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lbloom 12:51pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
[...] I am very satisfied with the TV. My wife loves it, which is the final seal of approval. This is by far the SHARP-est TV around! Great Sound Quality, Fast Setup, Good Connection Options, Good Resolution, Reduced Glare, Attractive Design.
Joeatwork 11:58pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
The set up was a breeze. I downloaded all the channels offered by my cable company, analog and digital. Main TV in a large family room. Great contrast and resolution even on sports. Depth of colors in all lite conditions is amazing.
uadusuma 8:30am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
Wonderful picture. Great value. We now own two sizes in this model: 40-inch and 32-inch. The picture quality is wonderful for the price.
mebden 9:14pm on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 
Outstanding TV, especially considering a pric...  This TV is superior. Excellent natural colors. Super sharp image. Best choice for the price.
lolow 10:51pm on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
Absolutley beautiful pic. The color adjustments are Oh Plenty! The factory set-up out of the box is truly the best as stated before. Make sure that whenever you get this tv you take the time to set it up the way that you want it.
anti_skid 4:23pm on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 
a long time coming Great picture and off angle viewing. I knew I wanted a TV I do not want to sit directly in front of to see the great picture. Two major problems This tv is a whopping 13 months old and it has two serious problems already.....
faerywings 2:55am on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
Sharp 52in TV After much tweaking and a software upgrade supplied on a memory stick by Sharp the TV gives a picture as good as any other of the leadin...
bens 3:40pm on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
While a bit pricey considering the cost of others in this particular market segment, it is quite well made and has an outstanding picture! Nice tv, super clear HD image, it suck a lil with regular cable. Ps3 and videogames come out extremely clean and realistic I totally love it
xvicman 12:12pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
Sharp 52" Fantastic TV! Colour amazing, and no shine from screen. Highly delighted! Would recommend to everyone, and do!! Sharp LED review 32" I was very unsure about getting a LCD TV and read endless reviews.
skimbu 11:58am on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 
Bargain Picture very good,sound quiet poor . But if you buy yourself a sound system{£25 for a 2.1} like i did you have got yourself a bargain.
domag 1:33am on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 
I purchase the TV work for 2 moths. One day try to turn on. Just a green light flashing. Call sharp for technical support.

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Take-up spool

Paper roll location

Paper chute

Print head release lever

Print head release lever The print head can be lifted by the green lever on the right side of the printer. Pulling the lever forward, lifts the print head up. If the paper becomes jammed and you need to move the print head farther forward, you can pull the lever even further toward you and proceed with the removal of the jammed paper.
Do not attempt to remove the paper roll with the head in the down position. This may result in damage to the printer and print head.

Page 10

1 ER-A410 standard keyboard layout












All the keys but the receipt paper feed and journal paper feed keys can be re-positioned. If you want to change the layout, please consult your dealer.


Receipt paper feed key Journal paper feed key


PLU/UPC inquiry key UPC price change key Cashier code entry key Discount 1 key
Void key Refund key Received-on-account 1 key Paid-out 1 key Merchandise subtotal key Receipt print key New charge account balance key Previous balance key Final key Conversion 1 key (for currency conversion) Slip print key



Numeric keys

Decimal point key
Percent 1 key Tax key Tax 1 shift key Food stamp shift key Food stamp tendered key Check 1 key Charge 1 key Subtotal key Cash/Amount tendered and No-sale key


Multiplication key Clear key

Department keys


Page 11

Optional keys

Service key

Conversion 2 thru 4 keys PLU level shift 1 thru 3 keys

Percent 2 thru 4 keys



Price level shift key
Charge 2 thru 5 keys Automatic sequencing 1 thru 5 keys


Discount 2 thru 4 keys


Check 2 key Deposit entry key Deposit refund key Tray subtotal key Refund sale key Validation print key Repeat entry key Amount entry key




Cash total 2 key Birthday date entry key Department code entry key Received-on-account 2 key Paid-out 2 key Non-add code key Scale key Open tare key

Triple zero entry key

Tax 2 thru 4 shift keys


applicable to department, PLU/subdepartment, UPC and item refund entries only. For the operation, press the v key just before you press a department key, key, direct PLU key, just before you scan a UPC code. For the refund indirect void, press the v key after you press the key.

key or

PLU/ 58 P UPC PLU/ 5012345678900 P UPC 1310 v 6
PLU/ 58 v P UPC PLU/ 5012345678900 v P UPC

Page 55

3 Subtotal void
You can void an entire transaction. Once the subtotal void is executed, the transaction is aborted and the register issues a receipt.

