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SmokestackJones 6:02am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
Makes fine adjustments a snap. Upgraded from years of mousework and finally see what the big deal was! Good Control","Natural Feel
sherwindennis 9:04am on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
I have been using an Intuos 2 tablet for the ...  Spring loaded tip for digital designers looking to reduce hard clicks.
Steve Coleman 5:05pm on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 
Absolutely brilliant. I am using the display under MacOSX. Setting it up was a breeze - plug it in and install the drivers.
espinosa_cz 7:08pm on Friday, July 16th, 2010 
I love the pen pad the size takes abit of getting used as I used the extra large size at work for several years but the medium is the perfect size for...
andih 1:13pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
I have worked on wacom tablets for 10+ years, worked in design for 13+, doing autonmotive and toy design. I am a college student that is heavily into graphic and web design. This is my first pen tablet and I am positive I have made the right decision! This is my first Wacom. It is much nicer than my off-market tablet, and rightfully so, but I suppose I expected more luxury out of the price.
dnapper 11:25pm on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
Wonderful blue tooth headphones for the price. Great sound quality, keeps sound out and very comfortable Last only about one year if used every day
MrM0bile 9:19pm on Friday, May 7th, 2010 
"very nice and responsive, only downfalls are small screen for the price... these tablet pads seem to be a little pricy for what they are i think... "Great size. Not too big and not too small of an area to work with. I use it for touching up photographs on the computer and painting.
mounty68 8:39am on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
This device its about....10=15% better in feel than a tablet. It will not solve your inability to make quality marks.
rbattistoni 8:55pm on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Wacom Rocks I have had Wacom tablets for years. This product is great. The drivers are always the easiest to install. Intuos 2 pen The pen works fine. The only complaint I have is that the nib sometimes is too short.
grimes 12:05am on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 
If you like drawing or painting or editing photos like myself,This my friend is for you! Yes it is a bit steep in price.

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in this manual are for models KP-

The instructions

48V75, KP-53V75, KP-53V75C, and KP-61V75. Before you start reading this manual, please check your model number, located at the rear of the projection TV. Model KP-53V75 is used for illustration purposes in this manual. Any differences in operation are clearly indicated in the text, for example "KP-48V75 only'. The differences in specifications text. are indicated in the
Instructions in this manual are based on use of the remote control. You can also use the controls on the projection TV if they have the same name as those on the remote control.


Started Carrying your projection TV
KP-48V75/53V75/53V75C only Be sure to grasp the areas indicated when caliI3ril_g the projection TV, and to use more than two people.

(Rear of projection TV)

For the best picture quality, install the projection TV within the areas shown below.




Carry your projection TV by the casters.


for your


Before you use your projection TV, adjust convergence. For the procedure, see "Step 4: Setting up the projection TV automatically (AUTO SET UP)" on page 21.


Connecting an antenna/cable system without a VCR

To cable or antenna

(Rear of p_je_on VHF/UHF
To cable box If your cable company requires you to connect a cable box, make the connection as follows:
(Rear of projection VHF/UHF TV)
Although you can use either an indoor or outdoor antenna with your projection TV, we recommend that you connect an outdoor antenna or a cable TV system to get better picture quality.


an antenna


Cable box
Connect your antenna cable to the VHF/UHF
terminal. If you cannot connect your antenna cable directly to the terminal, follow one of the instructions below depending A
VHF only or VHF/UHF or Cable

To cable box and cable

on your cable type.




75-ohm coaxial cable (not supplied)
VHF only UHF only VHF/UHF 300-ohm twin lead cable


CATV cable


Pay cable TV systems use scrambled or encoded signals requiring a cable box* in addition to the normal cable connection.
* The cable box will be supplied by the cable company.

