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zigolo 1:00pm on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
Removed 1 star due to cost of toner/drum Printer has been working great for almost 2 years, the included toner/drum lasted quite a while. I own a Mac and two PCs. Prints and scans over my home network perfectly to all of them. Easy setup, good print quality None
peb 2:35am on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
The Samsung SCX-4200 delivers great prints at a surprising price. Compared to other higher-priced brands, such as Dell, Canon or Lexmark. I have only had this printer a week, and have not used it much.
waiterevo 5:49am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
Print a lot of posters and things with fine graphics.Best bang for the buck. Clean Replacement,Dries Quickly,Long Cartridge Life. this is very easy to change, but sometimes toner drops onto the desk when I remove the used cartridge. Long Cartridge Life,Sharp Tones & Colors
shawn_dh 8:21pm on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
really love this printer. Amazing B/W Multifunction laser printer for the price. For the price nothing else came close. i love far, so good! smaller footprint than i thought. great replacement to my hp officejet all in one. scans and copies letter, not legal
brett.arthur 9:56pm on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
This product is used strictly for business Clean Replacement,Dries Quickly,Long Cartridge Life,Long Lasting Color. We used to do more copying than we do now, but have always been glad we are using Staples cartridges Clean Replacement,Long Cartridge Life.
truenorthern 6:58am on Monday, May 24th, 2010 
Nice clear print. Quite fast printing- and wo...  Clear print. Does what it says on the tin.... prints, photocopies, scans, all in good quality. Do not buy this printer. I have owned this si...  Duplexing, ok print quality. Constant problems with sensors, bad design, size, weight, noise.
ta5ae 3:17pm on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
I have been using this printer for one month - relatively light duty but so far have had no jams, no problems with operation of any sort. I got this printer this past May ($360). It comes with full toners, although they are the lower capacity ones.
ccoffee 7:40pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
This printer is reliable and relatively inexp...  Printer is easy to use. Print quality is good and is fairly quick. This printer was a good investment. I went fr...  Inexpensive, good quality printing, toner lasts long time. Toner for this printer is expensive
lonesome-dreamer 6:12pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
No Mac compatible Unfortunately despite what they say in the tech specs this machine is not mac compatible. Miselling I agree with the previous reviewer - this is misselling. miss selled photo of printer but it is a transfer kit. poor show would like money back
JWWWW 8:08am on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 
Easy to use, Easy to refill, and easy to reset the counters. All in all a great color laser that allows easy resetting of the counters. Excellent laser printer for the money. I save more money now over ink jet printer.
ydramkumar 11:14pm on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
The cheaper the printer the more expensive the toner. For most people who print 2000-3000 pages per year this is perfect toner/printer combination.

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tion. This utility software also allows you to "map" the fields to fit almost any program that supports CSV formats.BMP/PICT, which is used by many programs to exchange graphics files. You can, of course, also use this software to backup your information to your personal computer. To get this software for just $6.95 S&H, see the enclosed Registration Card for details.
dropped, for example, it may have to be reset. This will not delete your data. If for any reason data is missing after resetting the unit, it was lost before you pressed the RESET switch, which simply re-starts the unit. If none of the procedures above help, you should send the unit to a service center. Call 800-BESHARP for the nearest service center. Give the service center a call and ask for more information about getting your ZR-5700/ZR-5800 repaired.
I can't seem to turn my unit on. I changed the batteries but still nothing happens. What should I do?
Check the following before sending the ZR-5700/ ZR-5800 in for service: Check that the battery replacement switch on the back of the unit is in the "NORMAL OPERATION" position. If the switch is in the "REPLACE BATTERIES" position, the unit cannot be turned on. Check or replace the operating batteries, even if you have just replaced the batteries. It is possible that the batteries were not fresh when you purchased them. Press the RESET switch. If the unit has been
Why should I send in the registration card?
This is your way of registering your product with Sharp, and allows us to keep you informed about new products and software available for your unit. It also gives us valuable information about our users so that we can design products that continue to meet your needs. Sharp never sells its customer list, so registering your unit will not result in you receiving loads of new junk mail from other companies.
I would like to use the Filer feature but I am afraid of using up memory. How does the Filer work? Does it make a copy of each entry?
When you assign an entry to a folder in the Filer, it uses only a negligible amount of extra memory. The unit doesn't actually make a copy of the entry, it simply assigns the entry to a folder. Entries are still stored in each individual application (Contacts, Documents, etc.). The Filer is a great way to organize your information and there is no reason not to use it.
What is the Outlines application? Why would I want to use it sometimes instead of Documents?

