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shig 7:56am on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 
Everything a touch-typist or anyone else looking for a more relaxing, tactile yet comfortable typing experience needs to have said experience.
XRumer98 9:11pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Worked perfectly straight out of the box and at half the price of local retailers. Inserted the disk in my Toshiba Portege and transferred my My Documents there as a new drive. I was then able to reformat my Toshiba C drive. Low price and very fast! Used in HD video camera. The 32GB give me over two hours of record time. No problems. DID NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX STICK TO SANDISK OR SOME OTHER RELIABLE COMPANY
Alex82 6:59pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
This worked perfectly for me to transfer pics from my cell phone to my computer....easy to use, inexpensive and as always fast shipping from Ostock At this point I have only placed it in the camera taken a couple of test pictures to be sure it is compatible. All seems OK.
carsins 9:05am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
I am using this card for my Canon DSLR, works really better than my expectation. Easy To Use","Great Value","Reliable Performance". All I require from a data card is to work, have capacity that is stated. this card works with no problems Convenient Interface","Fast". good relationship price - quality Easy To Use","Great Value
follo 2:45am on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
I trust this brand Reliable I took the card with me for a week of photographing archeological sites and people in Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico.
evita2067 2:16pm on Monday, June 7th, 2010 
As Easy As I Can Explain This! I have always used SD Cards (Secure Digital) for my cameras, so when I purchased the Panasonic HM-TA1 Video Camera. Why not include handy software programs on flash cards! For the Zoom H2, H4n, H1. Epic Piece of Trash, Avoid at all Costs Where to begin: I bought two of these cards last summer to use with my Canon VIXIA HF200 camcorder.
SecondHead 7:58am on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
I used it for my digital camera. it is compact and easy to use. Excellent Interface, Lightweight, Fast Transfer Great Product! Especially for a Digital Camera! When using a HD Camcorder however I would recommend at least a 8GB Card. Fast Transfer, Durable Dock,...
rvm 6:39pm on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 
The product works just fine. Selecting product was easy and the delivery was fast. item arrive ontime put it in my camera and it works just fine thanks overstock plan to order other one
oshogg 1:47am on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 
Tried multiple attempts through various ways and while my old card worked fine in all similar circumstances this one had horrible transfer rates and c... Will contact cs and see if it can be replaced This card is fast, has lots of memory, and is very inexpensive Failed after 2 weeks of use.

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2-348-403-61 (1)

FM/AM Compact Disc Player Autoestreo para disco compacto
Operating Instructions Manual de instrucciones


For installation and connections, see the supplied installation/connections manual. Para obtener informacin sobre la instalacin y las conexiones, consulte el manual de instalacin/conexiones suministrado.

CDX-S2010X CDX-S2010C

2005 Sony Corporation


Welcome !
Thank you for purchasing this Sony Compact Disc Player. You can enjoy your drive with the following functions. CD playback: You can play CD-DA and CD-R/CD-RW for audio use.
Radio reception: You can store up to 6 stations per band (FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 and AM2). BTM (Best Tuning Memory) function: the unit selects strong signal stations and stores them.
Warning if your cars ignition has no ACC position After turning the ignition off, be sure to press and hold (OFF) on the unit until the display disappears. Otherwise, the display does not turn off and this causes battery drain.
This label is located on the bottom of the chassis.
CAUTION The use of optical instruments with this product will increase eye hazard.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Resetting the unit. 4 Setting the clock. 4 DEMO mode. 4 Detaching the front panel. 4 Attaching the front panel. 4

Other functions

Changing the sound settings. Adjusting the sound characteristics BAL/FAD/SUB. Adjusting the equalizer curve EQ3. Adjusting setup items SET. Using optional remote commanders. Card remote commander RM-X114. Rotary commander RM-X4S. 8
Location of controls and basic operations

Main unit. 5

Additional Information
Precautions. 9 Notes on discs. 9 Maintenance. 9 Removing the unit. 10 Specifications. 10 Troubleshooting. 11 Error displays/Messages. 12
Storing and receiving stations. 6 Storing automatically BTM. 6 Storing manually. 6 Receiving the stored stations. 6 Tuning automatically. 6
Detaching the front panel
You can detach the front panel of this unit to prevent theft.

Resetting the unit

Before operating the unit for the first time, or after replacing the car battery or changing the connections, you must reset the unit. Detach the front panel and press the RESET button with a pointed object, such as a ballpoint pen.