75-ohm coaxial cable

(not supplied)

Set the amplifier's function to line input.
Note You can adjust the bass, treble, and balance, or select surround (page 33) or an MTS (Multichannel TV Sound) mode (page 34) with the supplied remote control.



an AV receiver

Connect an optional AV receiver to the VIDEO 1 IN jacks at the rear of the projection TV. If your AV receiver has the TV input jacks, connect them to the TV OUT jacks at the rear of the projection TV.
VMC-810S/820S (not supplied) AUDIO-R (red) AUDIO-L (white) VIDEO (yellow)
n VII )1 _.0 "IV AUE_


Monitor output


Rear of projection TV _0Eo

I_,_,, l !,

.. ,-,-,-,-,-,
input _ "IV video input

output AV receiver

AUDIO-L(yellow) (white) IDEO AUDIO-R (red)

TV audio

VMC-810SI820S (not supplied)

I 1 1-EN

VCRs for tape


You can record input images displayed on the screen. This type of connection should be used only when you connect from the line input of one VCR, and from the line output of a second VCR.

VCR (for playback)


AUDIO-L (white) -_

,o o ViOEO

outputs Videolaudio


VIDEO (yellow)



Notes Do not change the input signal while editing through MONITOR OUT, or the output signal will also change. You can use the S video jack to connect a VCR for playback and the composite video connector to connect a VCR for recording.
When connecting a single VCR to the projection TV, do not connect the MONITOR OUT to the VCR's line input, while at the same time connecting from the projection TV's VIDEO IN connectors to the VCR's line output, as shown below.



12 "EN I

Getting Started


a DVD player




Connect VIDEO 1/3 connectors line output connectors

on the projection

on the DVD player.
IN vg)E01 _n0Eo3 TV _ OUT AUDIO ;VAI_lX_


AUDIO-L (white) AUDIO-R (red) S VIDEO YC-15VI30V (not supplied)


Notes Connect your DVD player directly to your TV. Connecting the DVD player through other video equipment will cause unwanted picture noise. If your DVD player does not have S video output connector, use composite video connector for the video connection. Video signals are composed of Y (luminance) and C (chroma) signals. The S connection sends the two signals separately preventing degradation, and gives better picture quality compared to conventional connections. Because the high quality pictures on a DVD disc contain a lot of information, picture noise may appear. In this case, reduce the SHARPNESS level in the VIDEO menu (see SHARPNESS on page 31).


You can set up your projection TV easily by using the AUTO SET UP feature. It presets all the receivable channels, adjusts the convergence and changes the onscreen menu language. To set up the projection TV manually, see "Adjusting convergence" (page 23), "Setting cable TV on or off" (page 24), "Presetting channels" (page 25) and "Changing the menu language" (page 25). - If the projection TV is set to a video input, you cannot perform AUTO SET UP. Press TV/VIDEO so that a channel number appears.

(Front of projection TV)

All of the menus will be set to the factory preset condition in the selected language.
Press VOLUME - to start AUTO SET UP.


Press CHANNEL + to preset channels.


I-]1--11-III o""




Before you start using AUTO SET UP, be sure to connect the antenna or cable to the projection TV (see page 6).
"AUTO PROGRAM" appears on the screen and the TV starts scanning and presetting channels automatically. When all the receivable channels are stored, "AUTO PROGRAM" disappears and the following menu appears. If the projection TV receives cable TV channels, CABLE is set to ON automatically.
Press POWER to turn the projection

TV on.

Press SETUP on the front

of the projection

To exit AUTO PROGRAM Pressany button.
AUTO SET UP screen appears.


(1) Press CHANNEL +. The CONVERGENCE adjustment s_l_,L appears.

Ivoli. -I [TVNIDEO]


Press [s_rliP] to exP.

B :.,.-_F,--_,.,.-'_Eo :l_e_oJ #siTOi_

G _ Ex i t :[SO'IPJ

R=Red G=Green B=Blue

I 21"EN

(2) Press TV/VIDEO


to select RED or BLUE.

Press MENU. Press _ or t to select 8, and press _.
Press t, _, t, or _ to move the line until it converges press _. with the center green line, and
set CABLE to ON or OFF: (1) Press t or to move the cursor (1_)to CABLE, and press _. (2) Press * or # to select ON or OFF, and press ($3.


