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Vidas 4:17am on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 
Worth possessing it..... Compatible writer with fast reading and writing features from the reputed company. Past. But I bought a Samsung drive (Super-WriteMaster SH-S202J) from
Phreek 12:37pm on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
nish81 4:40am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
Seems reliable and does all that it is supposed to do. It is not the fastest drive, particularly on powering up. ease of use - simple to install and operate.
mindz 10:48pm on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 
Value for Money. Bought for a Sony Vaio Netbook. Did not install software that came with it. Just plugged in and worked straight away. Easy to use. Quality product The product arrived and is a nice slim shiny little unit. Very light weight. Just plugged it in.
daliren 5:35am on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 
Samsung External DVD Writer I was disappointed with the quality of this DVD Writer and although it was cheap in price did not come up to expectation. Not the fastest but easy to use A little faster and would should have been 5 stars. Neat, easy to store or carry.
johntherevelator 10:58pm on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
my own is now and Currently, Hewlett Packard launch the author of SATA DVD with the additional techonology which developed only, Lightscribe.

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3-858-958-12 (1)

Video Camera Recorder

Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.




1996 by Sony Corporation
CCD-TR401E/TR402E 3-858-958-12(1).E,R


Welcome !
Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam camcorder. With your Handycam, you can capture lifes precious moments with superior picture and sound quality. Your Handycam is loaded with advanced features, but at the same time it is very easy to use. You will soon be producing home video that you can enjoy for years to come.
Handycam Sony. Handycam . Handycam , . , .


To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.

. . .

A moulded plug complying with BS1363 is fitted to this equipment for your safety and convenience. Should the fuse in the plug supplied need to be replaced, a 5 AMP fuse approved by ASTA or BSI to BS1362 (i.e., marked with 2 or @ mark) must be used. If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure to attach the fuse cover after you change the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station.

Table of Contents

Before You Begin Using This Manual.. 4 Checking Supplied Accessories.. 6 Getting Started Charging and Installing the Battery Pack. 7 Inserting a Cassette.. 11 Basic Operations Camera Recording.. 12 Using the Zoom Feature. 16 Hints for Better Shooting.. 17 Checking the Recorded Picture.. 19 Connections for Playback.. 20 Playing Back a Tape... 22 Advanced Operations Using Alternative Power Sources.. 24 Recording with the Date or Time. 27 Using the PROGRAM AE Function.. 28 Shooting with Backlighting.. 30 Selecting the START/STOP Mode.. 31 Superimposing a Title.. 32 Using the Wide Mode Function CCD-TR402E only... 33 Changing the Mode Settings.. 34 Editing onto Another Tape.. 35 Additional Information Changing the Lithium Battery in the Camcorder... 36 Resetting the Date and Time.. 38 Playback Modes... 39 Tips for Using the Battery Pack.. 40 Maintenance Information and Precautions. 45 Using Your Camcorder Abroad. 50 Trouble Check... 51 Specifications... 57 Identifying the Parts... 59 Warning Indicators.. 67 Index.. back cover
. 4 . 6 . 7 .. 11 . 12 ... 16 .. 17 . 19 . 20 . 22 .. 24 .. 27 PROGRAM AE. 28 .. 30 START/STOP. 31 .. 32 CCD-TR402E. 33 .. 34 . 35 .. 36 .. 38 .. 39 .. 40 .. 45 .. 50 .. 54 . 58 .. 59 .. 67 .

Before You Begin

Using This Manual
The instructions in this manual are for two models listed below. Before you start reading and operating, check your model number by looking at the bottom of your camcorder. The CCD-TR402E is the model used for illustration purposes. Otherwise, the model name is indicated in the illustrations. Any differences in operation are clearly indicated in the text, for example, For CCD-TR402E only. As you read through this manual, buttons and settings on the camcorder are shown in capital letters. e.g. Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. As indicated with in the illustrations, you can hear the beep sound to confirm your operation.

, . (1) . . (2) ., . (3) CHARGE. CHARGE ( ). . , CHARGE. , .


