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Sony CCD-TRV65Synergy AK-12008 Sony CCD-TRV65 Camcorder Accessory Kit Includes HI8TAPE Tape/ Media SDM-105 Charger SDNPF570 Battery VID90C Case

Sony - Non-HD

Sony CCD-TRV65 Camcorder Accessory Kit includes the following items: 1) 60 Minutes Hi-8 Video Cassette Tape 2) Mini Battery Charger Kit for Sony NP-F550 - & F970 Batteries - with fold-in wall plug - car & EU adapters 3) NP-F570 Lithium-Ion Battery - Rechargeable Ultra High Capacity (2300 mAh) - replacement for Sony NP-F570 Battery 4) VidPro Vid 90 Water Resistant Camcorder and Digital Camera Case

Brand: Synergy
Part Number: AK-12008
UPC: 876544573313
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Napper 3:35am on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
One of the best pieces of equipment that I have ever purchased has got to be the Sony CCD-TRV65E digital Hi8 video camcorder. One of the best pieces of equipment that I have ever purchased has got to be the Sony CCD-TRV65E digital Hi8 video camcorder.

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(1) While pressing OPEN, open the LCD panel. (2) Adjust the angle of the LCD panel. The LCD panel moves about 90 degrees to this side and about 210 degrees to the other side. To adjust the brightness of the LCD screen, press LCD BRIGHT. + side: to brighten the LCD screen side: to dim the LCD screen
The battery life is longer when the LCD panel is closed. Use the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen to save the battery power.


Backlighting the LCD screen
If the LCD screen is insufficiently illuminated even after adjusting LCD BRIGHT, select LCD B. L. in the menu system and set to BRIGHT. You can select LCD B. L. only while using the battery pack as a power source.
Notes on the LCD panel When closing the LCD panel, turn it vertically until it clicks [a]. When turning the LCD panel, turn it always vertically; otherwise, the camcorder body may be damaged or the LCD panel may not close properly [b]. Close the LCD panel completely when not in use.
Letting the subject monitor the shot (Mirror mode)
You can turn the LCD panel over so that it faces the other way and you can let the subject monitor the shot while shooting with the viewfinder. Turn the LCD panel vertically first until it clicks, then turn it over. The indicator appears on the LCD screen (Mirror mode) and the date and remaining tape indicators disappear.

To cancel mirror mode

Turn the LCD panel back toward the viewfinder. Notes on mirror mode The picture on the LCD looks as a mirror-image while recording in mirror mode. The STBY indicator appears as Pr and REC as r. The other indicators may not appear in mirror mode. While recording in mirror mode, you cannot operate the following buttons: TITLE, DATE, TIME and MENU. The date appears in reverse when the AUTO DATE feature is turned on. When recorded, it will be normal.
Hints for better shooting
For hand-held shots, youll get better results by holding the camcorder according to the following suggestions: Hold the camcorder firmly and secure it with the grip strap so that you can easily manipulate the controls with your thumb.
Place your right elbow against your side. Place your left hand under the camcorder to support it. Be sure to not touch the builtin microphone. Place your eye firmly against the viewfinder eyecup. Use the viewfinder frame as a guide to determine the horizontal plane. You can also record in a low position to get an interesting angle. Lift the viewfinder up for recording from a low position [a]. You can also record in a low position or even in a high position using the LCD panel [b]. When you use the LCD screen outdoors in direct sunlight, the LCD screen may be difficult to see. If this happens, we recommend that you use the viewfinder.

You can also monitor the picture on a TV screen, after connecting the camcorder to a TV or VCR.
To stop playback, press p. To rewind the tape, press 0. To fast-forward the tape rapidly, press ).


