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Sony DCR-SC100Synergy AK-12539 Sony DCR-SC100 Camcorder Accessory Kit Includes SDNPF570 Battery ZELCKSG Care Cleaning DVTAPE Tape/ Media

Sony - Non-HD - DV - MiniDV

Sony DCR-SC100 Camcorder Accessory Kit includes the following items: 1) NP-F570 Lithium-Ion Battery - Rechargeable Ultra High Capacity (2300 mAh) - replacement for Sony NP-F570 Battery 2) Digital Camera/Camcorder Deluxe Cleaning Kit with LCD Screen Guard 3) DVC 60 Minutes Mini DV Video Cassette

Brand: Synergy
Part Number: AK-12539
UPC: 876544578417
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Sony DCR-SC100. Serial Number < 10200 Sony DCR-TRV9E.. Serial Number < 52500 Sony DCR-VX1000E. Serial Number < 42300 Sony DCR-VX9000E. Serial Number < 15900 Panasonic NV-DS27. Serial Number < J. Panasonic NV-DS88. If bought before 2002 JVC GR-DVL140. If bought before Sept. 01 JVC GR-DVL150. If bought before Sept. 01


Sony Corporation

Printed in Japan

3-860-322-13 (1)

Digital Video Camera Recorder

Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.

Manual de instrucciones

Antes de utilizar la unidad, lea este manual por completo y consrvelo para consultar.

Owners Record

The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. DCR-SC100 Model No. AC-V615 Serial No. Serial No.


1997 by Sony Corporation


To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.


This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment.
For the customers in CANADA


Para evitar riesgos de incendio o descargas, no exponga la unidad a la lluvia ni a la humedad. Para evitar descargas elctricas, no abra la unidad y solicite asistencia tcnica slo a personal cualificado.
For the customers in the United States and Canada


You can return your unwanted lithium ion batteries to your nearest Sony Service Center or Factory Service Center. Note: In some areas the disposal of lithium ion batteries in household or business trash may be prohibited. For the Sony Service Center nearest you call 1-800-222-SONY (United States only). For the SONY Factory Service Center nearest you call 416-499-SONY (Canada only). Caution: Do not handle damaged or leaking lithium ion batteries.
PILA DE IONES DE LITIO FORMA APROPIADA DE DESHACERSE DE LAS PILAS Usted podr devolver las pilas de iones de litio a un centro de reparaciones Sony o a una fbrica Sony. Note: En ciertas zonas puede estar prohibido tirar las pilas de iones de litio a la basura. Para informacin sobre el centro de reparaciones Sony ms cercano, llame a 1-800-222-SONY (EE.UU. solamente) Para informacin sobre la fbrica Sony ms cercana, llame a 416-499-SONY (Canad solamente) Precaucin: No utilice pilas de iones de litio daadas o con fugas de electrlito.
For the Customers in the U.S.A.
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy

for playing back/editing

Watching on a TV screen 48 Searching the boundaries of recorded tape with date 51 Searching the scene with title 53 Searching for a photo - photo search/photo scan 54 Returning to a pre-registered position 57 Displaying recording data - data code function 58 Editing onto another tape 59 Replacing recording on a tape - insert recording 62 Audio dubbing 64 Superimposing a title 66 Making a custom title 69 Labeling a cassette 71

Additional Information

Usable cassettes and playback modes 72 Charging the vanadium-lithium battery in the camcorder 74 Resetting the date and time 75 Tips for using the battery pack 77 Maintenance information and precautions 83 Using your camcorder abroad 88 Trouble check 89 Self-diagnosis display 94 Specifications 101 Identifying the parts 103 Warning indicators 112 Index 114
Informacin complementaria
Videocassettes utilizables y modos de reproduccin 72 Carga de la pila de vanadio-litio de la videocmara 74 Reajuste de la fecha y hora 75 Consejos para utilizar el paquete de pilas 77 Informacin y precauciones sobre mantenimiento 83 Uso de la videocmara en el extranjero 88 Solucin de problemas 95 Indicacin de autodiagnstico 100 Especificaciones 102 Identificacin de los componentes 103 Indicadores de aviso 112 Indice alfabtico 115
Using this manual Welcome!
Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Handycam Vision camcorder. With your Handycam Vision you can capture lifes precious moments with superior picture and sound quality. Your Handycam Vision is loaded with advanced features, but at the same time it is very easy to use. You will soon be producing home video that you can enjoy for years to come. As you read through this manual, buttons and settings on the camcorder are shown in capital letters. e.g., Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. As indicated with in the illustrations, you can hear the beep sound to confirm your operation.
Uso de este manual Bienvenido!

