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0301WHC18 Sony Plasma Group


11:56 AM

Page 68

32in Plasma Screens

Sony KZ-32TS1E

Sony has done a cracking job of making plasma more mainstream

Good Points

Stunning, market-leading design and build quality, coupled with one of the most home-friendly user systems in the entire plasma firmament. The sounds excellent, too

Bad Points

The whirring of the fan can be a problem, and theres still room for improvement on the picture side. Five grand seems plenty to pay for a 32in screen, too
s with the Sanyo plasma, our choice of The Time Machine as a test DVD is particularly apt for the KZ-32TS1E. Why? Because we reckon that if Sony could travel back in time a couple of years, it would surely have put more effort into developing home plasma screens rather than opting to pursue LCD rear-projection for its next-gen big-screen technology. That said, after a few corporate-targeted efforts, the first truly home-loving Sony plasma TV is here and it looks truly sensational. A very high-gloss, pearl-white veneer coats a wonderfully slinky bod, with curves in all the right places. Sony even offers a choice of position options; on a little pedestal stand, on the wall, or (if you dont have a problem with stumping
up an extra 600) on a matching, designer floor stand. A massive touch of home-friendliness comes from the 32TS1Es socketry. It carries almost exactly the same connections youd find on any common-or-garden TV: Scarts, composite video input, S-video input. theyre all there. Plus you get one or two nice bonuses, such as component video jacks. Its important to realise, too, that, unlike one or two other plasma screens that carry standard AV inputs, this Sony can also handle PC feeds. Happily for technophobes, the 32TS1E uses the same menus and remote control found on most of its ordinary TVs and, for the most part, carries a perfectly standard set of TV features.

Test Scenes

The Time Machine

Fans a lot

The Time Machine is actually quite a loud film, with extensive use of scoring, but this is a rare quiet moment during which you can really hear the Sonys fan noise

Attack of the loans

You may be surprised to learn that the plasma panel at the heart of the 32TS1E isnt all Sonys own work. Its actually borrowed from Fujitsu. And so its perhaps inevitable that its performance is pretty much in line with Fujitsus plasmas. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the familiar Fujitsu strengths of impressively broad contrast range, deep rendition of blacks, and vibrant, solid and natural colours all shine through. The Time


A beautiful, talented little number that carries all the hallmark Sony swagger. Although something of a plasma debut from Sony, youd think theyd been making them for years.

Loud and proud

When things get loud, though, such as where the time machine explodes, the Sony rises to the occasion with plenty of dynamism and aggression


Style Picture Sound Tuner Features Value Overall


Further Info
Call 08705 111999, or visit
What Home Cinema January 2003

11:57 AM

Page 69

Best in Test

Hitachi Platara
A fine all-rounder elevated to Best Buy status thanks to its price
A lovely plasma which simply blew us away with its performance. Its Best Buy status was secured by the bargain price. Sure, 3,000 is not cheap by anybodys standards, but for a plasma of this quality, its almost a steal. And it pays to shop around, too, as pricing is very competitive

Recommended Systems

Sony DAV-S550
A great-looking system that very nearly made it onto our Special Style Award rostrum. And it would look even better alongside this incredible Sony plasma. Performance is reasonable, although there are better systems available for the money around 600

Sharp SD-AT100

Machines underground sequences featuring Jeremy Irons look rich and involving, with profound separation between the luminous blue of Irons skin colour and the inky blackness of the cave. While bright scenes and picture elements look as clean as they are vibrant, as well as benefiting from some prodigious fine detail capability, we did detect trace evidence of dotty grey noise over some dark footage. Occasionally, we spotted some gentle colour banding over textured backgrounds, too, but this was very low level. Otherwise, our only concern is the onboard TV tuner, which looks significantly grainier and softer than other sources.
Sony KZ-322TS1E Very nearly a great plasma certainly the most attractive model in this test. The fan is too loud and the tuner falls short of excellent
Our cover star from last issue, the Sharp is also our Special Style Award runner-up. A cracking performer, too, and 800 will seem cheap compared with plasma prices!

As it whirr

The 32TS1Es built-in speakers belie their slimness to deliver fine details, soundstage width and bass that would shame most normal box TV speakers. Its a pity, though, that the whirr of the fan can sometimes be heard during quiet moments like Pearces visit to the New York museum. With the 32TS1E, Sony has done a cracking job of making plasma more mainstream in approach. Plus it looks sublime and is a decent all-round performer to boot. So if Sony can just tweak its tuner quality and dispose of that goddamned fan next time round, we might really have something really special.
Sanyo PDP32 Not a bad plasma screen in fact a very good one. Unfortunately, the competition is too strong

Linn Classik

Tested on p44 of this very issue, the Linn system is a worthy plasma partner. Costing around 4,000, its in the same price bracket too, so youll need around 9,000 to marry it to this Sony. A great system
DREAM SYSTEM! Philips 32PF9964 Beautiful, seriously beautiful. But its premium price means it cant quite compete with the Hitachi
This month, we combine our System of the Month with Hitachis plasma


KZ-32TS1 / KZ-42TS1

Plasma WEGA Flat Panel Color TV


HDTV Monitor Aspect Ratio: 16:9 KZ-32TS1: 852 x 1024 Resolution KZ-42TS1: 1024 x 1024 Resolution Built-In Stereo Speakers: ~ 7W x 2 (32) ~ 9W x 2 (42) Built-In NTSC TV Tuner (181 Channels)


Pixel-by-Pixel I/P Conversion CineMotion Reverse 3-2 Pulldown TruSurround Sound Wide Screen Modes Wall Mountable (with Optional Accessory WBPW1) 2 HD Capable Component Inputs (Y/Pb/Pr) Color Temp. Adjustment (5000 -7000K) Three Language OSD (On Screen Display) Input Signals: 480i, 480p, 1080i, 720p, Computer RGB Front: Headphone Jack Rear: ~ Composite Video Input ~ S-Video Input (1) ~ Dual RF Inputs ~ Component Video Input (1 HD Capable) ~ Component Video Input (1 with RGB/HV HD Capable) ~ Audio Output (Fixed/Variable)



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