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snasti 8:13am on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
Great little set for the money I just bought this LCD and set it up today. I think for the money it is a great set.
sarahovies 8:29am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
Nice little TV, but could use headset plug. I used this TV for a monitor for my XBOX, but now use it to watch while on my treadmill. FANTASTIC TV !! I bought this TV to replace a 26" / 75lb bulky black one & am I ever THRILLED!! This TV is easy to set up, only 16lbs.
colintu 1:17pm on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 
takes a licking II got this TV at Walmart for $349, I used it as a monitor for my security cameras for 6 months.
rsimkins 10:33am on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
I recommend this product, great picture quality, exceptional sound...ease of product...good price. none

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Expandable Cordless Telephone with Touch Sensitive Keypad
CLT-D6620 CLT-D6620(WH) Dual Handset Models CLT-D6622 CLT-D6622(WH) Triple Handset Models CLT-D6623 CLT-D6623(WH)
The picture depicts dual handset model


Charge the handset battery for 15 continuous hours prior to first use. SANYO Canada Inc.


INTRODUCTION.... 4 Main features.... 4 Package contents... 5 NAMES AND CONTROLS... 6. Touch handset.... 6 Base unit(cradle)... 7 LCD display symbols... 7 TOUCH PHONE USE AND HANDLING... 8. SAFETY AND CARE... 8 Safety and care... 8. Caring for your product... 9 Caution.... 9 GETTING STARTED... 10. Choose the best location... 10 Connecting the base unit... 10 Connecting the charger ( For multi-handsets model)..11 Handset battery pack...11 Activating and charging the handset battery pack..11 Telephone line connection... 12 Low battery warning.... 12. Attaching the belt clip... 13 BASIC FUNCTIONS.... 13 Standby mode and sleep mode... 13 Making and receiving calls... 13. PHONEBOOK.... 16 Storing numbers.... 16 Deleting numbers... 17. Editing numbers... 18 Calling stored numbers... 19 CALLER ID DISPLAY... 19 Caller ID with call waiting... 19 Call log.... 19 Viewing / calling Caller ID records.. 20 Saving Caller ID records in phonebook.. 20 Formatting Caller ID numbers.. 21. Deleting Caller ID records.. 21
Deleting all Caller ID records... 21 Missed calls.... 22 Message waiting.... 22 HANDSET SETTINGS... 23 Navigate handset menus... 23 List of submenus... 24 Change display settings... 25 To assign a name to a handset... 25 Change ring and key tones... 26 Handset reception... 26 HANDSET SPECIAL FEATURES... 27 Phone setup.... 27 Smart key lock and manual key lock... 27 Area code.... 28 Baby call.... 28 Auto answer.... 28. Clock and alarm settings... 29 MULTI HANDSETS FUNCTIONS.. 30 Registration... 30 RESET... 32 DEFAULT SETTINGS... 33 TROUBLESHOOTING... 33 CHANGING THE BATTERY... 35 POWER FAILURE... 35. RECYCLING NICKEL- METAL HYDRIDE BATTERIES. 36 HEADSET JACK... 36 MAINTENANCE.... 36 MAXIMIZE BATTERY PERFORMANCE... 37 TECHNICAL INFORMATION.. 38. SANYO COMFORT WARRANTY... 40. SOS HELP LINE... 42
The exclamation point within the triangle is a warning sign alerting you of important instructions accompanying the product.


Congratulations on your purchase of this SANYO Digital cordless telephone with TOUCH keypad. Your stylish SANYO expandable cordless telephone is a finequality home communications product. It is carefully designed to provide a clear and interference-free calling experience and incorporates features that make phone company services like Caller ID and Call Waiting easier to use. With proper maintenance and care, it will provide you with years of enjoyment and convenience.

Main features

Touch Keypad with Smart Key Lock Multiple Base and Handset Capability 60 Phonebook Records with Search and Edit Function 20 Record Last Number Redial Records 40 Incoming Caller ID Records 10 Polyphonic Melodies and 4 Traditional Ring Tones
Handset Speakerphone Intercom / Call Transfer / Conference Call Capability(For multi handset models) Mute / Redial Functions Message Waiting / Missed Calls Notification Clock / Alarm Functions Multiple Language Display Standby Time 120 hours Talk Time 7 hours


Choose the best location
When choosing a location for your new phone, here are some import guidelines you should consider: 1. The location should be close to both a phone jack and a continuous power outlet ( one which is not connected to a switch). 2. The base and handset should be kept away from sources of electrical noise such as motors, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lighting. 3. For better reception, place the base as high as possible. 4. The base should be placed in an open area for optimum range and reception.

Connecting the base unit

Plug the AC adapter into the POWER DC 6V jack on the back of the base. Plug the other end into a standard 120V AC wall outlet.
Connecting the charger ( For multi-handset model)
Plug the AC adapter into the POWER DC 6V jack on the back of the charger. Plug the other end into a standard 120V AC wall outlet.
CAUTION: Use only the SANYO AC adapter that is supplied with this phone. Using another AC adapter may damage the phone.

Handset battery pack

The handset uses 1 x NiMH 650 mAh 3.6V (AAA) rechargeable battery pack. The removable battery pack is already pre-installed in the handset for you. NOTE: Before using the handset and to prolong battery life, place the handset in the base handset cradle and charge for at least 15 hours. WARNING: There is a risk of explosion if battery pack is replaced with the incorrect battery pack type. Dispose of the used battery pack according to the instructions. Activating and charging the handset battery pack To activate and charge the handset battery pack: 1. Pull the battery contact tab out slowly and remove as shown. 2. Place the handset in the cradle of the base unit. 3. The battery icon on the display will flash and the base indicator light will turn on to indicate the handset is charging. 4. Charge battery pack for at least 15 hours prior to first use. 5. When the battery is fully charged, the battery icon will appear. will stop flashing and
Telephone line connection
Once the handset battery is fully charged, connect the telephone line cord to the THE LINE jack on the back of the base. Plug the other end into a telephone outlet.

Low battery warning

The battery icon indicates the battery status: FULL EMPTY
1. If the battery power is low, and the phone is in TALK mode, a warning tone will sound from the handset and ' LOW BATTERY ' will appear on the screen. 2. If the battery is low and the phone is in STANDBY mode, ' LOW BATTERY ' will appear on the screen. Removing and replacing handset battery pack After years of use,all NiMH rechargeable batteries loose the ability to hold a full charge and may need to be replaced. The handset uses 1 NiMH 650 mAh 3.6V (AAA) rechargeable battery pack. Only replace with an approved battery pack available through SANYO. Contact the SANYO Customer Service Center at 1-800-263-2244 to order. WARNING:There is a risk of explosion if battery pack is replaced with an incorrect type. Dispose of used battery pack according to your local waste management guidelines. To install a replacement handset battery pack: 1. Remove the battery door cover on the telephone handset. 2. Insert the battery pack according to polarity engraved as shown. 3. Slide the cover back on so that it clicks firmly into place.

NOTE: Before using the handset and to prolong battery life, place the handset in the base handset cradle and charge for at least 15 hours.

Attaching the belt clip

Belt clip installation 1. Attach the belt clip by inserting the sides of the belt clip into the slots. 2. Snap the ends of the belt clip into place.


