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Digital Home Standards: Choosing and Implementing the Right Ones

Scott Smyers

President, Chairman of the Board, DLNA Co-chairman of the Board, Marlin Developer Community Member, Board of Directors, Coral Consortium Vice President, Network & Systems Architecture Division, Sony Electronics Inc.


DLNA Technology Complimentary Initiatives
UPnP Forum Coral Consortium Marlin Developer Community

Summary Q&A

The DLNA Technology Solution
DLNA Interoperability Guidelines
Connectivity Ethernet Wireless
JPEG, LPCM, MPEG2 UPnP AV 1.0 UPnP Device Architecture 1.0 HTTP 1.0/1.1 IPv4 Protocol Suite Wired: 802.3i, 802.3u Wireless: 802.11a/b/g

Networking IP foundation

Allows applications to run over different networks Enables connecting devices to the Internet Widely used and costeffective

Media Transport

HTTP is the baseline transport for media streaming or transfer HTTP must be supported by all digital home devices that source or render media content RTP is optional
Device Discovery & Control UPnP Device Architecture 1.0
Device and service discovery through Auto-IP and DHCP
Media Management UPnP AV 1.0 Device and service descriptions


MediaServer MediaRenderer RenderingControl ContentDirectory
Media Formats Required formats establish an interoperability baseline Mandatory and optional formats for transport and rendering Content in an optional format must be transcoded to the corresponding required format, if necessary for content interchange between devices
Link Protection DTCP/IP Required to establish an interoperability baseline WMDRM-ND optional to provide access to additional content
DTCP/IP, WMDRM-ND JPEG, LPCM, MPEG2 UPnP AV 1.0 UPnP Device Architecture 1.0 HTTP 1.0/1.1 IPv4 Protocol Suite Wired: 802.3i, 802.3u Wireless: 802.11a/b/g
DLNA Link Protection Guidelines

DTCP/IP required

Defines link protection technology for the secure handling of commercial content
Establishes a Secure Authenticated Channel (SAC) Generates an ephemeral session key that updates periodically Supports streaming only, with limited copy permissions:
Copy one time Never copy Copy restriction right not asserted
Applications of the DLNA Interoperability Platform

DLNA Device Classes

Home Network Home Network Devices Devices
Digital Media Server Digital Media Server (DMS) (DMS) Digital Media Player Digital Media Player (DMP) (DMP) Digital Media Renderer Digital Media Renderer (DMR) (DMR) Digital Media Controller Digital Media Controller (DMC) (DMC) Digital Media Printer Digital Media Printer (DMPr) (DMPr)
Mobile Handheld Mobile Handheld Devices Devices
Mobile Digital Media Mobile Digital Media Server (M-DMS) Server (M-DMS) Mobile Digital Media Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP) Player (M-DMP) Mobile Digital Media Mobile Digital Media Downloader (M-DMD) Downloader (M-DMD) Mobile Digital Media Mobile Digital Media Uploader (M-DMU) Uploader (M-DMU) Mobile Digital Media Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC) Controller (M-DMC)
Home Home Interoperability Interoperability Devices Devices
Mobile Mobile Interoperability Interoperability Unit (MIU) Unit (MIU) Mobile Mobile Network Network Connectivity Connectivity Function (M-NCF) Function (M-NCF)
V1.0 Device Class V1.0 Device Class New Device Class New Device Class

New Device Capabilities

Capabilities exist in an underlying device class
Capabilities cannot exist independently
Upload / Download Controllers
+UP+ - Upload Controller +DN+ - Download Controller

Push Controller

+PU+ - Supports 2 Box Push with DMR

Printer Controllers

+PR1+ - Printer Controller + Image Content Source +PR2+ - Printer Controller (interacts with External Image Content Source such as DMS)

DLNA Product Capability Terms:
FIND(s), FIND(s) (for printer), FIND(s) (3box) SEND(s) (to player, to storage, to printer), GET(s), PLAY(s), STORE(s), PRINT(s)
2 & 3 Box Pull System Usages

2 Box Pull

Digital Media Server (DMS or M-DMS) SENDs (to player)

Control Content

Digital Media Player (DMP or M-DMP) PLAYs, FINDs


3 Box Pull

nt ro l

l tro n Co
Digital Media Renderer (DMR) - PLAYs
Digital MediaController (DMC or M-DMC) FINDs (3box, control point)
New DLNA Guideline Enhancements

2 Box Push System Usage

2 Box Push
Push Controller (+PU+) SENDs (to player)
Digital Media Renderer (DMR) PLAYs
Upload & Download System Usages


Upload Controller (+UP+) or M-DMU SENDs (to storage)