When monitoring on the LCD screen
You can turn the LCD panel over and move back to the camcorder with the LCD screen facing out [a]. You can adjust the angle of the LCD screen by turning the LCD screen up to 15 degrees [b].
Using the remote commander
You can control playback using the supplied Remote Commander. Before using the Remote Commander, insert the size AA (R6) batteries. Note on DISPLAY button Press DISPLAY to display the screen indicators on the LCD screen. To erase the indicators, press DISPLAY again. If the POWER switch is set to CAMERA, you can erase the indicator by pressing DISPLAY. Using headphones or an earphone Connect headphones (not supplied) to the 2 jack (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only) or an earphone (not supplied) to the @ jack (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/TRV35/TRV215/TRV315 only). You can adjust the volume using VOLUME. When you use headphones or an earphone, the speaker on the camcorder is silent. To view the playback picture in the viewfinder Close the LCD panel. The viewfinder turns on automatically. When using the viewfinder, you can monitor sound only by using headphones or an earphone. To view on the LCD screen again, open the LCD panel. The viewfinder turns off automatically. Note on the lens cover The lens cover does not open when the POWER switch is set to VTR/PLAYER. Do not open the lens cover manually. It may cause malfunction.
Playing back a tape Various playback modes
You can enjoy clear pictures on the LCD screen during still, slow and picture search. (Crystal-clear still/slow/picture search)
To view a still picture (playback pause)
Press P during playback. To resume playback, press P or (.
To locate a scene (picture search)
Keep pressing 0 or ) during playback. To resume normal playback, release the button.
To monitor the high-speed picture while advancing the tape or rewinding (skip scan)
Keep pressing 0 while rewinding or ) while advancing the tape. To resume normal playback, press (.
To view the picture at 1/5 speed (slow playback)
Press & on the Remote Commander during playback. To resume normal playback, press (. If slow playback lasts for about 1 minute, it shifts to normal speed automatically.
To select the playback sound
CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only Change the HiFi SOUND mode setting in the menu system. Notes on playback Noise may appear when you use the crystal-clear still/slow/picture search function to play back the tape recorded in LP mode. Streaks appear and the sound is muted in the various playback modes. When playback pause mode lasts for 5 minutes, the camcorder automatically enters stop mode. Horizontal noise appears at the center or top and bottom of the screen when you play back a tape in reverse. This is normal. You can play back the tapes recorded in the Hi8 video system on the standard 8 mm camcorder (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/TRV35/TRV215/TRV315 only).

Searching for the end of the picture
You can go to the end of the recorded portion after you record and play back the tape to make the transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene smooth. The tape starts rewinding or fast-forwarding and the last 5 seconds (10 seconds in LP mode) of the recorded portion play back. Then the tape stops at the end of the recorded picture (End Search). Note that the End Search function does not work once you eject the cassette after you have recorded on the tape.
(1) While pressing OPEN, open the LCD panel. (2) Press END SEARCH.
This function works when the POWER switch is set to either CAMERA or VTR/ PLAYER.


If you start recording after using END SEARCH Occasionally, the transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene may not be smooth.
Using alternative power sources
You can choose any of the following power sources for your camcorder: battery pack, house current, alkaline batteries (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/TRV35/TRV65 only) and 12/24 V car battery. Choose the appropriate power source depending on where you want to use your camcorder.
Place Indoors Outdoors Power source House current Battery pack Accessory to be used Supplied AC power adaptor Battery pack NP-F330 (supplied), NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F730, NP-F730H, NP-F750, NP-F930, NP-F950 Supplied battery case (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/ TRV35/TRV65 only) Sony car battery charger DC-V515A
Size AA (LR6) Alkaline battery In the car 12 V or 24 V car battery
Notes on power sources Disconnecting the power source or removing the battery pack during recording or playback may damage the inserted tape. The DC IN jack has power source priority. This means that the battery pack cannot supply any power if the power cord is connected to the DC IN jack, even when the power cord is not plugged into a wall outlet.

Using the house current

(1) Open the DC IN jack cover, and connect the AC power adaptor to the DC IN jack on the camcorder. (2) Connect the power cord to the AC power adaptor. (3) Connect the power cord to a wall outlet.
WARNING The power cord must only be changed at a qualified service shop. PRECAUTION The set is not disconnected from the AC power source (house current) as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if the set itself has been turned off. Note Keep the AC power adaptor away from the camcorder if the picture is disturbed.
Using alternative power sources Using alkaline batteries
CCD-TRV15/TRV25/TRV35/TRV65 only
Use the battery case (supplied) and six size AA (LR6) Sony Alkaline batteries (not supplied).
(1) Remove the battery holder from the battery case. (2) Insert six new alkaline batteries into the battery holder, following the marking on the holder to be sure the batteries are installed in the correct direction. (3) Insert the battery holder with the alkaline batteries. (4) Insert the battery case with the alkaline batteries to the battery mounting surface of the camcorder in the same way as the battery pack.








