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Sony KDL-46X2000Brateck AM11-B-2391 Black Tilt/Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for Sony KDL46X2000 / KDL-46X2000 LCD HDTV TV/Television
This high quality tilting wall mount bracket supports most* 36" to 63" flat panel screen LCD/plasma TVs and monitors. It's toughened steel construction supports up to 165lbs and has a variable 0? to -15? *Mounting holes on television should be 28" or less apart horizontally and 18.5" or less apart vertically

Brand: Brateck
Part Number: AM11-B-2391
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00sound 8:12pm on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 
Good Little AM FM Radio, Poor Weather This little radio offers the well known Sony quality and gets very good FM reception. I am ok with opening the battery compartment Amazon does not offer the best price on the product, if you have a ABC warehouse around you. Nice case Bought this for my Sony Cybershot 77. It fits the camera perfectly and the magnetic clasp works well.
rickshoop 12:39am on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 
A great telly. Originally $4500 can now be had for around $2000 if you shop around. Looks good, sound good.
linuxcav 3:41am on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
Great Case for the money This case was initially intended for the earlier T-series cameras - but will satisfactorily accomodate the T77 (which I bough...
gpeper 1:34am on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 
When displaying 1080p images. The Sony summons heroic levels of low-light detail, grips motion tenaciously and draws edges with a steady hand.
ihaveaquestion 2:13pm on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
Luckily I had the chance to view, using the same BlueRay DVD, the popular competition, Samsung, Olivea, LG, Sharp, Elite Plasma and such.
Stefaan Dupont 2:42pm on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
Worth the time spent setting up. Ready for the future. You can buy for 2,400 if you look hard and haggle a little.
oliveli 9:57am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
GOOD PSP There are a lot of very childish reviews about the PSP that I assume come from small children that own Gameboys and I am surprised that Amazo... Failed Product Sony KDL-46X2000 - 46" BRAVIA LCD TV - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HD ready This product was a severe disappintment.
Grafula 8:49am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
Sony bravia 52x is the one with a huge screen . the digital TV tuner built into a full HD signals this TV can produce clarity with 1080p .
bhrmp 1:54am on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
I undertook a serious amount of research prior to buying this TV, magazine articles, recommendations, lcd-plasma comparisons etc. and in the end.
Mongo 10:50pm on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 
Great Design, WOW colors, and excellent performance, Lots of features and leisure TV experience. Price.. wait for couple of months This is our first hd television - the upscale of quality from our previous 28" Sony (CRT) television almost reminds me of the feeling gained when I sa...
nclrez 8:39pm on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
A great telly. Originally $4500 can now be had for around $2000 if you shop around. Looks good, sound good. WoW!! i cannot describe the quality blu-ray really good quality hdmi good good good N/A
bucketshop 12:32pm on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
We have had this TV now for 3 months and think it is fantastic. It is very easy to use and the picture quality is superb. My previous set was a Sony 32" FQ75 CRT (normal) TV. Great design, full HD 1080p resolution, 2 HDMI inputs Sound is so so.

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Sony Bravia KDL-46X2000 4,000 (approx)
A Bravia with the X factor
Sonys X-Series Bravia screens represent the pinnacle of its atscreen LCD aspirations. Does this 46in debut live up to the hype? John Archer gets X-cited
t took some time, but Sony is nally enjoying the kind of commercial success with its LCD
stores this Summer. Smaller screens are to follow in the Autumn.
1080i/720p. Also a boon are two HD Ready component video inputs. Elsewhere, theres a D-Sub PC jack, three Scarts (all RGB capable), a CAM slot, and even an optical digital audio output for system hook-up. Naturally a Freeview tuner comes as standard. And as youd expect, its bolstered by a well-presented 7-day electronic programme guide, with the option to set timer events simply by selecting them from the listings.
screens that it once had with its Trinitron CRT TVs thanks to the successful roll-out of its Bravia LCD brand. Now the company is gunning for critical acclaim in the shape of its eagerly-awaited high-end range, the X-series. The rst of these, the agship KDL-46X2000, complete with state-ofthe-art picture-processing technology and Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, hits UK