Nota sobre el modo de espera Si deja la videocmara en el modo de espera durante 5 minutos con un videocassette insertado, la unidad se apaga automticamente. De esta forma, se evita el desgaste de las pilas y de la cinta. Para reanudar el modo de espera, mientras presiona la tecla verde pequea del interruptor POWER, ajstelo en OFF y, a continuacin, en CAMERA. Para iniciar la grabacin, presione START/STOP. Nota sobre el modo de grabacin Esta videocmara graba y reproduce en los modos SP (reproduccin estndar) y LP (reproduccin de larga duracin). Seleccione SP o LP en el sistema de mens. El modo LP permite grabar 1,5 veces ms que el modo SP.
Notes on LP mode If you use this camcorder under high temperatures to record in LP mode or to play back a tape recorded in LP mode, the picture may become still or noisy with a mosaic pattern, or the sound may be intermittent when the tape is played back. We recommend to use this camcorder to play back a tape recorded on this camcorder. If a tape recorded on other camcorder is played back on this camcorder, or vice versa, mosaicpattern noise may appear. When you record in SP and LP modes on one tape or you record some scenes in LP mode, the playback picture may be distorted or the time code may not be written properly between scenes. When you record in LP mode, we recommend you to use a Sony Excellence/Master mini DV cassette so that you can get the most out of your camcorder. You cannot make audio dubbing on a tape recorded in LP mode. Use the SP mode for the tape to be audio dubbed. Notes on the time code and editing The time code indicates the recording or playback time, "0:00:00" (hours : minutes : seconds) in CAMERA mode and "0:00:00:00" (hours : minutes : seconds : frames) in VTR mode. Do not make a blank portion during recording. If there is a blank portion between pictures: - The time code starts from 0:00:00:00 again, and you cannot rewrite the time code on the tape. - The search and title functions may not operate correctly. Note on the beep sound As indicated with in the illustrations, a beep sounds when you turn the power on or when you start recording, and two beeps sound when you stop recording, confirming the operation. Several beeps also sound as a warning of any unusual condition of the camcorder. Note that the beep sound is not recorded on the tape. If you do not want to hear the beep sound, select OFF in the menu system. Note on remaining tape indicator The indicator may not be displayed accurately depending on the tape. Though the indicator does not appear at the time of recording, it will appear in a few seconds.

Zooming speed (Variable speed zooming)
Press the power zoom switch a little for a relatively slow zoom; press it still more for a high-speed zoom. When you shoot a subject using a telephoto zoom If you cannot get a sharp focus while in extreme telephoto zoom, press the W side of the power zoom switch until the focus is sharp. You can shoot a subject that is at least about 2 5/8 feet (about 80 cm) away from the lens surface in the telephoto position, or about 1/2 inch (about 1 cm) away in the wide-angle position. Notes on digital zoom More than 10x zoom is performed digitally, and the picture quality deteriorates as you go toward the T side. If you do not want to use the digital zoom, set the D ZOOM function to OFF in the menu system. The right side [b] of the power zoom indicator shows the digital zooming zone, and the left side [a] shows the optical zooming zone. If you set the D ZOOM function to OFF, the [b] zone disappears.
Velocidad de zoom (Zoom de velocidad variable)
Presione ligeramente el interruptor de alimentacin de zoom para obtener un zoom relativamente lento, y presinelo en mayor medida para obtener un zoom de alta velocidad. Al filmar sujetos con un zoom de telefoto Si no obtiene un enfoque ntido mientras utiliza el zoom de telefoto en la posicin extrema, presione el lado W del interruptor de alimentacin de zoom hasta obtener un enfoque ntido. Es posible filmar sujetos que se encuentren a una distancia de al menos 80 cm de la superficie del objetivo en la posicin de telefoto, o de 1 cm en la posicin de gran angular. Notas sobre el zoom digital El zoom de ms de 10x se realiza digitalmente, y la calidad de imagen se deteriora al avanzar hacia el lado T. Si no desea utilizar el zoom digital, ajuste la funcin D ZOOM en OFF en el sistema de mens. El lado derecho [b] del indicador de alimentacin de zoom muestra el rea de zoom digital, mientras que el izquierdo [a] muestra el de zoom ptico. Si ajusta la funcin D ZOOM en OFF, la zona [b] desaparecer.

