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bksalt 11:00pm on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 
Having purchased a new IMac in Oct 2007 we began experiencing problems only two weeks after.
cwdlylion 6:45am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Having used this imac almost 2 years - I would say it has been a fantastic machine and a pleasure to work with.
ghussey 4:03pm on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
As an upcoming java and web developer, this machine is fantastic. It has Apache, Perl, java SDK built into it. If you want gaming get the 2.8Ghz Extreme model. This will play games nicely, but its not the gaming machine. NewEgg saved me nearly $600 on this with the memory prices, no taxes and very affordable 3-day shipping for $xx.
cyberzero 8:52am on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 
Underwhelmed Having been a PC user all my life, I did a lot of research over the summer and finally decided to buy a Mac.
useuy 6:38am on Friday, August 13th, 2010 
He directed me toward the apple sales clerk. This computer was so neat. I could get all the software I needed that I would have used on a PC.
John Corliss 5:33pm on Friday, August 6th, 2010 
I love this iMac. It helps with all my school work and it is very simple to use. I do have a MacBook 13in. that I also work with when traveling.
kmclaren 5:10am on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 
When I was growing up in Gloucester, Virginia, our school system was all about using Apple computers, with their green monitor displays. This is by far, the best Apple computer for sleek desktop use. Its got a extremely large hard drive with blazing fast memory.
Peter_Shadinger 4:05am on Friday, June 18th, 2010 
This is my very first mac.To be honest I was a little nervous spending $1,500 on this computer. But as it turns out I am quite happy with it.
kellypeters 6:03pm on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
For those of you with a Unix / Linux backgroud you will love this little system. Mac OS X is built on FreeBSD with a modified Mach kernel.
duentsch 11:11am on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 
Apple must get credit in their ability to produce effects "wow" on each of their products. One is the concept of the PC All-in-One. He has a super comfortable keyboard, a monitor with a resolution incredible. He serves it all, it accommodates the whole environment. As the notebook, iMac features a complete wireless facilities, ranging from infrared, Bluetooth, and WiFi.
marian.petras 9:08pm on Monday, April 19th, 2010 
The apple dealer had never heard of these things happening before. I was so excited to 'go back to Mac' but now I don't know what to think. The apple dealer had never heard of these things happening before. I was so excited to 'go back to Mac' but now I don't know what to think.
holmstedt 7:36pm on Friday, April 9th, 2010 
Ordered it at 2pm, and UPS delivered it by 10am the next day. Lifted it out of the box, plugged it in and booted up. Having used this imac almost 2 years - I woul...  I have a 24 inch screen 2.4ghz imac purchased when it first come out about 2 years ago.

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Garage Door Drive User Instructions


215 008


SOMFY-Garage Door-Drive AXORN 65/85
Review of Parts Preparation Prior to Installation
Important for your safety Check contents of package Which drive for which door External emergency release Mechanical end-stop Door locking Installation conditions, example
Installation Instructions
Important advice for safe installation Pre-assembly of drive unit Installation

Adjustment Instructions

Commissioning Adjusting upper and lower end stops Carrying out a test run Registering hand transmitter Test recognition of obstacle


Accessories Internal, Code and key button Light beam, access door, safety contact strip

Operating Instructions

Opening, closing or stopping garage door Internal emergency release Additional Information

Correcting Faults

Self remedy Guarantee After sales service


Technical Information Accessories
In order that you may optimally use the advantages of the garage door drive we request that you read through these user instructions carefully.

