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Sony KDL-42V4100Brateck WALLM14-118 Black Tilting/Tilt Wall Mount Bracket for Sony KDL-42V4100 KDL42V4100 42 LCD HDTV Television/TV

HD 720p - 18 inch - LCD - Sony

This high quality tilting wall mount bracket supports most* 36" to 63" flat panel screen LCD/plasma TVs and monitors. It's toughened steel construction supports up to 165lbs and has a variable 0? to -15? *Mounting holes on television should be 28" or less apart horizontally and 18.5" or less apart vertically

Brand: Brateck
Part Number: WALLM14-118
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RainDaemon 10:30am on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 
"Bad out of the box and not a 120 MHZ as advertised by Bestbuy in their circular...

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LCD Digital Color TV

Operating Instructions

KDL-32XBR6 KDL-40V4100 KDL-40W4100 KDL-37XBR6 KDL-42V4100 KDL-46W4100 KDL-40V4150 KDL-46V4100 KDL-52W4100 KDL-52V4100 KDL-46W4150

2008 Sony Corporation

Owners Record
The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the TV. Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this TV.
This television includes a QAM demodulator which should allow you to receive unscrambled digital cable television programming via subscription service to a cable service provider. Availability of digital cable television programming in your area depends on the type of programming and signal provided by your cable service provider.

Model Name Serial No.

Licensing Information
Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC. Fergason Patent Properties, LLC: U.S. Patent No. 5,717,422 U.S. Patent No. 6,816,141 Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. In the United States, TV Guide and other related marks are registered marks of Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or one of its affiliates. In Canada, TV Guide is a registered mark of Transcontinental Inc., and is used under license by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. The TV Guide On Screen system is manufactured under license from Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or one of its affiliates. The TV Guide On Screen system is protected by one or more of the following United States patents 4,908,713; 6,498,895; 6,850,693; 6,396,546; 5,940,073; 6,239,794 to Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc. and/or its related affiliates are not in any way liable for the accuracy or availability of the program schedule information or other data in the TV Guide On Screen system and cannot guarantee service availability in your area. In no event shall Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. and/or its related affiliates be liable for any damages in connection with the accuracy or availability of the program schedule information or other data in the TV Guide On Screen system.


To prevent electric shock and blade exposure, do not use this polarized AC plug with an extension cord, receptacle or other outlet unless the blades can be fully inserted. s Operate the TV only on 120 V AC.
Blu-ray Disc is a trademark. BRAVIA and , S-Force, Motionflow, BRAVIA Sync, , DMex and x.v. Color are trademarks or registered marks of Sony Corporation. XrossMediaBar is a trademark of Sony Corporation. XMB is a trademark of Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PLAYSTATION is a registered trademark and PS3 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Adobe is a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in United States and/or other countries.
Declaration of Conformity
Trade Name: SONY Model: KDL-32XBR6/KDL-37XBR6/ KDL-40V4150/KDL-40V4100/ KDL-42V4100/KDL-46V4100/ KDL-52V4100/KDL-40W4100/ KDL-46W4100/KDL-52W4100/ KDL-46W4150 Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, CA 92127 U.S.A. Telephone Number: 858-942-2230 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: s Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. s Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. s Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. s Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/ TV technician for help. Pursuant to FCC regulations, you are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment.

attach one side of the angle brace to the wall stud. attach the other side to the TV stand.

Angle brace

Rope or chain (strong enough to support the weight of the TV). Make sure that there is no excess slack in the rope or chain. An alternative way to secure the TV is with an optional Sony Support Belt Kit.

Anchor bolt

Screw Screw hole on the Table-Top Stand
Contact Sony Customer Support to obtain the optional Support Belt Kit by providing your TV model name. For United States call: 1-800-488-7669 or visit: For Canada call: 1-877-899-7669
Anchor the TV to the Wall Use the hardware listed below (not supplied): Two M6 12-18 mm anchor bolts (screw into the top-most wall-mount holes located on the rear of the TV) Rope or chain (attach to one M6 anchor bolt) Wall-anchor (attach to the wall stud) strong enough to support the weight of the TV (pass the rope through the wall-anchor, then attach to the other M6 anchor bolt)

Anchor bolts

Wall-mount holes

Rope or chain

Wallanchor Stand
Secure the TV to the Stand Use the optional hardware listed below (not supplied): M6 10-12 mm anchor bolt (screwed into the TVs Table-Top Stand) A screw or similar (attach it to the TV stand)
Securing the TV to the stand without securing it and the stand to the wall provides minimum protection against the TV toppling over. For further protection, follow all three measures recommended above.
2. Locating Inputs and Outputs

Rear of TV















Side Panel
KDL-32XBR6/KDL-37XBR6/ KDL-42V4100
KDL-40V4150/KDL-40V4100/ KDL-46V4100/KDL-52V4100/ KDL-40W4100/KDL-46W4100/ KDL-52W4100/KDL-46W4150


This TV displays all video input signals in a resolution of 1,920 dots 1,080 lines. An HDMI or Component video (YPBPR) connection is required to view 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p video formats. 1080/24p is available only with HDMI connection.



