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Sony Bravia KDL-40S3000Silver Tilt/Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for Sony KDL-40S3000 / KDL40S3000 LCD HDTV TV/Television AM11-2344

HD 720p - 32 inch - LCD - Sony

This is Angle Adjustable Wall Bracket for LCD Plasma. This Flat Wall Mount supports any 32" to 63" flat panel screen and plasma TVs up to 165 lb weight. The slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to a single wood stud, two wood studs, or concrete. Easy to install. Fits most large flat pane... Read more

Brand: Sony
Part Number: AM11-2344
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roeltje25 6:06am on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 
This TV is just flat out amazing. The picture quality is outstanding and the 3 HDMI ports with a VGA on top of that is awesome!
trendfish 7:40pm on Monday, September 20th, 2010 
Purchased this product for our exercise room. Packing was great. Set up was easy. Programming was a breeze. i will not recommend this product for this particular model. Crystal Clear Picture none so far Nice tv for the price takes up little space and gives a great value for the price Easy setup, Excellent picture sound a bit weak....
vyp08 4:26am on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
Nice looking set with excellent picture None that I kinow of Super Thin compared with set it replaces Really do not have any cons as of the present time
Goodwin 4:42pm on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 
Set started out really nice, very clear, good sound. However. Prompt waranty service Without a TV for about 10 days during waranty replacement ; Junk Junk Junk When our CRT TV finally gave out in March, 2008, I looked closely at the 32"-40" LCD units at Electronics Expo, and selected this one for $1169.10 .
simca 8:27pm on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 
SONY at its best again! XBR from SONY is now synonymous for quality with edge and for performance without boundaries! absolutely so.
Cowilu 4:33am on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
Pleased with the purchase; especially the connectivity. I have connected my Sony Blu-Ray Google TV, Digital Camera, PC, Wii... If on sale at a good price, will be a great TV for smaller room or bedroom. For the price. A Sony product for an excellent price. Light weight and easy to set up. Highly recommended. Very nice entry level set for the price This TV is 60 HZ. I was looking for a new HD TV to replace my low-end HD TV, so after some trail and error, I came bought this TV.
bear454 4:25pm on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 
Been a fan of the Sony brand and it was a brand that I have always trusted with other electrical equipment such as my camera so I decided to buy a Son... Sony KDL-46S3000 is a high definition HDTV, anyone can setup this tv and make it work in just a few minutes.
drkbkr 12:07pm on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
Exellent wall mount Very well made wall mount and very easy to install. The "catalog" size book of instructions looks overwhelming but is not. Great Look, and very easy to install This wall mount is a installers dream to use. Sony SUWL500 Wall Mount Bracket At first I thought this product was too pricey, however, it was well worth the money.
scandahl 1:59am on Friday, April 30th, 2010 
very please with Sony LCDs great picture and sound--more than adequate component and peripheral connections lengthy delay when you switch channels They should look at why you need to reset the power strip..or better yet add it to the common causes in the booklet.

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Declaration of Conformity
Trade Name: SONY Model: KDL-26S3000/KDL-32S3000/ KDL-40S3000/KDL-46S3000 Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, CA 92127 U.S.A. Telephone Number: 858-942-2230 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.


Important Safety Instructions..4 How to Use P&P and PIP Features.27 To display a picture in the Sub Window.27 To change channels in the Sub Window.27 To exit from P&P and PIP..27
Welcome to the World of BRAVIA
The Four Steps to Stunning HD Experience: Set, Sound, Source, and Setup..8 Picture Quality and Aspect Ratio..8 TV Home Menu: XMB (XrossMediaBar).9

Using TV Features

Adjust TV Settings..28 Watching TV..28 Access the equipment connected to your TV..28 Navigating through TV Home Menu on XMB...29 TV Settings Descriptions..30 Product Support..30 Clock/Timers Settings..30 Picture Settings..30 Sound Settings..32 Screen Settings..32 Video Options Settings..34 Audio Options Settings..34 Channel Settings.35 Closed Captions (CC) Settings..36 Parental Lock Settings..36 External Inputs Settings.39 HDMI Settings..39 General Settings..40 Initial Setup..40