Caution alarm

If you turn the ignition switch to the OFF position without detaching the front panel, the caution alarm will sound for a few seconds. The alarm will only sound if the built-in amplifier is used.
RESET button Note Pressing the RESET button will erase the clock setting and some stored contents.
Press (OFF). The unit is turned off. Press , then pull it off towards you.

Setting the clock

The clock uses a 12-hour digital indication.
Press and hold (SEL). The setup display appears. Press (SEL) repeatedly until CLOCKADJ appears. Press (DSPL). The hour indication flashes. Press the volume +/ button to set the hour and minute. To move the digital indication, press (DSPL). Press (SEL). The clock starts and the next setup display appears. Press and hold (SEL). The setup is complete.
Notes Do not drop or put excessive pressure on the front panel and display window. Do not subject the front panel to heat/high temperature or moisture. Avoid leaving it in a parked car or on a dashboard/rear tray. Tip When carrying the front panel, use the supplied front panel case.
Attaching the front panel
Engage part A of the front panel with part B of the unit, as illustrated, and push the left side into position until it clicks.

To display the clock, press (DSPL). Press (DSPL) again to return to the previous display.
With the card remote commander In step 2 and 4, to select the item or setting, press M or m. In step 4, to move the digital indication, press < or ,.

DEMO mode

When the unit is turned off, the clock is displayed first, then demonstration (DEMO) mode starts the demonstration display. To cancel the DEMO mode, set DEMO-OFF in setup (page 7) while unit is turned off.
Note Do not put anything on the inner surface of the front panel.

Main unit

CDX-S2010X CDX-S2010T CDX-S2010C
Refer to the pages listed for details. a Volume +/ button To adjust volume. b SEL (select) button 4, 6, 7 To select items. c SOURCE button To power on/change the source (Radio/CD). d MODE button 6 To select the radio band (FM/AM). e Disc slot Insert the disc (label side up), playback starts. f Display window g ATT (attenuate) button To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press again. h EQ3 (equalizer) button 6 To select an equalizer type (XPLOD, VOCAL, CLUB, JAZZ, NEW AGE, ROCK, CUSTOM or OFF). i Z (eject) button To eject the disc. j SEEK +/ button Radio: To tune in stations automatically (press); find a station manually (press and hold). CD: To skip tracks (press); fast-forward/reverse a track (press and hold). (front panel release) button 4 k l DSPL (display)/DIM (dimmer) button 4 To change display items (press); change the display brightness (press and hold). m SENS button To improve weak reception: LOCAL/ MONO. n RESET button (located behind the front panel) 4 o Frequency select switch (located on the bottom of the unit) See Frequency select switch in the supplied installation/connections manual. p Number buttons Radio: To receive stored stations (press); store stations (press and hold). CD: (3): REP To play the current track/disc repeatedly. (4): SHUF To play the tracks in random order. q BTM button 6 To start the BTM function (press and hold). r OFF button To power off/stop the source. s Receptor for the card remote commander 7

Storing and receiving stations


When tuning in stations while driving, use Best Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an accident.
Changing the sound settings
Adjusting the sound characteristics BAL/FAD/SUB
You can adjust the balance, fader and subwoofer volume.
Storing automatically BTM 1
Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until TUNER appears. To change the band, press (MODE) repeatedly. You can select from FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 or AM2. Press and hold (BTM) until BTM flashes. The unit stores stations in order of frequency on the number buttons. A beep sounds when the setting is stored.
Press (SEL) repeatedly until BAL, FAD or SUB appears. The item changes as follows:
LOW*1 t MID*1 t HI*1 t BAL (left-right) t FAD (front-rear) t SUB (subwoofer volume)*2
*1 When EQ3 is activated (page 6). *2 When the audio output is set to SUB (page 7). ATT is displayed at the lowest setting, and can be adjusted up to 20 steps.

Storing manually 1

While receiving the station that you want to store, press and hold a number button ((1) to (6)) until MEM appears. The number button indication appears in the display.
Press the volume +/ button repeatedly to adjust the selected item. After 3 seconds, the setting is complete and the display returns to normal play/reception mode.
Note Adjust within 3 seconds of selecting the item. With the card remote commander In step 2, to adjust the selected item, press <, M, , or m.
Note If you try to store another station on the same number button, the previous stored station will be replaced.
Adjusting the equalizer curve EQ3
You can adjust and store the equalizer settings for different tone ranges.
Receiving the stored stations 1
Select the band, then press a number button ((1) to (6)).
Select a source, then press (EQ3) repeatedly to select the EQ3 type. Press (SEL) repeatedly until LOW, MID or HI appears. Press the volume +/ button repeatedly to adjust the selected item. The volume level is adjustable in 1 dB steps, from 10 dB to +10 dB.
With the card remote commander To select preset stations, press M or m.