The 46X2000s design oozes high-tech opulence. The grille-effect silver screen frame is eye-catching, and its impact is heightened by the transparent glass outer frame that has almost become a Sony high-end at TV trademark. Connectivity is the best Ive yet seen from Sony it sports two HDMI inputs able to take 1080p HD signals as well as


ITEM HD Ready Progressive Scan Digital TV Tuner Composite video S-video Scart Component video HDMI/DVI PC input Headphone SUPPORT DETAILS With 1080p thrown in too! All the formats handled And analogue too 1 phono input 1 input 3 connections (all RGB) 2 inputs 2 HDMI 1 D-Sub connection 1 output
The set does not incorporate the brands latest DRC-MFv2.5 picture enhancing technology, which is able to deliver a 1080p picture from any video source, but does employ a version of the Bravia Engine EX suite of picture tweaks specically for the extra resolution of the X series. Also onboard the 46X2000 are two key new technologies sported by Sonys lower-specication S and V Bravia series: Super Vertical Pattern Alignment
Sound: Nicam stereo with Virtual Dolby 2.1 and built-in subwoofer Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Brightness: N/A (No claim made); Contrast: 1300:1 (claimed) Dimensions: 1262(w) x 795(h) x 322(d)mm (on stand) Weight: 39.1kg (on stand) Also featuring SPVA, WCG backlight, Bravia Engine EX, Backlight adjust, Live Colour Creation, DRC with standard-def sources, including two preset modes and sliding scale adjustment; Block noise reduction; standard noise reduction; black level correction; advanced contrast enhancer; gamma adjustment, clear white setting; white balance adjustment; detail enhancer; edge enhancer; BBE audio processing, Dolby Virtual audio; Normal, Pixel and two zoom display area settings; power saving mode


Highs: HD picture quality; features; sound; connectivity Lows: Struggles to deliver absolute clarity with standard def
Picture Sound Features OVERALL
Watch 20th Century Foxs X-Men: The Last Stand on Sonys KDL-46X2000. Check out our DVD preview on page 23 46

8/8/06 13:47:48 47

8/8/06 13:48:02

Tried&Tested. LCD TV

With 1080i high-denition from my Sky HD receiver the Sonys picture proved jaw-droppingly good

(SPVA) refracts the angle of the backlight so that the picture retains its integrity over a viewing angle, while a Wide Colour Gamut uorescent backlight enhances the colour range. The 46X2000s intuitive onscreen menus are rammed with other, user-accessible features including MPEG block noise reduction; backlight adjustment; horizontal and vertical image shift; a lm mode for improving motion-handling with lm sources; and an almost innitely exible sliding scale adjuster for the potency of the Digital Reality Creation processing. more consistent results than the rst HD DVD and Blu-ray decks), plus 1080p from a Marantz DV9600 upscaling DVD deck, the Sonys picture proved jaw-droppingly good. The 1080 mode typically offers four picture benets: extra sharpness, less noise, smooth, unjagged contours, and slightly subtler colour toning. And the 46X2000 delivers all these advantages with aplomb. Its sharpness is particularly remarkable as it became possible to make out the features of faces in the crowd from hundreds of yards away during the BBCs HD coverage of the Trooping of the Colour. The edges of the soldiers black hats looked immaculate too, suffering no bright haloes or stepping. My well-worn D-Theater tape of Alien, meanwhile, shows the worth of the Wide


46X2000s outstanding brightness and vibrancy, as well as suffering seemingly zero colour noise. The only negative thing I can see in the 46X2000s HD pictures is slight and occasional signs of motion smearing. But, in every other way, the 46X2000 is not only a powerfully persuasive argument for high-resolution LCD, its arguably comparable to Pioneers stunning 1920 x 1080 PDP-5000EX plasma monitor (reviewed in HCC #132 issue). The 46X2000 is not, however, as successful as the Pioneer at handling standard-denition sources. During the switch down to these, its noticeable that the sets colour tone loses some naturalism, motion smearing increases, and noise becomes more pronounced than it does on some of the better 768-line panels out there. I spotted a couple of small operational niggles during our tests too. First, for some reason, our sample often defaulted to 4:3 mode when switching to an HD source. Second, during Xbox 360 gaming the component-fed signal kept triggering the TV to ash up the 1080i resolution information bar on the screen. But I would rate neither of these as really serious glitches. The 46X2000s audio, sourced from an integrated S-Master digital amplier, is undeniably accomplished. Theres a vast amount of power on tap, which is put to superb use in combining convincing bass rumbles with clear and natural speech tones and a stunning wealth of harshnessfree treble. The TVs soundstage is engagingly wide too, perfectly matching the scale of its 46in pictures.


