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Easyldur 1:51am on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
HardSkin review This is a great product. Great case all around. This is a great case. My wife ordered it for two reasons: Purple Covered as much phone as possilbe.
filesiteguy 5:38pm on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 
I have had a blackberry before and the iphone severely trumps the blackberry!!! I love my iphone and I will NEVER get rid of it!!!
koolmoose 12:07am on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 
The latest and most famed phone currently. This phone is very different from other phones. This is an outstanding phone with many features. As one of the biggest Electronic producer, Apple launch the new generation of I Phone, that is apple I Phone 3G. As we know together. iPhone combines three products - a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls.
nordlicht 8:47pm on Monday, July 26th, 2010 
I drove with a buddy of mine from Denver to Chicago. I learned a couple of things on that road trip. Lighter design, thinner feel Battery with 3G enabled is less than a day with average use as compared to 2 days with edge on previous phone
BigBigDick 5:16am on Friday, July 9th, 2010 
iphone is the cats ass of the cell phone buis.. easily the best ! To me, it looks like Blackberry is for a serious, adult, mature user whereas the iPhone is for those who just want to look and feel young. Tops Blackberry in my opinion.
amaloney 10:01pm on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
Revolutionary device - all other companies catching up. Easy to use. Why would someone want a 4g, which has awful reception issues and features a second cam which is useless without wifi? or a 3gs.
FluidGuy 1:45pm on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 
Excellent map graphics and user interface. I will give 4 star on it.This is REAL personal navigation application. Just the best phone I have ever owned! Great user interface..Excellent web browser. Multi-touch works great and the app store rocks None iPhone WarrantyiPhone comes with 90 days of complimentary technical support. In addition, your iPhone, its rechargeable battery.
colinmcintire 8:11am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
With fast 3G technology for mobile environments, Maps with GPS, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange and the new AppStore.

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Departmental Activities 1. Formal talks by the distinguished personalities on life related and subject based topics. 2. Quizzes are organized and special classes on career guidance and various competitions are conducted. 3. Various religious festivals, Christians or others are celebrated. 4. At the beginning of the year we organize a warm welcome to the I Degree Students and a farewell to the out going students. 5. After the result is being announced we organize a felicitation meeting. Apart from doing regular activities mentioned above in the academic year 20022003, we started to publish a department magazine entitled NAVACHETHANA every year intended to encourage the thirst and quest for knowledge, the spirit of inquiry and creative abilities of Mathematics students of Aquinas College.
Last year 2004-05, department organized a one day seminar in Mathematics in association with Kerala Mathematical Association on 27th January 2005. Lectures on various topics (Fuzzy Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, What is Geometry?) were being delivered by eminent personalities in the field. Teachers and Students from different colleges had participated the seminar. In every aspect the seminar was successful. The department is planning to organize more seminars at various levels in coming year with more features.
Departments Association seminar also

Student organized a

in connection with
association inaugration. Prof. Mary
Mettilda, H.O.D. of Maharajas college, Ernakulam addressed the gathering with a key note address.
Remedial Classes The lectures find time to help the weak students and takes keen interest to clarify the doubts of the outstanding students. Guidance to the higher education and proper career guidance is given to the students by the members of the faculty. Our success nurture in the family atmosphere of the department and each member of our team, works with sincerity and enthusiasm. Encouragement from the management and authority, earnestness and hard work of the of the teaching staff, co-operation of the students, dedication of the office and library staff, all the more blessings from the God Almighty, leads our department to success.
Current Students Who needs Remedial Teaching
I Year [ Class Avg 68.5 ]
Emily Jibimol M. L. Fousia P. A. Francis Thaliachery Gibi A.T. Lakshmi P. S. Lijumon V. R. Liya Josey Maria Tuny P. A. Nisamol P. K. Prabitha P Sophia Cleetus Sreekanth S. Supriya Fernandez Tresa Anju K. A. - 61 - 65 - 63 - 61 - 55 - 58 - 66 - 59 - 60 - 52 - 63 - 66 - 60 - 64
II Year [ Class Avg 71.4 ]
Antony Sheffin Lawrence N Anu Augustine Geethu S. Hima Vichith Joicy T. L. Leodwin Livero Lincy Mary Jacob Minimol V. B. Neena Alfred Neethu Jacob Rijosh George Soumya K. S. Teena Simon - 65.5 - 61.8 - 67.5 - 66.7 - 61.8 - 63.2 - 68.7 - 60.8 - 63.8 - 69.0 - 64.8 - 64.5 - 70.0
III Year [ Class Avg 66.1 ]
Ambily K.V. Christalina Ann Tina George Pablo V. L. Mary Manju A.M. Mary Suzan C. A. - 58 - 53 - 65 - 56 - 63 Preetha R. Sachinlal K.S. Soumya M.J. Sreeja K. T. Xavier Benoy K. M. - 60 - 54 - 52 - 53 - 64
2000-2003 [ Class Avg 66.3 ]
Pramod Jarald Suhaz M H Jency K J Jency Antony Juliet Bivera Rony Raphael M T Sachin Thomas Shanil T S Jomy Joseph K Nirmala George K 63.8 56.4 87.0 85.7 68.5 52.6 54.0 58.8 75.0 68.6 62.0 64.2 57.4 65.6 60.0 52.8 50.4 53.8 62.2 51.8
2001-2004 [ Class Avg 67.2 ]
Ambily M A Disha C S Helel Aloysius Jennifer Jen Joseph Ramya Mohan Aneeta Francis Annie Jincy K J Elizabeth Jesna Neenymol K J Tintu Mary Sujith Joseph - 42 - 60 - 63 - 62 - 63 - 65 - 54 - 56 - 60 - 64 - 64 - 58 - 49 -A - 77 - 89 - 90 - 86 - 56 - 63 - 78 - 83 - 60 - 64

