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Service Manual



SDM-E76A,D / SDM-E96A,D(E)


There are some special components used in LCD monitor that are important for safety. These parts are marked on the schematic diagram and the replacement parts list. It is essential that these critical parts should be replaced with the manufacturers specified parts to prevent electric shock, fire or other hazard. Do not modify original design without obtaining written permission from manufacturer or you will void the original parts and labor guarantee.
If you want to replace with the new backlight (CCFL) or inverter circuit, must disconnect the AC adapter because high voltage appears at inverter circuit about 650Vrms. Handle with care wires or connectors of the inverter circuit. If the wires are pressed cause short and may burn or take fire.
Must mount the module using mounting holes arranged in four corners. Do not press on the panel, edge of the frame strongly or electric shock as this will result in damage to the screen. Do not scratch or press on the panel with any sharp objects, such as pencil or pen as this may result in damage to the panel. Protect the module from the ESD as it may damage the electronic circuit (C-MOS). Make certain that treatment persons bodies are grounded through wrist band. Do not leave the module in high temperature and in areas of high humidity for a long time. The module not is exposed to the direct sunlight. Avoid contact with water as it may a short circuit within the module. If the surface of panel becomes dirty, please wipe it off with a soft material. (Cleaning with a dirty or rough cloth may damage the panel.)
Leakage Current Hot Check Circuit


1. LCD CHARACTERISTICS Type : TFT Color LCD Module Active Display Area : 17 inch - SDM-E76A/D : 19 inch - SDM-E96A/D Pixel Pitch : 0.264 (H) x 0.264 (V) -SDM-E76A/D : 0.294 (H) x 0.294 (V) -SDM-E96A/D Size : 358.5(W) x 296.5(H) x 17.5(D) - SDM-E76A/D : 396(W) x 324(H) x 17.5(D) - SDM-E96A/D Color Depth : 16.2M colors - SDM-E76A/D : 16.2M colors - SDM-E96A/D Electrical Interface : LVDS Surface Treatment : Anti Glare, Hard-coating (3H) Operating Mode : Normally White Backlight Unit : Top/Bottom edge side 4-CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) 4. Max. Resolution Analog : 1280 x 1024 / 75Hz Digital : 1280 x 1024 / 60Hz
5. POWER SUPPLY 5-1. Power: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 5-2. Power Consumption SDM-E76A/D Normal operation < 38W Active off (deep sleep) < 1W Power off < 1W SDM-E96A/D Normal operation < 44W Active off (deep sleep) < 1W Power off < 1W
2. OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS 2-1. Viewing Angle by Contrast Ratio > 10 SDM-E76A/D Left : 70(Typ) Right : 70(Typ) Top : 70(Typ) Bottom : 60(Typ) SDM-E96A/D Left : -65 min., -70(Typ) Right : +65 min., +70(Typ) Top :+70 min., +75(Typ) Bottom : -55min., -60(Typ) 2-2. Luminance : 300(Typ) - SDM-E76A/D 300(Typ) - SDM-E96A/D 2-3. Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (Typ) - SDM-E76A/D 700:1 (Typ) - SDM-E96A/D
6. ENVIRONMENT 6-1. Operating Temperature: 5C~35C (41F~95F) 6-2. Relative Humidity: 10%~80% (Non-condensing)
7. DIMENSIONS SDM-E76A/D Width: 382 mm (15.1'') Depth: 193.2 mm (7.6'') Height: 403.2 mm (15.9'') SDM-E96A/D Width: 420 mm (16.6'') Depth: 193.2 mm (7.6'') Height: 433.1 mm (17.1)
3. SIGNAL (Refer to the Timing Chart) 3-1. Sync Signal Type : Separate Sync, Composite Sync, SOG (Sync On Green), Digital 3-2. Video Input Signal 1) Type: R, G, B Analog 2) Voltage Level: 0~0.71 V a) Color 0, 0: 0 Vp-p b) Color 7, 0: 0.467 Vp-p c) Color 15, 0: 0.714 Vp-p 3) Input Impedance : 75 3-3. Operating Frequency Analog Horizontal: 28 ~ 80kHz Vertical: 56 ~ 75Hz < 135MHz Dot Clock:
8. WEIGHT SDM-E76A/D Net. Weight: 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) Gross Weight: 5.6 kg (12.31 lbs) SDM-E96A/D Net. Weight : 5.5kg (12.1 lbs) Gross Weight: 7.2kg (15.9 lbs)
Digital 28 ~ 64kHz 60Hz < 108MHz