Tuning automatically 1

Select the band, then press (SEEK) +/ to search for the station. Scanning stops when the unit receives a station. Repeat this procedure until the desired station is received.

Tip If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, press and hold (SEEK) +/ to locate the approximate frequency, then press (SEEK) +/ repeatedly to fine adjust to the desired frequency (manual tuning).
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to adjust the equalizer curve. To restore the factory-set equalizer curve, press and hold (SEL) before the setting is complete. After 3 seconds, the setting is complete and the display returns to normal play/reception mode.
With the card remote commander In step 3, to adjust the selected item, press <, M, , or m.
Using optional remote commanders
Card remote commander RM-X114

Location of controls

The corresponding buttons on the card remote commander control the same functions as those on this unit.
Adjusting setup items SET
Press and hold (SEL). The setup display appears. Press (SEL) repeatedly until the desired item appears. Press the volume +/ button to select the setting (example ON or OFF). Press and hold (SEL). The setup is complete and the display returns to normal play/reception mode.


Note Displayed items will differ, depending on the source and setting. With the card remote commander In step 2, to select the setup item, press M or m. In step 3, to select the setting, press < or ,.




The following items can be set (follow the page reference for details): z indicates the default settings. CLOCK-ADJ (Clock Adjust) BEEP SUB/REAR*1 (page 4) To set BEEP-ON (z) or BEEP-OFF. To switch the audio output. SUB (z): to output to a subwoofer. REAR: to output to a power amplifier.
The following buttons on the card remote commander have also different buttons/functions from the unit. SOUND button The same as (SEL) on the unit. </, (SEEK /+) buttons To control radio/CD, the same as (SEEK) +/ on the unit. (For details of other operations, see With the card remote commander on each pages.) M/m (DISC*/PRESET +/) buttons For details, see With the card remote commander on each pages.
* Not available for this unit. Note If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, it cannot be operated with the card remote commander unless (SOURCE) on the unit is pressed, or a disc is inserted to activate the unit first.
DIM (Dimmer) To change the brightness of the display. DIM-ON: to dim the display. DIM-OFF (z): to deactivate the dimmer. ILM-1/ILM-2 (Illumination) (CDX-S2010C only) To change the illumination colour. ILM-1 (z): Amber ILM-2: Green

DEMO*1 To set DEMO-ON (z) or (Demonstration) DEMO-OFF (page 4). LPF*2 (Low Pass Filter) To select the cut-off frequency 78HZ, 125HZ or OFF (z).

continue to next page t

*1 When the unit is turned off. *2 When the audio output is set to SUB.
Replacing the lithium battery
Under normal conditions, the battery will last approximately 1 year. (The service life may be shorter, depending on the conditions of use.) When the battery becomes weak, the range of the card remote commander becomes shorter. Replace the battery with a new CR2025 lithium battery. Use of any other battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.
The corresponding buttons on the rotary commander control the same functions as those on this unit.

+ side up

The following controls on the rotary commander require a different operation from the unit. PRESET control To select preset stations (push in and rotate). VOL control The same as the volume +/ button on the unit (rotate). SEEK/AMS control The same as (SEEK) on the unit (rotate, or rotate and hold).
Notes on the lithium battery Keep the lithium battery out of the reach of children. Should the battery be swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Wipe the battery with a dry cloth to assure a good contact. Be sure to observe the correct polarity when installing the battery. Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may occur.
Changing the operative direction
The operative direction of the controls is factoryset as shown below.

To increase


To decrease

Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, or dispose of in fire.
If you need to mount the rotary commander on the right hand side of the steering column, you can reverse the operative direction. 1 While pushing the VOL control, press and hold (SEL).

Rotary commander RM-X4S

(CDX-S2010C only)

Attaching the label

Attach the indication label depending on how you mount the rotary commander.




If your car has been parked in direct sunlight, allow the unit to cool off before operating it. Power aerial will extend automatically while the unit is operating.
Before playing, clean the discs with a commercially available cleaning cloth. Wipe each disc from the centre out. Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, commercially available cleaners, or antistatic spray intended for analogue discs.

Moisture condensation

On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture condensation may occur inside the lenses and display of the unit. Should this occur, the unit will not operate properly. In such a case, remove the disc and wait for about an hour until the moisture has evaporated.