Getting Started

1. Installing the TV..11 Preventing the TV from Toppling Over.11 Preparation for Wall-Mounting..12 2. Locating Inputs and Outputs..13 Left side...13 Rear..14 3. Connecting the TV...16 Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna System..16 Cable System and VHF/UHF Antenna System..16 HD Cable Box/HD Satellite Box..16 PC...18 Other Equipment..19 Using HDMI Control for BRAVIA Theatre Sync..20 Bundling the Connecting Cables.20 4. Setting Up the Channel List Initial Setup..21 Remote Control and TV Controls/Indicators..22 Inserting Batteries into the Remote control..22 Remote Control..22 Indicators..26

AC power cord

Observe the followings to prevent the AC power cord from being damaged. If the AC power cord is damaged, it may result in a fire or an electric shock. Stop using it and ask your dealer or Sony service center to exchange it. s Do not place the TV where the power cord is subject to wear or abuse. s Do not pinch, bend, or twist the cord excessively. The core lines may be bared and cut, causing a short-circuit, and resulting in a fire or an electric shock. s Do not convert or damage the power cord. s Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the power cord. s Do not move the TV with the power cord plugged in. s Keep the power cord away from heat sources. s When you disconnect the AC power cord, disconnect it from the wall outlet first. s Be sure to grasp the plug when disconnecting the power cord. Do not pull the power cord. s Do not use the supplied AC power cord on any other equipment. s Use only an original Sony AC power cord, not other brands.

Wall outlet

The TV set with a three-wire grounding type AC power cord plug must be connected to an AC power socket outlet with a protective earthing connection. Do not use a poor fitting outlet. Insert the plug fully into the outlet. If it is loose, it may cause arcing and result in a fire. Contact your electrician to have the outlet changed.


When connecting cables, be sure to unplug the AC power cord for your safety. Take care not to catch your feet on the cables. It may damage the TV set.

Electric shock

Do not touch the AC power cord or the TV with a wet hand. If you plug/unplug the AC power cord from the TV with a wet hand, it may cause electric shock.

Lightning storms

For added protection for this TV during a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna. This will prevent damage to the TV due to lightning and power line surges.

When not in use

If you will not be using the TV set for several days, the TV set should be disconnected from the AC power outlet for environmental and safety reasons. The TV set is not disconnected from the AC power source when the TV set is switched off. To disconnect the TV set completely, pull the plug from the AC power outlet.


This TV set is designed to operate on a 120 - 240 V AC supply only. Take care not to connect too many appliances to the same AC power outlet as this could result in a fire or an electric shock.


s Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. s Do not short circuit, disassemble or overheat the batteries. s Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
Disposal of used batteries
To preserve our environment, dispose of used batteries according to your local laws or regulations.
s When carrying, do not subject the TV to shocks or vibration, or excessive force.


Cleaning the AC power plug
Unplug the AC power plug and clean it regularly. If the plug is covered with dust and it picks up moisture, its insulation may deteriorate and result in a fire. The slots and openings in the TV are provided for necessary ventilation. To ensure reliable operation of the TV and to protect it from overheating, these slots and openings must never be blocked or covered. Unless proper ventilation is provided, the TV may gather dust and get dirty. For proper ventilation, observe the following: s Do not install the TV face up, down or sideways. s Do not install the TV turned over or upside down.
Cleaning the screen surface/ cabinet of the TV set
Unplug the AC power cord when cleaning this TV. If not, it may result in electric shock. Clean the cabinet of the TV with a dry soft cloth. To remove dust from the screen, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains may be removed with a cloth slightly dampened with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Never use strong solvents such as thinner or benzine for cleaning. If using a chemically pretreated cloth, please follow the instruction provided on the package. The ventilation holes can accumulate dust over time. To ensure proper ventilation, we recommend removing the dust periodically (once a month) using a vacuum cleaner.


s Never cover the slots and openings with a cloth or other materials.


Moisture and flammable objects
s The TV must not be exposed to dripping or splashing. Do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the TV. s Do not use power-line operated TV sets near water for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, etc. It may result in a fire or an electric shock. s Do not let this TV get wet. Never spill liquid of any kind on the TV. If any liquid or solid object does fall through, do not operate the TV. It may result in electric shock or damage to the TV. Have it checked immediately by qualified personnel. s To prevent fire, keep flammable objects or open flame (e.g. candles) away from the TV.