To move Up Down Right Left
Note.1_ 4. If CABLE appears in gray, the projection TV is set to a video input and you cannot select CABLE. Press ANT so that a channel number appears.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 to adjust the other lines until all three lines converge seen as a white cross. and are


You can preset TV channels easily by using the AUTO PROGRAM feature. You do not have to do this procedure if you perform AUTO SET UP (page 21). Do this procedure only when you want to set it manually.
Press MENU. Press or t to select 8, and press _. and If you prefer Spanish or French to English, you can change the menu language. You do not have to do this procedure if you select the language during AUTO SET UP (page 21). Do this procedure only when you want to set it manually.
Press ) or t to select AUTO PROGRAM, press _.
Press MENU. Press # or to select 8, and press _. and press
"AUTO PROGRAM" appears on the screen and the projection TV starts scanning and presetting channels automatically. When all the receivable channels are stored, "AUTO PROGRAM" disappears and the lowest numbered channel displayed. is
Press * or to select LANGUAGE,
To exit AUTO PROGRAM Press any button. Notes If the AUTO PROGRAM menu appears in gray, the projection TV is set to a video input and you cannot select AUTO PROGRAM. Press ANT so that a channel number appears. Presetting channels is also available for the AUX input.
Press * or t to select your favorite language, "ENGLISH", "ESPAI_IOL', "FRANCr&IS" and press _. or
Note Certain parts of the Spanish or French menus remain in English.

on the current

PIP mode

Select the item you want to adjust. For example: (1) To adjust the brightness, press # or to move the cursor (_) to BRIGHTNESS.
The current picture freezes. The main picture freezes and

the window picture

(2) Press CD. P&P mode

6 ]' VIDEO r





Both pictures


Only the main picture freezes.
."0. ancel the frozen picture, press FREEZE again. c

30"EN I Operations

Adjust the selected
(1) Presst, *, t, or * to adjust the item.


(2) Press CD. The new setting appears

in the VIDEO menu.

The TRINITONE feature controls the color temperature, permitting white balance preference adjustment without affecting skin tones.
For details on each item, see "Description adjustable items" below. To adjust other items, repeat

ooo I II.

Press MENU. Press or t to select _ and press _.

steps 3 and 4. screen.



of adjustable
Press _ or ) to Increase picture contrast and give vivid color. Make picture tones become greenish. Increase color intensity. Brighten the picture. Sharpen the picture.
Press t or t to select TRINITONE and press
Press _- or t to Decrease picture contrast and give soft color, Make picture tones become purplish, Decrease color intensity.

I m ll ll Illllllml

BRIGHTNESS arken the picture. D SHARPNESSSoften the picture.
Press or t to select NTSC STD, MEDIUM, HIGH and press _.
To restore the factory settings Press RESET after displaying and selecting the VIDEO menu. All of the settings are restored to the factory settings.
MODE : MOVIE PICTURE lllll HUE mad['lll



mmm,,,,i llll _bl

use BBG_


To a cool (bluish) white. a neutral white. a warm (reddish) white.

The video mode feature allows you to choose four different modes of picture settings. Choose the one that best suits the type of program that you want to watch. Press MENU. Press or to select _, and press _.
You can adjust the quality of the TV sound to suit your taste. You can adjust the sound of the video input(s) as
Press or to select MODE, and press _. Press or to select VIVID, STANDARD, MOVIE, or SPORTS mode, and press _.
Press MENU. Press or t to select _, and press _.
To Receive a highly contrasted, picture. Receive a standard picture. Receive a finely detailed picture. Receive a colorful, bright picture. sharp
Select the item you want to adjust. For example: (1) To adjust bass, press or to move the cursor (1_) to BASS.
Note The settings for these modes can be adjusted in the VIDEO menu.

(2) Press GE).

32"EN I Operations
Adjust the selected item: (1) Press t, _., t, or._ to adjust the item.
(2) Press CE_. The new setting appears

in the AUDIO menu.