Standby mode and sleep mode
When the handset has been inactive for a while, it will enter sleep mode and the LCD backlight and key lights will switch off. Touch any key to return to standby mode. The LCD backlight and key lights will activate to indicate standby mode. To adjust the time from standby to sleep mode, please refer to HANDSET SETTINGS - CHANGE DISPLAY SETTINGS (page 25). NOTE: If keylock is on you will need to unlock phone to enter standby mode.
Making and receiving calls
To make a call: to get a dial tone. Touch Enter destination phone number using 0 - 9. If you make an error, touch to cancel.
To pre-dial a call Enter destination phone number using 0 - 9. If you make an error, touch to cancel or touch to delete the wrong numbers and re-enter. to insert a 3 second pause in the dialing. P will appear You can touch on the screen to indicate where the pause will occur. Touch to dial. To answer a call:. Remove the handset from the base unit and touch NOTE: When making or answering calls bring the top of handset (receiver) to your ear before speaking. Once the receiver has made contact with your ear, the units Smart Key Lock function will automatically lock the handset keys and you may bring the bottom of the handset (microphone) closer to your lips and speak into the microphone. Handle the handset with care to avoid acci- dentally triggering the keys.
To activate speakerphone during a call:. SPKR will appear on the handset display to While in Talk mode, touch indicate speakerphone is activated. again to deactivate speakerphone and return to Talk mode Touch during a call. TALK will appear on the handset display to indicate talk mode is activated. To end a call:. Touch OR Place the handset into the base cradle. To redial a call: To redial the last dialed number, touch OR Touch Use Touch or. , then touch.
to access a list of the previous 20 dialed numbers. to scroll through and select the desired number.
Flash key: Use the flash/clear key to activate custom calling services such as Call Waiting. Touch to answer the incoming call and place your existing call on hold. Touch to toggle between calls. NOTE: You must subscribe to Caller ID with Call Waiting Service from your local telephone company. To adjust volume during call: or to raise or lower the volume. Touch To mute the microphone during call: To have a private, off-line conversation, use the MUTE feature. The caller on the other end of the line cannot hear you, but you can still hear them. Touch Touch to activate mute, ' MUTE ' shows on the screen. again to return to your phone conversation.

Temporary touch-tone access (* TONE ) This feature enables Pulse service phone users to access touch-tone services offered by banks, credit card companies, etc. Dial the desired number. after your call is answered. Touch Follow the voice instructions to complete your desired action. Hang up when finished. The phone returns to Pulse service. Handset locator (Paging function) This feature helps to locate a misplaced handset. Press PAGE on the base, the screen shows 'PAGING'. The handset beeps continuously for about 2 minutes or until you touch any key on the handset. To stop the paging, do one of the following: Press PAGE on the base. to enter talk mode. Touch Touch any key on the handset.


The phonebook can store up to 60 phone numbers (of up to 24 digits) and names (up to 16 characters).

Storing numbers

1. Touch 2. Touch 3. Touch.
.The cursor is pointing to ADD RECORD. again to confirm.
NOTE: When the memory is full, you will hear a beep and 'PHONEBOOK FULL' appears. You cannot store names and numbers. 4. Enter the name using 1 - 9 (see TO INPUT NAMES below). 5. 6. Touch to confirm and save name. Enter the number using 1 - 9, *, #. If you wish to add a pause, touch key at the desired location. 'P' will appear on the screen. Each pause counts as one digit.
7. Touch to confirm and save entry. NOTE: A number can be saved without entering a name. To input names: 1. Touch a number key (0-9) repeatedly within one second until the desired character appears. 2. Touch a different key to input the next character or if the next character uses the same number key, you must wait for 1 second until the cursor move to next digit and then touch the same number key to input character. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the name is entered.
Using handset keys to enter text Characters are entered by touching the 0 - 9 keys. A consecutive touch of the same key will enter a different character according to the table below: KEY CAPITAL LETTERS SPACE 1 _ - + = ^. , ; : ABC2 DEF3 GHI4 JKL5 MNO6 PQRS7 TUV8 WXYZ ( ) [ ] < > { } * # ? ! $ &% / \ | ~ SMALL LETTERS SPACE 1 _ - + = ^. , ; : abc2 def3 ghi4 jkl5 mno6 pqrs7 tuv8 wxyz9 0()[]<>{} * # ? ! $ &% / \ | ~

Change between capital and small letters To delete the previous character To enter text To exit to the main menu

Deleting numbers

To delete 1 entry: 1. Touch 2. Touch 3. Touch 4. Use. or. or to select DELETE RECORD. or alphabetic search to select the entry you wish to delete.
5. Touch 6. Touch 1. Touch 2. Touch delete. 3. Touch 4. Touch 1. Touch 2. Touch 3. Use 4. Touch. and to select DELETE ALL. to confirm,''DELETE ALL?" shows on screen. and. to confirm delete. or alphabetic search to select the entry you wish to to confirm selection, ''DELETE ?'' shows on screen. to confirm delete.

To delete all entries:

5. Touch again to delete all.

Editing numbers

1. Touch 2. Touch 3. Touch 4. Use 5. Touch 6. Touch . and. and
or alphabetic search to select the entry you wish to edit. to select EDIT RECORD.
to confirm. key to delete characters and then use 0- 9 keys to re-enter the
to confirm.If the name does not need to be modified, touch name, touch to edit the number.
7. Use 0 - 9 keys and key to edit the number,Touch or to move the cursor left or right to edit the number. 8. Touch to confirm.

Calling stored numbers

1. Touch 2. Touch OR . and to scroll to the entry you wish to dial.
Touch the 1 - 9 key corresponding to the 1st letter of the entry and use and to select name you are seeking; for example names beginning with R touch 7 three times.The first location that begins with the letter you entered appears. to dial.

3. Touch

You must subscribe to Caller ID service through you local telephone company to use these feature.If a caller number matches one of the number in the phonebook, the display will show the name information in the stored memory even if the incoming call does not have the name. NOTE: Check with your local telephone company regarding name service.
Caller ID with call waiting
When you subscribe to Caller ID with Call Waiting service from your telephone company, you are able to see who is calling when you hear the Call Waiting beep. Caller identification information appears on screen after you hear the beep. Touch key to put the current call on hold so that you can answer the incoming call. To return to the first call, touch again.

to review the call log. The number of new and total calls will to select the Caller ID record you wish to delete. to select 'DELETE RECORD'.
to confirm.'DELETE ?' shows on screen. to confirm and delete the Caller ID record. to review the call log. The number of new and total calls will to select the Caller ID record you wish to delete. to delete.
or 1. Touch be displayed. 2. Use 3. Touch or

to confirm. 4. Touch

Deleting all Caller ID records
1. Touch or to review the call log. The number of new and total calls will be displayed. 2. Use 3. Touch 4. Touch 5. Touch 6. Touch or or to select any record. to select ' DELETE ALL '.
to confirm. 'DELETE ALL? ' shows on screen. to confirm and delete all Caller ID records.

Missed calls

If you miss a call, ' MISSED CALL' will appear on screen during standby mode. To view your missed calls use and to enter and browse the call log (see Viewing / calling caller ID records page 20). After you reviewed the call log, ' MISSED CALL ' will disappear. When you view the Caller ID of your missed calls the following notifications will appear: NEW indicates that the calls have not been reviewed. REPT indicates that you have received repeat calls from this same number.

Message waiting

If you subscribe to a Voice Mail service offered by your local telephone company, the phone alerts you when a voice mail message has been received. will appear on the screen and the backlight will flash. The base unit LED will flash. will disappear and the LED will stop flashing automatically once NOTE: all messages have been checked and deleted. NOTE: You must subscribe to this service from your local telephone company. To manually clear the message waiting indicators: and select the SECURITY SET menu and then the CLEAR MSG 1. Touch WAIT submenu. 2. Use 3. Touch or to select YES. to confirm.


Navigate handset menus
KEY FUNCTION To scroll up through current menu and submenu To scroll down through current menu and submenu To confirm selection To exit to previous menu To exit and return to standby mode
How to navigate menus: During Standby mode 1. Touch to enter a menu or submenu. to select the setting or menu. indicates selected menu to exit to the and 2. Use or setting.
3. Touch to confirm or select the next menu. Use previous menu.

TIP You cannot enter the menu if you are making a call or have pre-dialed any part of a phone number. When you have changed a setting the handset will beep and exit the menu.

