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Kim Shapiro 7:39am on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
"The preview window does not stack up to the rest of the soft ware. It can not be viewed in a full screen mode.
JoJo 11:47am on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
Having been frustrated by the restrictions of Windows Movie Maker I trialled most of the major video editing packages in my search for a product I cou...
TreamadolTeam 12:49pm on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 
E8400 @stock 8 gigs ddr2 kingston hyper x bfg nvidi 265 max core 55 gigabyte ep45 ud board thermal take v9 black edition (worst case ever) Corsair Hyd...
n0mer 5:24am on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 
"I have use Pinnacle Studio Media suite 10 and windows Movie maker. "Honestly, I primarily bought this because of the ability to rip DVD-VR footage created on a Sony camcorder.
freedumb 5:45am on Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 
"I love this product. I would definitly rate this #1. I like Adobe Premiere Elements 8 as well and it would have to be #2 on my list.
KrisTfur 11:12pm on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
There is one DVD in the box which installs the following software packages: 1) Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.

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Workflow Paper

Revised April 2, 2010
Editing Stereoscopic 3D Video in Vegas Pro 9
In addition to using one of the very capable third-party add-on tools CineForm Neo3D (, Medtron Make3D (, and Pantarheon Bororo 3D ( you can also edit stereoscopic 3D (S3D) in Vegas Pro 9 without any add-ons or additional tools. There are five basic steps to editing S3D in Vegas Pro 9: synchronization, preview, alignment, grouped editing, and final output. This document will explain each step in detail.


When shooting S3D using a pair of cameras, it is important to record a synchronizing event. Some users clap or snap their fingers in front of the cameras; others use a flash from a still camera, a pet-training clicker, or a professional slate. Add your media to the timeline using Add Across Tracks mode so the video for the left and right eyes is on separate tracks. In the following examples, the left-eye track is above the right-eye track.
1. Use one of the following methods to align the audio and video so the video output is synchronized.
Aligning audio waveforms:
a. Roughly align the audio waveforms by dragging events in the timeline. b. Zoom in so video frames are a few pixels apart. c.
Drag events to perform final audio waveform alignment. Leave Quantize to Frames enabled because you want video frames to be aligned even if the audio is a little off.
Synchronizing a video event:
a. Find a synchronizing event in one of the video events and add a project marker to that location. b. Find the same event in the other video event (solo the track). c.
Drag the video event to align it with the marker. If the cameras were not genlocked together (shooting at the same cadence) you may find one to be up to half a frame ahead of the other. Unless your scene has lots of fast motion, this is acceptable; just be sure to get them as close as possible on the timeline.
d. Trim the ends of the longer events so they all start and stop at the same time. 2. Delete one of the audio tracks (you don't want them both playing or there will be phasing effects). 3. Select both video events and the remaining audio event and choose Edit > Group > Create New (or press G).
This puts the three events in the same editing group, which we'll use later during editing. It's important to keep everything labeled so we don't get confused later, so name the left-eye track Left and the right-eye track Right.
2010 Sony Creative Software Inc. | 1617 Sherman Ave. | Madison, WI 53704 | 1.800.577.6642 |


Now we need to set up Vegas so we can preview S3D. We'll do it in a way that makes other types of S3D output easy.
1. Create two new video tracks and place them above each of the two source tracks. Click the Make Compositing Child button
the two tracks with content. The track headers should look like this:

2. Set a filter for the left-eye parent track. a. Click the Track FX button
on the left parent track and add the Sony Channel Blend plug-in. Create a preset using the following settings (including the Normalize rows setting) and save the preset as Anaglyphic Red-Cyan Left.
b. Click the Pre/Post Toggle button to the left of the plug-in name in the keyframe timeline so this effect is applied after the child

track compositing.

Click the parent track Parent Composite Mode button and choose Add.

Parent Composite Mode

3. Set a filter for the right-eye parent track. a. Click the Track FX button
on the right parent track and add the Sony Channel Blend plug-in. Create a preset using the following settings (including the Normalize rows setting) and save the preset as Anaglyphic Red-Cyan Right.
When previewing your project wearing a pair of red/cyan anaglyphic glasses, you should now see only the left eye video in your left eye, and right eye video in your right eye, which will produce a stereo effect:
Alignment and horizontal offset
It is very important that S3D have differences between the views only in horizontal displacement. Any vertical misalignment or rotational misalignment will detract from the viewing experience and may even cause headaches or nausea. Also, it is important to limit the amount and direction of horizontal offset to create comfortable depth. For example, when shooting with parallel-axis cameras, all of the depth is usually in front of the screen, and you need to use horizontal image translation to push most of it behind the screen. It is beyond the scope of this whitepaper to go into more detail, so please refer to a good book on the subject, such as 3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from Script to Screen by Bernard Mendiburu. Use the Event Pan/Crop tools in Vegas Pro 9 to perform vertical alignment and horizontal image translation, and if necessary, rotation correction. For most adjustments, turn off Size About Center and move one of the handles on an edge of the image. For full-frame video, you'll typically be cropping off part of the image in order to do this alignment and translation. Later, if you're working on titles or overlay graphics with alpha transparency, you can just do translation without cropping. Use the 3D glasses in combination with viewing the output without the glasses to create good alignment and depth settings. You usually want all of the depth behind the screen plane, only crossing the screen plane for dramatic or special effect. However, make sure never to create divergence, where the left-eye picture would appear more than 2.5" to the left of the right-eye picture on the largest screen your movie will ever be shown on. For example, if the largest screen to be used is 16:9 with a 106-inch diagonal, the width is 87% of the diagonal, or about 92 inches. With 1920x1080 content, 2.5 inches is only 52 pixels, so make sure your distant objects are never more than 52 pixels apart.

