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For extra-long calls: the new Siemens Gigaset AS280 and AS285
Gigaset Communications is expanding its portfolio to include two easy-to-use phones for everyday calling needs: the Gigaset AS280 and the Gigaset AS285 with integrated answering machine. Both models offer especially long call and standby times, a handsfree function and excellent sound quality. Thanks to state-of-the-art ECO DECT technology, the phones save energy and permit variable reduction of the transmitting power.
The new phones are specifically aimed at users who attach particular importance to excellent sound quality and ease of use. Gigasets innovative HSP (High Sound Performance) technology ensures a sound that is free of interference and disruption and whose brilliant quality shines even when the handsfree function is used. People who make frequent phone calls benefit from a talk time of up to 25 hours and a maximum standby time of 210 hours. Thanks to state-of-the-art switched-mode power supplies, the new Gigaset phones save energy and permit variable reduction of the transmitting power even by up to 100 percent in idle or recharging mode.
The Gigaset AS280/285 impress visually with their elegant black design. The high-quality polydome keypad, which allows users to feel every input thanks to optimized pressure points, is one of the features that ensures a high degree of comfort. The integrated phonebook has space for up to 80 entries. Users do not miss any incoming calls while they are away since the illuminated display shows the last 25 calls. If the CLIP function is enabled, users can call up a list containing the names, numbers and time of call for the last 25 callers, who can then be dialed again directly.
The Gigaset AS285 also has an answering machine that can record up to twelve minutes of messages and can be operated from the handset or the base station.
The Siemens Gigaset AS280 will be available in early November and will be priced at $69.00. The AS285, which includes an integrated answering machine, will also be available in November is priced at $79.00. An AS285 Duo pack, containing an additional handset will also be available at a cost of $119.00.

Gigaset AS280

Gigaset AS285
Siemens Gigaset is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Cellnet Group Limited - Ends About Siemens Gigaset Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of cordless phones and the clear market leader in Europe for DECT phones. With its headquarters in Munich, the company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality products under the brand Siemens Gigaset. Its portfolio includes fixed-network phones, Voice over IP devices, software solutions and home media products. The primary production site is in Bocholt, Germany, where the Gigaset products are manufactured under the most stringent quality and environmental standards. Gigaset Communications is a licensee of the Siemens trademark. Gigaset Communications GmbH is an ARQUES Industries AG ( company. Additional press releases are available for download at You can find out more about Gigaset Communications at About Cellnet Group Limited Established in 1992, Cellnet has evolved into a market leading distributor of telecommunications, flash memory and consumer electronic products in Australia and New Zealand. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999 and now employs more than 100 staff in distribution and sales facilities across Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit For further information please contact: Product Manager Siemens Gigaset Cellnet Group Limited Phone: 1300 CELLNET Email: For any media enquiries please contact: RAW Consulting Sarah Hillier Managing Director Phone: +E-mail:


Gigaset AS280 / AS285

Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14021

Gigaset AS280/AS285

1 Our environmental mission
We at Gigaset Communications GmbH* have a responsibility to society. Our convictions make us dedicated to help create a better world. We demonstrate this through our ideas, technologies and actions that serve people, society and the environment. Moreover, the goal of our worldwide activities is to safeguard the foundations of human life. We acknowledge our responsibility for our products over their entire lifecycle. The impact of our products on the environment is assessed in product and process planning, during which we take production, procurement, sales, usage, service and disposal into account.

2 Manufacturer

Gigaset Communications GmbH Hofmannstrae Munich Germany Phone: +49 (0)89 722-0 Registered offices of the company: Munich Commercial register: HR A 86401 (Munich Local Court) VAT reg. no.: DE 814469745 Tax number: 146/636/25500 WEEE reg. no.: DE 47474747 More information is available at:
3 Environmental management system
Gigaset Communications GmbH is certified according to the quality standards EN ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
14001 (Environment), certified since September 2007 by TV SD ISO Management Service GmbH 9001 (Quality), certified since February 17, 1994 by TV SD ISO Management Service GmbH
* Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG.