[a] [b]

Selecting the start/stop mode
Your camcorder has two modes besides normal start/stop mode. These modes enable you to take a series of quick shots resulting in a lively video. (1)Set START/STOP MODE to the desired mode. :Recording starts when you press START/ STOP, and stops when you press it again (normal mode). ANTI GROUND SHOOTING : The camcorder records only while you press down START/STOP so that you can avoid recording unnecessary scenes. 5SEC : When you press START/STOP, the camcorder records for 5 seconds and then stops automatically. (2)Press START/STOP. Recording starts. If you selected 5SEC, five dots appear on the LCD screen. The dots disappear at a rate of one per second. When five seconds elapse and all the dots disappear, the camcorder switches to Standby mode automatically.

REC LAMP <ON/OFF> Normalmente, seleccione ON. Seleccione OFF si no desea que se ilumine el indicador de pilas/grabacin con la cmara de la parte frontal de la unidad. CLOCK SET Seleccione este elemento para volver a ajustar la fecha o la hora. DEMO MODE <STBY&ON/OFF> Seleccione STBY&ON para ver una demostracin de las funciones de la videocmara. Seleccione OFF si no desea ver la demostracin. Notas sobre el modo DEMO MODE El ajuste de fbrica de DEMO MODE es STBY (espera) y la demostracin se inicia aproximadamente 10 minutos despus de ajustar el interruptor POWER en CAMERA sin insertar un videocassette. Observe que no es posible seleccionar STBY de DEMO MODE en el sistema de mens. No es posible seleccionar DEMO MODE si ha insertado un videocassette en la videocmara. Si inserta un videocassette durante la demostracin, sta se detendr. Puede iniciar la grabacin con normalidad. El modo DEMO MODE se ajustar automticamente en STBY. Para ver la demostracin inmediatamente Si hay un videocassette insertado, explselo. Seleccione ON de DEMO MODE y elimine la pantalla de men. La demostracin se iniciar. Al apagar la videocmara, el modo DEMO MODE se ajusta automticamente en STBY.

Items for VTR mode only

TITLE DSPL <ON/OFF> Select ON to display the title you have chosen. Select OFF not to display the title. TAPE TITLE Select this item to label the cassette tape. See page 71 for details.
Elementos del modo VTR solamente
TITLE DSPL <ON/OFF> Seleccione ON para mostrar el ttulo elegido. Seleccione OFF si no desea mostrar el ttulo. TAPE TITLE Seleccione este elemento para asignar un nombre a la cinta. Consulte la pgina 71 para ms informacin.
AUDIO MIX* Select this item and adjust the balance between the stereo 1 and stereo 2 by turning the CONTROL dial. CM SEARCH <ON/OFF> Select ON to search using cassette memory. Select OFF to search without using cassette memory. DATA CODE <DATE/CAM or DATE> Select DATE/CAM to display date and recording data during playback. Select DATE to display date during playback. AUTO TV ON <OFF/ON> You can use this feature only with Sony TVs. Select ON to turn on the TV automatically when using the LASER LINK function. Select OFF not to turn on the TV. TV INPUT <VIDEO1/VIDEO2/VIDEO3/OFF> Select 1 or 2 or 3 of the video input on the TV which the IR receiver (not supplied) is connected to when using the LASER LINK function. * These settings are retained even when the battery is removed, as long as the vanadiumlithium battery is charged. As far as the items without an asterisk are concerned, their settings return to the default 5 minutes or more after the battery is removed. When recording a close subject When REC LAMP is set to ON, the red camera recording lamp on the front of the camcorder may reflect on the subject if it is close. In this case, we recommend you set REC LAMP to OFF. Note When playing back a tape recorded in the 16-bit mode, you cannot adjust the balance in AUDIO MIX. If you select BRIGHT in LCD B.L. menu, the battery life while recording becomes 10 to 20% shorter. When you use the power sources except for a battery pack, the menu item LCD B.L. is set to BRIGHT automatically and the item does not appear in the screen.

When fading out [b]

(1)During recording, press FADER. The fade indicator starts flashing. (2)Press START/STOP to stop recording. The fade indicator stops flashing, and then recording stops.