EDID data for SDM-E76D (Analog)
EDID data for SDM-E76D (Digital)
EDID data for SDM-E76A (Analog)


EDID data for SDM-E96D (Analog)
EDID data for SDM-E96D (Digital)
EDID data for SDM-E96A (Analog)


<Key Control>
<Common Adjustment>


To enter service OSD menu, 1) Turn off the power switch button. 2) Press Down key, and power key simultaneity. 3) Shows the service OSD menu. That menu is located in down side of main menu. 4) The service OSD menu contains additional menus as described below.
Service Mode Explanations
COLOR TEMP Adjust R/G/B color values of contrast and brightness in 9300k, 6500k, Use color mode. (Factory Setting Area). INITIAL EEPROM Initialize the EDID DATA at DDC2B EEPROM is saved system memory. COLOR TEMP data becomes the default 128. User table data is reset. CLR. ETI ET (the used time of MNT) counter shall be reset to 0H by activating this function. AGING Enable to set the monitor in the Aging mode or exit from the mode. Select aging mode (On/Off) WHITE BALANCE Adjust the offset voltage and gain value in Analog RGB by AUTO. DEFAULT TIMING Select the resolution timing of the signal. Menu is 1152864(VESA standard timing) or 1152870(MAC computer timing). Default is 1152870. MODULE To select applied module When you replace A board or Panel, it is required to set the Panel inch size and the Panel maker name on selecting MODULE.




1. Procedures of how to go to service mode.
1) Enter the service mode of this unit by turning on the power while pressing down key and the "power" key simultaneously. 2) Press "MENU" key----MAINTAIN. 3) Press the Down or Up key to select the icon S and press "OK" key to enter into the service menu. 4) Select the desired function. 5) Press the "MENU" key to exit OSD. 6) Turn off the power and then turn on it again. The monitor then enters the normal mode. To enter the service again, repeat the procedure described above.
5. Adjustment for White Balance
a. Display five white block and black pattern VGA/ 60Hz (Input level 0.73V). b. Set up [SERVICE MODE]. c. Click INITIAL EEPROM and again setup Service Mode. d. Click "WHITE BALANCE" and then select AUTO. e. Prepare timing and full white pattern.
6. 9300K color adjustment
a. Select "9300K" in "COLOR TEMP" and enter. b. Use a 100% (255Gray) IRE white video field in the primary (SXGA) mode. c. Adjust "SUB CONTRAST" to secure the color temperature d. Press "MENU" key to exit adjust mode.
W/B readjustment is required after the panel, board and microcomputer are replaced. However, be sure to perform aging for more than 30 minutes for RGB reset before W/B adjustment.

2. Setup

1) Prepare timing and pattern data for a signal generator according to the Sony timing specifications. 2) Connect a monitor video cable to the signal generator. 3) Put Color Analyzer (ex. CA-210) 50cm away from the monitor, specify it vertically in the center of the display, and adjust the focus to the optimum level using an eyepiece. 4) Put the monitor and Color Analyzer (ex. CA-210) in a light-shielded room. 5) Set up [SERVICE MODE] of the monitor.
7. 6500K color adjustment
a. Select "6500K" in "COLOR TEMP" and enter. b. Repeat the adjustment procedure as steps b to d at 9300K.

