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dev_82 5:01am on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 
The AVCHD format of the video prevents you fr...  nice picture unable to edit video
RichardNHurt 11:29pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
SONY HDR - UX1E appearance design, digital camera is for SONY DVD905E design, and not too big change.
evilwarmaster 9:09am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
BATTERY PROBLEM ALERT: This unit (and some SR1s) do not accept the 91 series batteries that are listed in the documentation to work with the units.
MassiveDick 10:21am on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
Sony HDR-UX1 is a high definition (1920x1080 pixel=1080i) camcorder records in MiniDVD disks. Because it records in regular MinDVD discs.
esokitty 5:56pm on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
Awesome camcorder. The quality is there and it is simple to use. I love the touch screen as well. I have a PS3 so this works easily with that.
bldr.dh 2:01pm on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 
This camcorder offers excellent value at the present time ($750 internet street price).
snaps-herve 3:27am on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
The only editing software that exists to date capable of handling the Sony AVCHD format is the Sony Vegas 7.
alcibiades 4:49am on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
Awesome camcorder. The quality is there and i...  Easy to use. Awesome camcorder. The quality is there and it is simple to use. I love the touch screen as well. I have a PS3 so this works easily with that.
wilsho 10:14am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
With the growing popularity of liquid crystal TV, the trend of the market have high standards in time, although HDV clarity has enough household. Type) in future.
morris 10:22am on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
hd quality , wonderful value/ clarity compared to older mini dv for the money dvd compression and lack of easy editing Look I am not the most technology minded person in the world but I will sum up everything with the following sentences. Basically the Sony HDR- UX1.

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II. Product Development in the Light of Saving Energy and Resources
Sharp has continued to develop technologies to reduce both the standby and operational power consumption of products, so that less carbon dioxide is discharged. Sharp has also made efforts to downsize products and streamline production in order to use fewer parts and materials.
Objective/Plan Promotional Measures/Achievement
Planned to develop models that achieve the lowest level of energy consumption in the market. Planned to acquire the Green Seal for 80 models, which account for 25% of its total product sales in Japan.
Marketed 98 Green Seal models, 22% higher than our plan. These models accounted for 25.7% of our total product sales.
1. Development of Energy-saving Technology
Sharp has worked on developing integrated energy-saving technology for its products, from the assembly of parts to finished goods, in order to reduce their power consumption during use and in standby.
Electric power consumption of main products in Japan


900 600

1,365 1,200 1,169 1,991

2. Major Energy-saving Products
Refrigerator (SJ-LC47E/40E) Sharp has developed the New Hybrid Cooling System. This system combines the Twin Evaporator System, which features two separate fan coolers for freezer and refrigerator sections, and the Refrigerating System, which has a moisturizing panel on the back side. It also incorporates Wide Linear Inverter Compressor Control, which controls condenser revolution in 25 steps, and our non-CFC vacuum insulation. Overall, this system offers a 5.2% improvement in cooling efficiency and helped the SJLC47E/40E win the Energy Conservation Award in February 2001 from the Energy Conservation Center in Japan. Our refrigerator models have won this award four times, including the last two consecutive years.
VCR (VC-V1) Our new model VC-V1 has reduced standby power consumption by 70%* in comparison with conventional models. This was achieved by improving energy efficiency of the power supply circuit, switching off unnecessary circuits during standby mode, and replacing the fluorescent display with an energy-saving liquid crystal display.
Power consumption is reduced by 70% when the clock is on in the display.

* Hi-Fi VCR VC-V1

Air conditioner (2.8kW type) TV set (Broadcasting Satellite compatible, 28 type series) Refrigerator/freezer (400L series)
Standby power consumption
Sensors and others: 0. 3W Fluorescent display and driver IC: 0. 5W Microcomputers and peripherals: 0. 3W Switching loss in the power supply section: 0. 9W Microcomputers, peripherals, and LCD: 0. 3W Switching loss in the power supply section: 0. 3W
Conventional model (VC-HF90)

Reduction: 1. 4W

Fiscal year 1995
Standby electric power consumption of main products in Japan
S-VHS VCR (Broadcasting Satellite compatible)
5 4.6 4.4 4.4 2.3 1.8 0.8 0.5

1997 1998

Transition of energy-saving refrigerating systems
Conventional Refrigerating System in 1988
New model (VC-V1) When the clock is displayed.