List of submenus:

Standby Language Ring Setting Ringer Volume External Call Internal Call Ringer Tone External Call Internal Call Set Time Clock Setting Enter Time Alarm Off On Enter Time Display Format 12/24hr MM/DD or DD/MM Phone Setup Set Area Code Set Contrast Key Tone Auto Answer Baby Call Off On Enter Number Dial Mode Flash Time Handset Name BackLight Time Security Set Registration Deregistration Clear Msg Wait Select Base Set Default

Change display settings

The handset can display information in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. To c hange language: 1. Touch 2. Use 3. Touch and select Language submenu. and to select desired language. to confirm.
To adjust screen contrast: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the SET 1. Touch CONTRAST submenu. 2. Use or to change contrast. 3. Touch to confirm. To alter backlight time: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the BACKLIGHT 1. Touch TIME submenu. or 2. Use seconds). to change selected backlight time (20, 30, 40, 50 or 60

to confirm. 3. Touch

To assign a name to a handset
1. Touch and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the HANDSET NAME submenu. 2. Use 1-9 keys to enter a name. (see TO INPUT NAMES Page 16) 3. Touch to confirm.
Change ring and key tones
There is a choice of 10 polyphonic ring melodies and 4 ring tones. You can also choose from 4 key tones. To adjust ring volume: and select the RING SETTING menu and then the RING 1. Touch VOLUME submenu. 2. Use 3. Use 4. Touch NOTE: or or to select ' EXTERNAL CALL ' or ' INTERNAL CALL '. Touch to select volume level. (Select OFF to silence the ring tone). to confirm. will appear to indicate external ring tone is silenced if OFF is to confirm.
selected. To adjust ring tone: and select the RING SETTING menu and then the RING TONE 1. Touch submenu. 2. Use or to select ' EXTERNAL CALL ' or ' INTERNAL CALL '. Touch to confirm. 3. Use or to select ring tone. 4. Touch to confirm. To adjust key tone: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the KEY TONE 1. Touch submenu. 2. Use and to select key tone. 3. Touch to confirm.

Handset reception

Interference from other electrical appliances such as televisions,microwave oven or computer should be avoided. If you are out of range or the signal is interrupted will disappear and OUT OF RANGE will be displayed. NOTE: Due to radio interference occasional loss of synchronization between the handset and base unit may occur. If this happens the base unit will very quickly switch to another channel automatically to restore synchronization.


In addition to the basic functions, your handset also has a number of special features.

Phone setup

To set the dial mode: If you have Touch-Tone service, do nothing as your phone has been set to Tone prior to shipment. If you do not know which type of service you have, contact your local telephone company. and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the DIAL MODE 1. Touch submenu. 2. Use or to select PULSE or TONE. 3. Touch to confirm. To change flash time: 1. Touch and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the FLASH TIME submenu. 2. Use or to change selected flash time (100, 270, 300 or 600ms). 3. Touch to confirm.
Smart key lock and manual key lock
Smart Key Lock prevents the accidental activation of keys during a call. A sensor inside the top of handset where the receiver is located senses when your ear touches the receiver and automatically locks the keypad. To ensure the Smart Key Lock function is activated, make sure to place the handset receiver to your ear first before speaking into the handset microphone and avoid touching the keypad with your fingers until the handset receiver rests on your ear. Smart Key Lock will disengage as soon as you remove the handset receiver from your ear. A manual key lock can also be activated to prevent the accidental triggering of keys during standby mode or sleep mode. To activate / deactivate manual key lock: then immediately touch. will appear to In standby mode touch then indicate key lock is activated. To deactivate manual key lock, touch. immediately NOTE: key functions and the emergency When the keypad is locked, Only the call (911) can be made, enter the emergency number and touch directly.

When the keypad is locked, you will still be able to answer incoming calls, once the call has ended the keypad will remain locked.

Area code

To set area code: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the SET AREA 1. Touch CODE submenu. 2. Use 0- 9 to enter your 3-digit area code.

Baby call

Baby call allows you to set a number to automatically dial when any key (apart from ) is touched. To set baby call: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the BABY CALL 1. Touch submenu. 2. Use 3. Touch and to select ON. to delete numbers if an to confirm.

to confirm.

4. Use 0 - 9 to enter the baby call number. Touch error is made.
to confirm. 5. Touch If you want to dial other numbers you will need to switch baby call off.To deactivate baby call repeat steps 1 to 3, selecting OFF instead of ON.

Auto answer

When the AUTO ANSWER is set to ON, simply remove the handset from the cradle and the phone automatically answers the call. To set auto answer: and select the PHONE SETUP menu and then the AUTO 1. Touch ANSWER submenu. 2. Use or to select ON or OFF. 3. Touch to confirm.

Clock and alarm setting

If you subscribe to Caller ID service from your local telephone company, the time will be updated automatically when received a call. If you do not subscribe to Caller ID service, you will need to set the time manually. To set the time: and select the SET TIME menu and then the CLOCK SETTING 1. Touch submenu. or to 2. Use 0 - 9 to enter the time. If you make a wrong enter, use to toggle AM / move the cursor to the incorrect digit and re-enter.(Use PM if 12 hour display format is selected). to confirm. 3. Touch To change time display format 1. Touch and select the SET TIME menu and then the DISPLAY FORMAT submenu. 2. Use 3. Touch 4. Use 5. Touch 1. Touch 2. Use or or or to select 12 / 24 hour format. to confirm. to select day-month format 'MM/DD' or ' DD/MM'. to confirm. and select the SET TIME menu and then the ALARM submenu. to select ON.

To set the alarm

3. Touch to confirm. 4. Use 0 - 9 to enter alarm time. to confirm. 5. Touch To switch the alarm to off, repeat steps 1-3, selecting 'OFF' instead of ' ON'. NOTE: indicates alarm is set. When the reminder occurs, your phone will ring. To stop alarm tone, simply touch the keypad. If the keypad is not touched, alarm will ring for 1 minute and then automatically turn off. If the alarm is activated during a call, you will hear two alarm tone and alarm icon flashes.


If you have more than one handset, you can enjoy an intercom call between handsets. You can also establish a conference call (between two handsets and outside).


The handset and base unit are factory pre-registered with each other. Therefore, the unit should be in full working order out of the box. When you purchase an additional handset, you have to register it to the base unit in order to make and answer calls. You can register up to 3 more handsets to make and answer calls via the same base unit. Handsets are numbered 1 to 4. If your handset is not registered to the base "NOT REGISTERED" will display on the handset. The handset must first be registered to the base to be used. To register a new handset: and select the SECURITY SET menu and then the 1. Touch REGISTRATION submenu. 2. Use 3. Touch or to select the base number you wish to register to. to confirm.

4. Enter the 4 digit PIN code (default 0000) and touch , you will see the message: 'REGISTERING'. 5. Press and hold the PAGE key on the base until the Charge/In use LED flashes. 6. REGISTRATION ACCEPTED indicates that handset is registered. RETRY? indicates that registration has failed. Touch to retry or to quit. To select a base unit on your handset: Your telephone supports up to 4 base units. After you register 1 handset to 4 base units, bases are numbered 1 to 4, you may select which one to use. 1. Touch and select the SECURITY SET menu and then the SELECT BASE submenu. or to select the base number or AUTO (automatically selects 2. Use the nearest base). to confirm. 3. Touch 4. ACCEPTED indicates that base has been selected. RETRY? indicates to retry or to quit. that selection has failed. Touch
To de-register a handset: and select the SECURITY SET menu and then the 1. Touch DEREGISTRATION submenu. or to select the handset number for de-registration. 2. Use 3. Touch to confirm. Wait for handset to de-register from the base unit. 4. DEREGISTRATION ACCEPTED indicates that handset is de-registered. To make an internal call: 1. Touch 2. Use or to select the handset you wish to call and touch handset number directly. or enter
to answer the call. If you turn 3. The called handset rings and can touch AUTO ANSWER on, simply pick up the handset from the cradle. 4. To end the call, touch on either handset. NOTE: If an external call is received during an internal call, you will hear a ringer tone from the receiver. Touch to termnate the internal call and touch to answer the external call. If the called handset does not answer within two minutes, the operation is canceled. If the called handset is out of range, the calling handset return to standby mode. To transfer an external call: during a call. 1. Touch 2. Use or to select a handset you wish to call and touch or enter the handset number directly. If the selected handset is not available or the called handset does not answer the call within 2 minutes, will return to the external call automatically. NOTE: To cancel the transfer, touct on the calling handset, will return to the external call. 3. The called handset can touch to answer. If you turn AUTO ANSWER on, simply pick up the handset from the cradle. on the NOTE: To toggle between the internal and external call, touch calling handset. 4. To transfer the call, touch on the calling handset or place the handset in the cradle.