Note on the menu display Depending on the model of your camcorder, the menu display may be different from that in this illustration.
Notes on changing the mode setting Menu items differ depending on the setting of the POWER switch to VTR/PLAYER or CAMERA. When you let the subject monitor the shot (mirror mode), the menu display does not appear.
Selecting the mode setting of each item
Items for both CAMERA and VTR/PLAYER modes
LCD B. L.* <BRT NORMAL/BRIGHT> Normally select BRT NORMAL. Select BRIGHT when the LCD screen is dark. When you select BRIGHT, battery life is about 10 percent shorter during recording. When you use the power sources other than the battery pack, BRIGHT is automatically selected, and LCD B.L. is not displayed in the menu. LCD COLOR* Select this item to adjust the color on the LCD screen. REC MODE* <SP/LP> Select SP when recording in SP (standard play) mode. Select LP when recording in LP (long play) mode. When a tape recorded on this camcorder in LP mode is played back on other types of 8mm camcorders or VCRs, the playback quality may not be as good as that on this camcorder. In PLAYER mode, this item is not displayed in the menu (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/ TRV35/TRV215/TRV315 only). REMAIN* <AUTO/ON> Select AUTO when you want to display the remaining tape bar for about 8 seconds after the camcorder is turned on and calculates the remainder of the tape. for about 8 seconds after a cassette is inserted and the camcorder calculates the remainder of the tape. for about 8 seconds after ( is pressed in VTR/PLAYER mode. for about 8 seconds after DISPLAY is pressed to display the screen indicators. for the period of tape rewinding, forwarding or picture search in VTR/PLAYER mode. Select ON to always display the remaining tape indicator. AUTO TV ON* <ON/OFF> (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/TRV315/TRV615 only) You can use this feature only with Sony TVs. Select ON to turn on the TV automatically when using the LASER LINK function. Select OFF not to turn on the TV. TV INPUT* <VIDEO1/VIDEO2/VIDEO3/OFF> (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/TRV315/TRV615 only) Select 1 or 2 or 3 of the video input on the TV which the IR receiver (not supplied) is connected to when using the LASER LINK function. LTR SIZE* <NORMAL/2x> Normally select NORMAL. Select 2x to display selected menu item by twice size of normal.

BEEP* <ON/OFF> Select ON so that beeps sound when you start/stop recording, etc. Select OFF when you do not want to hear the beep sound. COMMANDER <ON/OFF> Select ON when using the supplied Remote Commander for the camcorder. Select OFF when not using the Remote Commander. DISPLAY* <LCD or V-OUT/LCD> Normally select LCD. The display appears on the LCD screen. Select V-OUT/LCD to show the display both on the TV screen and LCD screen. INDICATOR* <BL ON/BL OFF> (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only) Select BL ON to light up the display window. Select BL OFF to turn off the back light of display window. When you use the AC power adaptor as a power source, this item is not displayed in the menu.
Items for CAMERA mode only
D ZOOM* <ON/OFF> Select ON to activate digital zooming. Select OFF to not use the digital zoom. The camcorder goes back to 16x (CCD-TRV15/TRV25/TRV215) or 18x (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/TRV315/TRV615) zoom. 16:9WIDE* <OFF/CINEMA/16:9FULL> Normally select OFF. Select CINEMA to record in CINEMA mode. Select 16:9FULL to record in 16:9FULL mode. STEADYSHOT* <ON/OFF> (CCD-TRV25/TRV35/TRV65/TRV215/TRV315/TRV615 only) Normally select ON. Select OFF to release the Steady Shot function. N.S.LIGHT* <ON/OFF> (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/TRV315/TRV615 only) Normally select ON. Select OFF to not use the NightShot Light function. WIND <ON/OFF> (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only) Select ON to reduce wind noise when recording in strong wind. Normally select OFF.
ORC TO SET* Select this item to automatically adjust the recording condition to get the best possible recording. If you have already performed this function, ORC ON is displayed. CLOCK SET* Reset the date or time. AUTO DATE* <ON/OFF> Select ON to record the date for 10 seconds after recording has started. Select OFF to not record the date. DEMO MODE* <ON/OFF> Select ON to make the demonstration appear. Select OFF to deactivate the demonstration mode. Notes on DEMO MODE DEMO MODE is set to STBY (Standby) at the factory and the demonstration starts about 10 minutes after you set the POWER switch to CAMERA without inserting a cassette. Note that you cannot select STBY of DEMO MODE in the menu system. You cannot select DEMO MODE when a cassette is inserted in the camcorder. If you insert a cassette during the demonstration, the demonstration stops. You can start recording as usual. DEMO MODE automatically returns to STBY. When NIGHTSHOT is set to ON, NIGHTSHOT appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen and you cannot select DEMO MODE (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/ TRV315/TRV615 only). To look at the demonstration at once Eject the cassette, if inserted. Select ON of DEMO MODE and erase the menu display. The demonstration will begin. When you turn off the camcorder once, DEMO MODE automatically returns to STBY. WORLD TIME* Select this item to set the clock by a time difference. REC LAMP* <ON/OFF> Select OFF when you do not want the camera recording/battery lamp at the front of the unit to light up. Normally select ON.