Desaparicin gradual [b]

(1)Durante la grabacin, presione FADER. El indicador de atenuacin comienza a parpadear. (2)Presione START/STOP para detener la grabacin. El indicador de atenuacin deja de parpadear y, a continuacin, la grabacin se detiene. REC


To cancel the fade-in/fade-out function
Before pressing START/STOP, press FADER until the fade indicator disappears. When the POWER switch is set to PHOTO, or the START/STOP MODE switch is set to or 5SEC You cannot use the fade-in/fade-out function. Notes on titles You cannot superimpose a title while fading in and after pressing FADER to fade out. While a title is displayed, the picture does not fade in or out.
Para cancelar la funcin de aparicin y desaparicin gradual
Antes de presionar START/STOP, presione FADER hasta que el indicador de atenuacin desaparezca. Si el interruptor POWER est ajustado en PHOTO, o si el interruptor START/STOP MODE est ajustado en o 5SEC No ser posible emplear la funcin de aparicin y desaparicin gradual. Notas sobre los ttulos No es posible superponer ttulos durante la aparicin gradual de imgenes ni despus de presionar FADER para la desaparicin gradual de imgenes. Mientras se visualiza un ttulo, la imagen no aparece ni desaparece gradualmente.
Shooting with backlighting
When you shoot a subject with the light source behind the subject or a subject with a light background, use the BACK LIGHT function. Press BACK LIGHT. The c indicator appears on the LCD screen.
Filmacin con luz de fondo
Emplee la funcin BACK LIGHT al filmar sujetos con la fuente de iluminacin situada detrs de ellos o sujetos con fondo luminoso. Presione BACK LIGHT. El indicador c aparece en la pantalla LCD.
[a] Subject is too dark because of backlight. [b]Subject becomes bright with backlight compensation.
[a]El sujeto est demasiado oscuro debido a la luz de fondo. [b]El sujeto aparece con brillo mediante la compensacin de luz de fondo.

After shooting

Seleccin del modo de imagen panormica
(1) Presione MENU para que el men aparezca en la pantalla LCD. (2) Gire el dial CONTROL para seleccionar 16:9 WIDE y, a continuacin, presinelo. (3) Gire el dial CONTROL para seleccionar ON y, a continuacin, presinelo. (4) Presione MENU para que desaparezca el men.



To cancel wide mode

Select OFF in step 3, then press the CONTROL dial.
Para cancelar el modo panormico
Seleccione OFF en el paso 3 y, a continuacin, presione el dial CONTROL.
To watch the tape recorded in wide mode
To watch the tape recorded in wide mode, set it to full mode. For details, refer to the instruction manual of your TV. Note that the picture recorded in wide mode looks compressed on a normal TV. Notes on wide mode You cannot select or cancel the wide mode during recording. The SteadyShot function does not work in wide mode. If you select 16:9WIDE ON when the SteadyShot is on, the indicator flashes and the SteadyShot stops working.
Para ver la cinta grabada en el modo panormico
Para ver la cinta grabada en el modo panormico, realice el ajuste en el modo completo. Para ms informacin, consulte el manual de instrucciones del TV. Observe que la imagen grabada en el modo panormico aparece comprimida en un TV normal. Notas sobre el modo panormico No es posible seleccionar ni cancelar este modo durante la grabacin. La funcin de estabilizacin de imagen SteadyShot no funciona en el modo 16:9WIDE ON. Si selecciona 16:9WIDE ON mientras la funcin de estabilizacin de imagen est activada, el indicador parpadea y la funcin se detiene. 43
Using the PROGRAM AE function
You can select from six PROGRAM AE (Auto Exposure) modes to suit your shooting situation. When you use PROGRAM AE, you can get a Portrait effect (the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus), capture high-speed action, record night views, etc.
Uso de la funcin PROGRAM AE
Es posible seleccionar el modo PROGRAM AE (exposicin automtica), de los seis existentes, que mejor se adapte a la situacin de filmacin. El empleo de la funcin PROGRAM AE permite obtener un efecto de retrato (el sujeto aparece enfocado y el fondo desenfocado), capturar acciones a alta velocidad, grabar vistas nocturnas, etc.

Selecting the best mode

Select a proper PROGRAM AE mode referring to the following discription.

