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HiPath 3000/5000 V8 HiPath 3000/5000 the innovative communications solution in small and medium enterprises
Communication for the open minded
Siemens Enterprise Communications


HiPath 3000 is a powerful, reliable communication platform for every sector of industry. It combines the same range of functions as traditional telephony with the latest UC communication solutions in a single, flexible and cost-saving configuration. As a modular communication platform, HiPath 3000 is able to satisfy the requirements of companies with stringent demands. It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be combined with an incredibly broad range of applications and features and coordinated with the individual requirements of your company.
HiPath 3000 is an innovative and flexible convergence platform that perfectly adapts communications to the company structure in small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your aim is to enhance growth or seamlessly integrate branch offices or mobile staff, the three expansion stages of the HiPath 3000 family are the perfect solution for optimizing costs and business processes. HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager supports optimized HiPath network administration for up to 32 nodes and 1,000 stations. It also provides real time services and features on a network-wide and cross-system basis. HiPath 3000 is a secure, reliable communications system with high failure tolerance. The system is ideal for both packet-switched (LAN/WAN) and line-switched (ISDN) environments, or a mixture of the two. This guarantees gradual migration on both the network side and user side. The flexibility of HiPath 3000 is especially obvious in mixed infrastructures where Voice over IP is installed but traditional analog and digital telephones, fax machines, and modems are still in use. HiPath 3000 supports any combination of IP, analog, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones. Enhanced features of traditional telephony combined with applications such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), UCD (Uniform Call Distribution), and Unified Messaging support all communications processes at the workplace and in all work environments. If an extension is left unattended, the Team function or integrated voicemail* ensures that no call is missed. And HiPath 3000s user-friendly executivesecretary function ensures the smooth flow of communication at attendant or secretary stations in the reception area where multiple communications processes converge. Integrated call distribution ensures reachability and guarantees fast customer contact. All these factors combine to make telephony not only easier to use, but also more efficient.

Lower costs

Consolidating voice and data communication in an IP-based network not only enables the deployment of applications that decrease company call charges and hardware costs, it may also increase productivity. A separate voice network no longer needs to be installed and maintained, resulting in decreased outlay for administration and maintenance for systems and applications, as these tasks are now centralized. In addition, existing Internet connections can be optimized for calls to the public telephone network, thereby reducing the costs for separate ISDN lines.

Internet telephony

Nowadays, there are more network providers offering telephony services than ever before. As the "de facto" standard for Internet telephony, SIP induces Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) to provide attractive applications and business models. With its SIP interfaces, HiPath 3000 helps to converge network services and to drastically cut communication costs. HiPath 3000 already supports new SIP options, including SIP phones or user and system connections for Internet telephony. With Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and authentication applications, you can shape your company securely for the future with HiPath 3000, without any compromises in terms of security.

Flexible configuration

The concept "one wire to the desk" allows additional telephones to be connected via an existing LAN cable. Integrated miniswitches are used for connecting the PC. Power over Ethernet switches supply power to IP telephones without the need for additional PSUs. Convergent platforms allow DSL and ISDN connections to be combined. ISDN connections can be configured as backups in case a fault occurs in the IP connection to the provider. They can also be configured as additional channels, for example, for fax machines or modems.
Secure company connection
HiPath 3000 offers modern security mechanisms for optimal connection to the company network to better serve the needs of increasing staff mobility and new working methods (teleworking, for instance). The systems integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) function lets staff access confidential information at any time, from any location in the world over a low-cost, secure Internet connection. Another major advantage is that mobile staff can be reached via their company phone number, regardless of their location. This service is both cost-effective and secure.

HiPath ComScendo

As a software suite, HiPath ComScendo provides both the realtime IP system, HiPath 3000, as well as the telephones, with the most comprehensive array of voice communication services. And all of this regardless of whether it is used via IP, TDM telephones or PC clients.