Subtotal void

4 function
Correction of incorrect entries not handled by the direct or indirect void
Any errors found after the entry of a transaction has been completed or during an amount tendered entry, cannot be voided. These errors must be handled by the manager. The following steps should be observed:

1. 2. 3.

If you are in the middle of making an amount tendered entry, you must first finalize the transaction before making corrections. Try to make correct entries from the beginning. Hand the incorrect receipt to your manager for its cancellation.

Page 56

When you need to void incorrect entries that are found after finalizing a transaction or cannot be corrected by direct or indirect void, follow this procedure in the MGR mode.
Turn the mode switch to the MGR position. Press the v key to put your register in the VOID mode. Repeat the entries that are recorded on an incorrect receipt. (All data for the incorrect receipt are removed from register memory; the voided amounts are added to the void register totalizer.) Incorrect receipt Cancellation receipt
Your machine leaves the VOID mode whenever a transaction is canceled (i.e. finalized in the VOID mode.) To void additional transactions repeat steps 2. and 3. above.

Page 57

Programmed limits (such as maximum amounts) for functions can be overridden by making the entry in the MGR mode.
Turn the mode switch to the MGR position. Make the override entry.
Selling a $15.00 item (dept. 2) for cash and subtracting the coupon amount $2.50 from the sale amount (This example presumes that the register has been programmed not to allow coupon entries over $2.00.) Key operation Print

REG-mode entries

250 .Error
Turn the mode switch to the MGR position. 250 Return the mode switch to the REG position.

Page 58

Page 60

2 Validation printing function (Slip printer)
Your register can perform validation printing when it is connected with the slip printer. For the details about the slip printer, contact your authorized SHARP dealer. 1. Set a validation slip to the slip printer. 2. Press the key. The validation printing will start.
When you make an entry for which compulsory validation printing can be overridden by performing the following operation. If you need this function, Contact your authorized SHARP dealer.
Move the mode key to the MGR position.
3 Printing of the employees arrival and departure times (Slip printer)
Your register can print the employees arrival and departure time when it is connected with the slip printer. For the details for connecting a slip printer, please contact your authorized SHARP dealer. For printing of the arrival and departure times, you must be in the OP X/Z mode. Printing of arrival time
Printing of departure time
4 Printing of header and footer graphic logos
As an optional setting, your register can print a graphic logo on the top of each receipt (header graphic logo). If preset to do so, a graphic logo can be printed on the bottom of each receipt (footer graphic logo) with the job code #2616. You can also print the graphic logos with the combination of 3-line header logo message or 3-line footer logo message. Printing only logo messages without the graphic logo is possible. Please consult your dealer when you want to change the setting. Sample receipt with a header graphic logo and a footer graphic logo

Header graphic logo

Footer graphic logo

Page 61

5 Remote printer send function
This function enables a partial order to be sent to the kitchen for preparation while the remaining order is still being placed.

Item entry

Data transfer to the remote printer
Remaining items will be sent to the remote printer when the transaction is finalized. When this function is used, the subtotal void operation is not allowed.

Page 62


1 Time display

When you need the time displayed, turn the mode switch to the OP X/Z position after the preceding transaction or operation is finalized. You can also display the time by pressing the = key in the REG or MGR mode. The time display disappears as soon as you press the c key in the REG or MGR mode or begin the subsequent entry. Sample display of 10:25 AM

Date Time

2 Automatic updating of the date

Entering alphanumeric characters
To enter a character, simply press a corresponding character key. To enter a numeric character, press (NUM) key and enter a number by ten keys (0 9). (NUM) 135 (NUM) [Ex.] Entering the character 135 : To enter a space, press the / key.
Entering double-size characters
: This key toggles the double-size character mode and normal-size character mode. The default is the normal-size character mode. The double-size character is displayed with the letter = (ex. =S). [Ex.] To program the name SHARP in double size : SHARP
Entering lower-case letters
: You can enter a lower-case letter by using this key. Press key just before you enter the lower-case letter. This key also allows you to enter the characters/symbols shown at the upper right of keys. [Ex.] To program the name Sharp : S harp
Entering symbols shown at the upper left of keys
You can enter symbols by using this key. Press key just before you enter the symbol. l l l l [Ex.] To program the symbol c c : c c
( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), and ( ) keys are used only in combination with a character ` key. If the combination is unavailable, only a character key is entered. [Ex.] : () A

Editing text

You can edit the text you have entered by deleting characters.
: Backs up the cursor for deleting the character or figure at the left of the cursor.

