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flagman 11:05am on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 
I use the SSD as a boot drive and for the primary programs that I use. This includes games, Office, etc.
AnLe 10:32am on Monday, October 18th, 2010 
Probably the best SSD in the world... After some careful comparison shopping, I bought this solid-state disk just after New Year 2010.
ronin_asano 5:35pm on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 
I bought the generation 2 model (model number SSDSA2MH160G2C1) from Fast, nice capactiy for an SSD, good value for an SSD.
johannes 4:12am on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
i have tried many ssd drives from many makers...  this thing is fast no denying that fact as well this drive will wear fast and die hard If you want performance and reliability, go w... If you want performance and reliability, go with an Intel SSD.
pafos 10:19am on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
No issues with install, fast, great product. Easy To Install","Fast","Quiet","Reliable Hard to Learn I had a Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB and it was fast but when it came to seek times it was like most hard drives; slow.
gazza52 8:02am on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 
I recon its cool, but lol 80GB solid state ? I would have thought it would be slower lol.
hotelend 2:49am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
The Intel 160GB Solid State Drive. A hard drive that has basically changed my entire experience with computers.Being in computers for over 20 years.
miranr 3:16am on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 
After reading many reviews, it seems that the Intel X25-M is the overall best SSD drive to get. And with the new 34nm version of the drive dubbed G2,...
JOCARES 1:59pm on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 
use as boot drive and a few highly used programs, even with trim on my WEI rating has dropped to 7.
openofficeuser923 4:34pm on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
Very fast! Has about a 15 sec boot time. Love it The usual... Price per GB I paired the SSD up with MS Win7 Ultimate 64 bit and what a dream it is to use my system now.
vipinkhera 12:07pm on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 
Excellent performance at a good price This is my first SSD so I decided to play it safe with an Intel product rather than experiment with other brands...

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Sheet1 Manufacturer Aquatic AV Aquatic AV Aquatic AV Aquatic AV Aquatic AV Key Digital Alpine MB Quart JVC Gravik Eye ON-Q ON-Q KDS ON-Q Select Entry Systems Bogen Sirius Omni Mount Omni Mount Sanus Nuvo Harman / Kardon Misc Middle Atlantic Gefen Panamax Terk Bose Bose Bose Terk Middle Atlantic Muxlab Niles Muxlab Niles Lutron RCA Dish Network Carlon SmithCorona Key Digital Key Digital Key Digital Sony Aquatic AV Video Mount Products Terk Dish Network Terk MTX Audio Sherwood Sonic blue Sonic blue Nuvo Sherwood Newcastle Sherwood Newcastle Middle Atlantic Key Digital Key Digital Key Digital Gefen Ethereal Pro Flex Gefen Alpine Niles Spaun Spaun Spaun Chief Peerless Channel Plus Key Digital Key Digital Phillips Gefen Somfy Panamax Connect Gear Spaun Niles Niles Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Chief Omni Mount Item 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier 7.5 Marine Grade Speaker 6.5 Marine Grade Speaker 10 Marine Grade Sub woofer IR Wireless Remote 4 Input/2 Output RGBHV Matrix Switcher Auxiliary Input Adapter for Ai-Net and Ai-Shuttle Nautic Speaker (Marine Grade) Stereo Video Cassette Recorder GRX-TVI Control Interface 28 Enclosure (Hinged Cover) {Dented on Corners} Replacement Door 24 Digital Video Processor / Digital Tuner 24 Modular Enclosure Select Gate 2 Telephone Access Panel Back-to-Back Pla Mount w/out Adapter Plate High Fidelity Ceiling