Enjoying picture effect Using picture effect function
(1) Press PICTURE EFFECT. (2) Turn the control dial to select the desired picture effect mode.


To turn off picture effect
Press PICTURE EFFECT. The indicator in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen goes out. Note on the picture effect When you turn the power off, the camcorder returns automatically to normal mode.

Adjusting the exposure

When to adjust the exposure
Adjust the exposure manually under the following cases.

[a] [b]

[a] The background is too bright (back lighting) Insufficient light: most of the picture is dark [b] Bright subject and dark background To record the darkness faithfully
(1) Press EXPOSURE. (2) Turn the control dial to adjust the brightness.


To return to automatic exposure mode

Press EXPOSURE again.

Shooting with the sun behind you If the light source is behind your subject, or in the following situations, the subject will be recorded too dark. The subject is indoors and there is a window behind the subject. Bright light sources are included in the scene. When shooting a person wearing white or shiny clothes in front of a white background, the face will be recorded too dark. Shooting in the dark We recommend you to use a video light (not supplied). To get the best color, you must maintain a sufficient light level. When you adjust the exposure manually BACK LIGHT does not work. If you change the PROGRAM AE mode, the camcorder automatically returns to automatic exposure mode.

Superimposing a title

You can select one of eight preset titles and two custom titles. You can also select the language, color, size and position of titles.

Superimposing titles

(1) Press TITLE to display the title menu. , then press the dial. (2) Turn the control dial to select (3) Turn the control dial to select the desired title, then press the dial. The titles are displayed in the language you selected. (4) Turn the control dial to select the color, size, or position, then press the dial. (5) Turn the control dial to select the desired item, then press the dial. (6) Repeat step 4 and 5 until the title is arranged as desired. (7) Press control dial again to complete the setting. (8) When you want to stop recording the title, press TITLE.

Before editing

Connect the camcorder to the VCR using the supplied A/V connecting cable. Set the input selector on the VCR to LINE, if available. Set EDIT to ON in the menu system (p. 29).

Starting editing

Turn down the volume of the camcorder while editing. Otherwise, picture distortion may occur.
(1) Insert a blank tape (or a tape you want to record over) into the VCR, and insert your recorded tape into the camcorder. (2) Play back the recorded tape on the camcorder until you locate the point just before where you want to start editing, then press P to set the camcorder in playback pause mode. (3) On the VCR, locate the recording start point and set the VCR in recording pause mode. (4) First press P on the camcorder, and after a few seconds press P on the VCR to start editing.

To edit more scenes

Repeat steps 2 to 4.
To superimpose the title while you are editing
You can superimpose the title while you are editing. Refer to Superimposing a title (p. 48).

