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tvkleef 2:24pm on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
It is almost 1 year that I am using this product at home. It is a typical German product with high quality and average look.

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Gigaset A140/A240 / GBR / A31008-M1643-L101-1-7619 / / 16.08.2005
Gigaset A140/Gigaset A240 english

Handset A14 Handset A24

Charge status of the battery pack Internal number of the handset 3 Display keys 4 Talk key/ 3 Handsfree Key (Gigaset A240 only) 5 Directory key End call and 5 On/Off key 7 Ringer on/off 6 (press and hold) 8 keypad lock (press and hold) 9 Recall key 7 - Confer (Flash) 8 - Dial pause 9 (press and hold) Microphone Speed dial list key Base

22-35 INT MENU

Register/Paging key (page 5/page 6)
Display keys: Pressing the keys launches whichever function that appears above them in the display. Display icon Function when pressed Open the last number redial list (page 4). Open the calls or network mailbox list (page 4). Open the list of registered handsets (page 5). Open main menu/submenu. Scroll up/down, or adjust volume. Move cursor to the left/right. Backspace deletes one character at a time. Confirm menu function or store an entry.

Safety precautions W

Read this manual and the safety precautions carefully before use. Explain their contents to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone. Only use the mains unit supplied.
Do not install the phone in a bathroom or shower room as the handset and base are not splash-proof. (page 7) Do not use the telephone in environments subject to explosion hazard (e.g. auto paint shops).
If you give your Gigaset to someone else, make sure you also give them the operating manual.
Fit only the approved rechargeable battery pack! Never use a conventional (non-rechargeable) battery pack as this could damage your health and cause injury. Use the battery pack as directed in this manual (page 7). The operation of medical appliances may be affected. Be aware of the technical conditions within the particular environment (e.g. doctor's practice). The handset may cause an intrusive 'hum' in hearing aids. Do not hold the handset against your ear while it is ringing (incoming call).
All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities. This crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on the product means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC. The correct disposal and separate collection of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. It is a precondition for reuse and recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment. For more detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
Do not pollute the environment. Emergency numbers cannot be dialled if the keypad lock (page 3) is activated! Not all of the functions described in this manual are available in all countries.
Place the cover on the battery compartment as shown in the diagram, then push it up until it snaps into position.
Setting up the telephone for use
Step 1: Connecting the base
Opening the battery cover
Press down on the battery cover below its upper end and slide the cover down.
Connect the phone jack with the phone cord 1 and the mains units (230 V) with the power cord 2 as shown. Place the cords in the cord recesses. The two cords must be plugged in at all times. Use only the mains unit supplied (see the bottom of the base). If you ever purchase another phone cord from a store, ensure that the phone conductors are correctly connected: 3-4 connection of the telephone conductors/EURO CTR37.
Place the battery leads in the cable guides so that the battery cover cannot catch on the leads and damage them when it is closed. Only insert the recommended rechargeable battery pack, i.e. never use a normal battery pack as this could damage your health and cause injury. Never use non-Siemens battery chargers as this could damage the battery pack. Only place the handset in the base/ charging cradle that is intended for it.
Step 2: Setting up the handset

Fitting the battery pack

Fit the plug into the socket. Insert the battery (see diagram below). Place the battery leads in the cable guides.
Step 3: Registering the handset to the base and charging the battery pack

Place your handset in the base with the display facing forwards. The handset will now register automatically to the base. For procedure see page 5.
Charging the battery pack
To charge the battery pack, leave the handset in the base for approx. ten hours. The battery pack is now fully charged. The charge status of the battery pack is correctly displayed only after uninterrupted charging/discharging. Therefore you should not interrupt the charging process. Charging is electronically controlled to prevent overcharging. The battery pack heats up during charging; this is normal and not dangerous. After a time the charge capacity of the pack will decrease for technical reasons. You must set the date and time to ensure that the times of calls are logged correctly (page 10). Your telephone is now ready to use.
Closing the battery cover
Activating/deactivating the handset
Press the 'end call' key a and hold. If you place a deactivated handset in the base station or charger, it will automatically activate.


