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Studio No.6

Mixing Console Master Recorder Noise Reduction Monitor Speaker SSL SL 4064G PLUS - 64VU G Computer With Total Recall System Studer A820 ( Half Inch Head Option ) , Panasonic SV-3700 Dolby M363 SR/A Dynaudio M-3 YAMAHA NS-10M STUDIO Dynaudio BM6 Goldmund 29M Evolution CHORD SPA-1016DA EMT-1402 Lexicon 480L AMS rmx-16 Sony DRE-2000 Sony MU-R201 YAMAHA Rev-7 Roland SRV-2000 Neve 33609 Urei 1176LN Black 2 TUBE-TECH CLB AMS dmx-15-80s Roland SDE-3000 YAMAHA SPX-990 YAMAHA SPX-90 II Eventide H-3500 DFX/E Roland Demension D, Audio Selector ( ONKIO HAUS Original ) SONY BDZ-T50 Countryman Type 85 , The Demeter tube YAMAHA NS-10M Sony TA-N86 NeumannU-87i , U-87Ai SENNHEISER MD-421 SHURE SM-57


Monitor Amplifier MINI Mon.Amplifier Reverb

Compressor / Limiter

Delay Effector
Other BLU-RAY Player Direct Box Studio Monitor Speaker Studio Monitor Amplifier Microphone



News & Information
No: 07-104 September 12, 2007 New Product
Realizing Long-duration HD Recording Maximum 16 Hours on One Blu-ray Disc1 Four New Blu-ray Disc Recorders Allow Users to Choose their HD Viewing Style
Photo Left: BDZ-T70 (Above) BDZ-T50 (Below)

Center: BDZ-X90

Right: BDZ-L70
Sony today announces four new Blu-ray Disc Recorders. These new models offer strengthened functionality to give improved performance in the key areas of high picture and sound quality, long-duration recording, and easy operation. HD content in the home is rapidly increasing, whether it be digital broadcasting, personal/home video or movies. Sony envisions the Blu-ray Disc Recorder at the center of the HD era, and the four new models target three styles of customer viewing enjoyment: HD broadcasting enjoyment, personal/home video enjoyment and advanced picture and advanced sound quality home theater enjoyment. This range of choice will be a key factor in accelerating the diffusion of the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray Disc Recorder Lineup with digital HD tuner and HDD Style Model Release Enjoying Broadcasts T Enjoying Personal/Home Video L Enjoying Home Theater X BDZ-T50 BDZ-T70 BDZ-L70 BDZ-X90 Blu-ray Disc will be referred to as BD below. Major New Functions (available on all models) 1. Ample HD recording capacity: A new high-resolution HD encoder, adopting the high compression efficiency of MPEG4-AVC, allows ample HD recording capacity. A maximum of approximately 16 hours can be recorded on one 50GB BD1 and the HDDs capacity has been increased 3.8 times for a maximum recording capacity of about 166 hours.2 2. Fast HD dubbing: One hour of HD video can be dubbed to BD in a minimum time of approximately 3 minutes.3

Suggested Retail Price

November 8

Open Price

3. High-quality HD picture and sound playback: 24p True Cinema and HD audio-compatible HDMI audio output 4. HD Handycam compatibility: Handycam video (AVCHDcan be transferred to HDD and easily edited. It can then be stored in HD on BD. 5. BRAVIA Link: Compatible with BRAVIA Link and BRAVIA Premium Photo (1) When recording to a dual layer 50GB BD in LSR (AVC 6M) mode. (2) Using BDZ-X90 and recording in LSR (AVC 6M) mode. (3) When one hour of video recorded in LSR mode onto a HDD is dubbed to BD (4x speed).
Main Features of Each Style Enjoying Broadcasts T -- Ample Capacity to Record and Enjoy HD Broadcasts (BDZ-T70 BDZ-T50) --
1. Ample HD Recording function gives a maximum of approximately 105 hours4 HD recording on HDD and a maximum of approximately 16 hours1 on one 50GB BD (Available on all models.) (*4) Using BDZ-T70 and recording in LSR (AVC 6M) mode. 2. The Keyword-relational Search function and the x-Omakase Maruroku (Auto AI recording)(allowing simultaneous recording of two programs1) mean that viewers can catch all their favorite programs (Available on all models). 3. Just one touch of the remote control button gives simple and fully automated operation from startup to panel display (Available on all models). Enjoying Personal/Home Video L -- Personal and Home HD Video Content Stored in Pristine Condition (BDZ-L70) --
1. One-Touch Dubbing Button allows one-touch transfer of HD Handycam video content to HDD. 2 x-Pict Story HD assembles digital snaps and automatically creates Pro-quality slideshows. This can then be stored in HD on BD. Also available on BDZ-X90. 2. x.v.Color offers advanced reproduction of video with a wide color range, and full HD photo reproduction is also available. These functions enhance the beauty of videos and photos for the full enjoyment of the user (Available on all models).
Enjoying Home Theater X -- Experience HD Home Theater with Superb Picture Quality and Sound BDZ-X90 --
1. DRC-MFv2.5 recreates HD signals for an even more refined and higher resolution image. Output at progressive HD 1125p (1080p). 2. Deep Color creates a smooth picture with rich color gradations. 3. All models have an HDMI audio output compatible with lossless audio. Further, Sony has pursued mastering studio quality through meticulous audio engineering, including the strict selection of quality audio parts.

