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The right appliance for every taste: Sharp presents its highquality microwave range at the IFA
Apple cake in 27 minutes just one of numerous benefits of the modern generation of microwave ovens from Sharp. These innovative kitchen aids have an appropriate menu for almost every type of food. Each of the ten models in the high-quality microwave range is user-friendly and packed with a large number of practical features. Sharp therefore brings ease of use and major time savings to the kitchen. Berlin, IFA 2008. Vitamin-rich broccoli florets or a crispy salami pizza the versatile microwaves from Sharp can handle almost any preparation method. Up to 18 different cook and defrost menus prepare the food automatically and quickly. The appliances also boast advanced design and high performance features. What a performer: the largest Sharp model is the R-93ST-A large-size combination microwave. It features an elegant stainless steel housing, and its stainless steel 40-litre oven can even replace a conventional oven. Thanks to its integral 1450-watt hot-air function, the R-93ST can be preheated exactly like a conventional oven. A choice of ten temperature settings from 40 to 250 degrees Celsius is available. With a high 900-watt microwave output, 1300-watt quartz grill, 10 automatic express cook and defrost menus, 7 automatic cook and reheat menus and an automatic cake menu, this 3-in-1 appliance is a real all-rounder. Setting the automatic menus is extremely easy. After selecting the menu, the user merely has to enter the weight of the food and start the oven. The R-93ST-A automatically selects the appropriate mode and the necessary power level. The clearly legible LCD panel then shows the required cooking time. The R-939 IN with its metallic silver look also comes with the same convenient features. 4-in-1: the 26-litre R-899 IN and R-879 IN combination microwaves cleverly bring together a microwave, hot-air oven, quartz grill (top) and infrared grill (bottom) in a single appliance. The quartz grill integrated in the oven ceiling offers a grill output of 1200 watts, while the infrared grill below the rotating plate delivers 600 watts of power. The microwave function can be combined with the other modes to save cooking time and energy. All modes, whether solo or in combination, can also be set manually. A particularly practical feature is the Express Pizza button. This beats even the fastest pizza service in town. It ensures that frozen pizzas up to 400 g are crispy and brown on the outside but remain soft and succulent on the inside. And all that in no more than 5 minutes.
Angela Obermaier will answer any queries on behalf of Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH Tel.: + 49 (0)40 / 46-109, fax: +49 (0)40 / 46-11, e-mail: FAKTOR 3 AG, Kattunbleiche 35, 22041 Hamburg
Like its multifunctional colleagues, the R-85ST-A with its stainless steel housing leaves scarcely anything for an aspiring gourmet to desire. With an oven capacity of 26 litres, a 1500-watt hot-air function, a 1000-watt quartz grill, a 500-watt infrared grill and an automatic cake menu, it offers cooks a wide range of preparation methods. A further plus: the Sharp microwave can be fitted into a cabinet and is thus easy to incorporate in your existing kitchen environment. The performance spectrum of the R-798AL-A 2-in-1-plus dual-grill microwave with a 26litre oven capacity, 900-watt microwave output, 1200-watt quartz grill (top) and 600-watt infrared grill (bottom) includes an Express Pizza button, three automatic pizza menus for frozen, chilled and fresh pizzas, and three automatic fun menus for chips, baguettes and fish fingers. Everything is appetisingly prepared in minutes. In energy-saving mode, the R798AL-A uses less than 0.1 watts of electricity an hour. So Sharps microwaves protect both the environment and your wallet. The smaller 17-litre R-68ST model with its stainless steel housing is also available with a convenient dual grill and automatic pizza and snack menus. Fans of grilling are also well catered for with Sharps R-647 IN and R-657 WH 2-in-1 grill microwaves. The microwave output of 800 watts and the 1000-watt quartz grill ensure casseroles with a crispy cheese topping, kebabs or fish fillets au gratin are cooked to perfection in the 17-litre appliances. The R-26ST solo microwave with a stainless steel housing, 800-watt microwave output and 22-litre oven capacity are particularly suitable for quick reheating, boiling, steaming and defrosting. This oven is ideal for light snacks because there is no need to use any fat when cooking the food. All these microwaves are available at electrical retailers now. (Please see table below for details of recommended prices.)

Model R-93ST-A R-939 IN R-899 IN R-879 IN R-85ST-A R-798 AL-A R-68ST R-647 IN R-657 WH R-26ST
Oven capacity 40 litres 40 litres 26 litres 26 litres 26 litres 26 litres 17 litres 17 litres 17 litres 22 litres
Price (RRP, Germany) 499 euro 429 euro 389 euro 389 euro 499 euro 329 euro 239 euro 199 euro 189 euro 179 euro
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