You can mute you handset when making external calls. The caller hears a on hold melody. You do not hear your caller either. Press the display key INT. The call is 'held' (on hold melody). To cancel the function: Press a briefly.
Activating/deactivating the keypad lock
You can "lock" the keys on the handset to protect the keypad against inadvertent activation. To activate: press the hash key R and hold. The display shows the icon. To deactivate: press the hash key R and hold. The keypad lock deactivates automatically when you receive a call and activates again after the call. When the keypad lock is active you cannot even call emergency numbers!
Handsfree (Gigaset A240 only)
If you want to swtich to handsfree mode after you have dialled the number, press and hold the talk key c. As long as the handsfree mode is activated the talk key c lights up continuously. During a call you can switch between earpiece and handsfree mode by pressing the talk key c. To adjust the volume press t or s.

Making calls

Making external calls/Ending a call
External calls are calls using the public telephone network. ~ (Enter the number) c. The number is dialled. (Or you can first press c [dial tone] and then enter the number.) During the call you can adjust the earpiece volume with t and s. End the call/cancel dialling: Press the end call key a. You can automatically insert a network provider prefix before any number (see Menu Tree, PRESELECT, page 10).
Using the directory and other lists
Directory and speed dial list
These two lists are used in the same way. To open the directory: Press h. To open the speed dial list: Press C. Directory: Can store up to 20 numbers and associated names. Speed dial list: Can store up to 8 numbers (12 digits max.), e.g. private phone numbers, prefixes of network providers ("Call-by-Call") etc. Press the h or C key to open the required list then press MENU. The following functions are available:


Answering a call

Your handset rings and you wish to take the call: Press the talk key c. If "Auto Answer" is active (page 6) just lift the handset out of its base/charging cradle.
Add/edit number and use to dial Save new phone number Show/edit number Delete a single entry
Calling Line Identification
When you get a call, the caller's number will be displayed on your handset; the caller's name will be displayed if it is stored in the directory. Requirements: 1 You have asked your network provider for the caller's number (CLIP) to be displayed on your handset screen. 2 The caller has asked the network provider for his number to be identified (CLI). The display shows if you have not requested CLIP, WITHHELD if the caller has withheld CLI, or UNAVAILABLE if it has not been requested.

Clear the list: h/C

Storing a number in the directory/speed dial list


Calls list/Network mailbox list
Press the display key to open the caller list and network mailbox list (see Menu Tree, page 10). Calls list: The numbers of the last 30 missed calls are stored. When the phone is in idle status, new missed calls are indicated by a flashing . Example of how the calls list appears:

CALLS 02/08

Number of old, read entries Number of new entries
Enter phone number and confirm. Directory: Enter name and confirm. Speed dial: Enter the digit of the required speed dial key (29), then enter the name and confirm. Press and hold (back to idle status).
Table for text/numerical entry: see page 7. Cursor control: see page 1.
Dialling with the directory
h ~ s c Open the directory. Enter the first letter of the name. If there is more then one entry, select the name. Press the talk key.
Opening the calls list and selecting an entry
You can view entries you have already read.


Open calls list.
Confirm. The last incoming call is displayed. Select entry.

Speed dialling

Example: Press key I long

Last number redial list

This list contains the five last dialled numbers. (open the list) MENU. The following functions are available:
Select an entry (see above) MENU. The following functions are available:

Using the calls list

Delete an individual number Store a number in the directory. Enter name Establish date and time of a call Read or not read Delete complete calls list


Add/edit number and use to dial

Clear the list:

Store number in directory

Dialling a number

You can select a number from the last number redial list: Select an entry c.
Calling back a caller from the calls list: Select an entry c.
Registering and de-registering handsets
You can register up to four handsets on your base station. A Gigaset A14/A24 handset that is not yet registered on a base is registered automatically. Other handsets must be registered manually.

