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PCG-SR11K Mobile Intel Pentium III processor 600 MHz featuring Intel SpeedStep technology AGP/PCI Architecture 64 MB (upgradeable to 256 MB) Micro DIMM SDRAM 256 KB L2 Cache 10 GB External 16 speed CD-ROM drive with PC Card 10.4" (26.4 cm) Poly-Silicon TFT colour display 1024 x 768 XGA resolution Mobile S3 Savage graphic chip 3D Hardware Acceleration, with 8 MB Video RAM True colour (24 Bit) using XGA mode and graphic accelerator dithering function 16 bit playback and record Windows sound system compatible and 3D Audio Sony MPEG1 Digital Video with full screen playback Built-in stereo speakers Built-in microphone Built-in modem V.90, K56 flex Memory Stick slot i.LINK (IEEE1394), 400 Mbps RJ-11 direct port built-in modem V.90, K56 flex USB DC-in Microphone Jack (for Mic-in or Line-in) Headphone Jack Display adapter connector (for VGA cable) 84 keys 12 function keys Windows key and application key Touch Pad Jog Dial 1 x Type II PCMCIA: Card Bus support Up to 4 hours with standard battery 259 x 32 x 209 mm 1.36 kg Sony Software: DVgate (video/still capture) Media Bar (including MiniDisc editing and audio/video playback) PictureGear (digital imaging) Smart Capture (video and still capture) MovieShaker (personal movie editing) Smart Connect and Smart Connect Monitor (i.LINK data transfer) BatteryScope (battery life and level) PowerPanel (Power Management profile) Sony Notebook Setup (notebook configuration) Jog Dial Utility (Jog Dial configuration) Visual Flow (Memory Stick media browser) Other Software: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional RealPlayer7 QuickTime Acrobat Reader




Recovery CD External CD-ROM drive (with PC card) Lithium-ion battery AC adaptor Power cord VGA cable Phone plug/connector and cable 64 MB and 128 MB expansion memory modules Additional battery USB floppy drive unit and cable USB hub Power cord AC adaptor External USB mouse GSM phone connection kits Communication cards (LAN, ISDN) Carrying cases 1 year (extendable to 3 years with VAIO Plus Warranty Pack)


For more information on the SR11K and a full listing of accessories, please visit
2000 Sony Corporation. Sony, MiniDisc, Memory Stick and i.LINK are trademarks of Sony Corporation, Japan. Microsoft and Windows 2000 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel and Pentium are trademarks of Intel Corporation. All other trademarks are acknowledged. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Some notebooks may not be available for all countries. Sony Corporation is not responsible for any errors which may appear in this document. Sony ITE-MC, September 2000. SR11K-PCG-3216
Sony Information Technology Group The Heights Brooklands Weybridge Surrey KT13 0XW
PCG-SR11K runs best with Windows 2000 Professional.

DS PCG-SR11K-UK-09.00



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