Control Control Content

Digital Media Server (DMS or M-DMS) STOREs


Digital Media Server (DMS or M-DMS) SENDs (to player, to storage)
Download Controller (+DN+) or M-DMD GETs
2 & 3 Box Printing System Usages

2 Box Print

Printer Controller (+PR1+) SENDs (to printer)

Content Control Content

Digital Media Printer (DMPr) PRINTs

3 Box Print

Digital Media Server (DMS or M-DMS) SENDs (to printer)

ol ntr Co

Printer Controller (+PR2+) FINDs (3box, photos to print)
Complimentary Initiatives


Marlin Developer Community
Defines DRM system in an open standard setting

Coral Consortium

Defines DRM interoperability framework

Open IPTV Forum

Defines interoperability services from head-end to residential premises


Ultimate Challenge and Goal
Consumer digital AV product choice should be a price, design, feature, function, brand choice, not a technology choice
Utility of products and access to content should not be constrained by the specific vendor or the technologies that are or are not incorporated
Consumer content choice should be a personal, emotional choice, not a technology choice
Access to content from digital AV products should not be constrained by where or how you purchased the content or by the devices you own or who manufactured them
The rights of all stakeholders in the content-to-device value chain must be protected
Consumers should get what they pay for by participating in a healthy ecosystem comprised of broad and diverse product, service and content offerings driven and sustained by growing business opportunity


DLNA Certified Products

Sony Corporation TVs


Audio products


Digital Cameras

Cyber-shot DSC-G1


All of them, world wide

Questions ?

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FWD-40LX2F KDL-52X2500 KDL-52V1 KDL-46X1000 KDL-46S2000 KDL-46S2500 KDL-46X2500 KDL-46X5000 KDL-46X5050 KDL-46V2500 KDL-46V5000 KDL-46W5000 KDL-L40HVX KDL-40S1000 KDL-40X1000 KDL-40V1000 KDL-40S2000 KDL-40V2000 KDL-40S2500 KDL-40X2500 KDL-40V2500 KDL-40V5000 KDL-40V3000 KDL-40J3000 KDL-40J5000 KDL-40X5000 KDL-40V5000 KDL-40W5000 KDL-40X5050 KDL-40V1 KDL-40F1 KDL-L32HVX KDL-L32RX2 KDL-S32A10 KDL-32S1000 KDL-32V1000
KDL-40V5000 KDL-40V3000 KDL-40J3000 KDL-40J5000 KDL-40X5000 KDL-40V5000 KDL-40W5000
15.0kg 15.5kg 15.0kg 15.0kg 15.0kg 15.0kg 15.0kg 16.0kg 17.5kg 19.0kg 11.0kg 12.0kg 10.5kg
KDL-32S2000 KDL-32J3000 KDL32J5000 KDL-32V2000 KDL-32S2500 KDL-32V2500 KDL-32J1 KDL-32F1 KDL-L28HX2 KDL-L26HVX KDL-26S2000 KDL-26J3000 KDL-26J1



TDA-7561R AX4GER SL929 FV-301 CA-610 C220N SX3242FX SRT2227S Internationales 29PT8509 12 KDC-W434 AND Gold MX300 LSR122H-3 Omron E5CK FS-C5100DN Monitor- Vrc 9567 3000Z IFT-R10 93 T Aficio 3045 PCV-RX304 TS762 Cabrio 460 FR-1B PRO 4300 F2-1001T IED01 Ultra Zoom Citroen AX 20-1000 UX-P400 Df Igps Dampfsterilisator HD403LJ MS-324DL MP540 42PF5620 D900I 8000M TT600R-2004 MHC-GN999DS HT-TX250 MP260 Screenplay 5700 SV0401H Exai5580 LV-B2461HL EL-520VA SA-VE100 5 140 UX-W50CL BDL3231C 700R1-700R-1 VCL-ES20 DCR-PC110 SV-AS30 L60621 KD-G151EU MGE23 A-400X FC6843 02 SGH-B520B Matrix 27 Spectramagic NX 42220 155-1 B3210 System-ABS FFH-5500A CG-550 7FF3FPB 05 W6761 Hwnri-300 Motorola I560 EL-6320 TW100-BRF114 BDA81241 Hao15SIP Mngt UPS GM-313SC F86050VI Kw-28KW-32kw RMS600 S-W160s-K SM1660 IC-Z1E Review P180 2 HF-210 AY62 Ay82 SLT-A55 CP-RX82 Tecra A9 DS-A2X Plvz1 FAX-LAB 125 NX8-E DCR-PC6E BOY 400


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