Seleccin del mejor modo

Seleccione el modo PROGRAM AE adecuado; para ello, consulte la siguiente descripcin.
: Spotlight mode Recording a subject spotlighted on a stage or at a wedding ceremony, etc. : Soft portrait mode To record A still subject such as a person or flower A softened picture A person in clearer flesh tones : Sports lesson mode Capturing high-speed action in sports such as golf or tennis : Beach & Ski mode Recording a person in a place such as on the beach or in the ski slopes where there is a lot of reflection : Sunset & Moon mode Recording sunset, night views, fireworks or neon signs : Landscape mode Recording a landscape through a window or wire net Notes on focus setting In the Spotlight, Sports lesson and Beach & Ski modes, you cannot take close-ups because the camcorder is set to focus only on subjects in the middle to far distance. In the Sunset & Moon and Landscape modes, the camcorder is set to focus only on distant subjects.

Superimposing a title

If you use a tape with cassette memory, you can superimpose the titles while recording or after recording. When you playback the tape, the title is displayed for 5 seconds from the point where you superimposed it. You can select from eight preset titles and one original (CUSTOM TITLE) to superimpose over the picture.

Superposicin de ttulos

Si utiliza una cinta con memoria en cassette, podr superponer los ttulos durante o despus de la grabacin. Al reproducir la cinta, el ttulo aparece durante 5 segundos a partir del punto donde lo haya superpuesto. Es posible realizar la seleccin entre ocho ttulos predefinidos y uno original (CUSTOM TITLE) para superponerlo en la imagen.

Superimposing titles

(1)Press TITLE to display the titles on the LCD screen. (2)Turn the CONTROL dial to select the title, then press the CONTROL dial. (3)Turn the CONTROL dial to select the color, size, or position, then press the CONTROL dial. (4)Turn the CONTROL dial to select the desired item, then press the CONTROL dial. (5)Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the title is arranged as desired. (6)Press CONTROL dial again to complete the setting.
(1)Presione TITLE para que los ttulos aparezcan en la pantalla LCD. (2)Gire el dial CONTROL para seleccionar el ttulo y, a continuacin, presinelo. (3)Gire el dial CONTROL para seleccionar el color, el tamao o la posicin y, a continuacin, presinelo. (4)Gire el dial CONTROL para seleccionar el elemento que desee y, a continuacin, plselo. (5)Repita los pasos 3 y 4 hasta que el ttulo quede definido como desee. (6)Vuelva a presionar el dial CONTROL para completar el ajuste.


While you are playing back, pausing, or recording
After step 6, the SAVE indicator appears on the screen for 5 seconds and the title is set.
Durante el modo de reproduccin, pausa o grabacin
Despus del paso 6, el indicador SAVE aparece en pantalla durante 5 segundos y el ttulo queda ajustado.

While in Standby mode

After step 6, the TITLE indicator appears. And when you press START/STOP to start recording, SAVE appears on the screen for 5 seconds and the title is set.
Durante el modo de espera
Despus del paso 6, aparece el indicador TITLE, y al pulsar START/STOP para iniciar la grabacin, aparece SAVE en pantalla durante 5 segundos y el ttulo queda ajustado.
Titles are placed from the top of the screen as follows: HELLO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HOLIDAYS CONGRATULATIONS! OUR SWEET BABY WEDDING VACATION THE END CUSTOM TITLE. When you have stored an original title The title appears above CUSTOM TITLE. Title Colors (COL) changes as follows: WHT(White) YEL(Yellow) CYAN(Cyan) GRN(Green) VIO(Violet) RED(Red) BLUE(Blue). Title Size (SIZE) changes as follows: LG (Large)SM (Small). When the title size LG is selected, the number of characters you can select is up to 12 characters in one title. If you select 13 or more characters, all of the characters are not displayed properly. Title Position (POS) changes as follows: If you select the title size LG, you can choose 8 positions. When you select the title size SM, you can choose 9 positions at all. Larger the position number, the position of the title goes down. To display no title during playback Set TITLE DSPL to OFF in the menu system. Notes on titles While the title is displayed, the picture does not fade in or out. You cannot superimpose a title while fading in and after pressing FADER to fade out. You cannot superimpose a title to a blank portion of the tape. The titles are not displayed correctly in the blank portion of the tape. The titles you superimposed are displayed by only using the DV format video equipment with index titler function. The title may be detected as an index signal by mistake when the tape is played back on other players. Notes on the cassettes If you use a cassette tape set to prevent accidental erasure, you cannot superimpose the title. Slide the protect tab so that the red portion is not visible. About 15 to 26 titles are possible in one cassette, if one title consists of about 5 characters. If the tape has too many index signals, you may not be able to superimpose a title because the memory is full.