Entering character codes

Numerals, letters and symbols are programmable by entering the key and character codes. See the Alphanumeric character code table on the next page. In this way, you can program characters other than the characters shown in the programming keyboard layout. XXX XXX: Character code (3 digits)
Double-size characters can be made by entering the character code 253. [Ex.] To program the name SHARP in double size 253

Page 65

Alphanumeric character code table
Code Character u o 027 028 U 029 030 O (space) 033 ! # 036 $ 037 % 038 & ( 041 ) + 044 , 045 Code Character 046. 047 / 058 : 059 ; 060 < 061 = 062 > 063 ? 064 @ 065 A 066 B 067 C 068 D 069 E 070 F 071 G 072 H 073 I 074 J 075 K 076 L 077 M 078 N 079 O 080 P 081 Q 082 R 083 S 084 T 085 U 086 V 087 W 088 X 089 Y 090 Z Code Character ^ 095 _ a 098 b 099 c 100 d 101 e 102 f 103 g 104 h 105 i 106 j 107 k 108 l 109 m 110 n 111 o 112 p 113 q 114 r 115 s 116 t 117 u 118 v 119 w 120 x 121 y 122 z 123 { 124 | 125 } 128 !! 1/F/T Code Character F 142 T Pt 155 i 164. 178 A 180 a 181 E 182 e 183 I 184 i U u 187 N 188. n 189. 190 C 191 S C 192. Code Character. 193 I. 194 G 195 S. 196 G. 197 g 198 K. 199 k. L 200 l Z 203 D 204 d 205 C 206 c 207 P e 210 s 211 c 212 z 213 y 214. u 215 n 218 r ] 229 [ 238 *(DC) 253

To program a tax table, first make a table like the right table shown above. From the tax table, calculate the differences between a minimum break point and the next one (A). Then, from the differences, find irregular cycles (B) and regular cycles (C and D). These cycles will show you the following items necessary to program the tax table: T: Q: M1: M2: M: The tax amount collected on the minimum taxable amount (Q) The minimum taxable amount The maximum value of the minimum breakpoint on a regular cycle (C). We call this point MAX point. The maximum value of the minimum breakpoint on a regular cycle (D). We call this point MAX point. Range of the minimum breakpoint on a regular cycle: difference between Q and M1 or between M1 and M2

Page 79

One- or two-*1 digit number

max. five digits

*2 Rate max. six digits (0.0001 - 99.9999%)

max. four digits

max. three digits
Minimum breakpoint max. five digits
Repeat until the MAX point is entered.

*1 First figure:

The first figure to be entered depends upon whether the difference between a minimum breakpoint to be entered and the preceding minimum breakpoint is not less than $1.00 or more than 99. When the difference is not less than $1.00, enter 1, and when it is not more than 99, enter 0 or nothing. Second figure: The second figure depends upon whether your tax table is to be programmed as tax table 1, 2, 3 or 4. When your tax table is to be programmed as tax table 1, enter 1; when it is to be programmed as tax table 2, enter 2; when it is to be programmed as tax table 3, enter 3; and when it is to be programmed as tax table 4, enter 4. *2 If the rate is fractional (e.g. 4-3/8%), then the fractional portion (3/8) would be converted to its decimal equivalent (i.e.375) and the resulting rate of 4.375 would be entered. Note that the nominal rate (R) is generally indicated on the tax table.
If you make an incorrect entry before entering the M in programming a tax table, cancel it with the Then program again from the beginning correctly.
c key; and if you make an error after entering the M, cancel it with the key.
Limitations to the entry of minimum breakpoints Your register can support a tax table consisting of no more than 72 breakpoints. (The number of breakpoints is 36 maximum when the breakpoint difference is $1.00 or more.) If the number of breakpoints exceeds the registers table capacity, then the manual entry approach should be used.
Programming the sample tax table shown on the previous page as tax table 1 Key operation Print
Tax rate M T Q The first cyclic portion M1 (MAX point) 1@ 6@ 100 @ 1@ 11 @ 23 @ 39 @ 57 @ 73 @ 89 @ 111 @
You do not need to enter the trailing zeros of the tax rate (after the decimal point) but you do need to enter the decimal point for fractions.