The Outlines application allows you to group and categorize information using a hierarchical structure. Everyone has a lot of small but important pieces of information that have to be memorized or kept track of in a written record; for example, important personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, various ID numbers, account numbers, clothing sizes, etc. Using the unit, you could make a number of Documents entries for each piece of
information, but a better way to manage the information would be to make a single Outlines file called "Personal information". This file could then contain a number of headings (such as Car info., Travel info., Health info., Financial info., etc.), under which relevant pieces of information could be stored. This makes it easier to access information and prevents your unit from becoming cluttered with hundreds of individual entries. Additional Outlines files could also be made, including a favorite movies list, project management file, price lists, product line-up and specification files, business plans, product proposals, and meeting notes. Many types of information can be more easily and efficiently managed in an Outline structure. Another use of Outlines is document preparation. Many times you might want to write a memo, letter, proposal, marketing plan, etc., but find it difficult to write an entire document from scratch. Outlines allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas, then rearrange and categorize them at any time. You can also copy an Outlines file and paste it into Documents to finish the document there, adding text to the major topics.

What your unit can do

Your new ZR-5700/ZR-5800 is a full-featured, pocketsized information manager, designed to enhance any information-based task, whether in the home, at the office or on the road. Its large, easy-to-read screen and graphical user interface makes it very easy to use for novices and experienced users alike. Pen-based touchpanel operation offers tremendous user-friendliness in a pocket-size device. Time Management The ACTIVITIES application helps you manage your time better than ever: Appointment lets you record appointments, meetings and other date-based events Birthday/Ann lets you record anniversaries, birthdays and other important annual events Holiday lets you record your planned vacations and public holidays To Do helps you track tasks and goals according to priorities you assign Calendar displays all your Appointment, Birthday/ Ann, Holiday and To Do items in convenient daily, weekly, monthly or yearly formats Information Databases Your unit allows you to store a wide range of information according to your needs: Contacts is used to store names, phone numbers and other information Data Files lets you set up custom databases Spreadsheets provides a full-featured spreadsheet utility Letters & Documents The unit offers powerful facilities for creating documents, letters and even hand-written notes: Documents provides sophisticated word processing and document formatting features Outlines lets you organize your ideas and information using topics and sub-topics Notes lets you make hand-written notes directly onto the screen using the touch-pen. Desk Accessories A variety of other functions are provided to make common tasks quick and convenient: Calculator performs standard mathematical and date calculations Scrapbook lets you create and edit pictures, drawings and maps Filer lets you group together entries from any applications except Spreadsheets

Selecting the owner's information is only useful if you first use Tools Personal to enter your personal information.
Touch TOOLS and touch Sleep twice.


Complete your Start-up display settings and touch OK. Your owner's information will now be shown at start-up.
Use the touch pen to touch and drag the Sleep setting. Sleep time can be set to 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes. When you complete your setting, touch OK.


The Secret function keeps your information secure (hidden) requiring a password that you specify. Entries marked as secret are hidden until the password is entered. Individual entries can be marked as secret, or you can simply prevent access to the entire machine by requiring a password each time the unit is turned on. Marking entries as secret has no effect until a password is registered. If you forget your password, you will not be able to unlock your unit. To use the Secret function, you must delete the old password, and this will also delete all entries marked as secret. If you are worried you might forget your password, write it down and keep it in a safe place. To register a password:
Enter a password of up to seven characters using letters, numbers and symbols.
Choose your password carefully. We recommend you use an easy to remember word. Password recognizes uppercase and lowercase. For example: SECRET is different from Secret or secret.
Touch Set to store the password. Touch OK.
Marking entries as secret You can mark any entry (except those in Scrapbook) as secret. To mark an entry as secret:
Open the application and select the entry. Open the entry you want to mark as secret. Touch EDIT and select "Secret Entry".
An asterisk (*) appears in the top right corner to indicate this is a secret entry.
Touch TOOLS and touch Personal twice. Touch Password.
If your unit is locked to hide secret entries, an entry which has just been marked as secret will still be displayed until you select another entry. Once you leave the entry marked as secret, it will be hidden with all other secret entries. Accessing secret entries Entries marked as secret are not shown in any application Index, and they cannot be accessed by any search method. To view secret entries, your unit must first be unlocked. To unlock the unit:
To change a secret entry to a normal entry:
Unlock your unit with the procedure above. Display the secret entry you want to make normal. Touch EDIT and select "Normal Entry".