Using the





oe_e O

For details on each item, see "Description adjustable items" below.

To adjust


3 and 4.

(_) button_
Press MENU to retum of adjustable
Press t or _ to Decrease the treble response, Decrease the bass response, Emphasize the left speaker's volume,

to the original items

Press t or _ to Increase


the treble
Press TV (FUNCTION). Press q_.
response. Increase the bass response. Emphasize the right speaker's volume.
Each time you press the q_ button, the display changes as follows:
To restore the factory settings Press RESET after displaying and selecting menu.


All of the settings are restored to the factory settings.
Note When SPEAKER (page 35) is OFF and AUDIO OUT (page 36) is in the FIXED condition, the volume, TREBLE, BASS, and BALANCE cannot be adjusted.

Choose SRS

To When the program's audio signal is stereo or encoded, SRS expands the material and embraces you with dynamic threedimensional sound. Recieve monaural sound with a surrond-like effect. Cancel audio effect.-L -

Press ) or to select the channel which want to block out, and press _.
Press MENU to return to the original When you select the blocked channel, the message "BLOCKED" appears on the screen.


To cancel a CHANNEL BLOCK setting In step 4 or 5, press RESET.
Note Once you use CHANNEL BLOCK, Caption Vision and XDS of the blocked channel and the selected channel output from MONITOR OUT are also blocked out. Operations

I 39"EN

Press ), _, t or _ to select a favorite channel number, and press _.
Press t_ or to select the channel that you want to set as your favorite channel, and press _.
The favorite channel feature allows your projection TV to memorize your favorite channels easily. If you set to AUTO, the last eight channels you selected with the 0 - 9 buttons are automatically set as your favorite channels. If you want to input your own selection of channels, set to MANUAL.
Setting your favorite channels
To set the other favorite steps 5 and 6.


_ -____,01]
Notes If more than 90 seconds elapse after you press another button, the menu disappears automatically. The favorite channel feature is not available for the AUX input.
Press MENU. Press or t to select 8, and press _.


Press or t to select FAVORITE CHANNEL, and press _.


Use _B_i_ Exit

o olI

Press _. The picture of the current channel is displayed in the center with a pink frame and the eight favorite channels are displayed around it. _

_,,:-:_ 3 --.,._ _._

Press _ MANUAL,
and press _ or _ to select AUTO or and press _.

Select a position,

If you select AUTO, skip steps 7. The last eight channels you selected with the 0 - 9 buttons are automatically set as your favorite channels. If you select MANUAL, the favorite channel numbers become white, indicating that favorite ----channels can be entered.
Press ), _, or _ to move the pri_k flame to the channel you want to watch, and press The selected channel appears on the screen.
Reciipe flour. salt.. butter-

sugar- -- 1/2 _D 112 r - -I r


Each timeyou press or _, the label changes follows: VIDEO 1
VIDEO 1 *-* VHS _ 8 mm _ BETA


VIDEO 2 _ VHS *---.,8 mm *-* BETA

DVD.---* S VIDEO *--* LD

The video label feature allows you to label each input mode so that you can easily identify the connected equipment. VHS. For example, you can label VIDEO 1 as


VIDEO 3 *-* VHS _ 8 mm *-_ BETA

il II * (_

DBS *--.* DVD _


Press MENU. Press ) or t to select _, and press _. 6

[ I I I

* The projection TV will skip the VIDEO 4 connection when you scan through video sources pressing the TV/ VIDEO button.
Press or t to select VIDEO LABEL, and
Repeat steps 4 and 5 to label other input modes.
LABEL 1: 2: 3.' 4: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 VIDEO 4

Ex._ J

Note If more than 90 seconds elapse before you press another button, the menu disappears automatically.

U,_r_a _

Press or to select the input mode you want to label, and press _.