Connects to the S VIDEO output jack of video equipment. If both composite video and S VIDEO are connected, S VIDEO signal has priority. Getting Started Connects to the composite video and audio output jacks on your A/V equipment.
If you have mono equipment, connect its audio output jack to the TVs L (MONO) audio input jack. Connects to your equipments component video (YPBPR) and audio (L/R) jacks.
2 COMPONENT IN 1/2 (1080p/1080i/ 720p/480p/480i)/ L-AUDIO-R 3 PC IN (RGB/AUDIO)
Connects to a personal computers video and audio output connector (see page 14). Can also be connected to other analog RGB equipment. See PC Input Signal Reference Chart on page 14 for the signals that can be displayed.
For some Apple Macintosh computers, it may be necessary to use an adapter (not supplied). If this is the case, connect the adapter to the computer before connecting the HD15-HD15 cable. If the picture is noisy, flickering or not clear, adjust Phase and Pitch of Screen settings on page 36. 4 HDMI IN 1/2/3 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface between this TV and any HDMI-equipped A/V equipment. HDMI supports enhanced, or high-definition video, plus digital audio. If the equipment has a DVI jack and not an HDMI jack, connect the DVI jack to the HDMI IN 4 (with DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter) jack, and connect the audio jack to the AUDIO IN (L/R) jacks of HDMI IN 4.


Be sure to use only an HDMI cable that bears the HDMI logo. When connecting a DVI-equipped PC to an HDMI jack, also connect an Audio cable between the PC and R-AUDIO-L jack. 5 DMex/ SERVICE 6 DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) This USB port is for service only unless you are connecting the optional BRAVIA external module (DMex). Connects to the optical audio input of your digital audio equipment that is PCM/Dolby* Digital compatible.
7 AUDIO OUT (VAR/ Connects to the left and right audio input jacks of your analog audio equipment. You can FIX) use these outputs to listen to your TVs audio through your stereo system. 8 CABLE/ ANTENNA RF input that connects to your cable or VHF/UHF antenna.
9 AC power cord or Connects to your power source. For models with attached cords: Plug the cord into the AC IN nearest wall outlet. For models with separate cords: Connect the supplied power cord to AC IN and the nearest wall outlet.
* Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

3. Connecting the TV

Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna System
You can enjoy high-definition and standarddefinition digital programming (if available in your area) along with standard-definition analog programming.
HD Cable Box/HD Satellite Box

You can enjoy high-definition programming by subscribing to a high-definition cable service or a high-definition satellite service. For the best possible picture, make sure you connect this equipment to your TV via the HDMI or component video (with audio) input on the back of your TV. Shown with HDMI Connection
This TV is capable of receiving unscrambled digital programming for both cable (QAM and 8VSB) and external VHF/UHF antenna (ATSC). It is strongly recommended that you connect the CABLE/ANTENNA input using a 75-ohm coaxial cable to receive optimum picture quality. A 300-ohm twin lead cable can be easily affected by radio frequency interference, resulting in signal degradation.


Cable or VHF/UHF (or VHF only)
75-ohm coaxial cable Rear of TV CABLE/ANTENNA
Cable System and VHF/UHF Antenna System
Use an optional A-B RF switch (not supplied) to switch between the cable and over-the-air antenna programming, as indicated below.
A-B RF switch Cable Antenna

HDMI cable

CATV/Satellite antenna cable
HD cable box/ HD satellite box


Be sure to set the Signal Type setting to Cable or Antenna in the Channel settings for the type of input signal you choose (see page 37).
Shown with DVI Connection

DVI-to-HDMI cable

AUDIO-R (red) AUDIO-L (white)

Audio cable

If the equipment has a DVI jack and not an HDMI jack, connect the DVI jack to the HDMI IN 4 (with DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter) jack and connect the audio jack to the AUDIO IN (L/R) jacks of HDMI IN 4. For details, see page 11.
Shown with Component Connection
AUDIO-R (red) AUDIO-L (white) PR (red) PB (blue) Y (green) Component video cable
Use the TV as a monitor for your PC by connecting a HD15 to HD15 cable as shown below. This TV can also be connected to a PC with a DVI or HDMI output. (Refer to the separate Quick Setup Guide.)