VIEWS/INDEX in the tool bar is used to select the display mode. Once an application is open, you can use VIEWS/INDEX to switch display modes. Each display mode has its own unique variations, functions and purposes. Detail View Detail View allows you to see the details for an entry. A basic Detail View is available for Contacts, Data Files, Documents and Outlines. More advanced Detail Views are available for Activities, Notes and Filer. Index View Index View shows a one line view for each entry, making it easier to find a particular entry.
To change Index/Detail View
To change the display mode for Activities:
Touch VIEWS and select an Index View from the list.
For example: touch VIEWS and select "To Do Index". The display should now be similar to that shown below.
Touch ACTIVITIES. Touch VIEWS in the tool bar at the top of the display. Use the touch pen to select the Detail View from the list in the menu.
For example, select "Weekly Graph". The display should now be similar to that shown below.


The Filter function lets you focus on entries that contain specific information. For example, you could recall all entries related to a particular company name. The Filter function does this by hiding all entries that do not match the filter criteria. Only Filtered entries can then be viewed or edited. The Filter function is available only for Appointments, Contacts and Data Files. To turn on the filter for Appointments:

Touch Filter.

Filtered entries that match your criteria can be viewed in Index View. A message indicates if no entries match your request.
To turn on the filter for Contacts and Data Files:
Open Contacts or Data Files in the Index or Detail View. Touch FILTER and select "Filter".
Touch ACTIVITIES and select Index or Detail View of Appointments.
Touch FILTER and select "Filter".


Enter the filter keyword.
For Appointments the keyword must be in the description field. If a block of text is selected before touching FILTER, the text will be automatically displayed as the filter description. Check the "Secret Only" box to filter only secret entries (not displayed if the unit is locked).

To print a specified group of entries:
Select an application. Touch SEND and select Print. Select group from the Print: pop-up menu.
Select Printer Emulation and Printer Path, if required.
Printing the current display
You can print a copy of almost any display. Exceptions are confirmation displays (Yes/No), messages, etc. Printing of graphic images depends on your printers capabilities. To print the current display:
When you complete your settings, touch OK.
Touch Set to save the print settings for future use. You can press 2nd SEND to print a single entry. However, the print display does not appear so you cannot change the settings. It will be printed with the current settings.
Go to the display you want to print. Press 2nd P.
Press ON at any time to cancel printing. Message displayed during transfers or momentarily displayed cannot be printed. With this operation, the print settings cannot be changed. If you need to change the settings, touch SEND and select Print.
Print Conditions To cancel printing at any time, press ON. All other key functions are inoperative. If you try to print a group of entries with your unit locked, only non-secret entries are printed. To print secret entries, you must first unlock your unit, see p. 86. Entries are printed in Detail View format. For example, collapsed Outlines topics would be printed without hidden subtopics, etc. When printing graphics, if there is a transfer problem or the print job is canceled while in progress, the printer might not function properly until it is turned off and on again. If you are in an application other than Documents, you must remove the paper manually after printing. If you are using a Hewlett Packard LaserJet Series printer, the paper will exit automatically after printing. All four pages of the Notes will be printed even if you have only drawn on one of them. With the optional Sharp CE-FM4 Fax/Modem connected to your unit, you can fax single Notes, Documents or Scrapbook entries, or an entire Filer folder. See the next section for more information about using PC card Fax/ Modems. Fax communication over a cellular phone connection is typically less reliable than using a standard telephone connection. Please refer to your modem manual for information on your modem's support for cellular, as well as cellular communications guidelines. Connecting the Fax/Modem:

Be sure to turn the unit off before removing or inserting any cards or you may lose memory in either the unit or the card. Store the protection card in a safe place and replace it in your unit when there is no other card installed. Additional types of cards may require the installation of an add-on software program before use.
SRAM and FLASH Memory Cards
The ZR-5700/ZR-5800 support up to 2MB SRAM cards and up to 16MB FLASH cards which provide you with different benefits as outlined below. SRAM cards allow you to: Store additional data created by the built-in application. Install Add-on software programs and store the data created by these programs. FLASH cards allow you to: Create and store multiple backups (archives) of your main unit data and Add-on software programs (a complete backup). Install Add-on software programs (but NOT the data created by these programs which will automatically be stored in the main memory). A maximum of 2MB on a FLASH card can be used for Add-on software applications.
Other notes When a PC card is inserted, the unit may take a few extra seconds to turn on than normal. When using SRAM cards, you may get a message warning you that the card battery is low. Be sure to change the card battery as soon as possible. While changing the battery be sure to do so without removing it from the main unit and while the unit is still on with this message showing or you will lose the data stored on the card. The ZR5700/ZR-5800 will only provide enough power to protect the card during a battery change when this message is displayed on the screen. For more details, refer to the manual for the card.
Notes about Memory cards FLASH cards are ideal for backing up your ZR5700/ZR-5800. They require no back-up battery and will back up everything in the main unit. FLASH cards require more power than SRAM cards when being written to. When creating a backup or especially when installing Add-on software programs onto a FLASH card, try to use an external power supply such as the AC Adaptor in order to extend the life of the main unit batteries. When memory cards reside in the main unit, they do slightly affect the battery life. The effect on the battery life depends upon the type of card and your usage. If a message appears that indicates there is a problem with the card, initialize the card. Note this will delete all data on the card. Never move the protection switch while the card is inserted in the unit.

Transfer conditions Press ON at any time to cancel a transfer. Received data is stored and appended to existing data in the selected application. After a transfer using GET and SEND on the keyboard, the data is also automatically assigned to Filers IN folder so that you can check it. Always try to keep the IN folder empty. If a RAM card is installed and selected as the data source, data in the card can also be selected for data transfer, see p.90. For Contacts or Data Files, the receiving file must be set up with the same fields. If a field type (text or picture) is different, the field cannot be transferred. Be sure that the sending unit does not have a blank (no characters) Telephone/Contact or User File/Data File field name or else the ZR-5700/ZR5800 will not be able to receive information (an error message will appear). GET and SEND on the keyboard do not work for cable transfers. These keys initiate an infrared transfer regardless of the selection for Unit to Unit path or if a cable is connected. Transfer of data via the infrared port requires no other devices. However, infrared transfer is easily affected by interference from ambient conditions. Use the optional data transfer cable CE-315L to ensure a more reliable connection, see p. 220.
Data Transfer with Other Computers
Your unit can exchange data with personal computers (PCs) and other computers.
Touch TOOLS and select PC Link.

PC Link

Using Sharps optional PC Link software and hardware package (or third party software packages), you can exchange data with a personal computer. Some PC Link software allows data transfer via the infrared port using the optional CE-IR4 wireless interface. You can also use your unit in a remote location, then transfer the data to your desktop computer when you return to your office. To check the availability of PC-Link products that perform these functions, call 800-BE-SHARP. To set up your unit for use with PC Link software for ZR-5700/ZR-5800:
Select the PC Link Path from Wireless or Cable, then touch OK.
Your unit is now ready for transfer. For further transfer procedures, check your PC Link software manual. Press ON at any time to exit the PC Link mode.
To set up your unit to use PC Link software for OZ-7000/OZ-8000/YO-600/ZQ-5000 series:
Make sure the unit is turned off. Connect the PC Link cable to the 15-pin cable jack on your unit, and to an available communications port on your PC. Press ON. Touch TOOLS and select PC Link. Touch Cable (Import).
Your unit is now ready for data transfer. For detailed steps for the PC Link software for OZ7000/OZ-8000/YO-600/ZQ-5000 series, see the respective manual.
Make sure your unit is turned off.
For infrared transfer, connect the CE-IR4 wireless interface to your PC. For details, see the CE-IR4 manual.
For cable transfer, connect the PC Link cable to the 15-pin cable jack on your unit, and to an available communications port on your PC.