Grouped editing

Because you grouped the two video events with the audio event after you aligned them, they will stay synchronized during any editing operations as long as Ignore Event Grouping is not enabled. Edit your project as you would any other. Use the anaglyphic glasses to view in S3D, or solo the left-eye parent track and bypass the anaglyphic filter to edit in 2D with just one view.
Unsolo the track and re-enable the FX to return to anaglyphic preview editing. You can add as many tracks as you need inside each child track grouping set in order to do title overlays, keying, or multiple layers of 3D video. The parent tracks handle all of the 3D output conversion.

Final output

If you need to deliver two full-resolution masters, render the left- and right-eye video separately. For each render, solo the appropriate parent track, bypass the anaglyphic filter, and then render.
Side-by-side, half-resolution mastering
If you need to deliver a side-by-side, half-resolution master (such as for YouTube 3D), follow these steps, which take advantage of how we set up the parent tracks earlier in order to quickly switch a project between anaglyphic preview and side-by-side output.
1. Create two new video tracks and position them so they are each directly above the left and right source tracks. If necessary, click
the Make Compositing Parent button so they are the parent track of the sources.
2. Mute the anaglyphic parent tracks. Your track headers should look like this:
3. Perform the following steps for each side-by-side parent track: a. Click the Parent Motion button c.
to display the Parent Track Motion dialog.
b. Set Width to be half as large as the starting view. For a 1920x1080 project, use 540.
In the Position controls, set X Center so the output is on the left for the left eye and on the right for the right eye. The math is complicated by the project frame aspect ratio. For a 16:9 project, divide the frame aspect width of 16 by the frame aspect height of 9, then multiple by your adjusted Width of 540 and divide by 2. Negate the sign to move it left (the right view would stay positive to move it right). For a 1920x1080 project, Position X Center should be plus or minus 480. You should now see side-by-side output in the Video Preview window, and you can render to the format of your choice.
To create content for uploading to YouTube 3D, render to a compatible format (such as Windows Media Video, MainConcept MPEG-2, or XDCAM EX) and upload using the YouTube upload page. Be sure to set the appropriate tags so YouTube plays your video in 3D. Add "yt3d:enable=true" to enable 3D viewing, add "yt3d:aspect=16:9" (or "yt3d:aspect=4:3") to set the viewing frame aspect ratio, and finally add "yt3d:swap=true" because the views are in left/right order instead of right/left order. Use a similar technique if you need to create top/bottom style S3D delivery (use Parent Track Motion parameters with half the height and with Position Y that is plus or minus half that).

Line-alternate mastering 1. To create line-alternate output for viewing on a compatible S3D monitor, again add new parent tracks and place a line-alternate
mask on the top track with the event stretched to match the length of the project.
Tip: You can create a line-alternate mask by hand by creating an 8x8 line-alternate mask in Windows Paint, saving it as a BMP file, setting it as your desktop background in "tile" mode, and then capturing a screenshot. You will have to trim it to the right size and edit out any desktop icons by copying a clean part of the image over them. Save it as a PNG file to prevent compression artifacts. 2. Add the Mask Generator effect to the event using the default settings (you can use the Invert check box to swap the left and right


3. Set the compositing mode for the track to Multiply (Mask). 4. Configure the Video Preview window: a. Click the Preview Quality button and choose Preview (Full) mode:
b. Right-click the Video Preview window and turn off the Scale Video to Fit Preview Window command.
You should see line-alternate output in the Video Preview window. If you have a line-alternate S3D monitor attached, you could edit in this mode. Below is a cropped portion of line-alternate output:
To quickly switch between any of the output modes you've created (anaglyphic, side-by-side, top/bottom, or line-alternate), drag the desired parent tracks so they are directly above the related source track and click the Make Compositing Parent button. Then mute the unused parent track, and unmute the desired parent track.


You now have all the tools necessary to synchronize, preview, align, edit, and output stereoscopic 3D in Vegas Pro 9. We look forward to seeing your 3D project!