Speaker Radio Antenna for Home (F Connector Style) Small Flat Panel Flip Down Mount Small Flat Panel Wishbone Mount (Platinum Color) Dual-Purpose Wall Mount (Low profile or tilting mount for flat panel TVs (27 - 84) Six Source, Six Zone Audio Distribution System Pair of Loudspeaker Floor Stands Left-Over TV Install Parts (screws and bracket arms) HD Digital Audio Switcher Max 5500 ACRegenerator Front Bezel Silver Dual Input Splitter for XM Satellite Radio Remote Control Wall / Ceiling Bracket Acoustimass Cube Speaker XM Antenna for All XM Satellite Radio Systems 23 foot cable for car 5 Space Sub Chassis VGA Balun PC Side Gold Plated Banana Plugs (2 ea) VGA Balun Monitor Side R-4 Remote Dimmer Replacement Kit Used Direct TV Receiver Dish Network Satellite TV Receiver (Dual Tuner) Recessed Weatherproof Power Outlet Cover Typewriter w/ Hard Travel Case HD15 (VGA) to 5 Channel RCA Cable (35 foot) HD15 (VGA) to 5 Channel RCA Cable (50 foot) HDMI Cable (30 foot) Direct TV Digital Satellite Receiver (w/ Remote) Auxiliary / AV Input Speaker Wall Bracket 3 X 4 Satellite Indoor/Outdoor Multiswitch Front End Module (Dish TV Module) Low-Profile Indoor TV Antenna Multi-Purpose Speaker AM/FM Receiver Replay TV unit Replay TV unit Three Source AM/FM Tuner DVD Player Universal DVD-Video/Audio&SACD Player Wire Management / 44SP X 3.5 Lace w/ Bridge DVID Male to Male Cable (50 foot) DVID Male to Male Cable (30 foot) 5 Channel BNC (RGBHV) to 5 Channel RCA (RGBHV) Cable (25 Foot) DVI Cable HDMI to HDMI Cable (15 Meter) VGA Cable (50 foot) HD Digital Audio 4X1 Switcher XM Radio / Charger System Voltage Controller RF A-B Switching System Launch amplifier Compact Multiswitch Compact Multiswitch Junction Box Assy Ceiling Plate Universal Flat Wall Mount Medium Non-Sectional Black Rack Mount 3400 / 5400 / Channel RCA to 5 Channel RCA Cable 5 Channel RCA to 5 Channel RCA Cable Home Theater Control Panel Component Audio to HDMI Adapter Low Voltage Control Switch Max 2 Dog Fence Lightning Protector 2 Port Auto KVM Switch Compact Multiswitch Weatherproof Stereo Volume Control High Power Stereo Volume Control Rack Shelf Aface for an LG LSS3200A Rack Shelf Aface for an Escient FP1 Drop Pole for Projector Speaker Wall and Celing Mount supports up to 5 lbs Part Number 1 Qty Sealed Craigs List No No No No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes No Yes No No No No No Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes 7 Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

KCA-801B NKA 169 SR-V101US GRX-TVI EN2850 364354-01 KD-FIRE1080P 364527-01 SG2 PLB-1 HFCS1 SCH2P (Partial) 75/100 FD CL-S VMPL3b NV-E6GXS-DC HTFS 2 Misc TA20R EXT-HD-441AA Max 5500 XM-SP RC28S2-27 UB-20B 259476-029 Xmicro2 RSHSUB-5XX 50010 GC-BPR 50014 R-4 RK-8 DRD430RG Dish322 E9UVRN N/A HD155R35 KD-HDP50 KD-HDP30 SAT-B65 AQ-AUXAV-1 50-70427 BMS-34 8VSB TV4 MP41B RX-4100 RTV5080 RTV5080 NV-T3 V-768T SD-871 LACE-44LP KDDVID50 KDDVID30 5B-5R-25 CAB-DVIC-30 EP-HDMI15 PC50VGA-DP ex*tend*it switcher XMA-T200RF RFS-1 SBK 5503 NF SMS 5602 NF SMS 281 F CMA 165 SF640P 2620 5R-5R-200 5R-5R-150 TSU 7000 EST-COMPAUD-2-HDMI-CO LVC-S M2DF MG2 SMS 3603 NFI WVC 100 VCS 100 N/A N/A CMS012018 N/A

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Sheet1 Omni Mount Omni Mount Channel Plus M&S Samsung Chief Chief Niles Dish Mount Peerless Home Integration Products Home Integration Products Home Integration Products Home Integration Products Home Integration Products Middle Atlantic Peerless Onkyo Peerless Peerless Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Peerless Polk Audio Peerless Pioneer Phillips ON-Q ON-Q Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Gefen Canton Atlantic Technology Atlantic Technology Atlantic Technology Gefen Bose Canton Niles Niles Niles Fujitsu Niles Atlantic Technology Atlantic Technology Niles Sharp Electravalve Electravalve Peerless Peerless Aprilaire Doorbell Fon Doorbell Fon Doorbell