Battery replacement and handling
When the operating time becomes short even after a battery is recharged, please replace the battery. With normal usage, your battery should last approximately one year. For a replacement battery, please contact your place of purchase or fill out and mail the enlosed form. CAUTION: Use only the specified battery pack type (Ni-MH 3.6V, 650mAh). Do not remove the battery from the handset to charge it. Never throw the battery into a fire, disassemble it, or heat it. Do not remove or damage the battery casing. Remove battery if storing the phone for over 30 days.
Make sure the telephone is off before you replace the battery.
1. Slide off the battery compartment cover. 2. Remove the battery pack from the compartment. 3. Insert the new battery pack according to the polarity engraved. NOTE: Please refer to the TO INSTALL A REPLACEMENT BATTERY PACK section Page 12. 4. Put the battery compartment cover back on. 5. Place handset on the base to charge for 15 hours. Charge the handset battery for 15 continuous hours prior to first use. The initial battery charge is important for best performance. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire or personal injury, use a NI-MH 3.6 V, 650mAh battery. Replacement part number : 3SN-AAA


When power is off, you will not be able to make or receive calls with the telephone.
NICKEL-METAL HYDRIDE BATTERIES MUST BE DISPOSED OF PROPERLY. Please take your used battery pack to a store that recycles Ni-MH batteries.Call 1-800-822-8837 or go to


Headset connection (Headset not included)
For hands free conversation, connect the headset (not included) to the HEADSET jack. The handset earpiece and microphone are disabled when the headset is connected. Touch to answer or place a call while using the headset. For purchasing, servicing or replacement please contact our service center.
SANYO Canada Inc. 1-300 Applewood Cres. Concord, Ont. L4K 5C7 (905) 760-9944 1-800-263-2244


To keep your telephone working and looking good, follow these guidelines: Avoid putting the phone near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps). Do not expose to direct sunlight or moisture. Avoid dropping the phone, and other rough treatment to the phone. Clean the phone with a soft cloth. Never use a strong cleaning agent or abrasive powder because this will damage the finish. Periodically clean the charge contacts on the handset and base with a clean pencil eraser. Retain the original packaging and your original sales receipt in case you need o ship the phone at a later date. t 36

The freedom that your cordless telephone can offer is fully dependent on the performance of the rechargeable battery in the handset. To maximize the battery performance, follow these guidelines:
Charge it for a full 15 hours
Before initial use of your new battery, charge it for 15 hours continuously. The proper initial charging is very important to maximize the battery performance.

Keep the contacts clean

You can never fully recharge the battery if the contacts are dirty. Clean all the contacts - two at the bottom of the handset and two in the base cradle - periodically. Use a clean pencil eraser or superfine steelwool to clean the charging contacts. Avoid touching the cabinet area of the phone, or scratches may occur.

Refresh battery

If your battery seems to need recharging more often than usual, it may have lost part of its charging capacity. To bring back its full capacity, try refreshing the battery: 1. First discharge the battery by leaving the handset in TALK mode until Battery Low indication turns on. (Disconnect the base from the telephone line, so that your line is not busy all the time.) 2. Then charge it for 15 continuous hours. 3. Repeat the above once more. As your phone use a Ni-MH battery you are free to leave your handset in the base charger for as long as you like, without affecting the performance of the battery life.


REN Number:
The Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) assigned to each terminals device provides an indication of the maximum number of terminals allowed to be connected to a telephone interface. The REN number of this phone is located on the bottom of the base unit. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of device subject only to the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all the devices does not exceed 5. the handset. This is usually only a minor annoyance and should not be interpreted as a defect of the phone.


Because radio frequencies are used, the location of the base station can affect the operating range of the phone. Try several locations and choose the one that gives the clearest signal to the handset. Generally, a central area on the highest floor in a multi-floor residence yields best results.


This product is intended for use in the USA and CANADA only. Sale or use in other countries may violate local laws. Cordless telephones use radio frequencies to allow mobility. This affects the performance of your phone.


Electrical pulse noise is present in most homes at one time or another. This is most intense during electrical storms. Certain kinds of electrical equipment, such as light dimmers, fluorescent bulbs, motors, fans, etc., also generate pulse noise. Because radio frequencies are susceptible to this, you may on occasion hear pulse noise through
Electronic circuits activate a relay to connect the unit to your telephone line. These electronic circuits operate in the radio frequency spectrum. While several protection circuits are used to prevent unwanted signals, there may be periods when these unwanted signals enter the base station. You may hear a click or hear the relay activate when you are not using the cordless handset. If this occurs frequently, or relocating the base station. 4. RADIO EQUIPMENT The term "IC:" before the radio certification number only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. Operation is subject to the following two conditions (as set by Industry Canada): (1) this device may not cause interference, and (2) this device must accept any
interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. with single-line individual service may be extended by means of a certified connector assembly (telephone extension cord). The customer should be aware that compliance with the above conditions may not prevent degradation of service in some situations. Repairs to certified equipment should be made by an authorized Canadian maintenance facility designated by the supplier. Any repairs or alterations made by the user to this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the telecommunications company cause to request that the user disconnect the equipment. The user should ensure for his own protection that the electrical ground connections of the power utility, telephone lines and internal metallic water pipe system, if present, are connected together. This precaution may be particularly important in rural areas.


Cordless telephones are radio devices. Communications between the handset and base of your cordless telephone are accomplished by means of radio waves which are broadcast over the open airways. Because of the inherent physical properties of radio waves, your communications can be received by radio receiving devices other than your own cordless telephone unit. Consequently, any communications using your cordless telephone may not be private. The Industry Canada Label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements. The ministry does not guarantee that the equipment will operate to the users satisfaction. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company. The equipment must also be installed using an acceptable method of construction. In some cases, the companys inside wiring associated


VOLUME 6 N0.53


4,'> ,

DECEMBER 30, 2000


2. The Weekerd Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 2000
~ o 10 New Years Resolutions p

d d d v '

d Make a new friend u' Join a communiiy group d Share your smile and your skils s/ Sirig a new song d Start u good habit
Volunteer Ask a tough question Learn soniething about yourself Challenge yourself to Grow 4 Strengthen your faith
ANDREA H A R O M A N was in charge of the fruit salad and was one of many volunteers working to put on a massive Christmas dinner for the Nisga'a community living in Terrace. Some 500 people attended the extravaaanza at the Kits u m k a l h Community Hall on Dec, 20. It took rriore than 15 large turkeys to ,feed everyone. The evening included music and a visit from Santa Claus, who danced with the children. There were also many g a m e s a n d prizes, with some of the proceeds going to help Terrace teams that have qualified io compete ai the All Native Basketball Tournament in Prince Rupert in February. Organizers said they appreciated the considerable support they got from local businesses to host the evening.
I invile YOU 10 su((eed at all of thex, by doing one sirnpie thing. Join a churth. Yes it starts off iimple, But I thollenge you to he o faithful member, who :or1 set on exarnple for otherr to follow. Thc pastor5 of 1hc Salvolion Army (hurh, It. Mithael & Tonia Spearr, offer this invitation 10 you. you ore invited to loin us Sunday at 11:OO uin for worrhip scrvi(cs. We (ire Ave. If you hove any questionr, please (011 635.544
There will be no garbage pick-up Monday, Dec. 25 Q T Jan. 1 Garbage will be picked up Tuesday, Dec. 26 and Jan. 2


dot5 you

clon't pay it hack.