Press or t to select the label, and press

I I i I


I 41"EN

Some programs are broadcast with Caption Vision. To display Caption Vision, select either CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXT3, or TEXT4 from the menu. CC1, CC2, CC3, or CC4 shows you on-screen version of the dialogue or sound effects of a program. (The mode should be set to CC1 for most programs.) TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXT3, or TEXT4 shows you on-screen information presented using either half or the whole screen. 'It is not usually related to the program.
You can use the supplied remote control to operate Sony or non-Sony video equipment that has an infrared remote sensor. For this operation, set the manufacturer's code number.

Press VTR/DVD Press liP.-. Press II. Press II. To resume
normal playback, press again.
Keep pressing _ or _ during playback. To resume normal playback, release the button. Press CH +/-.


Press DBSICABLE (POWER) to turn on the cable box or DBS receiver.


Use the cable box/I)BS


check if the code number


You can program the supplied remote control to operate a cable box or DBS receiver. Follow the procedures below to set the manufacturer's code number in the remote control.
For example, to operate a cable box or DBS receiver, you can use the DBS/CABLE (POWER), JUMP, CH +/--, 0 - 9 and ENTER buttons.
Note If the cable box or DBS receiver does not have a certain function, the corresponding button on this remote control will not operate.
To operate the projection "IV Press TV (FUNCTION). Then use the projection control buttons to control the projection TV.

I <_ _.

For more details on operating the cable box or DBS receiver Refer to the operating instructions that come with the equipment.
If the remote control doesn't work First, try repeating the setup procedures using the other codes listed for your equipment.



wll -_ ItN

-- "tI+I+I,H --MENU -CH +/


Manufacturer Hamlin/Regal

(cable box)

222, 223, 224, 225, 226 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 218 227, 228, 229 219, 220, 221 214, 215


Jerrold / G.I. Oak
* The TV/DB5, GUIDE, DISPLAY, _,/_,/_,/,_/_, buttons can be used only with a DBS receiver.

and MENU

Panasonic Pioneer Scientific Atlanta
209, 210, 211 216, 217 212, 213

Turn off the equipment

you want to set up,

Tocom Zenith



(DBS receiver)
Code number 801 (preset code for the supplied remote control) 802
Press the CODE SET, DBSICABLE (FUNCTION), and 0 - 9 buttons to enter the manufacturer's code number (see the chart on the right column), then press ENTER. For example, to program your remote control to operate a Sony DBS receiver, press CODE SET, DBS/CABLE (FUNCTION), 8, 0, 1, and ENTER.


Notes If more than one code number is listed, try enterin_em-one by one until you come to the correct code for your equipment. If you enter a new code number, the code number you previously entered at that setting is erased. In some rare cases, your equipment may use a code that is not provided with this remote control and you may not be able to operate your equipment with the supplied remote control. In this case, use the equipment's own remote control unit. Whenever you remove the batteries -- to replace them, for example -- if too much time is taken, the code numbers may revert to the factory setting and must be reset.

J 45-EN

Only snow and noise appear on the screen ,,_ Check the CABLE setting in the SET UP menu. (page 24) ,,,b Check the antenna/cable connections. (page 6) .b Make sure the channel is broadcasting programs. Press ANT to change the input:nl_de._page 27) Dotted lines or stripes ,,,b Adjust the antenna. ,_ Move the projection TV away from noise sources such as cars, neon signs, and hairdryers.
If the problem persists after trying contact your nearest Sony dealer. No picture

the methods

(screen not lit), no sound Make sure the power cord is connected securely. Operate with the buttons on the projection TV. ,,,b Insert the batteries in the remote control with the correct polarity. Replace the batteries with new ones if they are weak. '_ Check to see if the TV/VIDEO setting is correct: when watching TV, set to TV, and when watching video input pictures, set to VIDEO 1, 2, 3, or 4. Try another channel. It could be station trouble. Perform AUTO SET UP again using the SETUP button to return to the factory preset condition. (page 21)
Double images or ghosts '_ Use a highly directional outdoor antenna or a cable (when the problem is caused by
reflections from nearby mountains or tall buildings).
Cannot operate menu If the item you want to choose appears in gray, you cannot select it. Press TV/VIDEO correctly. ,_ Check the CABLE setting in the SET UP menu. (page 24) Cannot receive upper channels (UHF) when using an antenna Make sure CABLE is OFF in the SET UP menu. (page 24) ,,,b Use AUTO PROGRAM to add receivable channels that are not presently in projection TV memory. (pages 21, 25) Cannot receive any channels when using cable TV -I> Make sure CABLE is ON in the SET UP menu. (page 24) ,_ Use AUTO PROGRAM to add receivable channels that are not presently in projection memory. (pages 21, 25) Remote

