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Sharp AR-C260 MSharp AR-BC260, BC360, C260M Black Toner (20,000 Yield), Part number AR-C26TBU

Part Number: ITE-AR-C26TBU-SPN-1

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The new standard in color imaging
The AR-C260M Digital Color IMAGER offers advanced color imaging within reach of every member of your workgroup.
Now your entire office can unleash their creativity with Sharps new AR-C260 Digital Color IMAGER M-Series. Thats because the new AR-C260M is truly an all-in-one multifunction machine: it boasts a 32 page-per-minute black and white printer; a super-fast 26 page-perminute full-color copier-printer; and an optional network scanner that allows users to easily scan and organize their documents right from their desktops. With a straight paper path that accepts up to 170# Index, you can print almost anything you can imagine. Watch proposals, flyers, brochures and newsletters be produced in brilliant color. And, with professional finishing options like saddle-stitch and three-hole punch, you can create professional documents without the need to outsource. Now your entire workgroup can access the power of color! Powerful Features, Proven Reliability

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A product of time-tested, award-winning Sharp technology, the AR-C260M delivers:

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8.0 seconds first color copy out time Touch-sensitive LCD display 25-400% zoom ratio 5,250 maximum paper capacity
11" x 17" full-bleed on 12" x 18" paper stock

Printing on Demand

Advanced digital technology offers a myriad of features designed to save time and reduce costs:

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Auto Color Calibration for consistent image quality Postscript and PCL5e support Duplex Printing Watermark feature

Job Control function

Confidential Printing

Outstanding Color

The AR-C260M Digital Color IMAGER delivers outstanding 600 x 600 dpi output and can print on up to 170# Index. Now your signs, counter cards, business cards, design boards, and mailersalmost anything you can imaginecan be professionally printed in full color right from your desktop!

Illustrated Paper Path

Print multiple-page sets in a snap, and minimize the need to outsource with a standard offset shifter that automates collating. For advanced document handling, select from options that can staple, saddle-stitch, hole punch or sort.

Sophisticated Software

Easy-to-use software offers a variety of document management and editing tools that can enhance your scanned documents, speed up workflow, and integrate seamlessly with your existing network:

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Printer Status Monitor Printer Administration Utility Sharpdesk Remote E-mail Diagnostics
Desktop Electrophotographic (LED System) Max. 11" x 17" Max. 11" x 17" - Min. 5.5" x 8.5"


Type: Copy System: Original Sizes: Copy Sizes: Max B&W Speed: Max Color Speeds:

Additional Functions

Copy Functions:
32 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 11")
26 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 11") 19 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 11" R) 13 copies/prints/minute (170# Index) 15 copies/prints/minute (8.5" x 14") 13 copies/prints/minute (11" x 17") 7 copies/prints/minute (12" x 18") Max. 999 copies Less than 99 seconds
Continuous Copy: Warm-Up Time: Copy Ratio: Fixed Presets: Exposure System:
Color First-Copy Time: As fast as 8.0 seconds
Variable: 25/45% to 400% in 1% increments, with 4 programmable settings plus X/Y zoom 25%, 50%, 64%, 77%, 100%, 121%, 129%, 200%, 400%
Moving optical source (stationary platen) with original recognition and classification system. 5,250 sheets Oil-less / Heat rollers Non-magnetic single component
Max Configuration: Fusing System: Developer System: Resolution: Print Controller: Interface: Page Description: Power Consumption: Overall Dimensions: Main Unit Weight: Optional Equipment:
Reading: 600 dpi / Writing: 600 dpi
Print Functions: Two-sided, Pamphlets (tiled or 2-up), Margin Shift, N-Up Printing, N-Up Border, Reverse Order, Paper Size/Custom Paper Selection, Cover Page, Transparency Inserts, Output Tray Selection, Staple/Punch, Offset, Confidential Print, Hold Print, Sample Print, Overlays, Watermarks, Custom User Settings, Account Control. Print Status Monitor, Printer Admin Utility, Integrated Installer, TWAIN Plug-in, Remote E-mail Diagnostics, SharpdeskTM. Utilities: Scan Functions: (Optional) Network Scanner Expansion Kit Network TWAIN, Scan to E-mail, Scan to FTP Server, Scan to Desktop with following specifications: Trial Mode, Address Directory, Destination Selection, Sender Setting, Image Setting Modes, Image Rotation, Image File Size Control (for reduced network traffic). Black Toner System Cyan Toner System Magenta Toner System Yellow Toner System Staple Cartridge Sharp Genuine Supplies: AR-C26TBU AR-C26TCU AR-C26TMU AR-C26TYU AR-SC2 Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Not all items listed are available at time of launch. Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective holders.

APS, AMS, Auto Tray Switching, Rotation Copy, E-Sort (B/W), Preheat, Auto Shut-Off Timer, Scan-Once Print-Many Copies, Key Operator Program, Auditor Interface, Account Control (100/200 accounts), Job Recall (up to 9 jobs), Margin Shift, Edge Erase, Center Erase, Dual Page Copy, Cover Insertion, Transparency Inserts, Centering, Multi-shot (N in 1), Pamphlet Copy (B/W), Duplex Copy Orientation, Photo Repeat/Business Card Repeat, RGB Adjust, Color Balance, Intensity, Brightness, Sharpness, Mirror Image, Single Color Mode, Multipage Enlargement, Suppress Background, 11 x 17 Full-Bleed, Auto Color Calibration, Auto Color Registration, Original Recognition and Classification System.
PowerPC755 - 500 MHz CPU, 40 GB HDD 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, IEEE1284 Parallel Port, and USB 1.1 PCL5c, PS3 (optional) Max 1.5 kW 26.4" (W) x 26.6" (D) x 25.9" (H) Approx. 147.5 lbs. (67 kg) Platen Cover (AR-VR4), Reversing Auto Document Feeder (AR-RF3), Saddle-stitch Finisher (AR-F13), Hole Punch (AR-PN1B), 20-Bin Sorter (AR-S11), Exit Tray (AR-TE3), Large Capacity Tray 3,000-sheet (AR-LC5), Paper Feed Desk 1 x 500-sheets (AR-D17), Paper Feed Desk 3 x 500 sheets (AR-D18), Paper Feed Desk 2 x 500-sheets with Duplex Module (AR-D19), Duplex Bypass/Inverter Unit (AR-RB1), Network Scanner Expansion (AR-NS2), Postscript Expansion Kit (AR-PK4), Sharpdesk License Kit (AR-U11M or AR-U15M)
Required Power Supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz, 15 amperes
As an ENERGY STAR Partner, SHARP has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
Sharp Electronics Corporation Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-1163 1-800-BE-SHARP




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