8. SRGB color adjustment

a. Select "SRGB" in "COLOR TEMP" and enter. b. Adjust SUB CONTRAST value to the value of 6500K RGB.
<<Specification of WB adjustment>> Panel Mode 9300K 6500K sRGB 9300K 6500K sRGB 9300K 6500K sRGB 9300K 6500K sRGB x (+/-15) 100IRE y (+/-15) Y (+40/-30) 210 180

3. Operation

Data is manually set to improve the productivity. The brightness, contrast, and backlight are set to 50, 90 and 100 respectively. After that, the default data of the color temperature to be adjusted is set.

Hannstar AUO CPT CMO

4. Warm up time
Warm up for 30 minutes before performing any adjustment.


Model name SDM-E76A SDM-E76D AEP SDM-E96A SDM-E96D SDM-E76A SDM-E76D USA SDM-E96A BLACK SDM-E96D SDM-E76D TAIWAN SDM-E96D SDM-E76A SDM-E76D CHINA SDM-E96A SDM-E96D Colour Destination Serial Range
1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,600,001-1,700,000 1,700,001-1,800,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000 1,500,001-1,600,000 1,900,001-2,000,000
Panel CPT CMO CPT CMO AUO Hannstar AUO Hannstar CPT CMO CPT CMO AUO Hannstar AUO Hannstar CPT CMO AUO Hannstar CPT CMO CPT CMO AUO Hannstar AUO Hannstar




SDM-E76A/D Ref. No. SONY Part No. SONY name X21099921 BEZEL ASSY (E76D) 1 X21480871 BEZEL ASSY (E76A) 178959421 Mounted PWB, H (Key board for E76A) Mounted PWB, H (Key board for E76D) 180216611 Panel: CLAA170EA07Q(CPT) Panel: M170E5-L09(CMO) 178959011 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E76D for CPT) 178959111 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E76A for CPT) Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E76D for CMO) 178959121 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E76A for CMO) 178959211 Mounted PWB, G (Power board) (for CPT) Mounted PWB, G (Power board) (for CMO) Connector Assy (Panle link cable) 7 X21099941 HINGE ASSY Rubber, Front Foot (Only 1 piece) STAND 268576901 SHIELD, REAR (E76D) SHIELD, REAR (E76A) CABINET, REAR MULTI BUTTON FRONT POWER BUTTON HEXAGON SCREW (Only 1 piece) ACCESSORIES & PACKING MATERIALS 182984911 POWER CORD, BLACK (AEP) 182984811 POWER CORD, BLACK (U/C) POWER CORD, BLACK (WB) 183344411 POWER CORD, BLACK (CH) DVI CABLE D-SUB CABLE 268147621 QUICK SETUP GUIDE (AEP) QUICK SETUP GUIDE (U/C,WB) CD-ROM
Please refer to the following URL of TV QA web page to see the latest service parts list.
SDM-E96A/D Ref. No. SONY Part No. SONY name X21099931 BEZEL ASSY (E96D) 1 X21480881 BEZEL ASSY (E96A) 178959421 Mounted PWB, H (Key board for E96A) Mounted PWB, H (Key board for E96D) 180216511 Panel: M190EG04V5(AUO) Panel: HSD190ME13-A10(HANNSTAR) 178959031 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E96D for HannStar) 178959131 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E96A for HannStar) Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E96D for AUO) 178959141 Mounted PWB, A (Main board) (E96A for AUO) 178959311 Mounted PWB, G (Power board) (for AUO) Mounted PWB, G (Power board) (for HANNSTAR) Connector Assy (Panel Link Cable) 7 X21099951 HINGE ASSY Rubber, Front Foot (Only 1 piece) STAND 268576901 SHIELD, REAR (E96D) SHIELD, REAR (E96A) CABINET, REAR MULTI BUTTON FRONT POWER BUTTON HEXAGON SCREW (Only 1 piece) ACCESSORIES & PACKING MATERIALS 182984911 POWER CORD, BLACK (AEP) 182984811 POWER CORD, BLACK (U/C) POWER CORD, BLACK (WB) 183344411 POWER CORD, BLACK (CH) DVI CABLE D-SUB CABLE 268147621 QUICK SETUP GUIDE (AEP) QUICK SETUP GUIDE (U/C,WB) CD-ROM