Fall 2009

A Perfect 10
New Sound Forge Pro 10 Professional digital audio production suite

See page 4

Award-winning Productivity Software from Sony or 1.800.577.6642 Download trials at

FALL 2009

For over fifteen years, Sound Forge software has defined digital audio editing. From its humble origin to the state-of-the-art, industry-leading application it is today, Sound Forge revolutionized PC-based audio production. It has continually set the standard, and is a must-have in any professional recording or production facility. New Sound Forge Pro 10 software maintains this legacy. Sound Forge continues to perfect the art of audio production and mastering by offering sophisticated features designed to increase efficiency and reliability. New in this version are event-based editing; integrated disc-atonce CD burning; lastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-in; iZotope MBIT+ Dither bit-depth conversion; iZotope 64-Bit SRC sample rate conversion; musical instrument file processing; and the Mastering Effects Bundle 2 powered by iZotope valued at over $200. With its advanced and comprehensive feature set, Sound Forge Pro 10 is the ultimate all-in-one production suite for professional audio recording and mastering, sound design, audio restoration, and Red Book CD creation. Its true. Some things just keep getting better. Where other applications might rest on their laurels, Sound Forge continues to improve and expand. New Sound Forge Pro 10 this one scores a perfect 10. or 1.800.577.6642
Download trials at

Table of Contents

The Sound Forge Pro 10 professional digital audio production suite includes everything you need to quickly get from raw audio to finished master.


The Vegas Pro 9 collection combines Vegas Pro 9, DVD Architect Pro 5, and Dolby Digital professional AC-3 encoding software to offer an intuitive environment for video and broadcast professionals.

06 Acid pro 7

ACID Pro software is a professional digital audio workstation for composing, recording, mixing, and arranging audio and MIDI tracks.

16 home studio solutions

Built on the award-winning technology of our professional applications, our home studio solutions are perfect for the new digital media content creator.
08 Sony pictures sound effects
These exclusive collections of sound effects represent the best in sound design and field-recorded materials.
18 Product specifications
Check here for a side-by-side comparison of our professional products including system requirements, key features, and pricing.
09 Sound series: Premium collection
These loop libraries are 2-disc, 24-bit collections of diverse and meticulously assembled royalty-free audio samples.
19 Customer service and technical support
Get detailed information on how to order from Sony Creative Software and find out about our comprehensive technical support plans.
10 Sound series: Standard collection
Our most versatile collection of music and sounds, the Standard Collection sets the standard for dynamic audio content.
13 VEGAS PRO Production Assistant
The Vegas Pro Production Assistant plug-in enhances the functionality of Vegas Pro software, streamlining the workflow for professional broadcasters and editors.
Professional Digital Audio Production Suite

Sound Forge Pro 10

Starting at


Defining Digital Audio Editing for Over Fifteen Years
Sound Forge Pro 10 software efficiently and reliably provides audio editors and producers complete control over all aspects of editing and mastering. Whether in the studio or field, its the ultimate all-in-one production suite for professional audio recording and mastering, sound design, audio restoration, and Red Book CD creation.
The Sound Forge Pro 10 collection includes:
Acclaimed for its power, stability, and exceptional workflow, Sound Forge Pro 10 is the best way to get from raw audio to a finished master. Expertly record, edit, and analyze audio, produce samples and music loops, digitize and restore old recordings, design sound for multimedia and video, and master replication-ready audio CDs.

Noise Reduction 2

Easily restore audio from LPs, cassettes, CDs, and more. The Noise Reduction 2 collection of plug-ins contains Noise Reduction, Audio Restoration, Click and Crackle Removal, and Clipped Peak Restoration. Use these to fix common audio problems such as tape hiss, clicks, and pops, salvage damaged recordings, and give new life to your audio.
Mastering Effects Bundle 2 powered by iZotope
Powered by iZotope, the maker of world-class audio mastering tools, this powerful bundle includes six professional audio plugins: Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Multiband Compressor, Mastering Limiter, Stereo Imager, and Harmonic Exciter. Use these plug-ins to expertly master and enhance your audio.
Pristine Sound Quality Sound Forge Pro 10 software supports full resolution 24-bit and 32-bit/64-bit float 192 kHz files for the ultimate in audio fidelity. Capture the subtle overtones and nuances of instruments, vocals, and effect changes. Additionally, Sound Forge Pro 10 software includes industry-leading iZotope MBIT+ Dither (bit-depth conversion) and 64-Bit SRC (sample rate conversion) for the highest in audio quality. Precise Audio Editing Edit mono, stereo, and multichannel audio files (up to 32 channels) down to the sample level in real time. Use familiar Windows commands to cut, copy, paste, mix, and crossfade audio. Perform precise event-based editing and create fades, crossfades, and mix audio with ease. Drag and drop to edit between channels, and work on one file while processing others in the background. Powerful Audio Recording Sound Forge Pro 10 software has a complete set of tools for recording audio. Record straight into your sound card or use the Record Timer to begin and end a session at a specific time and date. Alternatively, you can start recording when a certain audio threshold is reached with Threshold Record Triggering. You can also record and edit multichannel audio files as easily as stereo files. Effects Processing Apply over 40 professional studio effects and processes including Normalize, EQ, Delay, Chorus, Volume, Dynamics, Noise Gate, Pitch Shift, Flange, and Vibrato. Sound Forge Pro 10 software includes high-quality Zplane lastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-in for pristine audio mastering, and the Mastering Effects Bundle 2, powered by iZotope. This powerful bundle includes six professional audio plug-ins: Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Multiband Compressor, Mastering Limiter, Stereo Imager, and Harmonic Exciter.