Charging Time
Battery pack NP-33 (supplied) NP-65/67 NP-66H/68 NP-77H/78 NP-90/90D/98 Charging time* 215
NP-33 () 7/5N 6 6P 8HP 6/6 6N 8HP 7/7 7N 80/9 990DN / P
* Approximate minutes to charge an empty
battery pack using the supplied AC power adaptor (Lower temperatures require a longer charging time.)

. ( .)

CCD-TR401E/TR402E 3-858-958-11(1).E,R

Battery Life

Battery pack Typical recording time** 175 Continuous recording time*** 305

** 175 *** 305

NP-33 (supplied) NP-65/67 NP-66H/68 NP-77H/78 NP-90/90D/98
NP-33 ( ) NP-65/67 NP-66H/68 NP-77H/78 NP-90/90D/98
Battery pack Typical recording time** 170 Continuous recording time*** 300

** 170 *** 300

Approximate minutes when recording while you repeat recording start/stop, zooming and turning the power on/off. The actual battery life may be shorter. Approximate continuous recording time indoors. Important! Use the battery completely before recharging! Before you recharge the battery, make sure the battery has been used up (discharged) completely. Repeated charging while some capacity remains causes a lowering of battery capacity. However, the original battery capacity can be recovered if you use the battery completely and charge it fully again. To use up the battery, remove the cassette and turn the POWER switch to CAMERA with the battery attached, and leave the camcorder until the i indicator and the red lamp flash rapidly in the viewfinder.
, / , / . . . ! , , ! , ( ). . , . POWER CAMERA , i .
To Remove the Battery Pack
Slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow.

Getting Started

Notes on charging the battery pack The POWER lamp will remain lit for a while even if the battery pack is removed and the mains lead is unplugged after charging the battery pack. This is normal. If the POWER lamp does not light, set the selector to VTR (DC OUT) and disconnect the mains lead. After about one minute, reconnect the mains lead cord and set the selector to CHARGE again. You cannot operate the camcorder using the AC power adaptor while charging the battery pack.

, 15 . , . SP( ) LP ( ) , LP , SP. LP 8 , , .
Notes on the tape counter The tape counter indicates the recording time. Use it as a guide. There will be a time lag of several seconds from the actual time. To set the counter to zero, press COUNTER RESET. If the tape is recorded in SP and LP modes mixed, the tape counter shows incorrect recording time. When you intend to edit the tape using the tape counter as a guide, record in same (SP or LP) mode. Note on beep sound As indicated with in the illustrations, a beep sounds when you turn the power on or when you start recording and two beeps sound when you stop recording, confirming the operation. Several beeps also sound as a warning of any unusual condition of the camcorder (p. 67). Note that the beep sound is not recorded on the tape. If you do not want to hear the beep sound, set BEEP to OFF (p. 34). Note on the AUTO DATE feature The clock is set to London for the United Kingdom models and Paris for other European models at the factory. You can reset the clock (p. 38). The AUTO DATE feature shows the date automatically once a day. However, the date may automatically appear more than once a day when: you reset the date and time. you eject and insert the tape again. you stop recording within 10 seconds. When moving from indoors to outdoors (or vice versa) Turn STANDBY up and point the camcorder at a white object for about 15 seconds so that the white balance is properly adjusted.
. . . COUNTER RESET. SP LP, . , (SP LP). , , , , , . - (. 67). , . , BEEP OFF (. 34). AUTO DATE - . (. 38). AUTO DATE . , , : . . 10. ( ) STANDBY 15 , .

Basic Operations

Using the Zoom Feature
Zooming is a recording technique that lets you change the size of the subject in the scene. For more professional-looking recordings, use the zoom sparingly. T side: for telephoto (subject appears closer) W side: for wide-angle (subject appears farther away)
, . , , . : ( ) W: ( )

Zooming Speed

Turn the power zoom lever fully for a highspeed zoom. Turn it lightly for a relatively slow zoom. When you shoot a subject using a telephoto zoom If you cannot get a sharp focus while in extreme telephoto zoom, turn the power zoom lever towards the W side until the focus is sharp. You can shoot a subject that is at least about 80 cm (about 2 5/8 feet) away from the lens surface in the telephoto position, or about 1 cm (about 1/2 inch) in the wide-angle position.
, . , , W, , . , 80 , 1 .
Notes on Digital Zoom CCD-TR402E only
You can select 13 x (optical) or 26 x (digital) of zooming. More than 13 x zoom is performed digitally, and the picture quality deteriorates as you go toward the T side. If you do not want to use the digital zoom set the ZOOM function to x13 (p. 34). The right side [a] in the power zoom indicator shows the digital zooming zone, and the left side [b] shows the optical zooming zone. If you set the ZOOM function to x13, the [a] zone disappears.