4 Product description

G igaset AS280/AS285 The Gigaset AS280 and AS285 make your phone conversations truly convenient with the hands-free function. Enjoy brilliant sound quality thanks to the innovative HSP technology during hours and hours of talking: the Gigaset AS280 and AS285 feature a long talk time of up to 25 hours and a standby time of up to 210 hours. With a phonebook for up to 80 entries, you can easily store the details of all those who are important to you. And with a list of the last 25 missed calls including time and date, you always know who has tried to reach you. Even better, if someone wants to leave a message when youre out, the Gigaset AS285 has a fully integrated answering machine with 12 minutes recording time. If you want to boost the convenience, the Gigaset AS280 and AS285 are also expandable to up to four handsets. The high-quality choice for making comfortable calls: the Gigaset AS280 and AS285 are perfect for those looking for hands-free convenience without sound quality restriction.
Product details Device Usage Standards Gigaset AS280/AS285 Analog connection / private branch exchanges DECT, GAP Cordless analog phone, with/without answering machine Hands-free talking in brilliant sound quality with HSP Indoor range up to 50 m, outdoor range up to 300 m Standby time 210 hours, talk time up to 25 hours Phonebook for up to 80 entries Illuminated b/w display and illuminated amber keypad Caller indentification via CLIP1 Missed call list with last 25 calls Eco DECT for up to 60% less energy consumption2 Gigaset AS285: integrated answering machine with up to 12 minutes recording time
1] Dependent on country/network/operator 2] In comparison to our conventional cordless phones
5 Ecological power use Eco DECT in the Gigaset AS280 / AS285
Eco DECT saves energy and makes an active contribution to environmental protection. Eco DECT addresses the following points: Switched-mode versus conventional power supply 1 The use of switched-mode power supplies (A) in the base station cuts consumption by up to 60% . compared to conventional power supply units (B).
4 3,5 Power consumption in W 3 2,1,B 0,Handset in base station Base station during calls A B A
Phone use averaging one hour per day results in a yearly savings of approximately 18 kWh.
2. The new Eco DECT function complements this adjustment: the transmission power of the handset and base station in idle mode are automatically reduced to zero if the handset is in the base station and only one handset has been registered. 3. customers select Eco Mode, they can also manually reduce the transmission power of the base If station and handset by 80%; in Eco Mode Plus the transmission power in standby can be reduced by 100%. Also, the handsets power consumption can be cut by 31%, thereby increasing talk time by 45%. However, this reduces the range to about half the distance.

Power reduction for handset

mA 10 0

Eco Mode Activated Eco Mode Deactivated
4. many years, Gigaset DECT handsets have enabled the automatic adjustment of transmission For power depending on the distance to the base station. For example, transmission power is reduced by approximately 80% at a distance of up to five meters.
6 Environmental protection begins in the product creation phase
Gigaset AS28H handset + AS280 base station
Loudspeaker 2,12% LCD with holder 3,31% Alloyed steel 0,26% Unalloyed steel 0,40%
Printed circuit board 11,68%
Copper cable with plug 10,26%

ABS 43,53%

Plug-in power supply 13,41%
Battery 7,94% Elastomer compound 6,29%
Other electric compounds 0,79%

7 Material savings

1. Thin-wall technology Over the last few years, thin-wall technology has been successfully implemented in phone cases. During this time, wall thicknesses have been reduced from 2.5 mm to 2.3 mm and now average about 1.8 - 2 mm. This corresponds to a granulate savings of more than 20%, without sacrificing mechanical stability or robustness.
Granulate savings with thin-wall technology

20% granuate savings

Granulate consumption now
2. Packaging Optimisation The size and weight of the packaging has been optimised to be in accordance with shipping standards. The primarily aims of this is to reduce transportation costs for the entire product portfolio. The basic purpose of primary packaging is to protect the product. Drop and continuous shock testing (simulating transportation) are required. We use LD-PE film to protect the surfaces of certain parts, as well as 100% recycled corrugated cardboard as packing material. Film usually accounts for around 4% of the total packaging. Both the film and cardboard can be recycled.