Sound Forge Pro 10 list price $See page 18 for product specifications
Professional Digital Audio Workstation

ACID Pro 7

Powerful Music Production Environment
ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and legendary ACID looping functionality for a seamless music creation and post-production environment. More creative partner than production tool, ACID Pro 7 software inspires you like nothing else. With its Transparent Technology design, ACID Pro 7 software removes typical barriers to the creative workflow so you can effortlessly transform ideas into real results.

Mixing and Editing ACID Pro 7 software has a dedicated mixing console for a flexible and efficient recording environment. Specify routing, assign audio effects, and use external effects processors with tracks and busses. ACID Pro 7 software also supports control surface automation and channel tracking for devices such as the Mackie Control and Frontier Design TranzPort.
Included with ACID Pro 7 a $500 Value!
Garritan ARIA for ACID Pro player ACID Pro Effects Rack, powered by iZotope Native Instruments Guitar Combos Submersible Music KitCore
Developed in conjunction with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc, the Garritan ARIA for ACID Pro player includes a complete suite of orchestral, big band, and general MIDI samples.
iZotope is known for its world-class audio effects. The ACID Pro Effects Rack bundle includes Flanger, Phaser, Analog Delay, and Dynamics effects.
This Native Instruments bundle emulates three classic guitar amplifiers and includes over 100 presets. Guitar Combos includes Native Instruments AC Box Combo, Plexi Combo, and Twang Combo.
Submersible KitCore offers great drum sounds with minimal CPU load. KitCore has over 400 MIDI drum files and includes MIDI grooves from the DrumCore library.
Professional Multitracking For uncompromising 24-bit, 192 kHz sound quality production, live or in studio, ACID Pro 7 software has an expanded set of features for maximum audio performance. Whether youre recording with your band or creating MIDI-based studio sequences, ACID Pro 7 software is the optimal platform for reliable multitrack production. Comprehensive MIDI Support Experience unparalleled MIDI sequencing in ACID Pro 7 software, with real-time MIDI processing and precise control over MIDI events. Use track envelopes to automate and modify MIDI controller data over time. Other features let you freeze MIDI tracks, apply real-time MIDI quantization, create drum patterns, edit MIDI event lists, and step record. Innovative Loop-Based Creation ACID Pro 7 software has all of the core ACID Pro features: automatic pitch and tempo matching, real-time loop previewing, unlimited tracks, and our signature pick/paint/play interface. ACID Pro 7 software also includes over 3,000 ACIDized loops and 1,000 MIDI files so you can start creating music right out of the box. Free Loops and Samples Add to your content library with 8packs. Available as a free download each week, an 8pack is eight loops arranged into a song. ACID Pro registered users can also download free exclusive content using Get Media. Click Get Media for instant access to folders full of royalty-free loops.

$31995 $29995 $14995

ACID Pro 7 list price $See page 18 for product specifications
Now ew! as d availab le own load s

Sony Pictures

Sound Effects Series


Sony Pictures Entertainment has opened its audio archives to producers everywhere. These exclusive collections of essential sound effects represent the best in sound design and field-recorded materials
Volumes One through Ten MASTER SET This ten-disc set contains over 2,300 effects in a wide assortment of categories, and includes liner notes and interviews with some of the genres most in-demand creators. Unlock the full potential of your artistic vision with the most exciting sounds ever recorded. Download: $Packaged: $499 95
Volumes One through Five Put these effects to work in your productions to achieve an even higher level of emotion, suspense, or impact. Categories include Animals, Natural Elements, Backgrounds, Home & Office, Impacts, Weapons & Explosions, Vintage Cartoon, Sports & Recreation, Vocals & Wallas, and Vehicles. Volumes Six through Ten Where our first five volumes looked to satisfy the tangible elements of the sound effects world, the next five move further into the intangible world of expert sound design. Categories include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Combat, Period Effects, and Period Vehicles. Download: $26595 Packaged: $279 95

Box Sets

Royalty-free Music Loops, Samples, and Sounds
From foundation materials to that perfect finishing touch, box sets offer the best in custom-tailored music and sound design packages. Our dance music anthology and superstar drum session box sets raise the bar once again to bring you two of the finest collections ever released into the world of royalty-free music!
The Orchestral Series The Orchestral Series features a full symphony orchestra performing an astounding variety of authentic, original musicfrom classical to rock & pop. Box Download: $14195 Box Packaged: $Individual Download: $Individual Packaged: $4195 The Bill Laswell Collection Each volume in this box set serves as a complete construction kit for producers of rock, funk, hip-hop, electronica, world music, and ambient/cinematic music forms. Includes Bill Laswell: Volumes I through III from our Standard Collection, plus a bonus library (Volume IV) available only with this box set. Box Download: $14195 Box Packaged: $Individual Download: $Individual Packaged: $4195 (Volumes I, II, and III only)