SONY Corporation OSAKI WEST Tec 20
Made in Japan 2006.6 SDM-E76A,D / SDM-E96A,D(E)


Sony Semiconductor & Electronic Solutions Display Products Warranty
Warranty statement: Sony United Kingdom & Ireland a division of Sony Europe Limited warrants that the Equipment (as defined below) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period indicated in the Warranty Table. Sony will repair defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with these warranty terms. The Limited Warranty applies only to the Sony-branded hardware products referred to in the Warranty Table, sold by or leased from Sony United Kingdom & Ireland a division of Sony Europe Limited, its subsidiaries, affiliates, authorised resellers or distributors (Equipment). Exclusive remedy: Subject to the conditions listed below, the Customers exclusive remedy and the sole obligation of Sony under the Limited Warranty is (at no extra charge) to correct, repair or replace the Equipment (or part of it) to prevent a reoccurrence of a particular defect during the Warranty Period. Notification of warranty claim: If a Customer believes that Sony-sold Equipment is defective in materials or workmanship during the Warranty Period, the Customer should contact the Sony Hotline number during the applicable Warranty Period with an accurate description of the problem. Sony may require the Customer to provide proof of purchase (such as a bill of sale or receipted invoice) as evidence that the defective product is within the Warranty Period. If after investigation Sony determines that the Equipment is defective, it will be serviced, repaired or replaced according to the provisions of the Warranty. Conditions: The Limited Warranty does not cover the following: Cosmetic damages; Damage or loss to any software applications or programmes, data, or removable media; or Damage due to: (i) acts of God, accident or disaster, or any reason beyond Sonys reasonable control; or (ii) Negligence or misuse, including (but not limited to) failure to use the Equipment for its normal purpose or in accordance with Sonys instructions on its proper use and maintenance; or (iii) Improper operation or maintenance of the Equipment (including unauthorised alterations and/or modifications by anyone other than a Sony-authorized service agent); or (iv) Operation of the Equipment with non-compatible equipment, products, accessories or attachments, or outside the published environmental and electrical parameters.
The Customers failure to notify Sony of a fault with the Equipment during the Warranty Period, or the continued use of the Equipment after a fault has been detected, shall constitute an unqualified acceptance of such Equipment and a waiver by the Customer of all claims thereto. The Warranty shall be invalid if the Equipments original identification (trademark(s), serial number(s), part number(s) etc.) has been altered, defaced or removed. All Equipment (including parts and components of Equipment) replaced by Sony becomes the property of Sony to be kept or disposed of at Sonys discretion. Customers shall not be compensated or otherwise credited in respect thereof. The Warranty does not apply to Equipment sold as is or with all faults.
Warranty Service Sony offers different levels of Warranty Service depending upon the category of Equipment purchased. The levels of Warranty Service for your Equipment to which you may be entitled is as set out in the Warranty Table. The applicable Warranty Period for the Equipment is set out in the Warranty Table. The Warranty Period is a fixed period commencing on the date of first sale of the Equipment to an end-user.[2] No repair or replacement of any Equipment or part thereof shall extend the original Warranty Period, except that the Limited Warranty of the repaired or replaced Equipment or part thereof shall be in effect for a period of 90 days following the repair or for the remaining Warranty Period, whichever is greater. [1] If you are uncertain as to which category of Equipment your product belongs, please call our Hotline for clarification. Sonys decision shall be final. [2] This will generally be the date on your sales receipt. Warranty Table