Remote Control and TV Controls/Indicators
Inserting Batteries into the Remote control
Insert two size AA batteries (supplied) by matching e and E on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment of the remote control.

Push to open

Remote Control
Buttons located at the top of the TV will operate the same as these buttons on the remote control.
The 5 button and CH + have a tactile dot. Use them as a reference when operating the TV. This remote control cannot be programmed to use with other equipment.




Press once to display the information pertaining to the channel and/or program when available. The OSD (On Screen Display) will time out in a few seconds or press again to immediately turn off the display. You can also set the display to show minimal information. See Info Banner on page 40. Press repeatedly until the TV displays the time in minutes (Off, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min or 120min) that you want the TV to remain on before shutting off. To cancel Sleep Timer, press SLEEP repeatedly until Off appears.


Press once to display a frozen image with the current program in a window. Press again to fill the screen with the frozen image. Press 3rd time to return to the current program.


Current program

Frozen picture

Press the V/v/B/b to move the small window showing current program to a different location on the screen.


With the Freeze feature active, some features are unavailable. While the Freeze feature is active, pressing HOME will deactivate the Freeze and display the XMB. Press repeatedly to cycle through the available picture modes: Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Video, Text. (Available options depend on the current mode.) The picture modes can also be accessed in the Picture settings. For details, see Picture settings on page 30. Press once to display the stored favorite channel list. You can store up to 30 channels in your Favorites list. How to Add to Favorites While tuned to the channel you want to add to the list, press OPTIONS and highlight Add to Favorites, then press. A confirmation message of Channel added to Favorites will appear for a few seconds. How to Remove from Favorites While tuned to a channel that exists in the Favorites list, press OPTIONS and highlight Remove from Favorites, then press. A confirmation message of Channel removed from Favorites will appear for a few seconds.


6 RETURN 7 HOME Your Favorites list will be cleared each time you run Auto Program (see pages 21 and 35 for Auto Program). Press to go back to the previous screen or exit from the screen when displaying menu items and settings. Press to display the TV Home Menu/XMB (XrossMediaBar) to access the TV Home Menu items such as the TV Settings, TV channels and External Inputs list (see pages 9 and 28).
Sound Screen Video Options TV

8 DMex

Press to access features in the optional BRAVIA external module (e.g. DMX-NV1). See your dealer or for more information. The module may not be available in your region. Press 0-9 to select a channel; the channel changes after two seconds. Press ENT to change channels immediately. Use with 0-9 and ENT to select digital channels. For example, to enter 2.1, press 2 , , 1 and ENT.

9 0-9 ENT 0

qa VOL +/ qs MUTING qd POWER qf WIDE
Press to adjust the volume. Press to mute the sound. Press again or press VOL + to restore the sound. Press to turn on and off the TV. Press repeatedly to step through the Wide Mode settings: Wide Zoom, Normal, Full, Zoom. The Wide Mode settings can be also accessed in the Screen settings (see page 32).
Changing the Wide Screen Mode
(For PC timing, see below) 4:3 Original source Standard-definition source 16:9 Original source High-definition source

m Wide Zoom

Normal This mode is not available
When the TV receives a 720p, 1080i or 1080p signal, Normal cannot be selected.
Changing the Wide Screen Mode for PC timing

Incoming PC signal

800 600

1280 768

m Normal

Full 1

Full 2


Press to display the list of External Inputs and TV mode. Press repeatedly to toggle through the inputs.
qh V/v/B/b qj OPTIONS See page 39 on setting up the External Inputs labels, including the Skip feature. Press V/v/B/b to move the on-screen cursor. Press to select/confirm an item. Press to display a list of convenient functions and menu shortcuts. The OPTIONS menu items vary based on input and content. Menu Item Picture Sound P&P or PIP Audio Swap Exit P&P or Exit PIP Speakers Add to Favorites/ Remove from Favorites MTS Alternate Audio Digital Rating Screen qk CC ql JUMP Reference Page See page 30 See page 32 See page 27 See page 27 See page 27 See page 34 See page 23 See page 34 See page 34 See page 37 See page 32

qg qh qj qk ql

Press to turn on and off the Closed Captions (CC). To change or customize the CC Display, see page 36. Press to jump back and forth between two channels. The TV alternates between the current channel and the last channel that was selected.


w; CH +/
Press to scan through channels. To scan quickly through channels, press and hold down either +/.