13 () 26 ( ). , 13, , . , ZOOM 13 (. 34) [a] , [b] . ZOOM 13, [a].
Hints for Better Shooting
For hand-held shots, youll get better results holding the camcorder according to the following suggestions:

, .

Hold the camcorder firmly and secure it with the grip strap so that you can easily manipulate the controls with your thumb. [a] (p. 17) Place your right elbow against your side. Place your left hand under the camcorder to support it. Do not cover the microphone with your fingers. Place your eye firmly against the viewfinder eyecup. Use the viewfinder frame as a guide to determine the horizontal plane. You can also record in a low position to get an interesting recording angle. Turn the viewfinder up for recording from a low position. [b] (p. 17) Place the camcorder on a flat surface or use a tripod Try placing the camcorder on a table top or any other flat surface of suitable height. If you have a tripod for a still camera, you can also use it with the camcorder. When attaching a non-Sony tripod, make sure the tripod screw is shorter than 6.5 mm (9/32 in.). Otherwise, the screw may damage the inner parts of the camcorder. Cautions on the viewfinder Do not pick up the camcorder by the viewfinder. [c] Do not place the camcorder so as to point the viewfinder toward the sun. The inside of the viewfinder may be damaged. Be careful when placing the camcorder under sunlight or by a window. [d]
, . [a] (. 17) . . . . . . . [b] (. 17) . , . , Sony , 6,5. . , . [c] , . . , . [d]
Checking the Recorded Picture
Using EDITSEARCH, you can review the last recorded scene or check the recorded picture in the viewfinder. (1) While pressing the small green button on the POWER switch, slide it to CAMERA. (2) Turn STANDBY up. (3) Press EDITSEARCH. Press the () side momentarily, the last few seconds of the recorded portion plays back (Rec Review). Hold down the side of EDITSEARCH until the camcorder goes back to the scene you want. The last recorded portion is played back. To go forward, hold down the + side (Edit Search).
EDITSEARCH, . (1) POWER, CAMERA. (2) STANDBY . (3) EDITSEARCH. () , ( ). EDITSEARCH , . . + ( ).

To Stop Playback



To Begin Re-recording
Press START/STOP. Re-recording begins from the point you released EDITSEARCH. Provided you do not eject the cassette, the transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene you record will be smooth.

Connections for Playback

Connect the camcorder to your VCR or TV to watch the playback picture on the TV screen. It is recommended to use the mains as the power source (p. 25).

. (. 25).

If a VCR is connected to a TV
Open the jack cover and connect the camcorder to LINE IN on the VCR by using the supplied A/V connecting cable. Set the input selector on the VCR to LINE. Set the TV/VCR selector to VCR on the TV.

: Signal flow/

Connecting Directly to a TV
Open the jack cover and connect the camcorder to your TV by using the supplied A/V connecting cable. Set the TV/VCR selector to VCR on the TV.

, /. TV/VCR VCR .

If Your TV/VCR has a 21-pin Connector (EUROCONNECTOR)
Use the supplied 21-pin adaptor.


21- .
To connect a TV or a VCR without Video/ Audio input jacks Use an RFU adaptor (not supplied).

/ / RFU ( ).

Playing Back a Tape
You can monitor the playback picture in the viewfinder. You can also monitor on the TV screen, after connecting the camcorder to the TV/ VCR (p. 20). You can control playback using the supplied Remote Commander. (1) While pressing the small green button on the POWER switch, slide it to PLAYER. The tape transport buttons light up. (2) Insert the recorded tape with the window facing out. (3) Press (. Playback starts.
. / (. 20). . (1) POWER, PLAYER. . (2) , . (3) (. .
To stop playback, press p. To rewind the tape, press 0. To fast-forward the tape, press ).

p. 0. ).