Using several handsets

Internal calls
Internal calls are no-cost calls to other handsets that are registered to the same base.
Automatic registering: Gigaset handset A14/A24
Any Gigaset A14/A24 handset that is not registered to a base can be registered automatically. To register a handset for the first time, place it in the base with the display facing forward. Registering takes about 1 minute; a number of icons flash in the display. The handset is automatically assigned the next available internal number (14). This number appears in the top left of the display after successful registering, e.g. "2". If all of the internal numbers 1 to 4 are used up (i.e. four handsets have been registered), handset number 4 is de-registered and overwritten.
Press the display key. Your own handset is marked "<". Call a single handset: Enter number of handset, e.g. 2. Calling all handsets: Press the star key. Ending the call: Press the end call key.

either. ~ or. P. then a

Internal conference/Call connecting
You are in conversation with an external caller. To confer: INT (the external caller hears the on hold melody) Select a handset c (confer with internal number). End: MENU GO BACK OK. You are reconnected with the external caller. Or to connect the call: INT Select a handset c (announce the call if required) a Press the end call key. You can also press the end call key a immediately (without announcing the call). If the internal number does not answer or is busy the call will come back to you automatically.
Manual registering: Gigaset handset A14/A24
1. On the handset: MENU REGISTER HS enter your system PIN (default is 0000) OK. The display shows REGISTER HS during the registration procedure. 2. On the base: Within 60 sec. of entering the system PIN, press the register/paging key on the front of the base (page 1) and hold for approx. 3 sec. The registration process starts.

Manual registering: Other handsets
Other handsets are registered as follows: 1. On the handset: Start to register your handset as described in its operating instructions. 2. On the base: Press the register/paging key on the front of the base (page 1) for approx. 3 sec. The registration process starts.
Barging in on an external call
You are conducting an external call. An internal caller can 'barge in' on your call and join in the conversation (everybody hears a beep). Requirement: The BARGE IN function is activated.

De-registering handsets

You can de-register your Gigaset A14/A24 from the base station as follows INT Select handset MENU
Activating/deactivating internal barge-in


The internal number disappears from the de-registered handset. Handsets that have not been deregistered retain their internal number.
DE-REG H/SET OK Enter the system PIN (default is 0000) OK DE-REGISTER? OK a.

Internal barge-in

The display shows LINE IN USE. You wish to barge in on the call. c Press the talk key. You are connected. Everyone hears a signal tone. The display shows LISTENING IN. End: a Press the end call key.
If one of the internal callers presses the end call key a, a signal tone sounds. This does not affect the connection between the other handset and the external caller.
Activating/deactivating battery warning tone
If this function is activated, a beep sounds in idle status when the battery pack is almost flat. To deactivate: MENU O 4 Q. To activate: MENU O 4 1.
Looking for a handset ("paging")
If you have mislaid your handset you can page it with the help of the base. To do this, briefly (2 seconds max.) press the register/paging key on the front of the base (page 1). All handsets will ring at the same time. End paging: Briefly press the registration/paging key (on the base) or the talk key c on any handset.

Resetting the handset

Restoring the factory settings of the handset will not affect entries in the directory, the calls list or the speed dial list or the handset's registration to the base.


Pressing the registration/paging key for more than 2 seconds puts the base into registration mode. The handsets will not ring in this case.

Base station settings

Changing pause after line seizure
You can change the length of the pause that is inserted between pressing the talk key c and sending the number: MENU NO1L The digit for the current pause length flashes: 1 = 1 sec.; 2 = 3 sec.; 3 = 7 sec.; 4 = 2.5 sec. Enter digit OK.

Handset settings

Changing the display language
You can view the display texts in different languages. MENU O2 Select language (e.g. digit combination Q1 for German):

Changing the pause after the Recall key (dial pause)
You can change the length of the dial pause if your PABX requires this (refer to the operating instructions of the PABX): MENU NO12 The digit for the current pause length flashes: 1 = 800 ms; 2 = 1600 ms; 3 = 3200 ms Enter digit OK.