BRITISH COLUMBIA 1-888-223-3366 E PI LE PSY SOCIETY /or bmr / l / / ~ ~ ~ t ~ / ~ i / / ~ / / /



What a

on neighbours like you! I couldn't have asked for a finer community to do business with. May your home be blessed with
contentment, prosperity and joy this holiday season. - ALL THE BEST IN 2001 -


B/AM"KITIMAT REALTY - 632-7000 (bus.) -Ask

for LuAnne

1, Altercation 5. Symbol 01 Lent. 8. One 12. Midway feature 13. Fragrant lavender Iowe r I 15. What the fourth little piggie had 16. Pernicious 17, Friend, to Juan 18. Laura of C/t/zenHufh 19. Excavated 21. Was unsleady 23. R-V link 24. Supplement 25. Brandywine, e g 26. Ocean vessel initials 27. Actor Raymond 28. Pete Townshend group, with "The" 31. Leona's man 34. Motivated by a Muse 36. Wrought 37. Commercial notices 38. Pianist Peter 39. Put an end to 42. Giver 43. Opposite of WNW 41. off (angry) 45. Itch 46. Pinocchio, before he learned his lasson 47. Antiperspirant brand 48. A laughing malter, a! the dentist

51. Marshy groiJnd 54. - lights 56. Actor Esrrada 57. Large African antelope 59,"She (1) 1 hit lor Alabama) (2 wds.) 60. Palomino's pride 61. Tears 62. Lasso formation 63. Ransom's car, for short 64. The Subject Roses 65. Dory accessories


1. Basset and Flintstone 2. Rosie's laslener 3. Fifi's farewell 4. Shrill cry 5. Aspired 6. Reached base, in a way 7. Harridan 8. Below 9. Chnstmas. Fr. 10. About (2 wds.) 11. Incline 13. Countries 14. Kitchen tools 20. Five - PleceS 22. FOEol the Clanton cian 25. Plays on words
26. F irehouse coffeepots 27. Lingered 28. Famed English architect 29. Courageous one 30. Incense's output 31. Nowhere 10 32. Tycoon Onassis et al. 33, "--- Mane" 35. Party 13 (2wds ) 37. Claim 40. Singer Redding 41. Aparlment dweller 42. Depress 45. Camden (Orioles' home) 46. Large ponds 47. Bobby or Barry of baseball 48. Type 01 salami 49. lritense devotion 50. Uses scissors 51. Informal message 52. Vocalized 53. Watermelon leftover 54. Novel by Zola 55. Angel topper 58. Ben Hur author Wallace
All Bed Linens Kitchen Linens Duvet Covers Pillow Cases Sheets Shams SALE STARTS JANUARY 2nd, 2001
Includes Synthetic and Dawn Products.
Opm Sunduys Skeena Mull Terraee

Noan-5:OCb pn

The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 3
By: John 6.Hsldstock Past President B.C. Wildlife Federation ,. __. --- - I

1-800-533-2293 I

For more info call our office at:

? Dr, P. A. Okimi

General Dentistry, Orthodontics, TMJ

Ncw patienti idcome

?GO-469 Park Ave 1

OIfice Hours

Mon - Thurs 8:OO a.m. - 430 p.m.

Terruce, B.C. V8G 1VS

[a%) - ] 1

MiTIMAT'S Shirley

Stekelenbury won a Soriy DVD after entering a Super-Valu draw sponsored by 0rviI le Redenba.ctie r.
6andida : Co mplement a r y CaI IB paig01
Few m y be aware that there is a short, compiellerlsive program combining herbal. dietary and nutritional adjustments that effectively makes us inhospitable for candida. Not a single "cureall*',it has been designed by a health professional to address deepseated concerris. Victory is attributed to the synergy of the supplemen'ls and diet. Patients who tried either one without the other had slow arid disappointing results. Four days was adequate for most, though in difficult cases a week long course of treatment was beneficial. While it's a healthy program, it's not to be used in conjunction with antibiotics, corticosteroids. oral contraceptives. cancer therapies, etc. Medical supervision may be indicated. An essential component of the program is good digestion. The health of an active stomach and intestines are key in building resistance and the immune system. Drinking plenty of water is important as well. For the program io succeed, consideration must be given to food allergies and to glucose blerance. Food choices and timing of meals are important. As the overgrowth of toxins pass away, we are advised to expect uncomfortable symptoms due to a healing crisis. This will pass by quickly, to hopefully remain in our past. Weight loss could be incurred. Yeast overgrowth is a great masquerader, often disguised as several seemingly unrelated conditions. Many of our habits encourage this condition, including our high-carbohydrate diets and dependence on antibiotics, A s a part of the holiday season, temptations to indulge in immune-suppressing, yeast-pronlotirlg foods and drink can be over-whelming. Perhaps we should all give consideration to a yeast cleanse foliow ing the festivities.

Redee,81e ir Lu e.h c1% 11 c11Ll I'C 1
Corner of Kingfisher and Nalabila - Phone 632-6962
FNST 648 - Misga'a Lang Verna Williams - Terrace
FNST 132 - GlTKSAN LANG Art Matthews - Hazelton
FNST 228 - Introduction to Linguistics Violet Bianco - Hazelton
Feast of the Holy Family SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30 7:38 p m. - Celebration of the Eucharist SUNRAY, DECEMBER 31 Y:OO a.m. & 11:I 5 a.m. - Celebration of the Eucharist
Sunday, Dec. 31 at 11 :OO p.m.

Worship Service

Kitirndt Presbyterian Church
Lahakas and Nalabila Blvd Rev Ina Golaiy Ph. 632-2044 or 632-3 I27


World Day of Prayer for Peace Monday, Jan. 1,2001 Mass at 11 :I 5 a.m.
FNSY 170 Nisga'a Culture Peter Nyce -Terrace FNST 302 - First Nations Health and Healing Lee Oates - Terrace FIUSi' 301 - Art and Material - BC First Nations Rocque Berthiaume - Terrace

Sunday, Dee. 31

10:30 a.m. Worship Service Everyone is welcome to join US
Mountain Wiew Alliance Church

1332 Lahakas N., Kitimat

FNST 426 - Dewsloping Language Material Margaret Anderson - Prince Rupert GEOGRAPHY 481 Resource Geography Wim Kok -Terrace and Prince Rupert
PSYC 427 CPOSS EdtuPaI Psychology Ted Altar --Terrace

- 632-4658

1340 Kingfisher Ave. -Phone: 632-6012 Pastor Bruce Greenwood


No Sunday S c h d 11:OO am Worship Speaker is Fred Rosebush 8:OO p n New Year's Eve Party


"Glory lo God in the , highest. and on earth good d toward l
SOCW 300 - Communication Skills Terry bejko - Terrace SOCW 301 Critical Social Work Practice Arlene Herman - Terrace SOCW 452 Crisis Intervention Bea Sarac -Terrace

Sunday, December 34

1I :OO a.m. - Morning Worship

:% :,- -

.! --p) d ---_.
9:OO p.m. New Year's Eve Service
Kingfisher & Albatross - Rev. John van Bmme Ph 632-7149 or 632-3336
Sunday School starts Sunday, January 7

Sunday, December 31

11:OQa.m.Serviceof Worship All Are Welcome
Courses Via Worldwide Web
EDUC 797 Cornp Exam - Bryan Hartman FNST 179 -- Metis Culture - Ralph Wright FNST 235 Issues in External Relations Margaret Anderson
Nave p ever considered how &&rent life would a r
Apostolic Churches of Pentecost Pastor Ken Cook
Note: Course delivery is subject to change and sufficient enrollmen t To obtain further information about UNBC or if you wish to apply, please contact the Northwest Regional Office located at:

One oftfie safety features of nattiral gas is its dour-a siiiell like ratten eggs. XF you stimell riaturd gas or suspect carbon monoxide c;l1 your local Pacific Northern Gas
Question: What is a V.92 Microsoft InCliJded some cute nio d e ni ? items such as the siiiiley face Answer: V.92 is an upconiing in there by telling AutoCorrect slight irnproveiiient to the now- that i f it finds : followed b y ), it coininon \Y/.SO-type modems i s lo treat that a s a (called " K riiodcnis"). rnrsspelling and autoniat!caiiy These new niodems arid "correct" it to the sn~ileyface upgrades to exr,st;rrp, V.90 KC^. modems will be available by To deactivat,e itiis feature open the Tools menu, click the end of?he year. The V.92 rriodem lets you put AutoCorrect, then click the your 1nternc:i cnr,:iection on AutoCorrect tab. Make sur(= hold W!Ii;C! yo11 accept a voice there's a check mark ir! the call on t t i p s a m e line, box next to Replace Text As coniplete the CAI. and get back Yo(! Type. Also check that the onlirie without losirif; the replacetrierit you want IS listed Internet connectiori or a in the replaceriient pairing list download that was in progress. you'll find in that dialog box. That is an attractive feature lor YDU can do some neat things the many Web surfers who with AtJtoCorrect such as h a w cnly one phone line. and putting in a very short custoni for those who t r y to call them abbreviation for a phrase you arid get hours of busy sigrials commonly use. You could while they're online. specify i r i AutoCorrect that V.92 niodenis are a l s o "ys" should be treated as a supposed tG offer about 40%) misspelled version of the faster upioad speeds longer phrase "Yours conipared to V.90 modeiiis, sincerely." Anytime you type although download speeds will "ys", Word would enter the be no faster than with V.90. whole phrase. Some existing m d e i i i s will be Question: I've found some upgradeable from V.90 to V.92. images of paintings on the Question: When I'm using Web that -I would like to make Word 2000 and type a colon into a smaller size suitable for followed by a parenthesis, making corner decorations on Word does something weird stationery. I've tried several and changes what I type into a ideas, but nothing seems lo single srniley face character work. I get only part of the What's happening? painting, or it stays the sanie Answer: The Autocorrect full-screen size. Is it possible function is at work. Normally to reduce the images' sizes? i t ' s for automatically and Answer: There are a number instantly correcting conirnon of ways, many crf which will misspellings as you type. require you to get some new

g r a (3 h i c s

a n i p 11I a t i o n








TOWING AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE BCAA Battery Boosts Doors Urilocked e Flat Tires and More! If Your Vehicle Croaks Get Toad
SeeOur Fireplace Showroom