HD15-HD15 cable (analog RGB)
Audio cable (stereo mini plugs)
Connect the PC IN jack to the PC using an HD15HD15 cable with ferrite core (analog RGB) and audio cable (see page 11). If the PC is connected to the TV and no signal has been input from the PC for more than 30 seconds, the TV enters the standby mode automatically (see page 42).
PC Input Signal Reference Chart After connecting the PC to the TV, set the output signal from the PC according to the supported resolutions and timings indicated below.

Supported resolutions Signal Horizontal (Pixel)
VGA 720 SVGA XGA 1,024 1,024 1,024 WXGA 1,280 1,280 1,280 1,360 SXGA HDTV 1,280 1,920

Vertical (Line)

1,024 1,080

Horizontal frequency (kHz)
31.5 37.5 31.5 37.9 46.9 48.4 56.5 60.0 47.4 47.8 60.3 47.7 64.0 67.5

Vertical frequency (Hz)

This TVs PC input does not support Sync on Green or Composite Sync. This TVs PC VGA input does not support interlaced signals. Your PC must support one of the above PC input signals to display on the television. For the best picture quality, it is recommended to use the signals (boldfaced) in the above chart with a 60 Hz vertical frequency. In plug and play, signals with a 60 Hz vertical frequency will be detected automatically. (PC reboot may be necessary.) * The 1080p timing when applied to the HDMI input will be treated as a video timing and not PC timing. This affects Picture settings, Wide Mode settings, and PIP function. To view PC content set Picture Mode to Custom, Wide Mode to Full, and Display Area to Full Pixel.

Other Equipment

Personal computer Blu-ray Disc Player/ PS3 DVD player Digital satellite receiver Digital cable box Audio system


VCR Game system

Digital recorder

Analog Digital audio audio equipment equipment (A/V Receiver/Home Theater)


Refer to the Quick Setup Guide (supplied) when connecting other equipment to your TV.
4. Setting Up the Channel List Initial Setup
The Initial Setup screen appears when you turn on the TV for the first time.
Initial Setup Step 1 of 6
Please select a language. Language settings will apply to on screen display as well as default audio for digital channels. Highlight a choice and press to continue.
If the language that you have selected in the Language setting is available from the broadcaster as Alternate Audio language, your TV will automatically switch to the matching language with the Alternate Audio feature. The Alternate Audio option may be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the remote control when an alternate audio stream is available from the broadcaster. Alternate Audio is available only for digital programs (see page 35).

The 5, PLAY and CH+ buttons have a tactile dot. Use them as a reference when operating the TV.


Press to open the TV Guide On Screen system. Press again to exit the Guide. For instructions on using a specific menu, see How to Use TV Guide On Screen on page 26.


Press to go back to the previous screen or exit from the screen when displaying menu items and settings. Press to display the TV Home Menu/XMB to access the TV Home Menu items such as the TV Settings, TV channels and External Inputs list (see pages 5 and 29).
Product Support Clock/Timers

qg x qh 9 DMe qj 9 0

0 0-9 ENT qa qs VOL +/ qd MUTING qf POWER qg FREEZE
Press to access features in the optional BRAVIA external module (e.g. DMX-NV1). See your dealer or for more information. The module may not be available in all regions. Press 0-9 to select a channel; the channel changes after two seconds. Press ENT to change channels immediately. Use with 0-9 and ENT to select digital channels. For example, to enter 2.1, press 2 , , 1 and ENT. Press to adjust the volume. Press to mute the sound. Press again or press VOL + to restore the sound. Press to turn on and off the TV. Press once to display a frozen image with the current program in a window. Press again to fill the screen with the frozen image. Press a third time to return to the current program.


Current program

Frozen picture

Press the V/v/B/b to move the small window showing current program to a different location on the screen.
With the Freeze feature active, some features are unavailable. While the Freeze feature is active, pressing HOME will deactivate Freeze and display the XMB. Press to display the list of External Inputs and TV mode. Press repeatedly to toggle through the inputs.


qj V/v/B/b See page 41 on setting up the External Inputs labels. Press V/v/B/b to move focus/highlight. Press to select/ confirm an item.


Press to display a list of convenient functions and menu shortcuts. The OPTIONS menu items vary based on current input and content. Menu Item Picture Adjustments Sound Adjustments P&P or PIP Exit P&P or Exit PIP Motion Enhancer Speakers Audio Swap Screen Add to Favorites/ Remove from Favorites MTS Alternate Audio Digital Rating Background TV Device Control Reference Page See page 32 See page 34 See page 28 See page 28 See page 33 See page 34 See page 28 See page 36 See page 24 See page 34 See page 35 See page 39 See page 25 See page 41

The Digital Rating and Alternate Audio options will appear in Options only when digital ratings or alternate audio streams are available in the currently tuned digital program. Press repeatedly to cycle through the available picture modes: Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Custom, PhotoVivid, Photo-Standard, Photo-Original, PhotoCustom, Video, Text. (Available options depend on the current mode.) The picture modes can also be accessed in the Picture settings. For details, see Picture settings on page 32.