Page 80

If the tax is not provided for every cent, modify the tax table by setting the tax for every cent in the following way. When setting the tax, consider the minimum breakpoint corresponding to unprovided tax to be the same as the one corresponding to the tax provided on a large amount. Sample tax table Example 8%

To program any media function To program zero 2320


*1: Function no. 61: For the a key 62: For the key 76: For the ' key 78: For the ) key
80: For the * key 82: For the + key 84: For the , key 86: For the k key
87: For the CHK2 key 56: For the S key 63: For the f key 159: For the key

Page 115

*2: Item: A CAT transaction B C CAT action CAT type
Card number printing Card number print format CAT signature line print CAT expiration printing
Selection: Non-compulsory Compulsory POST-AUTH DIAL CREDIT DEBIT CHECK Yes No Partial (printing only part of the card number) Full (printing the entire card number) Yes No Yes No
Number of CAT authorization receipts Bill (slip) printing Non-compulsory Compulsory Footer printing on receipt No Yes Non-add code entry Non-compulsory Compulsory Change enable (over tender enable) Enable Disable Validation printing Non-compulsory Compulsory Drawer opening Yes No Amount tendered operation Optional amount tendered for cash or check Inhibit amount tendered for charge Compulsory amount tendered For the S or key; always enter 0 as A thru H and J thru O. For the f key, always enter 0 as A thru H, K, L, and O.

Entry: thru 0 1

Programming of the * key for selecting only to have compulsory amount tendered Key operation Print
2320. @ 80 @ 000000000000001

Page 116

Tax delete
You can program each media key to delete tax (i.e. tax 1, tax 2, tax 3, tax 4) when it is pressed.
To program any media function To keep the current setting 2326
*1: Function no. 61: For the a key 62: For the key 76: For the ' key 78: For the ) key 80: For the * key
82: For the + key 84: For the , key 86: For the k key 87: For the CHK2 key
*2: Item: A Tax 4 calculation status B C D Tax 3 calculation status Tax 2 calculation status Tax 1 calculation status
Selection: calculate tax 4 delete tax 4 calculate tax 3 delete tax 3 calculate tax 2 delete tax 2 calculate tax 1 delete tax 1
Programming the * key to delete tax 1 Key operation Print

2326. @ 80 @ 0001

Page 117
High amount lockout (HALO) for check cashing, check change, and cash in drawer PGM 2 2321
You can program the upper limit amounts for check cashing, check change, and cash in drawer.
To program any function To program zero



Commission sales report title SALES
Final (used only for PGM mode) FINAL Slip print message on journal SLIP PR.
Refund type of sales (text on display) RF SALE Non-accessed UPC report title NO ACCES
The items marked with * are for Canada only. The function no. 90 Exempt VAT is only effective for the Canadian tax system (2 GST, VAT type).

Page 122

9 Cashier programming
You can assign a cashier code to each cashier. For more details, please contact your local dealer.
To program any cashier no. To program zero 1500

Cashier no. (1 - 20)

* Cashier code (1 - 9999)
* Programming cashier code 0 inhibits entries of the cashier code.
To program 1111 for cashier no.1 and 1014 for cashier no. 4 Key operation Print

1500. @ 1 @ @ 1014

Cashier name
You can program a maximum of 8 characters (cashier name) for each cashier. Select the characters you want to program referring to section 2 How to program alphanumeric characters in chapter PRIOR TO PROGRAMMING.
To program any cashier code To keep the current setting 1514

Cashier code (1 - 9999)

The cashier code must be programmed for the cashier by job #1500 prior to assigning text.
To program "DICK" for cashier code 1111 and PETER for cashier code 1014 Key operation Print
1514. @ 1111 @ DICK 1014 @ PETER

Page 123

Assigning cashiers to drawers
To program any cashier code To program zero 2510

Entry: or 2

The cashier code must be programmed for the cashier by job #1500 prior to assigning drawer no. Selection: Use no drawer Set the drawer no. 1 or 2

* Item: A Drawer no.

Assigning cashier code 1111 to drawer no. 1 Key operation Print

2510. @ 1111 @ 1

Drawer no.
10 Programming various functions
Programming for optional feature selection
Your register enables you to select the following options: OP X/Z mode availability When a cashier needs to take the cashier X/Z report, he or she will use the OP X/Z mode. This programming determines whether he or she will be allowed to use this mode.