1 Speaker 2 Light Sensor 3 PIC OFF/ TIMER LED
Outputs the audio signal. Senses room light level and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly (see page 40 for details). Do not put anything near the sensor, as its function may be affected. Lights up in green when the Picture Off feature is activated. Lights up in orange when the timer is set. When the timer is set, this LED will remain lit even if the TV is turned off. For details, see page 30.
4 STANDBY Lights up in red when your TV is in PC standby mode. If the LED LED blinks in red continuously, this may indicate the TV needs servicing (see contacting Sony information on the back cover). 5 POWER LED 6 (IR) Infrared Receiver Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. Receives IR signals from the remote control.
How to Use P&P and PIP Features
This TV comes with the P&P and PIP features which allow you to view two pictures simultaneously. P&P (picture and picture) provides two windows side by side. PIP (picture in picture) provides PC input signal and TV channels.
To change channels in the Sub Window
Press CH +/ to change the channels or enter the channel number using the 0-9 numeric buttons.
To exit from P&P and PIP
The VHF/UHF/CABLE input must be connected to use the P&P/PIP feature. These features are not available when the Parental Lock settings are set to block programs by ratings. If channel blocking is set, these features can still be used. Closed Captions (CC) is not available in these features. P&P
1 Press the OPTIONS. 2 Press while Exit P&P or Exit PIP
(depends on the mode your are in) is highlighted.
You may also press RETURN while in this feature to exit. Additional compatible device with television tuner required to watch two simultaneous live television programs. P&P Availability In Main Window In Sub Window Component 1 TV Channel Component 2 (VHF/UHF/ HDMI IN 1 (except PC timing) CABLE IN) HDMI IN 2 (except PC timing)

Main Window

Sub Window
Sub Window (Location of the Sub Window can be moved by pressing V/v/B/b.)

Main Window (PC)

To display a picture in the Sub Window
PIP Availability In Main Window In Sub Window PC TV Channel HDMI IN 1 (PC timing) (VHF/UHF/ CABLE IN) HDMI IN 2 (PC timing)
1 While watching one of the following inputs:
Component, HDMI or PC; press OPTIONS to display the OPTIONS menu.
Compatible PC Timings can be found on page 18.
The input you are watching will become the Main Window. 2 Press V/v to highlight the P&P or PIP and
press to display the TV channels in the Sub Window.
To swap audio in P&P mode, use the B/b button to swap the highlight between the Main Window and Sub Window. To swap audio in PIP mode, press OPTIONS, then press V/v to highlight Audio Swap.
The HOME button allows you to access the TV Home Menu on the XMB (XrossMediaBar) as well as a variety of TV features.
The XMB displays the Media Category icons (horizontally) and available features (vertically) within the highlighted icon.
The XMB is shown here with Settings highlighted.

Media Category Icons

Adjust TV Settings
Customize the TV settings with various options. Explanations of different Settings start from page 30.
The available options vary depending on the situations and conditions applied. Unavailable options are grayed out or not displayed.

Watching TV

Select a channel.
You can also select a TV channel using the number 0-9 or CH+/ buttons (see remote control section pages 23 and 25).
Access the equipment connected to your TV

External Inputs

Watch a movie, play a game, record a program or work on your PC. Assign a label using the Label Inputs feature for your convenience, see page 39.
Navigating through TV Home Menu on XMB
Press HOME to display the XMB. Press B/b to select a Media Category icon.
Available TV settings and features are listed under the Settings icon.
Available channels are listed under the TV icon.
Select inputs from Video1-3 Component 1-2 HDMI 1-2 PC under the External Inputs icon.
Press V/v to move within the Category Object Bar. (The Category Object Bar shown below is for the Settings.)
Product Support (page 30) Clock/Timers (page 30) Picture (page 30) Sound (page 32) Screen (page 32) Video Options (page 34) Audio Options (page 34) Channel (page 35)

Closed Captions (CC) (page 36) Parental Lock (page 36) External Inputs (page 39) HDMI Settings (page 39) General (page 40) Initial Setup (page 40)


Press Press
when desired item is highlighted. or, V/v to select the highlighted item.
Press RETURN or HOME to exit.