Press repeatedly to cycle through the available Wide Mode settings: Wide Zoom, Normal, Full, H Stretch, Zoom. The Wide Mode settings can be also accessed in the Screen settings (see pages 35 and 36).
Changing the Wide Screen Mode
4:3 Original source Standard-definition source 16:9 Original source High-definition source

m Wide Zoom

This mode is not available.

H Stretch

Normal is available with 480i or 480p sources only. H Stretch is only available with 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080/24p sources.
Changing the Wide Screen Mode for PC Timing

Incoming PC signal

800 600

1,280 768

m Normal

Full 1

Full 2

wz CH +/ ws JUMP

Press to scan through channels. To scan quickly through channels, press and hold down either +/. Press to jump back and forth between two channels. The TV alternates between the current channel and the last channel that was selected.





1 Speaker 2 Light Sensor

Outputs the audio signal. Senses room light level and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly (see page 42 for details). Do not put anything near the sensor and the nearby general area (as shown above), as its function may be affected. Lights up in green when the Picture Off feature is activated. Lights up in orange when the timer is set. When the timer is set, this LED will remain lit even if the TV is turned off. For details, see page 31 (Timer) and page 42 (Picture Off). Lights up in red when your TV is in PC standby mode. If the LED blinks in red continuously, this may indicate that the TV needs servicing (see contacting Sony information on the back cover).


5 (IR) Infrared Receives IR signals from the remote control. Do not put Receiver anything near the sensor, as its function may be affected. 6 POWER LED 7 SONY Logo Illumination Lights up in green when the TV is turned on. The Sony logo will illuminate when the TV is powered on. You can turn off the logo illumination, for details see page 42.
Logo Illumination is available only for KDL-W series.


With Favorites, you can manage and customize your preferred TV channels, External Inputs and Background TV themes for easy access.

Displaying Favorites

Saved channel or external input

Background TV

Recently viewed channels and inputs
The first time you enter Favorites, the recently viewed channels and inputs are highlighted. Background TV themes and some inputs are automatically saved into Favorites as a factory default. To remove from Favorites, follow the instructions below.

Navigating Favorites

1 Press B/b to move between saved selections in a carousel-like fashion. 2 When the recently viewed channels and inputs are highlighted, press V/v to move between them. 3 To tune to an item, highlight its icon and press.
To clear your recently viewed channels and inputs list, highlight the list in Favorites and press OPTIONS, then select Clear Recently Viewed. Recently viewed items are also cleared when the TV is powered off.

Adding to Favorites

1 While tuned to a channel or input you wish to add, press OPTIONS. 2 Press V/v to highlight Add to Favorites and press.

Removing from Favorites

1 While tuned to the channel or input you wish to remove, press OPTIONS. 2 Press V/v to highlight Remove from Favorites and press.
Auto Program will clear your TV channels from Favorites (see pages 16 and 37). Initial Setup will return your Favorites to factory default settings (see page 42).
Background TV displays images of current video on your TV that are similar to a screen saver. Background TV is available from the CABLE/ ANTENNA and Composite inputs.
Using BRAVIA Sync with Control for HDMI
The BRAVIA Sync function on this TV communicates with other Sony equipment supporting the Control for HDMI function. To connect Sony equipment with Control for HDMI

Navigating Background TV

Tune to one of the inputs listed above. Press OPTIONS. Highlight Background TV and press. Highlight a theme and press. The TV will display the current channel or input using the selected Background TV theme.
Use an HDMI cable that bears the HDMI logo for connection. See pages 12 to 15 or see the HDMI connection shown in the Quick Setup Guide provided with the TV documentation. Setting the Control for HDMI The Control for HDMI function must be set up in order for the TV to communicate with other Control for HDMI enabled equipment. See page 41 for information on how to set up this TVs Control for HDMI function. For other equipment, refer to its operating instructions. Available options using Control for HDMI
5 Press RETURN to exit the Background TV
and return to the current channel or input.
Background TV themes may also be saved to Favorites, so that you can launch these themes from the Favorites screen.