Poor or no picture (screen lit), good sound -,_ Adjust PICTURE in the VIDEO menu. (page 30) -_ Adjust BRIGHTNESS in the VIDEO menu. (page 30) Adjust convergence. (page 23) ,_ Check antenna/cable connections. (page 6) ,_ Perform AUTO SET UP again using the SETUP button to return to the factory preset condition. (page 21) ,_ Remove objects from the front of the projection TV. Good picture, no sound -i_ Press MUTING so that "MUTING" disappears from the screen. (page 26) Check the MTS setting in the AUDIO menu. (page 34) Make sure SPEAKER is set to ON in the AUDIO menu. (page 35) Perform AUTO SET UP again using the SETUP button to return to the factory preset condition. (page 21) No color Adjust the COLOR in the VIDEO menu. (page
control does not operate Batteries could be weak. Replace the batteries. (page 20) Make sure the projection TV's power cord is connected securely to the wall outlet. ,_ Press TV (FUNCTION) when operating your projection TV. ,_ Are fluorescent lights too close to the projection TV? Move them at least 3-4 feet away from the projection TV. gain enough volume when using a cable box ,-b Increase the volume at the cable box. Then press TV (FUNCTION) and adjust the projection TV's volume.


Confirm that black and white program is not being broadcast. '_ Perform AUTO SET UP again using the SETUp. button to return to the factory preset condition. (page 21) Projection TV malfunctions when using the S-Link function "_ Make sure the projection TV's power cord is connected securely to the wall outlet. ,,,b Check the S-Link connection. (pages 17, 18) The projection TV needs to be cleaned ,-b Clean the projection TV with a soft dry cloth. Never use strong solvents such as thinner or benzine, which might damage the finish of the cabinet.
46"EN i Additional Information
MONITOR OUT VIDEO (phono jack): 1 Vp-p, 75-ohms unbalanced, sync negative AUDIO (phono jacks) :--, 500 mVrms (100% modulation), Impedance: 5 kilohms
AUDIO (VAR/FIX) jacks) Projection system 3 picture tubes, 3 lenses, horizontal in-line system 7 inch high-brightness monochrome tubes (6.3 raster size), with optical coupling and liquid cooling system High performance, diameter hybrid diagonally)

48 inches 53 inches 61 inches

OUT (phono

500 mVrms (100% modulation) Impedance: 5 kilohms

Speaker Speaker output

Picture tube
Full range speaker inches) diameter

100 mm (3.9

15Wx2 CENTER SPEAKER IN: 30 W x 1 (NORMAL), 60 W x I (MAX), 16 ohms


largelens F1.1 Power requirement

Screen size '(measured

KP-48V75 KP-53V75 / 53V75C KP-61V75
For KP-53V75C: 220 V AC, 50/60Hz For other models: 120 V AC, 60 Hz Power consumption 175W Standby mode: 2.5 W
Dimensions KP-48V75 KP-53V75/ 53V75C KP-61V75 (WIH/D) Mass 70 kg (154 lbs 5 oz) 73 kg (161 Ibs 2 oz) 124 kg (273 lbs 9 oz)
Television Channel Antenna