Fon Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless ON-Q Chief Samsung Samsung Samsung Samsung Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless Speaker Wall Mount supports up to 10 lbs Speaker Wall Mount supports up to 20 lbs Data Hub Terminator Panel In-Ceiling Speaker 8 Wall Mount Bracket Ceiling Plate Black Drop Pole for Projector Weather Resistant Low Voltage Decora Cover Fascia Mount Plate Articulating Arm 22-40 LCD, Black Quick Port Wall Plate Quick Port Wall Plate Quick Port Wall Plate Quick Port Wall Plate Quick Port Wall Plate 2 Space Cable Manager Front and Rear Rings Electronics Tower / Wall Ent Center Wide Range Amplifier 2 Channel Universal Flat Wall Mnt Large, Non Sectioned, Black Plama ADPR Plt, Universal Section, Black Telephone Telephone Telephone Flat Dedicated 660 REQ PLP, Black Pre-Construction Bracket for RC80i Speakers Flat Dedicated 640 REQ PLP, Black Flat Wall Mounting Bracket RF Extender HMS 800 Controller HMS 925 Controller 1 Space Rack Shelf 11 Deep Rack Shelf and Aface for an Dish Network DP301 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Sony SLVN77 Rack Shelf and Aface for an SCAtlantic Explorer 8000 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Sony SLHF2000 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Yamaha CDC585 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Denon AVR1906 Rack Shelf and Aface for an JVC TM131SU Rack Shelf and Aface for an Yamaha RXV2400 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Samsung SIRTS360 Rack Shelf and Aface for an DirectTV D10 Rack Shelf and Aface for an DirectTV DHR20 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Escient FP1 Rack Shelf and Aface for an Panamax Max5500 ERK Vented Top Shelf for Middle Atlantic ASR-HD HDMI Switcher In Ceiling Speakers (2) White 4200 Left Right Speaker Accent Panel Silver In Cabinet LCR Speaker Foam Dampening Kit New Construction Kit for IWTS 8.3 CMS HDTV Repeater In Wall Speaker (2) White Speaker Stand Black and Silver Pre-Construction Speaker Bracket Pre-Construction Speaker Bracket Pre-Construction Speaker Bracket TV-Mount Speakers for any Fujitsu Flat Panel (2) CMTwo-Way Ceiling Mount Loud Speaker w/ Pivoting Tweeter (2) Pedestal Base for 3200 Left Right (Silver) Pedestal Base for 3200 Left Right (Black) Rock Speaker Granite Grey Adjustable Extension Tube for use with compatible ceiling brackets PVC Vacuum Inlet Kit PVC Vacuum Inlet Kit Structural Ceiling Decoupler Adapter Jumbo Mount 30-35 TC F/SC TrH Support Module (Use w/ Aprilaire Model 8870 Communicating Thermostats) Brass Door Entry Panel (Brass, M&S) Door Entry Panel (Brass, Nutone) Door Entry Panel (Aluminum, Nutone) Universal Desktop Swivel TV Mount for 32 TVs Zenith PLS Wall Mount, Tilt PLS Fixed Wall Mount, Universal 24 Space Plexiglass Front Door, Universal Digital Modulator Bracket Wall Mount Bracket Swing Arm Pole Mount for Flat Panels Wall Mount for LTP468W LCD TV Wall Mount for LTN406W Wall Mount Bracket for Plasma TV Wall Mount Bracket Suspended Ceiling Kit, Jumbo Mount Large LCD Warll Arm, Vesa 75/100 EXT002 & ACC570 Combo Plasma Adapter PLT, VESA 200 X 200 Universal Tilt Wall Mount XL, Non Sectioned, Black 10 inch to 22 inch Extended Reach Articulating LCD Wall Mount Small Clng Adapter Kit, LCD Universal PJR N/A N/A H628 NR8M WMTL 1700 CMS115 CMS006009 WDC-200 FM-400 SA740P HIPWKP6BK HIPWP3BK HIPWP2BK HIPWP4AL HIPWP4BK HCM-2DR DS610 M-282 SF660P PLP-UNL KX-T7320 KX-T7420-B KX-T7750-B SF24D PB80 SF16D PDWB-5003 RFX9200 364245-01 2363430-01 900-00031 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A ERK-VT ASR-HD-SH1 EXT-HDMI-442 in ceiling 70 4200LR-KIT N/A IC-NC-8.3 EXT-HDTV-141 267600-0219 LSNC DS6 CM5 P-SP4200-S FG01299 FS-3200 LR PED FS-3200 LR PED RS8Si AN-EP101B 76 5591-EV 5591W-EV DCS 400 JMCDP-28NBM DP-28NBN DP-28NSN LDS32 PWMT-200 PSW-UN-1 PFD-24 364457-01 N/A MRW6044B WMTL4600 WMTL4000 WMN4230 WMT1700 CMJ450 LCL-100 ACC571 PLP-V400S ST670P SAL730 PS PJRL1 Yes Yes Yes 2 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No Yes No No No Yes No No No Yes No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

