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loaderror 7:43am on Sunday, October 17th, 2010 
HTC HD, no doubt came to fight with the iPhone, modern finishes, all tasks have to be considered as a latest generation of mobile and tip.
yachtfb 1:21pm on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
When my HTC S370 gave up the ghost after just 12 months, I needed a new smartphone. I use rosseta task mgr to get around the prob...  large screens and all few hardware buttons
smokerss0 3:17am on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 
When my HTC S370 gave up the ghost after just...  Cosmetically pleasing Poor quality construction
dexterp 11:40am on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 
Having read the reviews - is there a problem buying the HTC Touch HD outright from Telstra and using it on other networks ?????
sancho 4:23pm on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 
this phne is not unlocked because i tried to put my cincinnati bell sim into it and it didnt wrk!!!!!!!! The product was exactly as described, it was value priced and arrived promptly.
cicade 7:57pm on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
overall the best phone money can buy to me, thats y i bought it, hehe, no shameless me.... screen, resolution. love it n have it everything none Upgrading from an 08 Cruise , this is really excellant, Cruise was sluggish, buggy and poor network coverage (inspite of ROM upgrades).
ESPadmin 5:18pm on Thursday, April 1st, 2010 
I have been using this phone for 3 month. Its function is user friendly. Extremely easy to use from day one.

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Unlock Desbloqueo Ls upp Destranque

Tab Lengeta Flik Patilha

10 discs, one in each tray 10 discos, uno en cada bandeja 10 CD-skivor, med en CD-skiva i varje skivfack 10 discos, um em cada tabuleiro
Anvnd medfljande skivmagasin eller skivmagasinet XA-250. Skivmagasinet XA-10B kan anvndas med denna enhet. Anvnd inget annat magasin, eftersom det kan orsaka fel. Utilize o carregador de discos fornecido ou o carregador XA-250. No pode utilizar o carregador de discos XA-10B com este aparelho. Se utilizar outro carregador qualquer pode provocar uma avaria.
Use the supplied disc magazine or the disc magazine XA-250. The disc magazine XA-10B can not be used with this unit. If you use any other magazine, it may cause a malfunction. Emplee el cargador de discos suministrado o el XA-250. El cargador de discos XA-10B no puede utilizarse con esta unidad. Si emplea otro tipo de cargador, puede producir fallos de funcionamiento.
Release, and slide open. Suelte y deslice para abrir. Lossa och skjut t sidan. Solte e abra.
Disc magazine Cargador de discos Skivmagasin Carregador de discos
To remove Extraccin Urtagning Para retirar
If the disc magazine does not lock properly Take out the magazine, and after pressing the EJECT button, reinsert it. Si el cargador de discos no encaja adecuadamente. Extraiga el cargador y, despus de presionar el botn EJECT, vuelva a insertarlo. Nr skivmagasinet inte kommer p plats ordentligt Ta ut skivmagasinet. Tryck drefter p EJECT och stt i det igen. Se o carregador de discos no fechar bem Retire o carregador, carregue na tecla EJECT e volte a introduzi-lo. EJECT
Use the unit with the door closed Otherwise, foreign matter may enter the unit and contaminate the lenses inside the changer. Emplee la unidad con la puerta cerrada. De lo contrario podran entrar objetos extraos y contaminar las lentes del interior del cambiador. Kom ihg att stnga locket till skivmagasinsfacket Fr att frhindra frmmande freml frn att trnga in i CD-vxlare och smutsa ned de inbyggda linserna. Utilize o aparelho com a porta fechada Caso contrrio, objectos estranhos podero penetrar no aparelho e sujar as lentes no interior do permutador.
Notes on the disc magazine
Do not leave the disc magazine in locations with high temperatures and high humidity such as on a car dashboard or in the rear window where the disc magazine will be subjected to direct sunlight. Do not place more than one disc at a time onto one tray, otherwise the changer and the discs may be damaged. Do not drop the disc magazine or subject it to a violent shock.

Connections/Conexiones/ Anslutningar/Ligaes
For details, refer to the Installation/ Connections manual of each product. Vi hnvisar till hftena ver montering/ anslutningarna som levereras med bilstereon och de andra ljudkllorna. Para maiores detalhes, consulte o manual de instalao/lingao de cada produto.
Con respecto a los detalles, consulte el manual de instalacin/conexiones de cada producto.
Connection diagram/Diagrama de conexin/Kopplingsdiagram/ Diagrama de ligao
Sony BUS compatible car audio Sistema de audio de automvil compatible con BUS Sony Sonys bilstereo kompatibel med Sonys verfringssystem BUS

How to install the unit

Horizontal installation
Forma de instalar la unidad

Instalacin horizontal

Liggande i horisontellt lge

Como instalar o aparelho

Instalao horizontal
Auto-estreo compativel com o sistema Sony BUS


Align with the marked position. Alinee en la posicin marcada. Anpassa till det markerade lget. Alinhe com o ponto marcado.