With 1080i high-denition from my resident Sky HD receiver and a JVC D-VHS DTheater deck (which for my money gives


Colour Black Level Contrast Resolution Colour temperature (pre-calibration) (post-calibration) Luminance (pre-calibration) (post-calibration) Contrast ratio (pre-calibration) (post-calibration)


Colour Gamut technology; the lm enjoys an expansive but natural colour palette, especially where eshtones are concerned. This movie also reveals that Sony has made great strides minimising those traditional problems with LCD black levels, as the 46X2000 delivers the darkest corners of deep space with outstanding
8000K 6400K 84fL 87fL 1060:1 725:1


This X-series debut is a great harbinger of things to come for Sonys TV division. Its a pity that the 46X2000s merely solid standard-denition performance doesnt stop its performance from feeling like a game of two halves. But then I suspect that its HD talents will be what really matters to its likely target market, and in that respect its nothing short of imperious. So X really does mark the spot
depth and plenty of that subtle grayscale delineation that gives shadowy areas tangible depth. This makes it an unusually good friend of gloomy Xbox 360 HD games like Prey or Condemned. Brighter, more colour rich Xbox HD fare like Kameo, meanwhile, shows off the
Analogue connectivity includes three RGB Scarts and component
The Bravias remote lacks the sets air but is easy enough to use
With an eye to the future, theres not one HDMI input, but two
The oating glass design and detailed bezel is a designer dream


OCTOBER 2006 48

8/8/06 13:48:08


SONY KDL-46S2010 2,200 (approx)
Big-screen Bravia on a budget
After wowing us with its rst 1080p 46in Bravia, Sony is now out to impress John Archer with something a little closer to the average budget
f you read HCC #134, youll know that we were knocked for six by the stunning Sony KDL-46X2000: the rst
its plasticky, deep grey nish. On the plus side the set rotates on its desktop pedestal an unusually user-friendly touch for such a large screen.
multiple noise reduction systems, a contrast booster and all-digital image scaling. The other new Sony trick enjoyed by the 46S2010 is Super Vertical Pattern Alignment (SPVA) technology, which allows you to watch from a much wider viewing angle without the customary LCD drop off in colour and contrast. The 46S2010s impressive onscreen menus, predictably, contain all manner of handy features. I cant cover them all, but the highlight options include backlight adjustment, noise reduction, horizontal and vertical shift for some sources, black correction, contrast enhancement, gamma adjustment, and MPEG noise reduction.
Bravia TV with a Full HD native pixel count of 1920 x 1080. The only pity was its price: a cool 4k. But those not fortunate enough to have 4k for a telly can take heart from another Sony 46in LCD that costs around half that gure. The only thing stopping me whooping for joy about the 2,200 KDL-46S2010,
Sonys KDL-46S2010 featured with Paramount Home Entertainments Nacho Libre. Check out our DVD review on page 119


Connectivity is a harsh reminder that aside from its X range, Sony hasnt gone overboard with sockets on its latest Bravias. Theres only one HDMI, for instance, when surely a set of this side should have at least two. And there are only two Scarts when three would be far preferable. But I guess in every other way theres nothing much to gripe about, as you do get an analogue PC port, component video inputs, and a CI slot that immediately alerts us to the presence of a digital tuner. In terms of screen specication, its no
in fact, is my concern about what the 2,000 price reduction translates into in lost performance The 46S2010 doesnt deliver the same aesthetic impact as its illustrious X-Series brother, and actually looks a tad drab with


ITEM HD Ready Progressive Scan Digital TV Tuner Composite video S-video Scart Component video HDMI/DVI PC input Headphone SUPPORT DETAILS Does everything necessary Supports 480p, 576p and 720p Plus Top Up TV slot 1 phono input 1 4-pin input 2 connections (both RGB) 1 input 1 HDMI 1 VGA input 1 output