Fax 632-2101
245 - 3RD ST. KITIMAT, B.C.V8C 2N8


Come and visit L upstairs at City Centre Mall i s

105 Nechako Centre

238 city Centre Kitimat
OPEN Mon. to Sat. 730 am - 10:30 mi Sunday 9:30am - 9:OO pm
The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December

30, - 7 20

Kit imat
JULIA PETERS, a member of the Stuaent CounciI at Clarence Michiel Elementary School, presents lieutenant Michael Speares from the Salvation Army with a cheque for $2,200. The money was raised at the school's 20th annual Christmas Bazaar.

F Q Obanks ~

8 - The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 00
With 50% off, you can buy yourself a gift. Then buy yourself a present.


R E G U L A R $199.95

hol alternativ


S A N Y O C l T 9839


R E G U L A R 569.95

R E G U L A R $189.95


Copiers, Fax Machines, Digital Mu1t ifunction Units, Commercial 01 Small Olfice, Lease or purchase. Call Kellv Turner for a quote today

S A N Y O CLT 9812

REGULAR $34.99

G E 2-9190


I Phonk 2504369032'

I~ m a icoastalcopiers @ ciyte1,net ~:


REGULAR $49.95


All 1I1or i7,e d

1 - 7- 7- 5 2

The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, - 9 00
(General Motors pays the interest)
Purchase Fina up to 48 mon

USED ALUMINUM printing plates 24" X 36" - each Northern Sentiliel Press (tfn) FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS call the Northern Sen!ine1 Press at 632-6144. (tfn)
2 SNOW TIRES mounted on GM rims P175180R13 $50. 5 pc. floor mat set to fit captain style Windstar. Trailer hitch and bug deflector. Ph. 632-4589. (030")
FOUR 15" 5 BOLT pattern rims 233MHZ PENTIUM IVoodoo $100. One mates bed, like new, 3D accellerator graphic cards, 3 drawers and headboard MS Mouse, Microsoft keyboard, $100. Ph. 632-3865. (030') printer, HP Deskjet 540, Network Card, Modem Viva Comrn 200 CM K2 K V S Slalom 8.3 Center AS1 15" Monitor. 2 hard Kevlar skis with Salomon 957 drives. 2 CD Drives, 1 record- composite bindings, Scott poles abldl rewritable Plus tons of and Salomon Sx41 boots sz. software. Paid $2000 + taxes. 1 335. Cost over $1,000, will sell yr 4 rnos old. $800 wthout print- for $400. Used less than 10 er, $900 with printer. 250-638- times. Call 632-2464 after p.m. (030') COMPUTER HELP IN PLAIN ENGLISH For seniors or an- SAMICK UPRIGHT piano with yone wanting to learn in their bench, excellent cond. $3,500 own home. Call Wayne 250- obo. Ph. 632-6377. (030') 635-7665 GAS/PROPANE STOVE (almond with black front). Electronic controls, self clean oven. Exc. cond. $300 obo. New garment bag, umbrella clothes line, two mountain bikes, Nishiki, Norco. Ph. 632-4527 anytime. ROLANQ ELECTRIC piano, Royal Series Model 3500S, full /D30*)

~~ ~~ ~ ~

PETS FOR Sale, Peachface Lovebirds - $25 each, Male baby budgies, $10 each, Male canaries, $70 each, Female canaries, $50 each, 1 only-Baby Barbary Dove, $10, 3 Baby Jet= sey Wooly Bunnies $10 each. Phone 250-638-1246, email REGISTERED GERMAN Shepherd puppies. First shots. Wormed, vet checked. Hip and health guaranteed. Parents may be seen. 250-635-4084
Please note our new office
hours. Beginning November 1, our offite wil be open Monday Terrace - January 20 throucsh Friday from 8:30 a.m. p.m. Off-hour appointWCB OfA bevel 3 to 4:fOmay also be arranged. ments CAREY BOGART, htructar Callor tome in to. Terroce - January IS-26 - ~ebruar~ 12-23

WCB OFA Level 1

PACKING BOXES - 10 for $5. Northern Sentinel Press. Ph. 632-6144. (tfn)
ESTABLISHED, 10 YEAR old business for sale. Kitimat Pizza Factory priced to sell. Serious inquiries only. Please ph. 6327504 and leave message. (tfn)
EXTERIOR DOORS, bifold door, storm door, 1am:nated flooring, 1Y aquapek piping and paint. Call 632-6346 after 5. (030')
WOOQBURNING FIREPLACE insert and blower fan $280, Craftsman 8 hp snowblower $790, Henry gym/swing set $140, lkea kids fable and chairs $50. tough traveller kid's backpack $105, piano and bench $2,500, little tikes picnic table $45, sofa-bed $180, car seat, etc. Ph. 632-6056. (030')
Northern TRANSPORTATION safety Training
ENDORSEMENT lerrare - January ;I1
Keith Avenue, Terrace, B.C V8G 1#7

bas? Pronfier

Hesslkiing BellS bodge I
Requires for our winter season Two F I T positions Dining Room Waitress and HousekeeperlJani tor These positions are available now, Please cull for details and fax your resume to 604-88 1-8330or call


Anytime via computer
Phone: 250 535-5500 Fax: 250 635-5524 Email:
keyboard, weighted keys. Not portable. 1-250-635-2770.
SAMSUNG DIGITAL MP3 portable player, has 64 meg internal memory with a 32 meg expansion, voice recorder and stores phone numbers $250 obo. Call 632-5021 after 3:OO. (tfn)
TAKAMINE GUITAR, model F340, Dreadnaught, comes with hardshell case. Like new. $600. Wall unit, 6' x 5' $250. Ph. 6325294. (930')

604-38 1-8530

The V!ilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a Society (WWN) is cicepting applications for Director of College Technical-Vocational Programs. Among other duties, the successful applicant will provide )he WWN Board with strateoic education planning, program desigi~s, irnpiernc;i<ution stru tegies, and time lines. These progranis will b e designed for Nass Valley odults pursuing these types of training.
Bulies: Meet with the WWN Advisory Committee, Village Governiiienis, and other Nass Valley institutions to determine appropriate programming in all WWN Noss Valley locc tioris. Design technical unci vocationa! ~ ! s ~ i a r 1 ~ s. Develop i n ~ I C i r ~ ~ r l i c : t i:~ 3 !. ~ + ~ cjf-~d ~ iirles, f: r) ,. - g :jc;s i~ * ' Seek funding ts sdppoit the technical vocationcrl progrurn.

41ua!!-!ku rions:

"Drew" is a 2 year old female 'Terrier X. "Sassy" is a female Terrier/Beaale X pup, born on October 13,2060. If you can give either of them 5 good home p!ease tali the


or drop by 225 Enterprise Ave Service Centre, Kitimat
CATS * 11 wk old female kitten, s/h black 3 rno old female s blklwht ! h * 2 six wk old female kittens 7 gry/wht, I blk/wht 1 yr old male sh gry Tabby ! rno old male s ! Orange tabby h DOGS 3 rno oid ma!e Cnihuahua/Lab cross TTIO old fernale Lab/Shep cross * 1% yr old female Pomeranian cress * 8 wk old male BorderlCol'lie cross APE YOU MISSING YOUR PET? - Semi long haired female cat found near Fulmar St. - Neutered ma!e cat with grey with white i~chest to chin and paws. Is wearing a flea collar with a temis shoe sticker on it. Found near Omenica Si.

