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eiland 1:36pm on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
I am so happy to get my new phone. the presenst phone i have now is terrible. Unfortunately.
hathalsal 8:42pm on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
Excellent phone at an amazingly cheap price! Good sync and GPRS modem software, excellent keyboard, sturdy design.
lilu 8:59pm on Monday, March 29th, 2010 
Able to meet my needs in a phone except for the battery life which lasts only for a day or two.

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Hardware reviews

Siemens SK65

Whats in the box? Here are some of the software highlights

Actual size

Dimensions Measuring 120 x 47 x 22mm the SK65 is
taller than your average phone


What is it: BlackBerry email client
Weight At 144g this device is heavier than

the usual phone, too


In brief

Price From free with contract from Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and BT Mobile Verdict 86% Operating System Siemens proprietary Processor N/A Built-in RAM 20-25MB for BlackBerry email and file attachment storage; 8.25MB for user files (4.97MB free) More information
be surprised to learn that theres no camera built in here. Nor is there an MP3 player. Also as a phone youll not be too surprised to hear there is not oodles of memory. Most of what there is, is given over to the BlackBerry side of things, though you can install your own software. So what is it actually like to use? Well, obviously with a smaller screen than your average PDA and no touch input, things will feel a little cramped if you are used to a PDA, but we have to say that everything does work rather slickly. The screen is clear and shows off especially well when using the BlackBerry client, though 65 thousand colours is looking a bit old hat these days and you might find reading oodles of email a bit hard on the eye. The SK65 is undoubtedly both clever and well designed. But it is short on memory, and just a bit too fiddly for lots of emailing, so its not necessarily what wed choose unless we really needed email on the move in a very small device. Also, as the BlackBerry Web client gets more widespread, there will be a wider choice of devices providing the BlackBerry mobile email service.
The navigation button is large with a big central select and a smaller control ring

Battery life

The new twisty swivel phone from Siemens
Manufacturers claimed life: Up to five hours talk, up to 250 hours standby Test results: We did not run a battery rundown test on this phone, as we feel this kind of test isnt really suitable for a Smartphone like this. However we did use the SK65 as an everyday phone, managing a good couple of days between charges

Key features

Built-in keyboard Blackberry email support Easy to use builtin Bluetooth
ere at PDA Essentials we like to think we have open minds. Thats why we review phones that are smart enough to manage contacts and third-party applications as well as what you might call more traditional PDAs. The SK65, from Siemens takes the joining of PDA and phone to a rather interesting level, thanks to two important features. First, the phone is the first to offer BlackBerry built-in. It comes in different variants depending on whether you are a corporate user or a consumer. Within companies, the SK65 can work with BlackBerry Enterprise Server to let networks push email and calendar synchronisations out to the device. For those without corporate networks, there is a GPRS connection to the BlackBerry Web Client that can check up to ten POP3 or IMAP email accounts and send copies of message to the SK65, while still allowing the same emails to be retrieved by your main computer. You can synchronise the SK65 with your desktop computers Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, email and Notes thanks to software, which Siemens provides. You also get a cable that connects the SK65 to your PC in the box too.

Now to the other important SK65 feature. The handset is rather large and thick. Theres a reason for this, though. Swivel the upper and lower parts of the phone in opposite directions and you reveal a keyboard. Its tiny, but holding the SK65 in both hands and prodding at the keys with thumbs it is possible to tap out information remarkably quickly. Simple, yet very effective, wed say. Siemens has even come up with a name for the system x2type (cross-to-type). Theres more to the Siemens SK65 than just mobile email. You will already have picked up on the fact that it has a Calendar, Contacts list, Task Manager and Notes application. In addition there is stuff like Internet access, a voice recorder, calculator, unit converter, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm clock and three games on board (chess, golf and a Battleships clone) all of which play rather well thanks to neat programming and good quality sound. The SK65 is tri-band GSM and GPRS supporting, and, of course, Bluetooth is built in. Siemens has scored another hit here as you switch Bluetooth on and off using a button on the right side of the casing. As a device aimed primarily at professionals, you may not
Use it for: Reading and sending emails


What is it: A Battleships-style game
Use it for: Killing some idles hours or minutes on public transport


Tap this to turn Bluetooth on and off
Dimensions 120 x 47 x 22mm Weight 144g Processor Not available Installed RAM 20-25MB Operating System Siemens proprietary Display size 2.05 diagonal inches Display resolution 132 x 176 pixels Expansion slot None


The SK65 takes the joining of PDA and
The key feature of the SK65 has to be the keyboard
phone to a rather interesting level

Also consider

BlackBerry 7100v
from free plus tariff BlackBerry HandHeld Application software version 3.8 32MB installed The 7100 series variant from Vodafone, with a candybar look and feel Reviewed Issue 32


Nice performance all round

8/10 9/10 9/10 9/10



Beautiful enamelled-look finish
Build quality Supplied software
The swivel mechanism feels tough and is comfortable enough
A fair software suite, with a mix of games and business stuff. BlackBerry email solutions are a plus

