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Sony KE-P42m1Silver Tilt/Tilting Wall Mount Bracket for Sony KEP42M1 Plasma HDTV TV/Television AM11-2433
This is Angle Adjustable Wall Bracket for LCD Plasma. This Flat Wall Mount supports any 32" to 63" flat panel screen and plasma TVs up to 165 lb weight. The slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to a single wood stud, two wood studs, or concrete. Easy to install. Fits most large flat pane... Read more

Brand: Sony
Part Number: AM11-2433
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riaanvn 4:57am on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
When it worked, it worked great. Can you see yourself putting this TV in the trash heap? Picture quality, Audio, Size (4" deep), Price None
amellowguy 6:23am on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
When it worked, it worked great. Can you see yourself putting this TV in the trash heap?
timander 12:37am on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
Failure after 2 years Nice picture, beautiful styling, but reliability extremely poor. I expected Sony to be a high quality set.
americantourist 10:26am on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
Image is great, annoying hiss/noise very aggravating We have three SONY televisions in our home and one digital camera.

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0905WHC12 Sony KE-P42M1


10:55 AM

Page 39
42in plasma screen>TEST
Styling is a bit in-yer-face

> <

Standard definition images are excellent
Speakers lack dynamic range

Sony KE-P42M1

A typically likeable WEGA Engine performer with standard-definition pictures, but its lack of high-definition affinity is a bitter pill to swallow
At 2,400, Sonys KE-P42M1 is easily the Japanese megacorps cheapest 42in plasma TV yet. Does that mean corners have been cut to make the price possible? Connections are very disappointing. The biggest faux pas is the lack of any digital video input. This means the screen cant wear an HD-Ready badge, and denies it guaranteed, full compatibility with the next generation of hi-def digital sources including Skys high-definition receiver. Also very disappointing is the lack of PC connectivity, making the only good news component video inputs able to take analogue (though not digital, HDCP-protected) hi-def feeds, and a trio of Scarts. The screen compounds its lack of future-proofing, HD-Ready credentials by only having a native resolution of 852 x 480. This means that even its analogue HD pictures will have to be downscaled. At least the quality of this scaling should be good, thanks to the KE-P42M1s employment of Sonys WEGA Engine processing


technology one of the key attributes of which is the keeping of all picture scaling purely in the digital domain.

Smooth operator

Other handy WEGA Engine treats include adding extra picture detail to standard-definition sources, smoother contouring, and richer, more subtly shaded colours. For much of the time, the KE-P42M1s pictures are excellent. Our test DVD of The Village benefits from some scintillating colours that add genuine vibrancy to the films iconic use of red and yellow colour codes, while also subtly delineating the slightest shift in colour tone. That tone is overwhelmingly natural, too. Talking of dark scenes, it also manages enough black level response to do pretty good justice to the scale of the establishing shots of
the village at night at the end of chapter two. Another potent string to the KE-P42M1s bow is its lack of picture noise. WEGA Engine works its magic without a trace of unwanted digital processing side effects, while most other source- or plasma technologygenerated noise is similarly eradicated.
###$$ ####$ ###$$ ###$$ ###$$


> >The Village

High standards

Standard-definition pictures also look pleasingly sharp and textured thanks to WEGA Engine, ensuring that the KE-P42M1 has plenty to offer the undemanding user. However, we were less enamoured of its high definition talents. As well as the absence of the digital connection, we found analogue HD feeds looking considerably softer than they should. While the KE-P42M1 works fine with ordinary TV, the occasionally dramatic frequency range of the atmospheric soundtrack can catch the KE-P42M1s speakers out; they fail to reach the extremes of bass and treble present in Ivys run-in with one of the creatures as she travels the woods. As a basic TV and DVD viewing machine the KE-P42M1 performs well enough to earn a following. But for us, despite being Sonys cheapest 42in plasma yet, we still dont feel its quite cheap enough for a screen so seemingly disinterested in and unsuitable for high definition I
The startling simplicity and rawness gains added impact from the depth of field, natural colours and complete lack of noise. It could be sharper, though