Selected HiPath ComScendo features

Advisory messages Intercept position/attendant console Camp-on/call waiting tone Missed calls list Do Not Disturb/"ringer cutoff" Call pickup Call forwarding from extensions Call source and call destination display Call intrusion on call forwarding and call pickup Classes of service Executive/secretary function Display languages (can be specified individually) Paging (internal announcement)
Call charge recording Group call Internal texts for feature handset Internal telephone directory Conference (internal/external) Speed dialing (individual/central) Automatic line seizure Trunk keys Call toggling Text messages Music-on-hold with system-driven announcements External music source (optional) One Number Service Night service/day service Park Account code Relay (actuators/sensors) Consultation Callback on busy and no answer (automatic) Call number suppression Call signaling Call forwarding after timeout on RNA, immediately on busy Group ringing Hunt group (linear/cyclic)
Changeover on (individual code lock) Telephone book, central Entrance telephone and door opener functions Transferring a call (internal/external) Number redial (enhanced) Automatic recall from public network carrier Encryption (SPE)
Always available: integrated voicemail* If an individual extension is left unattended, integrated voicemail* ensures that no call is missed. Availability is enhanced by many user-friendly features:
up to 24 individual mailboxes up to two hours recording capacity adjustable recording length a choice of two personal greetings
The "Auto Attendant" function redirects callers to another station, for instance, if a line is busy - simply and conveniently. * EVM for HiPath 33x0/35x0, HiPath Xpressions Compact with enhanced features for HiPath 3800

HiPath 3000 V8 Technical Data Maximum configuration Max. analog subscribers (T/R) Max. digital subscribers (UPO/E) IP users Max. HiPath Cordless Office subscribers HiPath 3300 (19" rack) HiPath 3350 HiPath 3500 (wall-mounted) (19" rack) HiPath 3550 HiPath 3800 (wall-mounted) (standard system/19" rack) 100
Max. HiPath Cordless Office base 3 stations optiClient Attendant (PC attendant console) Key modules Integrated voicemail (max. number of boxes) Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) Weight Case color 24
89 x 440 x x 460 x x 440 x x 460 x x 440 x 430 (2 U) (3.5 U) approx. 6 kg blue-green basic approx. 6 kg warm gray approx. 8 kg blue-green basic approx. 8 kg warm gray approx. 34 kg (fully fitted) steel blue/arctic gray

Telephones and clients

OpenStage The ideal choice for any requirement, with expansion modules, adapters, and accessories (such as a headset), and the flexibility to meet the needs of each individual employee. The OpenStage family represents the next generation of communication devices. It is intuitive in functionality and interface, interoperability is guaranteed and the devices are multimodal to allow access to various services and applications. The OpenStage product family includes four models, is extremely user-friendly and supports the simple implementation of features.
OpenStage 10 T (ice blue or lava) OpenStage 15 T (ice blue or lava) OpenStage 20 T, HFA (ice blue or lava) OpenStage 40 T, HFA (ice blue or lava) OpenStage 60 T, HFA (ice blue or lava) OpenStage 80 T, HFA (silver blue metallic)

OpenStage expansions:

OpenStage 40 BLF OpenStage Key Module
The telephones in the optiPoint 500 and optiPoint 410/420family continue to be supported by HiPath 3000 V8. OpenStage 80, 60 High-end terminals with premium features, materials and components. The bestin-class LCD display and an open platform for productivity-enhancing applications unlock the full business potential of the phone. Open interfaces for easy synchronization with other devices, like PDAs and mobile phones are specially designed with the needs of the top level manager and executive in mind. OpenStage 40 Customizable for various workplace environments, OpenStage 40 is specially recommended for use as an office phone, e.g. for desk sharing, people working in teams or call center staff.