system cover_ige

American TV standards VHF: 2 - 13 / UHF: 14 - 69 / CATV: 1 - 125

75 ohm external antenna

terminal for VHF / UHF VIDEO IN 1 VIDEO 2 INPUT VIDEO IN 3 S VIDEO (4-pin mini DIN): Y: 1 Vp-p, 75-ohms unbalanced, sync negative C: 0.286 Vp-p (Burst signal) 75 ohms VIDEO (phono jack): 1 Vp-p, 75-ohms unbalanced, sync negative AUDIO (phono jacks): 500 mVrms (100% modulation) Impedance : 47 kilohms VIDEO IN 4
1,106 x 1,337 x 571 mm (43 s/8 x 52 s/8 x 22 _/2 inches) 1,218 x 1,413 x 614 mm (48 x 55 s/8 x 241/4 inches) 1,338 x 1,506 x 642 mm (52'3/4 x 59 3/8 x 25 3/8 inches)


accessories Remote control RM-Y903 (1) Size AA (R6) battery (2) accessories U / V mixer EAC-66 Connecting cables RK-74A, RK-G34, VMC10HG, VMC-720M, VMC-810S/820S, YC15V/30V are subject to change without


Y: 1 Vp-p, 75-ohms, sync negative C_: 0.7 Vp-p, 75-ohn:ts Ca: 0.7 Vp-p, 75-ohms AUDIO (phono jacks): 500 mVrms (100% modulation) Impedance: 47 ki]ohms
Design and specifications notice.
The SRS (O) (SOUND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM) is manufactured by Sony Corporation under license from SRS Labs, Inc. It is covered by U.S. Patent No. 4,748,669. Other U.S. and foreign patents pendeing. The word 'SRS' and theofSRS symbol Inc. are registered trademarks SRS Labs, (0)

[ 47-EN

This section briefly describes the buttons and controls on the projection TV and on the remote control. For more information, refer to the pages next to each description.

TV m Front

[] [] [] [] [_TIMER/STANDBY STEREO indicator Remote sensor POWER switch (page 21) CHANNEL +/-buttons (page 21) indicator (pages 26, 38) (page 34) [] [] [] []

VOLUME +/-buttons TV/VIDEO (page 21)

button (page 21, 22)

SETUP button (page 21) S VIDEO/VIDEO 2 INPUT (VIDEO/AUDIO L(MONO)/R) jacks (page 10)


I Additional Information


: r.-a_
VTR / DVD (POWER) switch (page 44) MUTING button (page 26) VTR / DVD (FUNCTION) button (page 42)
DBS/CABLE (POWER) switch (page 45) TV (POWER) switch (page 26) DBS/CABLE (FUNCTION)button (page 45) TV (FUNCTION) button | (pages 22, 26) _-- {_ button (page 28)
SYSTEM OFF button (page 44) CH INDEX button (page 29) PIP OFF button (page 28) FREEZE/441 button (pages 30, 44)
TV / VTR CH +/- buttons (Yellow labelled button) (page 29) POSITION / button (pages 29, 44) DISPLAY button (page 27) SLEEP button (page 27) JUMP. button (page 26) TV/DBS _ button (page 33, 45) RESET button (page 31) VOL (volume) (page 26) CODE SET button (page 42) +/buttons 0 - 9 buttons (pages 23, 26) ENTER button MTS/GUIDE (page 22) button (pages 34, 45) | | /_ TV / VIDEO/ button
/ / [_____ (yellow labeUed button)pages 8,44) ( 2 / I '----- AUDIO/,n buttonpages ( 2',44)
I _---"-"-TV/VIDEO button (page 27) ANT button (page 27)
Menu operation buttons (page 22) MENU button _/4./_/_ buttons (Z) button CH (channel) +/(pages 23, 26) buttons

I 49"EN

TIMER/STANDBY indicator Twin View TM 28 Video label 41 Video mode 32 Watching TV 26 video tapes 27 XDS 27