Notes on CD-R/CD-RW discs
Some CD-Rs/CD-RWs (depending on the equipment used for its recording or the condition of the disc) may not play on this unit. You cannot play a CD-R/a CD-RW that is not finalized. If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
To maintain high sound quality
Be careful not to splash juice or other soft drinks onto the unit or discs.


Fuse replacement
When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one matching the amperage rating stated on the original fuse. If the fuse blows, check the power connection and replace the fuse. If the fuse blows again after replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In such a case, consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Notes on discs

To keep a disc clean, do not touch its surface. Handle the disc by its edge. Keep your discs in their cases or disc magazines when not in use. Do not subject discs to heat/high temperature. Avoid leaving them in a parked car or on a dashboard/rear tray. Do not attach labels, or use discs with sticky ink/residue. Such discs may stop spinning when used, causing a malfunction, or may ruin the disc.

Fuse (10A)

Cleaning the connectors
The unit may not function properly if the connectors between the unit and the front panel are not clean. In order to prevent this, detach the front panel (page 4) and clean the connectors with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Do not apply too much force. Otherwise, the connectors may be damaged.
Do not use any discs with labels or stickers attached. The following malfunctions may result from using such discs: Inability to eject a disc (due to a label or sticker peeling off and jamming the eject mechanism). Inability to read audio data correctly (e.g., playback skipping, or no playback) due to heat shrinking of a sticker or label causing a disc to warp. Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on this unit. Attempting to do so may damage the unit. Do not use such discs. You cannot play 8 cm CDs.

Back of the front panel

Notes For safety, turn off the ignition before cleaning the connectors, and remove the key from the ignition switch. Never touch the connectors directly with your fingers or with any metal device.

Removing the unit

Remove the protection collar. 1 Detach the front panel (page 4). 2 Engage the release keys together with the protection collar.


CD Player section
Signal-to-noise ratio: 120 dB Frequency response: 10 20,000 Hz Wow and flutter: Below measurable limit

Tuner section

Tuning range: 87.5 108.0 MHz (at 50 kHz step) 87.5 107.9 MHz (at 200 kHz step) FM tuning interval: 50 kHz/200 kHz switchable Aerial terminal: External aerial connector Intermediate frequency: 10.7 MHz/450 kHz Usable sensitivity: 9 dBf Selectivity: 75 dB at 400 kHz Signal-to-noise ratio: 67 dB (stereo), 69 dB (mono) Harmonic distortion at 1 kHz: 0.5 % (stereo), 0.3 % (mono) Separation: 35 dB at 1 kHz Frequency response: 30 15,000 Hz
Orient the release keys as shown.
3 Pull out the release keys to remove the protection collar.
Tuning range: 531 1,602 kHz (at 9 kHz step) 530 1,710 kHz (at 10 kHz step) AM tuning interval: 9 kHz/10 kHz switchable Aerial terminal: External aerial connector Intermediate frequency: 10.7 MHz/450 kHz Sensitivity: 30 V
Remove the unit. 1 Insert both release keys simultaneously until they click.

Hook facing inwards.

Power amplifier section
Outputs: Speaker outputs (sure seal connectors) Speaker impedance: ohms Maximum power output: 52 W 4 (at 4 ohms)


Outputs: Audio outputs terminal (sub/rear switchable) Power aerial relay control terminal Power amplifier control terminal Inputs: Remote controller input terminal (CDX-S2010C only) Aerial input terminal Tone controls: Low: 10 dB at 60 Hz (XPLOD) Mid: 10 dB at 1 kHz (XPLOD) High: 10 dB at 10 kHz (XPLOD) Power requirements: 12 V DC car battery (negative earth) Dimensions: Approx. 178 mm (w/h/d) Mounting dimensions: Approx. 161 mm (w/h/d) Mass: Approx. 1.2 kg Supplied accessories: Parts for installation and connections (1 set) Front panel case (1) Optional accessories: Card remote commander: RM-X114 Rotary commander: RM-X4S (CDX-S2010C only)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
2 Pull the release keys to unseat the unit.
3 Slide the unit out of the mounting.
The display disappears from/does not appear in the display window.
Lead-free solder is used for soldering certain parts. (more than 80 %) Halogenated flame retardants are not used in the certain printed wiring boards. Halogenated flame retardants are not used in cabinets. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink is used for printing the carton. (CDX-S2010X and CDX-S2010T only) Packaging cushions do not use polystyrene foam.
The dimmer is set DIM-ON(page 7). The display disappears if you press and hold (OFF). t Press and hold (OFF) again until the display appears. The connectors are dirty (page 9).