Preferewe will be given t o candidates in possession of a university masf-ers' degree in NatclrrJi Resource rnonagement or working towards such a degree. Familicir with Nisgu'a Langiiage and Culture. Possess a valid BC Drivers' License. Resident of the Nclss Valley or willing to relocate to the Nass Vclley. Maintain confidentiality. Willing and able to travel as rcquestcr_! b y the WWN Board.
Pleusc submit your C u r r i c u l m Vi ttre, supporting uocumentation, and at least two (2)relercmcss to:
Deanna hlycs, Chisf Executive, Officer
!A' i 1 p Vvi 1x0' cxk \v t \I Nisy c ' (,I ; PO Box 237, New AiyaiIst.1, OC, VOJ 1 A[;) Teie phone. (2r 10)6 <'Kj 2292 Facsimile: (%!::I) 63,': 2463
Sponsored by the NorthernSentinel
The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, - 13 00

l w u y

SECURITY/FIRST AID, Perma[lent Part time positiorl. rillst )lave BST 1&2. Reply to Box
120 Nr.:ctraku Centre, Kitimat, VOC 7 h ~ l n NO phorlt:, calls please iD30)
EXPERIENCED CARPENTER Hicha rd Thorn ton Construction. Avaiiable for rencvations, repairs or new construction. 25 years experience.Call Richard 6 38-8526. EXPERIENCED CARPENTER. Jurgcn Mattheis. 635-7810. Housing, renos, off ice remodeling. lndependant distributor of Sun-Free vinvl oroducts.
EXPERIENCED PAINTER It's smart to call Smart Painting. Residential & commercial, winter interior painting. Add some new colour. Good. clean, quality paintinq, reasonable rates, Senior's Discounts, Free estimates Call Karl at 250-615-0199 PRECISELY RIGHT MOWING. TRUCK and 28' trailer enclosed, and new 32' trailers, will protect your goods across town or across country. Will assist, or load for you. Reasonable iates. Terrace at 615-0002 oi 6386969 (cell).



Ph. 632-441I

1 BURM baserncrit suitc, very clean 8, bright, avail. immedtatcly. $450 month. N/S. Call 250638-BEDROOM basernent suite close to town. Laundry facilities. FiS. Cwcred parkinq. Avail Jan 1. Dam. dep. R re( rea. 250635-2921
We are seeking an innovative team player to work as an A DMINISTRATIV E C 0MPTROLL ER. 'The siicccssf ut candidate must be cornpeterit in using computerized accounting software programs. In addition to strong interpersonal and problem solving skiils, he/she must be committed to personal excellence and have the ability to work as part of a dynamic team and handle

Please mail your resume with cover l e W statbig salary expectations by Friday, January 5, 2001 to:
Apartments For Rent 1-2-3 Bedroom NEW Carpets 7) NEW Appliances i b NEW Paint i:. NEW On-site Manager *!: BEST PRICES A. Includes - Hot Water Heat - Storaqe - Laut1rjr.v
ONE BEDROQM suite in new home. New trrdge, stove, washer and dryer Covered parking with grourid entrance Quiet street near golf coiirsc (Tliornhill) Utililies included No pets Non-smoker Ref. Required $525 month plus deposit Available irrimediately 250-635. Leave messaae
ONE BEDROOM suite Count:\ settirig, own transportation a must Available rmrncd Hydro and access to W/D iricludcd Ref Rcuilired 250-635-4004
3 BDRM upstairs, close trs town, no pets, no parties, IGOI, dmg. deposit S ref r q. A vaII. I mm P (1. - 638-BEDROOM house, one level with small carport. Southside. Yard mostly fenced. No pets. R ef e re nc:f s requ ired. A v a i Ia hIe 'low at $700 plus deposit. Phone 250-638-BDRM house 5 appltanccs NiS TIC)pets references 8 dam , dep. req. $800 month. 250-6388403 FULLY RENOVATED 2 bedroom mobile w/ lO'x40' addition. NIG furnace, woodstove, new carpets, good size yard wlgarden area in quiet secluded area cf Thornhill Bench. Ref. Re:!. $600 month. 250-6352839

_ I. -

Box #554, c/o Northern Sentinel Press 626 Enterprise Awe., Kitimat, BC V8C 2E4
TWO BEDROOM basement suite in Thornhill. Close to schools, laundry facilities on premises, no pets. Recent!y r cnovat e d , w I1h ne w a ppIIii nc c s $500 rrmnth Phone Hob. 250


Northwest Intes-Nation Family and Cornnunit) Scrviccs Integrated Child Protection Technician (ICP'F)


1 AND 2 bdr apts available immed. On site management. 250-635-5136 or 635-6428. 1 BEDROOh'! duplex apartment and 2 bedroom detached apt. in complex close to downtown. Rent $375 and $500 No pets. ref rea. Dhone 250-638-1648


1& 2BedroomApartments With Mountain View

14 - The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 00
FURNISHED ROOM for rent. $250 per month includes utilities. Share rest of house, walking distance to town. phone 250-635-3126 H;ALL RENTALS. Terrace Kin Hut, Capacity 120-160, Kitchen and Bar. Ideal for Weddings, P,nniversaries, Reunions. Day and Evening rates. 250-6357777 e-mail kinsmen Bartending Sewices Available.
GREAT FOR RESTORING 1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme, 2 door hardtop. 65,000 miles. Ph. 632-7969. (tfn)
'95 FORD CROWN Victoria, good cond. $13,000. Ph. 6324638 (w) or 632-5460 (h) and leave message. (030')
1992 ARCTIC Cat EXT Special, low miles, exc. condition. $2500. 250-635-SKIDOO Safari short track, S1500 OBO. 250-63521 98
I DO HOUSE SITTING. Good references. I'm available for
January, February and March. Ph. 632-6676 and ask for Mark or Derek. (tfn)


3 BEDROOM mobile home in
Pine Park, 4 appliances, small joey shack, fenced yard, very clean, available imriit.diately. S550 month. 250-635-2126 ONE BEDROOM trailer in Thornhill. $350 month plus damage deposit. References rewired, 250-635-9530
1967 CADILLAC Convertible, # I 0,000, 1969 Cadillac convertible, pink, 57000, 1962 Ford TBird, $2500, 1977 Olds XS Tor0 $3000. 1965 road legal dune buauv S3500.250-635-1982 C H E W boogy van, $1750. 1981 Wayonccr 4x4 dual fuel S2500. 22ft. swamp boat corvairipropellcr 58000, 16ft aluminuni boat NEW $2500. 250.635-6611
1975 TNT 340 EVEREST Original owner, 2,109 miles $500. Ph. 632-2464 after 5 p.m (D30') 1992 WILDCAT 700 2" Paddle Ttack G.C. $2,800 O ~ O Ph. 639.
and SIDING PRESSLJRE WISHFLI by tl1c pt o f P ~ : ~ l o t l ~ l i ~ ,
FOI f1t.e C b I i [ l \ c \ I t * \ ~ I I I T. REILLY CONTRACTING

Phone 632.4616 or 2579

THREE BEDROOM niobilt. on
8rauri's Island. Washer & dryer hookups. Pets welcorrie. 250635-02
RELIABLE MOTHER will babvsit in my home on Dunn St. Babies r s t w e I c o r n e. Refe re n c e s available. Ph. Cheryl at 632-5523. (030)
VOICE, PIANO, GUITAR lessons. Star Music Perfomers. Recjister fcr the New Year. Call Mailcar at 632-3733. (J20)
1988 G M C SI0 ext cab. 4x4, L fuel injected. 5 speed trans Matching canopy, al~iniwheels and running boards. A M FM cassettz stereo One owner Sori-ie :gSt Askiilg $iJiJ0 Please call 632-5233 after 5 p I I I (D30')

'93Ford Tempo

4 Cyl., AmI Ai I' Co11 i o 11 y dit in


3,300SQ. Fa, HOME ;it 88 Cilrr.le SI. 5 bedrooms, double garage, nat. gas,, operl living rogni with loft, New palilt. carpet and root. 1997 FCylirxk:. AutoniatR25 walls. Pn. 632-7 (tfn) I79 ic, 2 whcei drive. 71.000 kni.
59 SWANNELL - 4 bedroom Iioine, 2 full baths, recently renovated, attached garage, fenced yard, backing onto Raley Park Ph. 639-9851. (JI 3)