Find a program to watch Return to Service Bar

Use shortcuts

To Do This

Do This

Search program
Press V/v/B/b to highlight SEARCH on Service Bar. You can search for programs using the following options: KEYWORD, ALPHABETICAL, MOVIES, SPORTS, CHILDREN, EDUCATIONAL, NEWS, VARIETY, SERIES and HDTV. Press then press B/b to highlight your search option. Press V/v to narrow your search. Press when you found the program. If the program is airing now, press to watch. Keyword search can be done by type, category or subcategory of a program. Highlight SEARCH on the Service Bar, press then press B/b to highlight KEYWORD. Press again or press OPTIONS to display Keyword Options in the Panel Menu. Select new search to narrow your search by type, category or subcategory by pressing V/v/B/b. Highlight SETUP on the Service Bar then press v to highlight the available options to customize your system settings. You can change system settings, change channel display, change default options, display setup progress and diagnostics information.

Keyword search

Customizing the TV Guide On Screen system settings
Change channel display Highlight SETUP on the Service Bar then press v to highlight the Change channel. Highlight a channel then press OPTIONS to display the Grid display then press Options. Make the changes using V/v and/or 0-9 buttons. When the changes are made, select done and press. The Grid Options can also be used to re-sort the channel display numerically. Display the Grid Options and select re-sort numerically then press. Confirm your numerically sorting by selecting yes to complete the task. The Guide appears each Highlight SETUP on the Service Bar then press v to highlight Change default options and then press. Highlight General defaults and press to display options in the time TV is turned on Panel Menu. Set auto guide to on to have the Guide appear when the TV powers on. Lock/unlock video Allows you to set the Video Window display to remain on a single channel (locked) or change channels (unlocked) as you navigate through Listings. While in Service Bar, press OPTIONS to display the Listings Options in the Panel Menu. Press B/b to lock or unlock the video. The locked video option displays a single channel.
Using P&P and PIP Features
This TV comes with the P&P and PIP features which allow you to view two pictures simultaneously. P&P (picture and picture) provides two windows side by side. PIP (picture in picture) provides PC input signal and TV channels.
To swap audio in P&P mode, use the B/b button to swap the highlight between the Main Window and Sub Window. To swap audio in PIP mode, press OPTIONS, then press V/v to highlight Audio Swap. For compatible PC Timings, refer to the PC Input Signal Reference Chart (see page 14).

Available Sound settings depend on the Speakers setting.
Sound Adjustments Sound Mode Dynamic Standard Clear Voice Reset Treble Bass Balance Surround Enhances treble and bass. Standard sound optimized for home use. Suitable for spoken dialog.
Resets the current settings to the default values. Increases or decreases higher-pitched sounds. Increases or decreases lower-pitched sounds. Emphasizes left or right speaker balance. S-FORCE Provides a virtual surround sound experience Front Surround made possible using just two front speakers. Off Select for normal stereo or mono reception. Adjusts the clarity of human voices. For example, if the voice of a news announcer is indistinct, you can turn up this setting to make the voice clearer. Conversely, if you are watching a sports program, you can turn down this setting to soften the voice of the commentator.

Voice Zoom

Sound Booster The Sound Booster provides a fuller sound with a greater sense of depth and width, by emphasizing the high and low frequency sounds. Select High, Low or Off for the amount of boost you desire. Selecting Off will bypass the emphasis.
Only available when in Standard mode. Steady Sound Volume Offset Select On to stabilize the volume across all programs and commercials. Select Off to disable this feature. Adjusts the volume level of the current input (TV or video input) relative to other inputs.
Sound Adjustments can also be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the remote control. MTS Enjoy stereo, bilingual and mono programs Stereo Auto SAP For stereo reception when viewing a TV program broadcast in stereo. Automatically switches the TV to second audio programs when a SAP signal is received. If no SAP signal is present, the TV remains in Stereo mode. For mono reception. Use to reduce noise during weak stereo broadcasts.
MTS is available only for analog programs. MTS can also be accessed by pressing OPTIONS on the remote control. Speakers TV Speakers Audio System Select to use the TV speakers for audio. Select this option if you wish to use an external audio system for the TV sound. By selecting this option you are disabling the TV speakers.
Audio Out Easy control of volume adjustment
Select to fix the audio output and allow you to adjust the volume with your audio systems remote control. (The TVs remote controls VOL and MUTING buttons have no effect on the Audio Out.) Select to control the volume of your TVs speakers or audio system with your TVs remote control.