TV Settings Descriptions

Product Support
Contact Sony Sony contact information is available from this screen for your convenience. Your TVs specific information such as Model Name, Serial Number, Software Version and downloadable ratings if available from the TV are displayed here. Press to display the diagnostics information for the current signal.

Signal Diagnostics

Clock/Timers Settings
Current Time Set the current time (day, hour, minutes, and AM/PM). The Timer feature will not be available until you set the Current Time. 1 Use the V/v/B/b button to highlight the Clock/Timers icon and press. 2 Use the V/v/B/b button to set the current time. 3 Press RETURN to display the confirmation screen. 4 Select Yes or No to save changes you made. Selecting Yes will save your settings and exit the Current Time setting screen. After the Current Time is set, you can set the Timer to automatically turn the TV on and off and tune to a specific channel at a scheduled time. 1 Use the V/v/B/b button to highlight the Timer icon and press. 2 Press to select On to set the timer. 3 Use the V/v/B/b button to set the following: Day of the Week, Time, Duration, Channel, and Volume. 4 Press RETURN to display the confirmation screen. 5 Select Yes or No to save changes you made. Selecting Yes will save your settings and will light up the TIMER LED. Exit the Timer setting screen. Sets the time in minutes (Off, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min, or 120min) that you want the TV to remain on before shutting off automatically. This can also be set using the SLEEP button on the remote control (see page 22).

Sleep Timer

Picture Settings
Picture Mode (Except for PC timing) Vivid Standard Cinema Picture Mode Video (For HDMI or PC timing) Text For enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. For standard picture settings. Recommended for home entertainment. For viewing film-based content. Most suitable for viewing in a theater-like environment. This option is available for PC timing (HDMI or PC input) signal for viewing video. This option is available for PC timing (HDMI or PC input) signal to enhance the text shown on the screen.

Picture Mode for all inputs can also be accessed by pressing PICTURE on the remote control to directly toggle the modes.
Reset Backlight Picture Brightness Color Hue Color Temperature White adjustment
Resets the current Picture Mode setting to the default values. Brightens or darkens the backlight. Increases or decreases picture contrast. Brightens or darkens the picture. Increases or decreases color intensity. Increases or decreases the green tones. Cool Neutral Warm 1, 2 Gives the white colors a bluish tint. Gives the white colors a neutral tint. Gives the white colors a reddish tint.
Picture Mode settings determines the available Color Temperature options: Color Temperature options Picture Mode for all modes excluding PC timing Vivid yes yes n/a Standard yes yes yes Cinema yes yes yes PC timing only (HDMI or PC input) Video Text yes yes yes yes yes yes
Cool Neutral Warm1, 2 Sharpness Noise Reduction MPEG Noise Reduction Advanced Settings
Sharpens or softens the picture. Reduces the noise level of connected equipment, and the VHF/UHF/CABLE input. Reduces the mosaic effect in MPEG-compressed video. Useful for DVDs and Digital TV channels. Advanced Settings are available for the following conditions: Vivid Standard Cinema PC timing (HDMI or PC input) n/a

Advanced Settings Reset

Resets all the advanced settings to the default values.
Black Corrector Enhances black areas of the picture for stronger contrast. Advanced C.E. Automatically optimizes the backlight and contrast. This setting is especially effective for dark picture scenes. It will increase the (Advanced contrast distinction of the dark picture scenes. Contrast Enhancer) Gamma Clear White Color Space Live Color Adjusts the balance between the light and dark areas of the picture. Emphasizes white and light colors. Selects the range of color reproduction from Wide or Normal. When Color Space is set to Wide, this option makes colors more vivid and reproduces clear skin tones.
Picture settings for PC timings (HDMI or PC input) are available with the following options (see above for details). Picture Mode Reset Backlight Picture Brightness Color Temperature
Picture settings for all inputs can also be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the remote control, then selecting Picture from the OPTIONS menu.