Review of Parts

Your new SOMFY Garage Door Drive AXORN 65/85
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
Drive housing Drive lighting Electronics connection Running rail Carriage Internal emergency release Guide arm Securing angle for door plate Securing angle / support ceiling
10. Chain with return pulley (covered) 11. Power supply 12. Hand transmitter 13. Mechanical end -stop.
Preparations Prior to Installation
SOMFY Garage Door Drive AXORN 65/85
Important for your safety
Use the garage door exclusively for: - automatic opening and closure of door - in private areas - in accordance with the specification and safety instructions given in this operating instruction Important Safety Advice Take care - For the safety of persons it is essential to follow all the following instructions: s Retain these instructions and pass them on to the next owner. Read the introduction completely before assembly and make particular note of the safety instructions. s Carry out the work in the recommended sequence and familiarise yourself with the operation s After commissioning instruct all users on the function and operation of the door drive. s Open and close the door only when you can see the area covering the entire range of movement of the door and when there are no persons or objects inside this area. s Only use authorised or recommended fixing elements, original spare parts and accessories. s Replace damaged cables immediately (only by a qualified electrician). s Keep the radio transmitter in a safe place so that it cannot be inadvertently used, e.g. by children etc) s Only install a door drive on a correctly installed and balanced door. Incorrectly installed door can cause injury. s Before working on the door always disconnect the power supply s Never get hold of a moving door Advice for persons wearing a pace maker The power of the transmitter is within the permitted standards and is almost negligible. To eliminate even the slightest risk we recommend that you do not operate the transmitter close to your body. For your own safety point the handset to the garage door with an outstretched arm before operating. Safety Devices Safety devices protect against injury and physical damage. Never ignore or deliberately by-pass safety devices. Automatic sensing of obstacles If the door hits an obstacle on opening it will stop moving. As the door closes the obstacle is cleared the door runs back up to the upper mechanical stop (reference point) and then up to the programmed upper end stop s Check the function at least once per month (see chapter on "Commissioning". We also recommend the installation of various safety devices (see "Accessories).

Preparation prior to Installation
Check contents of package
To avoid interruption during assembly check contents of package and have necessary tools ready Note: Foam parts AA are used to muffle the sound of the chain. Power Supply Is there a 230 volt supply on hand? s Length of power cable 1 m. If not, supply must be installed by a qualified electrician
Which drive for which Garage Door?
AXORN 65/85: Swing Door Ceiling sectional door (sectional door fitting available) Wing Door (Wing Door accessory kit available) s Also running direction of the drive must be changed. Information about this can be obtained from your specialist dealer for SOMFY Garage Door Drives or the nearest authorised service agent. (also see User instructions for the winged door).
Preparations prior to Installation
AXORN 85: Canopy Door (lifting arm required see accessories) Side Sectioned Door. Maximum Door Size AXORN 65 up to 7.5 m_ up to 6.0 m_ AXORN 85 up to 12.0 m_ up to 7.5 m_
Light doors e.g. steel Heavy doors e.g. wood
Heights s Up to 2.3 m for ceiling -sectionalised doors s Up to 2.5 m for remaining garage doors s Over 2.5 to 3.2 m with rail extension set, see "Accessories" Support and Ceiling Stability Minimum loading of support and ceiling: 700N for AXORN 65 or 900N for AXORN 85 Beware of ceiling thickness when drilling (concrete ceiling for pre-fabricated garages)! Required minimum ceiling thickness for dowels and screws: 50 mm. Standard dowels are delivered with the package. Where required use special dowels which are suitable for foundations. Door Mechanics Can the door be easily opened and closed by hand? If not then have the door adjusted by skilled mechanics.
External Emergency Release
If there is no second means of entry into the garage an external release mechanism must be fitted (see Accessories). In this way the door can be opened manually in the event of a power failure or fault.

Mechanical End Stop

A secure mechanical end stop is necessary to serve as a reference point for adjusting the upper stop (e.g. re-setting after an obstacle has been sensed).

Door Locking

The garage door drive is self-locking and holds the door closed. Existing locking systems can be automated (see "Accessories"), or removed.