TV is locked to one channel Cannot receive or select channels
The TV turns off automatically No picture from some video sources

Poor picture

Picture quality not as good as viewed at the store Broadcast HD formats have poor quality
Double images or ghosts Only snow and noise appear on the screen Dotted lines or stripes


No color / Dark picture / Color Press PICTURE to select the desired Picture Mode (see page 21). is not correct / The picture is Adjust the Picture Mode options in the Picture settings (see page 32). If you set the Power Saving mode to Low or High, it will enhance the black too bright level (see page 42). Noisy picture Make sure that the antenna is connected using a 75-ohm coaxial cable. Keep the antenna cable away from other connecting cords. To avoid TV interference, make sure to use an undamaged antenna cable. Blurry picture / Poor color Transporting the TV from a cold to a warm location or a sudden change in room temperature may cause moisture condensation, resulting in a blurry picture or poor color. Turn off your TV and wait a few hours before powering on again.

No sound / Noisy sound

No sound / Good picture Check the volume control. Press MUTING or VOL + so that Muting disappears from the screen (page 20). Set Speakers to TV Speakers in the Sound settings (see page 34). If it is set to Audio System, sound is not output from the TVs speakers regardless of the TVs volume control. When using HDMI input with Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio, DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (Optical) may not provide an audio signal. When tuned to a digital channel with Alternate Audio, the broadcaster may not be broadcasting your preferred Alternate Audio language. Press OPTIONS, highlight and select Alternate Audio, and change the Alternate Audio language (see page 35). Make sure that the antenna is connected using a 75-ohm coaxial cable. Keep the antenna cable away from other connecting cords. To avoid TV interference, make sure to use an undamaged antenna cable. Press THEATER for BRAVIA Sync activated Theater System (see page 25). Set Speakers to Audio System in the Sound settings (see page 34). Set Audio Out to Fixed in the Sound settings (see page 35). Make sure that the Control for HDMI is set up on both the TV and the optional device compatible with BRAVIA Sync (see page 25). Only one A/V receiver may be used with the BRAVIA Sync and Control for HDMI functions at one time (see page 41). Confirm the PC is correctly connected to the TV with either the PC IN (with an HD15 cable) or with the HDMI IN. Ensure the output signal from the PC is one of the formats listed on page 14. Turn the PC off. Confirm the PC connection and restart the PC. Plug-and-play will auto-detect the TV and correctly set up PC timing. Verify PC Power Management is activated (see page 42). Verify the PC is not in standby or hibernation mode. Adjust the resolution (see page 14). Adjust Pitch and Phase. Due to the thin profile of this television, the heat generated by the LCD panel backlight and supporting electronics will be more noticeable. This is normal operation and not a cause for concern. The current Wide Mode setting is automatically replaced with the 4:3 Default setting when you change the channel or video input, if 4:3 Default in the Screen settings is set to other than Off. If you want to lock in Wide Mode selected with WIDE on the remote control, set 4:3 Default to Off in the Screen settings (see page 35). Check the Auto Wide option in the Screen settings (see page 35). The picture gets smaller during the commercials due to the method in which the provider broadcasts their content. When HD content channels switch to SD content (commercials), the picture may be small with a black border. Auto Wide will not expand the picture during these content changes since the content information is regulated by the channel signal provider. You can manually change the Wide Mode if you prefer (see page 22). This setting will remain in effect until you change the channel or input or manually change the Wide Mode again.

Black box on screen

Model KDL-32XBR6 KDL-37XBR6 KDL-40V4150 KDL-42V4100 KDL-46V4100 KDL-52V4100 KDL-40V4100 KDL-46W4100 KDL-52W4100 KDL-40W4100 KDL-46W4150 System Television system Channel coverage Panel system Speaker output Input/Output jacks CABLE/ANTENNA VIDEO IN 1/2/3
NTSC: American TV standard ATSC (8VSB terrestrial): ATSC compliant 8VSB QAM on cable: ANSI/SCTE (Does not include CableCARD functionality) Analog terrestrial: 2 - 69 / Digital terrestrial: 2 - 69 Analog Cable: 1 - 135 / Digital Cable: 1 - 135 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Panel 10 W + 10 W 75-ohm external terminal for RF inputs S VIDEO (4-pin mini DIN) (VIDEO 1 only): Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative / C: 0.286 Vp-p (Burst signal), 75 ohms VIDEO: 1 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative AUDIO: 500 mVrms (Typical) / Impedance: 47 kilohms YPBPR (Component Video): Y: 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative / PB: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms / PR: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms / Signal format: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p AUDIO: 500 mVrms (Typical) / Impedance: 47 kilohms HDMI: Video: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1080/24p / Audio: Two channel linear PCM 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz, 16, 20 and 24bits, Dolby Digital AUDIO (HDMI IN 4 only): 500 mVrms (Typical) / Impedance: 47 kilohms 500 mVrms (typical) PCM/Dolby Digital optical signal D-sub 15-pin, analog RGB, 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms, positive See the PC Input Signal Reference Chart on page 14. Stereo mini jack, 500 mVrms, (Typical) / Impedance: 47 kilohms 120 V AC, 60 Hz 160 W 200 W 220 W 230 W All models less than 0.1 W* 31.5 (32 class) 2 1/3/240 W 260 W 275 W 285 W 295 W
COMPONENT IN 1/2 HDMI IN 1/2/3/4 AUDIO OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) PC IN PC AUDIO INPUT Power and others Power requirement Power consumption in use V and XBR6 series W series in standby Screen size (inches measured diagonally) Display resolution Speaker/Full range (2)**(mm) (inches) Dimensions with stand (mm) (inches)
1,920 dots (horizontal) 1,080 lines (vertical) 2 1/1/5/1/1/3/300 21.0 47.0 18.0 40.1/7/38 7/1/3/300 23.0 51.0 20.0 45.1/1,3/3/1/8 1,3/3/3/300 28.5 63.0 24.5 54.1/7/8 1,1/7/1/8 1,1/1/5/300 30.0 67.0 26.0 58.1/7/8 1,3/3/3/4 1,3/3/3/300 38.0 84.0 32.0 71.0