Ahemmed Shaheen V A - 55

61.8 1998-2001 [ Class Avg 65.1 ]
Aby Agustine M A Bijimol C G Deephy D Jercy Mary V C Manju E M Mattilda A A Shalini Lal Susmitha P R Babu M Jeen P Xavier Nixon V F Roopesh Varghees Seema Xavier Karott
62.0 64.4 64.6 47.8 63.0 63.4 56.6 63.6 37.2 56.0 61.4 56.0 60.0
List of Students who needs Remedial Teaching (2003-2004)
B.Sc. Mathematics ( I Year ) 1. Minimol ( All subjects ) 2. Antony Sheffin ( Statistics ) B.Sc. Mathematics ( II Year ) 1. Minimol ( All subjects ) 2. Antony Sheffin ( Statistics ) 3. Amar Raj ( Statistics, Computer Science ) 4. Leodwin ( Statistics, Computer Science ) 5. Lincy ( Statistics, Computer Science ) 6. Joicy ( Statistics ) 7. Neena Alfred ( Statistics ) B.Sc. Mathematics ( III Year ) 1. Ambili K.V. ( Statistics ) 2. Preetha ( Statistics ) 3. Sachinlal ( Statistics ) 4. Christalina Ann Tina ( Statistics, Computer Science ) Remedial coaching for average students Because of the shortage of permanent teaching staff, coaching with the help of teachers is not easy. But for the last 7 batches, we have been adopting a very successful method. The input output graph of the marks of the students shows considerable increase in their university marks. 1. In each class, bright students are entrusted with the job of giving extra help to
weaker students to solve the problems given as assignments daily. 2. In free hours and intervals, these students clear the doubts of the weaker
students and sometimes take classes.
Teachers also help the students during lunchtime and between hours. Through open window program, parents are informed of their childs
performance and seek their support. 5. This type of remedial teaching helps to incubate the habit of cooperation and
mutual understanding among the students. The method adopted proved to be fruitful and only one failed and one could not appear for the exam (due to ill health) during the last 7 batches.
Coaching for bright students When the student joins for the 1st B.Sc. classes, their +2 marks and the details are collected. After internal assessments, we get a brief idea about the students whether they are in the brilliant, very good, good or average category. 1. Besides the classroom assignments, reference books are given to brilliant
students to increase their problem solving capacity. Teachers clear their doubts after the classes. 2. If a student is recognized as extra brilliant, their parents and the same students

are informed to encourage them to get a credible achievement. The result was fruitful and we got two University first ranks. Mary Shallet colleges Lisy Thomas University 998/1000 2000-03 under the MG 998/1000 1996-99 Stood out of 45

3. same. 4.