Chicago Fire: A Dance Music Anthology Sony Creative Software and Sound Genius Studios present Chicago Fire: A Dance Music Anthologyfive construction kit libraries that explore five different aspects of the club music experience: deep house, electro, old school, progressive, and drum n bass. Box Download: $16995 Box Packaged: $Individual Download: $Individual Packaged: $4195 Drums from the Big Room Join drummer Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, Tom Petty) and producer Greg Ladanyi (Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Toto) at Burbanks OHenry Sound Studios. 24-bit multitrack performance loops (kick, snare, rack, and hats), with up to three unique room sound options, will achieve the perfect balance. Box Download: $16995 Box Packaged: $179 95

Premium Collection



Our ever-expanding catalog of sounds is unparalleled in terms of quality, quantity, and diversity. The Premium Collection line shines with an extensive feature set that includes double discs, star performers, 24-bit sound, sophisticated ACID projects, extensive liner notes, expanded file types, deluxe packaging, and more.
What It Is! 70s Analog Funk Fifteen sessions thatll put you on the fast track to making the tightest funk this side of the Apollo.
metal: the ultimate construction kit The definitive heavy metal construction kit delivered in 24-bit sound and stacked with everything from mixable drum performances to vocal loops.
The electronic music manuscript Boutique sound design, subliminal rhythms, and dark, unbridled electronica from the enlightened mind of Richard Devine. Includes exclusive video content.
Matt fink: rock & pop keyboard essentials Doctor Fink is back with another 2CD, 24-bit Premium Collection of signature keyboard magic, but this time hes jamming along with the Quartet!
Parthenon Huxleys Six-String Orchestra Unlock the full potential of the Artist Integrated Quartet with Parthenon Huxleys 24-bit, double-disc opus of sublime rock/pop guitar.
Drums from the Big Room: The Mixes The Big Room experience distilled into two discs packed with 24-bit stereo mixes, one-shots, and two exclusive multitrack sessions not included in the box set.
arhythmiA: Drums & Drones Volume one & Two (sold separately) Two discs full of sinister 24-bit alchemy created by Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon and NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt.

Tony Franklin: Not Just Another Pretty Bass Genre-bending licks and riffs from one of rock musics most talented and versatile bass players. Integrates with The Best of Siggi Baldursson: The Drum Loops.
Cinemascape: Soundtrack Construction Elements A broad assortment of textures and melodies designed to add drama and emotion to your video productions.
Dr. Finks Funk Factory This library is a virtual clinic in funk, and a complete construction kit delivered by Prince alumnus Matt Fink.
Vital Drums: The vitale collection Rock solid, 24-bit drum grooves and vintage kit one-shots from master time keepers Joe Vitale and Joe Vitale, Jr.
Sonic Excursions for Acoustic Guitar Sparse acoustic guitar performances processed into bright, dazzling sound sculptures. Expanded edition.

Standard Collection

The Standard Collection contains the industrys favorite line of sample librariesits the most versatile and exciting collection of sounds available. Single instrument collections and multigenre construction kitsthe Standard Collection sets the standard for dynamic audio content.
MICROCOSM: SYSTEM-INTEGRATED ELECTRONICA A benchmark on the trail of an evolving artist, and a complete construction kit for exploring minimal electronic music forms. (Download only)
ESSENTIAL SOUNDS I The grand finale of the reissue series, these are the most primordial loops ever to carry ACIDization metadata in their DNA.(Download only)
DOWNTEMPO Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series A bale of loop content and sophisticated ACID Projects, all baked into a big downloadable chunk and offered at an unbeatable price. (Download only)
8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey A massive collection of chiptune style loops and samples created using vintage computers and video game consoles.
P. Hux Power Trio Parthenon Huxley delivers a flight case full of no frills riff rock. Enjoy 1,500 royalty-free guitar, bass and drum loops.
Evolver: Distinctive Electronica Eclectic eccentrics 3kStatic explore all modes of electronica to bring you over 500 unique loops and samples. Contains Limited Edition Full Album