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Sheet1 Peerless ON-Q Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless JVC Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Near Panasonic Open House Middle Atlantic Open House Open House Gefen Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic Peerless Peerless Peerless Peerless Acme Brackets JVC Acme Brackets Acme Brackets Middle Atlantic Middle Atlantic RTI Gefen Open House Open House Panasonic Panamax Panamax Panamax Panamax D-Link Lutron Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Spaun Spaun Spaun Draper Phillips Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Pull Out Swivel Mount, Black Large Ilan Hinged Cover w/ T22 VCR Mount Bracket, Large for Jumbo Articulating Arm 22-37 LCD, Silver Side Cabinet Arm w/ cord Mngt, Silver Long Pivot Wall Mount LCD, Black TV Stand Wall Mountable Surge Suppressor 2Amp 10 Outlet 3 Space Drawer (Corner Dented, Drawer works fine) 2 of 50 food DVID/MDR26 Male to Male Cable SP850 UX-430 VPM45-J SA740P-S SAL730-PS SP730P TS-C50P2G PD-1020J-IG D3 KDDVID50MDR7 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated 4 1/2 Fan Top, Includes 3 fsns, 285 CFM, Fits any WMRK, ERK, or SCRK, BlaERK4FT285CFM Oribt OPS1W Speaker (Missing 1 Eyelet Hook) OPS1W Protective Screen for a 47 Plasma TV TY-47WX49SK Jack mounting plate for OpenHouse grid, fits most popular keystone style jacks, fits F081 H281 100pc Shoulder Washers SW Screw Grommets for OpenHouse Grid (12 Pack) H001 Lock kit for OpenHouse for H218/H236 H208 DVI to HDMI Cable 6 foot N/A 3 Space Rack Shelf 17 Deep USpace Rack Shelf 15.5 deep UZenith Mounting Plate PLP-ZEN50 Universal Mounting Adapter Plate PLP-UN-Space Plexiglass Door DOP529 Secure Wall Mount for JVC 42 PLWJC42 Plasma Mounting Bracket GFB-1 Wall Mounting Unit TS-C420P2W TV Bracket GSB1 TV Bracket GFBSpace Front Door (Not Shippable) FDSpace Rear Door (Not Shippable) RD40 Control System Connecting Block CD-4 VGA to DVI Conversion Box w/ VGA Cable DDW Channel Injector (Single Channel CAT-5) H511-BID Audio Distribution Amplifier H560 Telephone KX-T7750 Silver Bezel for a Panamax 5500 BEZ5500-S Silver Bezel for a Panamax 5510 BEZ5510-S Silver Bezel for a Panamax 4400 BEZ4400-S Silver Bezel for a Panamax 4310 BEX4310-S Ethernet-to-wireless bridge DWL-810 Dimmer Switch Color Change Kit (10 Each) RK-D-10-WH 8 Extension Expansion Unit KX-TA123270 4-Port Analogue Trunk Card KX-TAW84880 Door Phone/Door Opener Interface Card KX-TA123260 Caller ID Card KX-T123293 Caller ID Card KX-TA62493-3 Compact Multiswitch SMS 241 F Compact Multiswitch SMS 341 F Compact Multiswitch SMS 382 F LVC III Control Module 121006 NetX iPronto Network Extender NTX6400/17 Telephone (Black) KX-TA30850-B Extension Caller ID Card KX-TAW84868 8-Port Single Line Telephone Extension Card KX-TAW84874


























K100D CD2451S-24 LX-26 XRS9930 642C Igps 150 E KDL-32V4720 L60699 T6-1 GF UE-40B8000 FL504NN AL1516W - E Pictochat SPX90II Samson MDR8 XM-GTX6040 Leonardo 125 TK-3180 CMX-5000 VGP-PRA1 Scan 45 Projector DVD-K325 NW-HD5 25413 Lavalux TE KV-25DA55 Incident DV383 240V 42PD4200 D1500 32WL46 GR-282MF WS28M66V PDP95G1K RB-1562 FW870 ES-2047 ICF-SW55 Nikon F100 USB LAN DSC-W290 B RIM 2520 CVA-1005 5561 SK Pavilion A600 HP-1500 HK6800 Frontera 370 C188-05D-19-02 CQ-C3301U B-2PRO PS42A410C VSX-820 PS100 DAV-S400 Pc-camera JA-83K 47LG50 VP-MX20c EDC Nitro 8000DN NN-K655 Lifestyle V10 HT554TH CG101A WMU-6500FS HT-TZ315T C3300 VGC-LN1MR Loader CD165 Review 2500CM Gateway Microtower PC HT-DDW790 TV HD TH-42PV7P XC-IS21MD Bizhub 163 Digital YST-MS35D SGH-C450 Guzzi V65 Construction SET Wires-II UE-46C8000 8 EB HT-R420 SX-403RDS CD1451B-05 Motorola C390 HD7810 20PT3331-85R SCH-V410 Dbs-4500 Satellite A70 EX1200


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