You can take the cashier X and Z reports in the X1/Z1 mode regardless of the above programming.
Paid-out in the REG mode Refund type of sale in the REG mode Refund in the REG mode Direct void in the REG mode Indirect void in the REG mode Subtotal void in the REG mode Validation printing in a refund entry First item direct void PLU level shift mode Automatic return mode: This mode automatically shift the PLU level back to level 1 (ordinary level) after a direct PLU entry. Lock shift mode: This mode holds the current PLU level until making a level shift operation (pressing a level shift key). Available mode for PLU level shift Printing of the number of purchased items 123 Time printing on the receipt/journal

Page 124

Journal print form You may choose either of the following forms. Detailed journal print that shows the details of all entries the same information as printed on the receipt. Summary journal print that shows information about all entries other than normal department entries (entries into + departments and their associated + PLUs). Availability of the item validation printing Validation printing in a discount () entry Zero skip for various reports Automatic return mode for PLU level By one receipt: Returns the PLU level to level 1 after each receipt. By one item: Returns the PLU level to level 1 after each item entry. Available mode for PLU/UPC price shift PLU/UPC price shift mode Automatic return mode: This mode automatically shifts the price level back to price 1 (ordinary level) after the entry. Lock shift mode: This mode holds the current price level until making a price shift selection (pressing the price shift key). Automatic return mode for PLU/UPC price level By one receipt: Returns the price level to price 1 after each receipt. By one item: Returns the price level to price 1 after each item entry. No sale in REG mode Finalization when the subtotal amount is zero in the REG mode Item printing in PBLU transactions on the slip Usability of the RA entry Validation printing in a check cashing entry Validation printing in a RA entry Validation printing in a PO entry Birthday date printing for the age limitation Footer graphic logo printing Learning function of UPC entry Price change function in REG mode Printing of the price shift text on the receipt/journal Treating the EAN8 code (200XXXXC/D) Price entry after ISBN/ISSN code entry
To program any function no. (**P: 1-13) To program zero

** P (1 - 13)

**P: 1 * Item: A OP X/Z mode B C D E F Paid-out in REG mode Refund type of sale in the REG mode Refund in the REG mode Direct void in REG mode Indirect void in the REG mode
Selection: Enable Disable Enable Disable Enable Disable Enable Disable Enable Disable Enable Disable

* The valid characters for dialing are 0 9, W and ,.

Password for dial out

7111 To program zero
* Password (max. 8 digits)
* The password can be programmed with zero suppression, however it is used without zero suppression (00000000 - 99999999) for dialing.

7112 To program zero

Selection: Yes No STATIC DUKPT INDEX Tone Pulse Entry: 1
* Item: A PIN PAD on CAT for DEBIT CARD B Key type for PIN PAD

Dial mode for dial out

Time out setting for time 1 (reading the card)

Procedure 142

7113 To program zero

Page 143

Time out setting for time 2 (response of authorization)

7114 To program zero

Time out setting for time 3 (reading of dial in/out)

7115 To program zero

Secret codes to control access to the PGM1 mode, X1/Z1 mode and X2/Z2632 mode PGM 2 2630
When a secret code has been set for that specific mode operation, before performing any PGM1 mode, X1/Z1 mode or X2/Z2 mode operation, you must enter a secret code according to the following procedure. Operating
Secret code (max. 4 digits)
Once a secret code is entered, it does not need to be entered again unless the mode switch setting is changed or an operation is performed.
* 2632 To program zero (no code)
* 2630 for the PGM1 mode 2631 for the X1/Z1 mode 2632 for the X2/Z2 mode
Programming secret code 1234 for X1/Z1 mode Key operation Print

2631. @ 1234

Page 144
Setting the AUTO key Automatic sequencing key
If you program frequently performed transactions or report sequences for the AUTO keys, you can enter those transactions simply by pressing the corresponding AUTO keys during key operations. This programming can be done when your machine is in the X2/Z2 mode.

Delete 2900

Transaction max. 50 times
Programming for the ` key and key as follows: `; entering a $1.50 item (PLU2) and a $1.00 item (dept. 3) ; selling a $5.00 -programmed- item (dept. 2) for cash Key operation Print

2900. @

AUTO1 setting

2 P 100 3

AUTO2 setting
When the AUTO key has been programmed to execute a report job function etc., the mode switch must be in the corresponding position. The AUTO sequence key can not be preset to another AUTO sequence key.