Installation Conditions Example
Where to fit the retaining angle for support /ceiling and the drive head? (Example of retractable door)
Establish the highest point of door travel "a" (minimum gap from door face to garage ceiling. Depending on the size there are various possibilities for installation. For optimum power transmission the drive should be positioned as close as possible above the highest travel point of the door. 1 1. Size "a" of 38 mm to 140 mm. Garage door drive to be secured to ceiling. Assembly angled support, ceiling to be fixed to support or ceiling (preferably to support)
For lintel assembly maintain a gap of 15 mm
2 2. Size "a" greater than 140 mm Assembly angle support / ceiling to be mounted to the support with a 50 mm gap. Garage door drive to be hung from the ceiling (perforated rail required) see "Accessories".
3 3. Size "a" less than 38 mm. Install assembly angle support / ceiling and garage door drive behind the open garage door to the ceiling.See "Accessories"). Bear in mind the overall length.
Note: Incorrect assembly can lead to serious injury Please follow all assembly instructions!
Important advice for safe installation
Assembly will be easier with the help of an assistant Beware! s When drilling overhead wear protective glasses. To keep out dust cover drive unit before drilling
Pre assembly of drive unit
s Insert rail connectors "B" up to the end stop in the guide rail "A" and assemble guide rail parts s Bend the white foam insert "AA" at fold to dampen noise. s Position damper in the middle of the 4 guide rails "A" s Insert pre assembled guide rail in the drive head "C"
s Push carriage "D" on the running rail with the sloped part towards the motor head s Assemble leading chain deflectors "E", "F" and "G" and insert on running rail.
s To facilitate unwrapping the chain use the cover of the small parts package to work on.

s Unwind chain in guide rail s Beware! Make sure to thread chain through the carriage "D" on the driver side "I" To do this uncouple the carriage (metal lever must be engaged in the plastic lever) s Connect the driver "I" with chain "J" on both sides using the chain connector link "H".
To insert chain in the chain return mechanism the spring "E" must be forcible compressed. Use the adjacent guide arm "JJ" as an aid. Beware! The chain must be correctly positioned in the guide and must not be twisted.
s Secure emergency release cord "O" s Fit pinion cover "N"


s Fit fixing angle door "K" to door frame s Insert fixing screws horizontally or vertically
s Depending on the site conditions fix retaining angle "L" to the ceiling or support (see installation conditions). Hole depth 5.3 cm.
s Remove cover and remove black box (control unit) s Connect door drive to retaining angle s Slacken screw. The screw may have play since the nut is self locking.
s Secure drive head to ceiling, hole depth 5.3 cm.
s Fasten guide arm to the retaining angle door cover (using "Q", "Y") and to the carriage. Screws have play as nuts are self-locking. s For doors without a fixed mechanical end stop proceed as follows: s When drilling overhead wear protective glasses. s Completely open door. When the door in fully open the end stop is directly behind the carriage. Mark off holes and drill using a 3.6 steel drill. Install end stop angle using self-tapping screws "ZZ". s Test door movement manually. The carriage must be released to do this. s Open and close garage door.
s Prepare to couple in the drive unit by pressing the plastic lever downwards. The release is defeated as soon as the metal lever is disengaged. Finally manually put the door in the door closed position. i.e. couple the carriage to the driver. s Insert black box into drive head.
Risk of Injury During commissioning and adjustment ensure that persons and


objects remain outside the range of movement of the door. Advice: Permanent light can heat up the cover of the drive lighting unit Therefore carry out commissioning without the cover. s Connect to power supply, drive light is permanently on. s Check whether the driver is engaged in the chain; garage door must not be able to be moved manually.

Operating Elements for Electronic Unit F Lighting diode, lights on reciept of a signal U Lighting diode, lights up at pre - set voltage a Operating Key b Programming Key
End Position of Garage Door Setting/ Alteration
Procedure involves adjustment of the upper and lower end stops as well as a test run. Adjustment procedure must be carried out in the recommended sequence and is complete when the drive light goes out. Only then can the handsset signal be received.
Beware! There must be a fixed end stop to limit the door travel (upper stop, otherwise the drive can run on during adjustment and the door mechanism may be damaged. Advice: Press program key lightly (e.g. with a biro) In order to interrupt the adjustment procedure disconnect power plug. After the plug has been re-inserted adjustment can begin again. Minimum gap between upper and lower end stops is 30 cm. A smaller gap cannot be programmed.

1. Adjust upper end stop

s Press the program key (b) for at least 2 seconds (biro) until the drive light goes out. (If the drive light flashes the key was not pressed long enough). In this case withdraw plug and re-insert. Start setting procedure from beginning) s Press operating key (a) briefly (1 second). Door drive runs in the "Door Open" direction until the mechanical end stop and from there 5 cm back. It is possible to correct this position by: s Press operating key and hold down until the required position is reached. On the next press the drive will run in the opposite direction. When the desired position is reached: s The program key (b) must be pressed again for 2 secs until the drive light goes out. Drive light goes out for 2 seconds and then lights up again, the upper end position is now stored.