Sound Settings

Available Sound settings depend on the Speakers setting under Audio Options settings (page 34) or headphone connection.

Sound Mode Dynamic Standard Custom Enhances treble and bass. Suitable for spoken dialog. Customizes the sound settings including the Sound Booster setting.
Sound Mode can also be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the remote control. Reset Treble Bass Balance Surround Resets the current Sound Mode setting to the default values. Increases or decreases higher-pitched sounds. Increases or decreases lower-pitched sounds. Emphasizes left or right speaker balance. S-FORCE Provides a virtual surround sound experience made possible using just Front Surround two front speakers. Off Sound Booster Select for normal stereo or mono reception. The Sound Booster provides a fuller sound with a greater sense of depth and width, by emphasizing the High and Low frequency sounds. Select High or Low for the amount of boost you desire while in the Custom Sound Mode. Selecting Off will bypass the emphasis.
The Sound Booster is automatically in the High position for Dynamic Sound Mode and Low position for Standard Sound Mode. Steady Sound Volume Offset On Off Stabilizes the volume across all programs and commercials. Turns off Steady Sound.
Adjusts the volume level of the current input (TV or video input) relative to other inputs.

Screen Settings

Wide Mode Wide Zoom Normal Fills the screen with minimum distortion. Displays the 4:3 picture in its original aspect ratio when the original source is 4:3.
Normal is not available when you are watching 720p, 1080i or 1080p sources. Full Enlarges the picture horizontally to fill the screen when the original source is 4:3 (Standard-definition source). When the original source is 16:9 (High-definition source), select this mode to display the 16:9 picture in its original size. Select to enlarge the picture horizontally and vertically to fill the screen while maintaining the aspect ratio.
Wide Mode can also be accessed by pressing the WIDE button. See WIDE button description on page 24 for accessing the Wide Mode.

Auto Wide

On Off
Automatically changes Wide Mode setting based upon content. If frequent screen changes are disturbing to you, select Off. Turns off the Auto Wide option. Choose a Wide Mode from the Wide Mode option. Enlarges the 4:3 picture to fill the 16:9 screen, displaying as much of the original image as possible. Displays the 4:3 picture in its original aspect ratio. Select to enlarge the 4:3 picture horizontally only, to fill the screen. Select to enlarge the picture horizontally and vertically to fill the screen while maintaining the aspect ratio. Select to continue using the current Wide Mode setting when the channel or input is changed.
4:3 Default Select the default screen mode to use for 4:3 sources
Wide Zoom Normal Full Zoom Off
This option is not available if Auto Wide is set to Off. If 4:3 Default is set to anything but Off, the Wide Mode setting applies only to the current channel. When you change channels (or inputs), Wide Mode is automatically replaced with the 4:3 Default setting for 4:3 sources. To retain the current Wide Mode setting as channels and inputs are changed, set 4:3 Default to Off. Display Area Screen Position Normal -1/-2 Displays the picture in its original size. Enlarges the picture to hide the edge of the picture. Using TV Features


Alternate Audio feature is available only for digital programs. If the program you are watching is also available in other languages from the audio tracks, and if that language is what you have selected in the Language setting, your TV will automatically switch to the matching language with the Alternate Audio feature. The Alternate Audio option may be accessed by pressing the OPTIONS button on the remote control when alternate audio stream is available from the broadcaster.