To stop editing

Press p on both the camcorder and the VCR. Note on Fine Synchro Edit If you connect a video deck that has the Fine Synchro Edit feature to the LANC l jack of the camcorder, using a LANC cable (not supplied), the edit will be even more precise.
Recording from a VCR or TV

CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only

You can record a tape from another VCR or a TV program from a TV that has video/ audio outputs. Connect the camcorder to the VCR or TV using the supplied A/V cable. Turn down the volume of the camcorder while editing. Otherwise, picture distortion may occur.
(1) While pressing the small green button on the POWER switch, set it to VTR. (2) Set DISPLAY to LCD in the menu system. Then press r REC and the button on the right together on the camcorder at the point where you want to start recording.
In recording and recording pause mode, S video and VIDEO/AUDIO jacks automatically work as input jacks.


VCR [a] [b] AUDIO
: Signal flow If your VCR or TV has an S video jack, connect using the S video cable (not supplied) [a] to obtain a high quality picture. If your VCR or TV is a monaural type, connect only the white plug for audio on both the camcorder and the VCR or TV. If your VCR or TV does not have an S VIDEO OUT jack, connect cable [b]. Do not connect the S video cable (not supplied) [a] to the camcorder. To stop recording Press p. Note on recording You cannot record a picture that has a copyright control signal for copyright protection of software. COPY INHIBIT appears if you try to record such a picture.

What is video 8

/video Hi8
XR, that is an abbreviation of Extended Resolution, represents the new type of 8 mm camcorder that has the property to realize more quality picture compared with the conventional camcorders including the Hi8 models. You can record and play back pictures more clearly in detail with the XR camcorder. Video tape recorded by a camcorder having the XR function shows excellent picture quality at maximum when it is played back by the XR camcorder. When video tape recorded by this XR camcorder is played back by a conventional 8/ Hi8 camcorder or when video tape recorded by a conventional 8/Hi8 camcorder is played back by this XR camcorder, the playback picture quality is in the normal quality of the 8/Hi8 camcorder.

When you play back

The playback mode (SP/LP) and system (Hi8/standard 8 mm) are selected automatically according to the format in which the tape has been recorded. The quality of the recorded picture in LP mode, however, will not be as good as that in SP mode.

Note on AFM HiFi stereo

CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only When you play back a tape, the sound will be in monaural if: You record the tape using this camcorder, then play it back on an AFM HiFi monaural video recorder/player. You record the tape on an AFM HiFi monaural video recorder, then play it back on this camcorder.

Foreign 8 mm video

Because the TV color systems differ from country to country, you may not be able to play back foreign pre-recorded tapes. Refer to the list of Using your camcorder abroad to check the TV color system of foreign countries.
Tips for using the battery pack
This section shows you how you can get the most out of your battery pack.
Preparing the battery pack
Always carry additional batteries
Have sufficient battery pack power to do 2 to 3 times as much recording as you have planned.
Battery life is shorter in a cold environment
Battery efficiency is decreased, and the battery will be used up more quickly, if you are recording in a cold environment.

To save battery power

Turn STANDBY down when not recording to save battery power. A smooth transition between scenes can be made even if recording is stopped and started again. While you are positioning the subject, selecting an angle, or looking through the viewfinder lens or on the LCD screen, the lens moves automatically and the battery is used. The battery is also used when a tape is inserted or removed.
When to replace the battery pack
While you are using your camcorder, the remaining battery indicator decreases gradually as battery power is used up. Remaining time in minutes appears.

If this happens, clean the video heads with the Sony V8-25CLH/V8-25CLD cleaning cassette (not supplied). After checking the picture, if it is still noisy, repeat the cleaning. (Do not repeat cleaning more than 5 times in one session.)
Do not use a commercially available wet-type cleaning cassette. It may damage the video heads. Note If the Sony V8-25CLH/V8-25CLD cleaning cassette is not available in your area, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Maintenance information and precautions Removing dust from inside the viewfinder
(1) Remove the screw with a screwdriver (not supplied). Then, while sliding the RELEASE knob, turn the eyecup in the direction of the arrow and pull it out. (2) Clean the surface with a commercially available blower.