German English French Italian Dutch


Spanish Portuguese Turkish Greek
Activating/deactivating Auto Answer
When you get a call you can simply lift the handset out of the base or charger without having to press the talk key c. To activate: MENU O 1 1. To deactivate: MENU O 1 Q.
To insert a dial pause: press S for 2 seconds. A "P" appears in the display.

Version: 16.08.2005

A 8 - M- L 1 - 1 - 1 9
Issued by Information and Communication mobile Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich Siemens AG 2004 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Right of modification reserved. Printed in Germany. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Character set chart
Press the required key the number of times indicated. 1x Q 1 R P

Contact with liquid

# (appears in display as j) * ( ) ,


Power consumption
In ready status: approx. 2 Watt. During charging: approx. 3 Watt. During a call: approx. 2 Watt.
If the handset has come into contact with liquid: 1 Switch the handset off and remove the battery pack immediately. 2 Allow the liquid to drain from the handset. 3 Pat all parts dry, then place the handset with the battery compartment open and the keypad facing down in a dry, warm place for at least 72 hours (not in a microwave, oven etc.). 4 Do not activate the handset again until it is dry. When it has fully dried out you will normally be able to use it again.

Questions and answers

If you have any queries about the use of your telephone, go to for assistance 24/7. The table below contains a list of common problems and possible solutions. Problem Cause Solution

General specifications

Standard Range Mains unit Operating temperature Dimensions/Handset Dimensions/Base Weight/Handset Weight/Base Re-chargeable battery pack Battery pack re-order number Battery pack capacity Charging time Calling time Standby time DECT and GAP (compatible) up to 300 m outdoors, up to 50 m indoors 230 V ~/50 Hz +5 C to +45 C 154 x 59 x 29 mm (L W H) 87 x 129 x 89 mm (L x W x H) approx. 127 g (including battery pack) approx. 121 g NiMH, 2xAAA Pack V30145-K1310-X359, A5BmAh approx. 10 hours in base, approx. 5 hours in charging shell approx. 10 hours approx. 170 hours (7 days)
Wipe the base station and handset with a damp cloth or an antistatic wipe. Never use a dry cloth! This can cause static!
Nothing The handset is not Press the end call appears in the switched on. key a for approx. display. 5 seconds or place the handset in the base. Charge/replace the Battery pack is battery pack (page 2). flat. No response The keypad lock is Press the hash key R to key press, activated. for approx. 2 sec "HOLD KEY" (page 3). appears in the display. Move the handset The handset is No wireless connection to outside the range closer to the base. the base, dif- of the base. The handset is not Register the handset ferent icons (page 5). registered. flash in the Check the power conThe base is not display. nector at the base switched on. (page 2). Cords not routed Check cord routing (page 2). correctly

Service (Customer Care)

We offer you support that is fast and tailored to your specific needs! Our Online Support on the Internet: This site can be accessed at any time wherever you are. It will give you 24/7 support for all our products. It also provides interactive troubleshooting, a list of FAQs and answers plus operating instructions for you to download. You will also find frequently asked questions and answers in the Questions and Answers section of this user guide. For fast and dependable assistance with any repairs or guarantee/warranty claims, contact our Service Centres. Service-Center United Kingdom: You will be given personal advice about our range of products on our Premium Hotline: United Kingdom: 0.75 /minute Please have your receipt ready when calling. Replacement or repair services are not offered in countries where our product is not sold by authorised dealers.