Page 145

11 TRAINING mode
The training mode is used when the operator or the manager practices register operations. When a training cashier has been selected, the machine automatically enters the training mode. When a training cashier has not been selected, the register automatically enters the ordinary REG mode. (For programming of a training cashier, please consult your local dealer.) The training operations are valid only in REG, MGR, and VOID mode. The training cashier memory is updated in the training mode. Other memories are not updated.

Page 146

12 Reading stored programs
Your machine allows you to read every program stored in the PGM1 and PGM2 modes.
Program details and procedures for their reading
Program for: Mode switch position Job code no. Departments PGM2 or PGMProcedure Related job code nos.
For reading all codes For individual reading

Start dept. code 1200

End dept. code
1110, 2110, 2111, 2112, 2114, 2115, 2116, 2180, 2118
For reading all codes For individual reading Start PLU/ UPC code 2 PLUs/UPCs PGM2 or PGM1 1200

End PLU/ UPC code

For the last picking list Scan UPC code PLU/UPC code
1200, 1210, 1211, 2210, 2211, 2214, 2215, 2230, 2231, 2232, 2235, 2236, 2280, 2218
To pick up PLU/UPC codes 3 Key nos. for departments and PLUs PGM2119

2119, 2219

Link PLUs/UPC link PGM2 2220
For reading all codes For individual reading Start PLU/ UPC code 2221

Set PLUs

For reading all codes For individual reading Start PLU code

@ @ @ @ @

End PLU code
2217, 2225 2025, 2029 1500, 1514, 2510 2810
Mix-and-match table UPCs function

2225 2025


PBLU code

Page 147

Program for:

Mode switch position

Job code no.

Related job code nos. 1310, 2310, 2311, 2312, 2313, 2314, 2315, 2316, 2320, 2321, 2322, 2326, 2334, 2328 2614, 2615, 2616, 2617, 2618, 2619, 2620, 2630, 2631, 2632, 2689, 2690, 2691, 2692 2641, 2642, 2643 2710, 2711, 2715 2900

Function preset 1

PGM2 or PGM1

Function preset 2

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
Messages Tax tables and rates Auto keys


Thermal printer
2990 3653, 3654, 3655, 3656 6110, 6111, 6112, 6113, 6115, 6220 7110, 7111, 7112, 7113, 7114, 7115

Remote printer

On-line preset

CAT preset

Page 148

Sample printouts

1 Reading of programmed items for departments (Reading in the PGM1 and PGM2 modes) 2 Reading of programmed items for PLUs/UPCs (Reading in the PGM1 and PGM2 modes)
Job code no. Range Dept. code Item label
Mode switch position* Unit price Group no. PLU code Tax status Item label HALO limit. Commission group Function programming 3

Mode switch position* Range
Unit price (level 1) Unit price (level 2) Associated dept. code Base qty Type of unit price entry Scale entry Tare table no. Delete method Commission group and mix-and-match table no. Age limitation Link PLU

Print station Tax status

Type of unit price entry Department type (BR/Hash/Normal) Registration type (SIF/SICS/Normal) Scale entry Tare table no. Item validation Minus department Age limitation Print station
* When you take this report in the PGM1 mode, the PGM2 indication is replaced by PGM1.

Page 149

3 Reading of programmed key nos. for departments and PLUs (Reading in the PGM2 mode)
4 Reading of programmed items for link PLUs (Reading in the PGM2 mode)

Key no. Dept. code

Leading PLU code

Range Linked PLU code

5 Reading of programmed set PLUs (Reading in the PGM2 mode)

Tied PLU code

Page 150
6 Reading of mix-and-match table (Reading in the PGM2 mode)
8 Reading of programmed items for cashiers (Reading in the PGM1 and PGM2 modes)
Mix-and-match table no. Adjustment amount Matching count

Cashier name Cashier no.

