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wei leong 5:01am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
I like the camera for its picture taking capability but dislike its video taking capability. It overheats in just a short time. Very light. Great travel camera. Seems to produce excellent images. EVF can show histogram.

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Unlock Desbloqueo Ls upp Destranque

Tab Lengeta Flik Patilha

10 discs, one in each tray 10 discos, uno en cada bandeja 10 CD-skivor, med en CD-skiva i varje skivfack 10 discos, um em cada tabuleiro
Anvnd medfljande skivmagasin eller skivmagasinet XA-250. Skivmagasinet XA-10B kan anvndas med denna enhet. Anvnd inget annat magasin, eftersom det kan orsaka fel. Utilize o carregador de discos fornecido ou o carregador XA-250. No pode utilizar o carregador de discos XA-10B com este aparelho. Se utilizar outro carregador qualquer pode provocar uma avaria.
Use the supplied disc magazine or the disc magazine XA-250. The disc magazine XA-10B can not be used with this unit. If you use any other magazine, it may cause a malfunction. Emplee el cargador de discos suministrado o el XA-250. El cargador de discos XA-10B no puede utilizarse con esta unidad. Si emplea otro tipo de cargador, puede producir fallos de funcionamiento.
Release, and slide open. Suelte y deslice para abrir. Lossa och skjut t sidan. Solte e abra.
Disc magazine Cargador de discos Skivmagasin Carregador de discos
To remove Extraccin Urtagning Para retirar
If the disc magazine does not lock properly Take out the magazine, and after pressing the EJECT button, reinsert it. Si el cargador de discos no encaja adecuadamente. Extraiga el cargador y, despus de presionar el botn EJECT, vuelva a insertarlo. Nr skivmagasinet inte kommer p plats ordentligt Ta ut skivmagasinet. Tryck drefter p EJECT och stt i det igen. Se o carregador de discos no fechar bem Retire o carregador, carregue na tecla EJECT e volte a introduzi-lo. EJECT
Use the unit with the door closed Otherwise, foreign matter may enter the unit and contaminate the lenses inside the changer. Emplee la unidad con la puerta cerrada. De lo contrario podran entrar objetos extraos y contaminar las lentes del interior del cambiador. Kom ihg att stnga locket till skivmagasinsfacket Fr att frhindra frmmande freml frn att trnga in i CD-vxlare och smutsa ned de inbyggda linserna. Utilize o aparelho com a porta fechada Caso contrrio, objectos estranhos podero penetrar no aparelho e sujar as lentes no interior do permutador.
Notes on the disc magazine
Do not leave the disc magazine in locations with high temperatures and high humidity such as on a car dashboard or in the rear window where the disc magazine will be subjected to direct sunlight. Do not place more than one disc at a time onto one tray, otherwise the changer and the discs may be damaged. Do not drop the disc magazine or subject it to a violent shock.



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