KJ Sawka presents Drum n Bass and Beyond A power packed set of mind bending drum n bass, dub-step, and breakbeat tools, created by internationally known artist KJ Sawka.
Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series Our debut Hybrid Series title delivers stunning tracks in a presentation drawn from deep within the vast Sony Sound Series archive. (Download only)
Music & Sound for Film: The Editors Companion From Foley and title sequence effects to extended music beds and stingers, this collection is a must-have for video editors.
Dirty Disco: Nouveau Breakbeat Flashy, trashy breaks with a flair for the dramatic, Dirty Disco is dance floor gold tempered with a rhinestone studded fist.
Pulse: Pure Analog Lifeforms Warm analog synthesis and complex beat structures performed by Richard Devine and crafted on vintage, esoteric gear.
Bunker 8: Progressive House Dynamics Deliciously dark, surprisingly funky, and rhythmically relentless, Progressive House Dynamics features 20 construction kits of banging dance floor anthems.
UNDERGROUND: UK HOUSE & ELECTRO Get your Tube pass and head straight to the UK underground for a sexy, bombastic sound clash of cutting edge house and electro.
Bhangra Breaks: South Asian Beats & Bass DJ Rekha and producer Sunil Sehgal deliver the core elements of contemporary bhangra, wrapped in the urban underground vibe of the NYC Basement Bhangra scene.
FLOW & FUNCTION: The Hip-hop playbook Old school hip-hop funkadelics and deep pockets of mushroom jazz comprise our 08 entry under the bestselling lukecage nom de plume.
afterhours edm: electronic dance music Fifteen templates packed with vibrant e-music instrumentation provide ultimate flexibility in this eclectic collection for the late night club set.
caliente: reggaeton construction kit Blaze up your DAW with these 15 session folders and get low with authentic Dem Bow rhythms and fierce instrumentation.
black paint: indie rock anthems From pop to garage rock to emo screamo, Black Paint comes with everything except the keys to the tour van.
MODULAR ELECTRONICA IDM complete construction kit perfect for crafting heady, downtempo electronica or future retro brokenbeat tracks on any platform.
CINEMATIC FUNK Lukecage gets deep on this soulinfused collection of smoky hip-hop and R&B rare groove artifacts.

Rondo Brothers: Trip-Hop Loops & Samples San Franciscos Rondo Brothers turn their trip-hop odyssey into a multiinstrumental sample library. Contains Limited Edition Full Album
Diamond Cuts: Hip-hop Gems A bottomless trunk full of urban construction kits and precious stone grooves from multifaceted hip-hop producer lukecage.
flammable: club joints & street anthems Hip-hop construction kit includes 15 song starters. Royalty-free use means your club bangin tracks are clean from the start.
pocket diva: world class vocals Break out Pocket Diva for vocal drops on any track that needs a human touch. (Download only)
Poptronica A complete kit giving you the materials to make electronica with superb sonic balance and fidelity.
iced: minimalist electronica Explore modern electronic forms from dub to dirge, crisp and melodic to moonscape static, syncopated and bouncy to completely flatlined.
Rhythmicronics: processed percussion An intricately processed collection of feral grooves that lock up tight with all variations of esoteric electronica.
structure/capture: future retro dance excursions IDM complete construction kit perfect for crafting heady, downtempo electronica or future retro brokenbeat tracks on any platform.
the best of siggi baldursson: the drum loops An Artist Integrated showcase of drum loops compiled by Fretless Monster Tony Franklin.
platinum theory hip-hop A hip-hop playbook with classic soul roots and progressive intent. Enjoy mixing materials from more than 60 unique construction kits.
American Piano Traditional country blues, stride, country rock, and ballad loops, performed by a seasoned pro and edited to perfection.
the electro set A construction kit for making electronica tracks with a classic German/Detroit feel.
electro lounge A construction kit full of mellow grooves, intelligently funky basses, and sparkly ear candy, for making smooth, laid back tracks.
hydroponic hip-hop A complete hip-hop construction kit created by veteran library producer Brian Daly.
Bradley fish: High Strung Chapter Three in the Bradley Fish storybook includes acoustic and electric guitars, low slung bass, world music accents, and more.

Global grooves A smoldering collection of popinflected dancehall, Reggaeton, and hip-hop grooves, sliced and diced into production-ready construction kits.
See our entire Loops & Samples Collection online at

classic Collection

Titles from the Classic Collection are only available direct from Sony Creative Software. Visit for a complete list.
The Classic Collection is just what the name implies. Proven performers. Staples in any well-stocked studio. Classic Collection sample libraries are established must-haves for anyone creating loop-based music. Now at a special low price, available only direct from Sony Creative Software.
Designed exclusively as a companion product for Vegas Pro 8 and 9 software

Vegas Pro

Production Assistant


Automation and Productivity Tools for Broadcasters and Editors
The Vegas Pro Production Assistant plug-in enhances the functionality of Vegas Pro software, streamlining the workflow for professional broadcasters and editors. The Production Assistant plug-in automates many frequent tasks and processes to save hours of tedious editing work. And the Production Assistant is easy to use it includes a complete set of video tutorials to help you get maximum output with minimum effort.
Streamline Your Broadcast Workflow Automatically swap placeholder slugs with program media Automated broadcast color processing presets including correction for tungsten balance, fluorescent lighting, indoor white balance problems and stage lighting issues Quickly remove gaps between media events Widescreen converter tool for complete control over display of HD/SD 16:9/4:3 and mixed media and other automated pan/crop techniques Add image overlays at regular or fixed intervals for automated network bug placement and other watermarks Enhance the Functionality of Vegas Pro Automatically add customized crossfades between video events Efficiently produce powerful video and photo montages Quickly split stereo tracks to separate mono tracks Easily create motion fly-ins over a background for video and still sequences Automatically create volume envelopes to duck audio for voiceover work Convert 4:3 fullscreen clips to 16:9, or pull a 4:3 center-cut from 16:9 material Add a film look to your projects with 21 included video filters Automatically place lower thirds includes over 50 animated lower thirds Batch Processing Create customized presets for repetitive batch processing workflows Encode video with built-in presets for a variety of delivery options Batch process media for playback rate, broadcast color, video filters, marker creation, image sequence creation, crop and aspect ratio, image background/underlay/overlay, audio normalization, and interlace flicker reduction