Mode switch position* Cashier code Drawer no.
7 Reading of programmed UPCs function (Reading in the PGM2 mode)
9 Reading of programmed PBLU code (Reading in the PGM2 modes)
Non-PLU code format Delete period for non-accessed UPC

Page 151

10 Reading of programmed items for functions - 1 (Reading in the PGM1 and PGM2 modes)
To be continued this report in * When you take on the next page the PGM1 mode, the PGM2 indication is replaced by PGM1.
To be continued on the next page

Page 152

11 Reading of programmed items for functions - 2 (Reading in the PGM2 mode)

Logo message

Line feed for tray subtotal
Optional feature selection

Drawer open alarm time

Scale tare tables
Hourly report format/start hour Stacked report

Compulsory cash/check declaration is available in the above two types. You can choose either of these. Please consult your dealer for further details. When the cash/check declaration is compulsory, flash reports are not available.
Key operation After the key is pressed, the register prompts the cashier to input the cash and check accounts for both domestic and foreign currency. The cashier can simply input the total amounts of each currency unit, or the number of bills or coins of each denomination of each currency unit. Individual cashier report

OP X/Z mode 51

. @. @
The drawer opens and the cashier is prompted to enter the cash and check amounts. (CCD is displayed.)
Input the check or currency denomination X1/Z1 mode 151

To cancel previous entry

To repeat

Full cashier report

X1/Z1 mode 150
Input the total amount of cash or check
To display cash/check subtotal
= : When inputting the cash or check amount (domestic currency) in the drawer to # : When inputting the amount of a foreign currency in the drawer


03.12.22 0:23 PM

Page 175

CCD entry amount
Currency conversion 1 in drawer to be obtained Total of entered (declared) conversion 1 in drawer Difference
Check 2 (in domestic currency) in drawer to be obtained Cash/check in drawer to be obtained Total of entered (declared) cash/check in drawer Difference Total of difference Cash in drawer to be obtained

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1 In case of power failure
When power is lost, the machine retains its memory contents and all information on sales entries. When a power failure is encountered in register idle state or during an entry, the machine returns to the normal state of operation after power recovery. When a power failure is encountered during a printing cycle, the register prints ======== and then carries out the correct printing procedure after power recovery. (See the sample print.)

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ER-A410 & ER-A420

Electronic Cash Registers
Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale Point of Sale P Po

Features & Benefits:

UPC learning function saves time by allowing PLUs to be added instantly for improved efficiency and accuracy at the point of sale Overlap cashier function increases speed of service and enhances customer satisfaction Integrated high-speed 2-station thermal printer with logo capability

20 Flat Keyboard

After Transaction Receipt lowers supply costs by enabling you to print receipts on demand Till Timer and Compulsory Drawer for added security Crisp, clear, 2line alphanumeric LCD display minimizes operator error Two built-in standard RS-232 ports for expansion using optional peripherals or communications

ER-A410 Raised Keyboard

The compact, high-performance ER-A410 and ER-A420 Electronic Cash Registers are the smart choice for independent retailers and small restaurants looking for reliability, quality and value. Ideal for small retail and hospitality establishments, they deliver exceptional flexibility and versatility, and can easily expand with your everchanging business requirements. With Flash Rom technology, powerful built-in software, and flexible hardware options, the ERA410 and ER-A420 enable you to increase efficiency, enhance customer serviceand better manage your business. With easy programming, flexible expansion possibilities, and Sharps world-famous quality and reliability, the Sharp ER-A410 and ERA420 offer everything you need to keep your business running efficientlyall in a compact, user-friendly and value-driven package.

Software Features:

Up to 99 Departments with Age Verification Up to 1500 PLU Codes 10 Mix and Match Tables Refund Keys and Bottle Return Up to 20 Coded Servers Validation, Guest Check and Endorsement Printing (with optional printers) Cash/Check Declarations Up to 9 Media Types; 2 Price Levels Multiple Tax Tables with Currency Conversion Up to 2 Receive On Account/ Paid Out Functions Up to 999 PBLU (Previous Balance Look Up)
Information Systems Group