OpenStage 20, 20E, 15, 10 Starter models with intuitive and interactive user interfaces for a wide range of applications.
OpenScape Personal Edition By adding a headset or handset, your PC is transformed into a communication center for voice, data, e-mail and Internet. A soft client installed on the desktop PC or notebook offers all telephone functions over an IP network and provides a standardized interface regardless of location. Communication via Wireless LAN access points optiPoint WL2 professional WLAN phone with menu guidance and a complete range of voice functions, an extensive phone book and access to LDAP directories up to 4 hours talk time and 80 hours standby time. Cordless telephony based on DECT
Gigaset S3 professional Gigaset SL3 professional (shown) Gigaset M2 professional

HiPath 3000 applications

OpenScape Office
OpenScape Office is a server-based application portal for HiPath 3000. A program of individual licensing permits different applications to be scaled according to customer requirements and put into operation. OpenScape Office supports the following functions and features. For a detailed function description, refer to the OpenScape Office data sheet. OpenScape Office is only released in stand alone scenarios. HiPath systems connected to OpenScape Office cannot be integrated into HiPath networks. Availability Presence This enables users to set their presence status. You can then tell if someone is in a meeting, conducting a call, when they will be again available and how best to reach them. You can even update your presence status either via telephone or online when you are away from the office. Communication portal Every staff member has access to the entire range of communication resources over a single screen. They can use this application to read, manage and answer e-mail, voicemail, fax and instant messages. The presence status and voicemail announcements change dynamically based on events stored in the Outlook Calendar. This ensures that the caller always receives the latest information on staff availability. Toggling back and forth between systems or interfaces is not necessary, which, unsurprisingly, increases staff productivity and satisfaction. With CTI integration, telephone numbers can be dialed from files and external and internal telephone directories can be connected. myAttendant PC attendant console Integrated in the OpenScape Office application, "myAttendant" offers an exceptional function for the telephone exchange, office administrators or team leaders a single screen shows incoming calls, queued calls and the presence status of all staff in your company. Check the voicemail box of a coworker or change a users status (with their permission). VoiceMail Forward all your messages from your mobile phone and landline to your HiPath OpenOffice voicemail box. The information available is always up-to-date and easy to manage. Use your PC to assign priorities to messages, without having to listen to them. Record important telephone calls so that you can listen to them again. You are then free to give your entire attention to the caller.

Contact Center

The Contact Center (released with HiPath 3800) in the OpenScape Office application is specially tailored to the needs of small and medium enterprises. It is a user-friendly and intelligent solution for the distribution of calls, faxes, and e-mails, and offers powerful functions for call wrap-up. Up to 64 agents in up to 50 groups can be configured for simultaneous "inbound" Contact Center operation. Contact Center user rights can be restricted or extended by creating agent, supervisor, and administrator profiles. With special Agent Client software, calls can be efficiently processed or coworker assistance can be requested. The Contact Center offers the customer 26 standard reports. The OpenScape Office Contact Center application is only released with the HiPath 3800 system Connection to the smaller models HiPath 33x0 / 35x0 is not supported. Additional functions:
Announcement of position in the call queue Callback VIP customers Preferred agent Wrap-up Pauses LCR schedules Graphical configurations tool for creating queues
Call recording (depending on legal provisions)
Fixed Mobile Convenience Cordless Seamless Boundless
In todays business world, different types of networks fixed line networks, mobile networks and corporate networks ensure that employees can always be reached via telephone and have the information they need to make decisions even when they are on the move. However, each of these networks has its own characteristics and the interfaces between networks hinder efficient, cost-effective communication. Fixed Mobile Convenience (FMC) provides a solution to these problems by integrating field employees mobile phones and other external phones (home office phones, for example) in a companys HiPath communication system. structure. Inside the customers WLAN range, calls are conducted via the SIP client. Outside this range, calls are conducted over GSM.
Conferencing from your mobile phone
Conferences enable several participants to reach agreements fast without making multiple calls. FMC lets users participate in conferences while on the move.

Only one mailbox required
Users no longer need to check and update several mailboxes, as a single mailbox can assume the answering machine function for all phones. This makes it easier to provide callers with up-to-date information and ensures that their messages are more reliably received.