Boxed Download

Professional Video, Audio, and Blu-ray Disc Creation

Vegas Pro 9

Professional End-to-End Media Creation
The Vegas Pro 9 collection integrates three powerful applications that work seamlessly together to provide an efficient and intuitive environment for video and broadcast professionals. With broad format support, superior effects processing, unparalleled audio support, and a full complement of editorial tools, the Vegas Pro 9 collection streamlines your workflow. From acquisition to delivery, from camera to Blu-ray Disc, the Vegas Pro 9 collection delivers exactly what you need to produce outstanding results.
The Vegas Pro 9 collection includes:
Vegas Pro software offers native format support for nearly all video formats, a highly flexible workflow, and the most powerful audio tools available in an NLE. Use Vegas Pro software to create, edit and deliver anywhere, in the studio or on assignment.

DVD Architect Pro 5

DVD Architect Pro software streamlines DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring. Its intuitive interface and powerful authoring tools provide robust support for menus, subtitles, multiple angles, and special features. DVD Architect Pro software provides an effortless way to create dynamic professional productions.
Dolby Digital Professional Encoder
Officially tested and certified by Dolby Laboratories, Inc., this professional encoding software optimally prepares AC-3 output for surround sound productions on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Encode 5.1 multichannel or stereo mixes to AC-3 format inside Vegas Pro software.
Efficient, Professional Workflow for 32- and 64-bit systems The Vegas Pro 9 interface provides a fully customizable workspace for accomplishing a wide range of production requirements. System-wide media management produces maximum efficiency. Network rendering saves time by using multiple computers and networked drive arrays to render complex projects. Vegas Pro software also supports 24p, HD and HDV editing. Broad Format Support Vegas Pro 9 software natively supports the newest professional camcorder formats including XDCAM EX and RED. Vegas Pro 9 software also includes support for still images greater than one gigapixel in resolution. Use Pan and Scan to create a stunning movie sequence from these large pictures while maintaining HD resolution. Precise Editing Tools Edit SD or HD video with drag-and-drop functionality, mouse and keyboard trimming, and ripple editing. Features include ProType Titling technology, multicamera editing tools, 32-bit floating point video processing, customizable window layouts, color-coded snapping, improved HDV/SDI/XDCAM support, Cinescore plug-in support, A/V synchronization detection and repair, and auto-frame quantization. Powerful Blu-ray Disc Authoring Burn movies to Blu-ray Disc directly from the Vegas Pro timeline for high-definition delivery. Use DVD Architect Pro software (included with the Vegas Pro collection) to author DVDs or Blu-ray Disc media with multiple video angles, subtitles, multiple languages, and special features. Preview and test your work in real time. Apply Brightness and Contrast, Auto Levels, Crop, and Anti-Flicker filters. Set CSS and Macrovision copy-protection flags for masters. Superior Audio Control Use unlimited tracks, 24-bit/192 kHz audio, punch-in recording, 5.1 surround mixing, effects automation, and time compress/expand. Apply customizable, real time audio effects like EQ, Reverb, Delay, and more. Expand your audio processing and mixing options with supported third-party DirectX and VST audio plug-ins. Use the Mixing Console for precise audio control.

ACID Music Studio software is the best way to bring your music to life. It has unlimited tracks for audio and MIDI, pro-level editing features, and over 3,000 genre-spanning, studio quality loops to use in remixes, mashups, and original music. Record multiple instruments or vocals, each on its own track, for flexible mixing and professional polish. To share, burn your mix to CD, post it online, or convert it to another format such as MP3. ACID Music Studio software transforms your PC into the ultimate home studio.
Sound Forge Audio Studio software is everything you need to edit and master professional-quality audio on your home computer. Record live instruments and vocals, edit and restore audio, apply studioquality effects, and convert files with lightning speed. You can even create your own karaoke tracks with the Vocal Eraser tool. Best of all, Sound Forge Audio Studio software is easy to use. With a few basic commands such as cut, copy, and paste, you can produce high-fidelity audio on your PC.