Remote Printer* Bar Code Scanner* CAT / EFT* Scale* Coin Dispenser* PC*

Optional 2nd Cash Drawer

Slip Printer*
*Locally procurednot a Sharp POS product.
Title Full (General) Group Reports
Description Combines information from departments and transaction media totals. This report is used as the general report for your business. Summarizes the department sales totals by assigned department group number. Consolidates all departments into like categories to provide summary sales data analysis of your business. Allows the store owner to select a specific group number for which to analyze associated department sales data. Allows the store owner to analyze PLU sales data by a specified range of PLU codes. Allows the manager/owner to categorize the PLU sales by its associated department number. Lists PLU items which have not accumulated sales totals to identify non-moving items. Allows the PLU sales totals to be taken based on its unit price in a range. Best Seller on Shelf; inventory management. Helps maintain UPC file. Provides the store owner with the number of transactions and sales total by 1-hour increments for a 24-hour period. This becomes a useful tool in determining which times during the day your business is most successful. This report can also be useful in determining when extra employees are necessary. Provides a snap shot of accountability for the business day, which can justify collected monies for items sold.
Title Full Cashier Individual Cashier Daily Net Stacked Flash
Description Provides sales and media accountability for up to (20) cashiers who have made sales entries. Allows the store owner or manager to track each individuals sales and media accountability one person at a time. Provides the net sales total by calendar day for a 31-day period. Business revenues are easily tracked by each day of the month. Prints a maximum of 15 reports in succession within a single reporting operation. Allows the store owner or manager to view a defined total in the ECRs display for quick, up-to-the-moment analysis of that days business. Available Flash Reports include: Net-3 (net sales plus tax) Department (by selected departments) Cash-in Drawer (total cash in drawer) Provides a full accounting of cash and checks in drawer. Allows the store owner to look at current inventory levels by PLU. Links a cashier to a particular department to keep track of individual sales. In X mode allows you to print all open checks and in Z mode allows you to view open checks and to reset, monitor or track receivables. Gives a report of all open checks by cashier essential for closing out house charges.

UPC/PLU (Range)

UPC/PLU by Dept. UPC/PLU Zero Sales UPC/PLU Price Category Top 20 PLU Non-Access UPC Delete Report Hourly (All/Range)
CCD (cash/check declarations) PLU by Stock Commission Sales PBLU PBLU by Cashier


Display Operator
LCD display with backlight 16 characters x 2 lines C u s t o m e r ( p o p - u p ) L E D, 7 d i g i t n u m e r i c / 7 s e g m e n t s Printer Ty p e Printing Capacity 2-station (receipt/journal) thermal Receipt: 24 characters maximum Journal: 24 characters maximum Printing Speed Approx. 13.3 lines per second L o g o M e s s a g e Te x t 6 l i n e m e s s a g e m a x i m u m Graphic Logo Ye s Capability Pa p e r W i d t h Th i c k n e s s Pa p e r R o l l Pa p e r Ty p e 1.75" .02" (44.5 mm 0.5mm).06 mm to.08 mm paper thickness 3.15" (80 mm) maximum diameter Th e r m a l

Other Printing Functions

Receipt and journal independent feed function Graphic and logo capability Print stop function Pa p e r e n d s e n s o r 5 compartments 5 compartments Security lock Drawer open sensor Pull out cash till Heavy duty metal construction 2nd cash drawer Raised / Flat Standard 61, maximum 82 / 119
Drawer Bill Coin Other Drawer Fe a t u r e s
Option Keyboard Ty p e N u m b e r o f Ke y s
Communications Ty p e (2) RS-232 Connectivity Connect to optional peripherals such a s s c a l e , c o i n d i s p e n s e r, c r e d i t c a r d a u t o r i z a t i o n t e r m i n a l , P C, s l i p o r remote printers and bar code scanner General D i m e n s i o n s / We i g h t 1 6. 5 " ( w ) x 1 6. 8 " ( d ) x 1 1. 7 " ( h ) / 2 9. 1 l b s. Po w e r C o n s u m p t i o n 4 6. 5 W ( m a x i m u m ) / 9 W ( s t a n d b y ) Po w e r S o u r c e 120V +/10% AC/60 Hz Optional Accessories E R - D K 7 G 1 x 1 d u m m y ke y E R - D K 7 G 5 x 1 d u m m y ke y s t r i p ER-11KTx 2 d e p a r t m e n t ke y e x p a n s i o n k i t ( e a. ) ER-12KTx 2 d e p a r t m e n t ke y e x p a n s i o n k i t ( e a. ) ER-22KTx 1 d e p a r t m e n t ke y e x p a n s i o n k i t ( e a. ) ER-04DW Optional cash drawer unit ER-55CC2 Optional coin case (5B/5C)
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Information Systems Group / POSD Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J. 07430-1163 1-800-BE-SHARP

2005 Sharp Electronics Corporation. Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ECR-1028 September 2005 Rev. 2.0



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