Be sure to observe the following
Keep the battery pack away from fire. Keep the battery pack dry. Do not open nor try to disassemble the battery pack. Do not expose the battery pack to any mechanical shock.
Asegrese de observar lo siguiente:
Mantenga el paquete de pilas alejado del fuego. Mantenga seco el paquete de pilas. No abra ni intente desmontar el paquete de pilas. No exponga el paquete de pilas a golpes mecnicos.
The switch on the battery pack
This switch is provided so that you can identify a charged battery pack. Set the switch to the green mark position when charging is completed. (When the battery pack is removed from the AC power adaptor after charging, the switch automatically moves to the green mark position.
Interruptor del paquete de pilas
Este interruptor se proporciona para que sea posible identificar si el paquete est cargado. Ajuste el interruptor en la posicin de la marca verde una vez finalizada la carga. (Al extraer el paquete de pilas del adaptador de alimentacin de CA despus de la carga, el interruptor se desplaza automticamente a la posicin de la marca verde).
The life of the battery pack
If the battery indicator flashes rapidly just after turning on the camcorder with a fully charged battery pack, the battery pack should be replaced with a new fully charged one.
Duracin del paquete de pilas
Si el indicador de pilas parpadea rpidamente inmediatamente despus de encender la videocmara con un paquete de pilas completamente cargado, ser necesario sustituir dicho paquete por otro nuevo completamente cargado.

Charging temperature

You should charge batteries at temperatures from 50F to 86F (from 10C to 30C). Lower temperatures require a longer charging time.

Temperatura de carga

Las pilas deben cargarse con una temperatura comprendida entre 50F y 86F (10C y 30C). Las temperaturas bajas requieren un tiempo de carga mayor.
Notes on the InfoLITHIUM Battery Pack
What is the InfoLITHIUM battery pack
The InfoLITHIUM battery pack is a lithium battery pack which can exchange data with compatible video equipment about its battery consumption. Sony recommends that you use the InfoLITHIUM battery pack with video equipment having the mark. When you use this battery pack with video equipment having the mark, the video equipment will indicate the remaining battery time in minutes.* However, if you use it with video equipment not having this mark, the remaining battery capacity will not be indicated in minutes. * The indication may not be accurate depending on the condition and environment which the equipment is used under.


Camcorder operation
Operate the camcorder on 7.2 V (battery pack) or 8.4 V (AC power adaptor). Should any solid object or liquid get inside the casing, unplug the camcorder and have it checked by Sony dealer before operating it any further. Avoid rough handling or mechanical shock. Be particularly careful of the lens. Keep the POWER switch set to OFF when not using the camcorder. Do not wrap up the camcorder and operate it since heat may build up internally. Keep the camcorder away from strong magnetic fields or mechanical vibration.


Funcionamiento de la videocmara
Alimente la videocmara con 7,2 V (paquete de pilas) o 8,4 V (adaptador de alimentacin de CA). Si se introduce algn objeto slido o lquido en la unidad, desenchfela y haga que sea revisada por un proveedor Sony antes de volver a utilizarla. Evite manejarla bruscamente y los golpes mecnicos. Tenga especial cuidado con el objetivo. Mantenga el interruptor POWER ajustado en OFF cuando no utilice la videocmara. No envuelva la videocmara para utilizarla, ya que puede producirse recalentamiento interno. Mantenga la videocmara alejada de campos magnticos intensos y de vibraciones mecnicas.

On handling tapes

Do not insert anything in the small holes on the cassette. Do not open the tape protect cover or touch the tape. Avoid touching or damaging the terminals. To remove dust, clean the terminals with a soft cloth.

Manejo de las cintas

No inserte nada en los orificios pequeos del videocassette. No abra la cubierta de proteccin de la cinta ni toque sta. Evite tocar o daar los terminales. Para eliminar el polvo, limpie los terminales con un pao suave.

Camcorder care

When the camcorder is not to be used for a long time, disconnect the power source and remove the cassette. Periodically turn on the power, operate the camera and player sections and play back a tape for about 3 minutes. Clean the lens with a soft brush to remove dust. If there are fingerprints on the lens, remove them with a soft cloth. Clean the camcorder body with a dry soft cloth, or a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any type of solvent which may damage the finish. Do not let sand get into the camcorder. When you use the camcorder on a sandy beach or in a dusty place, protect it from the sand or dust. Sand or dust may cause the unit to malfunction, and sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired.

The power goes off.

The battery pack is quickly discharged.