Channel Settings

Cable On Off For receiving cable channels via cable TV provider. For using an antenna.
You should run Auto Program after changing the Cable setting. Auto Program Automatically sets up the channel list on the TV for all receivable channels. Channel scanning will be based on the Cable On/Off setting. 1 Select Auto Program. 2 Select OK to start Auto Program. When Auto Program is completed, the screen will display the number of channels found. 3 Press RETURN to exit the Auto Program.
Running Auto Program will clear Favorites list. If you run Auto Program again, previously scanned channels will be overwritten with the newly scanned channels. Add Digital Channels Select to add digital channels. Be sure to have the Cable option selected appropriately for the signal source. (Useful for antenna installations.) Show/Hide Channels Allows you to show or hide channels when you surf with the CH +/ button or in the TV channel list on the XMB. 1 Press V/v to scroll through the channels until you highlight the channel to show or hide. 2 Press to select Shown or Hidden. To show or hide more channels, repeat steps 1-2.
Hidden channels can be accessed by entering the channel number with 0-9 buttons on the remote control. Edit Channel Labels Assigns labels (such as station call letters) to channel numbers. 1 Press V/v to scroll through the channel numbers. Then press to select the channel number to assign a label. 2 Press V/v to scroll through the label characters (A-Z, 0-9, etc.). Press b to move to the next character. Repeat to add up to 7 characters to the label. Press to set it. To assign labels to more channels, repeat steps 1-2.
Closed Captions (CC) Settings
This option allows you to turn On or Off the Closed Captions (CC) feature. Select this option for the basic analog (EIA-608) closed caption options. CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4 Text1, Text2, Text3, Text4 Displays a printed version of the dialogue or sound effects of a program. (Should be set to CC1 for most programs.) Displays network/station information presented using either half or the whole screen (if available).

CC Display Analog CC

Digital CC Display Options
Select this option for both analog (EIA-608) and digital (EIA-708) closed caption options. Select from CC1-4 and Service 1-6 (advanced digital closed caption options). Customize the Closed Captions (CC) displays with Text, Character Size, Character Style, Character Color, Character Opacity, Edge Type, Edge Color, Background Color and Background Opacity.
Closed Captions (CC) can be turned on and off directly by pressing the CC button on the remote control.

Parental Lock Settings

The Parental Lock feature allows you to block programs according to their content and rating levels and block channels (regardless of the programs). Password is necessary in setting up blocking. To View Blocked Programs
Press ENT when tuned to a blocked program, then enter the password. To reactivate the Parental Lock settings, turn off and on the TV. Password Use 0-9 button on the remote control to enter a four-digit password. The first time the password is created, you must re-enter it again to confirm the password. Password Set message will appear on the screen upon confirmation. Change Password You can change your password by entering the Parental Lock setting with the previously set password, highlight and select the Change Password then enter the new password.
You need your password for any future access into the Parental Lock settings. If you lose your password, see Lost password on page 43. Country Select the country name of U.S.A. or Canada for the appropriate ratings. The rating system varies between these two countries. See Custom Rating System Chart on page 38.


Off Child
Turns off Parental Lock. No programs are blocked from viewing based on their ratings. Maximum ratings permitted are: U.S.: TV-Y, TV-G, G Canada: C, G, TV-Y Maximum ratings permitted are: U.S.: TV-PG, PG Canada: C8+, PG, 8 ans+, TV-PG Maximum ratings permitted are: U.S.: TV-14, PG-13 Canada: 14+, 13 ans+, TV-14 Sets ratings manually. U.S.: See page 38 for details. Canada: See page 38 for details. Using TV Features

Young Adult

If you are not familiar with the parental guideline rating system, you should select Child, Youth, or Young Adult to help simplify the rating selection. To set more specific ratings, select Custom. Digital Rating (Available only in U.S.A. where advanced ratings exist) Off Custom Clear All Turn Digital Rating off. No programs containing digital ratings are blocked from viewing. Select to customize the Parental Lock with downloadable digital ratings. Select to clear the downloaded ratings.

Audio noise

PC Input

No Picture / No Signal

Poor Picture


Wide Mode changes automatically
Suddenly the picture gets smaller Black box on screen
Black bands appear at the edges of the screen
Certain programs on DVD or This is due to the digital compression of the source content used by certain other digital sources display a digital broadcasts and DVDs which may cause your TVs screen to display less loss of detail, especially during detail than usual, or cause artifacts (small blocks or dots, pixelations) to appear fast-motion or dark scenes on your screen. These signal compressions are more visible and are dependent on the clarity and resolution of the television. Remote control does not operate Check the polarity of the batteries or replace the batteries. Point the remote control at the remote control sensor located at the front of the TV. Fluorescent lamps can interfere with your remote control operation; try turning off the fluorescent lamps. Keep the remote control sensor area clear from obstacles. Certain cable companies have limitations on the broadcast of digital cable channels. Check with your cable company for more information. The digital cable channel may be set to Hidden in the Show/Hide Channels setting (see page 35).
Some digital cable channels are not being displayed