Main Specifications

Recordable Media1




BD-RE ver. 2.1dual layer compatible BD-R ver. 1.1/1.2dual layer compatible DVD+RWup to 8x DVD+Rup to 16x DVD-RWup to 6x, Ver.1.1/1.2CPRM compatible, DVD-Rup to 16x, Ver.2.0/2.1CPRM compatible HDD(320GB) HDD(250GB) HDD, BD-ROMBD-RE ver.2.1/ver.1.0BD-R ver.1.1/1.2, Discs recorded in AVCHD format, DVD video, DVD+RW/+RDVD-RW/-R/-R DL(dual layer) (video mode )/-RW(CPRM)/-R(CPRM), DualDisc2, DVD+RW/+R DL(dual layer)/-RW/-R also compatible with 8cm disc. HDD, BD-RE ver.2.1BD-R ver.1.1/1.2 BD-RE ver.2.1BD-R ver.1.1/1.2Data Data DVD:DVD+RW/+R/-RW/-R DVD:DVD+RW/+R/-RW/-R, Data CD:CD-RW/-RUSB Data CD:CD-RW/-R digital camera/reader-writer etc. CDDTS-CDCD-RW/-R(CD-DA) MPEG2MPEG13MPEG4-AVC (HDD/BD) HDD(500GB) HDD(320GB)

Playable Media

Photo JPEG
Audio Video recording format (BD/DVD/HDD) Audio recording format (BD/DVD/HDD)
Dolby Digital 2ch/5.1ch4MPEG2-AACwhen in DR mode
(1) Cannot record onto 8cm DVD disc. Postscripting, deletion, editing and finalizing operations may not be possible on DVD discs which have been recorded and edited on other recorders/drives. DVD discs with a speed capacity over 8x will have a maximum speed of 8x on this units drive. (2) Dual Disc has a layer conforming to the DVD standard and a music-dedicated layer. The music layer does not conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard, and playback on this unit is therefore not guaranteed. (3) When recording in DVD+RW EP mode. (4) Not compatible with linear PCM recording.
Recording Time Capacity and Modes HDD 1

Model BDZ-X904

Digital terrestrial broadcast HD: approx 62 hoursapprox 59 hours CS digital BS110 broadcast (HD: Approx 44 hours approx 42 hours CS Terrestrial/ BS110 digital broadcast SD: approx 96 approx 88 hours HDV1080i: approx 39 hours approx 37 hours approx 65 hours approx 61 hours approx 83 hoursapprox 77 hours approx 124 hours approx 112 hours approx 166 hours approx 145 hours) approx 249 hours approx 221 hours approx 499 hours approx 401 hours
Digital terrestrial broadcast HD: approx 39 hours CS digital BS110 broadcast (HD: approx 28 hours CS Terrestrial/ BS110 digital broadcast SD: approx 61 hours HDV1080i: approx 24 hours
Digital terrestrial broadcast HD: approx 39 hours CS digital BS110 broadcast (HD: approx 28 hours CS Terrestrial/ BS110 digital broadcast SD: approx 61 hours
Digital terrestrial broadcast HD: approx 30 hours CS digital BS110 broadcast (HD: approx 21 hours CS Terrestrial/ BS110 digital broadcast SD: approx 46 hours
XR (AVC 15M) XSR (AVC 12M) SR (AVC 8M) standard LSR (AVC 6M) LR (AVC 4M) ER (AVC 2M)
approx 41 hours approx 52 hours approx 78 hours approx 105 hours approx 157 hours approx 315 hours
approx 31 hours approx 40 hours approx 60 hours approx 80 hours approx 121 hours approx 242 hours
(1) HDD recording time capacity assumes that no JPEG photos are on the HDD. (2) XRXSRSRLSR can record at HD quality. LR, ER modes record in Standard Definition (SD). (3) DR mode recording time capacity is an estimate. Recording time capacity will vary according to the type of digital broadcast. (4) The figures in ( ) for BDZ-X90 HDD recording time capacity represent performance when the High Speed Transfer Recording function is on and the Recording Mode is set to Automatic.