2. Adjust lower end stop

s Press operating key (a) and hold down until the garage door is closed. Also the lower end stop can be altered via the operating key as required, see above. To protect the door mechanism adjust end stop to prevent door being pushed with excessive force. s Press program key (b) for 2 secs until the drive light goes out. The drive light will go out for 2 seconds and come on again. The lower end stop is then stored. s Briefly press operating key (a) and wait until the door is completely open

3. Carry out test run

s Press operating key again and wait until the door is completely closed. The drive light goes out and the adjustment procedure is complete. If the test run is not successfully completed repeat entire procedure. The test run is only complete if it has not been interrupted. During the test run the garage door drive operates at full force and senses the required forces for opening and closes. At every successful run the force is automatically re-adjusted (This is important since, for example, in winter if the garage door runs more sluggishly).

Register hand transmitter to Garage Door
As a protection against discharge two 3 volt battery cells are separated by insulating paper (1). Remove paper on commissioning. Take care that the contact sheet (2) remains between the batteries. Seven different handsets can be programmed. When an eighth is tried the drive light signals for 1 second instead of the usual flashing to indicate that the memory is full.
s Briefly press program key (ca 1 second) the drive light will flash (If the light is permanent the program key was pressed too long. In this case remove plug and reconnect it. Carry out another test run and register hand set) s Press key on handset for at least 2 seconds. The drive light will go out and then flash again. s Press key on handset once again. The drive light will go out and come on shortly afterwards - the registration process is complete. Lighting diode F in the electronic insert indicates that a signal is being received from the handset. s Replace cover for electronic insert and drive lighting.
Test Recognition of Obstacle
On commissioning and then monthly: s Place a suitable object 50 mm high (block of wood) in the path of the door. Door close movement s Door Drive Start On reaching the obstacle the door stops, runs up to the upper mechanical end stop (reference point) and then back to the upper programmed end stop. Drive light flashes in 1 sec. intervals. When door drive re-starts it stops flashing. If not contact your authorised dealer.
Risk of Injury Before connecting parts withdraw plug from power supply


Beware! Only fit original accessories according to instructions. Do not apply external voltage to floating contacts.
s Remove cover for electronic insert
s Remove clamp strip to secure cable
Internal, Code and Key Button
Beware! Install button: s Within sight of door s Away from moving parts s At a height of at least 1.5 m
On connections 1 and 2 s Open connector (small screwdriver) s Insert cable, tighten
s Engage connecting strip s Plug in to supply. Check function If several keys are used these must be connected in parallel
Light Beam Access door contact Safety contact strip
Obtain safety accessories from a reputable dealer To connection 3 and 4: s Open connection (small screwdriver) s Remove bridging wire

s Insert cable, tighten

s Apply connecting strip s Insert plug to supply. Test function
If several safety devices are used they must be connected in series.

Risk of Injury

Garagentor ffnen, schlieen oder stoppen
Only open and close the door if no person or obstacle is within the range of movement of the door. During a power failure of fault on the door drive open the door only by using the internal or external emergency release mechanism. If, after operating the emergency release the door is still difficult to operate call in a garage door specialist.

Beware! Do not expose handset to high temperatures (e.g. direct sunlight in vehicle)
s Point hand set towards garage door and press keys 1-2 or s Operate button (e.g. Key button) The drive light comes on for 60 seconds after opening or closing the door.
Operating Sequence Open - Stop - Close - Stop - Open - Stop - Close - Stop etc Internal Emergency Release In case of emergency or loss of power the door can be uncoupled from the drive and can be opened manually from the inside.
Risk of Injury In the event of a power failure the open garage door can drop down because the springs are weak of broken or the door is not sufficiently balanced.
s Release door drive by pulling cord (a) The lever engages and the door can be opened manually s Prepare door drive for coupling up by pushing plastic lever (b) downwards. Finally move door to out position Couple click, click