Cost control

The HiPath system reduces costs for mobile calls by automatically calling back the GSM phone and by setting up the call via the fixed line network. This can save a lot of money on international calls in particular.
Busy display for mobile calls
When the mobile subscriber is making a call, the busy status is displayed on all internal stations. 2)
Just like a single network
Fixed Mobile Convenience (FMC) consolidates all of an employees phones (including office, mobile or home office phones) to create a single unit. This makes FMC the ideal solution for companies looking to increase flexibility and improve integration of mobile employees.

Protecting privacy

Employees can configure where and when they are reachable when they are not in the office, easily separating working hours and private time.

Office phone to go

A wide range of tasks can be performed immediately while on the move. FMC allows users to quickly transfer calls to colleagues, the secretary, or representatives from a mobile or home office phone as easily as in the office. 2) Callbacks are no longer necessary and calls can always be answered.
Choosing the right stand-in
Calls must be forwarded to different standins depending on the situation. These destinations are easy to change and redirect while on the move. This ensures that callers are always connected to the right phone of the most suitable contact.
1) Network must be able to transfer external phone numbers as CLIP. (Network feature: "CLIP - no screening".) 2)

One Number Service

Employees only need a single phone number their office number. They can also be reached on their mobile or home office phones via this number. When an employee makes an outgoing call from a mobile or home office phone, his or her office number is displayed as the origin on the called partys terminal. 1) A real One Number Service. With selected Nokia E models, the SIP client integrated in the GSM phone can be included in the customer communication infra-

Changing phones during a call
Users are no longer tied to their desks for even the most important calls. A call that has been accepted on a mobile phone can be continued, without interruption, on a fixed line phone, 2)giving users more freedom and room to work.
Depends on solution variant.
HiPath 3000 offers an integrated mobility solution (Mobility Entry) and a mobility solution based on Xpressions Compact (HiPath Xpressions Compact Mobility).

optiClient Attendant

The optiClient Attendant software package is an optional application for HiPath 3000 and simulates an enhanced attendant console on a PCs screen. All functions can be activated and executed via the PC keyboard and mouse. optiClient Attendant and optiClient BLF are network-enabled.
Do you want to integrate PCs and telephony?
TAPI-compliant applications can be integrated with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) through the integration of voice and data. All of the telephone traffic can be managed more professionally by means of call registration, call identification, and entry in action lists. Database connections allow customer queries to be answered competently.
Do you need cost transparency and IP accounting?
As well as evaluating the costs of all communications services (phone, fax, Internet), costs can be analyzed according to station, trunk or department. Communications data is directly transmitted via a LAN interface to a central server.
Do you want to improve reachability?
The integrated voice storage systems EVM (HiPath 33x0/35x0) and Xpressions Compact allow voice messages to be accessed and distributed in a user-specific voicemail box with individual announcements. Stored calls can therefore be accessed at any time, from any location. For detailed information on the features of HiPath Xpressions Compact, please consult to the relevant data sheet at:
HiPath 3000 block diagram
HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager
HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager supports optimized HiPath network administration for up to 32 nodes and 1,000 stations. It also provides real time services and features on a network-wide and cross-system basis. The Presence Manager provides cross-node monitoring of the call/busy status of terminals with direct dialing keys. HiPath Manager E/C can be used to manage all connected communications systems in a shared database - even remotely if required. This means that multi-gateway systems can be administered centrally and without difficulty. In the same way, applications can be installed at a location and used throughout the network via the central application interfaces.