Recording Time Capacity and Modes BD/DVD
DR: Digital terrestrial broadcast HD: approx. 3 hours approx. 6hours BS110/CS digital broadcast (HD: approx 2 hours 10 min (approx 4 hours 20 min Terrestrial/ BS110/CS digital broadcast SD: approx 4 hours 44 min approx 9 hours 28 min HDV1080i: approx; 1 hour 55 min approx 3 hours 50 min approx 3 hours 10 min (approx 6 hours 20 min approx 4 hours approx 8 hours approx 6 hours 5 min approx 12 hours 10 min approx 8 hours 5 min (approx 16 hours 10min approx 12 hours 10min approx 24 hours 20 min Approx 24 hours 25 min approx 48 hours 50 min XP: approx1 hour, XSP: approx 1 hour 30 min SPstandard: approx 2 hours LSP: approx 2 hours 30 min LP: approx 4 hours, EP: approx 6 hours


XSR(AVC 12M) SR (AVC 8M) standard) LSR(AVC 6M) LR(AVC 4M) ER(AVC 2M)
(1) Figures in ( ) are recording time for dual layer BD (2) XRXSRSRLSR can record at HD quality. LR, ER modes record in Standard Definition (SD). (3) DR mode recording time capacity is an estimate. Recording time capacity will vary according to the type of digital broadcast.

Main Functions

Ample HD Recording Simultaneous recording of 2 digital programs Keyword-relational search x-Omakase Maruroku (Auto AI recording) Remote recording reservation Program tracking recording/sports extra time compatible High-speed HD dubbing One-touch dubbing button Digital video camera dubbing HD Handycam compatible x-Pict Story HD/x-ScrapBook x.v.Color compatible Full HD photo playback DRC-MFv.2.5 / 1125p(1080p) output Deep Color output 24p True Cinema Lossless reversible type audio compatible HDMI audio output Leaving and returning transfer Sony RoomLink Home Server function BRAVIA Link BRAVIA Premium Photo


DVD only (AVCHD/MPEG2) Disc playback only -
DVD only (AVCHD/MPEG2) Disc playback only
Since April 2004, digital broadcasts are subject to copy control that allows them to be recorded only once. To enjoy HD video, please connect to an HD-compatible TV with one of the following: a D terminal cable, component terminal cable, or HDMI cable. All are sold separately.
Blu-ray Disc Recorder Assumed Market Price BDZ-X90 approx 200,000 BDZ-L70 approx 180,000 BDZ-T70 approx 160,000 BDZ-T50 approx 140,000 * Assumed market price is Sonys projection of the price the market will set for a product before it goes on sale. The actual product price will vary by retailer.



SFP 630 UB802 Wintv-PVR-USB2 B Control H510 42LC2DR KX-TG6443 Syncmaster 203B DCT6208 4110XM KX-FP205SP LM-U4050A SGH-D820S Asus MEB LX3950W-01 VGN-FZ11M Paziral EOC69400 CS-29Z57MH Asus P5B BTS15 TDM-MP10 T58800 Punto PSR-195-PSR-79 TL-WR641G BQ-390A Ssleq GR-D40 HR3210C Locomotion EWT12420W MP-330 Audio GX3 CLX-3170FNK RA-870BX 48230 Nakamichi DR-3 Stepway Router FM VT2442 THS11EE-th-s11 797 C2 Finepix A350 Nokia 6263 LX8300SA Dimage S414 Xsmall Plus TI-5033SV Darklands-cluebook 644 B FTX26 S3000 2005AA Skype 8012 Novo 964 C 23 Cube-20XL NA168VG2 Shure PGX L200-pink Kodak Z700 EXT-109 MDE7550AGW 3XI TX-28DK20F Alpha 300 PCG-F403 DV7821P Package 4 Deskjet 890C 9000N Stanag F250-2003 SPH-W4700 PLC-XU48 LA26A450 Review 6exap LC-37GP1U ZB403 40 IB Plus M-5 Deluxe Linge SA-PT760 DI2011 42PC5D AJ-LT75 WTC0823K XM6150-XM4220 VC-6014 Systems KX-TG5561M Raven P-25 G-DEC 30 LE26R51BM NP-R480 Blackberry 850 Altus RTS C3300 D


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