Lost password

Select the Password settings on the Parental Lock settings, then enter the following master password: 4357. The master password clears your previous password and allows you to enter a new password (see page 36).
How to reset the TV to factory Turn on the TV. While holding down V on the remote control, press POWER settings on the TV. (The TV will turn itself off, then back on again.) Release V. WARNING: The Reset will clear all of your customized settings including the Parental Lock setting.


Model System Television system
NTSC: American TV standard ATSC (8VSB terrestrial): ATSC compliant 8VSB QAM on cable: ANSI/SCTE (Does not include CableCARD functionality) Analog terrestrial: 2-69 / Digital terrestrial: 2-69 Analog Cable: 1-125 / Digital Cable: 1-135 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel 10 W + 10 W




Channel coverage Panel system Speaker output Input/Output jacks Antenna VIDEO IN 1/2/3
75-ohm external terminal for VHF/UHF S VIDEO (4-pin mini DIN)(VIDEO 1/2 only): Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative / C: 0.286 Vp-p (Burst signal), 75 ohms VIDEO: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative AUDIO: 500 mVrms (100% modulation)/ Impedance: 47 kilohms YPBPR (Component Video): Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative / PB: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms / PR: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms / Signal format: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p AUDIO: 500 mVrms (100% modulation)/ Impedance: 47 kilohms HDMI: Video: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p / Audio: Two channel linear PCM 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz, 16, 20 and 24bits AUDIO (HDMI IN 2 only): 500 mVrms (100% modulation)/ Impedance: 47 kilohms 500 mVrms (100% modulation)/ More than 1 Vrms at the maximum volume setting (Variable)/ More than 500 mVrms (Fixed) D-sub 15-pin, analog RGB, 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms, positive See the PC Input Signal Reference Chart on page 18. Stereo mini jack, 500 mVrms, 1 kilohm Stereo mini jack / Impedance: 16 ohms


Technical specifications

Full description

This is Angle Adjustable Wall Bracket for LCD Plasma. This Flat Wall Mount supports any 32" to 63" flat panel screen and plasma TVs up to 165 lb weight. The slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to a single wood stud, two wood studs, or concrete. Easy to install. Fits most large flat panel plasma and LCD TVs 32-65". Mounting bolts and screws included.



DVD-V5500 LAV54550 Aspire-5680 VGN-FZ31E ROC 1404 50PG20D Motozine ZN5 SA-14 WD-80180N Deluxe PCG-VX71P Classic PCG-V505dc2 FZ7000 DWA-142 MTR101 WF8600NAV XSV Voyage CXT 980 8 0 RX-ES20 ZAN1650 TW200-1998 MHC-RX110AV 12-inch Edition SPA900 IQ500 KW-NX7000 22 LR Samson Scom DV-490V-S Blackberry 7700 DVM850BL XW-HTD630 MCD2661E-M BW409 Multimeter 100 WD XR-C5100R Review HD 372 MG5250 4CM2299-22T 4650N HPI500 XSA-0720S ICD-UX70pink Extreme VPL-CX125 NX-G5 GZ-MG77 L4gbmp410 ICF-C1IP EPL-N1600 MC12AHR Nu0 E 1000 MM-B9 SD206 AUS DVM-1800 HT-C5550 190-2 Model 4073 Cyber 9 Express ADZ625 N1000C QT-6000 Gabbana 1800-614 Watch C330 DVP-NC615 TXL42S10E WF9602SQR TH-37PX70E Corsair RTF CMT-CP2WA NVS-10 FP71G-S Makita 3606 B31322 EDC505E KDL-26U4000 Z5560 DMP-BD10A DGS-3627 Curse H2534Y33 B1342 HP-T4254 Yamaha DD55 WD-481TP Digidelay Compressors RK CB-21M17ML FP567S V2 Pta42 7600 GT Azamerica S806 Servers XD-701


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