FEATURES 16:9 42in plasma TV WEGA Engine processing 852 x 480 native resolution Accepts analogue HD Anti-screenburn measures Virtual Dolby Power save mode Noise reduction CONNECTIONS S-Video input composite video input two stereo audio inputs headphone jack three Scarts (two RGB) component video inputs stereo audio output 08705 111999

Standard fare for standard definition

The finish is plasticky

A well laid-out remote



0705HCC20 Head2Head


Page 68



LG RZ-42PY10X or Sony K

E-P42M1? Its time to go
Fancy a big plasma telly from a big brand name at a decidedly middle of the road price? Then find out which of these two 42in models wins John Archers vote
es, yes, I know; 42in plasma TVs can now be had for under a grand. But nearly all the
ultra-budget screens HCC has seen so far have required that you accept serious performance compromises in return for your reduced outlay. In my opinion, if you want a serious chance of finding a real good value proposition ie one that actually gives you a strong performance for your buck, rather than just saving you a few of them you generally need to step above the 2k mark. Hopefully Ill be able to prove that point with at least one of the following two offerings on test from LG and Sony
LG RZ-42PY10X N 2,500 (Approx) N 5544 N
The RZ-42PY10X certainly looks like a stepup flatscreen. The glass-fronted black screen surround, the general impression of slimness, the metallic sheen of the outer edge and the rather fetching backlit icons in the screen frame all contribute to a chic, opulent feel. The 1280 x 768 resolution screen has good connectivity, and sports both a Sky HD-friendly DVI jack and a set of component video inputs for analogue HD or progressive scan sources. Other highlights include three Scarts and a PC D Sub input. Other features worth a passing mention are twin-tuner picture in picture tools; XD Engine signal processing; BBE sound processing; white wash, orbiter and inversion anti-screenburn measures; noise reduction; and a Low Power mode that reduces the screens brightness. Thanks to the XD Engine, the 42PY10Xs pictures really impress. Convincing black
levels help the TV achieve expansive image depth, especially since the brighter end of the video spectrum enjoys a natural white balance and rich, noiseless but overtly natural colour saturations. High definition and progressive sources are well detailed and plasmas traditional problems with colour banding and mosquito noise are largely removed. Its worth stressing, too, that digital sources arent badly affected by extra noise as they are with some rival screens. There are caveats, though. While XD Engine works immaculately with progressive scan and HD which both look magnificent it can make ordinary TV fare look a touch soft and processed, especially when theres a lot of motion in the picture. Something about the XD Engine also seems to occasionally cause subtle blocking artefacts on skin tones; theres a trace of low-level green dot crawl in dark areas; and shadowy corners can look a little short of texture. But even taken as a whole these negatives remain small beer compared with the good stuff. Sonically, the 42PY10X mostly impresses, too. Its soundstage is prodigiously wide, but its held together nicely by a solid underpinning of surprisingly well-rounded, distortionfree bass. Treble effects are a touch muted but at least theyre not harsh, leaving the fact that dialogue can sometimes become overwhelmed as the only serious fly in the ointment. All in all, LGs 42PY10X sets a really high benchmark for Sony to aim for. Will the Japanese giant be left tilting at Korean windmills?


Highs: Pictures with high grade sources; HD Ready; looks; sound Lows: Some problems with SD video; occasional blocking on skin

Sony KE-P42M1

Highs: Natural looking broadcast pictures; decent if chunky aesthetics Lows: No digital inputs; poor native resolution; no PC inputs
Picture Sound Features OVERALL

#### #### ####12 ####

### ###12 ### ###12
Specifications: 3000:1 claimed contrast; 1000cd/m2 brightness; 1366 x 768 native resolution; HD Ready; XD Engine; twin-tuner picture in picture; 2 x 15W Nicam sound with various presets plus BBE; Cinema mode; white wash, orbiter and negative screenburn measures; auto sleep; AVL; on /off/sleep timers; child lock; low power mode; luminance noise reduction; autotuning; fleshtone adjust; teletext Connections: Video connections: DV1 (with HDCP); VGA; three Scarts (2 RGB); S-video input; composite video input; component video input; remote control jack; RS-232 Audio connections: 2 stereo audio inputs; PC audio input; tuner jack Dimensions: 1216(w) 691(h) 271.4(d)mm Weight: 39kg