Zustzliche Informationen

Regular Testing Once per month carry out the following function checks: s Obstacle recognition (see chapter " Commissioning") s Check function of all additionally installed accessories (particularly safety devices) s Check entire equipment for mechanical condition and functionality (wear, damage to springs and fixing elements) as well as electrical parts. During repair and adjustment work on the door mechanism do not use packing since faulty packing or incorrect balancing of the door can cause injury. Replace Battery in Handset Beware! Danger due to unskilled replacement of battery. Replace only with similar type battery. Only use non-leak batteries Danger to environment with run down batteries! Do not throw used batteries in household rubbish bins. Ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Read manufacturer's instructions.
s Replace used batteries with two new 3 volt battery cells
Replacing lamps Risk of Injury
Remove plug before exchanging lamp: s Remove cover or drive light s Replace lamp with new (max 40 W, E14 fitting s Replace cover, engage s Insert plug
What happens if the power supply is interrupted? Drive light lights up for 1 second after the power has been re-established. On the next operating impulse the door runs up to the upper mechanical end stop (reference point) and then back to the programmed upper end stop. If after this the drive light is on permanently carry out the commissioning once again.

Possible Cause

Help Adjust end position close and / or carry out test

Self Remedy

Visible signs:
Adjust end position and / or test run not Light stays on after inserting completed plug and/or during commissioning

Drive light flashes (one second intervals)
Obstacle in way (e.g. set off by light beam / access door contact Door drive senses internal fault during self-test.
Remove obstacle, Open / close garage door
Drive light flashes (three second OFF/ one second ON)
Remove plug. Press operating and program keys together and insert plug. Re-adjust end position and carry out test run. Programmed handset will not be deleted. If fault remains contact authorised dealer agent.
Drive light does not light up
Lamp defective Handset battery flat / incorrectly fitted. Code not yet registered in receiver Door mechanism damaged
Replace Check battery. Replace if necessary Register handset Check door mechanism. Commission by specialist
Door drive does not work when operating hand set
Door drive does not fully open or close door
Unfavourable external conditions (e.g. heavy rain) have increased weight of door. Door drive recognises situation as an obstacle
Withdraw plug. Press operating and program keys together and insert plug. Re-adjust end position and test. Registered handsets are not deleted. If fault persists contact authorised dealer agent.
No power supply (Lighting diode "U" does not light)
Have it checked by specialist whether there is a power supply to plug.

Fault Finding

We offer a two year guarantee on new equipment and a five year guarantee when fitted by a specialist company. Within the guarantee period we remove all functional faults on the equipment which are proved to be the result of faulty design or materials. Other claims are not recognised. The guarantee period is terminated if anyone has tampered with the equipment who has not been authorised by us to do so.

After Sales Service

Faults in the 230 volt range may only be attended to by a qualified electrician or service dealer. When faults re-occur or other faults arise contact your supplier. The electronic insert may be removed and sent to the supplier for diagnosis.


s Cover (a) may only be removed by a qualified person in accordance with VDE 0100 (Risk of Electric Shock) Otherwise the guarantee is invalid. s Fit or remove electronic insert with power off (withdraw plug) s Insert electronic unit with firm even pressure up to end stop s The electronic insert must lie up against the cover.


AXORN 65 ca. 14 kg 20 C to +50 C up to 500 N variable 1) yes 3,30 m 2,50 m 2) 230 V/50 Hz ~ ca. 300 W less than 5 W IP 20 max. 40 W (fitting E14) 230 V/50 Hz ~ UKW 434,42 MHz
AXORN 85 ca. 15 kg 20 C bis +50 C up to 700 N variable 1) yes 3,30 m 2,50 m 2) 230 V/50 Hz ~ ca. 350 W less than 5 W IP 20 max. 40 W (fitting E14) 230 V/50 Hz ~ UKW 434,42 MHz