'98 Honda Accord EX
VG, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Loaded
AM/FM, Cruise Power Windows Power Locks CD, Air, Tilt /"


1996 C hev 3/4 Ton L Box Diesel, - Automatic, NC,Cruise, 4x4, I tlt, Towing Package $24,995
1993 Dodge Carnperized Wan low Kms., One Owner SI 6,995
1988 Mere GR Marquis LS 4 Door, Auto, Full Load, 6 Passeriger $6,995
$26,995 '95 Honda Civic I

4 door, Tilt

Was s11.995
$10,995 '94 Toyota Carnry LE
$13,Chev Silverado 314 Torr Ex?.Cab, Long Box, Turbo Diesel
1996 Honda Accord EX 4 Cy1 ,Auto, Fully Loaded. SI 7,995
1983 Ford E l 50 Econoline Wan Auto, 6 Cyl. $5,995
4 door. Auto, Air tl More

Was $1 6.995

Ford F150 XLT
XCab V8, Auto, 4 Dour, A'C Power Niidows p1 Lock5 Tilt Cruise

Was S28.995

$15,995 (93Subaru Legacy AWD

Full Load, Autoni;i!ic

$27,Honda Civic EX 5 Spd., UCI,AOS, Fiilly Loaded SI 7,995

4 Door, Auto

1995 Honda Civic Ha tcli back 5 Sod.,4 Cyl. s9,995
Ford F250 XL 4x11. Reg Cab V8, A 5 sprl x

Was s24.995

$8,995 '93Tsyata Caniry

Was S14.995

Actto, Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Locks. Windows


or/ choose cin for 36 m o n t h s O.A.C.

NOW ONLY $22,995



1981 Ford Econoline Van
2000 tionda Civic DX 5 Spd., 4 Cyl., CD Player, Low Km's, Tinted Windows, 15" Alloy Wheels $17,995
'98 F15QX1T VS, Auto, 4x4,3 Door, loaded

Was 528.995

NOW QNLY $26,995

'97 Ford Taurus

4 Door, 6 Cyl.,Auto, NC, Tilt, Cr'uise

NOW ONLY $13,995

Hwy. 16 West 635-1-800-3'13-DLRft5958 www.terraceautamal Lcam


The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 15

_ _ I _

Advertise In The Classifieds Today! Call Edel At The Northern Sentinel Press


ATV Snowblades Available For All Makes And Models

Selected Yarnaha

2000 W K 880 M MUST SELL

$7, 5.

Blsarer Quad ~

New Blue in stock

1998 Suzuki 500 et Quadrunma e

w/Winch 8 Snow Blade


'1993 Arctic Cat

Ext. 550 E I F
199# WXbQbODX long Twk & Reverse
Robort J. Pcllat t Co nini ission Secrctary
16 - The Weekend Advertiser, Saturday, December 30, 2000
Consumer warning for 5.C. residents
Bogus business opportunities, foreigri lotteiit!s, work-at-home offers, and pyramid schemes top this year's list of 10 business scams. Released by B.C.'s Attorney GeneIal and the Better Busiiiess Bureau to mark Consumer Awareness Week Dec. 4 to 9, the list is one way consunit'rs and businesses - can protect t h c n i s c l t u a p t illst fsau d. Topping this ycar's list are:

sembly or craft work requiririg investors to spend many hours producing goods - like kits to make aprons, baby shoes, orriaments, stuffed mimals or plastic signs - for a company that promises to purchase the m e r c h a n d i s c once complcted. The catch? The materials are pitrchased up front. 011ce t I1 t' y ' r L' co 111 p 1 e t t'd. f h c coriip;iny rcricgcs OII its promiscs to buy the product. C'onsu 111 c r 5 ii IC w iir 11cd that ;inother version of tiic s c m is envelop stuffinc!, ;I s c ;1 I11 t h il t 1) il s i C'iI \ ' m ~ ~ u i i tos ;i cii;iin lc'ttcr. t
arc act II a 11y so I i c i t ii t i o n s for your busincss,

Gct everything i n

w r i t i ng.
Busiriesscs should tr;iin cniploytm to recognizc f i ~ k einvoices. You c;in check to see i f a charity is l e g i h i i t c by calling C;ln;jd;l CUStonis iind Revenuc at 1XOO-267-23S4,

Pyramid schemes:.

Co~isiirncrs nccd to check oul online btisincss coni pa 11i c s i 11 t he sa ni t' w i i y tiicy woiiltI f'or brick ; nd m OI'iir co mn;i 11 13s. i t i


ARE YOU RIDING THE TECHNOLOGY WAVE? !-I iiCVFY %! :I re, t el; h1 oing y i wps t t 11e tits kc 1 are rrioviriq ft!iaticial nlaritets.But who IS buying these stocks') The recently released 2000 IJl VeS ic: 1,s G to LI p,'Ga I I LI F-, C:i m tl a S1 rve y provides valiiable insights into the typical C a 1 1;I cl i:r7 t c!c t -o logy I i ive st o r. The s\,I rve y, t 11ivcs;tors Group's 1 I th a i ~ t ~ ~loGk at the ial finniiciiil attitiides of Canadians, is one of the most corripr-et-icnsive long standing studies anti of its kirld.
Accor~c.lIrlq li: til(> ?JIIrvey, t12arly 40L'c of Ci t r 1 ii j: i\; 11 t; ow II tech rio I o y - re I at e d / / ~ ~ , / < ? ~ i i ~ 1 I: ! f:'CVWIS 1h;lt ; ~ O L J half of ~ tI~. ~ trrvestoi's i i i I ~ d ? i ~ o l ostGcks hold less than yy '1 r/'% of tlicir portf~lio:; in technology investments. But more thari o : ~ ? five are In
JOHN ACRES -Terrace Assoc. Regiorial Oirector 535-0601 or 1-800-764-:777
RAY LINDWALL Fi tin nc Ia1 Consu Ita nt 635-0601 Terrace


Cons ii Itant 635-0601 Terrace
more aggressive,with ovel-25% of portfolios in

' r; L h r i o IO Jy L~ C
For i y - f I L'C [:I c r'c e n t o f t e c t i t; o Iog y- fo c 11s ed iiivestot s cotisicler ihen~sclvcsaggrcssive


Consu ltant 635-0601Terrace


investors, cloiible the rate of other miitiral fi!ncl a II1.1 st oc k I t 'iv c st or s. ( TeilPr i o IOCy- foci1s ~3 d i J invt:stors arc clefit led as those with more than 10Qc.l their riiutual fiind and stock holdirigs in 01 tedinoioyy. represoti ting 1 7% of Canadian


adults surveyed.) Their aggressive investment style was reflected in actiotis over the past year when technology stocks dwnitlated trading oti both the Toronto
Stock Exctimge and h e NASDAQ. During this pc!-iocL 3700 of iechnology-focused investors readjusted their portfolios in search of greater' returns. cornpared to 24% of other investors. These tech iiivestors are a positive group. Th ir t y-scve ii pere ent fee I it i ei r i nves t me nt s are periorniitiq better than those of others, coiiipai-ed to % of uther investors who echo that scntiinimt. Perforrnance expectations are atso higher. with 23"1, ;Ixpectiny long-term rctiirris greater ,than 15% per y m r. Tech inve st or s i~ I o cx 11 ibi t t t-! e greatc3 ss sat i sf ;ICt I o n s with itlve:-;ttl1cill t ' e t i l r i ~Liiith iiiore thail thee. quMers S;iytilC_l they {jre very or sonlewhat Ci2[I/ i i11; tld C) I ,In I f.1;) {'V 6 / sat isf led,


627-8520 Prince Rupert
JIM SCHULZ c 0115?1Itant 847-6102 Sniithers
Flexon Norciic King Polo Silhouette
KELLY JONES Fina n c ia I Cons u I tn n t 647-9620 Smithers


cons LI Ita n t 84 7-it heTS


692-3191 Burns Lake
DEI- BAKER Consultant 532-5191 Kitimat
and Credit Card Orders Only
Designated. vehicle inspection facility
[ I-888-317-8473) Fax us at 1-258-635-6964 Or



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