Touch the numbers (or arithmetic operators) you want to enter in the selected cell. You can also insert a function by touching (). When you are finished entering in the selected cell, select another cell by touching it or by touching the arrow keys in the pad. To close the 10 Key Pad, touch CLOSE on the pad.
Entering labels from the Word list The WORD key provides a quick alternative to typing words that you use frequently, such as your company name or logo. Refer to the other Operation Manual for information about storing words or phrases using the WORD key. To enter text from the word list into a cell:

Selecting cells

Many worksheet functions operate on selected cells only. Selecting a cell distinguishes it from others in the worksheet. When a cell is selected, it is highlighted. To select a single cell: Touch the cell once. The selected cell is highlighted and the edit bar displays its contents.
Select a cell. Press WORD. Select the word or phrase you want to insert. Press ENTER.
The word or phrase from the list appears in the edit bar, and it can be edited as text.
To select a range of cells: Drag the pen from the cell that will be one corner of the range to the cell in the opposite corner of the range without lifting the pen. You can drag in any direction. NOTE If some cells in the range are outside the display, drag the pen in the appropriate direction past the edge of the PenCell worksheet. The display will scroll in the direction you are dragging. 29
To select a column or row: Touch the column or row heading. To select multiple adjacent columns or rows: Drag through column or row headings. To select an entire worksheet: Touch the top left corner cell labeled All. NOTE All refers to all cells that are above and to the left of the last cell actually used in the worksheet. + , , , arrow key extends a selection on row/col when active. 2nd + touching a cell extends a selection. Formulas make your worksheet an interactive calculating machine that not only lists raw data, but also calculates useful results based on that data. To enter formulas in the worksheet:
Touch a cell to select it. The cell becomes highlighted. Enter the formula. See Guidelines for entering formulas, later in this section for information about the many easy ways to create formulas. Press BS to make corrections while you type. Press CANCEL if you change your mind and want to leave the cell unchanged. When you are finished entering, select a different cell (or press ENTER).
By default, the result of calculating the formula, not the formula itself, is displayed in the cell. See Formatting a worksheet, later in the section for information about displaying formulas in cells.
Wnen the cursor blinks in the edit bar, you can edit your formula using copy, cut and paste operations, and you can move the cursor using the arrow keys. Touch EDIT and select Undo if you enter something by mistake. Undo returns the worksheet to its status prior to the last operation. Automatic or manual recalculation When you edit worksheet data or formulas, results of formulas need to be recalculated. Recalculating is automatic by default, but you can also choose manual recalculation. To choose between automatic and manual recalculation:

Touch Go to. The display moves to that portion of the worksheet and the specified cell is highlighted.
When you touch Go to., PenCell remembers the anchor cell of the current selection. Next time you select Go to. that cell will appear in the Go to dialog. This makes it easy to switch between two areas of the worksheet. NOTE PenCell remembers the Current selection and the next time you use Go to it appears as the destination in the Go to dialog. This is an easy way to alternate between two areas of a worksheet. 41

Finding cell contents

Another way to move the worksheet display is to find specific cell contents. You can find a value, label, or formula. Note, however, that the search is not casesensitive. To find cell contents:
NOTE By default, formulas do not appear in cells, the value calculated by the formula is displayed instead. Before you can search for a formula, you need to show formulas by touching SHOW and selecting Show Formulas. See Formatting a worksheet for more information.
Touch UTILS, then select Find., or press 2nd F.

Copying and moving data

You can use the pen, menu commands, or the keyboard to copy or move data. Copying and moving with the pen
Type all or part of the value, label, or formula and choose either forward or backward search.
Include blank spaces as they appear in the formulas and labels you are searching for.
Select the cell or range you want to move. To move: Touch and hold the pen on the selected (highlighted) cell or range. To copy: Press 2nd, then touch and hold the pen on the selected (highlighted) cell or range.
Touch Find. The cell is selected and displayed. Repeat steps 1, and 3 to find the same information in other locations in the worksheet.
A white outline appears around the selected cell or range.
Copying and cutting using menu commands
Select the cell or range whose contents you want to copy or cut. To copy, touch EDIT and then select Copy. To cut, touch EDIT and then select Cut. The contents of the cell or range disappear.
Drag the outline to the new location. If you want to move the cell contents to a location that is not in the current display, just drag it in the direction you want to go, hold the pen past the edge of the worksheet, and the worksheet will scroll in the direction you drag. Lift the pen when the outlined cell or range is at the desired location.