Sony Creative Software

Product Specifications
Sound forge PRO 10 List price: $49995 Pricing
ACID PRO 7 List price: $39995
VEGAS Pro 9 List price: $69995
Direct price: Box: $39995 Download: $37495 Upgrade: $24995
Open, edit, and save mono, stereo or multichannel audio files 24-bit, 32-bit/192 kHz audio file support Over 40 professional studio effects and processes lastique Pro timestretch and pitch shift plug-in iZotope 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither Spectrum analysis tools Acoustic Mirror modeling plug-in Musical instrument file processing Audio restoration tools Batch conversion Interactive tutorials Integrated disc-at-once CD burning Dolby Digital AC-3 export
Direct price: Box: $31995 Download: $29995 Upgrade: $14995
Real-time nondestructive editing Unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI 24-bit, 192kHz hard disk recording Multitrack audio and MIDI recording Inline MIDI editing MIDI filtering and processing External control surface support Full ReWire support Interactive Tutorials 5.1 surround mixing and encoding Frame-accurate video scoring
Direct price: Box: $67995 Download: $59995 Upgrade: $24995
SD/HD-SDI capture compress to Sony XDCAM.mxf Comprehensive XDCAM support, including full proxy workflow Audio mixing console Digital signage editing Multicamera editing tools AVCHD read and write 4K Support Professional lighting effects Support for DPX and OpenEXR formats Native RED ONE (.r3d) file support XDCAM EX file import Support for gigapixel images Gradient wipe transition 5.1 surround mixing tools Blu-ray Disc layout, authoring, and burning Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit SP2 (SP3 recommended) or Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit (SP1 recommended) 1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD) 1 GB (2 GB recommended) 200 MB Windows-compatible sound card DirectX 9.0c or later1 Microsoft.NET Framework 3.021 Internet Explorer 5.1 or later OHCI compatible IEEE-1394DV Card (for DV/HDV capture and print to tape)

Key Features

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later), or Windows Vista (SP2 or later)
Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
CPU (Processor) RAM Hard drive space Sound Card DirectX Microsoft.NET microsoft Internet Explorer DV Card CD Recordable Drive DVD Recordable Drive OTHER
1 GHz 512 MB 300 MB Windows-compatible sound card DirectX 9.0c or later1 Microsoft.NET Framework 2.01 Internet Explorer 5.1 or later
1.8 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended) 1 GB 150 MB (8 GB for optional components) Windows-compatible sound card DirectX 9.0c or later1 Microsoft.NET Framework 3.01 Internet Explorer 5.1 or later

For CD burning

For CD burning Supported DVD-r/-rw/+r /+rw drive (for DVD burning) Supported Blu-ray recordable drive (for Blu-ray burning)

DVD-ROM for installation

Included on installation disc
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Customer Service World-class customer service and technical support at your fingertips. Phone 1.800.577.6642 / 8 am to 6 pm CT, M-F Contact Customer Service online at Methods of Payment Technical Support Have a question about a Sony Creative Software application? Our helpful customer service team maintains an extensive online knowledgebase. Go to to search the knowledgebase for answers to frequently asked questions, step-by-step tutorials, important white papers, and more. If you dont find what yourre looking for, submit an email question to customer service and well do our best to help you in a timely manner. Additionally, we offer several comprehensive support plans that provide peace of mind and added protection should you ever need telephone technical support: Platinum Our Platinum Support Plan provides maximum protection with 180 calendar days of access to Sony Creative Software Technical Support. Platinum Support Plan members receive person-toperson support via a toll-free telephone number, e-mail support, and 24-hour access to our online Knowledgebase. $14995* Gold Our Gold Support Plan provides 60 calendar days of access to Sony Creative Software Technical Support. Gold Support Plan members receive personto-person support via a toll-free telephone number, e-mail support, and 24-hour access to our online Knowledgebase. $99 95* Single Solution Single Solution lets you correspond with Sony Creative Software Technical Support to resolve a single support issue. $29 95*

To purchase or receive additional information on Sony Creative Software Support Solutions, go to, or call 1.800.577.6642. *Available to US and Canada residents only. Terms and Conditions apply. Prices subject to change without notice. See for details.
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Warranty/Returns/Defective Software: To the maximum extent allowed by local law, the software is provided as is. Sony Creative Software, Inc. (SCS) and any third parties whose software is integrated into the software (third party providers) disclaim all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will SCS, SCS affiliates or the third party providers liability to you exceed the price of your purchase. Please review the end user license agreement for the product you purchase for further details. Warranty/Returns/ Defective Goods of Third Parties: SCS makes no representations or warranties with respect to any products listed in this catalog except as provided herein. For all SCS online services, customer support and publications, please review the terms of service or end user license agreement for each product for further information about your rights. For all other products, you must look to the manufacturer of such products for information about their warranties, exclusions and limitations of liability, if any. Note: some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or damages or limitations of liability, so the above exclusions and limitations may not apply to you. Your specific rights may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Products, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. For updated information, please go to Mailing List Services: Should you wish to opt out of any SCS mailing, please contact our Customer Service department at 1.800.577.6642 (US) or email: mdmailprefs@ 2009. Sony Creative Software Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. All rights reserved. ACID, ACIDplanet, CD Architect, DVD Architect, Photo Go, Sound Forge, and Vegas are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Creative Software Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.Sony and are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries.



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