Noise Reduction 32

Device Auto Power Off 41 Device List 41 DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack 11 Digital CC 38 Digital Rating 39 Display Area 36 DISPLAY button 19 Display Options 38 DMex button 20 DMex/SERVICE 11

OPTIONS button 21

P&P 28 Password 38 PC IN jack 11 PC Power Management 42 Phase 36 PIC OFF/TIMER LED 23 Picture 32 Picture Adjustments 32 PICTURE button 21 Picture Mode 32 PIP 28 Pitch 36 POWER button 20 POWER LED 23 Power Saving 42
U.S.A. Rating 40 Unrated 39
V Center 36 Vertical Size 36 VIDEO IN jack 11 Video/Photo Optimizer 33 Voice Zoom 34 VOL +/ button 20 Volume Offset 34
Edit Channel Labels 37 English Rating 40 ENT button 20
WIDE button 22 Wide Mode 35, 36
Favorites 24 FAVORITES button 19

For Your Convenience

Please contact Sony Customer Support directly if you:
Have questions on the use of your television after reading your Operating Instruction manual and Quick Setup Guide Experience difficulty operating your television
For United States
or to speak with a support representative: 1-800-222-SONY (7669)
For Canada
or to speak with a support representative: 1-877-899-SONY (7669) Sony will work to resolve your questions more quickly than your retailer or place of purchase.
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Key Features

16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel BRAVIA Engine fully digital video processor Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE) 24p True Cinema capable DMex capable TV Guide IPG Enhanced (XMB ) User Interface with Rich 3D Graphics BRAVIA Sync capable S-Force Front Surround Voice Zoom
BRAVIA V Series LCD Television

Key Technologies

Full HD 1080p Its a high definition world and the best high definition resolution this brave new world offers is 1080p; thats why Sony
has more Full HD 1080p HDTVs than ever before. Full HD 1080p means our connections accept 1080p signals and the display will render that signal in Full HD 1080p. The flexibility of native 1920 x 1080 displays allows any high definition content to be viewed without the need to downconvert images to the native resolution of the display. Take full advantage of Blu-ray Disc players and PlayStation3 systems that can deliver 1080p content.
Sonys Digital Media Extender (DMe ) offers a digital connection path for optional modules like the BRAVIA Internet Video Link, as well as other modules you can add in the future. Innovative DMex expansion capabilities integrate into the award-winning XMB user interface making HDTVs a powerful entertainment platform that not only meets current needs, but expands to meet tomorrows needs as well.
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) Part of the cinematic drama in film-making comes from details found in shadows and
dark areas of the picture. Sonys Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) uses real-time image processing to dynamically adjust backlight levels for improved contrast without masking details the filmmaker intended you to see. ACE delivers deep blacks in darker scenes, as well as fine details in shadows and other dark areas of the picture for a difference you can truly see.
BRAVIA Engine Technology The latest version of Sonys respected BRAVIA Engine fully digital video processor uses a collection
of unique SONY algorithms to significantly reduce noise and produce sharp, vibrant, life-like images. Dynamic Noise Reduction: Intelligently identifies and dramatically reduces noise in the signal according to the motion and brightness of each scene for clearer, crisper images. Detail Enhancement: Improved image enhancement algorithms render greater overall detail. Contrast Enhancement: Works with the Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit to optimize the contrast for every scene to create better depth and reality. BRAVIA Engine technology optimizes the color, contrast, detail and clarity of every scene for the exceptional performance that BRAVIA HDTVs are known for.
Rich Graphics Delivering a fun user experience is what the new rich graphics are designed to do. Accessing video content and
sharing it with your family and friends on an HDTV is now fast, easy and fun. Colorful thumbnails cascade before your eyes allowing you to visually choose what you want to access.
TV Guide On-Screen Interactive Program Guide The TV Guide On-screen IPG delivers continually updated program listings to
users. The guide requires no subscription fees or phone connection and is available at no extra cost to the consumer. Sony is the first company to integrate the TV Guide On-Screen User Interface into a custom interface Sony's exclusive Xross Media Bar user interface.
BRAVIA Sync Technology Allows the access and control multiple tasks and system operations with one button ease. BRAVIA Sync
is the name for a new family of control features that not only includes BRAVIA Theatre Sync, but will now include BRAVIA Sync. This feature allows the user to control a CEC-enabled camcorder connected to a BRAVIA HDTV via an HDMI cable by using the HDTVs remote control and an on-screen display that shows camcorder transport functions.