Inserting and deleting cells
Occasionally you need to reorganize a worksheet so you can incorporate new cells or remove obsolete ones. Updating your worksheet might involve adding new blank cells or deleting cells. PenCell lets you add and delete cells while automatically maintaining cell references in the remainder of the worksheet. When you insert new blank cells, all the cell and range references automatically continue to refer to the same cells, even if those cells have changed location.
Decide whether to shift the selected cells down or to the right before insention. Then touch OK.
When you want to delete cells (and cell contents), the remaining cell references automatically adjust so they continue to refer to the same cells.

Formatting a worksheet

To delete cells from your worksheet: Formatting not only enhances the appearance of your worksheet, it also can aid in analysis. You can format worksheets on two levels: Worksheet characteristics affect the entire worksheet. Cell characteristics affect individual cells.
Select the cell or range that you want to delete. Touch CELLS, then select Delete. If the range is not a row or column, then the following dialog box appears.
Worksheet characteristics
Worksheet characteristics affect the entire worksheet. These globally formatted characteristics control the appearance of the worksheet, overall functions like recalculating, or the worksheet status in relationship to other functions on the unit. The table on the following page identifies worksheet characteristics and shows the default settings.
Decide whether to shift the selected cells up or to the left after deletion. Then touch OK.
NOTE #REF appears in a cell containing a formula if you delete a cell that is referred to in the formula or if you delete an entire range that is referred to in the formula. If you delete part of a range that appears in a formula, the formula is updated appropriately.
Worksheet Characteristic Hide or display gridlines Display values or formulas Display or hide Column/Row Labels Show full screen Set Worksheet Protection On or Off Set Title On or Off Number of calculation iterations Automatic or manual recalculation Zoom
Default Setting Gridlines displayed Values displayed Displayed Off Off Off 5 Automatic 100%
Hiding or displaying gridlines Touch SHOW, then select Hide Gridlines. To redisplay them, touch SHOW and select Show Gridlines. Any changes in this setting will affect only this worksheet. Gridlines are always displayed between row and column headings.

DATE(year, month, day) Returns a serial number corresponding to the date, where year is a 2- or 4-digit integer (e.g. 1996 or 96), month is an integer from 1 to 12, and day is an integer from 1 to 31. Example: DATE(1996, 3, 22) displays 22-Mar-96. DATE(1996, 3, 22)+1 displays 23-Mar96. NOTE When you enter a year after 2000, be sure to enter it in four digits.
TIME (hour, minute, second) Returns the fractional value of a particular time, where hour is a value from 0 to 24, minute is a value from 0 to 60, second is a value from 0 to 60. Example: TIME (15,32,39) returns 0.647674 which is the fractional number representing 15 hours, 32 minutues and 39 seconds. In this encoding, 0 hours is represented by the value 0 and 24 hour is represented by 1. DATEVALUE(date_text) Converts its argument to a numeric serial value counting the days since the first day of 1900. Example: DATEVALUE(10/7/96) returns 35345. This number is displayed as 07-Oct-96 if the cell is formated as DD-MMM-YY.
TIMEVALUE(time_text) Converts its time_text argument to a fractional number since the beginning of the day (i.e. midnight). Example: TIMEVALUE(10:30 PM) is equal to 0.9375. This number is displayed as 22:30:00 if the cell is formatted as HH:MM:SS. NOTE Valid date-text and time-text are: Representations DD-MMM-YY DD-MMM MMM-YY HH:MM:SS (AM/PM) HH:MM (AM/PM) MM/DD/YY MM/DD HH:MM:SS HH:MM Example 28-Dec-96 28-Dec Dec-96 02:34:51 AM 02:34 AM 12/28/96 12/28 02:34:51 (24 hour) 02:34 (24 hour)
<date_text> <date_text> <date_text> <time_text> <time_text> <date_text> <date_text> <time_text> <time_text>
Extracting information from date and time representations There are six functions for extracting information from date and time representations: DAY(date) Returns the value of the day in date, which is an integer in the range 1 to 31. Example: DAY(DATE(96,9,11)) returns 11. DAY(9/11/96) returns 11. MONTH(date) Returns the value of the month in date, which is an integer in the range 1 to 12. Example: MONTH(DATE(96,9,11)) returns 9. MONTH(9/11/96) returns 9. YEAR(date) Returns the value of the year in date, which is a 4-digit integer representing the year. Example: YEAR(DATE(96,9,11)) returns 1996. YEAER(9/11/96) returns 1996.