START/STOP does not operate.
The tape is stuck to the drum. m Eject the cassette. (p. 11) The tape has run out. m Rewind the tape or use a new one. (p. 23) The POWER switch is set to VTR. m Set it to CAMERA. (p. 13) The tab on the cassette is out (red). m Use a new cassette or slide the tab. (p. 11) The battery is dead. m Use a charged battery pack or the AC power adaptor. (p. 7, 28)
The cassette cannot be removed from the holder.
{ and 6 indicators flash and no function Moisture condensation has occurred. except for cassette ejection works. m Remove the cassette and leave the camcorder for at least 1 hour. (p. 83) CLOCK SET appears when the Reset the date and time. (p. 75) camcorder is turned on. The End Search function does not activate. You did not make a new recording after reinserting the cassette. The tape without cassette memory ejected after recording.
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The tape does not move when a tape transport button is pressed.
The POWER switch is set to CAMERA or OFF. m Set it to VTR. (p. 23) The tape has run out. m Rewind the tape or use a new one. (p. 23) The volume is turned to the minimum. m Press VOLUME +. (p. 23) AUDIO MIX is set to ST2 side in the menu system. m Adjust AUDIO MIX in the menu system (p. 30). AUDIO MIX is set to ST1 side in the menu system. m Adjust AUDIO MIX in the menu system (p. 30). STEADYSHOT is set to OFF in the menu system. m Set it to ON. (p. 46) The POWER switch is set to PHOTO. m Set it to CAMERA. The START/STOP MODE switch is set to 5SEC or m Set it to. (p. 18) Focus is fixed. m Release the focus lock function. (p. 19) The START/STOP MODE switch is set to 5SEC or m Set it to. (p. 18) TITLE DSPL is set to OFF in the menu system. m Set it to ON in the menu system. (p. 67) The tape has no cassette memory. m Use a tape with cassette memory. (p. 66) The cassette memory is full. m Erase another title. (p. 68) The tape is set to prevent accidental erasure. m Slide the protect tab so that red portion is not visible. (p. 11) The fader function is working. m Wait until the fader function is finished. (p. 36) Nothing is recorded in that position on the tape. m Superimpose the title to the recorded position. (p. 66) The tape has no cassette memory. m Use a tape with cassette memory. (p. 71) The cassette memory is full. m Erase some titles. (p. 68) The tape is set to prevent accidental erasure. m Slide the protect tab so that red portion is not visible. (p. 11) The tape has no cassette memory. m Use a tape with cassette memory. (p. 51) CM SEARCH is set to OFF in the menu system. m Set it to ON. (p. 30).

No function works though the power is on.
The numbers or letters of 5 characters is displayed as a counter.
The VTR/CAMERA or CHARGE lamp does not light. The CHARGE lamp flashes.

Corrective actions

Disconnect the power cord. After about 1 minute, reconnect the power cord. (p. 7) See the chart on the next page.
When the CHARGE lamp flashes
Check through the following chart.
Remove the battery pack from the AC power adaptor. Then install the same battery pack again.
When the CHARGE lamp flashes again Install another battery pack.
When the CHARGE lamp does not flash again If the CHARGE lamp lights up and goes out after a while, there is no problem. *
When the CHARGE lamp flashes again The problem is with the AC power adaptor.
When the CHARGE lamp does not flash again If the CHARGE lamp lights up and goes out after a while, the problem is with the battery pack installed first.
Please contact your nearest Sony dealer in connection with the product with the problem.
* If you use a battery pack which you have just bought or which has been left unused for a long time, the CHARGE lamp may flash at the first charging. This does not indicate a problem. Repeat again to charge with same battery pack.

Self-diagnosis display

The camcorder has a self-diagnosis display. This function displays the camcorders condition with five digits (a combination of a letter and figures) on the LCD screen. If this occurs, check the following code chart. The five-digit display informs you of the camcorders current condition. The last two digits (indicated by ) will differ depending on the state of the camcorder.