Specifications: 852 x 480 native resolution; Wega Engine; Virtual Dolby; autotuning; Smart Link; teletext; noise reduction; dynamic picture; colour tone adjust; screen shift; centre speaker audio option; phase adjust; power save mode; Orbiter and all-white screen burn measures; picture off; sleep timer; screen memo Connections: Video Connections: S-video input; composite video input; three Scarts (two RGB); component video inputs Audio connections: two stereo audio inputs; headphone jack; stereo audio output; springclip speakers for centre speaker input; RF jack Dimensions: 1075(w) 826(h) 312(d)mm Weight: 45kg
68 H O M E C I N E M A C H O I C E


Page 69


SONY KE-P42M1 N 2,400 (Approx) N N
The P42M1 is no shrinking violet. Its blinking huge, in fact. Maybe a bit too much so, if truth be told. Still, its dramatically curved edges and bold chunkiness cant be accused of ugliness. In keeping with, tragically, the whole of Sonys current flat panel TV range, the P42M1 is bereft of any sort of digital video connection. This immediately denies it a) the industrys new HD Ready badge and b) compatibility with Skys HD broadcasts when they start. A set of component jacks can take analogue HD stuff, but the lack of DVI or HDMI options really is a hammer blow. And thats not the end of the bad news, since the P42M1 also lacks any sort of PC compatibility. In other words,
when it comes to connections, the LG gives this Sony a really quite severe pasting. At least things start to look up on the features side, thanks to the P42M1s excellent Wega Engine picture processing. Distilling it down to its bare essentials, Wega Engine delivers enhanced fine detail levels; all-digital scaling for reduced noise; richer, more naturally toned colours; and smoother contours and colour gradations. Its a darned shame, though, that Wega Engines extra details are only mapped with the P42M1 onto a measly 852 x 480 native resolution. Chalk another one up to the higher-res LG panel. Tricks to be found in the user menus, meanwhile, include noise reduction, a couple of anti screenburn measures, a Dynamic picture contrast booster, Dolby Virtual audio processing, and a low power mode (a growing trend with plasma TVs). As with all Sonys Wega Engine TVs, the
P42M1 is a very respectable performer. Unusually for panel-based technology, its actually at its best with TV tuner and Sky digibox programmes. Pictures from such relatively low-rent sources are impressively natural, avoiding the slightly processed look witnessed on the LG, and enjoying supremely believable colour tones with all but the trickiest of skin tones. The P42M1s black levels are in the same ballpark as the LGs, meanwhile, but its white balance is arguably better. The picture also looks slightly less noisy with TV sources (but its far from immaculate here thanks to occasional colour banding, green dot crawl, and blurring over fast-moving objects). But the P42M1 falls down with progressive scan and high definition sources. Here the Sonys lack of resolution versus the LG catches it out, as HD sources in particular look softer. Even some broadcast fare looks a touch soft on

this Sony plasma. The P42M1 loses out to the LG sonically, too. Its certainly not bad, avoiding distortions and keeping dialogue arguably clearer during loud scenes than the LG. But overall the Sonys audio is flatter and less involving, lacking both the frequency response and soundstage width of its rival.


Theres one clear winner this month and to be fair to LG, its probably not the one youd expected. Sonys KE-P42M1 perhaps has the edge marginally if youre just after a new TV to work with purely standard definition sources. But if youre any more ambitious than that and we suspect most of the people reading this magazine surely are the LG RZ-42PY10Xs massively more flexible and future-proofed connectivity, together with its superior progressive scan and high definition performance, make it a much more far-sighted choice I
The LG has an additional set of AV inputs at the side for easy access.
.while the remote control sports its own LCD display
Two of these Scarts are RGB-enabled, but theres no DVI or HDMI input
Sonys remote is more ordinary, but a good design and easy to use
H O M E C I N E M A C H O I C E 69


Technical specifications

Full description

This is Angle Adjustable Wall Bracket for LCD Plasma. This Flat Wall Mount supports any 32" to 63" flat panel screen and plasma TVs up to 165 lb weight. The slim wall plate keeps the screen close to the wall for a very discreet installation that is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. The mount includes simple to align brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to a single wood stud, two wood studs, or concrete. Easy to install. Fits most large flat panel plasma and LCD TVs 32-65". Mounting bolts and screws included.



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