Sony Monitor SDM-E76D Sony Monitor SDM-E96D
36 Months from Date of End User Invoice Rapid Replacement. 36 Months from Date of End User Invoice Rapid Replacement
Standard Return-to-Base Under the standard Return-to-Base service, the Customer is responsible for returning defective Equipment to a Sony-approved warranty repair centre. Sony will service or repair the defective Equipment, before returning it, freight prepaid, to the Customer. Exchange Swap Rapid Replacement Warranty Program To give you even greater piece of mind, Sony has put together a Rapid Replacement Warranty Program to cover you in the unlikely event of problems accoutring with your Display within its warranty period. The Rapid Replacement Warranty Program has been designed to allow you to exchange a faulty unit for a replacement unit as a faster alternative to the traditional repair process. We offer our rapid replacement warranty in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia & Hungary. In the unlikely event of a hardware fault occurring, please visit the support section of our website

What to do in the event of a warranty claim?
Step 1: Call the Sony Semiconductor & Electronic Solutions Pan European Hotline. In the unlikely event of a hardware fault occurring please call our Hotline at 7871 to log a warranty claim. Step 2: Verify / Trouble Shooting One of our trained agents will ask you for the following information: Serial Number, Model Name and Number plus Proof of Purchase to verify the unit is within its warranty period. They will then walk you through the problem with your unit to identify the issue & then verify that it is being caused by a hardware fault and that the limited warranty applies.
Step 3: Return / Swap Process (replacement Product). Once it has been determined that there is a hardware fault covered by the Limited Warranty, the agent will arrange your collection & swap replacement. Failure to notify the Hotline of non availability within 24 hrs of date & time of pick up will result in your warranty switching to a Return to Base Warranty and the customer being responsible for the additional costs of a second pick up. General: Packaging: Customers should return the Equipment in its original carton, or in similar packaging affording an equal degree of protection. Customers are responsible for ensuring that defective units are packaged appropriately for transportation. If you require packaging please make that clear to the agent when calling the Hotline. Please note the Replacement unit will be a refurbished, same or equivalent model. Out-of-warranty: Under the Return-to-Base and the Rapid Replacement Warranty Program swaps for defective units containing damage outside the warranty terms and conditions will be referred to Customers before a replacement unit is issued. General Conditions The Limited Warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Any breach by the Customer of the Limited Warranty or these conditions shall invalidate all future warranty claims. Terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty and the Warranty Service are subject to change without notice. EXCEPT FOR THE FOREGOING WARRANTIES, SONY DISCLAIMS AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR ANY WARRANTY WITH REGARD TO ANY CLAIM OF INFRINGEMENT THAT MAY BE PROVIDED IN SECTION 2-312(3) OF THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE AND/OR IN ANY OTHER COMPARABLE STATE STATUTE. SONY HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATION THAT THE EQUIPMENT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ANY COMBINATION OF NON-SONY PRODUCTS THAT A CUSTOMER MAY CHOOSE TO CONNECT TO THE EQUIPMENT. THE LIABILITY OF SONY, IF ANY, AND THE CUSTOMERS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR DAMAGES FOR ANY CLAIM OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY (AND WHETHER ARISING IN TORT OR CONTRACT) SHALL NOT BE GREATER THAT THE ACTUAL COST OF THE EQUIPMENT WITH RESPECT TO WHICH THE CLAIM IS MADE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SONY BE LIABLE TO THE CUSTOMER FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) COMPENSATION, REIMBURSEMENT OR DAMAGES ON ACCOUNT OF THE LOSS OF PRESENT OR PROSPECTIVE PROFITS, LOSS OF GOODWILL OR FOR ANY REASON WHATEVER. IN ADDITION, SONY SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR THE LOSS OR REMOVAL OF ANY MEDIA OR ANY DATA. NOTHING SHALL RELEASE SONY FROM LIABILITY IN RESPECT OF DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY CAUSED BY SONYS NEGLIGENCE. Sony and StorStation are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Copyright Sony 2004, All Rights Reserved.



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