Technical Information

Weight Temperature Range Pressure-/ Tension Soft Start/Stop Dimensions Install length Stroke length Electrical supply Supply Max. power Stand by consumption Type of protection lamps
SOMFY hereby declares that this product conforms to essential requirements and other relevant regulations of Directive 1999/5EC. The statement of conformity can be obtained from internet address:, Clause CE. Dieses Produkt entspricht folgenden Normen: EN 14 EN EN 2/ 3 EN E VDE Teil 95 :1998
Remote control Radio frequency Key: 1) Self registering 2 ) 3,2 m with rail extension

Safety Accessories

SOMFY-Order-Nr. 000 032
Comment If there is no second means of ingress to the garage an external emergency release must be fitted. Thus the door can be opened manually from the outside in the event of a power failure/fault Door drive is prevented from moving due to access door being open.
Can be obtained from a specialist dealer. Further information will be supplied to you by the SOMFY Door Drive dealer
External Emergency Release s For Swing/Sectional and tip doors with grip s For all types of doors with and without grip (Emergency release lock)

Side door contact

Floor locking Lock set without latch Side door lock Light beam unit
When light beam is interrupted door stops immediately. In the door closed direction the obstacle is released. Contact stops door immediately. In the door closed direction the obstacle is released.

Safety contact strip

on request
Accessory for high op. comfort
SOMFY-Order-Nr. SOMFY-Order-Nr. 000 006


Key over / under ledge Internal key Code Key 1 x ch handset 434.x ch. handset 434.x ch. Handset 434.42 Accessory for special conditions Ceiling unit (angled) Perforated rail to suspend door drive Ceiling unit (telescopic) Guide arm extension
Comment For hang up to max. 270 mm Total length 1m for hang up to 400 mm Hang up to max. 1500 mm Used with broad upright (up to max 400 mm) if the arm sits on the upright. Required if gap is smaller between the door top edge and ceiling and if the door drive is positioned directly behind (up to max 2.5 m) Door wing width 1.5 m per wing. See "Which drive for which door" For door segment 300 - 500 mm high To strengthen upper sectioned door segments For sectioned doors if the retaining and fixing rail are not necessary on the door segment. For canopy door with vertical running rails By a max of 700 mm

Extension rod

Winged door kit
Sectioned door kit Fixing strap

Curved guide arm

Lift arm

009 047

Rail extension set
Open and close the door only when you can see the area covering the entire range of movement of the door and when there are no persons inside this area.
Check monthly that the drive operates in reverse if the door is touching an object 50 mm high positioned on the ground. If this is not the case contact your authorised dealer.
In cases of emergency and in the event of a power failure the door can be uncoupled from the drive unit and may be operated internally by hand.
Somfy Ltd 2 - 6 Station Road Shipley West Yorkshire BD18 2JL. Tel: Fax: 01274 595593



VR-5505 1 1 SH-S223F XP-30 KV-1685 FC9016 NWZ-E355 GO 300 YZ125-2001 TX-G10 Citation 25 IP-700M PSC 1310 PC 1550 HDC-SD7 Celestron C8-N Pixon Workstation C6501P Ares-BB AX-4103 Pro S 42PG100R 2217406-D-WH PA600X F8010S HCB-30 Anti-executable Workstation KX-P4400 Maitre NP-R20plus E2320X PX-V600 WF8600NHW XEH Eu24 DCR-TRV16E EW1063W RX-385 DPF-D100 N73-1 TX-9500 CF18bdazxmm YFZ450-2005 SRF-M80 KDL-V40a11E E1280 VN-6000 Activa 220 Gardena 852 Dpac8399 Audio Ep84 1xtreme MY310X DP6010-pdms Z5642 XV-DV8 VX-177 Settings P4VP-MX Ca65EX SF 110T Acoustics GT28 ART 406 EB-1720 C-V750 Hdchs20 DTR67250T CK-100 SA-DK20 Night HDR-TG7VE Review FT-900 Monopoly Deal LE40R88BD CS196 Aqxd 129 Ekrtw Sewing GFP-555 XR-2750 189 S OBY-600 Wash Sportwagon H2 2005 Minolta 7030 Dimension 4550 PPM63H3Q UX-W31CL Machine Airis DVD-P181K TL-R4299G Quantim B SS-SR101 Asus P4SE Casebook E90-1 AF220T


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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