Your Gigaset is intended for operation in your country, as depicted on the underside of the base station and the packaging. Country-specific conditions have been taken into account. The CE mark certifies conformity of the device with the essential requirements of the R&TTE directive.
Excerpt from the original declaration:
"We, Siemens AG, declare, that the above mentioned product is manufactured according to our Full Quality Assurance System certified by CETECOM ICT Services GmbH in compliance with ANNEX V of the R&TTE-Directive 99/5/EC. The presumption of conformity with the essential requirements regarding Council Directive 99/5/EC is ensured. Senior Approvals Manager" The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) has been signed. In case of need, a copy of the original DoC can be made available via the company hotline.
Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom
Without prejudice to any claim the user (customer) may have in relation to the dealer or retailer, the customer shall be granted a manufacturer's Guarantee under the conditions set out below: In the case of new devices and their components exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material faults within 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at its own option and free of charge, either replace the device with another device reflecting the current state of the art, or repair the said device. In respect of parts subject to wear and tear (including but not limited to, batteries, keypads, casing), this warranty shall be valid for six months from the date of purchase. This Guarantee shall be invalid if the device defect is attributable to improper treatment and/or failure to comply with information contained in the user manuals. This Guarantee shall not apply to or extend to services performed by the authorised dealer or the customer themselves (e. g. installation, configuration, software downloads). User manuals and any software supplied on a separate data medium shall be excluded from the Guarantee. The purchase receipt, together with the date of purchase, shall be required as evidence for invoking the Guarantee. Claims under the Guarantee must be submitted within two months of the Guarantee default becoming evident. Ownership of devices or components replaced by and returned to Siemens shall vest in Siemens. chased in the European Union. For Products sold in the United Kingdom the Guarantee is issued by: Siemens plc, Information & Communication Mobile Devices. Siemens House, Oldbury, Bracknell, RG12 8FZ. Any other claims resulting out of or in connection with the device shall be excluded from this Guarantee. Nothing in this Guarantee shall attempt to limit or exclude a Customers Statutory Rights, nor the manufacturer's liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence. The duration of the Guarantee shall not be extended by services rendered under the terms of the Guarantee. Insofar as no Guarantee default exists, Siemens reserves the right to charge the customer for replacement or repair. The above provisions does not imply a change in the burden of proof to the detriment of the customer. To invoke this Guarantee, please contact the Siemens telephone service. The relevant number is to be found in the accompanying user manual.

This Guarantee shall apply to new devices pur-

Menu tree

Your phone has an extensive range of features. These are offered in the form of menus. With the phone in the idle status, press MENU (open menu), scroll to the required function and then press OK to confirm your choice.
To return to idle status: press key a long. There are two ways in which you can access a function: Scroll with keys t and s, Key in the appropriate digit combination, e.g. MENU I to set the time.
Select services are functions provided by your network provider. You can only use these services if you have requested them from your network provider. Your network provider can supply further information about these functions. When you have chosen a select service, do not hang up until after the confirmation tone from the phone network.
The following select services are available during the call when you press the MENU display key: RINGBACK, ACCEPT, REJECT, EXTN CALL, END CALL, CONFERENCE, END CONF. AUDIO SET UP BASE SET 2-2 2-3 3-1 RINGER MELODY DATE/TIME 5 level settings + "Crescendo" + OFF 10 selectable melodies 3-1-1 3-1-2 3-1-3 3-2 3-3 3-4 SYSTEM PIN BASE RESET ADD FEATURES DATE SET CLOCK SET CLOCK MODE Input format: DDMMYY Input format: HHMM Select 12 or 24 hour clock
Change system PIN (default is 0000) Restore factory settings (system PIN does not change, handsets are still registered) 3-4-1 3-4-2 3-4-3 DIAL MODE TBR BARGE IN PRESELECT NO Select between TONE and PULSE Use s to select the setting Activate/deactivate the function


Network provider prefix to be inserted automatically before any dialled number.


MAILBOX MAILBOX --> Store the number of the network mailbox for fast access (for dialling, press the 1 key and hold in idle status). Network mailbox: Your service provider's answering machine; must be ordered separately. The network mailbox list can be displayed if your network service provider supports this function and the mailbox has been defined for fast access.



Siemens Gigaset A140

Basic DECT cordless

Illuminated LCD display Date & time displayed in standby mode 20 name and number directory List showing last 30 missed calls 5 number redial list Keypad lock, Paging key, Caller ID
code 27469 Solo code 27470 Twin



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