Using the Remote Commander
You can control playback using the supplied Remote Commander. Before using the Remote Commander, insert the R6 (size AA) batteries. Note on the lens cover The lens cover does not open when the POWER switch is set to PLAYER. Do not open the lens cover manually. It may cause malfunction.

. R6 ( ).

Various Playback Modes
To view a still picture (playback pause) Press P during playback. To resume playback, press P or (. To locate a scene (Picture Search) Keep pressing 0 or ) during playback. To resume normal playback, release the button. To monitor the high-speed picture during fastforward or rewind (Skip Scan) Keep pressing 0 while rewinding or ) while advancing the tape. To resume normal playback, press (. Notes on playback Streaks appear and the sound is muted in the various playback modes. When still picture mode lasts for 5 minutes or more, the camcorder automatically enters stop mode.

( ) P . P (. ( ) 0 ) . . ( ) 0 ) . (. . 5 , .

Advanced Operations

Using Alternative Power Sources
You can choose any of the following power sources for your camcorder: battery pack , the mains, alkaline battery, and 12/24 V car battery. Choose the appropriate power source depending on where you want to use your camcorder. Place Indoors Outdoor Power source Mains Battery pack Accessory to be used Supplied AC power adaptor Battery pack NP-33 (supplied), NP-65/67, NP-66H/68, NP-77H/ 78, NP-90/90D, NP-98 Battery case
: , , 12/24. , . . NP-33 ( ), NP-65/67, NP-66H/68, NP-77H/78, NP-90/90D, NP-98
LR6 (size AA) Sony alkaline battery
In the car 12 V or 24 V Sony DC pack DCP-77 car battery Note on power sources Disconnecting the power source or removing the battery pack during recording or playback may damage the inserted tape. If this happens, restore the power supply again immediately. This mark indicates that this product is a genuine accessory for Sony video products. When purchasing Sony video products, Sony recommends that you purchase accessories with this GENUINE VIDEO ACCESSORIES mark.

Sony LR6 ( AA)

. DCP-77 Sony 12 24
. , . , Sony. Sony, , , GENUINE VIDEO ACCESSORIES.
Utilizacin de fuentes de alimentacin alternativas

Using the Mains

To use the supplied AC power adaptor: (1) Connect the mains lead to the mains. Insert the top of the connecting plate of the AC power adaptor into the top of the battery mounting surface. Push the connecting plate so that it attaches firmly. Make sure that you hear clicks twice. (2) Set the selector to VTR (DC OUT).
.: (1) . . . , , . , . (2) VTR (DC OUT).
Mains lead must only be changed at qualified service shop.
. ., , , . POWER POWER - , , . . POWER ,. . , (. 10).


The set is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is connected to the mains, even if the set itself has been turned off. Notes on the POWER lamp The POWER lamp will remain lit for a while even if the unit is unplugged after use. This is normal. If the POWER lamp does not light, disconnect the power cord. After about one minute, reconnect the mains lead. To remove the adaptor The adaptor is removed in the same way as the battery pack (p. 10).

Using the Battery Case


Selecting the Best Mode

Select the best mode by using the following examples.

, .

Sports mode Outdoor sports scenes such as football, tennis, golf or skiing A landscape in a moving car A High-speed shutter mode A golf swing or a tennis match in fine weather with the ball captured clearly Playing back certain scenes with high-speed movements in clear, sharp picture Twilight mode Recording night views, neon signs or fireworks

, , , ,



Set the mark of the desired mode to the r mark above the PROGRAM AE dial.


Note on shutter speed The shutter speed in each PROGRAM AE mode is as follows: Sports mode between 1/50 to 1/500 High-speed shutter mode 1/4000 Twilight mode 1/50 AUTO mode 1/50
PROGRAM AE : 1/50 1/500 1/4000 1/50 AUTO 1/50
Shooting with Backlighting
When you shoot a subject with the light source behind the subject or a subject with a light background, use BACK LIGHT. Press BACK LIGHT. The c indicator appears inside the viewfinder.
[a] Subject is too dark because of backlight. [b] Subject becomes bright with backlight compensation.

[a] -. [b] .