So we get to the $64,000 question: how much will I miss the X-Series 1080-line resolution and wide colour gamut backlight? The answer is: a bit, but not by enough to stop the
surprise to nd the resolution dropping to 1366 x 768 from the 1920 x 1080 heights of the 46X2000. The 46S2010 also lacks the Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) technology used to provide a wider, more natural colour range that is found on both Sonys X- and V-Series models. The 46S2010 is, though, the beneciary of two key portions of Sonys latest LCD technology. Most signicantly, it sports the new Bravia Engine image-processing system Sonys rst to be developed solely for use with LCD technology, and thus, so Sony claims, the rst to contain no compromises for other screen technologies. Bravia Engines antics include enhanced colour processing,


Highs: HD Picture quality; features; user system Lows: Low quality SD sources can look noisy; only one HDMI
Sound: Nicam stereo with BBE Resolution: 1366 x 768 Brightness: N/A; Contrast: N/A Dimensions (on stand): 1120(w) x 805(h) x 334(d)mm; Weight: 34kg Also featuring Bravia Engine processing, digital tuner; contrast enhancer; SPVA panel design; black correction, gamma and clear white adjustments, Live Colour Management, MPEG noise reduction, horizontal/vertical shift for some sources, 7-day EPG support with timer event memory
Picture Sound Features OVERALL


JANUARY 2007 56

6/11/06 17:31:25

Tried&Tested. LCD TV

Also greatly improved from last years comparable Bravias is motion-handling, with the 46S2010 coping with even the rapid movement of a high-denition Premiership football match without any serious amounts of smearing and lag problems. On the downside, black level could be better. Plasma screens most denitely have the edge. Also, in keeping with a depressing number of its LCD fellows, even the best efforts of the Bravias picture processing cant stop lower-quality standard-denition sources looking quite noisy, as grain, dot crawl and smearing suddenly make an appearance. This becomes truly distracting on the feeblest of digital or analogue native 1080i image to the 46S2010s lower broadcasts; thankfully most half-decent standard-denition pictures hold up reasonably well. The 46S2010s sound is a reasonable match for the screen. Treble details are picked out with sensitivity; voices never sound overwhelmed and are always credible, and theres enough openness in the mid-range for the soundstage to go up a gear when required by an action movie scene. For casual viewing the sets speaker complement is more than suitable.

Against other screens in its own price bracket, it stands out as a resounding success

Excellent Average

panel resolution. But its hardly fair to make comparisons with a screen costing nearly twice as much. And if instead you consider the 46S2010 against other screens in its own price bracket, it stands out as a resounding success.
46S2010 being supremely desirable for
Its level of clarity and detailing with HD sources is excellent compared with many rival LCDs, doing good justice to HDs main attraction. SPVA, meanwhile, lets you successfully watch the picture from quite a severe angle without it deteriorating to any signicant extent. And its a considerable relief to nd the 46S2010s black level marking a quantum leap over that of Sonys previous Bravia generation. The telltale greyness over dark scenes has been substantially reduced, allowing dark scenes a sense of depth that helps them look a good deal more cinematic.


Colour Black Level Contrast Resolution Colour temperature (pre-calibration) (post-calibration) Luminance (pre-calibration) (post-calibration) Contrast ratio (pre-calibration) (post-calibration)
its money. Theres no question that the sets colours pale in comparison to its bigger brother, but that doesnt mean pictures look less vibrant, though; its more that certain deep shades of red and green look slightly less natural. The sets
9,300K 6,800K 112fL 109fL 1220:1 640:1


If you really have no intention of getting involved with the HD revolution, I presume this Sonys occasional foibles with standard-denition sources probably wont make it your best choice. But if you want a largescreen partner for HD for sensible money, you really owe the 46S2010 an audition
hues are over-blue out of the box, but careful setup can dramatically improve this colour balance. Native 1080i broadcasts from a Sky HD receiver arent quite as pristinely clear, noiseless and sharp as with the 46X2000 either, due to the need to scale down the

Standard analogue connections are side-mounted
The remote looks and feels plasticky, but its layout is inspired
Only one HDMI socket means digital connectivity is limited
The S-Series Bravia lacks the sumptuous nish of its 4k sibling


6/11/06 17:31:27



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