HiPath 5000 RSM features

Central Feature Server Presence Manager for up to 1,000 workpoint clients Central administration HiPath 3000/5000 Manager E/C can be used to manage all connected communications systems in a shared database. Software Manager, consisting of Inventory Manager for displaying all components Backup Manager for backing up all components centrally Software Update Manager for updating all software components centrally Central entry of call charge data Connection of application servers using central interfaces via TAPI 120 TAPI 170 CSP (CSTA Phase III) Central Fault Management
HiPath 5000 Server PC minimum requirements
Pentium IV 3 GHz 1 GB RAM 300 GB hard disk 3.5" drive CD/DVD-ROM drive 17-inch SVGA color monitor Ethernet-LAN connection with 10/100/ 1000 Mbps (TCP/IP protocol) Operating system: Windows 2000/2003 Server Certification is underway for Windows 2008 Internet Explorer 5.0 SP2 or higher

Scenario overview

HiPath 3000 offers a number of communication options for small and medium-sized businesses. Access to the public network takes place via analog or ISDN network operators or via Internet telephony connections to alternative Internet (telephony) service providers (ISP/ITSP). IP telephones with integrated mini-switches can be smoothly integrated into an existing LAN infrastructure via the "one wire to the desk" concept. Cordless communication for both voice and data applications is also possible using WLAN base stations. Digital system telephones (UP0/E) can be combined with IP telephones and updated or replaced. Traditional analog phones, fax machines, and entrance telephones or cordless phones based on a DECT solution can also continue to be operated. Voicemail* is already integrated in smaller systems. For requirements on a larger scale, the integrated HiPath Xpressions Compact** solution offers voicemail boxes with a number of feature ranges and with a menu-guided AutoAttendant function). The CSTA (Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications) interface is available for all HiPath 3000 models for decentralized (1stparty) and central, server-based (3rd-party) CTI solutions. The server-based solution OSO for Unified Messaging and the Contact Center solution serves to accelerate business processes and increase productivity. * not HiPath 3800 ** optional solution components
Analog trunks Analog trunk connection without direct inward dialing (DDI/DID) with CLIP support ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) support via SIP System connection User connection HG x10/100BaseT interface or 10/100 Mbps LAN/WAN gateway

Other interfaces

V.24 For connecting service PCs, call charge computers, call charge printers To connect external applications with the CSTA protocol E&M interface (HiPath 3800)

On the user side

IP CorNet IP or SIP for integration of IP terminals Analog For connecting analog terminals, such as fax, telephones, modem. Digital For connecting digital two-channel system telephones (UP0/E) For connecting DECT base stations Euro ISDN S0 user bus for up to eight independently powered terminal devices (e.g. Group 4 fax, ISDN-PC card) HG x10/100BaseT interface or 10/100 Mbps LAN/WAN gateway For connecting IP terminals DECT Siemens Gigaset GAP-enabled DECT terminals
LAN interface 10 Mbit for system administration via TCP/IP

Technical data

Power supply
Systems, by default, are designed for mains operation. Possible power outages can be optionally bypassed with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Rated input voltage (AC) 88 - 264V Rated frequency 50/60 Hz Battery supply (DC) -48 V
Environmental/operating conditions
Temperature: +5 C to +40 C Relative humidity: 5 85%
Between HiPath 3000 and system telephone: 500 m max. Up to approx. 1,000 m with plug-in power supply unit, depending on line network. Between networked HiPath systems on premises belonging to the company: S0 permanent connection approx. 1,000 m S2M permanent connection 250 m max., depending on line network. Installation of network adapters is necessary for increasing range. The ranges in the Deutsche Telekom public network are unlimited.

System interfaces

On the network side
Euro ISDN S0 basic rate interface with DSS1 protocol System connection Point-to-multipoint connection S2M primary rate interface with DSS1 protocol US-ISDN Basic rate interface (BRI) and primary rate interface (T1/PRI)


CorNet-IP support of HiPath OpenOffice EE, HiPath 2000/ 3000/4000 V4 SIPQ-V2 support of HiPath OpenOffice EE, HiPath 2000/ 3000/4000/8000/OpenScape Voice Suppport for digital fixed connections S0, S2M with CorNet-N and CorNet-NQ or QSig protocol
Copyright Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG Hofmannstr. 51, D-80200 Munich; 06/2009 Reference No.: A31002-H3580-D100-2-7629

The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. Availability and technical specifications are subject to change without notice. OpenScape, OpenStage and HiPath are registered trademarks of Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co. KG. All other company, brand, product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Printed in Germany



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