After Shooting
Press BACK LIGHT again to let the c indicator go out under normal lighting condition. Otherwise, the picture will be too bright under normal lighting condition. This function is also effective under following conditions: On the snow e.g. at the ski resort At the beach under strong sunshine A subject with a light source nearby or a mirror reflecting light A white subject against a white background. Especially when you shoot a person wearing shiny clothes made of silk or synthetic fiber, his or her face tends to become dark if you do not use this function.
BACK LIGHT, c . . : , , , . , , , , , .
Selecting the START/ STOP Mode
Your camcorder has two modes besides normal start/stop mode. These modes enable you to take a series of quick shots resulting in a lively video. (1) Set START/STOP MODE to the desired mode. : Recording starts when you press START/STOP, and stops when you press it again (normal mode). ANTI GROUND SHOOTING : The camcorder records only while you press down START/STOP so that you can avoid recording unnecessary scenes. 5 SEC : When you press START/STOP, the camcorder records for about 5 seconds and then stops automatically. (2) Turn STANDBY up and press START/STOP. Recording starts. If you selected 5 SEC, five dots appear in the viewfinder. The dots disappear at a rate of one per second as illustrated below. When about five seconds elapse and all the dots disappear, the camcorder switches to Standby mode automatically. If you selected , the camcorder records as long as you hold down START/STOP.

. , . .

Battery Pack Care
Removethebatterypackfromthecamcorder afterusingit,andkeepitinacoolplace.When thebatterypackisinstalledtothecamcorder,a smallamountofcurrentflowstothecamcorder even if the POWER switch is set to OFF. This is shortensbatterylife. Thebatterypackisalwaysdischargingeven whenitisnotinuseaftercharging.Therefore, youshouldchargethebatteryrightbefore usingthecamcorder.
. , , , POWER OFF. . , , . .
How to Use the Switch on the Battery Pack
Whentheswitchissuppliedwiththebattery pack( [a]onp.43)youcanuseittofindwhether thebatterypackischargedornot.Settheswitch tothenomarkpositionwhenchargingis completed.Settheswitchtotheredmark positionwhenthebatteryisusedup(orin whicheverdirectionyouwanttoremind yourself).
([a] . 43), , . , . , ( - ).
The Life of the Battery Pack
Ifthebatterylampflashesrapidlyjustafter turningonthecamcordrerwithafullycharged batterypack,thebatterypackshouldbereplaced withanewfullychargedone.

, , .

Charging Temperature
Youshouldchargebatteriesattemperaturesfrom 10Cto30C(from50Fto86F).Lower temperaturesrequirealongerchargingtime.

1030(50F 86F). .

Notes on Charging

A Brand-new Battery

Abrand-newbatterypackisnotcharged.Before usingthebatterypack,chargeitcompletely.

. .

Before Recharging a Used Battery Pack
Makesuretouseupthebatterybefore recharging. Ifrecordingiscompletedbeforethe i indicatorappearsintheviewfinder,youshould removethetape,turnthePOWERswitchto CAMERA, turn STANDBY up, and leave the camcorderuntilthe iindicatorflashes rapidly. Charging the usable battery causes a lowering of battery capacity. Battery capacity can be recovered if you fully discharge and charge the battery again.
, . , i, , POWER CAMERA, STANDBY , i. . , .

After Long Storage

Rechargethebatterypackafteralongperiodof storage.Ifthebattery packischargedfullybut notusedforalongtime(about1year), it becomesdischarged.Chargeitagain,butinthis casethebatterylifewillbeshorterthannormal. Afterseveralcharginganddischargingcycles, thebatterylifewillrecoveritsoriginalcapacity.
. , (1), . , , . , .

Notes on the Terminals

If the terminals (metal parts on the back) are not clean, the battery charge duration will be shortened. When the terminals are not clean or when the battery pack has not been used for a long time, repeatedly install and remove the battery pack a few times. This improves the contact condition. Also, wipe the + and terminals with a soft cloth or paper.

( ) , .

, . . + .

Caution Donotremoveanyotherscrews.Youmay removeonlythescrewtoremovetheeyecup.

- . .