26, 38

Adjusting the convergence the picture 30 the sound 32 Antenna 6 Audio effect _) 33 Audio out 36 Auto program 25 Auto set up 21 AV receiver 11, ] 8 Battery '20 Cable box 6 Cable TV 24
Caption Vision 42 Changing the menu language 25 Channel block 39 Channel caption 38 Current time set 37 Daylight savig time 36 DBS 9, 45 DEMO 22 DVD 13, 14 EFFECT 33 Erase/Add 22 Favorite channel 40 Hookup with a DBS receiver 9 with a VCR 7 with an antenna 6 with an audio system 10 without a VCR 6 Language 25 MTS (Multichannel TV Sound) 34 On/off timer 37 P&P (Picture-and-Picture) 28 PIP (Picture-in-Picture) 28 Presetting channels 25 Remote control 20 S-Link 17, 18 SAP (Second Audio Program) 34 SAVA speaker 16, 35 Setting daylight Saving time 36 " the clock 37 3D MONO mode 33 Sleep timer 27 STEREO indicator.34 SRS mode 33 - Super woofer mode 35 Surround mode 35 TEXT 42
Names of controls C_ button 22 I_ (PIP)button 28 (P&P) button 28 /*/_/_ buttons - 9 buttons 23, 26 ANT button 27 AUDIO button 29 AUDIO (VAR/FIX) OUT jacks 16 AUX antenna terminal 6 CHANNEL +/- buttons 21 CH (channel) +/-buttons 23, 26 CH INDEX button 29 CODE SET button 42 CONTROL S OUT jack 16, 19 CONVERTER antenna terminal 6 DBS/CABLE (FUNCTION) button 45 DBS / CABLE (POWER) switch 45 DISPLAY button 27 ENTER button 22 FREEZE button 30 GUIDE button 45 JUMP button 26 MENU button 22 MONITOR OUT jacks 12 MTS button 34 MUTING button 26 PIP OFF button 28 POSITION button 29 POWER switch 21 RESET button 31 SETUP button 21 S VIDEO input connector 8. 13 S VIDEO/VIDEO 2 INPUT (VIDEO/AUDIO L (MONO)/R) jacks 10 SLEEP button 27 SWAP button 29 SYSTEM OFF button 44 TV/DBS _) button 33. 45 TV (FUNCTION) button 22, 26 TV (POWER) switch 26 TV/VIDEO button 27 TV/VIDEO button (yellow labelled button) 28 TV/VTR CH +/-buttons (yellow labelled button) VI-IF/UHF antenna terminal 6 VIDEO 1 IN jacks 7 VIDEO 2 INPUT jacks 10 VIDEO 3 IN jacks 7 VIDEO 4 IN jacks 7 VOLUME +/-buttons 21 VOL (volume) +/- buttons 26 VTR/DVD (FUNCTION) button 42 VTR/DVD (POWER) switch 44



Humminbird 535 PF3230 TSS-3 Soccer 2005 LA37S81B EWF1230 Vm200 VAD-WE 225UW RL-33sbsw GX112 KX-T7420 P4500 35-19 S T29SC Leica C3 AW3095AA P1006 Pctv 50E Opticfilm 7400 KV-28FX66E CS5121-2 RT57eams CMT-NE5 RH299H Gioconda Windstar-2002 26LG30-UA Iridium 9505 BB-CEC20 Machine 32AV625D Alpha583CX 4 0 506 AFC UWA-BR100 32PFL3403D 12 AW-SW350 KX-FT982FX DV-DS251E BC288P Autoloader 7705 SAR RS-1200 32HF7945D RLT30CET RX-V592RDS Dpac10061 Microondas Hm-hds1 Medallist 10 IC-32AT SRS-A71 DVD-2000 5kfpm770 DE320 TB8220U Printer DVD-V1000 TG 100 1410-303 CF-375TP Dmcfz7 GT122 MVH1615WW T1952 Contax I4R Masterlink Elpdc06 SKM 1030 OT-880 Usd III HF Horn Moto Z10 Ryobi 137R NV-GS75EP DC C500 128 L MU-42PM11 Z5925 SRU9600 27850 TM-271A HT-XA100T HA-830 E Animation GN 6210 1730 V Assist Z200 NVD-U03R P5553SD 110 SE Patriots Slideshow V9400 Sonic Cell Tough-3000 AX-M82D 112 Plus 4900 WX


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