LCD screen STBY

C : 21: 00
Self-diagnosis display C:: You can service the camcorder yourself. E:: Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony facility. Five-digit display
Moisture condensation has occurred. m Remove the cassette and leave the camcorder for at least 1 hour. (p. 83) The video heads are dirty. m Clean the heads using the Sony DVM12CL cleaning cassette (not supplied). (p. 84) You are using a battery pack that is not an InfoLITHIUM battery pack. m Use an InfoLITHIUM battery pack. (p. 7) A servicable situation not malfunctioned above has occurred. m Remove the cassette and insert it again, then operate the camcorder. (p. 11) m Disconnect the power cord of the AC power adaptor or remove the battery pack. After reconnecting the power source, operate the camcorder. A camcorder malfunction which you cannot service has occurred. m Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility and inform them of the five digits. (example: E:61:10)

C:31: C:32:

C:23: C:31: C:32:

Si no puede resolver el problema, pngase en contacto con un proveedor Sony o con un centro de servicio tcnico Sony autorizado.


Video camera recorder


Video recording system Two rotary heads, Helical scanning system Audio recording system Rotary heads, PCM system Quantization: 12bits (Fs 32kHz, stereo 1, stereo 2) Video signal NTSC color, EIA standards Usable cassette Mini DV cassette with logo printed Tape speed SP: Approx. 18.81 mm/s LP: Approx. 12.56 mm/s Recording/playback time SP mode: 1 hour (DVM60) LP mode: 1.5 hours (DVM60) Fastforward/rewind time Approx. 2 min. 30 s (DVM60) (using with battery pack) Approx. 1 min. 45 s (DVM60) (using with AC power adaptor) Image device CCD (Charge Coupled Device 1/4) Lens Combined power zoom lens, 120x (Digital), 10x (Optical) Focal distance f = 0.165 to 1.65 inches (4.2 to 42 mm) (48 to 480 mm when converted into a 35 mm still camera) F 1.8 2.9 TTL autofocus system inner focus wide macro system Color temperature Auto Minimum illumination 2 lux at F 1.8 Illumination range 2 to 100,000 lux Recommended illumination More than 100 lux
Input and output connectors
S video output 4-pin mini DIN Luminance signal: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced, sync negative Chrominance signal: 0.3 Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced Audio/Video output Special minijack V: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced, sync negative A: 327 mV (at output impedance more than 47 kilohms) DV input/output 4-pin special connector Headphones jack Stereo mini jack ( 3.5 mm) MIC input Stereo minijack ( 3.5 mm), 0.388 mm, DC 2.5 V Input impedance 6.8 kilohms lLANC Stereo miniminijack ( 2.5 mm)
Power requirements* 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Power consumption 25 W Output voltage DC OUT: 8.4 V, 1.8 A in operating mode Battery charge terminal: 8.4 V, 1.4 A in charge mode Application Sony battery pack NP-F530 lithium ion type Operating temperature 32F to 104F (0C to 40C) Storage temperature 4F to 140F (20C to 60C) Dimensions Approx. 21/4 x 13/4 x 41/4 inches (w/h/d) (57 x 44 x 107 mm) Mass Approx. 60 oz (190 g) * Canadian Standard Association (CSA) certifies 120 V AC only. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Video/Audio IR special transmission system Audio carrier Lch: 4.3 MHz Rch: 4.8 MHz



MZ-N505 AD30VT-XL DVP-FX94 RE-301 DCR-DVD106E SL1T-X DE500 Stylus C65 GT-I8000 M8 EMX2000 Pro 860 DV-W1E Visteon 6500 B1561 UT32-XP770W Player 64600-W XM-5026 S1021 S-3500 MDR-EX38IP LC-40LE700S Neobio 40 Abit AN6E 620 USB Fiat 600R AM466 VP-D375W 14SH744 4 Lens ESF45010S TLM-23201B Vectis S1 4100N GSA-5163D BS-12150 Camera 350 USB C-370 Zoom Travelmate 3010 Mcintosh C24 LN26A450 BX6R2 Kronys 200W 32TA2800 ADX5655 STR-DB895D RC-1000 P5VD1-X SA-PM27 XV535-2000 Silver Evo4 SC-L860 DEH-P8600MP Review 32LC4 UR4-P360 X6170 HL-5070N Firefly Kids Evolution 2 Walkman LC-20S5U Shadows SCH-V410 FP-7F DVR91DG Sagem D85C AX1000G VGN-TZ31xn B Express Gpsmap 76C 48 Sphw L100 Zelda AP610N SRU5110 87 Latitude C640 MIO C230 AR-FX4 WGR614V6 WR250F-2005 Smartphones PK 101 BCS-303 B5741-5-M ES-2047 PRO V5 H6300 Naturallyspeaking 6 GC4411 DX100 Meter Iiif Green CTK-200 Chat NOW Abit KD7 Platinum CDI210 Nikon F75D


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