Camcorder Operation

Operatethecamcorderusing6.0V(battery pack),or7.5V(ACpoweradaptor). ForDCorACoperation,useonlythe recommendedaccessories. Should any solid object or liquid fall into the casing, unplug the camcorder and have it checked by your nearest Sony dealer before operating it any further. Avoidroughhandlingormechanicalshock.Be particularlycarefulofthelens. KeepthePOWERswitchsettoOFFwhennot usingthecamera. Donotwrapupthecamcorderandoperateit sinceheatmaybuildupinternally. Keepthecamcorderawayfromstrong magneticfieldsormechanicalvibration.
6,0 ( ) 7,5 ( .). . . . - , Sony . . . POWER OFF, . , . .

On Handling Tapes

Donotinsertanythinginthesmallholesonthe rearofthecassette.Theseholesareusedtosense thetypeoftape,thicknessoftapeandifthe recordingtabisoutorin.

. , .

Camcorder Care
Whenthecamcorderisnottobeusedforalong time,disconnectthepowersourceandremove thecassette.Periodicallyturnonthepower, operatethecameraandplayersectionsand playbackatapeforabout3minutes. Cleanthelenswithasoftbrushtoremovedust. Iftherearefingerprintsonthelens,remove themwithasoftcloth. Cleanthecamcorderbodywithasoftdrycloth, orasoftclothlightlymoistenedwithamild detergentsolution.Donotuseanytypeof solventwhichmaydamagethefinish.
, . , 3. . , . , . , .

AC Power Adaptor

Charging Useonlyforthespecifiedbatterypack.This unitcannotbeusedtochargealithiumiontype battery. Attachthebatterypackfirmly. Placethebatterypackonaflatsurfacewithout vibrationduringcharging.

. . . .

Others Unplugtheunitfromthewall(mains)outlet whennotinuseforalongtime.Todisconnect thecord(mainslead),pullitoutbytheplug. Neverpullthecorditself. Donotoperatetheunitwithadamagedcordor iftheunithasbeendroppedordamaged. DonotbendtheACpowercord(mainslead) forcibly,orputaheavyobjectonit.Thiswill damagethecordandmaycauseafireoran electricalshock. Besurethatnothingmetalliccomesintocontact withthemetalpartsoftheconnectingplate.If thishappens,ashortmayoccurandtheunit maybedamaged. Alwayskeepthemetalcontactsclean. Donotdisassembletheunit. Donotapplymechanicalshockordropthe unit. Whiletheunitisinuse,particularlyduring charging,keepitawayfromAMreceiversand videoequipmentbecauseitwilldisturbAM receptionandvideooperation. Theunitbecomeswarmwhileinuse.Thisis normal. Donotplacetheunitinlocationsthatare: Extremelyhotorcold Dustyordirty Veryhumid Vibrating Thebatterychargerforthiscamcorderis designedtochargeSonyNi-Cdbatteriesand shouldonlybeusedforsuchpurpose,orforthe purposeofchargingbatteriesthatarecompatible therewithandallowittofunctionsafely.This batterychargershouldnotbeusedwithNi-MH batteriesasitmaycauseexcessiverisein temperatureofNi-MHbatteries. Sonydoesnotwarrantthecompatibilityorsafety ofthisbatterychargerforusewithbatteriesother thanSonyNi-Cdbatteries.Beforeusingthis batterychargerforchargingbatteriesotherthan SonyNi-Cdbatteries,confirmationshouldbe obtainedfromthebatterymanufacturesthatsuch batteriesarecompatiblewiththischargerand maybeusedsafelytherewith. Ifanydifficultyshouldarise,unplugtheunitand contactyournearestSonydealer.

( ), . ( ). . , . . ( ) . . , . , . . . . , , , . . . , : - Ni-Cd Sony , , . Ni-MH, Ni-. Sony , Ni-Cd Sony. , - NI-Cd Sony, , . Sony.
Using Your Camcorder Abroad
Eachcountryorareahasitsownelectricityand TVcoloursystems.Beforeusingyourcamcorder abroad,checkthefollowingpoints:

. :

Power Sources
Youcanuseyourcamcorderinanycountryor areawiththesuppliedACpoweradaptorwithin 110 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

. 110 240 ., 50/60.

