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bbatten 8:03am on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 
I love this tv! This beauty has a very big 32 inches or 76 cm visible screen great for watching favourites like "The Sound of Music".

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0304WHC38 Sony CRT


04:29 am

Page 65

Sony KV-36FS76U

Test Scenes
Lifting the new Sony CRT TV into your home could well give you a hernia. But does its performance add insult to injury?
orry, Sony, but this time, youre just being plain flatist. While your new 36in KV-36FS76U might be fab for those with a ground-floor living room, its a real life-threatener to anyone in a first-floor flat or higher. Does it have to be so blooming heavy?! We sincerely hope that its crazy 90kg of massiveness has been put to damned good use. Its looks are slightly dull. The muted silver finish and hard, rectangular shape hasnt changed a bit since Sonys first Wega TVs, and its starting to look a touch outmoded. Oh well at least the slick remote control looks sexy! Also, what the bodywork lacks in style, it sure makes up for in sturdiness. The 36FS76Us got sockets galore. Particularly tasty is the legion of four Scarts especially as two of them can take superior RGB. A healthy features count is topped off by the latest generation of Sonys DRC-MF technology, which remaps incoming pictures to a higher resolution. Theres also 100Hz processing, a flexible twin-tuner picture-in-picture system, Virtual Dolby sound, and helpful voltage-control circuitry that eradicates the common problem of TV tubes kinking during bright shots.

Oceans Eleven

Heated discussion
The Sonys picture softens a touch as it tries to handle the noise generated during the motives discussion

Strip show

The bright lights of the Vegas Strip are all superbly rendered, too, and natural colours blare forth without suffering fuzzy edges, bleed, or noise. While were on the Strip, lets also praise the absence of screen bend when the Bellagio Hotels fountains do their ultra-bright dancing towards the movies end. Black levels are profound, too, giving the film added depth and style. When our gang of thieves vanish into the night at the end, they really do disappear into true blackness. The only problem we found was that sometimes when the DVD picture gets a bit noisier, the 36FS76 can go soft. Big, juicy 36in pictures deserve to be joined by big sound. Thankfully the 36FS76 produces plenty of ear-rupturing volume, and the soundstage radiates impressively far to the left and right. But at the same time, Oceans terrific soundtrack appears bass-lite and its dialogue can get constricted. Whether the 36FS76 appeals or not depends on who you are. If you havent gone totally digital, the 36FS76s problems with picture noise makes it an expensive luxury. But if youre a Sky/Freeview user with a DVD deck lying around the place, this Sony gives even the best 36in offerings from Further Info rival manufacturers a Call or visit run for their money.

Good Points

The picture with premium picture sources is stunning, the features count is high, and there are bags and bags of connections

Bad Points

Dont even think about paying the hefty asking price unless youve got plenty of digital sources


Just about good enough to keep Sony among the current mega-screen elite but remember that the picture rating below only applies to digital sources


Style #######$$$ Ease of use #######$$$ Features #########$ Picture #########$ Sound ########$$ Value ######$$$$ Overall ########$$
What Home Cinema April 2003

36in CRT TV

Happily, the Olympian efforts expended in lugging this TV into position are amply rewarded by its performance, provided youre a fully-paid-up member of the digital fraternity. Sadly, this TV suffers terribly from picture noise with analogue sources. Fed good Sky/Freeview digital RGB signals and an Oceans Eleven DVD, pictures are sensational. Every detail of Oceans slot machines and gaming tables is presented with maximum impact by the DRC processing.

Check it out

As Clooney walks through the casino, the detail in his jacket and surroundings is rendered superbly



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