To reattach the eyecup

(1) Align the groove on the eyecup with the mark on the barrel. (2) Turn the eyecup in the direction of the arrow. Then replace the screw.
Caution Do not remove any other screws. You may remove only the screw to remove the eyecup.
Maintenance information and precautions Precautions

Camcorder operation

Operate the camcorder on 7.2 V (battery pack) or 8.4 V (AC power adaptor). For DC or AC operation, use the accessories recommended in this manual. Should any solid object or liquid get inside the casing, unplug the camcorder and have it checked by a Sony dealer before operating it any further. Avoid rough handling or mechanical shock. Be particularly careful of the lens. Keep the POWER switch setting to OFF when not using the camcorder. Do not wrap up the camcorder and operate it since heat may build up internally. Keep the camcorder away from strong magnetic fields or mechanical vibration. Do not push the LCD screen. If the camcorder is used in a cold place, a residual image may appear on the LCD screen. This is not a malfunction. While using the camcorder, the back of the LCD screen may heat up. This is not a malfunction.

On handling tapes

Do not insert anything in the small holes on the rear of the cassette. These holes are used to sense the type of tape, thickness of tape and if the recording tab is in or out.

Camcorder care

When the camcorder is not to be used for a long time, remove the tape. Periodically turn on the power, operate the camera and player sections and play back a tape for about 3 minutes. If fingerprints or debris make the LCD screen dirty, we recommend using a LCD Cleaning Kit (not supplied) to clean the LCD screen. Clean the lens with a soft brush to remove dust. If there are fingerprints on it, remove them with a soft cloth. Clean the camcorder body with a dry soft cloth, or a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of solvent which may damage the finish. Do not let sand get into the camcorder. When you use the camcorder on a sandy beach or in a dusty place, protect it from the sand or dust. Sand or dust may cause the unit to malfunction, and sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired.

AC power adaptor

Unplug the unit from the wall outlet when not in use for a long time. To disconnect the power cord, pull it out by the plug. Never pull the power cord itself. Do not operate the unit with a damaged cord or if the unit has been dropped or damaged. Do not bend the power cord forcibly, or put a heavy object on it. This will damage the cord and may cause a fire or electrical shock. Be sure that nothing metallic comes into contact with the metal parts of the connecting plate. If this happens, a short may occur and the unit may be damaged. Always keep the metal contacts clean. Do not disassemble the unit. Do not apply mechanical shock or drop the unit. While the unit is in use, particularly during charging, keep it away from AM receivers and video equipment because it will disturb AM reception and video operation. The unit becomes warm while in use. This is normal. Do not place the unit in locations that are: Extremely hot or cold Dusty or dirty Very humid Vibrating

Notes on dry batteries

To avoid possible damage from battery leakage or corrosion, observe the following. Be sure to insert the batteries in the correct direction. Dry batteries are not rechargeable. Do not use a combination of new and old batteries. Do not use different types of batteries. The batteries slowly discharge while not in use. Do not use a battery that is leaking. If battery leakage occurred Wipe off the liquid in the battery case carefully before replacing the batteries. If you touch the liquid, wash it off with water. If the liquid get into your eyes, wash your eyes with a lot of water and then consult a doctor. If any difficulty should arise, unplug the unit and contact your nearest Sony dealer.
Using your camcorder abroad
Each country or area has its own electric and TV color systems. Before using your camcorder abroad, check the following points.

Power sources

You can use your camcorder in any country or area with the supplied AC power adaptor within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Use a commercially available AC plug adaptor [a], if necessary, depending on the design of the wall outlet [b]. AC-L10A/L10B/L10C

Difference in color systems
This camcorder is an NTSC system based camcorder. If you want to view the playback picture on a TV, it must be an NTSC system based TV. Check the following list. NTSC system Bahama Islands, Bolivia, Canada, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Surinam, Taiwan, the Philippines, the U.S.A., Venezuela, etc. PAL system Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, etc. PAL-M system Brazil PAL-N system Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay SECAM system Bulgaria, France, Guyana, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Monaco, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

Trouble check

If you run into any problem using the camcorder, use the following table to troubleshoot the problem. Should the difficulty persist, disconnect the power source and contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.