Difference in Colour Systems
ThiscamcorderisaPALsystem-based camcorder.Ifyouwanttoviewtheplayback pictureonaTV,itmustbeaPALsystem-based TV or a SECAM system-based TV with PALSECAMtranscoder.Checkthefollowing alphabeticallist. PAL system Australia,Austria,Belgium,China,Denmark, Finland,Germany,GreatBritain,Holland,Hong Kong,Italy,Kuwait,Malaysia,NewZealand, Norway,Portugal,Singapore,Spain,Sweden, Switzerland,Thailand,etc. PAL-M system Brazil PAL-N system Argentina,Paraguay,Uruguay NTSC system BahamaIslands,Bolivia,Canada,Central America,Chile,Colombia,Ecuador,Jamaica, Japan,Korea,Mexico,Peru,Surinam,Taiwan,the Philippines,theU.S.A.,Venezuela,etc. SECAM system Bulgaria,CzechRepublic,France,Guyana, Hungary,Iran,Iraq,Monaco,Poland,Russia, SlovakRepublic,Ukraine,etc.
PAL. , PAL SECAM PAL-SECAM. , . PAL , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . PAL-M PAL-N , , NTSC , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . SECAM , , , , , , , , , , , .

Trouble Check

Ifyourunintoanyproblemusingthecamcorder,usethefollowingtabletotroubleshoottheproblem. Shouldthedifficultypersist,disconnectthepowersourceandcontactyourSonydealerorlocal authorizedSonyservicefacility.


Symptom The power is not on. Cause and/or Corrective Actions The battery pack is not attached or not attached firmly. m Attach the battery pack firmly by pushing the lower part of the battery pack. (p. 10) The battery is dead. m Use a charged battery pack. (p. 7) The AC power adaptor is not connected to the mains. m Connect the AC power adaptor to the mains. (p. 25) While being operated in CAMERA mode, the camcorder has been in the Standby mode for more than 5 minutes. m Turn STANDBY down once and turn it up again. (p. 13) The battery is dead. m Use a charged battery pack. (p. 7) The ambient temperature is too low. (p. 40) The battery pack has not been charged fully. m Charge the battery pack again. (p. 7) The battery pack is completely dead, and cannot be recharged. m Use another battery pack. (p. 24)

R6 ( ). R6 ( ). (1) . (2) R6 ( ) . (3) .
Note on battery life The batteries for the Remote Commander last about 6 months under normal operation. When the batteries become weak or dead, the Remote Commander does not work. To avoid damage from possible battery leakage Remove the batteries when you will not use the Remote Commander for a long time.
6 . , . , .
Make sure that the COMMANDER mode is set to ON (p. 34).

, COMMANDER ON (. 34).

Remote Control Direction
Aim the Remote Commander to the remote sensor within the range as shown below.

, .

Notes on the Remote Commander Keep the remote sensor away from strong light sources such as direct sunlight or illumination. Otherwise, the remote control may not be effective. Be sure that there is no obstacle between the remote sensor on the camcorder and the Remote Commander. This camcorder works at commander mode VTR 2. The commander modes (1, 2, and 3) are used to distinguish this camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid remote control misoperation. If you use another Sony VCR at commander mode VTR 2, we recommend you change the commander mode or cover the remote sensor of the VCR with black paper.
, , . . , . VTR 2 ( 2). (1, 2 3) Sony, . Sony VTR 2 ( 2), .
To Watch the Demonstration
You can watch a brief demonstration of pictures with titles. If the demonstration appears when you turn on the camcorder for the first time, exit the Demo mode to use your camcorder. To enter Demo mode (1) Eject the cassette and slide the POWER switch to OFF. (2) Turn STANDBY up. (3) While holding down (, slide the POWER switch to CAMERA. Demonstration starts. The demonstration stops when you insert the cassette. Note that once you enter Demo mode, this mode is retained as long as the lithium battery is in place. Therefore, demonstration starts automatically 10 minutes later every time you slide the POWER switch to CAMERA, or after you eject the cassette. To exit Demo mode (1) Slide the POWER switch to OFF. (2) Turn STANDBY up. (3) While holding down p, slide the POWER switch to CAMERA.
. , , . (1) POWER OFF. (2) STANDBY . (3) ( , POWER CAMERA. . , . , , , . , 10 , POWER CAMERA . (1) POWER OFF. (2) STANDBY . (3) p , POWER CAMERA.