Personal facsimile

Hybrid Cooling System in 1999
New Hybrid Cooling System (with Moisturing Panel and Natural Moisture Refrigirator) in 2000 Cooling Panel Cooling Fan Fan Cooler

Fiscal year 1994

1999 2000
Standby operating time for mobile phones in Japan

Durable standby time

180 160
Cooling efficiency improvement: 15%
Cooling efficiency improvement: 5. 2%

Cooling Panel

Fan Cooler (Cross-section)
Fan Cooler Natural Moisture Refrigerator SJ-LC47E


Fiscal year 1996
Facsimile Machine (UX-F41CL) Since fax machines are always on, reduction of standby power consumption is particularly important. Sharp has therefore made every effort to reduce the required number of parts, develop the LSI for peripheral circuits, and achieve efficiency in the power supply circuit. Sharp has also successfully switched off unnecessary circuits during the standby mode. Paying careful attention to these factors, Sharp attained a 0.8W level of standby power consumption.

Power Device The ICs in electronic equipment operate in individual different voltage circuit. For that purpose, regulator makes stable decreased output voltage from high input voltage to meet the individual ICs operation conditions. Conventional regulators require a voltage difference of more than 2.5V between input voltage and output voltage, but our newly developed low power-loss voltage regulator requires a minimum of only 0.5V. This contributes substantially toward reducing the equipments overall power consumption. Additionally, the regulator itself consumes 53% less power than before. And, when the equipment is not in use, standby power consumption is only one hundredth of what it was before.
Conventional low power-loss voltage regulator and low voltage operation low power loss voltage regulator
3. Development of Resource-saving Products
Sharp has been engaged in developing a washing machine that not only saves resources but also requires less water for washing. Another product of a similar kind is our Cyclone vacuum cleaner, which does not need disposable paper dustcollection bags. Washing Machine (ES-WD74) Our new washer/dryer requires 105 liters less water per wash, or approximately 38,300 liters less water annually (when using the washer 365 times a year), compared with Sharps conventional automatic washing machine, the ES-B750, which was developed 8 years ago. In addition, this new washer uses less detergent and less electric power.

Facsimile UX-F41CL

Power consumption reduced by 53%
Super-Mobile LCD (HR-TFT) The Super-Mobile LCD attains a brighter liquid crystal display than before by reflecting external light, rather than using a backlight. This was made possible by combining the Micro-reflective electrode construaction, in which the electrodes not only drive TFT elements but also reflect the light, and an ultra high aperture LCD. The Super-Mobile LCD uses only one seventh of the power required by a transitive type LCD, resulting in both increased energy efficiency and longer battery life. The Super-Mobile LCD is incorporated into Sharps popular PDA and other mobile products.
Conventional low power-loss voltage regulator (power loss: 1.5W type)

Input voltage

3.3V 1.5V: power-loss in the part of voltage regulator 1.5V 1.0A=1.5W Output voltage 1.8V/1.0A Output PNP-Tr Washer/Dryer ES-WD74

IC controller

LCD TV (LC-20C1) Sharps new LCD TV is one fourth or less as heavy, and about one eighth as thin, as a CRT TV of the same screen size. Sharp continuously strives to achieve such downsizing and weight savings in our products to reduce consumption of the Earths limited resources.
Comparison of CRT and LCD televisions
Personal Information Tool M1-E1 with Super-Mobile LCD
Low voltage operation low powerloss voltage regulator (power loss: 0.7W type)

21-inch CRT television (Sharp s 21C-FA1)
Conventional (Transitive) TFT LCD and Super-Mobile LCD
0.7V: power-loss in the part of voltage regulator 0.7V 1.0A=0.7W Output voltage 1.8V/1.0A Output PNP-Tr
Approximately 1/8 the depth


48.33 cm

48.9 cm

Not including 6.25-cm stand
Less than 1/4 the weight, 6.6 kg



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