Symptom Cause and/or Corrective Actions The battery pack is not installed. m Install the battery pack. (p. 7) The battery is dead. m Use a charged battery pack. (p. 8) The AC power adaptor is not connected to a wall outlet. m Connect the AC power adaptor to a wall outlet. (p. 26) The power goes off. While being operated in CAMERA mode, the camcorder has been in Standby mode for more than 5 minutes. m Turn STANDBY down once and then up again. (p. 13) The battery is dead. m Use a charged battery pack. (p. 8) The camcorder does not operate when using a battery The battery pack is quickly discharged. pack that is not an InfoLITHIUM battery pack. m Use an InfoLITHIUM battery pack. (p. 66) The ambient temperature is too low. (p. 64) The battery pack has not been charged fully. m Charge the battery pack again. (p. 8) The battery pack is completely dead, and cannot be recharged. m Use another battery pack. (p. 65) While charging the battery pack, no The AC power adaptor is disconnected. indicator appears or the indicator m Connect it firmly. flashes in the display window. Something is wrong with the battery pack. m Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. The camcorder is working with the AC power adaptor. The camcorder turns on/off when using the accessory which is attached m Use the battery pack.

The power is not on. to the intelligent accessory shoe. (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only)


START/STOP does not operate.
Cause and/or Corrective Actions The tape is stuck to the drum. m Eject the tape. (p. 12) The tape has run out. m Rewind the tape or use a new one. (p. 22) The POWER switch is set to VTR/PLAYER. m Set it to CAMERA. (p. 13) The tab on the cassette is out (red). m Use a new tape or slide the tab. (p. 12) (to be continued)
Symptom Cause and/or Corrective Actions The START/STOP MODE switch is set to 5SEC or. (p. 16) m Set it to The cassette cannot be removed from The battery is dead. the holder. m Use a charged battery pack or the AC power adaptor. (p. 8, 26) { and 6 indicators flash and no Moisture condensation has occurred. function except for cassette ejection m Remove the cassette and leave the camcorder for at least works. 1 hour. (p. 67) The date or time indicator is flashing. You pressed DATE and TIME together for more than 2 seconds. m The camcorder is not malfunctioning. You may start recording. Flashing will stop soon. The lithium battery is weak or dead. m Replace the lithium battery with a new one. (p. 59) The tape does not move when a The POWER switch is set to CAMERA or OFF. video control button is pressed. m Set it to VTR/PLAYER. The tape has run out. m Rewind the tape or use a new one. (p. 22) STEADYSHOT is set to OFF. The Steady Shot function does not activate. (CCD-TRV25/TRV35/ m Set it to ON. (p. 53) TRV65/TRV215/TRV315/TRV615 The Steady Shot function does not work when the wide only) mode is set to 16:9 FULL. The autofocusing function does not FOCUS is set to MANUAL. work. (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/ m Set it to AUTO. (p. 43) TRV315/TRV615 only) Shooting conditions are not suitable for autofocus. m Set FOCUS to MANUAL to focus manually. (p. 43) The START/STOP MODE switch is set to 5SEC or. The fader function does not work. (CCD-TRV35/TRV65/TRV315/ m Set it to. (p. 16)
Recording stops in a few seconds. TRV615 only) No sound or only a low sound is heard when playing back a tape. (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only) Excessive high-pitched sound is heard. (CCD-TRV65/TRV615 only) The date or time indicator disappears.
The stereo tape is played back with HiFi SOUND set to 1 or 2 in the menu system. m Set to STEREO in the menu system. (p. 33) The picture has been recorded with WIND set to ON in the menu system. m When there is no wind, set it to OFF. (p. 31) Reset the date and time. (p. 61)


The image on the viewfinder screen is not clear.
Cause and/or Corrective Actions The viewfinder lens is not adjusted. m Adjust the viewfinder lens. (p. 14)
A vertical band appears when a subject such as lights or a candle flame is shot against a dark background. A vertical band appears when shooting a very bright subject. The playback picture is not clear. The picture is noisy.



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