Operation Indicators

The indicators in the display window appear in CAMERA mode only.




1 Power zoom indicator (p. 17) CCD-TR402E only 2 Backlight indicator (p. 30) 3 Warning indicator (p. 67) 4 Lithium battery indicator (p. 36) 5 Recording lamp/battery lamp (p. 12) 6 Recording in LP mode (p. 12) 7 Tape transport mode (p. 12) 8 Tape counter (p. 15) 9 AUTO DATE indicator (p. 12) 0 Remaining battery indicator (p. 40)
1 (.17) CCD-TR402E 2 (. 30) 3 (. 67) 4 (. 36) 5 / (. 12) 6 LP (. 12) 7 (. 12) 8 (. 15) 9 AUTO DATE (. 12) ! (. 40) ! , (. 27, 32) ! (cp. 15) (p. 27) ! (p. 67) ! (p. 40)

! Date, Time or Title (p. 27, 32) ! Tape counter (p. 15) Date or time indicator (p. 27) ! Warning indicator (p. 67) ! Remaining battery indicator (p. 40)

Warning Indicators

All indicators appear only when you use the camcorder in CAMERA mode. If indicators flash in the viewfinder, or a caution lamp on the camcorder flashes, check the following:

, CAMERA. , :

: You can hear the beep sound when BEEP is set

to ON (p. 34). 1 2

BEEP ON (. 34). 3
1 Battery Remaining Slow flashing: The battery is weak. Fast flashing: The battery is dead. 2 The tape is near the end. 3 The tape has run out. 4 No tape has been inserted. 5 The tab on the tape is out (red) (p. 11). 6 Moisture condensation has occurred (p. 45). 6 indicator appears only when the cassette is inserted. 7 The video heads may be contaminated (p. 46). 8 Some other trouble has occurred. Disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local authorized facility. 9 The lithium battery is weak or the lithium battery is not installed (p. 36). This indicator flashes just only after powering on.
1 : . : . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 ( ) (. 11). 6 (. 45). 6 . 7 (. 46). 8 . Sony . 9 (. 36). .
Adjusting viewfinder. 13 AUTO DATE. 12 A/V connecting cable. 20
Editing.. 35 EDITSEARCH. 19 EJECT.. 11
REC MODE.. 34 Rec. Review.. 19 Remote commander. 62 Rewind. 22
BACK LIGHT.. 30 Battery. 26, 63 Battery lamp.. 66 Battery pack.. 7 BEEP.. 15, 34

F, G, H

Fast-forward.. sec. recording.. 31 High-speed shutter mode.. 28
Shoulder strap. 62 Sports mode.. 28 STANDBY. 12 Standby mode. 13 Supplied accessories. 5

I, J, K, L

LANC.. 59 Lithium battery.. 36
Camera recording. 12 Car battery.. 27 Charging battery.. 7 Cleaning video heads. 46 Connection.. 20 COUNTER RESET.. 15

M, N, O, P

MIC (microphone) jack. 60 Playback on TV.. 22 Playback pause.. 23 Power sources. 24 Power zoom.. 16 PROGRAM AE.. 28

T, U, V, W, X, Y

Tape counter.. 15 Title.. 32 Tripod mounting. 18 Trouble check.. 51 Twilight mode. 27 Wide mode.. 33
DATE/TIME. 27 DEMO.. 65 Digital zoom.. 17

Zoom.. 16

. 27 .. 7 .. 66 . 26, 63
. 23 .. 22 .. 62 . 20 ..16 .. 5 . 54 . 19 ..62 5- . 31

.. 22 . 17 . 33

A, B, C
.. 22 MIC ( ).. 60 (DEMO). 65 . 18 .. 12 .. 7
..13 .. 28 . 13 . 28 ..27

LANC.. 59


. 24 . 36 .. 35



.. 32 . 16 . 46

/. 20 ..15

Sony Corporation

Printed in Japan



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