Value for money

The keys are bevelled, making them easy to hit

02 XDA IIs

249.99 inc VAT with O2 contract Win Mob 2003 for Pocket PC Second Edition Phone Edition 145.58MB total available A Pocket PC-sized connected mobile device, expected to have BlackBerry software in the future Reviewed Issue 33
Look for a good tariff to suit your needs and this can be cost-effective

Carkit HKW-600

Price: 155.90 Use it for: Bluetooth handsfree while driving Get it from:

Sync Station DSC-600

Price: 26.90 Use it for: Cradle-based docking and sync Get it from:
A very neat way to get email on the move, but does not offer the breadth of functions that a PDA can. It might be worth holding out till more BlackBerry devices are unveiled


Siemens SK65 the first mobile phone with complete e-mail management and a revolutionary design
Today at the London Stock Exchange, Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) launches the ultimate, high performance business phone the SK65. The first mobile phone to offer complete e-mail, calendar and corporate data access capabilities through the BlackBerry Built-In licensing program, the tri-band SK65 allows business professionals to stay in control of their inbox whilst on the move. With a classic design and high quality finish, including an ingenious turn action x2type (cross-to-type) full-sized keyboard, the SK65 is creating a new form factor category, uniquely tailored for functionality as well as style. A pioneer in the future of mobile phone communication, the SK65 brings messaging and information to the business professionals fingertips with e-mail push based on BlackBerry Built-In technology from Research In Motion (RIM). The tri-band handset allows seamless wireless communication with e-mail tools such as MS Outlook or Lotus Notes ensuring instant synchronization of e-mails and maximizing hours spent traveling or between meetings for busy professionals. The SK65s premium design provides the definitive solution for combining technological advances with ease of use, through its unique and innovative x2type keyboard (cross-to-type) full-sized keyboard. Opened with a turned action, the full-sized 37-key keyboard is an essential part of the design enabling quick and easy e-mail composition, yet folding away discreetly when not in use. Elegantly finished in Black Silver, the Siemens SK65 also supports its commitment to classic, iconic design. The SK65 features 64MB memory for managing large amounts of data, with up to 30MB free, for storing personal information such as e-mails, ring tones and java applications. Additional features include: a large 132 x 176 pixel TFT screen with 64k colors, a fully featured address book with room of up to 2000 entries and new Siemens Mobile Phone Manager PC software. Thorsten Heins, President of Mobile Phones within Siemens mobile, commented: The SK65 is an ingenious all-in-one solution for business professionals that need to stay in control and informed wherever they travel. With a full set of messaging features it means you have more flexibility about where and when you work. Additionally, we have designed the SK65 to offer a contemporary, yet timeless design for professionals who expect outstanding quality in looks and performance. The SK65 has different variants to suit corporate business and small office/home office needs. The standard version will be available allowing manual transfer of e-mail messages from an e-mail account to the SK65. For mobile professionals of small and medium offices without a corporate e-mail infrastructure, the SK65
"Siemens SK65 the first mobile phone with complete e-mail management and a revolutionary design." 2 Aug 2004.

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will be available with BlackBerry Web Client services. This allows the automatic transfer of POP3 or IMAP4 e-mails straight to the SK65. Finally, for company executives working with a corporate e-mail server inbox, the SK65 with BlackBerry Enterprise Server support allows e-mails and information from MS exchange/ Lotus Domino systems to be accessed behind corporate firewalls. This variant will be available with fully secure Triple DES encrypted instant e-mail access and calendar entry transfer whilst using the SK65 on the move. Additionally, the Siemens SK65 supports the Mobile Data Service (MDS) feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server allowing employees remote access to corporate data such as intranet web pages, specific programmes and databases. Siemens is also working closely with SAP to bring SAP Solutions for Mobile Business applications on SK65 to further increase business efficiency for joint customers. Also unique to the standard variant of the SK65 is the new Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) feature, which will be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2004 to the standard variant. PoC enables users to send a voice message to a number of recipients at the touch of a button, providing a convenient alternative to text-based messaging. It combines the flexibility of mobile messaging with the ease of use of voice, allowing users to set up meetings or make announcements to groups of contacts. The existence of a GPRS based data communication infrastructure provides flexibility for business professionals to access the most advanced data services anytime, anywhere, from their wireless devices. The Push-to-Talk functionality of the SK65 handset allows walkie-talkie like communication or hands-free access between network phones users can hear the callers voice from a loudspeaker on the handset, just as if it were a walkie-talkie. Weighing 144g, the SK65 has six hours talk time and up to 250 hours standby time. In addition, the cutting-edge functionality of the Bluetooth wireless technology complements the SK65 with benefits for the user: convenient usage of Headset Bluetooth or quick and speedy mobile connection in the car without the use of a wire. The Siemens Car Kit Bluetooth also has an external display which shows personal address book data or important calls. In addition there is a broad range of Siemens Original Accessories to further complement the SK65. Besides the Car Kit Bluetooth, there is the fixed installed Car Kit Comfort or the flexible Car Kit Portable as convenient in-car solutions. Moreover there is the elaborate designed Headset Purestyle or the standard Headset with activation key. Various chargers, a SyncStation and data cables, a spare battery and a practical leather holster are also available. The phone will be available in Europe, Middle East and Latin America from November 2004. Other regions will follow shortly afterwards. More product information for consumer: The original press release can be found here.

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