Lack of funds is a problem to conduct seminars and for buying journals. But
name of journals and websites are given to the students and are encouraged to use the
For bright students, we cant offer postgraduate studies. So they are made
aware of the courses and programs offered by different universities and an idea is created of the different types of entrance tests for those courses.
Main - Mathematics I II III YEAR YEAR YEAR U.G. U.G. U.G. Total Subsidiary Mathematics Physics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G. Economics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G. 24 81

Subsidiary Statistics

I Mathematics Main YEAR U.G. 27
Subsidiary Computer Science
Mathematics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G.
Main - Mathematics I II III YEAR YEAR YEAR U.G. U.G. U.G. Total Subsidiary Mathematics Physics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G. Economics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G. 25 81
Electronics Main (Self Financing) YEAR U.G. 20 YEAR U.G. 5
I II Mathematics Main YEAR U.G. YEAR U.G. 31 25
Electronics Main (Self Financing) YEAR U.G. 5
Main- Mathematics I II III YEAR YEAR YEAR U.G. 25 U.G. 25 U.G. 22 ----------------------Total 72

Subsidiary Mathematics

I II Physics Main YEAR U.G. 36 YEAR U.G. 34 ----------------------Total 70 Economics Main YEAR U.G. 52 YEAR U.G. 51 ----------------------Total 103 Electronics Main (Self Financing) YEAR U.G. 5
Mathematics Main I II YEAR YEAR U.G. 25 U.G. 25 -----------------------Total 50
Tours And Excursions Our aim is not academic excellence alone, we organize class wise excursions for the Student of Mathematics. This besides being a time of relaxation, which they need also, brings them closer to each other and to the staff members. We believe that Excursions are Education in them selves and the students cherish the memories of such outing for long time. MATHEMATICS STUDENTS WHO EXCELLED IN SPORTS / GAMES ARENA # Roshal C.J. -------------- I Place in shot put in Kerala State Athletic meet in 2001 ----------- I Place in shot put in District Athletic meet in 2001 ------ II Place in shot put in M.G.U. Athletic meet in 2001 --- III Place in shot put in M.G.U. Athletic meet in 2000 # Suma Thilak ------------ National Individual Championship in Tennikoit in 1997 # Babu M. ----------------- Team member--Runner-up in Inter State ball badminton Championship -------- Team memberM.G.U. zone champion in ball badminton # Anu Chandrasekhar ---- Participated in M.G.U. Table Tennis championship

# Aneeta Francis ---------- Participated in M.G.U. Table Tennis championship MATHEMATICS STUDENTS WHO EXCELLED IN ARTS /CULTURAL STAGE # Diana P J ---------------- College Quiz Team Member # Students of II B.Sc ----- College Dance Team 2001-2002 2001-2002
# Ahammed Shaheen----- 1. Anchorage 2002 IInd Prize 2002-2003 ------------Cochin University Dance Festival 2002-2003 Cochin University Dance Festival G.R.D College -------------- 2. Tempest 2002 IInd Prize
-------------- 3. Confluents 2002 Ist Prize 2002-2003
# Sandeep S. # Sachin Thomas # Roshal C.J. # Nixon V.F. # Suhaz M.H. # Sumayya O.H. # George Mathew Chairman Chairman General Secretary General Secretary U.U.C. Vice-Chairperson Student Editor 1998-1999 2001-2002 2000-2001 1999-2000 2001-2002 1998-1999 1996-1997
# Sony Jacob # Ahammed Shaheen # Roney Raphael. # Tomy Kuttan # Roshal C.J. # George Pablo V L # Agustine Paul
Sub-Editor Arts Club Secretary III D.C. Representative III D.C. Representative Sports Secretary Student Editor U.U.C
1996-1997 2002-2003 2002-2003 1999-2000 2001-2002 2004-2005 2004-2005
Unniyude Pretham (Mal.) Mrithyu Paanam (Mal.)
George Mathew Shabina A K Jolly S N George Mathew Linsha Sivan Ahammad Shaheen Sujih Joseph Ahammad Shaheen Freby Francis Antony Unni Smisha
Kalpanika Prasthanam Asaniloode (Mal) Kozhinja Chillalkal (Mal.) Oru Charama Geetham (Mal.) Aval (Mal.) Ente Niram (Mal.) -
Parinama Vaadam, Sathiamo Midhyayo ? Orudivasathe Dukkam (Mal.) A Journey (Eng.) My Dear India (Eng.) -
Mathematics for You(Eng.) A Million Roads (Eng.) The Mathematical Facts (Eng.) Iss Jeevan Mein (Hin.)
Sony Jacob Sandeep S Sumayya O H Santhosh Boney
Being economically and educationally backward and the students are basically weak in Mathematics Department has plan to improve the standard of students in the school level.



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