8 Manufacturing

1. Environmental requirements The Gigaset AS280 and AS285 are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Gigaset Communications attaches prime importance to compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Through its management system and environmental performance Gigaset Communications is able to meet these requirements and continues to improve. It goes without saying that Gigaset Communications also respects all local environmental requirements.
2 . Effects of automation The high degree of automation in Gigaset Communications production processes has a limited impact on the environment through energy saving and efficient machine utilization. For example, the electronic circuit board of these devices is produced solely on a production line with a cycle time under 6 seconds and an efficiency greater than 75%.
Manufacturing concepts Gigaset Communications believes in a short feedback path for testing. All process parameters are controlled cyclically so that any problems can be detected promptly (before they arise) and nonconformance is minimized. Every step in the value chain is checked separately to help identify potential errors at an early stage. Process controls and short feedback paths for testing therefore minimize material waste (components and process aids). Rejects are continuously monitored with the goal of achieving a rate of less than 1%.

4. Refuse disposal Packaging material and electronic scrap are strictly separated in environmental islands at Gigaset Communications production facilities and recycled by local service providers. To reduce volume, the individual materials are compacted by roller presses. The compaction ratio for cardboard boxes is, for example, 6:1. This enables more efficient transportation of around 800 tons of cardboard per year.
5. Work safety Gigaset Communications is especially committed to protecting the health and safety of its manufacturing employees. This is why Gigaset Communications takes such great care to protect its employees at their workplace. This includes steps such as responsible management, instruction, sensitization and process engineering, prevention of and planning for emergencies, systematic investigation into the causes of accidents, quick availability of medical aid, documentation, regular reporting and continuous improvement.

compaction ratio

uncompressed compressed

9 Transport packaging

All suppliers of packaging to Gigaset Communications GmbH are members of RESY (Organisation fr Wertstoff-Entsorgung GmbH). RESY, an organization for the disposal of valuable materials, was established in light of the German Packaging Ordinance. This ensures the return and recycling of paper and cardboard packaging used in transportation within Germany. Each user is given a four-digit ID that, along with the RESY symbol, must be printed clearly and visibly on paper and cardboard transport packaging. A ll secondary packaging has the RESY symbol on it to indicate that the specifications of the Packaging Ordinance for transport packaging have been met.


LD-PE film 4%

cardboard/paper 96%

W hen goods are shipped to the customer, they are consolidated regionally at the Siemens AG level and then distributed as part of the IDS network. As a result, the cargo space in each means of transport is optimized. T he Siemens Logistics Network (SLogN) is the basis for the efficient and secure movement of goods. The core of this transport network is a pool of highly qualified service providers who offer the best prices and performance thanks to the pooling of Siemens-wide needs. The use of transportation resources is being optimized by continuing improvements in the size of product packaging. The packaging units of our suppliers are optimized ahead of procurement to ensure the means of transport is fully loaded (e.g. containers in the case of sea freight). I n overseas logistics chains, we try to ensure that marine transport is used as frequently as possible. Transportation of goods by rail or inland waterway is preferred over trucks because it reduces emissions by 50%. Air freight for transporting goods internationally is the exception and out of principle shipment by sea has priority.


Our takeback concept I n accordance with European directives on the disposal of electrical waste and electronic equipment (2002/96/EC), packaging (94/62/EC) and batteries (2006/66/EC), these waste materials may not be thrown away as domestic refuse. The relevant national statutory regulations must be observed and the waste must be disposed of via the approved channels.

12Our service concept

In case of If a device should ever prove faulty, it is not replaced by a new one but repaired and returned free of defects to the customer. This concept has significant advantages. When devices are replaced by previously repaired products, the law requires that cosmetic parts, such as cradles, receiver insets or microphones, are also replaced. Our service concept eliminates this, which saves materials and resources.
This product environmental statement is not a warranty for the qualities of a product. It also does not warrant that the product retains a specific quality for a specific length of time. It is for information purposes only. We reserve the right to modify product design and specifications without prior notice. Please contact your Siemens representative to get the latest information. Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG.



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