CD playback

The disc cannot be loaded.


The following checklist will help you remedy problems you may encounter with your unit. Before going through the checklist below, check the connection and operating procedures.
Another disc is already loaded. The disc has been forcibly inserted upside down or in the wrong way.
The disc does not playback.
Defective or dirty disc. The CD-Rs/CD-RWs are not for audio use (page 9).

The sound skips.

No power is being supplied to the unit.
Check the connection. If everything is in order, check the fuse. If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, it cannot be operated with the remote commander. t Turn on the unit.
The power aerial does not extend.
Installation is not correct. t Install the unit at an angle of less than 45 in a sturdy part of the car. Defective or dirty disc.
The operation buttons do not function. The disc will not eject.
Press the RESET button (page 4).

Radio reception

The stations cannot be received. The sound is hampered by noises.
The power aerial does not have a relay box.

No sound.

The volume is too low. The ATT function is activated. The position of the fader control (FAD) is not set for a 2-speaker system.

No beep sound.

The beep sound is cancelled (page 7). An optional power amplifier is connected and you are not using the built-in amplifier.
The contents of the memory have been erased.

Connect a power aerial control lead (blue) or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power supply lead of a cars aerial booster (only when your car has built-in FM/AM aerial in the rear/ side glass). Check the connection of the car aerial. The auto aerial will not go up. t Check the connection of the power aerial control lead. Check the frequency.
Preset tuning is not possible.
The RESET button has been pressed. t Store again into the memory. The power connecting lead or battery has been disconnected. The power connecting lead is not connected properly.
Stored stations and correct time are erased. The fuse has blown. Makes noise when the position of the ignition key is switched.
Store the correct frequency in the memory. The broadcast signal is too weak.
Automatic tuning is not possible.
The leads are not matched correctly with the cars accessory power connector.
Setting of the local seek mode is not correct. t Tuning stops too frequently: Press (SENS) until LOCAL-ON appears. t Tuning does not stop at a station: Press (SENS) repeatedly until MONOON or MONO-OFF (FM), or LOCALOFF (AM) appears. The broadcast signal is too weak. t Perform manual tuning. continue to next page t
During FM reception, the ST indication flashes.
Tune in the frequency accurately. The broadcast signal is too weak. t Press (SENS) to set the monaural reception mode to MONO-ON.
An FM programme broadcast in stereo is heard in monaural.
The unit is in monaural reception mode. t Press (SENS) until MONO-OFF appears.

Error displays/Messages

The disc is dirty or inserted upside down. t Clean or insert the disc correctly. The disc cannot play because of some problem. t Insert another disc.


The speaker/amplifier connection is incorrect. t See the supplied installation/connections manual to check the connection.


The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.


There may be an internal malfunction. t Check the connection. If the error indication remains on in the display, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
The unit cannot be operated because of some problem. t Press the RESET button (page 4).
During fast-forward or reverse, you have reached the beginning or the end of the disc and you cannot go any further. If these solutions do not help improve the situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer. If you take the unit to be repaired because of CD playback trouble, bring the disc that was used at the time the problem began.


Gracias por adquirir este reproductor de discos compactos Sony. Mientras conduce puede disfrutar de las funciones siguientes: Reproduccin de CD: Puede reproducir CD-DA y CD-R/CD-RW para audio.



LPF*2 78HZ 125HZ OFF z

*1 *2 SUB



( CDX-S2010C





/ / /

8 cm CD

1 4 2

120 dB 10 20,000 Hz

87.5 - 108.0 MHz 50 kHz 87.5 - 107.9 MHz 200 kHz FM 50 kHz/200 kHz 10.7 MHz/450 kHz 9 dBf 400 kHz 75 dB 67 dB 69 dB( ) 1 kHz 0.5 % 0.3 % 1 kHz 35 dB 30 - 15,000 Hz
531 1,602 kHz 9 kHz 530 1,710 kHz 10 kHz AM 9 kHz/10 kHz 10.7 MHz/450 kHz 30 V

4 - W

/ CDX-S2010C 60 Hz 10 dB XPLOD 1 kHz 10 dB XPLOD 10 kHz 10 dB XPLOD 12 V DC 178 mm / / 161 mm / / 1.2 kg 1 RM-X114 RM-X4S CDX-S2010C
80% VOC CDX- S2010X CDX-S2010T


t 45



/ FM/AM t





DIM-ON 7 (OFF) t (OFF) 9



t t

/ t /

L.SEEK +/-

t Sony


Sony CD
Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand



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