exactly a treasure trove of fancy features either. Theres a graphic equaliser for audio, a bunch of audio and picture presets, digital picture noise reduction, a Virtual Surround system and thats about it in terms of anything with genuine novelty value. Setting up the TV is reasonably easy and includes the handy option to tilt the picture to correct sloping caused by the earths magnetic field. The only irritating thing is the autotuning, which has to be the slowest system weve ever come across. Never mind putting the kettle
on, you could mow the lawn while the WS-28M064 sorts itself out!


This wouldnt be so bad if the wait resulted in tip-top pictures but actually, the WS-28M064s visuals are uninspiring. By which we mean that while they dont really do anything hideously wrong, neither do they set the world on fire in any specific department. Take the contrast range, for instance. While weve certainly seen worse at this price point, there is still enough of a grey mist over dark areas to reduce the pictures depth of field. The same problem also rather mutes colours but fortunately, the WS-28M064s colours, while not very vigorous, are at least very natural in tone and seem to stay well contained within their proper boundaries. The picture also looks rather soft and imprecise but not distractingly so and at least we didnt spot any other flaws, such as loss of focus or convergence problems into the corners. The 50Hz flicker is inevitably an issue at times but there doesnt seem to be much of the kinking around really bright picture portions that afflicts so many other budget 50Hz TVs. The net result of all these pros and cons is, as we implied earlier, averageness. Still, these flaws wouldnt have mattered so much, given the WS-28M064s price, were it not for one final glitch namely faint streaking echoes across the screen from particularly bright points in a picture, such as street lamps against a night sky.



Streaking; muted colours

SHARP 28LF-92H The same money and very similar but with arguably better sound but slightly worse pictures Reviewed: July 04 PANASONIC TX-28DT4 Now available discounted to only 30 more, yet offers a digital tuner and better all-round performance Reviewed: Oct 03


Fair value but nothing special in performance terms



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