3.5 mm

Vertical installation

Instalacin vertical

Stende i vertikalt lge

Instalao vertical

Align with the marked position.


Alinee en la posicin marcada. Anpassa till det markerade lget. Alinhe com o ponto marcado.

CDX-616 CDX-2 1

3.5 mm Notes Because the CDX-616/CDX-600 does not have the custom file function, even if it is connected to a master unit with the custom file function, the function will not be available. But if multiple changers are connected, and one of them has the custom file function, this unit will also be able to use the function. For connecting two or more changers, the XA-C30 source selector (optional) is necessary. Notas Como el CDX-616/CDX-600 no posee la funcin de archivo personalizado, aunque se conecte a una unidad principal con dicha funcin, sta no estar disponible. Pero si ha conectado mltiples cambiadores y uno de ellos posee la funcin de archivo personalizado, est unidad tambin podr emplear dicha funcin. Si desea conectar dos o ms cambiadores, es preciso utilizar un selector de fuente XA-C30 (opcional).

Suspended installation

When the unit is to be installed under the rear tray etc. in the trunk compartment, make sure the following provisions are made. Choose the mounting location carefully so the unit can be installed horizontally. Make sure the unit does not hinder the movement of the torsion bar spring etc. of the trunk lid.


Sony CDX-GT310 Wiring Harness



Wire Color


What I Think It Is

+12V (Battery) Not Used Not Used Not Used


Grey / Black Purple / Black Green / Black White / Black Black Red Blue Blue / White Grey Purple Green White
Right Front / Right Rear / Left Rear / Left Front / Ground +12V (Ignition) Power Antenna Amplifier In Right Front / + Right Rear / + Left Rear / + Left Front / Not connected Not Connected Spliced to vehicle's ground wire

GMDA Wiring Harness

Green Green / Black Purple Purple / Black White / Black White Grey / Black Grey Black
Left Rear / + Left Rear / Right Rear / + Right Rear / Left Front / Left Front / + Right Front / Right Front / + Ground Not Used

Orange Blue Red Yellow

Dimmer Power Antenna Turn On +12V (Ignition) +12V (Battery)
Not Connected (no equivalent on HU) Not Connected (no power antenna on vehicle)
On the vehicle's mating adaptor, the top left section does have a number of wires. I've got no clue what these might be or whether they might be the cause of my problems. See below.
Vehicle's In-Dash Wiring Harness
Black Blue Brown Brown Blue Tan Green Green Black Brown Grey Orange Dark Green Orange Dark Green Dark Green
Left Rear / + Left Rear / Right Rear / + Right Rear / Left Front / Left Front / + Right Front / Right Front / + Ground ?????? Dimmer Power Antenna Turn On +12V (Ignition) +12V (Battery) ?????? ?????? Not Used
Blue Black / White Purple

?????? ?????? ??????

Top Row In Diagram Above
Bottom Row In Diagram Above



Gps-300WE Ii 60 Mcd139-37B DMC-FZ18 RX-V496RDS Nngd377 Winoncd 9 AZ3830 GC4422 CHM-S630 CS92S MEX-1HD SR-L36NEB LV481 Sidekick 3 WF8604NGW Wireless 300W101 KX-T7020E HDR-FX1000 CD-writer 9100 Devil Saga F45FD KDC-135 CDI-100 Mp3 Garmin C510 654123 VSX-45TX 32LG5600 AEU 931BF KV-20M20 WRT54GP2a-AT DB315 Eagle 35 MCD11E3B DSC-HX5V TH-37PV60E M45-S2693 VP-L870 171-25445 Nuvis 300 DP522 L1045EL AVH-P3200BT CMP4121HDE SGH-C170 B3900 Reference VPL-CX120 Laminadora DJ-G7 VL-E78E PL42A450p1 M1710A FZ35S5M TL210 BDV-IS1000 C SL-P720 Point 1600 BD-HP20U TH-S3 CQ-R115L GZ400 EMP-TW600 PC-106 WP3811 St II SC-AK48 CD 560 SRM7500 10 Minolta 7272 Nokia E63 Recorder SA-HT930 Decathlon DC9 CDX-397MK2 RUE-4202 SE5000 Rings PRO HS 360PX Microwave Oven YP-U2XB IC-746 GR-82 Drive Review Prime CDA-9847 KX-TG2622 5nikkor DSC-W180 R 46 S-SE DSC-S500 SRE158 C2117T EW932S Imageclass D320 MC145 21PV330 RY52004


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