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colint 10:31am on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
I bought it last week during SONY road show. After months of careful extensive reserch & comparison. Finally chosen this V series.
ferminra 4:43am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
I think every one knows how Sony colors are stunning and unmatched in the market. I went to the sony centre and suddenly i feel out of the world while watching ice age 2 on this V series. it took me almost 10 minutes without a word.
Michael S 7:35pm on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 
I had made a mistake and purchased Philips FullHD LCD first. Within 10 days returned it to the store as it had an unexplained noise while on.

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The extension of HDMI video signal device up to 60 meter away by using HDMI extender and two CAT.5 cables. HDMI extender is ideal for: Test bench facilities Data Center Help desks


1. DEC/EQ Selected 2. CAT.5 DDC Port 3. CAT.5 Video Port


Support 480p/720p/1080i/1080p. HDTV resolution up to 1080p(8Bit) / 30 meter. (Cat.5) HDTV resolution up to 1080p(12Bit) / 20 meter.(Cat.6e) Compliant with the specification of HDMI 1.3. Support DDC & HDCP. Use CAT.5 cable to install easily.




1. HDMI Out Port 2. Power LED 3. Power Jack




1 HDMI A-Type Input Connector 2 RJ-45 Female Female 1 HDMI A-Type Output Connector 2 RJ-45 Female Female Max. Resolution 1080p(12Bit) Cable Distance 60 m (Max.) Power Adapter (Min.) DC 5V 1A Housing Metal Weight 141g 140g Dimensions (LxWxH) 70x60x25 mm
1. EQ Selected 2. CAT.5 DDC Port 3. CAT.5 Video Port


1. Turn off the DVD and HDTV. 2. Connect the HDMI extension cable between the DVD and the HDMI In port of EBX-HDMIEP-L. 3. Connect the HDMI extension cable between the HDTV and the HDMI Out port of EBX-HDMIEP-R. 4. Connect the CAT.5 cables between the EBX-HDMIEP-L CAT.5 DDC port and the EBX-HDMIEP-R CAT.5 DDC port of extender. 5. Connect the CAT.5 cables between the EBX-HDMIEP-L CAT.5 Video port and the EBX-HDMIEP-R CAT.5 Video port of extender. 6. Connect the power cord and turn on the extender. 7. Turn on the DVD and HDTV. -2-






Package Contents HDMI Extender Local Unit HDMI Extender Remote Unit 1 user manual 2 power adapter DC 5V 1A Any thing missed, please contact with your vendor.
1. HDMI In Port 2. Power LED 3. Power Jack

DIP Switch Settings

Local SW De-Emphasis Pin1,Pin2 Level in mVpp On, On 1200 On, Off 850 Off, On 600 Off, Off 426 Pin3: Equalization On: Enables Off: Disables Remote SW Pin1,Pin2,Pin3 On, On, On On, On, Off On, Off, On On, Off, Off Off, On, On Off, On, Off Off, Off, On Off, Off, Off De-Emphasis Level in dB 0 -3 -6 -9

EQ (dB) 28 30

Test Equipment: SONY KLV-40W300A SONY PS3 HDMI Cable (V1.3) 1m x2 480p/720p/1080i 12Bit (Belden 1583A) Local SW Remote SW Cable Distance Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 < 40m Off, Off, Off On, Off, Off > 40m Off, Off, On Off, Off, On 1080p 12Bit (Sanwa Cat.6e) 15m On, On, On On, On, On
Test Equipment: SONY KLV-40W300A DIGITAL VIDEO GENERATOR VG-859B HDMI Cable (V1.3) 1m x2 EIA640x480p@60 8Bit (Belden 1583A) Remote SW Local SW Cable Distance Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 60m On, On, On Off, Off, Off EIA1280x720p@60 8Bit /EIA1920x1080i@60 8Bit (Belden 1583A) Remote SW Local SW Cable Distance Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 < 40m Off, Off, Off On, Off, Off > 40m Off, Off, Off Off, Off, Off EIA1920x1080p@60 8Bit (Belden 1583A) 10m On, On, Off On, On, On 20m On, On, Off On, On, Off 30m On, On, On On, Off, Off Note: Test equipment for reference only. The quality of CAT.5 cable which the video port used will influence the transmit distance. DDC port can use the general CAT.5 Cable.
Wiring Information & Coding
Conductor Identification Pair 1 Pair 2 Pair 3 Pair 4 RJ45 Pin Assignment Color Code for Conductor White-Blue Blue White-Orange Orange White-Green Green White-Brown Brown
Technical Specifications Input/Output Signal
Pin # Signal 1 TMDS Data 2+ 2 TMDS Data 2 Shield 3 TMDS Data 10 TMDS Data 1+ TMDS Data 1 Shield TMDS Data 1TMDS Data 0+ TMDS Data 0 Shield TMDS Data 0TMDS Clock+
Pin # Signal 11 TMDS Clock Shield 12 TMDS Clock 13 CEC Reserved 14 (N.C. on device) 15 SCL 16 SDA 17 DDC/CEC Ground 18 +5 Power 19 Hot Plug Detect

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