DMeX Seamless Upgradeable: Yes Digital Audio Output(s): Optical Digital Output - 1 (Rear) RF Connection Input(s): 1 (Rear) S-Video Input(s): 1 (Rear) Analog Audio Input(s) (Total): 6 (1 Side/5 Rear) Audio Out: 1 (Rear) HDMI Connection(s) (Total): 4 (1 Side/3 Rear) HDMI PC Input Format Support: Yes AC Power Input: 1 (Rear) PC Input Format Support: 1 (Rear)
CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology: Yes Game Mode: Text 3D Comb Filter: Yes 24p True Cinema: Yes MPEG Noise Reduction: Yes Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE): Yes Motionflow 60Hz: Yes

Power Management: Yes (for PC Input Only) Input Voltage: AC 120V
Voice Zoom: Yes S-Force Front: Yes Auto Mute (on no signal): Yes Steady Sound Automatic Volume Control: Yes Audio Out: Yes Dolby: Dolby Digital
Regulation and Standard Compliance
Energy Star Compliant: Yes VESA Hole Spacing Compatible: Yes VESA Hole Pitch: 300 x 300 / M6
Service and Warranty Information
Limited Warranty: 1 year parts / 1 year labor


Channel Label: Yes Channel Jump: Yes Favorite Channel: Yes Multiple Language Display: English, Spanish, French Info Banner: Yes Power Save Mode: Picture Off, Yes Edit Channel Labels: Yes Label Inputs: Yes (Auto) ID-1 Detection: Yes On/Off Timer: On only Auto CC on Mute: Yes HDMI CEC Menu Button: Yes PAP (Picture & Picture): Yes, Fixed PC Input PIP (Picture in Picture): Yes Swap Sound: Yes TV Guide On Screen: Yes Parental Control: Yes


Weight: 63 lbs. (28.5kg) with pedestal; 54 lbs. (24.5kg) without pedestal Measurements: 40.8 x 28.4 x 12.1 in (1033 x 718 x 307mm) with pedestal; 40.8 x 26.8 x 4.4 in (1033 x 677 x 110mm) without pedestal

Supplied Accessories

RM-YD023 Remote Control Batteries (Type AA x 2) AC Power Cord Operating Instructions Quick Setup Guide Warranty Card On-line Registration Card Registration Card Cable Clamper Open-source software flyer

Optional Accessories

RHT-G900 Stand WS-S10LS Stand SU-WL500 Wallmount Bracket Color: Piano Black UPC Code: 027242736542
1. Resolution Limited. See Sony TV and PC manuals. 2008 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved Sony, BRAVIA, BRAVIA Engine, XBR, DRC, Speed Surf, Live Color Creation, Theatre Sync, x.v.Color, Xross Media Bar and CineMotion are trademarks of Sony. Dolby Digital is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. This TV incorporates High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI ) technology. HDMI, the HMDI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Nonmetric weights and measures are approximate. VESA is a trademark of Video Electronics Standards Association Inc. Lamp in this product contains mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations. For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities or the Electronic Industries Alliance (


Screen Size: 42" (measured diagonally) Acceptable Video Signals: 480/60i, 480/60p, 720/60p, 1080/60i, 1080/24p (HDMI only), 1080/60p (HDMI / Component)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1 On-screen Contrast Ratio: 2,500:1

Digital Amplifier: Yes

BRAVIA Sync : Yes

Inputs and Outputs

Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr ) Input(s): 2 (Rear) Composite Video Input(s): 3 (1 Side/2 Rear) Please visit the Dealer Network for current information at Sony Electronics Inc. 16530 Via Esprillo San Diego, CA 92127 1.800.222.7669 Last Updated: 06/03/2008



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