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Panama Fidanque hermanos e hijos,s.a. Calle 50 y Calle 59 Urbanizacion Obarrio Apartado Postal 721 Panama 1 Paraguay Netsystems Avenida Espana 1615 Asuncion Peru Limatel Conquistadores 396 OF. 305 Lima 27 Uruguay EasyMail, S.A. Yaguaron Montevideo Venezuela ComWare La Urbina Edificio Mulimar Piso 3 Calle 5 con Calle 8 Caracas Tel: 582-242-5144/5122 Fax: 582-242-4216 !comwarehelp Tel: 598-2-27 Fax: 598-2-14 !elsuruguay or !mvdsales Tel: 5114-411319 Fax: 5114-410830 !limatel Tel: 507-64-2444
Tel: 595-21-20-8290 Fax: same as phone !paraguayhelp
Appendix B: AT&T Mail travelers access numbers
You will access AT&T Mail in the US and internationally from over 160 countries. To receive the detail international access numbers, call AT&T international customer service mentioned in Appendix A.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Access Number: Speed/Standard: Script: +852-3003-4900 V.32/22/MNP AT&T Mail Direct (installed in Zaurus)


Country Wide Access Number: Charges: Speed/Standard: Script: +61-13-1136 Local call 2400/V.22 9600/V.32 MNP5 AT&T Mail Direct (installed in Zaurus)


Singapore Access Number: Speed/Standard: Access Number: Speed/Standard: Script: +65-535-1444 2400/V.22/MNP5 +65-535-1940 9600/V.32/MNP5 LAS (see Appendix C)


200+ cities via DATAPAC service Access Number: 416-868-4100 or 416-979-1619 Charges: No DATAPAC charges, only local call Speed/Standard: 1200 or 2400 (depending on location) Script: DATAPAC (see Appendix C) Toronto Access Number: Speed/Standard: Script: 416-502-3000 9.6 V.32 AT&T Mail Direct (installed in Zaurus)
NOTE The use of LAS requires an additional subscription. Contact your local AT&T EasyLink Service support center (see Appendix A) for additional information.
Appendix C:AT&T Mail login scripts
DELAY 10 SEND 0 "^M" DELAY 20 SEND 0 "^M" WAIT 450 "Name:" SEND 0 "$USERID^M" WAIT 300 "Password:" SEND 0 "$ATTPASS^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" OR "ion:" IFGOT 2 SKIP 7 IFGOT 1 SKIP 4 IFTERMINAL SKIP 5 OR 0 SEND 0 "1^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" IFGOT 2 SKIP 2 SEND 0 "$SECPASS^M" WAIT 900 "**"
REDI-ACCESS Packet (X.25)
For a listing of REDI-ACCESS telephone numbers for each state in the U.S., check your AT&T Mail Users Guide. DELAY 50 SEND 1".^M" WAIT 300 ">>" OR "__" SEND 1 "set 21:0^M" DELAY 10 SEND 1 "attmail^M" WAIT 300 "Welcome" OR "COM" DELAY 10 SEND 0 "^M" DELAY 20 SEND 0 "^M" WAIT 450 "Name:" SEND 0 "$USERID^M" WAIT 300 "Password:" SEND 0 "$ATTPASS^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" OR "ion:" IFGOT 2 SKIP 7 IFGOT 1 SKIP 4 IFTERMINAL SKIP 5 OR 0 SEND 0 "1^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" IFGOT 2 SKIP 2 SEND 0 "$SECPASS^M" WAIT 900 "**"

LAS Local Access Service

In the following script, substitute $A with the LAS ID and $C with the LAS password. DELAY 50 SEND 5 "^M^M^M" DELAY 50 SEND 0 "c^M" DELAY 50 SEND 0 "$A, $C ^M" WAIT 400 "Welcome" DELAY 10 SEND 0 "^M" DELAY 20 SEND 0 "^M" WAIT 450 "Name:" SEND 0 "$USERID^M" WAIT 300 "Password:" SEND 0 "$ATTPASS^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" OR "ion:" IFGOT 2 SKIP 7 IFGOT 1 SKIP 4 IFTERMINAL SKIP 5 OR 0 SEND 0 "1^M" WAIT 900 "word:" OR "**" IFGOT 2 SKIP 2 SEND 0 "$SECPASS^M" WAIT 900 "**"



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